Friday, July 31, 2020

Yoga, a sore knee, and self-spanking

The other day, I did a relaxing yoga session online. I had tightness on the left side of my neck going in, but the session eliminated it.

Last night, I ended up with soreness in my right knee. I can't tell whether it was due to doing yoga or if I overexerted it in some fashion after that. It was uncomfortable trying to sleep and walking first thing in the morning was tough.

My knee is much better now. Perhaps walking out the pain and joint throughout the day has helped.

I am looking forward to the a long weekend. I got a wonderful suggestion to self-spank this weekend. I like this idea.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Anti-blue light-blocking computer glasses

I ordered a pair of blue light-blocking computer eyeglasses. They are non-prescription ones. I am wearing them right now. They are comfortable! We'll see whether they reduce my eye strain.

This week, I have been taking more breaks away from my laptop, which has helped a lot. Luckily, I have two more workdays before a long weekend, so that should help me recover.

Since I have changed my blog's comments access to members-only, the spam messages have ceased. I will keep it on for a bit before I test out going back to the original setting. Exciting!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

An update on getting spam as comments

Currently, if you are a follower of my blog, you can leave comments. Even if you have a Blogger account, you must be following my blog to post comments on here. I just did a test and can confirm.

I am sorry about this change. My intent since I started my blog was to have anyone who doesn't have anything offensive to say comment on my posts. Since these spam messages are numerous, I had no choice but to change my settings. Otherwise, I would have removed the comments section altogether, which would have made me miserable.

So, if you have a Blogger account and want to post messages here, please follow my blog. The Follow button is at the bottom right of my page.

Ever since I made this change, the spamming is gone. It's nice that things are quiet again.

Down the road, I'll give changing my settings back and see how things go.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Comments for followers


I am receiving a flood of spam comments on my blog. My comments are open to everyone, including anonymous people who do not have a Blogger or Google account. Sadly, spambots are abusing this inclusivity.

If you can please become a follower of my account, you will be able to submit comments. I will change my settings to allow comments from Blogger followers. I reckon that if you're a Blogger member, you should be fine leaving comments, too. I wish that I didn't have to change my settings, but the spamming is excessive.

I'll see if I can get a comments plugin that may be more flexible and lock out spamming programs.


Taking it easy and looking forward to a long weekend

I spent Monday taking it easy. I needed a break from work.

I watched touching videos about Regis Philbin and reminisced about how much I loved watching him on television. He was a sweet, decent man. I am sad about his passing.

This weekend is a long one, with Civic Holiday on Monday. I look forward to taking a break. I would normally do a road trip and stay at a hotel somewhere, but I don't feel right about doing one during a pandemic. Instead, I will continue going out to visit a new business or restaurant, and keep things local and low key.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Telling the ex that he's an insensitive jerk

Last night, I had a texting conversation with my ex-guy. He is indeed an insensitive jerk.

He wanted to know how I was doing. I said that he didn't need to check up on me. He said okay and wished me goodnight.

That's when I called him an insensitive jerk. He never asked me how I was doing after he had dumped me. He told me to take a pill when I was experiencing anxiety after he broke the news. Why is he so concerned now? It's a facade that he cares. It's a joke.

To make a long story short, he wants our friendship to continue. He doesn't want a relationship. He does want fun and sex. I told him no back in April. It's still no now. If he wants sex without a relationship, perhaps he needs a prostitute. I know that he wouldn't because he's too cheap to pay for this service.

What nerve!

I told him that I hated him. Hate is a strong word, but I do for the pain, anxiety, and sadness that he has caused. I also said that he confirmed last night that he is an insensitive person who only cares about his hard cock, which is where his brain is.

It felt good to say that it was his loss for dumping me -- that he didn't know how good he had it. I also gave him advice to read books on relationships and friendships. He needs all the help he can get. He can post reviews on his YouTube channel and refer back to them, because he sucks at friendships and relationships.

I basically said that I didn't want what little was left of our friendship and told him not to contact me again.

I slept well. It's quite the change from April where I was so upset. I know that I deserve better. It's just sad that I dated a jerk.

I have removed him as a contact on Skype. It felt good getting rid of baggage.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Regis Philbin

I learned yesterday evening that Regis Philbin had passed away. He was 88 years old, roughly a month shy of being 89 years of age.

May he rest in peace.

Photo courtesy of gettyimages

I grew up watching Regis on Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee. I must have been in either grade 10 or 11. I loved them. It was to the point where I recorded their one-hour morning show on my VCR and watched it after school.

I watched the show when Kathie Lee left and it was Live! with Regis for a bit. Then, it became Live! with Regis and Kelly. I also watched him on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire while I lived in the States. It was great. Is that your final answer? Yes!

I continued to watch it until Regis retired. It was nice seeing him occasionally on Rachael Ray's show as a guest.

Regis was a wonderful storyteller. I loved his sense of humour. He was the best.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The insensitive jerk called, but didn't leave a lasting impression

The insensitive jerk, also known as my ex-guy, called me just after 21:00 last night. I looked at the number displayed on my phone and let it ring.

As expected, it went to voicemail. He didn't leave a message.

I didn't call him back. I was getting reacquainted with my old mini laptop that has Windows 7 loaded. I haven't booted it up in years. Yes, this old laptop took precedence.

I figure that he has second thoughts about his decision last year to end our relationship. The problem is that he thinks that we can pick up from where we left off. We can't. I can't.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Working with colleagues who annoy me

At work, I seem to work with people who have interesting personalities, issues and, quirks. I wish that I didn't have to collaborate with them. Luckily, I don't that often with most of them.

Well, there's Diva. She enjoys texting me on our messaging app. I, on the other hand, cringe when she contacts me. We spent forty minutes texting. Why? First, she types slowly. I end up moving onto other work and getting back to her messages. She should consider writing an e-mail instead, as her issues are never urgent. Second, she isn't clear about what she is conveying in her texts. They are confusing for me because she doesn't consider whether her audience will get what she is saying. Third, the reason why I didn't understand her was because she messed up performing a procedure, which caused my work to appear somewhere it shouldn't have been. It was nice pointing that mistake out to her again.

As mentioned a while back, she and another colleague have taken on roughly half my old workload. I always felt that they took what I did for granted. I did and still continue to do a lot. She, in particular, is paying the price for being sloppy.

There is a software tester that I worked with several years ago. He moved on to another position within the company, which was great. I didn't like working with him. Sadly, he's back. He hasn't changed a bit. He has bugged me unnecessarily three times. I finally had it, even after giving him an example of asking a software developer technical questions instead of me. I had to explicitly tell him to copy that developer and me together. Ugh! He, too, enjoys texting. It's not my preferred method. Nothing is that urgent.

Finally, I have been working with a female software developer in a focus group. She was nominated to lead it. Sadly, she talks a ton. She does not let people speak. She seems to thoroughly enjoy hearing herself speak in circles. She talks up such a storm that I just tune out. A meeting that she had set up for thirty minutes yesterday with a group of twenty people got extended to an hour because she took up 37 minutes of it with her gibberish.

Thank goodness it's Friday. Here's hoping that it's a quiet day without dealing with these characters.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Dakota Johnson's beautiful backside

I have watched all three Fifty Shades movies. I liked them a lot. Dakota Johnson played Ana.

She has a lovely backside. The photo on the right is Dakota modelling a long-sleeved thong bodysuit by Kit Undergarments. This photo was released yesterday.

I remember seeing the photo on the left, but I don't know the back (ha!) story.

Photo: elegantdakotaj on Instagram

This photo made my day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

My manager on vacation gives my inbox a rest

My manager is on vacation for three days. He took three days smack in the middle of the week. He didn't bother making his vacation a longer weekend for some reason.

For me and my e-mail inbox, we feel like it's a vacation, too. I don't get as many e-mails when he isn't around.

I am also more productive without a ton of interruptions. It's nice.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

My ex and his YouTube channel

I feel that I need to get rid of my ex-guy as a connection on LinkedIn. It's good that he was never interested in social media, so distancing myself from him on those platforms after he broke my heart has been easy.

He isn't on LinkedIn much. Neither am I. I go on there once every month or two. Well, in my feed wiht twenty notifications was a post from him. He invited people to look at his YouTube channel where he does book reviews.

My eyes rolled. They rolled hard. I checked one video out. I stopped after a minute.

He isn't the guy I fell in love with. All I see is an insensitive jerk who only contacts me these days when he's horny. He looks sincere in the video. I know better. It's a facade.

It took him a year to post these videos. He actually posted these videos in August 2019. I don't know why it took him a year to promote his channel.

I'm glad that he has a hobby. I simply don't want to hear about it.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Watermelon juice and a Vitamix

Another weekend is over. Weekends fly by too quickly.

We are still experiencing a heatwave. I have been into making watermelon juice at home. It's pretty simple and is refreshing on a hot summer day. It's just a question of cutting it into cubes and blending it in my Vitamix. Done!

I got my Vitamix a few years ago. My first blender lasted 19 years before I replaced it with my Vitamix. I am fortunate that my small appliances last longer than I anticipate.

I'm off to bed. Have a great week ahead!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Wear a mask! An older couple were amazing enforcers

As of Friday, July 17, it's a bylaw where I live to wear a mask in public indoor areas. I realize that it's tough switching over, but it depends on the store and whether wearing a mask is being reinforced.

At Shoppers Drug Mart, a man asked me if I was in the lineup for the self-checkout. Nope, I was in the human checkout instead.

He had no mask. I wanted to say something. Obviously, everyone else was masked. He didn't get the hint. Shoppers Drug Mart wasn't spending time enforcing the bylaw.

An older woman behind me said loudly, "Isn't it a bylaw to wear a mask?" I turned around and said yes. She thanked me for answering back. Her husband joined her in the lineup and they both went on about it.

Another man came in and clearly was not wear a mask. These two folks gave him quite the talk that he went out to his truck, got his mask, wore it, and came back into the store.

I loved this couple. Great job!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Computer eyeglasses - do they work?

I am contemplating getting computer eyeglasses to reduce eye strain. I've noticed it more since I came back from vacation and have been back to the grind.

Do these computer eyeglasses help? Is it better to get something similar, but as a screen protector for a computer monitor or laptop screen?

I need to do some research. I haven't got a clue. I do know that I'm much happier not looking at a computer screen for hours.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Speaking to a crowd and not being as petrified as I was in grade 7

Yesterday, I did a presentation online with an audience of twenty people who are my peers, including my manager's boss. I originally thought of creating a PowerPoint set of slides. One member on our team of four just said to present my points that I had summarized as my meeting minutes last week.

Well, I did. He decided to create a PowerPoint for his other group that he was leading. Geez, thanks!

On a good note, my presentation went so well that I have been asked to present it to my entire department. Yes, I will need to create PowerPoint slides. My minimalistic approach wasn't bad at all.

When I was in grade 7 and throughout most of my academic life, I was extremely nervous talking in front of roughly thirty people. I would rehearse a ton before doing any presentation. It helped.

I supposed that my work and life experiences talking within my team, training others, and hanging out with friends pre-pandemic have made me comfortable speaking in public. For yesterday's presentation, I didn't do much rehearsing or preparation work.

It's interesting how things change as you get older.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Debt reduction is going well

I like the idea of providing a monthly update on reducing my debt. It is going extremely well.

July is a good month this year. I get paid three times, so I feel that I can pay off more debt.

I paid off my line of credit last month. It felt good. Luckily, the limit isn't huge. However, it took me a year to pay it off.

I still have two credit cards that are mine. I have one corporate card that sits there.

I use a MasterCard for daily purchases, such as groceries and takeout. I typically do debit, which has been helpful in reducing my debt and credit card usage. The other is an American Express card that I detest using. There is a backstory associated with my disgust for this company. The reason why I still have it is that I've been a customer since 2005 and it helps my credit rating.

As of late, I don't like these automated e-mails from American Express, stating in the subject line, "Future transactions may be declined." I am trying to figure out when this automated message disappears. It feels like Amex is being so kind to approve a transaction when my credit card isn't maxed out or close to its credit limit.

My credit score has increased by 16 points from the last score back in May. I am pleased. It has been hard work improving my credit score. I hope that it gets to a satisfactory level in twelve months. At this rate, I have a decent shot at it.

I am working from home for the rest of the year. I will continue to save more money, thanks to not commuting and fuelling my car with gas as often.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Pillow talk

I bought two new king pillows. They have gel in them. It felt good putting my head on one of them.

The problem is that I don't have king pillowcases! I currently have a standard cover on it, which works, except for the part of the pillow that juts out.

I have a reason to get pillowcases now. Fun!

I have had my old pillow for probably five years. It's time for a change, as it takes me longer to fall asleep these days.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A break in the heatwave and a decision to not attend a work picnic

We've been in a heatwave for a while. We finally got a break on Monday.

It was nice to turn off the air conditioning, open the windows, and invite the cool breeze in. The humidity went away. It was great.

It's only for a brief period, though. It's supposed to heat up again later this week.

In Ontario, roughly 24 regions will go into phase 3 of reopening businesses during this pandemic. It means that 99% of the economy will be up and running.

Since my area went into phase 2 later than these regions, but ahead of Toronto by a week, we'll stay in this phase for a bit. I'm okay with it.

The other week, my manager wanted to have a picnic with our team We would be a group of eight people. I declined. I don't feel like driving an hour to see a few people in this group that I truly want to see. I also don't think it's exciting to get my own food, sit there, and eat it two metres away from everyone. It doesn't sound thrilling.

I am also not comfortable to congregate with a group. It's too soon. Frankly, I'd rather do it with close friends first before trying it out with colleagues.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Changing my profile photo on Instagram and attracting an interesting demographic

I have probably mentioned this detail in the past, but it is related to what I am about to write.

Back in late December, I changed my profile photo on Instagram. I was on vacation in Minnesota and decided to take a rare selfie, which turned out nicely. 

Well, ever since I changed my profile photo, more men tend to send me direct messages (DMs) on that platform. Sadly, 90% of them started with them saying hi. That was it. There wasn't any mention of why they were contacting me or anything else.

The guy that I was virtually dating for nearly two months was different. He said that he liked my profile and wanted to get to know me. It was a good start, which sparked a conversation. Sadly, this guy didn't take no for an answer and was bad news. I have blocked him on Instagram and on my phone apps.

The other day, I decided to reply to another guy. What intrigued me was his profile. He had both Canadian and American flags as emoji.

He wasn't a good conversationalist. I already knew that I needed to ask him probing, intelligent questions to make him open up.

I don't necessarily enjoy when folks need to say that they are intelligent and handsome right off the bat. Some would say that it's confidence. I actually think it's has the opposite effect. I never mention those qualities when I introduce myself to others. I know that my qualities will shine through and others will see me for who I am. I feel that folks needed to state such qualities aren't as confident as they truly are.

What turned me off was his unnecessary capitalization of words and run-on sentences. He had one huge paragraph about what he wanted in a woman. My eyes glazed over. He needed to break his paragraph down to four smaller ones. I am a writer by trade. I can't see myself being with someone who claims to be educated, but writes like he's in grade 8. To me, it's a huge turnoff.

So, I told him all of these details in a nicer fashion, said that it was me and that and it won't work. I wished him all the best. He proceeded to ask me to answer his questions, to get to know me better. Um, no. What part of "it won't work" isn't clear? I stated that I wouldn't respond to his questions, that it won't work between us, and said goodbye. I then blocked him.

The qualities of these men who have been sending me DMs are as follows:
  • The man is either divorced, separated, or a widow, has a child, and is seeking a partner to both be with and raise said child together
  • He serves the US in some capacity (army, navy, and so on), in construction, or an offshore engineer
  • If not in these fields, he is a medical doctor of some sort
  • The man is American and hasn't looked at my profile to figure out that I'm not
I'm not interested. I would rather have an honest man who can communicate and start a decent conversation. I would like an intelligent, fun, optimistic, loving person in my life. If he would like to spank me, it would be a nice bonus.

Sunday, July 12, 2020


In Toronto, it is mandatory to wear a mask in indoor public areas, such as grocery stores. In my area, this bylaw takes in effect next Friday.

I have eased into wearing a mask, even when we didn't have a bylaw. I find that when I'm in a store that has one-way arrows on the floor to let you know in which direction you should be walking, most folks don't follow them. I'd rather have a mask on in such circumstances.

I own a total of four masks. Three have the same pattern. All four are cotton and have small flowers. I definitely stand out in a crowd. Everyone either has solid black cloth or the blue disposable ones.

For some reason, I can't see myself getting disposable ones. I am good washing my mask and reusing it after every use.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Thunderstorms mark the start of this weekend

A thunderstorm rolled in last hour. It's ongoing.

It has been a scorcher of a heatwave for over a week. The rain is much needed.

It's supposed to rain for most of Saturday. I will still go out and run my errands. I just hope that there isn't a ton of flooding.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Shopping and seeing a pool noodle used as a playful spanking tool

On Wednesday, after work, I went grocery shopping. It's what I do on Wednesdays ever since this pandemic occurred.

I bought everything I needed, paid for my items, and carried my groceries in bags out the door. 

There was a couple ahead of me. The female was walking ahead of the male. The guy had a swimming pool noodle. He used it to playfully spank the female. She had hot red yoga capri pants on and a short t-shirt.

They both didn't seem to mind what was going on. I liked watching. I had a nice view, as did the guy. 

They were one cute, happy couple who made my shopping experience much more enjoyable!

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Work laptop issues - ugh!

I have had a couple of issues with my laptop since returning to work. Tuesday consisted of my laptop screen going completely dark. I have a feeling that looking at that screen for a bit caused my eye strain, which I haven't felt in years.

Yesterday, I spent half the day with the IT helpdesk to get me connected to the corporate network. I had a Windows update, which screwed up the corporate connection.

It's enjoyable to be back at work. I need to go back on vacation, where I didn't spend a ton of time looking at a screen and dealing with technology issues. Ah, memories!

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Back at work and being with oddballs

My first day back at work was busy, but it went well. I got the work that I needed to catch up on completed. I helped troubleshoot an issue that resulted in having three happy people being able to access a site.

It's not a revelation, but the day made me realize how my colleagues in my department are not exactly leaders:
  • The oldest guy on our team talks a lot. He spent twenty minutes talking about an office chair. He also can't figure out how to add a software application on his laptop if his life depended on it.
  • The diva injures herself often. She fell on the weekend and has tore a thigh muscle. She has been away on sick leave for the last two days.
  • My friend can't read for beans. She sent me a screenshot saying that she has the application installed. The message had the exact application name mentioned three times, which wasn't what she had.
More than half the team does not have this application installed. Had I not stepped in, everyone wouldn't have properly ordered this application. I sometimes wonder why I care so much when my colleague seem indifferent. It's because that's who I am. They need a ton of guidance.

Because my intern has moved over to being under the direct supervision of diva, he is now doing all her work while she recovers. I feel for him. However, I have trained him well that I know that he can doing this work with flying colours.

It's such an odd setup on our team. On the plus side, some people are now realizing how much value and skills I bring to this team when I am either away or don't handle these tasks that I once did.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

End of my vacation and a Starbucks birthday memory

In a few hours, I head back to work. I am working from home till the end of this year.

This staycation has been nice. I have enjoyed being stress-free for over a week. I am relaxed. I am sad to see my vacation end, but it eventually had to.

I will share a nice memory of this vacation. At Starbucks, if you are a part of the rewards program, you get a free beverage or food item on your birthday.

I visit my local Starbucks often, which is roughly twice a week during this pandemic. I am and have been a regular customer for several years.

On my birthday, when I went to pick up my beverage, the barista over the drive-thru speaker wished me a happy birthday. I returned the following day and two baristas wished me a belated birthday.

It was such a sweet gesture. They made me feel special. 

Monday, July 06, 2020

Soreness, forgiveness, and Hamilton

The soreness from my self-spanking is nearly gone. I'm so pleased with my work!

On my birthday, I treated myself to Hamilton, the musical that was released that day, by signing up forf an account on Disney+. I finally watched it and loved it.

I am not great at forgiveness. It's part of how I cope. If you have hurt me, I don't want anything to do with you.

It's currently the situation with the ex-guy. I don't want anything to do with him, so I can't forgive him for breaking my heart. I don't think I could ever be forgiving, like Eliza was to Alexander Hamilton by taking him back.

If you like musical and historical stories, go stream Hamilton. It's excellent.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Content girl with sore butt

I have always liked when a good, hard spanking leaves me sore for at least a day. I am at that stage right now.

When I'm driving, I can feel the soreness, especially when I go over speed bumps. When I go to sleep, I wake up on my side because it hurts to sleep on my back, with my butt pressed against the mattress.

I do miss being spanked by someone. However, I'm pleased about last night's birthday self-spanking. I look forward to doing it again when I am horny and my current soreness subsides.

Saturday, July 04, 2020

My birthday self-spanking

My birthday self-spanking was great. I'm sore sitting here, writing this post. I did a great job!

I had a number of different methods to get to a specific number of smacks to give myself. I have a love for numbers and my undergraduate minor was in math. It explains one reason why I like planning a birthday spanking.

In the past, when I was way younger, I liked the summation of years that I have been on this planet. The downside is that this number gets huge as you age. Although I am not horribly old, I am also not in my thirties. I may try this summation method when I am more adventurous, with a need for a lengthy self-spanking.

My calculation for my self-spanking started off by taking my age and adding a 0 to the end of it. I then divided by 2, which would be the number of smacks on each buttock. Since this number was divisible by three, I had three different implements that I wanted to use:
  • A wooden paddle, which I used the last time I spanked myself and it was effective
  • A silicone paddle that has a smooth side and a slightly bumpy side
  • My bare hand
I started off with my hand warming my butt over my panties. On each buttock, I gave myself my age in smacks plus one to grow on.

I pulled my pink panties down around mid-thigh. I gave myself the same number of smacks on each buttock, plus one to grow on. I started getting aroused.

I went with the wooden paddle first. I administered a number of smacks on each buttock, increasing how hard I was paddling myself as I got into it. I wouldn't say that they were super hard smacks. They were in the medium range to build up some warmth on my buttocks.

I have forgotten how much I love my silicone paddle. I smacked each buttock hard with the smooth side of the paddle. I loved the sound that it made with each smack. I was on my one hand and knees as I smacked one buttock, and then changed hands to smack the other.

Something that I haven't experienced is reaching orgasm in this position while paddling myself hard. I came and it was so pleasurable. I was extremely wet and happy. I stretched out for a bit to enjoy the moment.

I decided that I loved this silicone paddle so much that I used it instead of my bare hand for the third part of my spanking. I flipped the paddle over and used the bumpy side. I loved how it felt and sounded across my bare butt. I felt the sting. I liked feeling like a birthday girl deprived of a good spanking for a long time, and delivered one that I wanted and deserved.

After all that was over, I gave myself my birthday spanking with my hand. It ended almost the same way as it had started. Each buttock got my age in smacks, plus one to grow on. The difference was that they were all across my reddish bare bottom.

So, how many smacks did I give myself? If I have calculated everything correctly, I gave myself 774 smacks.

I also pinched myself four times, just to figure out how sore I was. I used to love getting pinches. I haven't for a while and wasn't into it that much.

This self-spanking was much needed. I need to give myself a self-spanking more regularly. I feel so relaxed now. I'm sore, but happy.

I had a great birthday. I have the soreness to prove it.

Friday, July 03, 2020

Happy birthday to me!

I made it! I'm a year older and am still grateful to be alive in this odd time.

This birthday girl will be administering her own birthday spanking. It would be nice to have a spanking machine or an extra hand (haha!) in the matter. I'll supply more details once the festivities are over.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Grocery shopping on a holiday and fireworks going off at this hour

I typically go grocery shopping on Wednesdays. Canada Day landed on a Wednesday this year. I don't recall doing grocery shopping a ton of times in my life on Canada Day, but I did this year.

It was surprisingly busy. Perhaps folks didn't know what to do with themselves. Most festivities were either cancelled or done virtually.

As I write this post, some neighbours are setting off fireworks in their backyard. I am fortunate to be on vacation this week, so I don't mind. I do feel bad for others who need to head back to work tomorrow. Setting them off at 12:30 am isn't exactly being respectful to others.

On a good note, I get paid every other Thursday. My bank tends to deposit my pay Wednesday night at around 10:10 pm. Because Wednesday was a holiday, my pay got deposited on Tuesday night instead. It feels good to have an early payday.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Happy Canada Day!

It's Canada's birthday! Last year, I was in the nation's capital celebrating. This year, it will be virtually.

Although celebrations are a tad different this year, I am so proud to be Canadian, which hasn't changed one bit.