Friday, August 30, 2013

Long day at work ended on a nice Skype note

I managed to get to work two hours earlier than I normally do. The first half an hour was spent chatting with my colleagues. It's nice that they like chatting with me about everything. Sadly, the workload for all of us is nuts!

Our team is going to New Jersey for training in a month's time. Today, I finally got around to expensing my airfare and travel insurance. I went upstairs to have my manager sign it. What I had hoped would be a brief chat turned out to be a meeting before our team meeting.

Needless to say, my responsibilities are growing as the most senior writer on the team. I don't mind it, but it is a shift considering how much work there is to do.

We had our team meeting after my one-on-one meeting with my manager. Unfortunately, half the team is rather chatting. So, this meeting that is typically scheduled for thirty minutes became a 1.5-hour meeting.

Towards the end of the meeting, I logged on to Skype on my phone. Moments later, my guy (MG) sent me a text message.
MG: Are you still at work?
Me: I am. Wanna chat?
MG: Sure."
Me: OK. My meeting is wrapping up soon. Too many chatty folks!
MG: I can imagine!
Me: How was your day?
Me: Mine is better now that I am texting you. =)
MG: Glad to hear that. =)
I found an empty conference room. I brought my phone and earbuds with me. I closed the door and called my guy.

He sounded happy to hear my voice. He had that familiar tone in his voice that said that he missed me, without telling me that. I love that.

I started reminiscing about my guy coming over to my desk, and plunging his hand under my shirt and bra to find my breast to grope. I also loved when he did the same thing, but with my pants and groping my buttocks.

He asked whether I could touch myself and get off. I could. I said that I needed his help to get wet. We both talked dirty. I came first and felt so dopey afterwards. Moments later, he came and sounded even more dopey than I did.

My guy leaves Croatia on Saturday afternoon. He is sightseeing on Thursday night. We agreed that we'd chat on Friday.

I wished him sweet dreams, and told him that I would have kissed him and tucked him into bed. He liked that, saying it in a sleepy, dopey voice.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sex talk on Skype and ideas to try out

I can always tell when my guy really misses me while he is on the road. He finished work early and headed back to his hotel early. He gets hungry fairly often, so I knew that he likely went to the restaurant at the hotel to get some dinner.

Sure enough, it was about 20:30 his time. He caught me on Skype. I asked how he was. His responses were short. He wanted to talk to me.

As expected, I could tell from his voice that he was horny. He told me flat out that he missed me so much. As always, I miss him whenever he is away

We talked about my day, as he had asked me first. The transition occurred when my guy told me to get my mind off work. I told him that I wanted to get off that topic and look "a head." He chuckled at my pun.

I had briefly mentioned in a past post that we may be in New Jersey at the same time next month for work. We have talked about how great it would be to be staying in side-by-side hotel rooms with the side door available for us to come and go as we pleased. My guy would be there for a week. I am there for two. We do like the thought of my guy sneaking into my room and vice-versa. However, it would be far more enjoyable to extend our rooms into a suite-like setting.

My guy asked me if I had booked my hotel. I told him that I had taken his advice to stay at one hotel that he has already stayed at. He had complained in the past that the gym wasn't good and I pointed that out in our conversation. My guy bluntly stated that he wouldn't care about the gym as he'd be spending each night with me. I finished his thought by saying that he wanted a different type of workout with me.

Our phone sex chats always inspire us to try new things when we eventually get together. Here are some thoughts:
  • Having anal sex
    We have been preparing for quite some time. He has made me comfortable, eventually working his way to get three of his fingers up my butthole. I enjoy it as much as he does. I get turned on when I think about being spanked bent over a table before engaging in anal sex.
  • Taking phone pictures after being intimate
    This point does sound strange, but we have been doing it for a bit. I have taken pictures of his cum on my sweater's breast area, my hand covered in his juices, and more. I do not have a picture of my freshly smacked bare bottom or my nuzzling his hard cock. It's kind of on our fun to-do list.
  • Getting drunk before engaging in sex
    Both of us are not heavy drinkers. My guy likes the idea of getting me drunk and having his way with me. This time, we tinkered with the idea of both of us being drunk and having no idea what we did with each other in the morning. I liked when he said that I'd wake up with a sore ass.
  • Making love all night long
    My guy told me that for the first time. I admitted that I have been waiting so long to hear him say that. We'd likely do that until the sun came up in the morning. 
I came first. Unfortunately, our Internet connection wasn't great, and we got disconnected while trying to get him to get off. I called him back. He said sweetly that he couldn't ejaculate without me.

He did get off. He was his sweet, dopey self. We chatted a bit. My guy clearly wanted to drift off to dreamland. I wished him sweet dreams. I wished that I were with him. I would have kissed his head, hugged him, and tucked him into bed. He is like a sweet angel when he is all dopey.

It was a good day. Sure, I miss him, but hearing his voice always makes me feel better. I know that the feeling is mutual, too.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Star Wars - what a view!

On Facebook, someone had made a comment about another picture on a grammar-related page that I follow. Unfortunately, he had made a snarky remark about how said picture was "neither relevant, nor grammatical. This page is loosing it's appeal."

I find it fascinating how folks can be downright rude about someone's page. To top it off, if you are going to be criticizing someone else's pages that deals with grammar, make sure that you don't make some stupid grammatical mistakes yourself. Yes, his sentence should have been, "This page is losing its appeal."

Anyway, this commenter's poor grammar made me take a look at his Facebook profile. I am glad that I did. Although the quality of his cover photo isn't the greatest, it is nice.

I like the idea that she got a spanking before everyone is gazing out into the galaxy and that she has the need to rub away the soreness. Maybe her spanker, who his hugging her tightly, should rub her sore backside some more!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kissing and being spanked with a wooden ruler

I have a fairly sturdy wooden ruler in my car at all times. It has a number of uses. If my cell phone goes flying off the passenger front seat and onto the floor mat, the ruler acts as an extension of my arm. I can fetch it while still seated on the driver side.

No one questions the real reason why I have it in my car. Only my guy and I know what the real purpose of having convenient access to it. Whenever we have treehouse time, I can quickly bring it with me. It is also one of the most sturdy spanking implements, as we have broken both a wooden spatula and crop while spanking me.

I like the feel of wood slapping by buttocks. I can't explain it. I simply enjoy it. It stings. It hurts. I love how sore I am for at least a day after the fact.

In a previous post, I was spanked with this ruler over my jeans. After that spanking and having been pleasured by my guy, I raised myself from being over his lap and kissed him. I was essentially on my hands and knees on the backseat. His right arm was long enough to reach over to grab the wooden ruler and smack my backside numerous times as we were kissing.

I find the whole thing highly arousing. I love how my backside gets achy and warm. I love the sound that the ruler makes across my panties and my bare bottom. He knows how to get me instantly wet.

My guy told me the other day that he likes when I'm across his lap and he spanks me hard. I end up holding onto him tighter (I am normally grabbing his thigh or butt). I am a bit clingy, especially when the spanking really hurts.

He is in Croatia all week. I got an e-mail from him today. It was nice. We hope to connect on Skype tomorrow. I miss him.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Chatting, sweet kisses, and christening my car with a handjob

I got to work on Thursday and a software developer had hijacked my desk. Apparently, she has been having computer monitor issues and has been going to vacant cubicles to use the monitor.

Well, not only did she plug in her laptop into my monitor, she had a tea cup on my desk to the left, but she managed to have another drink, a half-eaten sandwich, her keys, cellphone, and headphones on the right side of my desk. In a way, this setup explains why I had taken a plunge to sit in my seat the other week. She is shorter than I am, so she had adjusted my chair. More importantly, it is plausible that I may have caught that bacteria that caused my scarlet fever rashes.

I basically unplugged her laptop and put it on her chair. My colleague rolled her chair back to her desk. As for her crap, I consolidated it on the right side of my desk and used many disinfectant wipes to get rid of everything. She came by half an hour later and apologized. I should hope so.

Part of me wants to complain. I ended up talking about it with my guy. He agrees that it wasn't the smartest move on her part. She should get a new monitor.

My guy is having a trying time with the folks in his seminar this week. They are nice, but he can't dislike them for asking time-wasting questions. My guy, like me, is a patient person. However, we have both had short fuses this week.

My guy is normally done his seminar discussions by 17:00. Today, he was delayed by nearly half an hour. He apologized. I was okay with that. He wanted some quality time today. I am at the tail-end of my time-of-the-month period, so we needed to focus on him.

I was driving slowly out of the parking lot at work and saw him. My car windows were down. He stopped next to my car. I pointed out that there was a car in the lot that was similar to his, except that this one was a convertible. He said that he was cheap. I nodded. We both smiled.

We got to our usual treehouse location. Unfortunately, this parking lot is being repaved. We decided to pull into an unpaved section that had yet to be worked on.

He got into my car. My car is just over a month old. I could tell that he wanted to christen it today.

So, we first talked about our day. We held hands. When he told me about how rough his day was, I kissed the back of his hand. He liked that.

My guy guided me to his crotch. His cock kept on getting harder and was getting more erect as I rubbed it. My guy loved it so much. He had no choice but to unbutton and unzip his trousers, and take his member out for me to handle.

It was nice to wrap my hand around his erect penis again.
"Miss me?" I asked him.
"I love you," he told me.
"I love you, too... and your cock."
I talked about how I loved jerking him off. I yearned to suck and lick his cock, having it in my mouth, where it should be. I then said that I would love it up my pussy, where it is home. I kept at jerking my guy off. He ejaculated. It was a wonderful moment, especially seeing him both dopey and content.

I told him how much I loved his gifts that he got me. He was so pleased. He always remarks that I am an excellent gift giver and that he is okay at it. I told him that he is equally great at getting me gifts. I have loved everything he has given me, especially his friendship and love.

My guy is off to Croatia and will be there all week. He promised that we'd talk on Skype.

I caressed his head with my hand. We talked some more. We kissed. It was sweet, but it meant so much.

Before we parted ways, I had a request.
"May I kiss you again?"
"Of course."
We kissed for a long, lengthy time. After our lips had separated, we both agreed that it was a sweet kiss.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dinner, belated birthday gifts, and laughs

I didn't have a particularly enjoyable end to my workday on Tuesday. My new manager was having a bad day and it showed in an e-mail that he wrote to me. He literally demanded to see me in his office the following afternoon. I was good with that.

Well, he was much calmer. Perhaps he is the type of person who is a jerk when he writes e-mails. Talking to him in-person is completely different. He wants me to manage the other three writers. It looks as though I will be getting a promotion and a raise. The only thing is that I have to start being in the office longer, mainly because one idiot of a manager claims that he can't find anyone on the documentation team. Really? There are four of us.

Anyway, I am good with all that. My manager is okay with my increasing my office hours slowly, as I am still recovering from back surgery and am waiting for my nerves to regenerate.

So, I had back-to-back meetings this afternoon. My first was obviously with my boss. My second one was a team meeting. By the time I was done, my guy was, too. He asked me on Skype whether I was ready to head over to our usual Chinese restaurant. I told him that I needed ten minutes. He was good.

My guy came up to his cubicle, but we didn't say anything. The junior writer had to ask me a question. The other new writer was asking my guy a question. From the corner of my eye, I saw him wearing his favourite black blazer from Winners. He looked good. He is indeed my tall, dark, and handsome guy.

He left our desk area first. I followed suit. We met in the parking lot at the restaurant and immediately started talking.

We both ordered chicken dishes. I loved the lemon chicken so much on Monday that I ordered it again.

My guy surprised me. He gave me my belated birthday gifts. He had told me that he was waiting for a special order in the mail. All I knew was that it was purple. My guy didn't bother gift-wrapping it, so my goodies came in a Wal-mart plastic bag, with both of them protected by packaging. He felt bad about the presentation. As for me, it doesn't really matter. It just means less fussing for me!

He wrote the sweetest thing on the first gift's wrapping paper that I got.

It was a mirror with two different magnifications on the other side of the regular hand-held mirror. At first, I said that it felt like a mirror. Then, I thought that perhaps it may be a paddle. For a moment, I got excited, but I love the berry-coloured mirror. I can use it to see how red my butt is after he smacks it. I can also magnify the damage!

The second gift was awesome. He knows that I have an iPad. He got me a purple leather case for it, which also has a purple Bluetooth keyboard. I was so thrilled and happy. I looked like a little girl hugging a doll, except that I am a geeky girl hugging an iPad accessory.

We talked. My guy made my day even brighter by saying that he will likely be in New Jersey for one of the weeks where I am doing training there. We are both hoping that it works out. It'll give us some time to have some more quality time together.

We reminisced about our trip to Stockholm and how he playfully took a wooden cutting board that had a map of the city to smack my backside. Memories flooded back of being at the Turkish Airlines lounge at Istanbul Airport (it is swanky), my crashing my first car rental in Europe, and my first purchase in that continent was feminine products. Yay!

The funny part was both of us cracking our fortune cookies open. His fortune said that he was clever. I had to disagree because he is always making up fake words. I grabbed his fortune and crumpled it up, which made us both laugh.

At one point, I missed his touch that I reached for his hand and squeezed it from across the table. He liked that. We held hands for a very long time. We both agreed that it felt good.

We walked up to the counter and my guy paid for dinner. I thanked him for dinner and the gifts. He thanked me for the company and my sweetness. We looked at each other lovingly. He reached for my hand. I love when he does that. We walked out of the restaurant that way.

As for my scarlet fever rashes, they are slowly dissipating. My guy says that I'm doing fine. He has never been afraid of touching me when I am sick. He told me that on Monday and it showed today, too.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hockey, Paulina Gretzky's backside, and panties

I am a Canadian girl who loves watching hockey. Summers can feel long in that the season is done, which explains why I am more active outdoors, trying to keep busy before winter is here and I stay home to watch the game. Sometimes, I am nuts enough to take in a real game!

Recently, there have been stories about how it has 25 years since Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings from the Edmonton Oilers. He did shape the way folks there looked at hockey and how popular hockey is. He will always be the Great One.

One week later, his daughter, Paulina Gretzky, gets engaged. Congratulations!

I was watching an entertainment show on TV the other day and noticed that they were showing pictures of her. This one caught my eye. She has a perky, spankable backside. More importantly, I like the cut of her bikini bottoms.

I also think it's humourous for a guy to be looking that closely at a girl's backside. Again, she is in a decent spanking stance. However, what I like best about this picture is her bikini bottom. They are subtle ruffles that look like lace from afar. The cut is nice, too.

As for me, I would never be daring enough to wear these bikini bottoms in public. Rather, I like wearing panties that are similar in style and cut, and having my guy spank me with them on. Eventually, they come down one way or another!

I'm not sure whether my guy looks at my butt that closely, but he does tell me that he likes the view that he gets, especially when he is spanking me. He's sweet that way.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blah day turns happier for both of us

My guy and I were having trying days on Monday. It makes sense, considering that it's the first day back from a weekend.

When I'm in the office these days, I tend to help the other three writers in my group. They all have questions and I am the most senior writer on the team. However, the writer who has been there for over a year has no clue how to ask decent questions to get the information that she needs. It is like she is a brand new employee. It stuns me that she has been a writer for ten years.

Anyway, while I was trying to explain that she needs to put herself in the reader's shoes and ask whether what she is writing actually makes sense to her, my guy came up from his meeting. He looked over. He told me later that he knew that I was getting a bit irritated, but that I was still polite. We didn't speak to each other. It was a bit of a bummer.

Well, my guy sent me a message on Skype half an hour later. He asked whether I'd like to have dinner with him. I was game. He left work at 17:00. I followed suit shortly afterward.

We met at the parking lot of our favourite Chinese restaurant. I ordered the lemon chicken, which I loved. My guy ordered a bowl of hot and sour soup, which is fabulous and filling. We both chatted about our day.

My guy is doing a seminar all week. It isn't going well, as the group is asking tons of questions that has nothing to do with what he is talking about.

Our chats are the best. I was asking him about whether I should get travel insurance while I am in the States and whether I can expense it. He said yes. I was about to say that he was the "travel master," but he beat me to it. We are so close that we now say what we're thinking simultaneously.

In a way, it was good that we didn't engage in quality time. You could tell that we both preferred to chat today. My time-of-the-month kicked off in the afternoon. Couple that with my scarlet fever battle, it has been a not-so-great day.

However, my guy said that was why we were together -- to make the day much better. He was right.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sharing advice and trying to feel better

On Saturday night, my guy and chatted for an hour on Skype. I described to him how I had to run a few errands throughout the day. I came back hours later with rashes on the tops of my thighs, as well as on the right side of my neck. I couldn't tell if it was a food allergy after having tried out a new bottle of chocolate and peanut butter spread (no sugar!) or if it was a bacterial reaction of some sort.

My guy and I chat about everything and are funny. He told me not to flash my thighs at any guy on the street. I told him that my rashes looked like tiny dots that were not itchy and that I'd try not to connect them in some artistic way. He told me to see whether my rashes get worste If they did, that I should go see a doctor.

The other night, we talked about our dads. Specifically, we talked about our relationships with our dads. My guy revealed that his dad fought demons and wasn't exactly close to him. However, I can tell that my guy loved him  (he passed on a decade ago). I told him that my dad and I don't have the closest father-daughter relationship, but it does work. My dad was also an alcoholic, which affected our family in many ways. My dad eventually did kick the habit.

My guy talked about debating whether he wants to get a 1972 Beetle again, which was his first car. He wanted to preserve his fond memories of owning that car. I told him that if he did purchase one, that he'd need to hold onto the fond memories and create new ones. I know that first hand. He liked that advice.

The thing was that we both strive not to go down that same path as others in our past. We have done pretty well so far. We just like going down our own path -- together.

We both agreed that we enjoy sex as much as chatting about everything. We trust each other. We are the best of friends. It's nice.

Getting back to my rashes, I woke up on Sunday morning and the rashes were the same on the tops of my thighs. However, the rashes were worse on my neck and down my decolletage. I immediately went looking for a walk-in clinic in my area that is open on a Sunday. I found one thirty minutes away in Richmond Hill that is open every day till midnight.

It was a fast process. I didn't spend more than an hour at the clinic, which I am not used to. I ended up being diagnosed with scarlet fever rashes. I don't have a fever so far, but I could develop one. I have sore, flushed cheeks, a sore throat, and classic symptoms of rashes. I am on antibiotics and have a cream prescribed to reduce the inflammation of my rashes.

Here's hoping that my face doesn't hurt so much (my facial muscles are tight due to my cheeks being so flush from scarlet fever) and that I am back to my regular self soon. I also hope that my backside will be sore like it should be sometime soon.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mad Libs... spanko-style

I saw this fun link on completing a spanko-style mad lib from Chross and thought it would be neat to join in. So, here's my version:

Prelude to a spanking

What in the world was I thinking? Was I even thinking at all? How could I have possibly thought I was going to get away with this? If only I had listened to my guy, when he warned me to behave. Why couldn't I have listened, just this once? I had a few simple rules I had to follow, and not only did I break one, I broke 14! We even went over the rules the other day. I can hear his voice in my head right now. He was standing over me, looking me in the shoulder, telling me he wanted to make sure I understood what was expected of me.
  1. No cursing allowed. Especially not the dreaded swear word, fuddy duddy! If that word even came close to coming out of my mouth. He'd make sure to wash it out with hot dogs.
  2. If I was going to be home late, let him know. He wanted to know I was safe, and not lost, wandering around in Erie.
  3. Have dinner on the table when he comes home from work. It's a long day when you do what he does. I can't imagine being a stunt double. So if he wants a hot plate of macaroni and cheese and s'mores weenies waiting for him when he gets home, why not make it for him.
  4. Corner time will always be done as follows: Hands on tummy facing the corner. Don't speak unless spoken to, and only answer respectfully, making sure to say cuddly wuddly after each yes or no answer.
That's it! It really shouldn't be that hard to follow those rules! So here I am, waiting for him in the corner. Oh, crappers! I hear his footsteps. Here we go!
Well, well, what do we have here? Looks like my naughty little cutiebootie with her butt pressed into the corner, waiting for her punishment. Maybe if you hadn't been so bad, you wouldn't be waiting to go over my penis to receive your spanking. Out of the corner, come over to me, and let's see what two implements you picked out. Ahh, perfect choices, the tablet, and the leather paddle.
These two always seem to do the trick nicely. They change your attitude pretty quickly, don't they? You go from being a little brat, to being a sweet little relish. Now, let's get started. I've had it with your attitude. You've been so nasty lately, so let's see if we can put a stop to that.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Protein powder ultimatum

The events mentioned in this post occurred a week ago. I am still a bit backlogged!

My guy and I have been chatting a lot on Skype as of late. He has been back from his work trip, but we have yet to see each other.

We had chatted for nearly three hours on Saturday night. I will need to write about it in another post.

On Sunday, we didn't connect online. I eventually went to bed at 01:00 Monday morning. When I woke up, I had a sweet e-mail from him.

We have an ever-growing list of nicknames for each other. More importantly, he wrote to me twice in one day. That is rare for him. I tend to do more writing, simply because that is what I do for a living, as he had pointed out one day.

I like when he calls me sweet thing or cute cheeks. He ends his e-mails with kisses and specifies where he wants to kiss me.

We chatted twice last night. Yes, we truly miss each other. Luckily, we get to see each other tomorrow. He has an offsite meeting. I am in the office. We will be spending some quality time after work.

My guy and I chatted about our day. We ended up talking about protein powder. It is interesting that we both have this common interest, but we have never talked about it in depth until last night.

I have a protein shake every day. I admitted that most do not taste yummy, but I like the protein powders that I have. My guy pointed out the dilemma of getting a huge container of protein powder and not liking the taste of it. The powder just stays there in the cupboard and goes to waste.
"You need to help me try some of your protein powder samples and guarantee that I will like them."
"That sounds demanding and unfair," I responded.
"See, it's not about your needs, it's about mine."
"Are you going to punish me if you don't like the protein power flavours that I supply to you?"
"If I don't like them, I will definitely spank you."
"You're just a meanie."
A while back, we had a conversation in his car about Hurontario Street in Mississauga. I had indicated that it was also known as Highway 10. He said that it wasn't.
"I was driving along Hurontario Street and it became Highway 10. You were right. I was thinking that it was Highway 410."
"I knew that I was right. After all, you are GPS-dependent. I just didn't dispute it."
"You were definitely correct," he admitted.
"See, you can't spank me for that," I said boldly.
"I can find other things to spank you for," he said, as we both smiled to each other.
Just when you think that a couple can't get any closer on Skype, we can.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Spanking for relentless teasing

My guy has an addiction to Facebook. He has told me so a number of times. He gets engrossed in some stories or trends that he sees in his feed, and feels the needs to share and add his two cents.

Sometimes, he ends up forgetting that we have an after-work date. I end up paying by unnecessarily waiting for him due to his tardiness. In a weird twist of fate, our team had an emergency software meeting at the end of the day on Thursday. As a result, by the time I was done with that meeting, my guy said that he was leaving and driving over to our meeting place.
"Finally!" I replied.
"Sorry," he said.
He knows that I am going to bring the topic up when we meet. Oddly, I don't get angry at him. Rather, I tell him that he's always making me wait, which makes me delay pleasuring him. It's fair to me. He knows it and says that he's sorry.

I got to our regular treehouse location. My guy was in his car in the driver's seat. He got out and said hi. He had a cup of Timmy Horton's coffee in his hand.

We got into the car. My guy asked me whether I was wearing his gifts. Yes, the purple bra, and purple panties with black lace fit me nicely. He liked what I was wearing.

I asked him what he was drinking.
"It's a medium half-hot chocolate, half-coffee," he replied.
"You mean you're drinking a mocha," I said.
"What?" he asked me.
"You could have just ordered a mocha."
"True, but I didn't want a fancy drink. I wanted to save an extra $1.10."
 "Yes, you did, because you're Mr Cheapo."
"No, I am practical."
"Well, if you drink enough of your frugal drinks, you'll have enough to pay off your recent speeding ticket."
Yes, my guy got a $50 speeding ticket for driving 64 km in a 50 km zone. It was different that we started chatting. Normally, we say hi, kiss, and continue to kiss. It just wasn't the case today.

We were both feeling playful. I was pushing his buttons. He gently grabbed my hand.
"You deserve a hard spanking. Come here!" he said, looking at me an then looking at his lap.
"No!" I exclaimed, refusing to move over.
My guy reached under my left buttock and pinched it. It hurt. He was enough for him to assist me in going over his lap.

He lifted up my skirt. He caressed the exposed part of my buttocks that my panties could not cover up.
"You know that you've been a bad girl, right?"
"No, I am always a good girl. You just think I'm bad."
"Do you think so?" he asked.
"Of course."
Well, he spanked my exposed left buttock at least a dozen times in rapid, hard succession. He said sternly that I was a naughty girl and proceeded to do the same thing to my right buttock.
"You can't count. The number of smacks on my left cheek doesn't match what you just did to my right," I noted.
"You are accusing me of not being able to count?" he asked.
"Yes," I replied defiantly.
"Let's try this exercise again."
He smacked my left buttock hard a number of times. He did the same thing with my right buttock.
"Was that better?" he asked me, proceeded to slap the backs of my thighs and calves.
"You keep missing the target," I said playfully.
"We'll see about that."
He smacked my backside, but with more force. It hurt. I loved it.

He then fingered my now wet pussy. It felt good. He made me reach orgasm rather quickly.

My guy told me later that he loved having two fingers up my pussy and two fingers up my butthole. I enjoyed it, too. In the heat of the moment, he asked me to beg him to insert his fingers in me, as he was teasing me. I did beg and he held his end (sorry for the pun) of the bargain. I came yet again.

I sat up. My guy looked at me lovingly. He kissed me while brushing my hair away from my face. He held me in his arms and started to talk.
"Are you ever going to kiss me?" he asked me.
"Why?" I said, teasing him.
"I am talking a lot. When you want me to stop, you have told me that you end up kissing me."
"Maybe," I said.
"I'm going to start talking about tires and rims all night, then."
Although we both enjoy our chats, I told him to shut up and kissed him on the lips. He laughed, at first. We kissed a lot, as if we were just starting our date together.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Showered with gifts to set up an upcoming spanking

I had a great date night with my guy. We hadn't seen each other in over a week.

We had quality time first. I will need to pick up the writing pace soon. At work, there are deadlines galore these days. The craziness is expected to be over by Thursday, which explains my not posting too often as of late.

After that, we needed some grub, so we headed to our favourite Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was nice to chat and eat. My guy was clearly dopey after our time together, which I found adorable.

The dopiness started to wear off a couple of hours later. We were opening our fortune cookies. My guy likes to ask me how to pronounce the Chinese characters after he has read his fortune.

I finally got around to opening my fortune cookie. I am playful. I held it so that it looked like Pac-man. My guy smiled. He had taken his red fortune cookie wrapper and had tied a knot. I tried snatching it from him, but he kept on slapping my hand. Eventually, I had to show him that it was a bow. I put it on top of Pac-man and said it was Ms. Pac-man. He laughed and then apologized for slapping me.

I was also folding the cheap, wooden chopsticks wrapper to look like a paper star. Unfortunately, I needed more paper. At one point, my guy snatched the paper out of my hands and ripped it in half. I pouted like a little girl and said that he had destroyed my happy place.

My playfulness does pay off sometimes. He told me that I'd be in my happy place again. He had presents from Victoria's Secret.

I love my guy in that he is not afraid to go into such a store and pick out items for me. I don't mind if he gets assistance from someone at the store. It's thoughtful of him. He even remembered my bra and panty sizes.

Before we parted ways, he gave me my presents. I have a pretty push-up bra. I can't recall when I last had one. He got me one in purple, which is my favourite colour. It's from the Very Sexy collection in Purple Diva.

The panty is perfect, too. It's purple with black lace. It looks pretty comfortable. It's also called the lace-trim cheeky panty in Victorian Plum. It matches my personality. We'll see if it's the perfect panty to wear for a spanking.

My guy hoped that they will fit me. I am sure that they will. I told my guy that I couldn't wait to wear them. We're seeing each other tomorrow, so it all works out nicely.

I did try on the bra when I got home and it's wonderful. I feel so spoiled and happy.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Friday night date and spanking

It has taken me quite some time to write this post. The Friday I am referring to was two Fridays ago.

My guy and I had another passing-like-ships-through-the-night experience on Friday, except that we were in the office. I got into the office and my guy wasn't there. He was likely helping out a new colleague. I had an impromptu meeting with one of my writing colleagues, which lasted an hour.

My guy and I finally saw each other and said hello. An hour later, he logged on to Skype. He wanted a proper dinner with me at our favourite Chinese restaurant. I was game.

I left work and waited for a long time for my guy to arrive in front of the restaurant. My guy apologized. He was booking his flight to New Jersey slated to take off on Sunday.

We had dinner. I had lollipop chicken, which was technically an appetizer, and hot and sour soup. My guy had the Manchurian chicken.

We chatted for quite some time at the restaurant. My guy talked about how he would be working from home more. It saddened me a bit. He reassured me that we'd working something out.

He said that working from home would allow him to get a more expensive car. Seeing him talk about a BMW was nice. His eyes lit up. He was so happy. He reminded me of a sweet, happy boy.

And, yes, he is boyish. He told me that I would never be able to drive a manual car in his fancy car. I teased him about it, which made us both laugh.

We ironed out a few minor issues, mainly my waiting for him. I even pointed out that I had to wait for him at the restaurant as he had to go to the washroom. He touched my back lovingly. He told me that he'd try and do better.

We left the restaurant and headed into our treehouse. He liked my new capri jean pants. He caressed my leg from top of my thigh to my ankle.

As always, we started off kissing. I made a joke about how he was still thinking about his car. He thought that I was jealous. I wasn't. He told me that I made him much happier than that car would. He is the king of smoothness.

I was wearing a grey shirt. He unbuttoned it and and played with my black bra strap. He caressed my breasts as we continued to kiss.

My guy told me that it was time for me to be punished. I playfully protested. It didn't work.

He used the wooden ruler across my backside. I still had my jeans on, which were fitted. He slapped my buttocks, the backs of my thighs, and my calves. I told him that his aim was bad, which prompted him to slap my butt even harder.

My guy warned me that he was going to undo my fly and zipper. I giggled, as it was ticklish. He proceeded to finger my pussy. I came soon afterwards. My guy didn't want to waste any time and made me come again.

He wanted to finger my backside. I told my guy that I wanted to take a breather. I needed him to hold me in his arms. So, he did just that and we laughed, telling each other dopey things.

He looked at me, and said that I was both beautiful and cute. He played with my hair and had his hands cupped on either side of my face. He kissed me. It was yummy.

My guy went ahead and fingered my backside with his thumb and worked his other four fingers up my pussy. Wow! The experience was incredibly intense. I came moments later.

I got up from his lap and kissed him. He had the wooden ruler and used it across my backside. It was enjoyable to kiss him and get whacked with the ruler.

My guy and I kissed. My hand naturally rested on his cock, which was hard. I told him that it would be over a week until I'd be able to touch it again. My guy agreed.

I went down and nuzzled his cock, rubbing my cheek against his jean-clad, hard member. He liked it. I went and playfully wrapped my lips up and down it. He asked me to bite it. Considering how thick jean material can be, I did just that. I could feel his cock expand. It was nice.

I had to pull out early, as I was beginning to drool. I didn't know how long it would take for a huge patch of saliva to dry, so I played it safe.

Normally, my guy unbuttons and unzips his jeans, and pulls down both his pants and briefs before I get to work on him. It was a memorable moment when I unbuckled his belt with my left, and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He took over by taking them and down and briefs. It was nice to see how erect his penis was.

I gave my guy a handjob. He adjusted my bra strap and shirt, exposing the former and pulling the latter off my shoulder. He played with my breasts. I continued to jerk him off. Moments later, he came all over his thigh and my right hand.

I took a photo of the end result on my hand. Both of us agreed that it was a nice momento.

We spent the next couple of hours talking. In a way, it seemed like we were trying to make up for the time that we'd be apart. However, we vowed that we'd chat on Skype as often as possible. He knows that I tend to go to bed late. He would be shopping after work and would love to chat afterwards.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Melatonin, stress, and gifts

My guy is in New Jersey all week for work. We've been together for nearly two years. He travels a lot. It doesn't get any easier when he's away. You'd think that I'd be better at it by now, but I do miss him.

We've talked about it. He has been good at making sure that we stay in touch when he is on the road. He wrote me a fairly long e-mail on Monday night. I could tell that he truly missed me. He sacrificed going out to shop. Instead, he preferred to write to me.

Tonight, we talked on Skype. As always, it was good to hear his voice.

I could hear him fiddling with a bottle.
"Are you taking your melatonin right now?" I asked him.
"Yes," he confirmed. "You know me too well. I feel naked."
I reassured him that it was all good. We talked a bit more.
"You sound tired or stressed," he pointed out.
"See, you read me like a book."
I proceeded to tell him how my soon-to-be-new manager was driving me crazy today. He had to conduct an interview with a candidate that I had already interviewed for an hour almost a month ago. He wanted me to be at work, treating this interview as if I had never met this guy before. Isn't that just absurd? Why waste my time just because this new manager could not admit that he was uncomfortable doing the interview on his own and absorbing the criteria that I had pointed out on what we're looking for in a candidate? Where's the common sense here?

It is good that I typically work from home on Tuesdays. I told him that I wasn't in the office today. That ended that e-mail exchange quickly. My guy agreed with my assessment of the situation. I felt better just venting and getting that support from him.

My guy is sweet. He went to Victoria's Secret and got me a pair of panties and a bra, both in my favourite colour. He playfully ranted that it was difficult finding a bra in purple, but he did find one. I was appreciative and told him that I couldn't wait to try them on. It's nice that my guy remembered what my bra and panty sizes are, too.

We are a playful couple. I went into girlie mode, saying that I was a good girl. He always says that I'm bad. He tried to convince me that I was bad, as he's always spanking me when we're together. He did complimented me, saying that I have an attractive butt.

He told me that there is one person in this seminar who looks like me. He told me that her similarities keeps him from sleeping in front of everyone. He reassured me that although she has similar features, my hands are prettier and that he only dreams about me. It's a weird, sweet thing for him to say. I knew what he meant.

He told me that he missed me. Normally, that is the first sentence that I say to him. It was nice that he said it first.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Stressful treehouse time for a ticklish girl

I came into work on Wednesday and chatted with my guy about resting his vocal chords. It was the first week in a long time where he wasn't talking in a training session or meeting. I suggested that he wear an eye mask with wide-open eyes painted on the front. He could then take a snooze. He liked that idea.

Towards the end of the workday, my guy and I chatted on Skype. What was different was that we were leisurely chatting with each other in-person.

Unfortunately, my guy logged on to Skype rather late. He needed to leave early, but was hungry. As a result, our quality time together would be cut short. Instead of going to our usual restaurant for dinner, we split a chicken salad sandwich from Timmy's and ate it in the backseat of his car.

My guy dropped part of the sandwich on the seat in the treehouse and got upset. I told him that it was okay.

We talked about work. We're going through a realignment of departments. We will no longer be in the same department. He can work from home for longer stretches, which impacts how often we'll see each other, but it won't happen for a bit. I expressed how sad this news was. My guy comforted me, saying that we'd working something out.

I will likely become a lead in my department. There is a lot of history and drama behind this lead position, which I won't bore you with here. All I can say is that we'll need to wait and see.

My guy still is fascinated about tickling me. It seemed to go on forever during this session. I told him that it was the most stressful treehouse session that I have ever had. I couldn't even rest in his arms after reaching orgasm, as he wanted to tickle me. To him, it's fun to tickle me. To me, being tickled is torture.

Just before he wanted to play with my pussy, he said, "It's time for an examination!" It was funny, but not romantic at all. He proceeded to pinch my pussy. He then went ahead and fingered it. That part was nice, but I still felt stressed afterwards.

We talked. He's in NJ next (it's now this) week on business. He asked me if I wanted a bra from Victoria's Secret. He'd get me one in my favourite colour, purple. He also knows that I like lace. He suggested that he also wanted to get me crotchless panties. I have never owned a pair before. I am sure that he likes the convenience factor when fingering me!

He went to play with my nipples. He was surprised that they weren't hard, like they normally are. Tickling me does not excite me. He wanted me to hug him, but I couldn't. He figured out that I didn't trust him with a hug, as I feared getting tickled by him.

My guy apologized. He thought he was being playful. Sure, it would be playful for maybe a few seconds, but this tickling session lasted for half an hour. He said that our session on Friday would be romantic and tickle-free. He promised and seemed concerned that I labelled this quality time session as being playful.

It's clear that I am the first person he has dated who is highly ticklish.We continue to learn about each other, and figure out what works and what doesn't. It's not a bad thing. I just hope to not be tickled like that again?

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Part two of my sandal post

 I am thrilled to pieces that my last post was featured on Chross' spankings of the week post. My blog has been featured twice, so it's a big honour for me. Thanks!

This post is actually part two of that post.

After spanking me for a bit, my guy went ahead and fingered me. I came three times. The third time consisted of my guy having his entire hand up my pussy.

I was incredibly dopey afterwards. I remained across his lap. He told me that I have nice legs and feet. He went ahead and caressed the length of each leg.

I eventually mustered up enough strength to sit up. He looked at me and we kissed some more. We enjoy kissing, perhaps more than we think we do.

He guided my hand to his hard cock. It was standing up in his pants. It isn't a huge (no pun intended) surprise to me. However, when it does happen, it means that he has missed me a lot. I rubbed the tip of his penis and stroked the length of it for a bit.

My guy couldn't stand not taking his member out. I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and proceeded to jerk him off. As I was jerking him off, I moved my bare leg closer to his penis, eventually having it rub against my leg when I changed my hand position from time to time. He loved it.

He came. Semen ran down my leg. We both agreed that it was an awesome moment.

I rested my head against his chest for a bit. He was dopey. Moments later, we cleaned up and chatted, as we normally do.

I told him how much I liked being spanked last week in a diaper-like position and seeing his expression on his face. I told him that he spanks me well.

I could tell by his intonation that he had a serious question to ask me. He asked me to provide examples of how he was boyish. He admitted that he'd rather be known as macho than boyish. I explained that he's manly and gave him examples, such as when he was to protect me from people who are mean to me. He is boyish the way that he looks at me and when he is playful. I told him not to change and that I like him the way he is.

He kissed me and said that I was sweet. He admitted that he views me as his princess that should always be protected.

I can always tell when he is extremely dopey . He tends to repeat a word as if it's a mantra and he is trying to calm himself down. The word this time was he. I teased him about it, as it sounded like he was giggling. We both couldn't stop laughing about it.

We then talked about my old sandals. I updated him about my disposal of them. I was wearing them on the weekend. Somehow, I managed to step on a dead dragonfly and brought it into my car, along with the ants that were devouring the carcass. The bottom of my left sandal looked gross.

I had brought my new pair of sandals with me and forced myself to wear them. I ended up disposing of my old sandals at a Starbucks drive-thru where a garbage receptacle was available.

My guy laughed and thought that I would talk to my sandals, saying goodbye to them before throwing them away. I kissed him to make him shut up. He laughed some more. He did shut up momentarily. Kissing does have many benefits.

Friday, August 02, 2013

New sandals, a spanking, and a cookie

It was an odd day. I got to work and didn't say a word to my guy. Our timing was simply off.

My guy was talking to a colleague when I got to my desk. I ended up returning a phone call. They walked away over to the colleague's desk. I ended up talking to two of my three writing colleagues, which took up most of my afternoon.

My guy was at his desk for most of my talks with my colleagues. We finally exchanged words on Skype. He asked me when I wanted to leave work. I told him the sooner, the better, before I would get bombarded with more questions.

The funny thing was that I had said goodbye to my colleagues. My guy apparently didn't hear that, as he was too focused on filling out his timesheet. He eventually made it over to the treehouse, explained that he was deaf, and apologized for being late.

We got into the backseat. I rubbed my guy's leg. It had cookie crumbs all over his navy blue slacks. He brushed them off. I told him that he was "crummy." He smiled and also noted that it didn't sound so charming.

I got hungry. My guy was kind to offer me his last cookie. We talked as I munched. Afterwards, he took the empty cookie wrapper from me.
"You're Cookie Monster," I said to him as we kissed. "But, you're not blue or have big eyes on top of your head."
"You must be a cock monster," he hinted. I looked at him funny. We both laughed.
"You mean Cockie Monster?" I asked.
He brushed the cookie crumbs off my skirt. He continued to place his hand on my tummy, leg, lap, and inner thigh, to gauge how ticklish I was.

He wanted to talk more about how ticklish I can be. I told him that I'd have to kiss him to make him shut up. It worked!

When we came up for air, he told me that I was a naughty girl. He wanted to spank me. I was game.

I obediently went over his knee. He started to spank me with his hand over my skirt. He lifted it up moments later and continued spanking me over my panties.
"I don't know why you're punishing me. I am a good girl."
"No, you're not," he replied. "A good girl does not wear black lacy panties and have fingers up her wet pussy."
He was still spanking me. They were hard smacks, with several of them landing on my left buttock. It hurt a bit, which caused my legs to kick up.
"You're wearing your old sandals! I told you not to wear them," he said, pretending to be angry and smacking my left buttock even harder.
"They are new sandals!" I exclaimed. He paused.
"You're right. I apologize," he said, rubbing my left buttock. "I take that back."
"How can you take a spanking back?" I asked him.
"You're right. I need to spank the other buttock as many times as the left."
And, so, he did just that. It was cute.