Monday, July 13, 2020

Changing my profile photo on Instagram and attracting an interesting demographic

I have probably mentioned this detail in the past, but it is related to what I am about to write.

Back in late December, I changed my profile photo on Instagram. I was on vacation in Minnesota and decided to take a rare selfie, which turned out nicely. 

Well, ever since I changed my profile photo, more men tend to send me direct messages (DMs) on that platform. Sadly, 90% of them started with them saying hi. That was it. There wasn't any mention of why they were contacting me or anything else.

The guy that I was virtually dating for nearly two months was different. He said that he liked my profile and wanted to get to know me. It was a good start, which sparked a conversation. Sadly, this guy didn't take no for an answer and was bad news. I have blocked him on Instagram and on my phone apps.

The other day, I decided to reply to another guy. What intrigued me was his profile. He had both Canadian and American flags as emoji.

He wasn't a good conversationalist. I already knew that I needed to ask him probing, intelligent questions to make him open up.

I don't necessarily enjoy when folks need to say that they are intelligent and handsome right off the bat. Some would say that it's confidence. I actually think it's has the opposite effect. I never mention those qualities when I introduce myself to others. I know that my qualities will shine through and others will see me for who I am. I feel that folks needed to state such qualities aren't as confident as they truly are.

What turned me off was his unnecessary capitalization of words and run-on sentences. He had one huge paragraph about what he wanted in a woman. My eyes glazed over. He needed to break his paragraph down to four smaller ones. I am a writer by trade. I can't see myself being with someone who claims to be educated, but writes like he's in grade 8. To me, it's a huge turnoff.

So, I told him all of these details in a nicer fashion, said that it was me and that and it won't work. I wished him all the best. He proceeded to ask me to answer his questions, to get to know me better. Um, no. What part of "it won't work" isn't clear? I stated that I wouldn't respond to his questions, that it won't work between us, and said goodbye. I then blocked him.

The qualities of these men who have been sending me DMs are as follows:
  • The man is either divorced, separated, or a widow, has a child, and is seeking a partner to both be with and raise said child together
  • He serves the US in some capacity (army, navy, and so on), in construction, or an offshore engineer
  • If not in these fields, he is a medical doctor of some sort
  • The man is American and hasn't looked at my profile to figure out that I'm not
I'm not interested. I would rather have an honest man who can communicate and start a decent conversation. I would like an intelligent, fun, optimistic, loving person in my life. If he would like to spank me, it would be a nice bonus.


  1. I am sure Prince Charming is out there for you. He will also take off your slipper and spank you with it from time to time.Keep on looking. If I was younger and single I would be on your tail like a shot.

    1. Thanks for your sweet message, Michael! I like the image of Prince Charming spanking me with my slipper. I won't give up on him.