Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sick, sleepy, and tired - struggling to stay awake to hear your voice

As of late, I haven't been writing as much as I'd like. I don't think that having a sore throat and feeling like I am coming down with a cold is helpful. Mind you, considering that work continues to be busy and is stressful as of late, it makes sense that my immune system would break down a bit.

My guy told me that he was in New Jersey for a day business trip. He had a fairly long day getting there, mainly because snow and flying on a plane through it don't mix.

He was sweet to have read an e-mail that I had written to him. I was about to hit the shower when I got a text message from him.

I asked him if he was going to be up for a bit. He wasn't and told me that he was beat. He just wanted to hear my voice and to say goodnight.

I was literally about to get into the shower. I didn't have any clothes on. I sent him a couple of sad faces. I wanted to talk to him, but I was cold from standing there without any clothes. I wished him goodnight and hit the shower.

My guy can be fairly stubborn. He sensed that I was upset, but I knew that he was tired. He still said goodnight. In the past, that would be it from him. I wouldn't hear from him. His decision would be final.

I feel like we know each other so well these days. After I had finished showering, I texted him back, explaining why I hadn't answered. I really needed to take a shower. It makes me less congested with all the steam opening up my sinuses.

He came back online. He wanted to hear my voice and to hear how my day went. He wanted to tell me about his. So, we hit Skype and chatted briefly. It was great to hear him. I needed to hear his voice. I wanted him to tell me everything about his day.

He told me that he had rented a Prius, which is the car that I own. He complains that the stick shift is too dinky. I agree, but I save a ton on gas a year. He admitted that it's a good car.

I wished him a proper goodnight. It's worth it to be able to hear you loved one's voice, no matter how tired or sick you are.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cars, conversation, a spanking, and a blowjob

My guy and I met at our usual place. He was hoping to leave the office by 15:00. I tend to put in more hours that I should, simply because we have tons of work and we have been short-staffed for a while. Today, I decided to end my day at 14:00.

I actually put $15 of gas in my car's tank. I didn't want to run out of fuel while we were having treehouse time. I drive a Prius and the amount of fuel left was on the low side. It isn't exactly a gas-guzzling vehicle. However, considering how windy and cold it was today, I had to idle my car and keep us warm.

I got to our usual parking lot at 15:15. My guy has been tardy as of late, mainly because he gets tons of questions to answer as he walks out the office door.

He arrived at 15:30, apologizing profusely for being late these days. I told him that it was okay. I had arrived later than I had expected myself. I was also cleaning the interior of my car.

My guy and I rarely have a normal conversation when we have treehouse time. We often can't take our hands off each other, and we start off by hugging and kissing. We didn't do that today. We spent practically an hour talking about various things while holding hands, but cars were on our mind.

He likes the fact that I can talk about various car models and listen to him contemplate his next car purchase. He wants his next car to be a stick shift. I need to learn how to drive a manual one.

My guy is pretty good at making a segue to quality time. We ended up talking about test-driving his next vehicle. It led to this conversation:
"You're such a bad girl," he told me, after I had teased him. "You need to be punished."
"No, I don't," I replied.
"You don't think that you do?"
"No. I'm a good girl."
"No, you're a bad girl," he stated as if it were a fact.
"That's not true. Only you say that I am bad. I'm a good girl."
"You are?" he asked me, slapping my left buttock, which was raised a bit because I was resting my head against his chest.
"I need to sit up straight to protect my butt from being spanked."
"Well, I either spank your butt or your cheek," he said, lightly slapping my left cheek.
"That's not fair," I protested.
"You need to lay across my lap," he insisted.
"My long coat will protect me from your smacks," I said.
"You don't need to worry about that. I will take your coat off."
"I don't want to be punished," I said in a whiny voice.
"If you don't go across my lap, I will pinch your nipple. After your spanking, you'll nuzzle my hard cock."
He reached under my coat and pinched my pussy. It make me smile.

My long, wool coat came off. I was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a grey top with two zippers. He loved the outfit. He unzipped my top and admired my black bra. He was turned on. He playfully reached under my bra and played with my right nipple.

I went over his lap, playing the role of being a reluctant girl. He didn't pull down my jeans, probably because they were so tight. He spanked me hard. Wearing tight jeans seems to make the spanking worse, which I loved.

He played with my crotch and then delivered several slaps across each buttock. I playfully protested that it hurt. I went to cover my backside with my hand. He reached over to take my hand away, kissed it, and then gave me harder smacks across my bottom. Eventually, the spanking stopped and he was pleasuring me.

I came twice. The second time consisted of him fingering my backdoor. It was so intense and wonderful.

After my spanking, he was lightly rubbing it while giving each buttock some light taps. It was sweet. I got up, thanked him, and passionately kissed him on the lips.

I got to nuzzle my guy's erect cock. He took it out of his pants for me to brush my right cheek against it. I proceeded to kiss it, lick its head, and continue with giving him a blowjob. It was awesome. He came quickly.

We were both dopey. We took a brief nap in each other's arms. It was nice, quiet time together. We eventually chatted some more.

My guy has a day trip to New Jersey on Monday before heading to the Middle East for another business trip.

The only good thing about my guy going away is that I know that he will spank me hard before he departs. He always wants me to be happy. Sitting here, shifting from side to side, with a sore bottom is nice. I feel so loved and happy.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Trying to make up for lost time and weirdness

It has been an odd week. My guy and I have seen each other as often as we can. However, we haven't had much quality time.

On Monday, we had lunch together. My guy was fighting another cold. On a good note, his cold was on its way out. We are similar in that we don't want to give our sick germs to each other. So, there wasn't any quality time that day. However, it was nice that he fetched me from my cubicle at work, we walked downstairs together, he got his coat, and he drove us to and from the restaurant. It was a nice lunch date.

He tells me that I'm affectionate. I have noticed lately that I do tend to initiate holding hands. I like doing that when we're driving or walking. I reach for his hand across a restaurant table. A couple of days ago, he was at my cubicle, leaning against one of the walls. I went to grab his hand. We held hands for the longest time. It was nice.

We tend not to show affection in the office. We both believe that we should give the impression that we're professional, civilized employees. My guy surprised me the other day.

On Wednesday, I had put in an eleven-hour workday. I was happy to pack up and leave. My guy and I walked to the elevators. Waiting there were three other colleagues.

The elevator came and we all entered. My guy and I stood next to each other at the back of the elevator. My guy reached for my hand. We held hands discretely. I told him yesterday that it was nice. He liked that, too.

Today, my guy and I had lunch at our usual restaurant. He was late and was not having a good day. He had left his wallet at home. Essentially, he was driving without his licence and didn't have any money. I was fine with paying for lunch.

The food and conversation were delightful, as always. We looked at each other lovingly. He was horny. I was, too. We had a quick meeting.

We drove to our usual spot and we both hopped into my car's backseat. He pleasured me. I was so wet and aroused that I practically came immediately after we had kissed passionately for a bit.

We had one of the best tender, hugs in a long time. I love being in his arms. He knows that I love cuddling. We were in each other's arms for a good five minutes and it felt so good.

I managed to give my guy a handjob. His penis was extremely erect. I told my guy that I should have business cards where he could just call me whenever he wanted a handjob or blowjob, or to simply spank me. He ejaculated quickly. There was a lot of semen. I referred to today's handjob as the fountain of cum.

My guy is away on business for the next couple of weeks. Although I don't come into the office on Fridays these days, I asked if we could meet after work this Friday. He agreed. We didn't need to say that we wanted to spend more time together. We just knew that we need each other and need to.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birthday plans and spanking

My guy's birthday is coming up in a couple of months.

I have been a planner all my life. When I was in grade 10, I was the one in my close circle of friends who would negotiate when we'd meet and where, what mall we would shop at, and so on. I had a rough idea of what we would do, but I never planned it like clockwork.

Nothing has changed in that department. I still tick that way.

My guy agrees that I am an organized planner. I already have his birthday gift ready and have an idea of what I would like to do with him that day, provided that he is not on a business trip like the past couple of years.

As you know, I am turned on by a birthday spanking -- both giving and receiving one. My guy does not seem to be interested in getting spanked. However, he does like a lovetap or two on occasion.

I have a couple of options:

  • I can playfully spank him on his birthday
  • I can take his place and get his birthday smacks

Seeing how much I enjoy being spanked by him, I wouldn't mind the latter. We would both have a fun time!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

My cute, dopey guy

On Thursday, my guy and I had a training seminar to attend at 13:00. We wanted to have some quality time, but he couldn't stay after work. Instead, we moved it up to 11:00.

The problem with having quality time in the treehouse at that hour is that my guy gets extremely dopey after he gets off, to the point where he just wants to sleep for the entire day.

He told me recently that no one has ever called him cute, except me. After I had jerked him off and he had successfully ejaculated all over my right hand, we wiped up, and then cuddled as he napped.

It was sweet seeing how dopey he was, and how he had to put some effort into pulling up his pants and underwear in three phases. At one point, he had to reach over the passenger seat to get his hat. He was so tired, that he was slumped over the seat.
"I need to rest," he said, looking like he needed to drift asleep.
He looked so cute that I was compelled to hug him.

He did manage to scrape up some energy to drive over to our regular restaurant for lunch. He was hungry. I did most of the chatting. It was good to see him again and to spend some time together.

We headed to the office for our 1.5-hour training seminar. As expected, my guy fell asleep three times. I smiled at him. It is rare that we both attend the same course together.

Luckily, he is in the office all week next week, so we'll have more time together. Although he was dopey and sleepy, he was happy. He was like almost half of the seven dwarfs rolled up into one guy, except that he's tall.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Table talk

I miss my guy. We haven't seen each other for a few days.

You'd think that after going five weeks without seeing each other that waiting six days would be a breeze. It's not.

Early last week, I attended an afternoon seminar with clients that my guy was leading. He was talking about code tables at one stage.

After work, we had some quality time in our usual treehouse setting. We had this fine conversation in-between kisses.
"I like hearing you talk," my guy said after we unlocked lips.
"I like hearing you talk, too. Talk to me about code tables," I pleaded with him while managing to squeeze in a kiss.
"How about just tables?" he asked me rhetorically. "I'd rather having you lying on a table while I kiss every inch of you. I'd then bend you over it and spank you hard, like the bad girl that you are."
It's my version of a Hallmark card. It's perfect.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Making the most out of things

My guy and I have spent quite a bit of time together this week. Although Monday felt like making up for lost time, we had to slow the pace down a bit by the end of the week.

He caught a cold on Tuesday and wasn't himself for a couple of days. While we were having dinner one evening, I told him that I wanted to hold him. He loves when I do. Of course, I love it, too.

We had lunch on Thursday. I reached across the table at the restaurant to touch his new shirt that he was wearing, followed by his hand.

He is a sweet guy. We both pulled into the office parking lot in our separate cars. He let me have the closest parking spot to the front doors as he parked much farther away.

I waited for him and we walked in together. We both got into an empty elevator.

Having an empty elevator entirely to ourselves isn't the best scenario when one person has a cold and the other's time-of-the-month routine started a few hours earlier.

The doors closed. I couldn't help it. I went to kiss him on the cheek. He returned the gesture.
"Hug me," he whispered in my ear. "I don't want you to catch my cold."
I embraced him tightly. He reciprocated.
"It's okay," I said. I had explained to him earlier that I only took one sick day last year.
I was wearing a long wool coat. He lifted it up and groped my left buttock. We both smiled as the doors opened.

We do the best that we can under challenging circumstances!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

I love this past Monday

Some Mondays are better than others. This past Monday was one of those better ones.

My guy and I hadn't seen each other for five weeks. He was away on business for three weeks. Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year's Day also prevented us from spending time together.

We ended our drought this past Monday. It was about time!

Some of the highlights included the following:

  • Meeting at our usual restaurant by our workplace. I sat in my car and my guy came over. I rolled down my window. We kissed for a very long time.
  • Having my guy compliment me on my new haircut and my liking how happy he was to see me.
  • Chatting and lovingly looking at each other over lunch.
  • Heading back to the office, getting into an empty elevator, and kissing and groping each other as we ascended.
  • Attending my guy's afternoon session with clients, and sneaking in the occasional kiss and wink to each other.
  • Taking a break in the lunch room and managing to caress my guy's head.
  • Leaving work just before 17:00 to have some quality time in the treehouse (my car).
  • Exchanging gifts that we got each other from Istanbul (my guy) and London (me).
  • Being asked by my guy if he could kiss me because he loves me.
  • Being in each other's arms and holding hands.
  • Having my guy kiss me for each gift that I got him (five).
  • Playfully questioning why my guy wanted to kiss me so much that cause my going over his lap for a spanking (over my pants), followed by getting my pants and panties pulled down for a hard bare-bottomed spanking with his hand.
  • Having him sweetly kiss my backside after being spanked.
  • Being fingered and reaching orgasm.
  • Giving my guy a blowjob and having him ejaculate all over my hand.
  • Kissing some more before saying goodnight.
I'll try and elaborate more in future posts. It simply was a special first day back at work for both of us.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy new year!

Happy 2014! Here's hoping that you are healthy, happy, get a lot of spankings, and feel sore afterwards this year.

All the best,