Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catching up - my spanking and his blowjob

My guy has meetings with a client all week. These meetings end at 15:00. It was wonderful seeing him with a blue long-sleeved shirt on today. He looks good in that colour.
"Hey, lady in pink," he said to me, noticing my blouse.
"Hey, there," I replied. "You look great in blue."
I saw my guy looking at a fellow female colleague's breasts. Yes, they are huge. It was obvious that he was looking at them. He is not a fan of a huge rack, as I certainly don't have one. He was looking at them as if they were freaky. I laughed. My guy came over to ask what I was laughing at. I told him. He told me that I was bad. Yes, I loved it.

My guy was yawning up a storm. He doesn't function well with five hours of sleep. I threatened to take a candid picture of him sleeping. He said that getting a third sleepy picture of him to add to my photo collection was feasible. He walked over to my desk.
"Are you sleepwalking?" I teased, which made him laugh.
"You know that e-mail about point number two?" he asked me. We both knew that this point was covered already in our deliverables.
"Yes, I recall this point well," I nodded.
"We should schedule a meeting to work on this point," he said with a smile.
"This meeting can certainly be arranged," I stated, with both of us smiling at each other, as my guy continued to massage my upper back.
I then had something to say about an e-mail sent by the part-time colleague who is horrible at reading the entire e-mail. My guy walked over again. We talked about it. My arm was stretched out, rubbing his hard cock with it as my hand was on my desk. He squeezed my underarm in the process. It was nice.

I like teasing my guy. I drove 140 km/hr this afternoon to get to work, as I was running a bit late and traffic was flowing well along the highway. My guy did this speed in the States and got a speeding ticket. I indicated that I was the goody-goody driving a hybrid vehicle, while he was in a six-cylinder, two-door car. I have yet to get a speeding ticket (knock on wood).

We both headed over to our usual spot. I had my lacy black panties on and a blue skirt. I didn't have my black lacy bra on, as I don't like it showing under a pink blouse. I knew that I would be scolded for having a nude bra on instead, which would be a good reason for getting spanked.

We both got into the treehouse. I handed him a wider-than-normal wooden ruler and said that he would need to use it on this bad girl. He nodded in agreement.

It was wonderful to kiss him again. His cold was gone. We kissed and used our tongues to circle each other's lips. It was terrific.

He touched my bare legs, methodically moving his hand up and down them, and squeezing my thighs. Eventually, his hand went under my skirt and was groping my right buttock.

His hand then moved under my pink blouse. He caressed my breasts. He proceeded to take my right breast out of my bra and sucked on my nipple. He licked around it. He sucked on it like a baby would. He nibbled on it for a bit. It was heavenly as I caressed his sweet head while resting my chin on his shoulder.

He took a blue surgical-like glove out.
"You're actually taking a glove out of the glove compartment," I remarked. "And, it's blue, which matches your shirt," I pointed out, which made him grin.
We kissed a bit more before we talked briefly. 
"Why didn't you wear your black bra?" he asked me.
"I don't wear a black bra under a pink top," I indicated.
"I don't care," he said, getting into our respective roles. "You are expected to wear it. You need to be punished."
"It's such a minor detail," I pointed out. "You're just being mean."
"You need to have that bra on for me. It's not up to you to decide whether it is a minor detail," he said, shifting his position to the middle of the backseat and rubbing his thigh against my bare thigh. "Bend over!"
So, I went over his knee. I was excited about getting a spanking. He lifted my skirt up and put on the glove. He groped and pinched my backside, which made me horny.

He started to spank me with his hand, which I love. I was aroused, especially when he talks while spanking me.
"Will you wear your black bra from now on?" he asked me, slapping my left buttock.
"Maybe," I said.
"Maybe? That's not good enough," he replied, smacking my right buttock.
"You will wear that bra because I want you to. Understood?"
"No," I replied defiantly, which prompted my guy to slap both cheeks, and the backs of both thighs and calves.
"Have you learned your lesson?" he asked me.
"No," I said.
"No?" he mocked, instead using the wooden ruler to smack my buttocks.
"Ow," I said playfully, which prompted him to use the wooden ruler with greater force across my backside.
"You're such a bad girl," he remarked, continuing to smack the backs of my thighs and my buttocks.
He stopped and started to finger my clit. I was clearly wet from all this spanking activity. He then fingered my ass. He has wonderful fingers that do a fine job pleasuring me. It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm. It was heavenly. I ended up limp across his lap. It was nice that he helped me sit back up after he had adjusted my panties and skirt.

My guy admitted that he liked what he had seen. He liked looking at my butt and fingering me. I told him that I liked looking at his socks and shoes again, which made him laugh.

I rested in his arms for a bit. We kissed again. I squeezed his right thigh and moved my hand toward his penis, which was hard as a rock. My guy unfastened his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled down both his trousers and briefs.
"You look so good in blue," I said, sounding like a broken record. "Even your briefs match your shirt!"
I proceeded to tie my hair back. I know that my guy loves seeing my lips wrapped around his erect penis. I licked the tip of his penis first, circling it with my tongue. He enjoyed it immensely, judging from his reaction. I licked up and down his penis for a bit before I began sucking it like a good little slut.

It didn't take too long for him to ejaculate. I had my left hand at the base of his penis as I was giving him a blowjob. My other hand was playing with his balls. He loved what I was doing to him. I am still not interested in having him ejaculate in my mouth, so he pulled out just before he does. It was wonderful to see how relaxed and dopey he was afterward. I rested my head against his chest and we held hands for about ten minutes in this position.

We then talked for a bit, as we normally do. He's sweet in always telling me that I'm an attractive woman with a nice smile and a cute chin. He admitted to me that he has always found Asian women sexy and has been so pleased to be seeing someone who is at long last. He's a keeper.

I rubbed his head again, which he likes just as much as I do.
"Your head is so soft and uniform," I said, caressing his slightly fuzzy shaved head, which I adore.
"You like my head?" he asked me.
"Yes, both of them," I said with a naughty smile on my face. "Two heads are better than one."
"I was thinking the same thing," he admitted.
"Scary, isn't it?" I said, which made us both laugh.
"I won't shave my head as often," he indicated. I nodded in agreement.
My guy told me about getting a massage in Hong Kong last year, before we started seeing each other. My guy has always been curious about everything, so this tidbit of information didn't surprise me.
"Did you like it?" I asked him.
"Yeah, it was okay," he said, still in dopey mode. "But, I couldn't hold her hand, like I do with you."
"I probably can't give a massage like that," I stated.
"You do things to me that no massage parlour in Hong Kong can do for me. You make me feel good. You give awesome blowjobs and your kisses are hot. I need and want you."
"That's sweet," I said.
"It's true," he said, smiling and looking into my eyes.
We then talked about my spanking.
"You spanked me well," I pointed out. "Did the ruler split?"
"No, I didn't want to hit you that hard," he admitted. "I didn't want to cause too much damage. Did it hurt?"
"A little," I said. "You can spank me a bit harder next time."
"If you insist," he said, which made me smile.
It was a good day in the treehouse, as usual and as expected.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Observations while being spanked and groped

My guy and I went out for lunch with a colleague today. I chose a local Chinese restaurant to frequent and drove us there. The food was delicious and the company was wonderful!

We had a good 1.5-hour break there. We chatted up quite the storm. We laughed a lot. My guy and I were sitting across from each other once again.

He looked longingly at my hands that were laying flat on the table. I could tell that he had missed me.

When we were leaving the restaurant, he held the door open for me, like the polite man that he is. I walked through it. He grabbed my left buttock, not once, but twice! I was aroused. He knew it.

For what seems to be years, I had always thought that my being spanked caused me to be extremely aroused and wet. Nope, it's more than that. I love being groped. I get turned on even when my buttocks are lightly caressed.

When you are over your spanker's knee, do you close your eyes while you are being spanked or are they wide open? Mine tend to be open. The last time that I was spanked, I was looking at my guy's Rockport shoes. I also observed that my guy was wearing grey socks.

On Friday, I casually asked whether my guy was wearing Rockport shoes again. He nodded. He was impressed that I knew what brand his shoes were.
"When you were spanking me last week, I was looking at your shoes and socks," I admitted.
"That's nice," he said, with a smile on his face.
"You probably had a better view than I did," I hinted.
"Yes, I love spanking that cute little butt of yours," he said sweetly. "We need sturdier implements, though."
"I should find that fuzzy purple paddle. I doubt that it'll break like the other implements so far," I smiled.
If a third implement is destroyed while I am being spanked, I am getting a lottery ticket. In either case, I am a winner.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nail polish, footsie, and sleepyhead pictures

On Monday, my guy and I went out for lunch with another colleague. Our colleague is leaving the company in a couple of weeks and she wanted to spend some time chatting with us. It was great.

I drove us to the restaurant. My guy asked me whether I had changed my nail polish. He has never asked me that before. He normally holds my hands or looks down at my feet to figure that out.

I said that I did. He knows that I change my nail polish every week. I am not that diligent with my toenails. However, I went with painting my toenails with a shade called midnight blue, as the nights have been pretty cool for the past few days.

We got to the restaurant and sat down. My guy sat across from me. He looked under the table to see the colour of my toenails. He has a boyish charm about him that I absolutely love.

Under the table, he lightly brushed his shoe against the side of my sandal. I extended my leg and brushed my calf next to his. It was a nice moment. We have never played footsie in a restaurant before.

Our colleague had to use the washroom. My guy decided to snag my cell phone from me. I playfully tried to get it back, but he has longer arms than I do. He did admit to me that he is not as cell phone-savvy as I am. He wanted to see the two pictures that I had taken of him when he had dozed off at his cubicle.

So, I showed him my photos of him. He laughed hysterically. He wanted me to send them to him. That wouldn't be a problem.

I reassured him that I would not be sharing these pictures of my sleepyhead with anyone. They are just for us. I want them to be used in our role-playing scenarios. These pictures are supposed to get me in trouble and I get spanked for being disobedient.

It's fun to be mischievous. It looks like Friday will be my punishment day. I look forward to it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Payment for driving my guy to the airport

In my previous post, I had indicated that I had taken a couple of pictures of my guy sleeping at his cubicle. I showed them to him today. He laughed. He liked them.

I advised my guy that I wouldn't use them maliciously. My guy is cute when he is a sleepyhead. I really took the pictures to provide an excuse for him to spank me. It's not that he needs a reason to do it, but it's fun to have one when you are about to be punished.

My guy (MG) logged on to Skype this afternoon. Normally, he initiates the chat. Today, I decided to start it.
Me: Are you awake?
MG: Yes. You won't need your phone camera today I suppose :)
Me: :(
Me: For now, you're safe
MG: You'll have other chances I'm sure
Me: Maybe
MG: Could u give me a ride to [Pearson Airport] terminal 3 around 6 or so? I don't have my car today!
Me: What happened to your car? Speeding ticket?
MG: no. long story!
Me: I can give you a lift. I don't mind a long story.
MG: I guess the longer the better
Me: Can I charge you $25 like the cab guy did from that terminal to get me to work to fetch my car?
Me: Cup size obviously doesn't matter to you, but length does. ;)
MG: :)
MG: Can I pay in services rather than cash?
Me: Maybe :)
Me: I've been thinking about that conversation we had last week. I would rather have you schedule our meetings. It fits our role-playing model nicely and I don't want to break something that doesn't require fixing.
Me: So, it may take several servicing sessions to pay me :)
MG: Deal :)
MG: Payment may be painful though
Me: I can handle it. Two broken implements sort of proves that... lol
MG: Were you sore much?
Me: I was on Saturday. It wore off on Sunday. It's all good. The level of service was excellent. :)
MG: Glad to hear it :)
MG: There is a lot more where that came from ;)
Me: I welcome that :)
Me: So, are you renting a car or something at the airport to get you back home or are you flying to Amsterdam?
MG: I wish I were flying to Amsterdam. I'm meeting a friend who's dropping someone off at the airport and will give me a ride.
Me: Ah, I see. Convenient timing all around. :)
MG: Yes :)
When I drove him to the airport, he caressed my right thigh and reached over to touch my clit. It was nice. We held hands for the entire journey. He was sweet.
"We need to take more driving trips to the airport together," he said with a smile on his face.
"I agree, but we still need our parking lot and treehouse," I replied, as we both smiled at each other.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moodiness changes everything, but breaking a wooden spatula after a spanking mends a relationship

My guy and I had talked about meeting on Friday for some quality time in the treehouse. I had been looking forward to it all week.

Things took a bit of an unexpected nosedive.

My guy rarely logs on to Skype these days. For the past two Fridays, whenever he needed to cancel our meeting or reschedule it, he would do it on Skype. He logged on at around noon. I just knew that he wanted to cancel.

I dislike when he starts off by saying hi and the regular pleasantries that we go through. I then asked him flat out whether he was bored at work or if he had other thoughts that he wanted to share. He told me that he was in a "blah mood" and that we would "probably not meet." I was disappointed.

I told him that I knew that he would be cancelling, as he had logged on to Skype. He joked that he should break more good news on Skype. He told me not to be upset. It was too late. I was.

I decided to log off. I felt taken for granted that I am always on Skype and that he is the one who ends up changing his mind. It annoyed me.

I got to work at 14:30. I could tell that he was trying to test out the waters. He asked how I was doing. I just said that I was okay. It was clear that I didn't feel like talking to him. He tried to get me to talk about the lack of parking spaces available at work in the afternoon. I had little to say.

My guy fell asleep at his cubicle, but he did hear my talking to another colleague. I told her that she was cheering me up. I also took a dig at him when he was awake, saying that it's sometimes better not to plan anything, or one gets disappointed when plans change unexpectedly.

To take my guy's point of view, he was being kind in telling me that he wasn't in the mood for a meeting. But, it was several hours away. It seemed pretty premature to me to cancel so far in advance.

He has also been sleepy for the past few days. He doesn't know why that is. He's not preoccupied or anything. On Wednesday, he fell asleep at his cubicle. I took a picture of him using my cell phone. I did the same thing on Friday.

So, at around 17:30, my guy wrote to me on Skype. Our cubicles are so close to each other that it's almost odd to communicate by instant messaging. He asked if I was still mad. I was perturbed. He wanted to change his mind. I asked why he wanted to do that. He wanted the meeting. I told him that I wasn't in the mood for our regular meeting. I was okay with talking, though.

My guy gets nervous about talking. We did. I told him that he tends to schedule everything because it's convenient for him on his own terms. All I do is wait. I'm just there. I'm tired of it. He thought that I was upset that we weren't meeting as often as I would like. That wasn't my problem.

I went on to say that it was a pattern that he cancels on Fridays. He disagreed. What I should have said was that it's what I see because I am far more intuitive than he gives me credit for. In the end, he said, "Fair enough." I asked him whether he still wanted to meet, although I wasn't exactly in the mood anymore. He did. We ended up smiling at each other.

I had my black lacy panties on. I didn't feel like putting on a skirt. My guy looked at me and said that I "looked the same." I could tell that he wanted to see me in a skirt, but his mood had wrecked mine.

We drove to our spot. I handed him the wooden spatula and said that he needed to use it today before I got into the treehouse.

I could tell that we both didn't like where our conversation was headed. The way that he was rubbing my fingernails said everything. He said that it was okay for me to initiate treehouse meetings. He told me not to be on Skype all the time if I didn't want to. He embraced me tightly in his arms.
"I am sorry for being so moody, which ruined everything," he admitted.
"What are you sad about?" I asked him.
"Nothing in particular," he stated. "I woke up this way."
His right hand moved over to my butt. He first caressed it. He then began to grope it.
"I like that," I said, enjoying his hands over my jean-clad bottom.
"I like grabbing your butt," he said.
A few moments later, he told me that it was time for my spanking.
"Do you know why I need to spank you?"
"No," I said, playing dumb.
He shifted his position to the centre of the backseat. I went over his lap.
"I have to spank you because you don't say no," he explained, pinching my bottom and the massaging my clit.
The first smack with his hand landed on my left buttock. He then alternated between cheeks. He got a couple of hard pinches in, too.

The hand smacks came down harder and more frequent when he got into the groove.
"You have been bad for not wearing a short skirt. You always need to have a short skirt with you, either in your purse or in the trunk of your car."
"You didn't want to meet today, so I didn't bother," I said.
"That is the wrong response," he replied, continuing to smack my backside, except he was using the wooden spatula. "You always need to wear a short skirt for me. Do you understand?"
"No," I said defiantly, looking at his black Rockport shoes while still over his knee.
"No? You think that you have a say in this?"
"Yes," I did, challenging him to spank me.
"I tell you what to do," he stated sternly.
He used the wooden spatula hard on my backside. He likes smacking the backs of my thighs and calves with it. I was incredibly turned on by how hard he was spanking me.

His right hand went down the back of my jeans and under my black lacy panties. He knew that I was wet when he fingered my pussy. He then fingered my ass and was pleasuring me.
"Are you going to behave?" he asked me.
"Yes, you will," he replied, using his other hand to smack my buttocks with the wooden spatula.
I started to giggle. My guy likes when I giggle and equates it to my being ticklish.
"Is your butt ticklish?" he asked me.
"No," I replied. "Our yes-no conversation is making me chuckle."
I have never laughed while being spanked. There is a first for everything.

I eventually came while over his lap. It was wonderful. I was so limp afterwards. I could barely get myself off his lap.

We kissed. It felt good.
"Touch my cock," he ordered, but it was more like a request.
"Maybe," I teased. I waited ten seconds before I did it. It was hard as can be.
After playing with his erect penis while kissing, he unfastened his belt, and pulled down both his grey trousers and blue briefs. His penis greeted me, erect as ever. It was nice to see how turned on he was. I gave him a handjob.

He told me to talk dirty to him. I told him that I was a whore, and that I wanted to be spanked and screwed by him in every possible way. I was his sex toy and was eager to please him. I told him that I wanted to be slapped around. He caressed my chin before he lightly smacked my right cheek a few times. That did it. Soon after that, he came all over my hand.

I helped him clean up. He sat there in dopey mode, which I loved seeing.
"I am glad that you changed your mind [about meeting today]," I said to him.
"I am glad that I did, too."
I told him that I had taken two pictures of him sleeping at work. He took the news well and said that he would behave. I indicated that I wouldn't blackmail him. I'd use it for our role-playing sessions instead. He wanted to see them. I said that after I have made copies of the pictures, that I'd share them with him. He laughed.

Although I feared that his moodiness earlier, which had affected my mood, may have altered our relationship, it looks like we'll be okay. I asked if he was okay. He was. He reciprocated with the same question. I was, too.

He showed me the wooden spatula. It had split. For the second time, we have broken a spanking implement.
"You have a hard ass," he joked.
We made it through the brief storm. It's nice how a meeting can fix things. I also like coming out of our meetings with a sore backside.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Melting away stress with multiple orgasms and planning a spanking session

My guy loves me. He loves being with me. The feeling is completely mutual.

I got to work on Monday. He was in a meeting. When he had a free moment, he came to see me. We started chatting. Of course, our annoying colleague who enjoys jumping into our conversations did just that. She and my guy disagreed over comments they had made about me last week.

Well, my guy was correct. I wasn't at work to hear them. He did saying something nice -- that I am truthful and I don't sugarcoat anything that I say. This colleague said that I was there when they were chatting, but she was mistaken.

My guy could tell that something was irritating me. That something was more our colleague. He is sweet in that he came over with what was left of his jar of chocolate candies. He always offers me chocolate first before he spreads the wealth. I went for the long gold-foiled one.
"It's your favourite one," he said. "I knew that you would choose it."
"You know me too well," I said, smiling at him.
A couple of hours later, he came back to his desk. Most of our colleagues had left for the day. We had a brief chat.
"So, what really was upsetting you earlier?" he asked.
"I made a factual statement to our colleague that I am doing the workload of three people. She said that she felt insulted. I found that reaction to be odd. I had to state that it wasn't meant to be an insult. Before she came to "save the day," I was doing the workload of five people. I think that if she were really doing her job these days, instead of socializing for most of her day, that she wouldn't have reacted that way."
My guy nodded. He came over to my desk and started to rub the back of my neck. I love when he does that. He then whispered whether I would like a meeting. Without really needing to ponder over that question, I nodded my head.

He was waiting for me at our usual spot. I had to change into a denim mini skirt. I also had my lacy black panties on.

I entered our treehouse. My guy could not stop looking at me. We kissed. His hand immediately went for my bare thigh. We stopped for a bit.
"Let me take a look at you," he said, looking at me from head to toe. "You are gorgeous."
"Thanks," I said, and we embraced.
"Do you want to get dopey?" he asked me.
"Maybe," I said, which throws us back to when we first started flirting with each other in the office.
"I like maybe," he said, which is really closer to my saying yes. "Is your skirt from the Gap?"
"Yes," I replied.
"I am beginning to like the Gap."
My right hand was wrapped around him, caressing his back. My left hand was on his butt, occasionally playing with his belt around his waist. He had his right hand hugging me and his left hand was on my thigh, which proceeded to play with my pussy, eventually fingering my butt.
"Do you feel like a slut?" he whispered in my right ear.
"Yes, like the slut that I have always been," I replied.
I eventually came and took a break. My guy still had his fingers in my pussy. He admitted that he didn't want to take them out.

My guy likes to push the boundaries a bit from time to time. I came not twice, but three times. Every time, he would show his affection by brushing his hand over my forehead, playing with my hair, or kissing my shoulders and neck.

He played with me for a fourth time. I love when he fingers me. He is skillful at it.
"You're driving me crazy," I said in a low voice, obviously aroused by what he was doing to me.
"I love when you talk like that," he said, obviously pleased that he was doing a good job at pleasuring me.
I came. I don't recall reaching orgasm so many times in succession in recent years, but I did. I then rested in the backseat as my guy cleaned up.

My guy smiled at me sweetly. He touched my cheek and gingerly pinched my cheek.
"You are so cute," he said to me. "I didn't think that you could get cuter than you are right now, but you are."
He had briefly licked my left nipple earlier. I told him that I remembered the only other time that he had sucked it. He remembered that day fondly, too. He went ahead and sucked my left nipple some more. I loved it when his tongue circled around my hard nipple. He nibbled at it a bit. His lips creating suction was wonderful. He looked up at me and we kissed for a bit.

My guy looked at me lovingly. He removed my sandal off my left leg and placed it on the armrest in front of us. I then put my other leg up. He touched my left leg. He proceeded to massage it.
"You really love my legs," I remarked.
"I do," he admitted. He touched the back of my left thigh. "You are so smooth."
"No one has ever done that," I noted.
"The guys that you used to be with don't know how to pleasure you," he stated.
We talked some more.
"I can't believe that you have been hiding your legs from me for so long," he said with a sweet smile on his face.
"I can't go to work every day like this, you know," I stated, which he agreed.
"I am so attracted to you," he admitted. "You are everything that I need."
He is sweet. I told him that he was smooth. That trend continued.
"I love kissing you," I said to him, as we had spent another ten minutes kissing.
"Have I ever told you how much I love your lips, and how soft, full, tender, and smooth your lips are?"
"Maybe," I said with a smile on my face. "I use that word a lot, don't I?"
"I like it," he nodded. "I have never kissed anyone as long and as much as I have kissed you."
"I am honoured," I said.
"The honour is mine," he replied.
I enjoy touching his thigh. I was actually squeezing it lovingly. He liked it.

He told me that he'd like to spank me this Friday. He told me how.
"I'd put you over my knee, lift up your short skirt, and spank you with that wooden spatula over your lacy black panties."
"You'd get quite the view," I said.
"Yes, and I would do more to you while you are in that position."
I liked the last part of our meeting. He spanked my left buttock and pinched it.
"Maybe we should have done this first," he noted. I agreed. "I liked when you touched my butt earlier."
"I loved touching it. You have a cute butt."
I think that he'll be just fine when I ease him into spanking him down the road. I can't wait for Friday to arrive.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Renee Rose has nominated my blog for the Meta Awesomest Blog Unicorn award! Thank you so much!

Meta Awesomest Blog Unicorn award

It has taken me a bit of time to write a post about it, but I'd rather be late than to completely forget about it. Sometimes, life gets busy, so being a bit late is okay!

So, the award rules are as follows:
  1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog
  2. Answer 10 questions you have about yourself.
  3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
  4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
  5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the bloggers who nominated you.
 Here are ten random tidbits about me that you may have already figured out from reading my blog:
  1. I like to give and receive spankings. With the ex-husband, we were both switches, although he seemed to like to get spanked than spank me towards the end (no pun intended) of our marriage. My guy spanks me these days. He is open to receiving a spanking, but I have not pressured him into it. When he is ready, I will be, too. For now, I enjoy being spanked by him, so all is good.
  2. I have lived in two Canadian provinces and spent two years working in the United States. I am Canadian and never expected to move to a different country for employment, but am certainly glad that I had that opportunity.
  3. I am a writer by trade. However, the professional writing that I do has a completely different style than how I write in this blog. I also write in this blog in the wee hours of the morning, so expect typos that will get fixed when I am more alert down the road!
  4. Growing up, I was a tomboy. I still feel that I am. My guy is extremely supportive and encouraging. These days, I am comfortable with wearing sexy underwear and short skirts for him. They were his suggestions, but he has never forced them on me. I just want to make things fun for us and I like feeling good in them.
  5. I was never spanked as a child. I was always a goody-goody. I was the geeky girl who never did anything wrong. I suppose that is one reason why I enjoy being spanked. It turns me on when my guy tells me that I have been naughty, simply because it is not the case in real life. I enjoy being bad. It's kind of my "dark side," according to my guy. He likes that side of me.
  6. The thought of having anal sex both intrigues and scares me. My guy and I are novices. For the past few months, he has been fingering my butt, which we both enjoy. So, we are taking baby steps. I like the idea of being spanked and then engaging in anal sex. I wonder how it would feel for have his balls rubbing against my backside as I am pleasured from behind. What scares me is the pain that I may experience, for my guy's member isn't exactly tiny. Again, we're taking baby steps.
  7. It's related to point 3, but I tend to blog after midnight. I tend to shower late at night. After I'm done, I feel relaxed and am in a blogging mood.
  8. I am a music enthusiast. I have over 19,000 songs on my iPod. My guy likes music, but he isn't a fanatic like I am!
  9. My guy is the first guy I have dated who is taller than I am. He is 6'. I am 5'10".
  10. I can't stand listening to my recorded voice. When I pick up my voicemail and hear my voice recording, I have to immediately skip over it. It's strange, but I have been told that I have a nice voice. I just can't stand having it played back. I literally cover my ears and want to curl up in the fetal position until the pain subsides.
I would love to nominate someone for this cool award, but I am horrible at having so many great options to choose from. Seriously, anyone on my blogroll is worthy of this award. So, if you're on my blog, please feel free to participate. I would enjoy reading your answers and being in your award company!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Skirts, shorts, and panties

I had a meeting with my manager late on Friday afternoon. My guy briefly popped into our manager's office to say hi. He was done with his meetings for the week. It was actually our boss who decided to invite my guy into our regularly scheduled one-on-one meeting.

It's interesting, but I think that our manager likes chatting with both of us. Perhaps it's because we like what we do and we are both funny. This week, a colleague called me "comedy hour." Naturally, my guy needs to be there to make the hour even more humourous.

After my meeting with our manager, I went back to my desk and chatted with my guy. I could tell that today wasn't going to be a treehouse day. I had a lousy morning, so I wasn't exactly in the mood. My guy hasn't been sleeping too well, so he was yawning quite a bit.

He asked me to "shoot" when it came to dishing out why my morning was so horrible. I replied that I didn't exactly have the equipment to do much shooting, but I would try. I said it in my usual deadpan way, which made my guy laugh. Yes, we like sexual innuendos when we talk. It spices up everything.

So, I told my guy about one manager who was giving me a hard time at work. Our manager told me not to worry about it. I'm not, really. I just found this manager's constant hounding to be tedious. I told my guy everything. When I am annoyed, I tend to be funny. My guy likes listening to me, hearing my voice, and laughing at how I describe people who bug me. He got a good laugh.

My guy was waiting for 18:00 to leave work, as was I. Traffic is a bit better on the major highways on a Friday if you leave later.
"When traffic is bad on the highway, I usually get off... at [this highway exit] to shop at Costco," he stated.
"I like that pause," I said. It finally clicked in his head and he laughed hard.
My guy didn't mean to make that pause, but it was funny to me. He thought it was hilarious, too.

He revealed to me that he was so tired today that he had fallen asleep a couple of times during his meeting, but for maybe a minute or two. I said that, if I were in that room, I'd be snapping pictures of him sleeping so sweetly. He changed the topic slightly and suggested that I take pictures of my wearing a short skirt on, showing my thighs. He likes the photos that I had taken a few weeks ago with my lacy black panties on.

My guy then said something revealing. He is obviously turned on when I wear a short skirt. He loves the look of my legs and exploring what is under the skirt. I asked him about whether he feels the same way about shorts. He doesn't. I asked if he was sure. He does like it when a woman's cheeks are showing. In other words, the shorts have to be literally short and skimpy.

I would never be caught with tight shorts like that in public. However, I do like the thought of wearing them before I get spanked. Naturally, the shorts and panties would eventually be pulled down as I continued to be spanked, but it arouses me that my exposed buttocks from under those short shorts are unprotected from a spanking.

Short shorts remind me of my lacy panties. The latter are hiphuggers from Victoria's Secret. They don't completely cover my buttocks. They are comfortable and make me feel sexy in them. Perhaps it's just fine to be spanked over my lacy panties.

Maybe I don't need to invest in a pair of short shorts. However, it never hurts to browse. I like to throw an element of excitement into our fun, as does he.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Modelling a short skirt purchase in the treehouse

My guy doesn't have any planned business trips for the next few weeks. Although I am pleased that we will be spending more time together, I know how much he doesn't like sitting at his desk, catching up on work. Luckily, he has a bunch of meetings with clients for the next three business days, so he won't be too bored.

On Wednesday, he had a twenty-minute break from these meetings that were being held on the main floor of our building, in a boardroom. He came upstairs just to see me. We caught up.
"So, how was your weekend?" he asked me, as if he wasn't fully aware of what I had done.
"It wasn't long enough," I said. I knew that he would take advantage of my answer.
"That can be said about a lot of things," he said with a straight face, which made me laugh.
He talked about having a private meeting with me after he was done with his meetings.
"We need to fill a hole," he said.
"Or two," I added, which made him laugh out loud.
My guy went back to talking about my weekend.
"I heard that you went shopping," he said with a smile.
"Yes, I went to the Gap outlet," I said. He knew about my excursion.
"You bought a skirt?" he asked like a curious little boy.
"Yes, I bought a few."
"Are you going to show me?" he asked. I could tell that he was getting aroused.
"Maybe," I teased.
"I like maybe," he smiled.
"I know. It's closer to a yes in your books," I hinted.
Unfortunately, it is that time of the month for me, which hit the moment I got to the office. Poor timing.

My guy was finished his meetings at around 18:00. I got a Skype text from him. I indicated that we'd be working on him today. He was understanding and said that he didn't mind. I thought so.

So, off we went to our regular meeting hangout. Well, I got there first. He arrived about ten minutes later. He looked over at me. I had a short, blue skirt on. It had two layers that allow you to see the silhouette of my thighs under it when the sunlight hits my skirt at the right angle. My guy looked at my legs and made a comment on how great they looked.

We got into our treehouse. We chatted a bit, held hands, and then started making out. Yep, we always start with kissing.

I can always tell when my guy misses me. Our kissing becomes more passionate the more we engage in it. It was to the point where he started kissing my shoulders, my neck, and my face. He put both hands on my face and kissed me. It was nice to feel wanted and loved.

Our tongues met. He loves when I use my tongue to lick the circumference of his lips. He was enjoying the moment a lot. I was, too.

I love caressing the back of his neck and head as we kiss. His hand moved to my breasts. He was cupping them sweetly. I then reached over to his penis. It was erect, as expected.

He undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled down both his pants and briefs. I got to play with his hard cock.

My bare left leg went over his lap. At one point, he pulled my leg over to his balls. I was rubbing my leg against them like the whore that I enjoy being. I will do anything for my guy.

He was highly aroused, to the point where his legs intertwined with mine. He locked my left leg between his legs. I loved it. It was as if he wanted to make sure that I would stay with him -- that I belonged with and to him. It was a lovely moment. His right hand reached over to my right thigh. He squeezed it as I continued giving him a handjob.

Eventually, my handjob brought satisfaction to my guy, who came all over my hand. It was great to please him again. We wiped up and sat next to each other, with my hand caressing his thigh and his holding my hand.
"Do you mind if I open the door to let some air in?" I asked him.
"Not at all. I should have had the air conditioning on. It's hot in here," he replied, swinging his door open.
"It's hot in here because you're in here," I said, which sounded cheesy, but I was being sincere.
"Thanks, sweetie."
My guy, after relaxing from dopey mode, looked at his cell phone and said that we were making good time.
"It must be you taking up all the time during our sessions," he teased.
"Sure, blame me," I said, with both of us smiling. "You made me come three times last time!"
"I wanted to go for a fourth time," he said.
"I would have been in the backseat, laying there for a couple of hours if you had," I joked.
My guy says the sweetest things to me.
"I love everything about you -- your personality, your sense of humour, and your physical features."
"Thanks," I replied. "You aren't so bad yourself."
"Have I told you that you have pretty hands and fingers?" he asked, holding my left hand and looking at my nails.
"Maybe a couple of times," I said, with a smile on my face.
"Have I mentioned that you take great care of your hands and legs?"
"Yes, you have mentioned that in passing," I said.
"I love your legs. I hope that you'll wear more skirts," he hinted, caressing my bare thighs.
"I will break them out on special occasions, like today," I said, which made him smile.
Shopping for short skirts at the Gap outlet does have its benefits.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Getting pinched, pleasured, and spanked on a Friday

On Wednesday, it was clear that my guy and I would be scheduling some time in the treehouse on Friday. Towards the end of that day, he whispered two words in my ear: black panties.

Friday had finally arrived. I got to work at my usual time and talked with my guy, who was pleased to see me. We chatted throughout the day. I actually initiated a conversation with him about needing some information from him. He had a couple of files that I could use on his USB flash drive.

When he first handed over his USB drive, which was attached to his keychain, our hands automatically touched. I squeezed his hand and he reciprocated. We then continued our sexual innuendo-based conversation from Wednesday.
"I wonder what this key does," I said, looking at my guy's keychain. He came over to talk to me.
"Are you pushing my buttons?" he asked, as we were both looking at his car fob.
"I am holding your stick," I said, referring to the USB flash drive.
"Now you have made me blush," he said, but we both knew that he was acting there.
As for the part-time colleague, we both made her feel a bit uncomfortable. It wasn't the content of our conversation. It was that she couldn't interject and contribute to the banter. Where do you go with that, really?

I had a brief conversation with our boss about work. He then brought in my guy to talk about creating a video to train a customer services manager who does not know how to use a software application. My guy suggested that I record a video. I told them that no one wants to hear my voice. My guy said that folks are likely tired of his voice. Our boss agreed that having a female voice would be good, but we were all joking about this task. My guy mentioned husky in the conversation, which we both knew was a reference to mine. My guy loves my voice and has told me that it gets husky whenever we engage in phone sex.

My guy teased me in front of our boss. My boss said that my guy was playing a third-party psychological test on me. I told my guy that he needed psychological help. He thanked me. I was planting another seed.

On Skype, my guy asked me when we'd be heading out. I said that I would in ten minutes. I tend to leave first. My guy follows suit shortly afterwards, simply because I start my workday earlier than he does. It just makes sense that we punch out in that order, so it doesn't look like he is goofing off. Then again, it is Friday. Goofing off is okay.

I drove to our local spot. Before I had left the office, my cell phone was completely dead. I decided to pull battery out and reseat it. That worked. By the time my phone was powered up, my guy had parked his car next to mine. I had the windows down. He got out of the car.
"Does your phone work?" he asked me. Before I could answer, I knew that he couldn't care less anymore.
"Yes, see," I said, showing him my phone as if I were a little girl.
"Wow!" he said. He was looking at my bare thighs. 
On Monday, he had asked when I would be wearing a skirt again. I decided to find my short, black mini skirt and wear it for this occasion.

I got into the backseat of his car, which is our treehouse. I wasn't sure how graceful an entrance I'd make wearing such a short skirt. He didn't care. He liked what he was seeing. His hand immediately touched my left thigh.

We kissed. A lot. The usual. I unbuttoned his shirt and caressed his toned chest.

He played with my breasts. He then adjusted my blue t-shirt and slipped it off my left shoulder to show my black bra strap. He then pulled my shirt down a bit and took out my left breast.

I enjoy when he adjusts my clothing and how I am seated. I feel like a helpless doll, which is completely different than how I am in the real world.
"See, wearing a short skirt has its benefits," he stated, as we were embracing. "I have full access to you."
He took my left leg and put it over his lap. He moved his hands up and down my leg. I could tell that he loved feeling my leg. He took my other leg and put it up against the armrest. My right foot was nearly touching the steering wheel.

My guy lifted my skirt up and played with my black lacy panties that I was wearing. He started fingering my clit, which derived so much pleasure, as usual. He then moved to fingering my butt simultaneously.
"Do you want another finger in your pussy?" he asked me. I knew that my answer was pointless.
"Yes, sir," I said.
"I won't do it just yet," he said.
"When will you?" I asked, in an anxious, disappointed tone.
"I don't have to tell you that," he said. "It's up to me."
"I will be patient," I said.
At one point, he had all four fingers in my pussy. I moaned. He did something different.
"Have you ever tasted your juices?" he asked me.
"No," I admitted.
He took his hand out of me and smeared my juices all over my face. He then continued to pleasure me.

It took a bit longer for me to reach orgasm, but I eventually did. As usual, after I come, I tend to rest limp.

I then told him that I didn't like my face smeared. He laughed. He immediately took out his bottle of aftershave, put some of it on a paper towel, and wiped my face.
"I hope I got all of it off," he said.
"I think that you did," I replied. I liked this pampering part. He's good at it.
I rested for a bit before we had round two. My guy likes to actually look at my pussy these days. He is the first guy I have ever been who has loved to look at it. He pulled my black panties down to my thighs and admired the sight of them against my skin.
"Do you feel like a slut?" he asked me, as he was pleasuring me with two fingers up my pussy.
"Yes," I admitted it.
"Because you are," he reinforced and slapped my left cheek with his palm. I liked it.
"I know," I said. He slapped my right cheek to even everything out.
I could feel the pressure as he had four fingers up my pussy and his thumb up my ass. I was so turned on. He then pulled his hand out.

He asked me to masturbate like I do when we are on Skype together. He worked on my butt simultaneously, telling me how many fingers I could use. He allowed me to use two fingers. He used the same number of fingers up my ass. It didn't take must to get me off. I did, feeling dopey, but in a good way afterward.

I finally opened my eyes. My guy was lovingly looking into my eyes.
"You are so gorgeous," he said. "You are like a schoolgirl lying there, letting me have my way with you in the backseat."
I was so relaxed. My guy took my left hand and cleaned it up. I knew that he enjoyed looking at my manicured fingernails as he was doing the cleaning.

My guy continued playing with my pussy. It was sweet how he was rubbing it.

Round three. Yes, I wasn't expecting round three.

He started pinching my pussy lips and then pinching my buttocks. I loved the sensation, although it hurt.
"You know, all week, you have made nasty remarks about me to colleagues at work," as he continued to do a pinching number on my backside.
"I was teasing you," I said.
"You didn't think that I wasn't going to punish you, did you?"
"I'm sorry," I said, letting him know that my butt was getting sore.
"Sorry isn't good enough," he stated sternly.
"Ow! My butt hurts, sir."
"It's supposed to hurt."
And, he fingered me yet again. He has magical fingers. I was surprised that I got off again. I was also spent. I rested in his arms. He kissed my forehead.

After he had cleaned up, he rubbed my legs and caressed my face. He's sweet that way.

His right hand moved to caressing my backside. He then lightly smacked my bottom and the intensity started to increase.
"What's that for?" I asked him.
"For being a brat this week," he admitted with a smile. "I love your reaction to when I finger you."
"What do I do?" I asked him, not completely aware of what I do.
"You moan. You breathe more heavily. When I smack your buttocks, you hug me tightly, like you're doing now."
I wanted to work on him, but he was okay with focusing on me today. He wanted to make me happy. He also liked what he was seeing. He told me that hiding my sexy legs in pants was a shame and then smiled at me.

We then went back to square one. We kissed passionately. I especially like to cradle the back of his head as we kiss.
"I could kiss you for hours," he admitted. "I love your full lips and your tongue."
"Which tongue?" I joked.
After two hours, we got out of the car and embraced. I could feel how hard his cock was. I knew that we'd be working on him soon.

I love when the workweek ends on such a good note.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Planting a seed for Friday fun by teasing and groping

Wednesday was a fun day of banter with my guy. We both had planted a seed for what was in store for us on Friday.

I decided to go to work a bit earlier than usual. I was there two hours earlier. My guy noticed.

Our conversation throughout the day was full of sexual innuendos. It actually caught a part-time colleague who got laid off last year, but decided to return a couple of months ago, off-guard. There is one huge story about her that I could write about at length, but I won't. In a nutshell, both my guy and I thought that she felt a bit uncomfortable with our entire discussion, mainly because it's the type of banter that she can't really keep up with. She is the type that needs to be a part of every conversation, but she can't readily contribute to ours.

My guy played the innocent card, meaning that he was just minding his own business, saying whatever he needed to say, and that I was twisting his words. It was his standard acting job. We both knew it. Apparently, I have corrupted everyone around us.

The best part was my guy saying that he had to go the washroom badly. He still stuck around talking to another colleague.
"You better go or you're going to have an accident!" I exclaimed.
My guy decided to march over to my cubicle area instead.
"If you don't behave, ..." he said to me, which made me smile and turned me completely on.
When we finally had a quiet moment to ourselves, we chatted. Our chats are wonderful. He confided in me that when he was a young boy, his mother's female friends, who were in their thirties, were beautiful. Since then, he does have a thing for older women. He has never told anyone about this interest of his, which says a lot about the trust in our relationship. I don't fit this mould, though.
"You know so much about me," he admitted. "It's not good."
"How come you feel that way?" I asked him.
"I feel so vulnerable."
"You know that I won't be blurting this tidbit to the world," I reassured him.
"I know."
 We both left the office together. We waited for an elevator to come. An empty one came and we got in it.

It didn't take long for our lips to lock. I was hugging him. He took both his hands and grabbed my buttocks. Once again, I was aroused.
"Wow," I said, as the doors opened and we both exited the elevator. "I wasn't expecting [the double-handed groping]."
"It's just a preview of Friday," he said, as we both held hands and walked out the building.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Mondays aren't all bad, especially when he is making up with you

Last Friday, on Skype, my guy and I were talking about an e-mail that he had sent out. I had a feeling that his request would make me do more work. Sure enough, I ended up with more work on my plate to complete.

Our boss had asked my guy to create a software trouble ticket. He did on Monday. It ended up being assigned to me. I told my guy. He apologized and felt bad about the entire situation. To resolve the issue, it is nice that I have a couple of writers on board to help me out these days. I assigned the ticket to one of them.

For nearly a year now, I have been doing the workload of a team of three to four people. Although I am not as stressed as I used to be, I am still doing more work than I should.

I could tell that my guy wanted to make it up to me for adding more work to my to-do list. He wanted a meeting in our treehouse to fix things. I agreed.

We met in our usual place and climbed into the treehouse. My guy didn't waste any time. He asked how I was and then kissed me. It was quite a powerful kiss filled with tons of emotion.

We briefly stopped kissing. I joked that he wouldn't let me respond to his question. I do like when he does that. We said that we were both fine and continued kissing. I unbuttoned his shirt and gently stroked his chest.

He went for my breasts, playing with them, and then taking them carefully out of my black bra. He loves caressing them, stimulating my nipples by twisting them gently. He then pinched my nipples hard, which got me excited.

He pulled my left leg over his lap. He whispered in my ear.
"Are you wearing those lacy, black panties?" he asked me.
"Maybe," I said, teasing him a bit.
"Are you being a fortune cookie, where I need to find out how lucky I will be today?" he said in a cute, cheesy way.
"I guess so," I admitted, with a smile on my face.
We both unzipped and unbuttoned my pants. I then pulled them down. We were in different positions than normal. We were facing each other. I was reclined, with my leg still on his lap.

My guy has magical hands. He played with my pussy, fingering me. I was well-lubricated from being so aroused. He also fingered my butt. He told me that I was his slut. I felt like I was one.
"Do you want another finger up your ass?" he asked me.
"Yes, please," I said.
"I'm not going to do that just yet," he said firmly.
"I don't like you. That's unfair."
"Do you mean that?" he asked me.
"I don't know," I said, clearly in a pleasurable state of mind, which made him laugh.
I eventually came and remained reclined. I was relaxed and felt limp, but I was completely content.

My guy looking at me sweetly.
"You know, I love that you give me VIP access to your pussy," he said.
"You're worth it," I replied. "And a backstage pass, too."
"Yes," he smiled. "You do know that you are the only person that I have fingered up the ass."
"I am honoured," I replied, which made us both smile.
He continued to look at me. It was a different look in his eyes than I never have seen.
"Who would have known that the goody-goody employee that everyone sees would be posing in this provocative position in the backseat, allowing me to have my way with her," he said to me. "I got to see your clit and how pink it is."
"I'm glad you had a good view," I said with a smile on my face.
"I love your panties," he said, stroking the "cute mountain area," as my guy calls it.
"That feels good," I admitted.
I rested for a bit. My guy continued chatting with me.
"Do you want to get dopey? Today is all about you."
"What about you?" I asked him about pleasuring him.
"What you did to me on Friday will sustain me," he admitted.
"That was a wonderful day," I said. He agreed.
He went back to pleasuring me a second time. At one point, I called him mean because he asked me if I wanted another finger in my pussy. I did, but he refused.
"Do you know what happens when you disrespect me?"
"I do," I admitted.
"Tell me."
"I get punished," I replied.
He agreed. He started to scold me and slapped my left cheek. I loved it. I turned my head and let my guy slap my right cheek. He told me that I was a whore and that he determines what happens to me. I agreed and obeyed.

Whenever I am about to reach orgasm in his car, I have the inclination to grab something. I am often grabbing my guy's thigh. On Monday, I ended up squeezing the headrest twice. Both times that I came, they were intense. The second one tends to get me into dopey mode and this day was no different. I was extremely limp afterward. My guy does good work.

We hugged and kissed a bit more.
"I'll work on you next time," I reassured him.
"I know that there will always be a next time with you," he said, hugging me tightly.
My guy is sweet. We both got out of the car and he groped my right buttock. I love when he does that. He then held my hand and walked me to my car, to make sure that I was okay. We hugged and kissed a bit more before we parted.

He's good at making up with me. I'm glad that he did.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My guy and his love for my hands, fingers, and fingernails

I have mentioned in the past that my guy loves my fingernails. I suppose that I was the right girl, at the right place, at the right time.

My guy told me last Friday that nicely manicured fingernails are a huge turn-on for him. When I first found out about it almost a year ago, it was a surprise to me. I am fortunate to have inherited pretty hands and nails from my mom.

A year ago, he had made a comment to me in the lunchroom at work that I had nice fingernail polish on. I had just tried a nail strengthener that had a hint of pink, as my nails were chipping more often than I had liked. He touched my left hand's baby finger.

A few weeks later, after he had spanked me for the first time, we sat down and he held my hand. He made a remark about how beautiful my hands were. I have had a couple of doctors and colleagues comment on my hands over the years, as I write for a living. I suppose that it's pretty obvious when you see my hands stretched out over a keyboard practically all day.

My guy told me that he has never gone out with a woman who didn't have nice fingers, fingernails, and hands. I lucked out. He analyzed my left hand fondly last Friday.
"Your fingers are perfect," he remarked. "They aren't too thin or too fat. They are just right."
"Like the bed in Goldielock and the three bears?" I asked him, which made him smile.
I am glad that he loves my hands, fingers, and fingernails. They turn him on when I am giving him a handjob and he looks at my fingers wrapped around his erect penis. He loves when I touch him, especially when we are intimate. One time, I was caressing his forearm after sex. He wasn't looking at my face. Instead, he was looking at my hands on him.

He constantly compliments me. It's not that I have low self-esteem or anything. He is simply a sweet guy.

As of late, it is nice to see an aggressive side of him come out when we are intimate. Afterwards, we hold each other, kiss, and hug. And yes, we hold hands and he gets to look at my hands and manicured nails.