Sunday, March 31, 2013

Technical difficulties clear up and pleasure ensues

Last week, my guy was in Sweden for the entire week for work. We talked almost every other day.

He got there on Sunday. I was shopping in the afternoon and had Skype open on my phone. He let me know that he was okay and that he had arrived safely. I wrote back and said that I was nearly home. As his usual concerned self, he told me to to drive safely, and to not text and drive. It was thoughtful.

I got home and we tried to chat on Skype. Our Internet connection was horrible. I could hear every other syllable that he was uttering. Sometimes, the connection was fine. Other times, it would go back to that degraded, let's-lose-data-packets-and-chop-up-the-conversation connection.

I am not sure how we managed to get my guy to get all dopey with such a horrible connection, but he did. He tried to share a movie. Oddly, I could hear him just fine as he gave me the play-by-play details, but I got the still-picture edition of the movie.

Anyway, my guy felt bad that I didn't come. I was okay.

A couple of days later, we chatted again. This time, our connection was perfect. My guy shared some rather intriguing videos that he had come across (no pun intended). He got off just fine. As for me, the intrigue prevented me from getting off, which concerned him. He felt bad again. I told him not to.

We chatted on Skype the following day. I was at work and decided to go into a conference room. I shut the door.

I had indicated to my guy that I was fine staying at work late. My guy feels the same way as I do when it comes to birthdays. We don't shout it to the world. I am quirky, though. If you tell me a date, I will remember it for life.

So, I wished him a happy birthday. He was pleased that I remembered, but was not shocked. I had sent him an e-Card. He didn't know that I had already bought him his present, which was waiting for him on Friday.

My guy is not selfish at all. He didn't want to get off. He wanted me to do that, so we worked on me.
"Are you behaving without me?" he asked me.
"I don't think so," I replied. "I went to your cubicle and rearranged everything on your desk to suit my needs."
"You know that I don't like that," he replied. "You know what happens to you when you disobey me."
"I don't know. It has been such a long time. Refresh my memory."
"You need to be punished."
"No, I don't," I said, acting like an innocent girl.
"I need to put you over my lap, pull your skirt up, pull down your panties, and caress your bare bottom."
"I love when you do that," I said in agreement.
"I'd then smack your bare bottom with my hand until my hand hurts and your bottom is bright red."
He is great when he tells me that he likes to finger me between smacks to figure out how excited I am. I was excited. I'd estimate that ten minutes later, I came. In the conference room. At work. Yes, the door was shut. I felt great. I was even a bit dopey.

It was a great day for both of us. My guy called me by my Chinese name. The other week, he learned how to pronounce my name. He is quick at picking up anything. He likes my name a lot. He now feels that my English first name is boring in comparison.

He's a funny, sweet guy. I will keep him.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My only question to answer, spanning several upcoming posts!

You would think that receiving a single, multi-part question during the March question-and-answer post would bring me down. Sure, the number of questions I received wasn't exactly an explosion. That's okay.

In a way, I am glad that I have one question, because I have technically addressed all parts of this question in the early stages of this blog. However, it's nice to reread those posts and to add to them.

I received this question from Karl:
Hey Cutiebootie, I've been following your blog for quite a while, and find it a lot of fun. I think it would be great if you could describe for us the genesis and history of your interest in spanking. What made you start thinking about it. And how did you pursue that interest once it was awakened?
It will likely take me several posts to complete, for I wrote several of them to explain my spanking interest and how it evolved.

When my guy told me that he found me attractive and we started seeing each other, he asked me what interested me sexually. I was a bit hesitant to tell him that I enjoyed spanking -- both giving and receiving. I didn't know how he would take it, but I managed to gather enough courage to tell him. He was fine with it. He was interested in spanking me. He had never done it before. He has never stopped and has grown to enjoy it.

Our next conversation sparked him to ask how I got into spanking. My post from years ago, Pinches and lovetaps, still holds true. I do have some extra details to fill in, though.

When I was a child, I liked being carried in either my mom's or dad's arms. I look at photos of my day carrying me in his arms. It was sweet. Carrying a baby in one's arms requires an arm under the baby's backside. I believe that I have always had a soft spot (no pun intended... really!) when I have my bottom touched.

My guy has started to caress my bare bottom just before spanking me. I love his touch. I love the anticipation of being spanked soon. I love the contrast between how calm and loving it is to have my buttocks caressed before the hard smacks land. I also enjoy having my sore, red bottom rubbed after a spanking.

As I have mentioned before, I have always been a good girl. My guy tells me all the time that I am a good person. He told me recently that I come across as being a conservative woman. However, he has told me that he knows my "secret," and that what I do behind closed doors with him is far from being conservative.

To sum my old blog post and this one is that I love the idea of "making up" for not being a bad girl growing up. I love the feeling of being spanked for a ridiculous reason. I love the stinging sensation I get when being spanked. I love being held afterwards. I feel good. I feel safe. I feel closer to my spanker.

My guy has told me that when he spanks me harder, I tend to hold on to him tighter. I either hug him tighter or I squeeze his thigh more when I am over his lap. He enjoys when I do either to him. I simply love what he does to me. I especially enjoy when he scolds me as I get spanked.

Spanking is always on my mind. I just played a word game tonight.

My guy returns on Friday. It will be nice to receiving a real spanking then. Here's hoping that his flight gets in early!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Midwest winter storm calls for an early spanking and more quality time

I have meant to write more about my vacation with my guy last month. Well, it was a vacation for me. My guy was on the road at work during the day, but we had date night every night that week. He spanked me every night, too. We had a slight deviation on Thursday, though.

What was special about Thursday? We were in St. Louis and were caught in the middle of winter storm Q. I don't know why it was called Q. Did folks run out of names starting with that letter or something?

Anyway, my guy went to work at 08:00. We had breakfast together before that, sharing a rather enormous plate of scrambled eggs, back bacon, hashbrowns, and toast. We seemed like a typical couple, talking, eating, and laughing. We kissed before we went our separate ways.
"Try and come back to the room by noon," he said in his concerned, thoughtful way. "The storm is supposed to start then."
"I will," I told him. "I hope that you can come back to the room then as well."
"Me, too."
I went shopping at Office Depot, Best Buy, and Target that morning. It was raining when I walked into the first store. When I had finished making my purchases, freezing rain had started. I don't like freezing rain at all.

I got to Best Buy and the parking lot was getting slippery. I came back out, buying both my guy and I mats that you can place on your dashboard that are reusable. You can mount a GPS or phone on it. My guy had wanted one. I thought it would be great for travel, so I purchased two of them. I left the store and snow had started to form on the ground.

I managed to get to Target. Snow was falling down at quite the pace. My guy had mentioned that he wanted to polish his leather shoes. I got him some polish wipes. I thought that it would be more convenient than getting traditional polish that can get all over the place.

It was lunch time and I was hungry. There was plenty of snow on the ground. Traffic was at a crawl no matter what street I was driving on. I hit a Waffle House by the hotel. I wish that there was one in Ontario, but it's an American chain only. The closest one to my province is in Ohio. Anyway, I had the All-Star Special, which comes with practically everything, including its signature, yummy waffle. I absolutely love the grits there, too.

While drying off my shoes and eating, I noticed a minivan with Texas licence plates trying to drive up a snowy incline to get to the main road. It kept on sliding down. Pretty soon, everyone in the restaurant, including staff, were watching this driver try and make it up the incline. Finally, the driver backed up quite a ways and then gunned it. He made it. It wasn't pretty, but he succeeded.

As for me, I have lived in Manitoba and Minnesota, where I learned how to drive in snowy conditions. I grew up in Ontario. Frankly, had I lived in this province all my life, I would be a horrible winter driver. My fear has always been sharing the road with folks who may not be the best drivers. Luckily, I was with decent drivers in St. Louis and got back to the room by 12:45 pm.

I was surprised to find my guy there, who had changed into his pajamas. We said hi. We kissed. We hugged. We talked. I shared my shopping findings and gifts for him. He was amazed at how I could pick up so many items in one trip.

My guy was horny. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't. His meeting was moved to an online format, with everyone going home due to the storm. He wanted to get off. I was game.

He is the perfect gentleman, though. He pleasured me first.
"You're wearing a bra," he said, after I had changed into my pajamas and he was caressing my back.
"I am."
"You know that I want to play with your breasts. You haven't learned, have you?" he asked me rhetorically.
"Sure, I have. I need to be punished regularly."
We headed to the bed. We kissed and hugged. He played with my breast after he ordered me to take it off. I complied.

He whispered in my ear that I needed to be punished. I whined at first, but managed to flip over. He scolded me as each hard smack landed on each buttock. It hurt, but I was so turned on.
"Are you going to wear your bra?" he asked me.
"No, not today," I said.
"Not today?" he said, acting as if he were upset. "Never, you mean."
More smacks were administered across my sore backside. He finally asked me if I had learned my lesson. I said that I had. He stopped and fingered me. He loved how wet I was. It took no time for me to reach orgasm. It was nice. I rested in his arms for a bit afterwards.

I then worked on him. I rubbed his cock, which was getting harder and harder. I then reached under his pajama bottoms and rubbed his hard penis. It drove him crazy. He eventually pulled his underpants down. I had my hand wrapped around his cock, giving him a handjob.

Moments later, he came all over my hand. I kissed him sweetly on his forehead. He was dopey. He was so out of it that I went to wash my hands, get a towel, and came over to wipe him clean. He thanked me.

I'd say about twenty minutes later, he had sobered up enough to go online and resume his meeting. I was impressed at how quickly he had bounced back. It normally takes him a lot longer. I took a brief nap, and then played games on my iPad.

By the time it was 17:00, there was plenty of snow on the ground. We decided to go downstairs to the cafe and get dinner. Of course, we knew that it would be busy. It was.

We placed our order, holding hands for the entire process at the counter, and then found a loveseat to sit on. A table was finally free, so we moved over to it.

We talked while we waited for our food. My guy gets hungry rather quickly. It wasn't until 1.5 hours later that my guy decided to get a couple of bags of chips from the tuck shop. He came back to the table with the chips and two bottles of Stella Artois. I was pleasantly surprised.
"That's my favourite," I said, still surprised.
"Yes, I know," he replied. "Last two bottles, too."
We played Tetris on my guy's phone before our dinner came. My guy had a roasted chicken dish. I had a beef dip sandwich. My guy shared his fries with me. I decided not to open the bag of chips that came with my sandwich.

It was great to finally have lots of food in our tummies. We left the dining area, holding hands, and went back to our room.

Thank goodness for Netflix. We picked out a flick that neither of us had seen and we cuddled in bed, watching it on my guy's laptop. We kissed throughout it. It was wonderful.

Before going to bed, we made out some more. He gave me a few smacks across my backside. He then teased me, which caused me to swat his backside three times. They weren't hard. After all, his butt was fully clothed and we were under the sheets. He didn't mind the swats. I think that it also helped that I hugged him afterwards. So, I still feel that he has potential to be a spankee.

It was a perfect day spending most of it at the hotel.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Making up for lost (Skype) time

I haven't written much as of late. I thought that I would have lots of time to blog, as my guy is on the road for a few weeks. I was wrong.

My guy has been away this week. We have chatted on Skype six out of seven evenings. It has been great.

My guy has been expressing how he feels a lot more. Here are some highlights:
  • He mentioned in a text conversation that we have grown closer and are best friends.
  • When we talked yesterday, he said he wants to make sure that folks don't treat me badly, or he'd do something about it, as "precious things need protection."
  • He said that I have all the best qualities he could hope for in a girlfriend.

He is sweet.

We managed to have phone sex a couple of times. The first time was on Tuesday evening. It was intense and wonderful.

A first happened to him. He is normally dopey after he has ejaculated. The following day, we had this exchange on Skype: 
MG: Good morning, babe. Just wanted to let you know I'm still dopey.
Me: Good morning, sweetie. Wow! You are adorable when you're dopey, though.
MG: We've grown to become best friends. When we don't meet for a while, I feel really bad
Me: I agree. We're close, although physically apart.
Me: No need to feel bad. We eventually do meet. Skype has helped this week.
At lunch time, we connected on Skype again:
Me: Are you still dopey or is it wearing off?
MG: Still dopey! It's unreal
Me: Wow, that's different. Normally, you're good the next day.
Me: You truly did/do miss me.
MG: Very true
MG: I have every right to miss such a hot babe like you
Me: That's sweet.
We were both horny:
Me: All I think about is nuzzling your cock. I have always enjoyed that.
MG: You have no idea how much I enjoy that.
Me: I know. It stood up and told me so. =)
MG: Face to face... lol
Me: =)
We chatted on Skype that evening. He admitted that after I had mentioned that I liked to nuzzle his penis, that he was hard as all can be. He yearned to have me do that. It will be another week till we see each other.

Anyway, my guy is coming home tomorrow. He flies out on Sunday. We don't have time to meet this weekend, as he's off to Sweden. However, he told me that he'd call me once he arrives there.

Although we have been separated from each other all week, we are closer than ever. It's good.

Monday, March 18, 2013

My guy is on the road for a while... here's to Skype!

My guy and I had a two-hour chat over Skype today. He could be potentially on the road for the next six weeks.

We both agree that e-mailing and chatting has helped us not feel so far apart. My guy has only been away since last Wednesday, but it does feel like an eternity.

On Saturday, I suggested that if he wanted to chat on Skype, to let me know. He wrote back to me with this delightful few lines:
I logged in on Skype last night, but you weren't online... for hours. Someone has to pay for that! I'll try you tomorrow. It would be nice to hear your voice.
What he wrote may not seem significant to most folks, but it is to me. I like when he threatens to deal with me. It makes he excited about the prospect of being spanked by him. Although I didn't know that he missed me so much on Friday night and wanted to see me online, it's his sweet way of indirectly telling me that he missed me.

My guy isn't as vocal about expressing how he feels as I am. It does come outt eventually, but it takes him some time. The fact that he wanted to hear my voice was nice. And yes, it's another example of his indirect way to saying that he missed me.

After a two-hour chat tonight, it's pretty clear that we both miss each other.
"Can I call you tomorrow night?" he asked me.
"Of course," I replied. "I'll make sure that I'm home at a respectable time."
He reciprocated by saying that he wouldn't stay out too late shopping at the mall. I am still amazed that I am with someone who loves shopping just as much as I do. It's nice.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday spanking video

As you know, I do love a birthday spanking, especially receiving one. I saw this video a few weeks ago and ended up bookmarking it. I like it a lot.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

March: question and answer month

I have seen a number of blog posts asking readers to post questions and the blogger responds. I love this idea, so I am giving it a try.

Please feel free to drop a burning question you may have and I will answer them. Hopefully, you will not stump me!

My guy told me that he is on the road for a few weeks. So, between answering your fine questions and my recounting my vacation time with my guy, they should keep me busy until he returns home.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Here today, gone tomorrow...

My guy was back in the office on Monday. I got there and noticed his new jacket on his desk chair. He was likely in a meeting.

I went to my desk to get settled in. Underneath my desk was a bag from Trader Joe's. I had asked him to get me a small box of chocolate-covered edamame. I love edamame, but have never heard of them being covered in chocolate until a friend had posted a picture up on Facebook. I included the photo for my guy and even did the research to find the address for him. He was kind to pick that up for me while he was in Dallas.

I had mentioned that if he couldn't find the edamame, that it would be okay. I would be happy with getting a slice of iced lemon pound cake from any airport at Starbucks in the States instead. I have no idea why Starbucks cafes in Canada to not offer the same baked goods.

Anyway, my guy got me pecan popcorn and some dashboard wipes, too. It sounds weird, but he knows that I like popcorn and that we have a joke about seeing a movie. He'd get me real Coke and popcorn. We both have a thing for sprucing up our cars, so he thought that the dashboard wipes would come in handy.

On a break from his meeting, he came up to talk to me. He told me that my slice of lemon pound cake was in the communal fridge in the kitchen. I was so pleased. I gave him an either-or option between picking up the edamame and the lemon cake. He opted to get both! I am a lucky girl.

I looked at what he was wearing.
"Is that your new shirt [that you got at Costco]?" I asked him.
"Yes," he said. It was white with blue stripes. It was perfect for spring, which is around the corner.
"It looks great! Button," I said, noticing that one of his shirt buttons was not done up and touched his chest.
"Thanks," he said, as he went to button it up.
"Or, you can leave them all unbuttoned. I don't mind," I said.
We talked for a bit. He touched my right elbow. I went to squeeze his hand. We held hands for a bit while talking.
"We need to have a meeting," he said quietly to me.
"Yes," I nodded.
We left work just before 18:00. I left first. I had parked in the lot about two cars away from my guy's vehicle. I went to back up, looked to my right, and my guy was staring at me. He startled me. I shifted my car to park and rolled down my window, explaining how startled I was. He smiled at me.
"Did you want to grab some dinner at the Chinese restaurant?" he asked me.
"Are you hungry?" I asked him.
"I am. You?"
"Not really, but I might be by the time we order food. Okay."
So, we drove over to what seems to be our regular dinner hangout by work. I got there first and waited for my guy, who parked next to me. I noticed his new bomber jacket that he was wearing. He looked nice in it.

We found a quiet corner in the restaurant. We sat next to each other. We held hands. It's an interesting dynamic that we have. I am the one who always has warm hands. He doesn't. I tend to warm him up.

My guy was subtle. He told me that he missed me. He then moved my hand and placed it over his crotch. Yep, his cock had missed me, too. I had fun touching it a few times during our conversation at the table, just to see how his horny meter was doing.
"What's yummy?" I asked, trying to decide what to order from the menu.
"You," he said without any thought.
He's sweet and horny. It's a nice combination.

We did get our food. He said that we should eat fast. I told him that we could have been in the treehouse by now, but his hunger got in the way. I said that he could wait for another thirty minutes. My guy is like a little boy sometimes.
"I don't think I can wait. I will explode!"
"No, you won't. You'll be okay."
I like placing my hand on his thigh, caressing and squeezing it. My guy commented that he loves when my hand just warms up any area that I have it on him. 

He is a gentleman. He escorted me to my car and opened the door for me. He then grabbed my left buttock. I was getting incredibly turned on. I had missed his touch.

We drove over to our usual spot and got into the treehouse. He was being his sweet self by saying how beautiful I was.

We locked lips. We kissed. It seemed like ages since his sweet lips were pressed against mine.

He groped my right breast. His hand went under my sweater. He took my breasts out of my black bra, which he loved and told me so. He sucked them. He told me that he had missed them. He loved having his head between them. He enjoyed playing with them.

He fingered my clit. I was wet. He continued to play with me. Moments later, I came. It was long overdue.

I rested in his arms for a bit. Our lips met again. We kissed some more.

He bent me slightly over his knee. I didn't get spanked. Instead, he fingered my butt. My face was caressing his left hand. He liked what I was doing. My orgasm was intense. I was weak after coming a second time.

I rested my head on his lap. He flipped my hair over so he could see my face.

I eventually had enough strength to sit up. We embraced. 
"I can't take this any more. I am going to die if I don't take it out!" my guy said, undoing his belt.
"You are not going to die!" I told him. "You can't. There wouldn't be any treehouse time."
We kissed some more. I wrapped my fingers around his hard penis and started giving him a handjob. We unlocked lips for a bit. He wanted me to kiss him while I jerked him off. So, I did. My lips seemed to be perpendicular to his. I traced my tongue around his soft lips. We French kissed. He was extremely excited.

He came. He came a lot. He was incredibly dopey afterwards. And yes, there was a mess that needed to be cleaned up.

We chatted after for a bit while being in each other's arms. It was raining outside. 
"There's a chance that I will be flying out this week," he told me.
"I know. It's a part of the job."
"I'll let you know," he reassured me.
We are closer than ever. He tells me these sorts of details as they happen. In the past, he would tell me at the very last minute. Mind you, it wasn't his fault. He always is made aware of these trips on short notice.

We hugged and kissed a bit more before we left the treehouse. We hugged when we got out, too. He then walked me over to my car.
"I will miss you," he said to me.
"You will?" I asked him. Normally, I am the mushy one.
"I always miss you," sealing the deal with one final kiss for the evening.
On Tuesday, my guy told me that he is flying off to Trinidad on Wednesday. I am happy that he is travelling more these days. He told me to be well and that we'd be in touch.

I have reassured him that exchanging e-mails last week made our time away from each other easier. He indicated that he would make more time for me on Skype compared to his last trip. I could tell by our evening out on Monday that he didn't want us to not talk. He said that he missed hearing my voice, and seeing my face and hair. He missed that along with the physicality of our relationship. It's a mutual feeling. It was nice to be in his arms again for a bit.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Missing my guy, but it's not as bad as it could be

All week, my guy has been on the road. As usual, I miss him.

The odd thing is that my missing him this time isn't as bad as it can be. Perhaps it's because we spent a week together recently. We had sex every night. I got spanked every evening. Sure, I do miss being physically with him these days, but I am not blue.

It could also be the fact that we have been writing e-mails to each other. We didn't hook up on Skype this week, as I know that my guy was pretty busy with work, as I was. Still, you could tell by the e-mails that we had exchanged that we enjoyed sharing what we have been up to.

Getting back to being spanked every night for seven days straight, I didn't think that I could tolerate it. In the past, I would need a day off for my backside to recover from being sore. I suppose that my guy, although he did spank me hard every night, took a bit of pity on my bottom. The second night, he only spanked my right buttock hard. The next night, my left buttock was spanked. The night after that, both cheeks were smacked. So, there was a bit of a break.

My guy told me the other day that he went to Dollar Tree and was in heaven. I tease him about how frugal he can be, but he's not a cheapskate. He simply likes to optimize.

I went into a Dollarama store tonight. It reminded me of my guy buying wooden kitchen utensils there and using the slotted spatula on my backside a number of times before it broke. I saw a six-pack of paddles. I bought it. I can't wait have them quality-tested on my backside.

Speaking of utensils, on our trip together, my guy got a free hot breakfast each morning. The first morning, he headed out for breakfast on his own. I had leftover Mexican food that I wanted to eat for breakfast. Anyway, he told me later on in the day that his breakfast was huge and that I should help him eat it.

So, for the remainder of our stay, we shared breakfast together. It was both sweet and romantic. My guy would always give me the silver fork to use and he would fetch a plastic one from the cafe.

Well, we got caught in a snowstorm while we were in St. Louis. On Friday morning, I gave my guy my rental car's key so he could fetch the snowscraper. He not only removed the snow off his car rental, but off mine as well.

When he came back to the cafe for breakfast, he noticed that I was using the plastic fork.
"I see that you gave me the silver fork," he said to me when he was finally sitting down. "You must like me a lot."
"I do," I said with a smile, as we sat next to each other in the booth and ate.
It was a wonderful week. It was nice to kiss him goodbye as he headed to work. I liked holding hands with him practically everywhere we went. We were goofy. He told me that he enjoyed acting like a complete idiot in front of me. We enjoyed cuddling every night. I loved showering him with kisses all over his face and waking up next to him.

I do miss him. I think the fun memories of being with him recently have sustained me for a bit. Luckily, he is coming home this weekend.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Experiments with being tied up and wearing an eye mask are coming up

This post contains tidbits of information from two separate days on my vacation. They do tie in with each other nicely. I just made an unintentional pun, too.

When my guy and I were travelling to the Midwest, we finally sat next to each other on our final flight segment. He was telling me about a number of things that he wanted to do to me sexually. We have talked about tying me up in the past, but this topic has been dormant for a bit. He brought it up in a scenario, and it made us both intrigued and aroused.

I have only been playfully tied up once by the ex-husband. We used his necktie. He tied my hands loosely with it and spanked me. I did like it, but I tend to be incredibly obedient during a spanking. I don't squirm, or try to get away. I take it because I want to be spanked.

My guy has always liked the idea of having me helpless in some way such that he can get his way with me. It would be consensual, of course. It takes a lot of booze to get me drunk, for instance. We know that liquoring me up is not the best method. He likes when I am exceptionally dopey after multiple orgasms. I know what is happening to me, but I am too dopey to do much.

We were talking in bed that night. He entertained the thought of tying me to the bed and pleasuring me. As always, I am game. Unfortunately, we didn't have anything to tie me up with. I need to do some research.

A couple of days later, my guy had purchased a new rolling computer bag and was emptying out his old one. He was giving me various items from the latter. I asked if he was offloading his crap in a teasing way. He said no, but he had a huge grin on his face.

My guy travels a lot. On an Air Canada flight, he got a couple of eye masks and gave one to me. I put it on. It worked well. I sat on the bed, talking to him with the eye mask on. I didn't hear him walking towards me. He passionately kissed me. It was nice. A few minutes later, he tickled me, which made me squirm.

He hinted that I should wear the eye mask when we are intimate. It sounds like a decent plan.

He told me on the plane that I give the impression to others that I am conservative. However, he knows the other side of me. He likes that balance. I have always loved the fact that he is willing to experiment behind closed doors. He feels the same away about me.

So, here's to being tied up and being blindfolded in the near future. We keep things exciting. There has never been a dull moment with him.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Dinner, sweet kisses, and a spanking

Although it's only an hour's difference between the Eastern and Central timezones, it did affect my guy and I when we were in St. Louis.

Our hotel room had two queen-sized beds. One night, my nerve pain in my right foot was acting up (I'm still recovering from a pinched nerve and it takes some time for nerves to unpinch) that I decided to take an Ibuprofen and sleep in the other bed, so that I wouldn't disturb my guy.

The next morning, I woke up at 06:30 and sat with my legs crossed on my bed. My nerve pain was gone. I didn't realize that my guy was awake and was quietly observing me.
"Are you awake?" he whispered to me.
"Yes, I am," I whispered back at him. "Good morning!"
"Good morning," he said, continuing to whisper back at me.
We chatted for a bit before we got on with our day. I let him go first, as he had to go to work. I was in no rush to head out.

At one point, I was brushing my teeth by the bathroom sink. I was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of plaid, blue pajama bottoms. He came over and swatted my left buttock. It hurt a bit, but I loved that.

He said goodbye to me. We kissed. He has such tender lips. We hugged and wished each other a great day.

I grabbed a quick bite to eat before I went sightseeing. I took a picture of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The riverwalk was windy, but I managed not to get blown away.

I then hit a post office and mailed a package off to my friend. I was a bit sad to see that this post office did not have any staff. You printed your parcel's postage from a machine. I kind of missed talking to someone to help me out.

Down the street was a Chinese restaurant. It looked authentic to me. A few blocks down from the restaurant was a Starbucks drive-thru. I was an incredibly happy gal.

After buying a bunch of goodies at Brookstone and Victoria's secret (yes, I am a geek who likes lacy panties), I headed back to the hotel. Ten minutes later, my guy was there. We chatted. He wanted to go out and eat. I suggested trying out that Chinese restaurant. He was game.

Sure enough, we were the only ones there. As I had gathered, the food was Hunan and authentic. At first, my guy didn't believe that it was an authentic establishment, for a non-Chinese man was clearing our plates. However, we figured out later on that he was the delivery driver. Everyone else was Chinese. I gave my guy the see-I-knew-it look.

What dampened our evening was an older couple who had a first round of meals and then ordered more. They allegedly got upset that the owner took the woman's napkin away. They made a huge fuss and stormed out of the restaurant, refusing to pay for all that food that they had eaten and ordered.

My guy is incredibly sweet. When he went to pay for our meal, he attempted to slip a $20 bill to help pay for some of the food. The owner, who was a woman, refused to accept my guy's money, but thanked him for his kindness.

We wished the owner a good evening and left. We got into my guy's rental car.

I couldn't help but to kiss him a couple of times on the lips for being who he is. He told me that he loved how sweet my kisses were.

We decided to go back to the hotel to cuddle and have some quality time. He spanked me for wearing a bra. He scolded me while delivering many hard smacks across my backside. My butt was smarting, but I enjoyed it.

He played with my breasts. I caressed the back of his head. We kissed some more. I played with his erect cock. We tried to get him off, but it wasn't going to happen and he apologized. I told him that it was okay and held him in my arms. I could tell that he liked my doing that.

We watched some TV together afterwards. We're a comfortable couple. We adore each other and spending time together.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Spelling and grammar mistakes? That's a paddlin'!

I write for a living. I ended up in this profession by accident. I have no regrets. It has been a wonderful accident.

Yesterday, I came across this lovely photo on a Facebook page. It triggered a memory from my childhood.

In grades 1 and 2, I had the same homeroom teacher. In grade 2, towards the end of the school year, she gave us what seemed to be the mother of all spelling tests. What she said to us a day or two before the test day was the following:
"If you make three mistakes or more, you know what you'll get? The smacks."
Now, it sounds like I am ancient. I don't think that I am. However, if a teacher said that these days, it wouldn't been acceptable.

This teacher was special. I probably have mentioned that she was the one who spanked me lightly for finishing my math exercises faster than she had expected. She then hugged me after she was done patting my backside. Perhaps that is one reason why I like being hugged and cuddled after being spanked these days.

Anyway, I did make more than three mistakes on my spelling test back in grade 2. I had secretly hoped to get my fair share of smacks, but that never happened. However, it would be a perfect role-playing scenario to act out with my guy. Making grammatical errors would also be perfect for my backside to be paddled, too.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Travelling can be so much fun

Two Sundays ago, my guy and I met at our workplace. He told me that he'd get a taxi to come pick us up at around 07:30 to head to the airport.

I had arrived ten minutes earlier. The ramps on and off all highways by the airport were not plowed, so it was slippery driving over snow-covered roads, including the parking lot at work.

I saw the taxi guy circle. My guy arrived ten minutes later. He helped me drag my luggage over to the taxi.

My guy and I go into the taxi. It was like we were about to have treehouse time, but we refrained! My guy looked at my down jacket that I was wearing. It was new. He commented that I looked like I was a vacationing girl in Aspen.

I held his hand. As usual, it was cold. I tried warming it up for the brief five-minute ride to the airport.

My guy and the taxi driver had a bit of a spat. My guy wasn't thrilled that the taxi driver didn't greet him with a cheerful good-morning statement. Rather, the taxi driver said that he had been "circling around for a while." That was untrue. I was there and only saw him circle one time and he wasn't there for a long period. My guy was a bit upset that the taxi driver was charging him a higher flat rate than normal.

Anyway, my guy and I got to the airport to check in. We both found out that our flights had changed. The first segment was cancelled. My guy had two flight segments. I managed to get three. I wasn't too thrilled.

My guy was making me get embarrassed, as he was saying sweet things about me and listing what he wanted to do to me. He enjoys when I get that way. I can't help it. It's who I am.

After speaking with the friendly person at the baggage drop-off counter, my guy and I were on the same flight segments. He asked for our seats to be next to each other. For the first flight, we couldn't have that done. However, we were together on the second flight.

It was quite the walk down to the gate. I still feel like I walk slowly. I told my guy that I appreciated his patience. He advised that I don't walk as slowly as I think that I do. He was impressed that I was doing so well. He's just plain sweet.

My guy got hungry. Our flight was boarding at around 10:00. My guy ordered a jerk chicken tropical salad and was chowing down on it.

We were the last folks to board the plane. I sat down first. He quietly asked me if I was comfy. I was for being on a smaller plane. He continued walking to nearly the back of the plane.

He surprised me by coming up to me and giving me his salad. I had told him that I wasn't exactly hungry, but he wasn't there to just give me food. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was incredibly nice and sweet.

The first segment of our flight lasted an hour. It was uneventful, other than my eating salad as a snack. I got off the plane and waited for my guy to join me. We had arrived in Newark.

My guy travels often, to the point where he has access to any Star Alliance lounge. We seems to be star-crossed lovers. We sat next to each other in brown leather chairs. We kissed and made out. We got tea and snacks. We made out some more.

We needed some lunch, so we headed out to a food court. I wanted to look at the gate information for our flight. My guy discreetly groped my left buttock as we were looking at the flight information screens. It was nice and I was getting turned out. We walked hand-in-hand over to the Earl of Sandwich.

The server called us "lovebirds." We were holding hands the entire time before our meals came.

It was nice that our flight from Newark to St. Louis was only an hour. My guy and I sat next to each other. We kissed and made out some more. He managed to grope my right breast. He then played with my crotch. I actually came twice on the flight and tried to keep my voice down. It was a first for both of us. I played with my guy's hard cock in a discreet manner. It would be messy, so it was more of a taste of what was to come (no pun intended).

My guy admitted that his business trips would never be the same. He wanted me to be with him on every single one. I joked that he could grope the guy next to him on his next business trip and play with his man boob. We laughed.

My guy slept for a bit on the plane. I tried to, but I was wide awake.

Anyway, my guy was throughtful in making sure that I was okay as we deplaned. We passed by a Starbucks in the terminal. He was impressed that I didn't jump to get a drink there.

We headed to the baggage area to fetch our luggage. We then went to find the shuttle to take us to the car rental place. We had to wait for one. So, my guy helped me put on my jacket, hugged me as we sat on the bench, and groped my right breast again as we kissed.

So, the shuttle came. We got on it with our luggage. My guy and I sat behind the luggage storage area. We continued to kiss, hold hands, and he groped my breast again. A car shuttle ride will never be the same!

We got our rental cars and drove over to the hotel. We checked in and unpacked briefly. I went ahead and tried figuring out where all the restaurants were. My guy wanted Chinese, so we went to one close by. Unfortunately, it wasn't open on Sundays. Instead, we went to a Mexican restaurant and had a lovely meal.

We came back to the hotel and showered. My guy and I climbed into bed together. We cuddled. He gave me a lopsided spanking on my left buttock. Our clothes came off. I was straddled on top of him. He was sucking each breast. He came. So did I. We then cuddled in each other's arms before we drifted off to sleep.

The day was long, but magical.