Saturday, May 27, 2017

My vacation has started... bon voyage!

I am finally done packing. I leave in roughly twelve hours. I am officially on vacation and it feels great.

I have the sweetest co-op students. Two of them came by my desk before they called it a day on Friday to wish me a nice vacation. The third one, who sits a couple of desks down, also did the same.

My guy travels home today. He chatted with me fairly late his time on Friday. It was nice to hear from him as I was buying Chinese yuan currency for my trip.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sending a suggestive photo to make each other happy

My guy and I miss each other. The unfortunate part about our travels on Saturday is that we will miss each other by a few hours. My flight leaves at around 13:00. He arrives in the late afternoon.
"I can leave you some raspberry Turkish delight on your desk at work," he said, being his sweet self.
"That would be great. Thanks! Do you know where my desk is?" I asked him.
"No, just where your locker is," he replied.
I like that my guy listens carefully when I give him step-by-step directions to get somewhere. He's thoughtful, which is one of his many strengths.

He was also horny on Wednesday afternoon, as was I.
"My nail polish matches purple Woolly," I noted, with Woolly being his plush sheep that he gave me.
"I love when you have that nail polish on. It turns me on. I don't know why," he admitted.
"I can take a photo of my polish," I suggested.
"I would like that. It would also be nice if you could send me a suggestive phone of your gorgeous hands," he replied.
I don't normally send such photos to him, but decided to provide one of my supporting my left breast in my hand, with my hard nipple clearly appearing. He loved it.

We then went into phone sex. It's fun imagining what we'd like to do to each other.

We both came. It was good. We both needed it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

My guy's version of VPN is much better

I have been packing here and there each day. I am starting to see the finish line. There are a few items that I need to fetch from the drug store before I head off to Shanghai.

Yesterday afternoon, my guy and I were chatting about various topics. One of them was my getting access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
"I got VPN access, so I'm ready to try it out," I advised.
"What does VPN stand for? Very Pornographic and Naughty?" he asked.
"I want to be in your VPN," I replied.
"You are," he replied.
He's fun.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Opposites attract to a certain degree - expenses and timesheets

My guy and I get along because we are similar. There are a few exceptions, though. One of them is doing expense reports.

I am diligent when it comes to completing expense reports. I just want to get them over with, get my money back, and move on.

Then, there's my guy. 

Yesterday, he told me that he has four trips to expense. He spent some of his evening completing two of them.
"I hate doing expenses. I have to find all my receipts and enter them all," he complained.
"I don't mind helping you, provided that your money gets deposited directly into my bank account," I stipulated.
He chuckled. We are complete opposites when it comes to expenses. 

Similarly, when it comes to logging our time in our corporate timesheet application, I do mine every Monday and I don't have to think about it for the rest of the workweek. My guy forgets about doing his timesheet all the time, often getting warnings that he needs to do it after a month has elapsed.

He's sweet. I love who he is.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cheap, cheap, cheap!

Sometime last month, after my guy and I had some quality time in our treehouse, we heard birds chirping nearby. We were both in a happy, lethargic state, which led to this conversation.
"The birds are calling your name. They are saying, 'Cheap, cheap, cheap!'," I noted.
"I'm Cheap Bastard," my guy said affectionately.
On Sunday morning, just after 03:00, I woke up to what seemed to be chatter. I then realized that there were birds chirping in the nest in front of my bedroom.

I told my guy about the birds.
"I don't get why the birds are chirping at that time of day. It's not like they have a sale to go to and are letting you know that deals are cheap, cheap, cheap," I said.
"Are you telling me that I'm cheap?" he asked, with a teasing tone to his voice.
"I call you Cheap Bastard, but you know that you aren't cheap. You like good deals and saving money. You're frugal," I replied.
"I know. I can't find birds that chirp frugal, frugal, frugal," he replied, which made me laugh.
"Well, if you got a parrot, you could teach your pet to say that," I pointed out, which made him chuckle.
We chatted for an hour on Monday afternoon, which was Victoria Day in Canada. It's always nice to chat with him while he is abroad.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Cars, packing, plan changes, and travel

I wrote to my guy the other day, indicating that his car is safe in the parking lot at work. I sent him a photo of my car parked next to his. He liked that a lot.

On Sunday, we chatted on Skype before he had to turn in for the night.
"Your car keeps telling me that I need to drive it," I told him.
"It did? Right now, you can do whatever you want," he replied.
"You miss me, don't you?" I noted.
"I do. I miss sweet and sexy you."
He's sweet, as always. I miss him, too. He is in Istanbul, safe and sound.

Things have changed. We were supposed to meet when he returns home this Friday. However, he has been asked to return to Cairo after his trip to Istanbul this week. So, we won't see each other until I am home from Shanghai next month. It seems like an eternity.

On a good note, we will be chatting more regularly this week. So, all is not lost.

My packing is going okay. I am slowly chipping away at my list of important items to bring along. Thank goodness for this long weekend! I always feel like I am missing something, even if I have prepared a list. My list continues to grow.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

One-word meme

Here is a fun meme that I found on Ronnie's blog:
  1. Where is your phone? Lap
  2. Your hair? Black
  3. Your Dad? Asleep
  4. Your other half? Sweet
  5. Your favourite food? Spaghetti
  6. Your dream last night? Travel
  7. Your favourite drink? Tea
  8. Fear? Heights
  9. Favourite shoes? Converse
  10. Favourite way to relax? Cuddling
  11. Your mood? Calm
  12. I love? Boyfriend
  13. Where were you last night? Shoppers 
  14. Something that you aren't? Rude
  15. Muffins? Carrot
  16. Wish list item? Scooter
  17. Where you grew up? Toronto 
  18. Last thing you did? Write
  19. What are you wearing right now? Pyjamas
  20. Something you hate? Ignorance
  21. Your pets? Fish
  22. Friends? Supportive
  23. Life? Sweet
  24. Regrets? Few
  25. Missing someone? Boyfriend

Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's a long weekend!

I need a long weekend. I am glad that it is here.

Work continues to stress me out. I look forward to this longer weekend. It gives me a chance to gather my thoughts, sleep in, and figure out what to pack for my trip

Off to bed. I'm exhausted!

Friday, May 19, 2017

A compliment on my nail colour goes a long way

As crazy as work is these days, I find that the new folks that I have welcomed and trained recently bring a smile to my face when I least expect it.

I was in our regular team meeting on Thursday. I don't normally bring my laptop into these meetings because I don't like being distracted. However, I had another meeting after this one that required my pulling up information that I had prepared on my laptop.

My manager posed a question to me that he should have known the answer to. He had booked the meeting, for heaven's sake! So, I answered it and continued to listen to him.

A new writer (NW), whom I interviewed and helped train with one of my co-op students a few weeks ago, shot me an instant message. As of late, our corporate instant messaging systems causes me stress when folks pick my brains.

I enjoyed this brief exchange:
NW: Hi, Cutiebootie. I love your nail colour!
Me: Thanks, NW! I thought that I needed a bright colour to liven up our workplace. =)
NW: I agree
All it takes is a small compliment to make someone's day. I have a cheerful berry colour polish on my nails. She made this meeting far more bearable!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Being contacted by my manager while on vacation... really?

My manager is in worry mode, as my guy had predicted.

I received a long e-mail message from my boss, asking me to prepare a list of who, out of my three students, will be handling a number of tasks while I am away.

I dislike when my manager gets in this mode. He only asks this task from me. It does not happen to anyone else on the team.

The kicker is this last request:
In case of emergency, how to contact you with a minimum (not maximum) 24-hour response time.
What? I am on vacation. There is a reason why I am on vacation. I am not doing work.

I don't think that the mandatory course that we all took about work-life balance has properly register in his head. As someone who has worked from home for years, I am pretty good at distinguishing between doing work and then stopping to focus on my life.

How would you handle such a request? I am inclined to say that I am on vacation. I need to de-stress and recharge. Being contacted by my manager on vacation is not ideal. I should not be checking work e-mail or picking up work calls.

Last September, I took a Friday off as a vacation day. A contractor had quit after three days. My manager sent me two e-mails about this contractor's departure and then left me a voice message on my home phone. To me, this situation is not an emergency that warrants contacting me at home. I foresee a repeat, but amplified in a negative way.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Noticing details about data plans, travel, and jet lag

I feel like I have been living in some secluded area for ages. I have noticed details that I have never really paid close attention to.

Let's take my Internet plan at home. For years, I was on a monthly plan that gave me 300 GB of data. The nice, crazy part of this story is that my Internet service provider dropped the price that I was paying each month. I recently noticed on my bill that it also gave me unlimited data and I have been paying the same price. Where have I been?

It comes in handy. I stream a lot of programs these days. I cut my cable cord well over a year ago. Netflix and a bunch of programming on my Roku have filled in the void nicely. 

These days, I am in travel-planning mode. I am bringing two suitcases with me to Shanghai, simply because I can without paying extra. I have three sets of travel adapters. I actually appreciate the fact that I am that prepared.

Naturally, my guy is so used to travel that it's second nature to him. The only exception is jet lag. He is horrible at flipping over.

The last and only time that I was in Asia was Hong Kong. It took me a couple of days to flip over. We'll see how I do this time around. Here's to melatonin to help make the transition easier!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My vacation is fast approaching and folks are worried about my being away

I go on vacation at the end of the month. I can see some concern among my colleagues, particularly my co-op students and my manager.

A few weeks ago, when I said that I was going to get my tourist visa from the consulate office, my manager paid attention. Since then, he constantly has the fact drilled in his head that I am on vacation for 2.5 weeks.

He is a worry wart. I gave notice of my vacation time five months ago. Yes, I am that prepared.

My guy says that my manager has every right to be worried. Without me, things will sink. My guy is sweet, but he does have a point. I am the longest serving writer on the team. I am knowledgeable. I am reliable and am good at what I do.

On Monday, one of my co-op students asked me when I go on vacation. I am easing her into some of my meetings. She is a bit concerned, but I tend to ease her mind. Same goes with the new co-op students. I guide them with whatever tasks that I give them. I do feel bad that I will be leaving them after a month since they first joined us, but they do understand that I am busy and deserve time off.

I am not sure whether I will be able to blog while in Shanghai. I do have a VPN, so that would be one method to try. I don't feel like writing a ton of posts before I leave. I like more spontaneous posts.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Teasing my guy about driving his car continues

My guy and I enjoy teasing each other. I tend to tease him about his beloved car. When I drove him to the airport, we had this conversation.
"I can't wait to drive your car," I said to him.
"Keep dreaming," he said to me, holding my hand.
"No, you said that I can drive it. You can't renege on your promise," I pointed out.
He stayed quiet. He knew that he had said yes. Then again, he does know that I am not dying to drive it. I simply like knowing that he said yes.

He continued to hold my hand and squeeze it lovingly.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The sheriff hat for my guy's cock has arrived

A few months ago, I had mentioned in a blog post that Cocktopz had followed me on my Instagram account. It sells fun hats for your favourite hard member.

I decided to get the Sheriff hat and it finally arrived. I hope that it fits my guy's head. I like the packaging.

The hat looks exactly like the tag! I just need to have my guy try it on for size.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Parking next to my guy's car is comforting

I miss my guy.

On Friday, I went out for lunch with my colleagues. It was at an all-you-can-eat sushi place. Both my guy and I typically avoid such restaurants, for we don't enjoy overeating and wanting to nap for the rest of the day. However, I was pretty good about not going into a sushi coma. The variety was nice.

After we had finished eating at the restaurant, I drove three of my other colleagues back to the office. I got a free spot in the parking lot, which was next to my guy's car.

Even though he has been away for a week, I feel comforted parking my car next to his. It's good.

Last week, when I drove over to the restaurant to meet my guy for dinner, I couldn't find his car. I drive a blue car, so it's easy to spot. In contrast, he drives a white car, which is pretty common.

I tried calling him, but his cell phone was dead and needed charging. He is horrible at charging it, but has always remembered my trick of putting it in airplane mode to charge it faster on the plane.

He walked over to me, as he spotted me when I first drove into the restaurant's lot. We walked over a part of the parking lot with gravel. He instinctually grabbed my hand and wanted to make sure that I was okay.

I miss his natural sweetness of just being himself.

On a good note, I have my purple woolly stuffed plush that reminds me of him. I would miss him a lot more if I didn't have purple woolly to cuddle.

One week down. Two more to go before I see him again.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Dealing with incompetent insurance and drug representatives

I dread talking to both my insurance company and the drug company program these days. It seems that every time I have an upcoming appointment, I get annoying calls from them. I then get all worked up dealing with their stupidity.

Today, just before a meeting at work, my cell phone rang. It was from my insurance company. I let it go to voice mail. I then let it sit there for over three hours before I decided to listen to it.

It was from my assigned case manager at my insurance company. She was the one who gave me the option to either have my insurance company dispense the drug for my eye injection or go with my ophthalmologist's pharmacy. I elected to go with the latter when I was asked a couple of weeks ago. Instead, both my insurance and this drug program went with the former. Um, so why call me to ask what I want and then not respect what I want?

The case manager asked me to call her. She had more questions for me. Again, I wasn't thrilled.

I was driving over to Starbucks. It is frappuccino happy hour and I managed to get my order in before the 18:00 cutoff time. I decided to call this case manager.

She seemed friendly. She didn't annoy me as much as the first time I had spoken to her, simply because I asked her the question that has been on my mind for a while. Why wasn't my decision to go with my ophthalmologist's pharmacy honoured?

She advised that she had told this drug program what I wanted. For some reason, it assumes that everyone wants to go with the insurance company's pharmacy. I flat out said that I get stressed out dealing with all these people who cannot communicate with one another. I told her that these calls get me all worked up, which is contrary to what I need to do. She understood and apologized, saying that she would fix everything.

Finally, I asked her whether I was going to continue talking to these various insurance and drug program folks every time I go to my next appointment. She confirmed that I would not.

I find that when you have too many parties involved in such a situation and they aren't as bright as you'd expect them to be, no one communicates effectively. The patient suffers the most.

I do hope that I don't hear back from any of them anymore. For the first time, I actually felt good after speaking to one of these folks. Let's hope that it was my last.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker uncut version - the verdict

If you have been reading my blog for the last year or so, you know that I got hooked on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie in April of 2016. I love Fifty Shades Darker more.

I have no desire to read the trilogy. I have commented in the past that those who have read the books have noted that the grammar isn't the best. I would rather not bother getting annoyed.

So, I watched the uncut version of Fifty Shades Darker. It is roughly an extra eleven minutes longer that the official movie release.

My comments may spoil it for you if you haven't seen the uncut version. If you haven't, read this post later!

On the whole, I liked the majority of uncut scenes. There were some scenes that I didn't think added that much value to the movie, so I can understand why they were cut out:
  • The phone conversations between Ana and her mom (they were sweet, though). I learned that Christian called Ana's dad and asked him for his blessing to marry Ana.
  • The alleyway kiss between Ana and Christian when they were trying to get back together.
The one scene that I am still on the fence is the billiards scene between Ana and Christian. It was hot how competitive they were and how close they were from each other. Ana lost the match, but she hinted that she wanted to be spanked. Instead, he bend her over the table and they had anal sex. It was hot, but I really wanted a few smacks across her backside first. I suppose that it was okay that the scene wasn't included in the original movie release because I wanted more than just a quickie.

The following scenes should have been included in the original movie:
  • The longer version of Charlie Tango, Christian's helicopter, going down. I like the imagery, the banter between Christian and Ross, and how he tried to safely land his helicopter. It was much more exciting than the final version.
  • Christian coming back home after his crash, and being with his family and friends. It was nice to see them all de-stressing at the dining room table, drinking beer, with Christian describing how he was trying to avoid the trees. Ana held his arm as he talked. You also saw Jose and Christian chat, with Jose being okay with accepting Christian as Ana's boyfriend, which you don't fully see in the official movie.
  • Christian's speech on his birthday was better in the uncut version. He thanked his parents for putting up with him, which was sweet.
  • The red room scene after they have sex. The image of both of them naked, with Christian embracing Ana while they are both seated on the bed was sweet and endearing. Ana says that she loves him. Christian reciprocates, which you don't hear him declare his love for her much in dialogue. 
  • The text exchange that started with Christian asking whether Ana had a job after her boss had resigned. It was short that it didn't need to be cut out. It also saw a compassionate side of Christian.
I am sure that I have more thoughts, but those are the ones that stood out. 

I got my copy from Best Buy, which doesn't come with any bells and whistles. I have heard that the DVD version from Walmart has a picture book. I will need to swing by the store and see if that's true.

Naturally, the DVD versions in the States are more elaborate. I don't think that I will be over the border anytime soon, unfortunately.

I am so happy with my uncut version. I will be watching it on repeat for a while.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Working from home and being less stress, especially watching Fifty Shades Darker

I worked from home on Tuesday. I do it again today, which is my regular day working from home.

I enjoy working from home. It's not for everyone. For me, I am more focused and I don't have as many interruptions compared to being in the office.

I have always known that I am far more productive when I work from home. Tuesday was no exception, especially when I started my day at 06:45.

Tuesday consisted of my being on two conference calls. The second was my usual half-hour meeting with my manager.

He asked me how I was doing. Naturally, I am busy. However, my stress levels have subsided. These days, I wind up entering a zen, peaceful mode when I am focused on my tasks at home.

I also feel that a few changes have made me manage my stress better:

  • Going into do-no-disturb mode on my work instant messaging app
  • Blending a green drink every day and drinking it
  • Eating out less
  • Removing myself from annoying e-mail messages that get me worked up
  • Not dealing with my insurance company's "courtesy" calls, as they irritate me
  • Sleeping more
  • Delegating my work rather than having the need to do it all myself
Here's hoping that my stress levels continue to subside.

The best part about Tuesday? When I was done with work, I headed out to get my DVD copy of Fifty Shades Darker. Needless to say, my stress levels are definitely reduced!

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker - the day is here to buy the unrated DVD!

I am working from home today, which is now Tuesday. I have a conference call at 07:00. It just screams fun, especially when it lasts for four hours.

I shouldn't complain. It's nice to be in my pyjamas while doing work. It's not a video conference, thankfully!

Today is a big day for me. After I am done with work, I am heading out to get my copy of Fifty Shades Darker. Yes, I am snatching my physical DVD copy that is unrated.

I can't wait!

Monday, May 08, 2017

Dinner date before flying off

Whenever my guy and I are at the office, we often go out for lunch together. We haven't done that since late November.

For some reason, the demand for classes held at our workplace has subsided substantially. He hasn't been travelling all that much, either. I can't complain, for I have been lucky to see him more than I used to when he was constantly on the road.

I do miss having lunch with him, though.

Dinner with him on Saturday felt like our lunch dates. We revisited the same restaurant close to our workplace. The place has revamped their menus, which was the only change.

Despite the restaurant being pretty packed for a Saturday night, we managed to get seated quickly and got out of there in an hour.

I went with my regular dish, which is the spicy garlic chicken. I scoured the new menu for something with ginger in it, for my guy loves ginger. I found ginger beef, which he automatically ordered.

We were both happy to have our favourite dishes. It was also nice to catch up. My guy looked tired from the stress of doing a last-minute task that was unexpected before heading to meet me. However, he was happy hearing me talk. I suppose that it gave him some time to unwind.

After dinner, we walked holding hands to our cars. Naturally, I led the way to the office. First, I have a lead foot when I drive. Second, it allows my guy to follow me without getting lost.

We parked at work. My guy got his luggage and such out of his car and into mine. We then got into my car, with my offering to car-sit his car for three weeks. Naturally, my guy held onto his keys rather tightly.

I caressed his head, which had stubble that was soft to the touch. We then held hands as I drove us over to the terminal.

I parked. He gave me his usual just-stand-there-and-don't-lift-anything-because-I-don't-want-you-to-hurt-your-back look as he unloaded my car's trunk and placed each item on a cart.

We hugged. It felt like a minute being in each other's arms. He smelled good. I felt good. I could tell that he did, too.
"Send me a quick note that you have arrived safely," I said to him.
"Will do," he replied, blowing me a kiss as he headed into the terminal.
He's gone for three weeks. It's a good thing that we have Skype.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Being late and asking for directions to the restaurant

My guy relies on a GPS, either the unit in his car or his GPS app, to get to where he needs to be. Saturday night was no exception.

He originally thought that his flight was at 17:00. Instead, he texted me, indicating that it was at 22:30. He asked if we could do dinner before my driving him to the airport. I was good with that suggestion.

He left his place and called me.
"Are you running late?" I asked him.
"Yes, a bit. I'm late guy," he explained.
"I'm nearby. I'm punctual girl," I replied, which made him chuckle in agreement.
We are opposites when it comes to directions and punctuality, which may be one reason why our relationship works. We accept each other for who we are.

We chatted as he drove over. He was only eight minutes late, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. He had an unexpected change to make, so he ended up forgetting to bring a few items, like his pyjamas and dual-SIM phone. Still, they weren't crucial items. He can always buy the former and he still has his regular cell phone that is unlocked.

My guy asked an interesting question as he drove along.
"Which exit do I take to get to the restaurant?" he asked me.
"You'd use the same exit as you would to get to work. It's the Druxy exit," I replied.
"What do I do next?" he asked me.
"When you exit off the ramp, it's Druxy. At the lights, turn left. On Druxy, you need the far left lane. Find the street on which our workplace is and turn left. At the next set of lights, turn right. Then, you should see the restaurant on your right."
He is good at listening to me. He got to the restaurant. I arrived a bit after he did.

We have never had dinner at our usual Chinese place on a Saturday night. It was busy. However, we were promptly seated and we finished dinner in an hour, just in time to drive him to the airport.

While we were eating, we chatted. He never feels uncomfortable telling me about his challenges with directions.
"I never exit off Druxy," he admitted. "I normally take the exit after that. Your method is much faster."
"Oh, I didn't know that," I replied.
I then remembered using my GPS to get to work from southwestern Ontario. It gave me the same directions as what my guy got. Everything made sense to me.
"For some reason, GPSs tend to tell you to go to the next exit and wind your way back to the office. It's not the most efficient route, but it still gets you there. Yes, use Druxy instead. See, you learned something today," I remarked.
"I always learn something from you," he said with a smile on his face. "I'm both directionally and technologically challenged."
"You're sweet that way. It's who you are," I replied.
He continued smiling at me.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

My vision is getting better

I am glad that the weekend is here. I am beat.

On Friday, I had my ophthalmologist appointment. I have good news.

A month ago, I went to my first ophthalmologist appointment. One of the tests consisted of wearing my glasses, covering my left eye, and trying to read the eye chart with my right eye. My right eye is the one that has blood blocking my central vision. I could only read the largest font presented to me. Everything else was blurry.

A week ago, I went out for a drink and appetizers with my manager after work. I recall looking at the TV over his head. Everything looked clearer. I covered my left eye and remarked that it did.

Switching back to my appointment on Friday, I read the eye chart with only my right eye. I was able to read up to the sixth row before things looked fuzzy.

My eye is getting better. My ophthalmologist is pleased. I got my second eye injection.

My third one will be a bit later than what we had wanted, simply because I am going on vacation and so is he. He says that it's okay to get my next injection in over a month. Getting the injection before I leave may be risky.

For nearly a month, I have been venting about my insurance company and my experience dealing with various folks there. Today, I got confirmation from the receptionist at the eye office that she, too, dislikes dealing with my insurance company. We both ended up venting. We both felt good that we were on the same page.

We both agree that it is best to go with my ophthalmologist's pharmacy to get the drug that I need injected in my eye. However, my insurance company insists on using its own, regardless of what I want when I was asked. My say meant nothing, so why did my insurance company pose the question to me? We both find that the process makes you do way too much work and gets you frustrated.

It was nice that it wasn't just me feeling this way. The reception has to fill out multiple forms every time I need an injection.

I am thankful that my vision is improving. Despite getting incredibly stressed out dealing with my insurance company, this stress hasn't stopped my vision from getting better. Let's hope that this progress continues.

Friday, May 05, 2017

New hires, training, and my eye

It has been a busy workweek, which isn't surprising considering how crazy my workload can get. However, there are quite a number of exciting changes.

First, my longest-serving student is training two new students and a new technical writer this week. It is odd that I am not fully doing the training. My student doesn't know all her stuff, so I need to fill in the knowledge gaps. As a result, I still need to be a part of the training sessions.

I always find meeting new hires to be exciting. I get to know them and understand how they learn. We haven't scared them, which is great. They are also good at asking questions. So far, so good.

My manager has odd expectations that my student will train and I will provide support, meaning that I don't have to do much. However, we both know that his assumption is false. He is pretty worried that I will be away for more than two weeks. It is new territory for both of us.

My guy and I talked the other day about my being away. He says that my manager should be worried. He is dependent on me. I have hinted that he is far too dependent, particularly being his go-to person for team expenses. My being on vacation for a longer period shows my point to be the case.

Today, I have my second eye injection for my eye stroke. I find that I am seeing a bit better. However, I can't tell if the drug injection is working, time is helping to clear up some of the blood in my central vision, or my eyes are simply adjusting to my eye's current state. I can only hope that my vision improves as much as possible.

The good news is that I no longer get dizzy when I look at objects. When it first happened, looking around made me so dizzy that I would have to either close my eyes or look down. The latter works because I don't see the blood and my vision is clearer that way.

I am working from home afterward my appointment. It simply means that I am on a conference call, listening in on my student training and following her presentation, and my taking over when there are gaps.

There are plenty of gaps. It's not unexpected. I am more a part-time trainer this week.

My student is doing a pretty good job for her first attempt. It simply means that there is room for improvement as she acquires more experience.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

A spanking before travelling

My guy and I are on travelling schedules for the next few weeks. It's nice that my guy is already planning my spankings before and after he flies off.

He leaves for Cairo on Saturday, so I am taking him to the airport. He is there for two weeks before he travels over to Istanbul for a week. Thank goodness we have Skype! So, I have a spanking coming up.

My guy returns a day before I fly to Shanghai. Unfortunately, we couldn't take our vacation weeks together. It's still fine. I have seen him a lot more on weekends these days.
"It's a pretty long flight for you," my guy remarked.
"Yes, it's a day sitting on a plane," I estimated.
"You are going to be so uncomfortable sitting there with a sore butt," he noted.
"That's mean! You can't spank me hard before I fly off," I playfully protested.
"Sure, I can. You're my bad girl and I will spank you before you go on vacation."
I like when he spanks me before I travel. I remember the first time he did that. It was a day before I few off to Las Vegas a few years ago. It's a sweet reminder of how loved I am and how much he enjoys spanking me.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Pleasing my guy by sucking, kissing, jerking, and fingering him

While cuddling and resting my head against my guy's chest in the treehouse, I couldn't help but to rest my right hand on his crotch. I could feel his member grow harder in his jeans. I liked caressing it for a bit at this stage, which made my guy happy.

I then unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his jeans. I reached in and helped myself to playing with his erect penis in his underwear. Eventually, my guy pulled them down and I got to hold his cock in my hand.
"Can you suck it?" my guy asked politely.
"Sure," I replied.
I reached for my strawberry-flavoured gel. My guy remarked that I came prepared. I placed some of the gel and distributed it on his member's head, and kept on spreading it downwards. I then began licking, kissing, and sucking him. The oral gel definitely adds an extra excitement layer to the experience.

My guy was growing in my mouth. He asked me to pull out and continuing jerking him off, which I did. I added a bonus step by fingering his anus with my middle finger, which drove him crazy. He loves when I do that. He eventually came all over my hand, which flowed down his shaft and onto his tummy.

I kissed him afterwards. It gives me great joy and satisfaction when he ejaculates.

We cleaned up. We then took a brief nap with my head on his shoulder, and his head resting on top of mine.

I love that our love for each other grows, which makes sex wonderful and special.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A good girl gets a hard spanking

My guy and I met on Sunday at 16:30 in our usual spot just outside where my guy works. It was the last session that he taught for this course.

He is the first to admit that he is always late. I know that, too. He's not exceptionally late, but it's funny how sleeping and shopping at Costco take precedence before showing up for work. I laughed. He's sweet that way.
"I need to spank you for teasing and laughing at me," he said to me over the phone.
"No. You like when I do," I said.
"Yes, that's true," he admitted.
"You don't need an excuse to spank me. You just do," I replied.
Sure enough, he parked next to my car about ten minutes later. We both got out of our respective cars. He popped his car's trunk and fetched all the almond beverage that he bought for me at our favourite liquidation store. I love how thoughtful he is. I moved them over to my car's trunk before we climbed into his treehouse.

My guy always has cold hands. I am the complete reverse. So, I warmed up his hands. We then cuddled for a bit. He said that he loves me. The feeling is mutual.

He loves kissing my neck and shoulder. I was wearing a pink scoopneck sweater. The back scoopneck dips lower than the front. He loved looking at my lacy black bra under it. He caressed my right breast by popping it out of my bra, which was nice.

We kissed. He has such sweet lips. It's heavenly when our lips meet.
"Are you horny?" he whispered in my left ear.
"Very," I admitted.
He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. He let me know that the temperature was cool earlier in the day and didn't want me to freeze in a short skirt. He liked my black, lacy panties and decided to finger me from behind. It felt good. It put my horniness into overdrive. I came and rested my head on his chest.
"I must be a good girl because you pleasured me," I said, smiling.
"No, you're still going to be spanked," he said firmly.
"I'm a good girl. Just say it," I said.
"You are a good girl," he said, which made me look at him.
"Hey, I'm a good girl!" I replied.
"You are anything you want. You're special," he said sweetly.
We kissed some more. Eventually, I was led over his lap. He loved the black lacy panties that I was sporting. He pulled them down, which got me even more excited.

He spanked me with his hand. Each smack felt harder than the previous one. I loved each smack that he delivered. I whined that it hurt, which made me spank me even more. It was great.

Eventually, he fingered me and wanted me to beg him to make me orgasm. It was so hot. I did. It was intense and great. I rested over his lap for a bit.

My guy pulled up my panties. He liked how pink my buttocks were underneath my lacy panties. He caressed my backside before he pulled my jeans up, being the gentleman that he is.

We cuddled. I thanked him for making me feel special and good. He kissed me several times on my forehead and he continued to hold me.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Natural sweeteners and a sore bottom

My guy and I are similar, even when it comes to wake-up times this past weekend. We both got up at 10:40 am on Saturday and at 10:00 am on Sunday.

On Sunday, my guy called me while driving off to his course. We had this conversation.
"How is your green drink blending program going?" he asked me.
"Good. I have been varying the original recipe. I have been experimenting with removing the green apple," I replied.
"Don't you want any sweetness in your drink?" he asked me.
"I can actually do without the sugar. I drink iced green tea without sugar. I also drink hot tea black," I replied.
"Well, if you lick your lips before each sip, that would be sweet enough," my guy said, being mushy and sweet.
"If I kissed your lips first, my drink would be perfectly sweetened," I replied.
"You're so sweet," he replied.
We are both mushy. Our date was in a few hours. It went well. I am sitting here with a sore backside to prove it.