Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lunch and quality spanking time

My workweek last week deviated from the norm, mainly because I had to conduct an interview and come in on Thursday for a luncheon. I told my guy that I'd come fetch him from the training room and drive over to the buffet-style restaurant for lunch. He was good.

My guy looked tired when I saw him at 12:30 pm. He told me that he had been spending his lunch hour every day in his car, napping. He asked that I drive him over there. I was perfectly fine with this plan. He got to ride in my new car. I got to put my hand on his lap.

Lunch was fun. We had good company and it was nice to entertain a colleague who was here from New Jersey. My guy and I are like a comedy duo when we're together. I am glad that everyone at the table had an enjoyable time.

I drove my guy back to the office. I couldn't help but caress his head after I had parked.
"There will be plenty of time for that later, sweetness," he said, smiling at me.
"I know, sweetie. I just couldn't resist."
We both worked for over three hours straight. It was a decent, productive afternoon. My guy logged on to Skype and asked if I was ready to have some quality time. I was. He was, too.

We met in the treehouse. I had a linen, pale blue skirt on. I ceremoniously handed him my wooden ruler.

My guy looked at my sandals. I had told him in the past that I needed to get rid of them. He suggested that he take them off my feet and have me drive home without them. I told him that driving barefoot wouldn't be good for me. He agreed, but told me not to wear them again.
"How have you been?" he asked me after we had briefly stopped kissing.
"I'm good, but you always think I'm bad," I replied.
"You are always bad," he told me, slipping his hand under my butt and pinching my left buttock hard.
"Is this your way of telling me to bend over?"
"Yes, you need to bed over so I can give you a bad girl spanking," he replied.
I was on my hands and knees, about to go over his lap. He couldn't wait to spank me. He gave me several smacks with his hand. I was instantly aroused. I then obediently went over his lap.

He used the wooden ruler across my backside, briefly protected by my lilac lacy panties and skirt. He lifted my skirt up and continued slapping my butt with the ruler, while telling me that I will always be his bad girl. I loved it.

My panties were lowered. He played a number game by taking turns inserting a finger in my wet pussy. By the time he was done, he had four fingers up my pussy and his thumb fingering my butt. I came several times during this fine game. All of them were satisfying. I was incredibly dopey by the end of it and had to snuggle up against him afterwards. I was so sweaty. He just continued to sweetly smile at me while holding me in a loving embrace.

My guy then played the hands-on-tummy game. He gets a big kick out of how uncomfortable a ticklish girl like me gets with his hand moving about on my tummy. It's a tickling session, really.

I did manage to rub his cock, which was hard under his pants. However, I could tell that he was enjoying pleasuring me more. He was okay with focusing on me.

We talked about cars. My guy prefers driving a manual car. I don't know how to drive one. My guy has offered to teach me once he gets a manual car again.
"Will you yell at me when your car stalls after I mess up shifting gears?" I asked him.
"No, I would never yell at you during the lessons," he assured me. "After each lesson, I'd spank you for messing up. You'd feel the soreness the next time you have another driving lesson with me."
My guy certainly has a way with words. Learning how to drive a manual car couldn't come any sooner.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The aftermath - resting my head on lap

Normally, my guy and I will quietly chat on Skype to determine where we're going after work and what we're going to do. This past Wednesday was different. My guy wasn't logged on to Skype. Yet, our cubicles are diametrically opposed and we tend to keep our personal lives private at work.

I packed up first and said goodbye to a few colleagues. I then stopped by my guy's cubicle and asked why he was still at his desk -- that he should leave. He agreed.

I made a stop at the ladies' room. When I had left, my guy was leaving the office. He was walking ahead of me.

I could tell from his posture that he was relieved. My car was parked in the lot next to his. He turned around and looked at me.
"I walk slowly," I said, wearing my fairly new sandals that have a slight incline, which takes getting used to.
"No, your stride is pretty good," he said, still looking at me.
"It's nice to see you," I said.
"Likewise," he said. "Did you want to get a bite to eat?"
"Are you hungry?" I asked him.
"Not really. But, if you are, I could having something light."
"I am," I admitted. "All that talk from [our colleague] about Italian food has made me hungry."
My guy had suggested going to a pizza place up the road, midway between our workplace and our treehouse location. I was game.

We drove over there. Unfortunately, this pizza place is attached to a hotel. Parking was packed. We both managed to find parking spots. We had to parallel-park our cars next to the cement wall, which was really a fence.

We walked in the restaurant. It was more than just a pizza lace. My guy ordered a pizza slice. I went with a Philly cheesesteak. We both had pop. We sat there, ate, chatted, and then left.

What's interesting about me is that I am okay with changing out of my pants and into a skirt in my car. I was parked in a quiet corner area of the building. So, I changed into a navy blue skirt and then drove over to our usual location. I should have changed at work, but I had left my skirt in the car.

My guy was patiently waiting in the treehouse. I climbed in there and apologized for being tardy. I explained that I had a wardrobe change. He didn't mind one bit.

We continued to chat while holding hands. He could see that I was getting back to my regular self. I confessed that I still felt sad. It was then that my guy started to tickle me.

My guy is trying to "undo" my being so ticklish by introducing the hand-on-tummy method. Most of the time, his hand on my tummy is okay. However, when he constantly moves his hand over my tummy, it causes me to squirm and grab on to both his hands. He finds it cute. I find it a form of torture, at times.

I ended up resting my head on his lap. He liked it. I inched closer up to him. Being the gentleman that he is, he helped me move closer to him. He fingered me while I was on my back. It was nice. I enjoyed the change of scenery and position. He did, too. I came quickly.

My guy loves to play with me, to the point where he ended up fingering my butt. He started with one finger, tried two, and ultimately had three fingers up me. I thought that I couldn't handle it, but I was horny as can be. I could. I did. I came again.

With my head still in his lap, I rested with my eyes closed for a bit. He kissed my forehead and played with my bangs. He has always loved my hair. He marvels at how straight and black it is.

He looked into my eyes. He didn't have his eyeglasses on. Yet, he could see my contact lenses. It was neat.

We chatted a bit longer. At one point, I asked him if we could hug a bit longer. I am normally not that clingy, but I wanted to be. He was fine, wrapping my arms around me as I tightly hugged him back.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My guy making up for his behaviour and actions

I was clearly upset going into the office on Tuesday. To make a long story short, my guy had upset me the other night. He was pretty insensitive by dismissing what I had said online. Instead, he decided to go on Facebook and share a bunch of photos as we were sending messages on Skype.

I decided to log off. I was in tears. They dried up forty minutes later. He called me and said, "I'm just seeing how you're doing and I have to go." I could hear him zip his laptop bag up.

It make me even more upset. I started crying again. My guy stayed on the phone for maybe a couple of minutes before saying goodbye and hanging up. His actions were rude and hurtful, but his insensitive remark put me over the edge.

I could tell that my guy had felt bad. He wrote me an e-mail later on that evening. I didn't bother responding to it.

At work the next day, he came up to see me. I was busy mentoring one of my colleagues. He went to talk to my other colleague to my right, the human resources woman to my left, and finally to us. I ignored him.

After I was done conducting an interview and he was done with his meeting, he came back upstairs. I ignored him again. Finally, he logged on to Skype. He wanted to have dinner with me and talk. I was good, although I warned him that I wouldn't be good company.

My guy and my manager were then talking. I somehow managed to kill some time by talking to a couple of colleagues before heading to my car. I still had to wait for my guy to get to the restaurant. I was still noticeably upset. He got there and apologized for being late.

We did talk about what was bugging me. He told me that he was being honest about having to go and cared enough to call me. I told him that his heart was in the right place, but that he should never tell me that he is rushed to go somewhere. I told him that I deserved better. He apologized and said that I did.

We still have one issue that won't be resolved immediately. After dinner, he escorted me to my car and asked what we'd be doing. I wasn't in any mood to do much. He asked if I wanted to spend a night at a hotel with him. That caused me to tear up. Instead, he said that we should spend some time in each other's arms. I was okay with that.

The problem was that I was upset again. I was crying with my head resting against my car's steering wheel.

All I remember is my guy trying to get into my car. He eventually did by opening my side of the door to unlock all the car doors. He then got into the passenger side and comforted me with his hand behind my back. Like a mantra, he repeatedly said that he was sorry.

His hand moved over to mine. I didn't feel like holding it, as mine was trying to dry the tears running down my face. Instead, he rubbed my forearm and eventually my thigh. I stopped crying for a bit. He looked intently at me. I was finally okay to drive over to our usual spot.

We got there just fine and got into his treehouse. I rested my head against his chest and he embraced me. My face was nearly buried in his chest. I just cried.

He wanted me to kiss him. I told him that I wasn't in the mood and that I couldn't breathe. My nose was all congested. He went ahead and kissed my forehead and my neck. His right hand was inserted in my back pocket, occasionally coming out to caress my right buttock.

We started to talk some more. He suggested that we could go to a hotel when I was ready to. Somehow, I managed to tease him by saying that we'd spend the night watching him look for tire rims on Kijiji. We both burst out in laughter. He went to tickle me and I resisted. He finally saw my face and kissed my lips.

He wandered over to my blouse and took my breasts out from my bra. My head was leaning against the seat. I was slouching. My guy sucked my left nipple. It was the first time where I felt so close to seeing him suck me. Our eyes met. It was great to see that he was enjoying himself as much as I was being pleasured by him. I guess that my seeing him suck me so vividly was a revelation because I normally have my eyes closed.

He played with my crotch, rubbing it seductively, if that makes sense with my wearing a green pair of khaki pants. He went ahead with unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. He pulled them down and played with my black lacy panties. Eventually, they were pulled down, too.
"I like what I see," he said.
"And what do you see?"
"A beautiful, pink pussy," he said and began fingering it.
"Am I normal, doctor?" I asked him.
"Yes, you are more than normal. You are perfect."
He made me reach orgasm. It wasn't as pleasurable as it normally would have been. I was still sad and I had a mild headache. My guy didn't give up. Moments later, he made me come again. I then rested there for a bit before he pulled up my panties and pants, even buttoning and zipping the latter.

I wrapped my arms around his waist. He hugged me back. I played with his hard cock in his pants. He wanted me to. I could tell.

It was his turn to unbutton and unzip his trousers. We pulled his briefs down and I began to jerk him off. He wanted to know if he could put his hard cock up my butt. I said that I would do anything for him, which he loved. He came moments later. It was nice.

Naturally, we cleaned up once we had the energy to do that. His backseat looks like a paper products place these days, with a roll of paper towel and a box of tissue.

We talked some more. It's our sort of dopey time together.

My guy had his sunroof open. I was lying on my back and raised my legs straight through the sunroof. My guy smiled. He first grabbed my crotch, and then began to slap it.
"Are you spanking my pussy?" I asked him, still a bit dopey.
"Yes, of course," he said without any hesitation, continuing to slap it a few more times.
He proceeded to pinch each buttock. I have never been spanked in a diaper position before, which was what I was in. He didn't hesitate and spanked me hard. It was nice to see his face while he was spanking me. I loved it. And, yes, I was pretty sore afterwards.

I got up and ended up having my legs over his lap. It was sweet. We kissed some more.

He held me for a long time as we continued to chat. He told me that things would get better and that I'd be my old self soon. I wasn't so sure, but I did feel a bit better.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hotel playtime - a bigger treehouse

My guy and I drove to the hotel. It must have been after 21:00 when we had arrived. We parked our cars in the lot and walked to the reception area, hand in hand.

We had to wait for ten minutes for our room to be ready. We killed some time going back to our cars to get our stuff. We then chatted in the lobby until we got the signal to go upstairs.

The room had a decent-sized bed, a microwave, and a fridge. My guy had purchased sweets from Egypt while he was on business. He gave me a nicely wrapped selection of sweets and put them in the fridge.

We unpacked. We both felt the need to shower. We've had a heatwave for days. My guy insisted that I shower first. I was game. He is always a gentleman.

I took off my pants, shirt, and bra. I just had my lacy black panties on. My guy admired me from afar and noticed how tanned my legs were.

I was probably in the shower for ten minutes. I felt refreshed afterwards.

It was time for my guy to shower next. Before he hit the shower, he advised that the Internet access code didn't work for him. I spent some time talking to the front desk person, who said that it was working. Sadly, it was neither working on my guy's laptop, nor on my cell phone.

I flopped over on my stomach on the bed, determining whether being closer to the door would give me a better Internet signal. I was wearing a t-shirt and pajama shorts. My guy came out of the shower and we talked about our Internet connectivity problem. We both decided to give up on it.

My guy sat next to me. He tickled the bottom of my left foot. He knows that I am a ticklish girl. He also thinks that my feet are pretty.

My butt was up in the air. Naturally, he took advantage of it by pinching my left buttock. It hurt a bit, but I loved it.

We started kissing. My guy started our banter.
"You are never online when I want to talk to you."
"It's not my fault that your timing sucks," I said rebelliously.
"I think someone needs to be punished. Come over here," he said, grabbing my right hand and guiding me over to him.
"No, I don't want to," I said, playfully being reluctant to go over his knee.
Eventually I did. I was over his lap and my hands were on the carpeted floor.
"You've had this [spanking] coming," he told me sternly.
"You're just making up an excuse to spank me!" I said defiantly.
"Really? Do you mean that?" he asked me, caressing my backside with his hand.
"Yes, I am a good girl, but you don't think so because you're a meanie," I explained.
Well, that explanation did nothing for me. As expected, he started spanking each cheek methodically. Each smack became harder and harder.

He stopped for a bit to rub my crotch. I wanted to pleasured, but he teased me by pinching my buttocks and continuing to smack my buttocks hard.

Eventually, he stopped smacking my backside and I got off. It was wonderful just to be over his lap afterwards, and having him caress my butt.

I got up and kissed him passionately. I was kneeling in front of him, with my knees apart, separated by his right leg. My guy hugged me, and then pulled my pajama shorts and underwear down. He was fingering my butt. It was nice. I came again. With my being in a dopey state of mind, I was riding his leg as if it were a horse. It was fun!

I was dopey. My guy went to wash up. He came back and saw me sitting on the bed, with my head down on the bed. He chuckled.

He asked me to suck him. I had brought my trusty tube of strawberry oral gel. I rubbed a lot all over his hard cock and began to suck him. I licked up and down his shaft. I made circles around the tip of his penis with my tongue, eventually using my tongue to probe the hole. He was in ecstasy. 

He came again. We normally get him to ejaculate just once in a day, as he gets extremely dopey afterwards. Twice made him a sweet, dopey, content guy. He loved it. I was happy, too.

I took a towel and we both dried off. We snuggled for half an hour before we called it an evening.

We said goodnight to each other. It was more that a good night. It was another memorable one.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wanting a hot dog

After the CAA guy had left, we had to make sure that my guy's car was running for thirty minutes. My guy asked me if I wanted to go to Costco with him. I was game.

Earlier, I could tell after he had called CAA that he was stressed. I had to ask him how he was. He was upset at himself that he had also locked his keys in his car. I said that CAA could get his keys, too. Everything worked out.

We drove along the highway with the windows down. We didn't want to crank up the air conditioning so soon, as we didn't want to kill the car battery that had just got a decent boost. It was humid out, but it was tolerable.

We went to Costco. As usual, my guy was hungry and asked if we could stop at the food place first.

I wanted a hot dog. I don't eat them too often, but it's my go-to item at Costco. I sat at the only empty bench as my guy took out some money at the ATM.
"So, what would you like to eat that is not a hot dog?" he asked me.
"I want a hot dog," I said, feeling like I was a little girl.
"No, I am not getting you a hot dog. How about the turkey provolone panini or the Montreal roast beef sandwich?"
"I want a hot dog," I said.
"No, hot dogs are not good for you."
I caved. I finally said that I would give the turkey provolone panini a try. I must admit that it is yummy as we sat there and chomped away.
"See, that woman has two hot dogs," I said, hinting that my guy wasn't being nice.
"You are not getting a hot dog," he said firmly.
"But, I like hot dogs. They are yummy goodness to me."
"See, her boyfriend is cheap and doesn't care about her health," he explained. "Your boyfriend cares about getting healthy food for you, even though he is cheap."
"Okay, if you say so," I said.
"Besides, you get to eat a different kind of hot dog later."
He was correct. We both smirked and looked for a new car battery at the store. We didn't find one. We did, however, find one at Walmart across the street.

It was an unexpected type of date night. It was nonetheless great just being with my guy. He felt more at ease after buying the battery. I felt the same way, too.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Boosting a car battery and more

My guy flew back to Toronto early Monday morning. He did the craziest thing -- he went straight from the airport to the office to work.

I have done that a few times in my life. I have vowed never to do that again. I have kept my word.

Just before I was about to head to work in the afternoon, my guy caught me on Skype.
"Hey there," he wrote.
"Hey! How are you holding up?"
"Just wanted to tell you to bring some sleeping wear, as I'm thinking of renting a room for the night."
"You're asking me to spend the night with you or you need to borrow sleepwear from me?"
"Very funny =)"
My guy and I talked a few hours after I was done discussing work-related topics with a colleague and my guy's meeting was over. He brought over some sweets and shared them with me. He noticed my haircut. He has always been so observant whenever I change my hairstyle.

We left work to grab some dinner. Unfortunately, my guy's car wasn't starting up. The battery was dead. I drive a hybrid, so the battery wasn't a regular one to boost. My guy called CAA.

It has been hot and humid lately. We talked for a bit before my guy said that we should move to cooler territory.

We headed back to the office and sat in the training room. We started talking. He noticed how tan my arms were. I told him that I wanted to caress his head. He leaned over and let me do it. It made me so happy. My guy smiled at me.

He was concerned that he didn't get a text message from CAA. I suggested that he give the folks there a call again. He did. I got up and gently caressed his back. He hung up the phone. I tenderly kissed his head.

He swivelled his chair around to look at me. My guy played with my crotch. It was nice. He then groped my buttocks. It was turning me on, but I didn't want to come just yet.

I leaned over to kiss him on the lips. He loved that. He told me that he was getting hard. I gently stroked his cock, which was indeed hard under his slacks.

My guy is like a little horny boy sometimes. He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.
"Nice! Black lacy panties."
He took a good look, and then zipped and buttoned up my pants.

My guy guided me over to a different part of the training room, away from the main doorway. He turned me around, carefully propped my back against the wall, and passionately kissed me on the lips, rubbing his hard member against my crotch. I cradled his head in one hand as I hugged him with my other. At one point, I was groping both his buttocks.

We hugged and kissed for a bit, while rubbing up against each other. The moment was briefly interrupted by his cell phone ringing. It was CAA and help was on the way in five minutes.

My guy took his erect penis out. I began jerking him off.
"Five minutes or less," I said.
I looked at my guy's face. He was so into the moment. I initiated kissing him while jerking him off. It took no time for my guy to ejaculate. He did so all over the carpet.

We were both breathless from a wonderful moment.
"That was awesome," I pointed out.
"I can't believe that we did that," he said, shaking himself dry before re-adjusting his briefs and zipping his pants up.
We headed toward my guy's car and met up with the mechanic. The mechanic boosted the battery and all was good.

The battery wasn't the only thing that got a boost. Who says that Mondays are always bad at work!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trips to the mechanics, followed by treehouse maintenance

I wrote this post a while ago and finally got around to finishing it. This day was nearly a month ago. It was a Friday.

The downside to being on vacation is that I am finding myself behind with writing my blog posts. So, I'll start with what's happening these days and work backward.

My guy had to get his car's brakes fixed. He had asked me the day before if I could come to work a bit earlier to pick him up at the mechanics. We'd then have lunch before heading to the office. I was game. I'd then drive him back there once his car was done and we'd proceed to have quality time.

I was running late driving to our usual Chinese restaurant. My guy called me on my cell phone, asking for an estimated time that I'd be there. We chatted a bit before I got there.

Lunch was yummy. The conversation and company were wonderful. He looked at me and said that I looked so cute.

After we were done eating, we walked out the door, with my guy groping my buttocks. I was instantly wet.

We got into my car. I couldn't help but to caress his head. My guy put his hand between my legs and started rubbing me. He wanted to pleasure me. Moments later, I came and felt dopey.

My guy's member was extremely hard. You could visibly see his cock rise from within his trousers. I caressed it for a bit. We knew that we had to save that activity for a bit.

While driving to the office, my guy was in a playful mood.
"Is your seatbelt on properly?" he asked me, groping my right breast.
"Yes, it is," I responded. "Would you like to double-check?" I asked him, pointing at each breast.
My guy helped himself. He's cute that way.

As we were walking toward our office building, he told me that my breasts were perfect. He made me blush.

We got to the office and worked for a few hours. My guy told me at 17:00 that his car was ready to be picked up. We packed up and headed back to the mechanics. We held hands and I had my hand on his thigh for a bit as I drove us over there.

My guy is on the road again for three weeks. We are similar in that we both don't make a fuss about an upcoming birthday. Last year, a colleague of ours mentioned that my birthday was coming up, which I believe helped my guy remember it. This year, I said nothing. Yet, my guy remembered it.
"You know that I am away on a very special day," he said, as we were stuck in rush hour traffic.
"Is it a national holiday or something?" I teased.
"It is. My cock stands up, squirts up, and salutes you," which made us both laugh.
"That's sweet that you remembered," I pointed out.
"Sometimes, I am not good with dates, but your birthday is an exception. I bought you a gift online, but it hasn't arrived yet. I had to order it in a special colour."
"It must be purple," I stated.
"Yes, it is. I just wanted you to know that I hadn't forgotten your birthday."
"You're sweet."
My guy picked up his car and we drove to our usual spot. My guy had a number of items occupying his car's backseat, so my car was the treehouse today.

We kissed intensely. My guy was moving his hand up and down my side, which made me a bit ticklish. I could tell that he had missed me. The feeling was mutual.

He caressed my breasts and took my bra straps down. We kissed some more.

I had brought my fuzzy purple paddle with black leather on the other side. I handed it over to my guy.
"You've been a bad girl again," he told me.
"No, I'm always good," I insisted.
"That's not true. Come here," he said, taking my hand.
"No!" I playfully whined.
He pulled down my jeans, exposing my panties. I went across his lap. He started to paddle me hard with the leather side of the paddle, teasing me now and again by rubbing the fuzzy side against my butt cheeks.

He asked if I was going to be a good girl. I playfully said that I didn't know. He pinched both cheeks and paddled me some more. I loved it. My backside was getting sore.

My guy then fingered my pussy. He noted how wet I was. He made me reach orgasm quickly. It was incredible. I was limp across his lap for a bit.

I eventually got up and kissed him. We kissed a bit more before I started to massage his hard penis in his trousers.

Moments later, his pants and briefs were pulled down. I was jerking him off. My left leg was on top of his right. My guy was about to come. He came on my bare thigh. It was nice and I always find it satisfying when he ejaculates on me.

We got some napkins out of my car's glove compartment and wiped up. We then talked for a bit, as we normally do.

I told my guy that I was going to miss him for the next three weeks. He reassured me that we'd talk on Skype and that the three weeks would blow by quickly. I hugged him tightly. He reciprocated.

I felt good, driving home with a sore bottom.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dreams and mush

I know that I miss my guy when he is on the road for weeks and I end up dreaming about him. I did this just over a week ago.

I don't recall the exact topic that we were discussing, but I wanted some advice from him. As he normally does, he offers that to me.

The transition was rather odd, but the next action that occurred was my being bent over a long table and my guy spanking me. Needless to say, I woke up happy and longing to be spanked.

The other day, I told my guy my dream. He told me that he'd like it to become a reality. I couldn't help but to automatically smile.

Yesterday, my guy and I were chatting on Skype. I was briefly telling him about the interview candidates that I had on Thursday.
"No cute girl as a new hire for me to look at?"
"Nope," I said. "I guess I'm not off the hook."
"You're never off the hook," he said. "Having another cute girl in our department would make me want you more."
"I don't get that," I said. "Wouldn't you go for that cute girl instead?"
"That cute girl would be eye candy, but I wouldn't have the same great conversations, company, love, and sex as I do with you. You will always be my cute girl."
It's neat how we start off teasing each other and it ends up being sweet mushiness at the end. We've been apart for way too long.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Swatting to the beat

Last night, I went to a concert. I used to go often. It wouldn't have been shocking a couple of years ago if I ended up seeing at least a dozen shows a year.

Since my back surgery, I have focused more on my health.  It takes time to heal from a pinched nerve. Nerves regenerate slowly.

Well, I ended my two-year drought and had an amazing time last night. I chose a concert in which four different bands played. I had seen three of them in the past.

Anyway, my guy and I had spoken on the phone before I headed into the venue. He told me that he was just about to write to me. Instead, we chatted for half an hour.

He is my rock. Sometimes, he has more faith in me than I do. He said that I'd be okay. He was right.

I was missing him, though. A couple next to me were attempting to dance to a song. The guy clearly did not have any rhythm, but I did like his enthusiasm. We were in the fifth row.

The guy decided to take a picture. His girlfriend was slapping his left buttock for quite some time. Her smacks were on-beat. I did like the sight of seeing her playfully spanking him, except that he was taking a picture. I am sure that it came out shaky.

She got tired of lightly smacking his left buttock. Instead, she inserted her hand in his left pocket. Her hand stayed there for quite some time.

They sort of reminded me of my guy and me, except that we'd reverse the roles. My guy has never spanked me to the beat of any song. However, he tends to grope my left buttock in public. I am not sure why that is. I don't mind it one bit.

There was a couple in front of us. They were clearly in love, as they were embracing each other while seated. I saw him grope his girlfriend's backside twice when they were standing. She had a full backside, which I appreciated. They were both loving the show and the shared affection between each other.

It was a nice evening. My guy had asked me earlier whether there would be any concerts that we could see within the next three weeks. Yes, my guy will be back on Monday. He told me that he can't wait to see and kiss me, and to have dinner with me. The feeling is definitely mutual.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Last day in Stockholm... the good and the unexpected

My guy and I enjoyed our last breakfast at the hotel in Lidingo. I remarked how I would miss having a yummy croissant in the morning, stuffing it with lean roasted turkey slices and cheese. My guy would miss the yogurt and cucumber slices.

Each day, we would drive over to the restaurant for breakfast. He would then drive me back to the hotel. Yes, the hotel occupied a vast area. It was literally away from everything.

I went to resume packing up everything, minus some toiletries, for I was thinking of taking a shower before we'd fly back just after midnight.

My guy and I agreed to meet at the Kista Galleria mall. He was teaching for half the day. We wanted to go sightseeing downtown. We opted to park our cars at the mall and to take the metro. We met at 13:00. I suggested meeting in front of the grocery store.

We found each other. My guy had purchased some chocolate at the grocery store. He wanted to put it in my rental car, so we did. We were then hungry. We headed to the food court and had delicious Middle Eastern food. I loved the rice that accompanied my chicken kabob.

We then headed toward the metro station. We bought our fare and hopped on the train. Each station does look like a cave with artistic accents. Seated across from us was a woman curling her eyelashes and applying her makeup.

We made it downtown. It look longer for us to figure out where to take the bus tour, but we ultimately found the bus stops. We took pictures, held hands, and walked over there.

The rain started. It poured. My guy had brought an umbrella. We were good.

Sadly, the double-decker bus did not shield us from the rain too well. At one point, we took the umbrella and practically shoved it out the side of the bus, as my right arm was completely drenched. My guy was hilarious, saying that he was entitled to whine about the rain.

Anyway, after half an hour, the rain had stopped and we were drying off. I hugged my guy, as he was getting cold. We had a rest stop. My guy got off the bus and bought a Coke Light for me.

The bus tour was good, despite the weather. We got off it and headed to a couple of souvenir stores. I bought a key chain that was a segmented ruler. You can to stretch it out to use the entire ruler, and then put it back into a neatly folded key chain.

We walked by a wooden paddle that was the shape of Stockholm. My guy playfully swatted my backside with it. My backside was still tender from the spanking that I had received the night before.

We headed back to the metro station and went back to Kista. It was the first time in ages that I took public transportation. It was nice. My guy admitted that he was not good with directions. He told me that I make up for his lack of directional sense.

Since lunch was yummy, we decided to get dinner from the same Middle Eastern eatery. We then headed back to my car and placed the food in there. He walked over to his car. We were driving back to the hotel to eat dinner, fetch our luggage, and head over to the airport.

It took me longer to get back to the hotel with all the construction and detours happening. My GPS couldn't handle all the changes.

I was perhaps five minutes away from the hotel when the unexpected happened. I was driving along. There was a bus parked in the right lane at the bus stop. I had the green light and drove along the single lane. I was clearing the intersection. Out of nowhere, a car was in front of me, moving slowly. I braked. I couldn't break in time and slammed into the side of it.

Both cars ended driving over to the right parking lot entrance. My rental car stopped when it hit a thin yellow pole.

I was shaken up, mainly because I was not expecting all this to happen. I had thoughts about my guy and I missing our flight. I needed to contact him.

The person in the other vehicle was a young man. He must have been twenty years of age. He spoke English. We both asked if we were okay. He was in a Volvo and had little damage. My Peugeot looked like it was totalled.

My young man's parents came over. His family was helpful in helping me fill out the accident report that needed to be submitted. They also helped in calling the hotel and my rental car company. I couldn't reach my guy on my cell phone. We all tried getting a hold of him. The mother said that I looked calm. I thanked her, but I felt that I wasn't.

After completing the accident report and speaking to a number of folks, I finally got to speak to my guy on the phone. He asked if I was okay. I was. He told me that he had packed all my stuff and he was coming over to get me.

He was at the accident scene five minutes later. He talked with the family, took pictures of my rental car in case I hadn't, put his arm on my back, and then held my hand. The tow truck was there, which tows both cars simultaneously.

We had to get the accident report photocopied, so my guy drove the young man's father and me over to the hotel. Everyone was so nice. My guy held my hand for the entire time.

The young man's family had arrived at the hotel. We all wished each other the best and went our separate ways.

We had a few more minor hiccups along the way. My guy's GPS wasn't working properly, giving us the weirdest route to get to the airport. I pulled out my GPS and we used that for a bit, which helped a ton.

My guy was being his jokey self, although he was hungry. I had managed to move the food to his rental car. He told me that he wanted to eat me. I pretended that I was afraid.

We found a gas station where my guy could top off the gas tank. Sadly, it was unattended and the instructions were all in Swedish. Still, my guy managed to figure it all out.

We returned my guy's rental car. I unzipped my luggage to get a plastic spoon and fork that I had. We headed to the airport shuttle area and ate our dinner. We were halfway done before our bus came. We left our food there and boarded.

My guy couldn't remember the terminal that we needed. I remembered that it was terminal 5. Everything worked out well. We checked in and had an hour to spare.

My guy had joked that I didn't think highly of him -- that he'd leave me to board his flight if I was late. It was too early for me to handle that type of teasing. I broke down and cried. My guy felt bad and said that he was sorry.

We were in the lounge waiting for our flight. He was checking his e-mail. I felt sad. He could tell. He reached over and squeezed my arm.

It was time to board.
"I have your back," he said, reassuring me that everything will be okay.
"Do you have my backside, too?"
"Yes," he said. "Bigtime."
I was happy again as we boarded our plane.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A dinner date and more...

On Thursday night, my guy and I let the GPS decide where we'd go for dinner in Lidingo. We thought that a restaurant called Cleopatra would serve Middle Eastern food. We were so wrong. It was a pizza place owned by Asian folks.

Instead, we went to a Thai place next door. Naturally, neither of us could read Swedish, but we did figure out the gist of some of the dishes. We ordered a couple of dishes, which were delicious.

I don't know how to drive a standard car. My guy can and he is willing to teach me.
"I won't charge you money. You'll pay in services."
"Sounds good. I know how to drive yourt type of stiff... um, I mean stick shift."
After a fine time at the restaurant, we headed back to the hotel to unwind and to start packing. It was nice to just converse and relax, while leisurely packing. We had a late checkout time tomorrow, so we weren't in any hurry to get all our packing done.

We were both lounging in bed. My guy was looking up plane tickets. He was booking his business trip to Frankfurt, which is where he is this week. I snuggled up to him as we both were comparing prices. He finally booked his flight, after kissing me and wanting to play with his cock, which was getting harder with each passing minute. He actually heard me tell him to book his flight first and we'd book playtime a bit later!

He powered off his laptop. We began kissing. I am sure that we'd be content kissing each other all evening long, but we always do more than that.
"How have you been?" he asked me.
"That's an unfair question," I protested.
"How so?"
"When I tell you that I have been good, you don't believe me and spank me. When I say that I have been bad, you still spank me."
"I just want to hear your side of the story," he reassured me, extending his hand to hold mine and guiding me to stretch across his lap.
"You're tricking me," I said, playing a whiny, hesitant girl.
"I just want to hear your thoughts."
I was over my guy's knee. He started to grope each buttock, which made me wet and excited. He proceeded to caress each buttock.
"Have you been a good girl?" he asked me.
"Of course," I replied.
"I don't think so."
My spanking started. He used his hand to deliver increasingly harder smacks across each buttock. He paused and pinched each buttock.
"You are such a stubborn girl," he told me while providing a brief spanking pause.
"I'm not stubborn. You're just a meanie!"
I do enjoy provoking him playfully. He scolded me some more, and spanked me longer and harder. I could feel the increasing warmth across my backside.
"Do you want me to stop punishing you?"
"Can you please stop?" I said.
"That's more begging," he pointed out, slapping each buttock. "What will you do to stop me from spanking you?"
"I can give you a handjob..."
He liked that. He caressed my backside, signalling that my spanking was over.

I got up and loved how warm my bottom felt. I couldn't help but to passionately kiss him, kneeling in front of him. He did a fine job spanking me.

He took down his pajama bottoms and briefs. I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and began jerking him off. We continued to kiss.

I am not sure what happened exactly. I fount that my guy was taking over the jerking duties and I was playing with his chest. I have always found his chest sexy. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt. I managed to put my hand under his shirt and caress his bare chest underneath. He liked it so much.
"Play with my nipple," he said, without any hesitation.
A while back, I had asked him whether he liked nipple stimulation. He told me in the past that he liked his nipples played with, but he has not had that done to him for years. We both figured out the answer to this question. I played with his left nipple, pinching it gently, and making circles around and on it.

Our legs were intertwined. His hard cock was rubbing against my thigh. He came on it. It was wonderful. We cleaned up and rested in each other's arms for a bit, engaging in some silly talk before drifting off to sleep.

It was a perfect evening.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Does size truly matter?

The question that I am posing in this post is not what you think!

My guy is roughly two inches taller than I am. It is the first time where I have dated someone who is taller than I am.

While we were in Stockholm, my guy had put on a pair of jeans in our hotel room. It started this conversation:
"Are these your jeans?" he asked me, as he didn't have his glasses on.
"Yes, they are," I confirmed, smiling at him wearing my jeans. "How do they fit on you?"
"They fit nicely," he admitted.
"They are probably roomier in the leg area, but a bit tight crotch-wise?" I teased.
The funny thing is that my guy has teased me since we've been together that I wear too much GAP clothing. Whenever he tries on clothing from this store, it doesn't fit him well. Apparently, my jeans from this store fit him nicely.

We went out for dinner one evening. We went to an Italian restaurant and were seated on the patio. I was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt. As the sun was setting, I was getting a bit cold. My guy took off his corduroy jacket and put it on me. I like his attentiveness.

As I have mentioned in the past, we are kind of like high school sweethearts. It was sweet of him to take care of me that way.

It was nice that I could put his jacket on. It fit! The arm length was perfect.
"Unfortunately, I can't button your jacket all the way up. My breasts are getting in the way."
"That's a good thing," he said with a huge grin.
It's nice that we can fit into each other's clothing. My guy does have larger hands and feet than I do, so we can't wear each other's shoes and gloves. That may be a good thing.

In the past, I always felt like I was the pudgy one in a relationship. My guy is thin in my eyes. It's also nice to finally realize that I am thin for my height. I am proud that I have managed to maintain the weight that I had lost two years ago.

I have a couple of Stockholm posts left to write. I will get to them soon. My guy is in Frankfurt this week. As expected, I miss him terribly. He comes home this weekend. I can't wait to see him again. It has been way too long!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Being tourists and scheduling a blowjob appointment

My guy had indicated that one of the students in a course that he was teaching had offered to take everyone on a sightseeing tour of Stockholm either on Wednesday or Thursday night. Well, that happened on Wednesday night. My guy had let me know in an e-mail. I was perfectly fine spending a longer day sightseeing on my own.

I managed to land a parking spot in Old City, which is a touristy part of Stockholm. I managed to take many pictures of the Royal Palace, bridges, the Opera House, and much more. I even sat across from the Royal Palace, and enjoyed watching dancers and singers perform a brief show.

I managed to get back to the hotel at around 20:00. I know that I needed to have dinner, but I can't recall what I ate. I took it easy. I showered and washed my hair. I watched some television and did some research on other tourist sites for me to visit.

My guy came back to the hotel at around 23:00. I tend to be up late. I was sitting on the bed, still doing research on my phone while the television was on as background noise. He walked over to me.
"Hey, sorry I'm late," he said.
Before I even had a chance to say anything, he planted a kiss on my lips. It was a memorable one. It lasted quite a bit, ending up as a French kiss.
"Can I schedule an appointment for a blowjob?" he asked me.
"Maybe," I replied, as we kissed a bit more.
I asked how the tour went. He enjoyed it. He commented on how the metro stations were artistic caves and showed me a picture.

My guy went to take a shower. He came back and ironed an outfit to wear for the next day.

We both like a bit of quiet time in the evening, occasionally interrupting this time by chatting. After checking our e-mail, we cuddled and began making out.
"You've been a bad girl again, haven't you?" he asked me.
"No, I'm always a good girl. You're just finding an excuse to punish me."
"I don't need an excuse. You are a bad girl who needs to be punished. I know how to deal with girls like you."
I ended up over his lap on the bed. He hiked up my pajama shorts and started to spank me with his bare hand.
"Are you going to continue to be bad?" he asked me, pausing briefly from a number of smacks across my buttocks.
"No, why should I?" I asked, rebelling against him.
It's fun. My guy hiked up my panties and spanked me harder across the exposed areas of my backside. I was enjoying this moment so much. I could feel the warmth across both buttocks. He caressed them between smacks, which was both sexy and soothing.

He eventually stopped spanking me.
"Can I have a blowjob?" he asked, snapping out of disciplinarian mode.
"Of course," I replied.
I took out my strawberry-flavoured oral gel and squirted enough to cover the tip of my guy's hard cock, as well as down the length of it. We both could tell how responsive his member was. It immediately stood even more erect than it was, if that was even possible. My guy commented on how sexy my finger was applying the gel on his penis.

I began sucking and licking him. I confess that the flavoured oral gel makes a huge (no pun intended) difference in the blowjob experience. My guy was loving every minute of it. So was I. It was probably the most enjoyable time we have both had with a blowjob appointment.

My guy came moments later. It was quite the load. My guy was relaxed and dopey afterwards. I always feel good seeing him ejaculate. It means that I did my job well and that he's happy.

I went to get a towel to wipe him down. He thanked me and kissed me on my forehead. I kissed his face. We chatted for a bit before we decided to hit the sack.

Blowjob appointments are fun to book. We need a follow-up appointment soon.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Changing hotel rooms, leading to another spanking and handjob, and then sightseeing

We woke up at 10:00. It was nice to hug my guy first thing in the morning. Breakfast was there until 11:00. So, we quickly got dressed and headed downstairs.

My guy and I hold hands often while we're walking together. He told me recently that he loves when I grab his hand and vice-versa. It's nice. It a sweet part of our relationship. It's an affectionate part of who we are.

We got to the restaurant on the third floor. The breakfast spread was mighty elaborate. We each ended up getting a custom-made omelette. We both went for the tea. My guy got some fruit juice. I have a weakness for chocolate croissants and absolutely loved the one that I had practically inhaled. I also managed to grab some sausages. My guy got some yogurt and added cucumber slices to it.

My guy looked at me as we were seated. He had a burning question that he wanted to ask.
"It amazes me how much you enjoy a baked good, such as your chocolate croissant. Yet, you still manage to look so good, without gaining any weight. What is your secret?"
So, I spilled. I had lost sixty pounds over two years ago and have managed to maintain my weight. I do indulge in a slice of lemon cake or chocolate croissant. I still follow a low-carb diet. I do pushups and exercise on a glider for thirty minutes. My guy was impressed.

We left the restaurant and went upstairs to pack. Our checkout time was noon. We were heading over to the car rental place at the airport to get our cars.

So, we did. My guy got a manual Volvo car. He enjoys driving a manual vehicle. I can only drive an automatic, so mine was a Peugeot. I got a free rental GPS. Trying to find my car in the lot took a while. I eventually did find it. My guy and I then found each other. I led the way onto the highway.

On the whole, I did fine driving in a European country for the first time. However, I got confused at an exit. My guy had to take over the leading duties, thankfully! It was also raining fairly hard.

We got to Lidingo. We were essentially at a conference centre. It was odd that the owner had contacted the hotel where we had stayed overnight. It turned out that he knew the owner. My guy had felt that there was some sort of breach of confidentiality, but we let that slide.

We all drove over to our hotel room, which was a separate part of the estate. It was a lovely place. My guy helped me with my suitcases.

We unpacked briefly. My guy looked at me as was horny. He had an instant boner, which was difficult to ignore.

So, we headed over to the bed. He immediately pulled off my panties and pants. He spanked my bare bottom numerous times, making me incredibly wet. I was excited. My guy commented on how pink my backside was starting to get.

He fingered my pussy, which was well-lubricated. He went ahead and fingered my butt simultaneously. I enjoyed hugging him tightly as I came. I felt limp in his embrace. I was dopey for a bit.

Eventually, I started to massage his hard cock. I did that for a bit before I unzipped his pants. He unbuttoned them and pulled down his briefs. I had full access to his hard penis. I proceeded to give him a handjob. He loved how my fingers looked around his member as I jerked him off. He came. We saw. It was nice.

I gently kissed my guy's head as he dozed off for a brief nap. I figured out moments later that my period was starting.

It seems like whenever I go on vacation, my menstrual cycle comes to life. My recent vacation was no different. The only exception to this trend seems to have occurred last September when I took a road trip down to Erie, PA.

I am like a travelling drugstore. I have enough feminine products to last for a day. Once my guy woke up, I told him the news. I also felt like I was letting him down. He is always understanding. He told me that he'd still spank me all week.

We headed over to the local mall. We got money out of the bank machine. We then headed over to the grocery store, where we got goodies for our hotel fridge and fetched some dinner. Dinner consisted of smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes, and cheese on ridiculously soft bread rolls. It was wonderful to eat and chat leisurely. My guy fixed us both these fine sandwiches.

After dinner, we got a bit of sightseeing done. I had suggested that we go visit the Kaknäs Tower, which is a television tower with satellites in Stockholm. It worked out great. My guy took pictures of me using my digital SLR camera. I took pictures of him, too.

As mentioned previously, it's not a newsflash that we do hold hands a lot. We did so in the car, walking around the tower, and pretty much any chance we could get. We are like high school sweethearts, except that we met at work. I can't complain one bit.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Long weekend, long-distance call on my birthday

I have been away for nearly a week. I decided to extend my Canada Day long weekend. My birthday is a couple of days after our national holiday and I simply did not want to go into work!

My guy is on the road for three weeks. This week is the second week of three. He last wrote to me two Mondays ago. He has been exceptionally busy.

We are similar in that we don't announce to the world our birth dates. It's interesting. I have never truly had a huge, loud birthday bash. Neither has he. I am pretty good with remembering dates. My guy claims that he's bad at it, but he has yet to forget my birthday.

On Wednesday, I woke up at 08:00, which is early for a vacation day. However, it's rather late for a workday for me. I sat on my hotel bed, reading e-mails. At 08:25, my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the phone number. It was obvious that it was a long-distance call. I decided to answer it.
"Hello, Cutiebootie speaking."
"Hello," he said.
"Hey!" I said, ecstatic to hear his voice.
"Are you awake?" he asked me, a bit apologetic for calling me so early, but knowing that I am an early riser.
"Do I sound sleepy? Am I dreaming?" I asked him, which made him chuckle in happiness.
"It's me, sweetie. Sweetie, it's me," he reassured me.
"I don't think so. Maybe you're using a phone app where you just talk into it and it sounds like my guy."
"No, it's really me. How are you?" he asked in his sweet way.
"I'm good now! How are you?"
"I'm good. I am calling to wish you a happy birthday."
"Aww, you're so sweet! Thanks for calling. You didn't have to."
"Yes, I did," he replied. "I needed to hear you voice."
Since we've been together, we have a knack for not being together on our birthdays. It's not planned. It just happens.

Well, this year has been different. We have spoken to each other on our birthdays. It's nice. It means a lot to each other.