Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sweaters and cuddles

A couple of Mondays ago, my guy and I were talking on Skype. We actually talked for a good 1.5 hours.

He asked me how my outing went with my friend the day before. My friend and I had visited Joe Fresh. The store had a ton of Boxing Day discounts. I ended up getting two sweaters that were $15 each. Both had a touch of cashmere, which is unheard of for that price.

When my guy and I saw each other for the first time in nearly three weeks, we had some cuddle time. We both enjoy cuddling. I probably am more of a cuddler than he is, but he has told me that he has never enjoyed cuddling with anyone like he does with me.

He was stroking my back. It felt so good as I rested my head on his chest.
"Your sweater is really nice. It feels good," he remarked.
"Thanks. I like the feeling, too. Can you believe that it was $15?"
"It's good quality. Cheap Bastard approves," he replied.
If the store made a blanket out of the same material, I'd buy it, too. Same goes for pajamas.

I'd like to wish everyone a happy 2015! Here's to more fun, spankings, and blog posts.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Spending time on Christmas and exchanging presents

My guy often tells me that he isn't good at giving gift. On the contrary, he is a thoughtful gift-giving guy.

He tells me that I am truly a great gift-giving gal. I end up buying him practical, unique items. They aren't difficult to find, but he thinks that he would have a challenging time finding them in a store.

The other week, he had visited the largest mall in the world and had picked me up a gift. I didn't want him to tell me what the gift was, as it would ruin the excitement of receiving it.

The day before he left Dubai, we had talked on Skype for 1.5 hours. He was packing a bunch of stuff away.
"I bought two Japanese Thermos bottles, so I can keep my tea hot," he stated.
"That sounds great! Are you packing them in your suitcase?"
"I may take them on the plane. They are fragile. I also have a pair of shoes. Should I take them out of the box?"
"If you have a plastic bag, you can put them in that and throw away the box. I do that all the time." I replied.
We finally got around to exchanging our Christmas gifts. I went first.

Those shoes? They were for me. He knows that I love sneakers. He also knows that I love Skechers shoes because the company sells a woman's size 11. I still have a difficult time finding girlie shoes with pretty patterns. He actually got a pair of gold sneakers with embroidered flowers on them. Even the shoelaces were sparkly. I felt like a giddy girl!

He was worried that I wouldn't like them. After seeing me so ecstatic about holding the sneakers and wanting to wear them immediately, he was relieved. He also got me three types of tea from Dubai. He is thoughtful. He remembered that I love lemon and mint teas. He got me cardamom as well, as he felt it would be similar to the chai tea that I love.

He got to open his gifts next. I got him three silicone cases for his phone. He often teases me that I have so many cases for my iPhone. His phone doesn't come close to having a ton of cases to purchase. I helped him out. He had also hinted that he wanted a silicone case.

I also got him a Micro Pedi, which has made me completely ditch my pumice stone and keep my heels in decent, smooth shape with this gadget. He marvelled at it for quite some time.

Finally, I got him the Wallet Ninja, which is 18 tools all in one slim card that you can store in your wallet. He always carries a pocket knife when he travels. I thought that this tool would come in handy. He absolutely loves it.

It was the perfect Christmas. We got to spend time together. We cuddled, snuggled, chatted, and opened presents together. It felt comfortable and right.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day, Week, Month, ...

Happy Boxing Day! I hope that you had a great Christmas. If you don't celebrate it, I hope that you had some time off to spend with family and friends.

Boxing Day used to be a one-day event in which you would go into a crowded store, find decent deals, and come out in hopefully one piece. It seems like a farce these days, where Boxing Day has become Boxing Week and possibly Boxing Month.

I tend to avoid the malls on Boxing Day these days. Today, I did go out to a Chinese bakery to restock my fridge, which was the highlight of my day. The roads were pretty good traffic-wise.

As for the bargains, I shop online. I managed to get some wine-coloured winter boots. I haven't owned a pair for a few years, so it was time to get some. I am not sure how I managed since snow predictably occurs in Canada.

Anyway, I have spent a lot of time on Etsy. Once of these days, I will purchase a clear lexan paddle. My backside is fearing it, but I have always wanted one.

I will be writing a post on the gift exchange that both my guy and I had. I just wanted to squeeze in a short post.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and making your day (and backside) bright (red)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

It is Christmas where I am, although it does not look like it. Most of the snowfall that we got a couple of weeks ago has nearly melted away. It is windy outside with the temperature holding at 6°C.

My guy arrived home yesterday evening. He asked that I meet him at 18:45 after I had indicated that I should technically wait an hour after his plane arrives. My original proposal time was 19:00.

Guess who was correct? Yes, me.

My guy texted me at 18:10 and said that he was half an hour late. I was okay and told him to take his time. He actually got to the office at 19:00, hailing a speedy taxi.
Naturally, we were thrilled to see each other. We spent some time cuddling in the treehouse. It felt so good.

I have plenty of time to share stories now that we are both away from work. I want to go back to a conversation that we had over Skype a week ago.

Our conversation went something like the following:
"It's almost Christmas," my guy remarked.
"Are you going to sit on Santa's lap and see how hard he gets?"
"I would rather sit on your lap and see how hard you get," I replied.
"Well, I would have to get a Santa Claus outfit," my guy stated. 
"On second thought, I would much rather be over your lap," I corrected myself.
"You would be on my naughty list," my guy stated as if it were a known fact. "I would smack your bare bottom so hard that the redness would match the colour of my Santa suit."
It's nice that my wish list can finally be fulfilled.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One more sleep before my hairy guy returns home!

My vacation started after I left work on Friday at 16:00. I worked twelve hours on both Wednesday and Thursday. When our team was done, I said that we should go home. I packed up and left. I didn't even bother putting my out-of-message e-mail notification on. Yes, I am a rebel.

I felt bad on Friday that I couldn't talk to my guy because things were plain crazy around the office. He was perfectly understanding and told me to hang in there. We caught up on Saturday, Sunday, and today. It has been wonderful chatting up a storm with him.

For the last few evenings, I have stayed up late and have been going to bed at either 02:00 or 03:00. Waking up at nearly 11:00 is different, but I like catching up on my sleep and feeling relaxed.

He is currently on a plane, heading home. I will be greeting him on Tuesday evening, and am excited to wrap my arms around him and more since he left over two weeks ago.

On the hair front, my guy has decided that he doesn't like the nearly inch hair growth on his head. He misses touching his scalp and not dealing with shampooing his hair. He told me that he wanted to shave it off last week, but wanted me to see him with hair before he did that.

It's nice that he has held off shaving his hair just so I can see how he looks with hair. He is suffering a bit, which is romantic to a certain extent. I have always known him as a clean-shaven, bald guy.

As for me, I do need a haircut soon. I just haven't got around to it. Perhaps I will get that done after Christmas and Boxing Day are over. While everyone is hitting the mall, I'm hitting the salon. It makes perfect sense.

One more sleep before I get to see my guy. I am thrilled to pieces!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hot dogs - miracles do come true

If you have been reading along for a bit, you will know that I do enjoy eating a hot dog from time to time. I tend to have a hot dog when I'm hungry after exercising my wallet at Costco. I also like having a hot dog when I am watching either a live sporting event or a movie.

Whenever my guy and I are out, and I see a hot dog option on the menu, I ask him if he would get me one. He will flat out tell me no. He did make an exception a couple of months ago and said that I could order one because he was in a good mood.

Our usual debate is that my guy argues that eating hot dogs is bad for your health. I tell him that I can get all-beef ones. He is unconvinced that they are truly pure beef. So, I end up telling him that eating hot dogs are yummy, which drives him crazy.

Well, he admitted to me that he had to eat some hot dogs last week in Dubai. I asked him for photographic proof. He refused and said that I should trust him.

My guy was still recovering from his jetlag. He woke up one morning and was running late for work. He ended up going to work on an empty stomach. My guy is the type of person who cannot function if he is hungry. He needs to curb his hunger immediately before he can function normally.

The only food available during his first break at the customer site were hot dogs. He told me that it was painful for him to eat them (yes, plural), but he was hungry and had no choice in the matter.

Today, I teased him that he has eaten more hot dogs this year than I have. It's a fun exercise, likely resulting in a sore bottom on my part. It's worth it!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Swimming and spanking

Work drives me insane. I worked from home on Wednesday. The rest of my team stayed at work till 21:00.

I went into the office yesterday and pulled a twelve-hour workday. I am so exhausted, but I wanted to blog tonight, to unwind a bit.

My guy managed to give me a call from a cafe during my lunch time. Although he has been in Dubai for nearly two weeks, he is still jetlagged and doesn't sleep too well.

We were talking about working out and the pool at his hotel.
"I don't find swimming all that interesting, especially when I am swimming by myself," he complained.
"I think that it would be more fun if I were in the pool with you. I could splash you. I could also fondle you."
"Yes, I'd like that," he replied. "I could reciprocate."
Naturally, being spanking in a wet bathing suit would hurt quite a bit. I have never been spanked that way, so that will be a first when it does happen. A girl can certainly dream, of course.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Work, technology, shopping, and thoughtfulness

It seems like ages since I have blogged. All is well. Work is just kicking my butt. I would much rather have it spanked by a cute guy, though!

This week is my last workweek before I go on vacation for two weeks. Working three straight Saturdays on top of a regular five-day workweek is draining. Our software release is this week, so I can finally see the finish line.

My guy is still in Dubai. We have managed to talk fairly often on Skype, despite the nine-hour time difference.

In technology news, I caved and got a new Macbook Air to replace my dead HP laptop. I love how thin in it. I told my guy about it. In general, he isn't crazy about Apple products. However, he is genuinely happy that I am happy with my purchase.

I also decided to get a BlackBerry Passport. The device is indeed the size of a Canadian passport, which is how it got its name. Mine is unlocked and uses a nano SIM. In other words, I can use it for both my BlackBerry and iPhone. Yay!

I told my guy about my new BlackBerry. He is well aware that before my iPhone, I owned a BlackBerry for three years.

The next day, we talked on Skype again.
"By the way," my guy started the conversation.
"Oh, no. You normally start a sentence off that way when you want to talk about work."
"No, not this time. Did you get a new phone case for your BlackBerry?"
"I got a purple silicone case from for $5. Cheap Bastard would approve."
"I do! All I see are the hard black and white BlackBerry-branded cases," he replied.
"How come you are looking for BlackBerry cases?" I asked him curiously.
"If you didn't have a case, I was going to buy you one."
He's thoughtful and sweet. The day before, we had this conversation:
"How did you spend your Saturday?" I asked him.
"I slept in till nearly noon. I then went to the largest mall in the world and walked around for several hours."
"Did you buy anything?"
"I bought one thing," he replied.
"What did you get?"
"I bought you a gift. I hope that you like it."
"That's so sweet. I like all gifts that you give me."
My guy returns a few days before Christmas. That is my biggest gift of all.

He misses me a ton. He wants to spend some time together once he arrives that evening. It seems like ages and I miss him, too.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Chatting about letting his hair down

My guy has made it safely to Dubai. We have a nine-hour time difference, which makes scheduling time to chat a challenge at times.

Saturday worked out okay. I had to go into work. It was my second Saturday at the office. I have one more to go. I am hoping that it will be the last one for a while.

I pinged by guy at around 14:30 my time. I asked him why he was still awake. He had just had dinner and got back to his hotel. He wanted to talk with me, so we did.

He was a bit jetlagged and tired, which was perfectly understandable. We teased each other and recalled some wonderful times that we have had together.

My guy has been shaving his head for a while. He has finally decided to grow his hair back a bit. It is winter and he wants to have a warmer head, which makes sense.

I told him that I couldn't wait to run my fingers through his hair and spend time braiding each other's hair. He laughed.

He had forgotten that I was at work on Saturday for a bit. I am glad that I got to hear his voice. It certainly made a Saturday workday more bearable.

He told me that I am a strong person, and that my cough and congestion would fade. He knows that I rarely get sick.

It always lifts my spirits talking to him. For a few days now, my left ear has been clogged due to being so congested. I learned that if you stick your index finger in your ear and move it upwards, it creates a vacuum that helps drain the fluid and relieve the pressure. Sure enough, it has worked nicely for me. My hearing is definitely improved.

I am taking mucus and phlegm cold medication, DayQuil and NyQuil, and an antihistamine. They say that you shouldn't be mixing medication as I have been doing, but the combination works wonders for me right now. I don't take them all at once!

My guy and I are planning on chatting again tomorrow. In Dubai, his workweek starts on a Sunday. We both felt a bit comforted knowing that we are both partially working this weekend.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Visiting the bazaar and smacking his backside with a plastic case

My guy has just hopped on his plane to Dubai. I miss him already.

I took a second sick day from work. I have been averaging thirteen hours of sleep for the last two day. It has done a lot of good. I am not coughing as much and I seem to be on the mend. If I can only get rid of the congestion that has clogged my left ear, I may be back to normal.

I am still reliving memories of my trip to Istanbul with my guy. It will have to do until we go on another trip together!

On Friday, we managed to go to one of the many bazaars around the city. This one was on the Asian side of the city, so it was nice to take a ferry to get there. We took many photos along the way.

I got tired of walking. All the crazy walking that I had done over the week had finally caught up with me. My guy was okay with my sitting down while he looked around. He was sweet to buy me a small bag of roasted chestnuts, which seemed to be everywhere in the city. He took one to enjoy while he headed out.

He came back about thirty minutes later. We then looked around for cell phone cases. He bought a couple. I seem to have an addiction, which I openly admitted to my guy. It made him smile.

I asked my guy about a screen protector that he had talked about. Sure enough, he had recommended a tempered glass one. I found one at a store, which was pretty cheap and bought it.

We walked around some more. I ended up buying Turkish apple tea, and a cute saucer and tea cup that I had wanted. We then decided to have some dinner before we would walk around some more.

Since it was our last night there, we went back to Taksim to get some Turkish delight. I was pretty chilled when I sat at a dessert place that had its front door open while my guy was looking for more gifts to bring back. He felt bad at how tired and cold I looked. We got into a taxi and he held me, keeping me warm.

We got back to the hotel and I was feeling better. I got some beer from the lounge. My guy disappeared for a bit while I was taking a shower. He came back moments after I was done and he was in a happy mood. I was applying the glass screen protector onto my phone.

My guy had downed a couple of bottles of beer on an empty stomach. He doesn't normally drink, but he was in a happy, loose mood.

He accidentally sat on my nearly empty container of Tic Tacs. I joked that they were butt-scented, which made me laugh in delight.

At one point, he got up and wiggled his butt at me. He was wearing his boxers and a t-shirt.

My glass screen protector came in a clear plastic case. I couldn't help it. I used it to smack his cute backside.
"Hey, I am the one that should be spanking you!" he said to me.
I got up and hugged him. I then gave him several playful smacks across his bottom. He didn't seem to object.

I kind of like him a bit tipsy. It was fun.

The next day, he told me that he thought that I had used my hand to smack his butt. I told him that it was the plastic case.

Although he has told me that he probably wouldn't like being spanked, he doesn't mind playful lovetaps. He also loves when I grope his backside.

All hope is not lost.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Cough, congestion, and my first day at the office?

I am still congested and dealing with a hacking cough. On a good note, the mucus and phlegm production is slowly easing.

I have decided to take a sick day on Wednesday. I was hoping to catch up on my blog posts, but all the coughing that I have been doing is draining my energy reservoir.

It snowed today while I was in the office, so the drive home was horrible. For some reason, a light dusting of snow scares Canadians. Sheesh!

Anyway, I wanted to share a quick story. On Monday, I got into an elevator with an older woman and a guy. The guy got off on the second floor. The doors closed and the elevator continued going up.
"Is today your first day?" she asked me.
"No," I replied. "Does it look like it's my first day on the job?"
"Oh, I just see a number of new faces around here."
I take that either as a compliment that I looked fresh-faced for a Monday morning. I could also take it as my looking clueless or lost.

Who knows? Maybe it was all of the above!

Monday, December 01, 2014

My post being listed on Chross's site, a cough needing to be tames, and affection on an escalator

Well, isn't this post a hodgepodge of topics!

Last Tuesday, after going out to an East Indian restaurant with my fellow colleagues for lunch, I didn't feel all that great. I first felt bloated, but I couldn't tell whether it was due to the food or my time of the month.

Later that evening, I felt chilled, which is rare for me. I put on various layers of clothing, which helped me warm up.

Then, the dreaded sore throat took place. It is never a good sign. Sure enough, I have a cough with its friends, mucus and phlegm. My eyelids get crusty, but it's only one eye that does each night, just before I go to bed. I sound congested when I talk. Luckily, over-the-counter medication seems to be kicking in at long last.

I do have happier news. My recent blog post on getting a sore bottom while on vacation made it on Chross's Web site. I am flattered, and it brightened up my congested state and my overall mood.

I have been resting at home for most of Sunday. I miss my guy. In a few days, he will be in Dubai for two weeks. So, we'll be in touch through Skype as often as we can.

In Istanbul, we took the metro a lot to get to various tourist destinations. Many of the metro stations that we visited had escalators and elevators. My guy would always let me on the former first. He would then stand directly behind me, either hugging me or groping my butt now and again.

We are a pretty affectionate couple. When we are going down an escalator, I can reach back and squeeze my guy's thigh while he is standing behind me.

When we were standing on the steps of an escalator going up, I reached back and forgot about what I would be reaching for. I ended up playing with my guy's nuts and bolts.

The difference between us is that I don't get embarrassed about such situations as he does. He told me later that two women on the escalator going in the opposite direction looked at us funny. I just shrugged it off. It was a miscalculation on my part. It's not like they know us. We were just wacky tourists!

I don't think that I am an exhibitionist, but I am relatively comfortable with who I am. This incident also happened in Istanbul. I had returned to the room after doing some sightseeing. I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, and watched TV on the bed.

Well, I felt the need to stretch, so I did so across the bed. My body was parallel to the headboard, with my feet pointing at the windows.

I had a decent nap. I woke up to the sound of banging on the glass.

I had not drawn any curtains in the room. After all, I was on floor 32 of a 33-floor hotel. I also didn't pull the sheets over me.

Sure enough, there were two window washers supposedly washing the windows right in front of me. It may have been interesting for them to see a woman wake up thanks to their work.

I didn't rush to close the blinds. I wasn't embarrassed. I ended up waking up, sitting up on the bed, looking at them, and sitting there some more until they moved down.

I told my guy this story when he came back to the room after work. He thought that they would be happy to see a pretty girl like me. However, there was nothing to see if they were looking for some show.
"It would be interesting being a window washer," my guy thought. "They have probably seen a lot."
"I could never do that," I remarked. "I'm afraid of heights."
"Me, too."
We'll just stick to being geeky, affectionate people.