Sunday, December 29, 2013


My guy came to Canada over twenty years ago. He made a brief stop in the United States to get one of what seems to be many graduate degrees in his life before calling Canada his home.

Last week, we had phone sex (well, it was over Skype, so it's more accurate to call it Skype sex, but that sounds weird to me). I somehow made a reference to mistletoe.
"What's mistletoe?" my guy asked me, which abruptly stopped our fun time. I knew that he was serious.
"It's a green plant that is associated with Christmas," I started to explain. "If we were under it, the tradition is to kiss."
"Oh, I see," my guy remarked.
"We technically don't need mistletoe. We kiss all the time."
"True," he said in agreement.
We continued where we left off in our sexy chat. We didn't skip a beat. We both came.

I often seem surprised when I teach him something new. It's neat when I get the opportunity.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Early Christmas gift exchange on a bittersweet date night

I started writing this post weeks ago. It was difficult to finish. It was the last time when my guy and I were together before he went on business. I decided to finally finishing writing it at long last.

My guy is moody. Last Wednesday, we had lunch together. I could tell that he was not having a great day.

He had a seminar in which the folks had constant problems with our software application. Many were not listening to what he had suggested to do. As a result, they had multiple problems. He was clearly stressed.

On top of that, my guy had to plan for his trip to Turkey. He wanted an aisle seat, but he could not select that online like he normally does. Ah, the fun of booking a code-sharing flight. My guy insists on having the aisle seat. He has long legs and it makes stretching easier.

My guy apologized for not being his normal self. I did manage to make him smile, which he appreciated.

We didn't talk for a couple of days. I had sent him an e-mail, asking how he was doing. He is the type of person who likes to work himself out of such low periods. I gave him some space.

On Friday, he called me. He was talking funny. He advised that he had a filling done and that his mouth was frozen. He wanted to see me. I told him that I'd love to, but that it was my time of the month. He said that it was okay if I skipped our meeting. I told him that it would be the last time that I'd see him for a while. I wanted to see him.

It's funny, but sometimes, we tend to say stuff that we don't mean to say. He thought that perhaps I wasn't feeling great about seeing him because my period has started. I told him later that I would be longing to be with him, so I truly needed to see him.

We met at our usual spot just after 16:00. He looked good. He was carrying my Christmas present in his hands. We needed to exchange gifts early, for he was off to Turkey for three weeks and we weren't going to spend the holidays together.

My guy remembered when I looked at a world globe in Stockholm and said that I have always wanted one. He bought me one that spits out interesting facts about any country, including its national anthem and climate. It was an awesome gift, complete with a purple bow on top.

We got into the backseat of my car. I handed him the gifts that I gave him. He loved them all. He loves how my gifts are thoughtful and practical.

I took off my jacket. He looked at the fitted fuchsia v-neck sweater that I had on. He told me that he loved how it hugged my breasts. I told him that I bought it at his favourite store, Costco. I haven't bought any clothes there for years, but this sweater was a winner.

We kissed and hugged. We kissed some more. He played with my breasts. I caressed the back of his head.

I eventually made it down to his crotch, stroking his hard cock. It drove him wild. He had to have me play with it. He pulled down his pants and briefs, and I got to play with his erect member. I jerked him off, playing with his balls, and making my guy feel good by his ejaculating all over my hand. Afterwards, my guy apologized for making a mess in the backseat. I told him that my seats were protected from stains, which made us both laugh.

I continued to lovingly caress the back of his head. He told me that my hands were like a furnace. He enjoyed how my hands warmed his privates. He loved my touch.

We talked for a while. I had my arm around his, with my head resting against his left bicep. He pointed out that it was so intimate. I just love cuddling up to him.

My guy and I were getting hungry. We drove over to our favourite Chinese restaurant for dinner. I had the lemon chicken with noodles. He teased me about the noodles. I teased him back about his being predictable with his food dishes, too.

It was a great date night. It was bittersweet, as we weren't going to see each other for weeks. We had one final long kiss before we made our separate ways. I wished him a safe flight. He reassured me that we'd talk often over Skype.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa and the good girl

My guy and I have been talking frequently as of late. It has been wonderful.

We missed a day or two here and there within a three-week period. For instance, we didn't chat on Friday, December 13. It wasn't that we were superstitious. It was a hectic day for me. I had to head into the office to get a new laptop and migrate a number of files. I also had an interview to conduct. I found out that a writer decided to leave the company. I also was flying out that evening and knew that I wouldn't have a chance to talk to my guy.

On my last full day in London, I visited Harrods. It is quite an impressive store.

You know when you are in a huge department store when cashiers ask you whether you need directions and hand you a mini booklet that outlines where everything is.

Is it strange that I got horny in Harrods over Santa Claus? It sounds a bit peculiar, so I will try and explain the context.

I walked by a Lego version of Santa Claus. It was amazing.

I thought about my guy in a Santa outfit. He wouldn't be the best Santa as far as his physique goes, as my guy is thin. However, with a fake belly, white beard, and white wig, he could pass.

I was fantasizing about my guy being Santa and my being a little girl waiting to tell him what I wanted for Christmas. I liked the thought of sitting on his lap. I could feel how hard his erect penis was under his red suit. If I were bad and Santa sensed it, he could put me over his lap and spank me across my short skirt. If I were particularly bad, he could hike up my skirt, pull down my panties, and spank me with his bare hand.

That evening, my guy and I chatted on Skype. I told him about my fantasy. He liked it. We had phone sex and changed it up a bit. Instead of being spanking in public, it happened in a more secluded place. He said that since I was good, that I could suck Santa after my hard spanking. My backside was as red as Santa's suit. I was also a ditzy good girl, which we both enjoyed.

Needless to say, we both came. We both felt dopey afterwards. We both missed each other.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello, everyone! I have been away from blogging these days, mainly because I just took a week of vacation. I went to London for the first time and had a fabulous time.

I'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas (or a happy Christmas, as I learned while in London). Thanks for your constant support and encouragement. It means a lot!

My guy and I have been chatting practically daily since he went away on business. We both arrived home last Saturday, but at different times. Awaiting us was an ice storm!

Stay safe and healthy! I have some blogging to do. Hopefully, I can squeeze that in before the holidays are over.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Insight on why my guy likes spanking me

My guy and I have been chatting on Skype almost daily these days. It's nice. We chat about everything. We feel closer to each other, although we are continents apart for the new few weeks.

I told my guy that I absolutely loved the last few spankings that he has given me. They have all been hard and across my bare bottom. I told him that the last spanking was the hardest one that he has ever given me.
"I like spanking you hard," he admitted.
"I have always enjoyed being spanked when you use your bare hand. It's more intimate and personal."
"Sometimes, it hurts my hand when I spank you," he stated. "So, I know that you must be pretty sore afterwards."
"We can change it up with a paddle, if you'd like. We can't have you with a sore hand."
"Nah, I don't feel any pain. I like the sound that my hand makes against your bare butt. I also can see and feel how wet you are. I also get to play with you as I spank you. The view is nice, you know."
It's great how he has grown to love spanking me. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Sweet somethings on Skype

My guy (MG) is expressing himself these days, to the point where he is just plain mushy. It's a nice side of him to see.

We have a seven-hour time difference for the next three weeks. He sent me a message on Skype at midnight his time.
MG: Hey there, sweetness.
Me: Hey, you! Shouldn't you be in bed by now?
MG: Yes, I should be in bed now... with you.
Me: =) I miss you.
I found an empty boardroom at work and closed the door. We chatted for about 1.5 hours.

I asked how his day went and whether he had a chance to do some sightseeing. He went out with a couple of folks from his seminar.
"I thought about you all night," he insisted. "I wanted to get back to the hotel as soon as I could to talk to you."
"You're being so sweet and mushy," I said.
"That's because you are sweet and sexy."
We spent some time getting off. I won't go into too much detail here. I have many future posts to write!

I did manage to buy a silicone paddle a while back during the Black Friday sales here. I told my guy about it. I am excited to have it used on me. Although I like when he spanks me hard with his bare hand, a bit of relief now and again with a spanking implement is a refreshing change. He is equally eager to try it out on me.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Handjob downstairs after lunch - dessert!

I haven't written much these days, mainly because my guy and I had a couple of weeks to spend together before he went on his final business trip of the year.

The unfortunate part of this last work-related trip of 2013 is that he is away for three weeks straight. So, we have been spending a lot of time together. He is in Turkey for the entire duration, with stops in Ankara and Istanbul.

Last Monday, we had lunch together at our usual bat time (13:00) and bat place (our regular Chinese restaurant). He teased me about ordering the same noodle dish that I love. I gave him quite the look, which made him laugh. I reminded him that whenever he is on the road, that he tends to order the same meal. He admitted that he was guilty as charged.

It's incredible how horny my guy can get. He stood up and it was clear from the bulge in his pants that he needed some relief. I was truly flattered.

We both headed downstairs to where the restrooms were. There was a wall behind them. He wanted to kiss me. I wrapped my hands around him. I was still hugging him with my left hand, but caressing the back of his head with the other.

My guy had his hands around my waist. They moved slowly down my body, ending up around my buttocks. He groped them, which I love. I get weak when he does that. Oh, and I get instantly wet.

He pressed up against me as we continued to kiss and hug. His hard cock was rubbing against my crotch area. Nice!

We did something new at the restaurant. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pinstriped pants. He proceeded to pull out his erect penis for me to jerk him off. I have never given anyone a blow job in the basement of a restaurant. He has never received a handjob in such an establishment, either. He came. It was great and a fun experience!

It was nice that we were so close to the restrooms. It was the perfect time to clean up!

My guy and I headed back upstairs. He was clearly dopey. I was happy that he was. We rested for a bit before heading back to the office.

Lunch was great. Dessert was even better!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Quality treehouse time after work

After work on Wednesday worked out well. It surprised both my guy and me.

Wednesdays tend to be a bit hectic for me. I start my workday at 07:30, as I have a weekly teleconference. Thank goodness I can call in from home, so it's not too bad. However, I go into work during the noon hour and can end up staying there for a while. I have a weekly departmental meeting on Wednesday afternoons. Both my boss and the other male on our team can talk till the cows come home.

This past Wednesday was perfect. My male colleague didn't ramble on as much as he normally does. The junior writer is away for a month. We ended our meeting just past 17:00. My male colleague ended up yakking with a software developer, which was perfect for me to literally slip away.

It was around 17:30 when I left work and drove to our regular spot to meet. My guy and I felt that meeting just before 18:00 would work out well. It did. My guy parked next to my car moments later.

My car is the new treehouse. It will likely be the chosen venue for a while, especially after our experience this evening. My guy is also considering getting a new car, so it all works out nicely.

My guy got into the backseat, immediately knowing how to move the seat forward for more comfort. I did the same thing and sat next to him.

I took my jacket off. We looked into each other's eyes, said hello, and immediately locked lips in a nice kiss.

My guy loves kissing me. It's enjoyable when he kisses my neck, shoulders, and breasts. It's sensual, romantic, and loving. He proceeded to take my breasts out of my bra and suck on each nipple. Heaven!

He told me that he wanted to pleasure me. He rubbed my crotch. It always excites me, to the point where I can easily reach orgasm. Naturally, I did moments later.

My guy proceeded to unbutton and unzip my jeans. He also went ahead and took my black lacy panties down. He fingered my already wet pussy. It felt so good. Orgasm two was successful.

I was starting to feel dopey, as I slouched sitting in the backseat. My bare bottom was barely on the seat. Naturally, it was enough for my guy to start smacking both cheeks. I liked it, although I was too slow to fully react at first.
"You're spanking my bare bottom," I said, stating the obvious.
"Yes," my guy confirmed, continuing to spank me with his hand.
"I can't let you do that," I told him. "I'm sitting up."
I was so dopey that I could barely do that. Instead, he helped me over his knee. I told him that he was mean. That didn't help much.

He started off spanking each cheek firmly. He didn't exactly ease me into the spanking. He went full force! It was the hardest spanking that he has ever given me.
"You do know that you're a bad girl?" he said, practically giving everything he has with each slap across my bare butt.
"It hurts a lot!" I said, which is rare for me to ever admit.
He spanked each buttock at least three times in rapid succession, alternating in a rhythmic fashion. Every blow was hard. It hurt. I loved it.

I have been incorporating placing my right hand over my butt to stop the smacks for a bit. My guy moved my hand immediately over to the small of my back and continued punishing my poor butt. I slid my hand down again to protect my bottom. He moved my hand away. We clasped our hands together and he continued to spank me hard with his free hand.

I find that I love when we're holding hands and he continues to spank me. It is such a turn-on.

He finally stopped spanking me. Instead, he fingered both my pussy and my butthole simultaneously. This last orgasm was awesome.

I got up and cuddled up to him for a bit. He told me to relax. He kissed my forehead, which I always love.

We then did something that I have longed to do. He pulled down my v-neck sweater and removed my bra. He nuzzled his head between my breasts. He then proceeded to kiss my breasts. We both loved it so much! I kissed him on his forehead as he continued to kiss and caress my breasts.

The grand finale was making my guy happy. I moved my hand down to his clearly erect penis. Boy, was it hard! I caressed it. He couldn't take it any longer. His pants and briefs came down. I wrapped my hand around his cock. I loved how it felt in my hand.

I could tell that my guy wanted me to suck him. I didn't hesitate. I kissed the tip of his penis first, and then licked it. I continued to lick his cock as if it were a lollypop. I then inserted it in my mouth. Just pure heaven.

I pulled out just before he was about to ejaculate, for I can't handle cum in my mouth. In a way, I am glad that I can't. He offloaded a ton! His semen covered both my hands completely. I also noticed after he had left for the evening that there was a puddle of semen on the car mat. Wow!

Anyway, it was an awesome evening. We talked for a bit and tried to energize ourselves. We had one beautiful, long kiss before we headed our separate ways.

I drove away, sitting with a sore bottom. My guy drove away relaxed and content. It was the perfect end to our workday.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lunch, served with a bit of spice, kissing, and groping

Wednesday was wonderful. My guy and I actually got together for lunch without any technical difficulties.

We met at our usual Chinese restaurant. He came over to my car and apologized for being late. Traffic was horrendous around the area. I teased him by asking whether he was responsible for the delay. He gently grabbed my hand and we walked into the restaurant.

Our conversation was fun and flirty. He told me that I keep getting cuter. I blame that on my latest Starbucks addiction: the frosted snowman cookie. It's one of the few baked goods that I like at Starbucks in Canada. There is more selection at Starbucks in the States and even abroad. The one at Istanbul Airport was awesome. It even had a lemon tart!

Anyway, I had my usual chicken chow mein dish and he went for a spicy beef dish with rice. He rubbed his leg against mine under the table.
"Are you playing footsie with me?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied, looking lovingly into my eyes and I rubbed my other leg against his.
"That's nice," I replied.
"What about after work? Did you want to meet?" he asked me.
"It depends on your schedule. I would love to, as I have missed you so much."
"I have missed you, too."
My guy and I have this ongoing joke about going downstairs. There was never a deliberate sexual inference until recently. These days, when we say that we want to go downstairs at this restaurant, it is to kiss and hug. Downstairs is where the restrooms are, as well as the storage area.

We went downstairs and stood behind a wall. He cupped my breasts. He loved how they looked under my grey v-neck sweater.

Our lips locked. His arms wrapped around my waist. My hands wrapped around the back of his neck.

I stopped kissing and hugging him a couple of times. I thought that someone was coming. My guy reassured me that we were okay. He was correct. A woman came out of the women's washroom and headed upstairs.

We kissed and hugged some more. His hands slid down from my waist to my buttocks. He was groping them. I loved it. We were French kissing.

We finally decided that we should head back upstairs. He groped my backside some more as I walked toward the staircase.

I thanked him for treating me to lunch. He told me that he couldn't wait till after work. I felt the same way.

We drove back to the office, walked in together, and kissed before we went our separate ways for the next four hours.

Lunches should always be like this one.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Missed lunch date - thanks, Gmail!

It sounds a bit farfetched to blame Gmail for my guy and I missing out on a lunch date today. However, it did happen.

For a while, my guy and I tend to quickly send each other e-mails, asking whether we could get together for lunch. Today, I was hoping for such an e-mail in my inbox, for I was working from home and my guy has sessions all week. So, he would be the one who would best initiate when to have lunch. My schedule is far more flexible.

I didn't get an e-mail from him. I ate lunch at home and headed into the office in the afternoon.

It is rare these days for my guy to leave the training room and come up to our cubicle area just to see me. The sessions that he has with clients can be demanding and they keep him busy. Today, he did just that. He didn't even stop at his cubicle. He came over to see me.

My guy's actions say a lot more than what he verbally says to me. I have known that for quite some time. He's sweet that way.

After we said our usual hellos and such, he continued to talk rather discretely in an open cubicle area, like we normally do at work.
"I came by this morning, but you weren't here," he said.
"Yes, my coming into the office depends on what meetings or interviews that I have scheduled."
"You're so unpredictable."
"I like keeping you on your toes," I explained.
He looked down at my hands. I could tell that he was admiring my manicured nails, which I worked on the previous day.

We talked about how his client sessions were going.
"Are you irritated by the full house that you have this week?" I asked him.
"Yes, with a few of them," he hinted.
"I can tell. You normally don't come up here to talk to me unless you are irritated by them."
He smiled. He told me that he needed to bring down packets of sugar. The fifteen clients did not have any regular white sugar.

I followed my guy unto the communal kitchen.
"I'm not following you. I'm heading to the washroom," I explained.
"I wish you were," he said.
He was looking in various kitchen drawers for sugar. He finally found some. However, he didn't have a bag to put them in. He had thought about putting them in his trouser pockets. I found a coffee filter and suggested that he put the packets in there.
"It's all about presentation," I said.
He transferred the sugar packets over to the coffee filter. Our hands touched. It was nice, on the whole.
"Your hands are freezing!" I said, trying to warm them up.
He laughed. He held the door open for me. I reversed the gesture. I didn't have anything in my hands. He had sugar packets. Instead, I got to gently touch his back.

It seemed odd to me that such a sweet guy, who couldn't be any sweeter, would be holding tons of sugar packets.
"I wrote you an e-mail, asking if you wanted to do lunch."
"Really? I never got it," I said, kind of bummed out. "When did you send it?"
"At 11:40 this morning," he stated.
"I never got it. You sent it to the right address?"
"Yes," he said, repeating my e-mail address to me.
"You know that I would have loved to have lunch with you. Maybe you should call me next time."
We both nodded in agreement.
"There's Wednesday, " he said, bringing optimism to our conversation. "It's my loss today."
"It's my loss, too," I replied. 
The look in our eyes said it all.
"You look good," he said to me.
"You do, too," I replied, admiring how great he always looks in blue.
"See you on Wednesday," he said, blowing me a kiss.
"Wednesday, it is," I said, smiling back at him and seeing that he got into the elevator safely.
I went back to my desk. It was 16:30. Guess what? My guy's e-mail was finally in my inbox.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Banter for a purple butt

Quick love texts, e-mails, or messages are nice to receive and exchange. Like with any couple, ours can be sweet, quirky, funny, and playful.

A couple of weeks ago, I drove my guy to the airport. When he had arrived in Auckland, he wrote this quick e-mail:
Hey there sleepyhead (I'm assuming)
Thanks a bunch for the nice cab service yesterday. That was the first time I felt the urge to kiss the cab driver ;)
Part of my reply was as follows:
I was happy to take an attractive guy to the airport yesterday. It made my day.
Cab girl, who misses her favourite customer 
My guy is bright as can be. We both work in the Information Technology (IT) sector. He has told me that he is technology-challenged. It's difficult to believe, as he as been in IT for years. However, I see hints of that when he tries doing various tasks on his cell phone. Last week, he wrote this work-related e-mail:
Hey there sweet lips,
It was very nice to see you yesterday (as always).
I need a favour from you. Could you please save me countless hours of sifting through past e-mails and tell me which e-mail is the one that explains how to log on to our new intranet site with our little fob "thingy"?
Your reward will be a purple butt :)
Some e-mails are wonderful to get, especially those that instantly arouse me.

I like being a playful, insolent little girl. The end of my reply was the following:
The purple butt is just all talk. We'll see if you deliver. =)
We'll find out this week if my backside matches my favourite colour.

Friday, November 15, 2013

My latest addition to my spanking toy box

I like spanking implements. The first leather paddle that I got was nearly two years ago. I love both the leather and the fuzzy purple sides of it. I also like a wooden ruler used on me. I thought that it was time to expand my toy box.

The only issue with my purchasing the fuzzy purple paddle was that I had to order it from the United States. The duty on it was nearly $20 CAD, including some other fees. The annoying part was that I had to pay for it immediately or the guy knocking at my door would not had over the goods.

So, trying to find a decent Canadian place that offers an assortment of spanking implements seemed to be a challenge. I do like PinkCherry. I have placed a couple of online orders from this store and have loved every purchase that I have made so far.

It just so happens that there's a Black Friday sale this week. I did the early bird version of it. I finally got what I have been eyeing for a while.

I have never been spanked with a silicone paddle. A while back, my guy asked me what I wanted as a gift while in Amsterdam. I had suggested getting a lexan paddle, but they are expensive and seem difficult to find. This silicone paddle was significantly reduced in price, but not in quality. It is a decent length. I tried a few slaps against my thigh. Without exerting myself, it packs quite the sting.

I see my guy next week. I can't wait for him to try it out on me. We'll see how sorry I am for saying that!

Anyway, I do like PinkCherry. I discovered oral gels that make blowjobs even more irresistible than they already are. If you're in Canada and are looking for some great deals on fun toys, check it out!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Late night chat with spanking undertones

I was awake on Sunday morning at around 01:00. Coincidentally, I was online looking at potential spanking implements that I wanted to purchase (more about that in another post).

My guy was in San Francisco for one final night before returning home the following day. I had urged him to do some sightseeing and recommended visiting Fisherman's Wharf. He logged on to Skype at 01:15 my time.
"Hey, night owl girl," he wrote.
"Hoo hoo!" I exclaimed.
"Wanna chat?"
We chatted for nearly two hours. It felt so good chatting about everything under the sun, even though we didn't exactly see any sunshine during our conversation.

At one point, I was on a roll, teasing him about various things. My guy was contemplating getting another rolling computer bag. I told him to get it and he did, for he was complaining about how small his current one was. When he changes bags, he often gives me goodies that he carries around in his old one that he no longer wants. I don't mind getting freebies, but my guy likes to spin things by saying that I think that he likes offloading junk to me.
"You always say that I am offloading junk to you," he stated, playing the part of being an annoyed guy.
"That's not true. I like freebies from you. You're just a cheap bastard," I replied.
"Oh, really?" he asked rhetorically. "You know that you are pissing me off."
"No, I would never want to do that to you," I said playfully.
"I know how to deal with girls like you who get me all worked up. You know the saying about the proof being in the pudding?"
"Yes," I replied.
"Well, the pudding is really how sore and purple your butt will be after I am done with it," he stated firmly.
"I like purple. It's my favourite colour," I stated factually.
"We'll see when I am done with you," he said with a menacing, playful tone to his voice.
"You're just all talk and no action. You're far away, so I'm safe."
We actually had this conversation twice during these two hours. I enjoy when he wants to give me a spanking. I instantly get excited. It helps that I get the added bonus of being spanked by an attractive guy who loves me.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Love Our Lurkers (LOL) day!

I am a tad late, but I have tons of enthusiasm! Happy Love Our Lurkers (LOL) day. =) Thanks to Bonnie for creating such a wonderful day.

Lurking is great. Today's the day to simply drop me a line and say hi. I won't bite or spank you, unless you really want me to. =)

Seriously, your support has been wonderful. I have been blogging on and off for years on this site. Sure, life can sometimes get hectic, but my love for spanking never dies. I hope that the latter is true with you, too.

So, enjoy this day. It's my first one! Hopefully, I won't be as tardy next year. I suppose that my oversight requires a punishment of some sort soon... Yay!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lunch, congestion, emotion, and a handjob

A couple of Wednesdays ago, my guy and I went out for lunch. We couldn't meet after work, so we opted to have a pleasant chat over food.

We always have fun when we chat at our usual Chinese restaurant. Now and again, my guy reverts to being a horny boy, lusting after the girl that he wants and needing relief. He's charming that way. This lunch hour was one of those days.
"Can we have a quick meeting at our usual spot?" he asked me.
"Are you sure?" I asked him.
"I want you so badly," he explained.
Of course, today was just the worst time of day to drive over to our usual spot. The two main arteries near our spot was reduced to a single lane due to construction. It was a slow crawl to get there.

The next challenge was that our usual parking lot was being repaved. We had to find a different spot elsewhere. At one point, while we were parked and talking in the front seat of my guy's car, a construction worker came over and told us to move.
"We can move to the other side of the lot," I explained.
"We'll be here for a brief time," he said, hinting at his hard cock slightly resurrecting itself within his pants.
He wanted me to jerk him off. I was game. His erect penis was exposed for me to wrap my hand around it and do what we both enjoy.

My guy loved that I was able to talk dirty to him while looking like everything was okay. At one point, I was on the lookout for more construction workers.
"Is someone coming?" my guy asked me.
"There's a construction working walking near us. He has two (coffee) cups from Timmy's," I reported.
"He doesn't have nice cups like you do," my guy remarked.
He is better at emoting these days.
"I love you," he said to me.
"I know. I love you, too."
"I love you so much. I don't ever want to lose you. I can't lose you again."
Moments later, my guy ejaculated all over my hand. Everything was lovely.

Lunch suits us both well.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Creatures of habit, cuddling away

I saw this picture on Facebook a week or two ago. It's sweet.

Over a week ago, my guy and I were having lunch. He tends to ask me, "What else?" when he is interested in hearing me chat away about various things. He is chatty, but he genuinely likes hearing what I have to say. So, I showed him this picture on my phone.
"It reminded me of us," I said. "I tend to rest my head against and my hand on your chest. I love cuddling up to you."
"You look much cuter, though," he said, analyzing the picture on my phone.
"That's sweet," I replied.
"But, my hands would be all over you," my guy said, nodding in agreement while bringing this point up.
"Not when we're both dopey after being intimate," I said. "Your paws would be down."
My guy smiled at me as we continued to eat.
"This picture is perfect. It even shows my slanty eyes," I said, smiling. 
My guy paused for a bit. He knew that it was okay to use slanty, as I was obviously okay with it.
"Having slanty eyes is one of the perks of being with a Chinese woman," he said.
I call him sweetie for a reason. He simply is one.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Hallowe'en spanking

On Wednesday, my guy and I were both at work, but we never saw each other. I was in meetings for most of the afternoon. He came up to see me at 17:10, but I was still stuck in a meeting. He had an evening course to give, so he had to leave work early.

Just before my ongoing, crazy meetings on Hallowe'en had started, I sent him an e-mail, saying that I was sorry that I had missed him. I indicated that I was at work. He wrote back immediately, intuitively knowing that I would write to him, asking me to have lunch with him at our usual restaurant. I met him there at 13:00.

He was wearing the brown dress shirt again. I was flattered. He wore my gift twice in one week. He truly does love it!

He was teasing me about the fact that I order a specific noodle dish at this restaurant. I tend to alternate between the noodle dish and the lemon chicken. I went with the latter today. Thus, the teasing commenced.

We held hands at the table. I love that.

He told me that I was getting cuter. He suggested that I work in marketing, as I could sell anything with such a cute face. He said that no one could say no to me. I gave him an example of an exception.
"When we're at Costco and I want a hot dog, you won't get me one. You'll tell me, 'No!'"
"That's true. You have a point there."
When we were done eating, we walked to our respective cars. He told me that he wanted to pleasure me before he flew off to Auckland. I was happy and extremely excited.

We drove back to work and parked practically next to each other. We chatted as we walked into the office.

The next few hours of work rolled by smoothly. When it was finally 17:00, I promptly left work and headed to our usual spot.

As expected, my guy tends to be tardy. He was thirty minutes late. He opened my car's passenger-side door.
"I'm sorry," he said, catching me reading.
"What are you sorry for?" I asked him, for I hadn't noticed how late it was.
"For be so late."
"It's okay. You're here now."
We both got into my guy's treehouse. I was wearing a navy blue skirt and looked down at my shoes.
"Converse sneakers don't exactly go with my skirt," I pointed out.
"You look great no matter what you wear," he tried to reassure me.
It seemed like ages since we had treehouse time.
"We only have twenty minutes," he said, explaining that he had to meet friends in an hour.
"So, we need to be in the express lane," I joked.
We kissed. I always enjoy how full and soft his lips are against mine. His left hand touched my thighs and nearly made it to my crotch until I started to squirm and laugh.
"I'm sorry for my cold hands," he said, which made us both laugh and hug each other tightly.
"It's like having ice cubes between my legs," I remarked.
We hugged for a couple of minutes.
"While we wait for my hands to warm up, we'll work on you," he said, lightly swatting my right buttock.
"You want to warm up my backside?" I asked him, playing a ditzy girl.
"Come over here," he said, guiding me over his lap.
"I don't know why you're about to spank me," I said.
My spanking began. Each smack wasn't too hard at first. He paused briefly to tease me. He was starting to pleasure my pussy. As I was getting more aroused with being fingered, he smacked each buttock.
"You are so mean," I said after he did this routine a couple of times.
"You're a bad girl, you know."
"I have to protest against this spanking," I said, using my left hand to protect my backside against his smacks.
Well, it was all in good fun, of course. He decided to smack my hand a number of times to see if I would remove it from my backside. I didn't. He smacked the backs of my thighs. I didn't move my hand. Finally, he removed it for me, moving it behind the small of my back and holding it down while spanking my backside hard. I loved every minute of it.

He plunged his fingers into my wet pussy and allowed me to come. My left hand shifted a bit, clasping my guy's hand as I came. It was awesome!

I slowly lifted myself off his lap and hugged him. I always feel the need to cuddle next to him after being spanked and pleasured.

I rested for a bit. I could tell that he wanted me to return the favour. I had asked him whether he wanted a handjob or blowjob. He said that there wasn't much time for the latter, so we went with the next best thing.

He was erect. It didn't take long for him to ejaculate. It helped that I was wearing a skirt and that I was kissing him on the lips before he came. He was dopey. I was trying to get out of that state. It was all good.

We kissed before we called it an evening. We'd both be at work tomorrow, but I wasn't sure whether I would see him. He was planning on leaving at 15:00 to catch his flight. Luckily, everything worked out nicely.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The art of blowing kisses

Sometimes, when I least expect it, I hear from my guy. As always, it makes me happy.

He woke up just past 06:30 his time, logged on to Skype, and immediately started to chat with me. I had roughly half an hour to chat with him before I had to fetch some lunch and then head over to the office for a meeting.

It was great to hear about the shopping purchases that he made in San Francisco before boarding his flight over to Auckland. I was genuinely interested in what he had to buy and vice-versa. He loves Costco. He had a barbeque pork sandwich with coleslaw there, which you cannot get here. He also got some super-soft t-shirts and underwear.

I asked him whether he got underwear that had some sort of hand that would automatically wrap around his penis. He had suggested this fine idea last week. He told me that he couldn't find any underwear that did self-masturbation. We do talk about the weirdest things.

My guy loves to iron. He was raving about how great the iron was in his hotel room. It made me smile. We are quirky that way. In my case, he asked me why I don't blow him kisses. Frankly, I have never done that before.

He raised the subject again before we ended our conversation:
"You will be practising blowing kisses today, right?" he asked me.
"Maybe. I'll be making fishy faces in front of the mirror," I replied.
"You won't look like a fish. You'll look cute with those lips of yours," he stated without hesitation.
"I can't do it in front of a mirror," I told him.
"You can try it out with me once I'm back."
"So, I should go on the street and blow kisses at anyone?" I asked him.
"No, not anyone. Perhaps a cute guy," he suggested.
"I can't. You're halfway around the world."
He liked that. We'll be having morning chats with each other this week. He told me that he likes starting off his day on the right foot. I couldn't agree with him more. Talking to him always makes my day.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Enough said and paddles

On Sunday, I went to see Enough Said at the local movie theatre. I felt like watching a romantic flick with humour. I am glad that I did.

I saw so many similarities in the dialogue between Eva (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Albert (played by the late James Gandolfini), and many conversations that my guy and I have.

I will be paraphrasing a bit, but Eva and Albert were talking.
Eva: Do you like fake boobs?
Albert: Nope, I don't. I like real boobs.
Eva: I have real boobs.
Albert: There isn't an issue then.
I am not saying that I have asked my guy whether he likes fake boobs, but my guy has always said how he loves mine. He states that they are perfect because they are real. He likes how hard my nipples get and enjoys sucking on them.

There was another intriguing discussion between the two main characters.
Albert: I love your hands (holding Eva's hands).
Eva: Thanks. I love your hands, too. They look like paddles.
They have another conversation a bit later. They are in Albert's car and he is dropping her off at her home after their first date.
Eva: I love your paddles (looking at Albert's hands).
Albert: I love your ass.
My guy often tells me that I have pretty hands. Late last week, he held my right hand and kissed it several times before I initiated a kiss on his lips.

I like the thought about hands being paddles. I have always found hand spankings to be more personal than using a paddle. I like both types of spankings. It would have been nice if there was a playful spanking scene, but just hinting at this possibility and planting this image in my mind made me excited.

Perhaps I need to drag my guy to see the flick when he is back in town. He likes romantic movies. He is a romantic guy. It just takes patience to see that side of him come out.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Receving a thoughtful e-mail

My guy is travelling to Auckland for business and had a stop in San Francisco last night. He wrote a nice e-mail to me on Saturday morning.

We give each other pet nicknames. We have a lot of them! I started off calling him sleepyhead a while back, because he tends to travel a lot and is often jetlagged. I have seen him asleep at his desk, but it hasn't happened these days, simply because he seems to be constantly on the road.

In his e-mail, he called me sleepyhead, with the additional comment that he was assuming that I was still asleep. He knows that I tend to sleep better on weekends. I slept in till 10:00 on Saturday morning.

The best part of his e-mail was this excerpt:
Thanks a bunch for the nice cab service yesterday. That was the first time I felt the urge to kiss the cab driver ;)
He often has to call a cab from our office to the airport. It is barely a five-minute drive. From my recent experience, that trip costs anywhere between $25 to $35 CAD. It is a ripoff, but I wasn't doing it because I wanted my guy to save some money. Frankly, he can expense that charge.

I simply wanted to spend some time with him. I wanted to chat, hold his hand, and kiss him. I wanted to make sure that he was okay. I wanted to send him off on a good note.

My reply to his e-mail ended with this line:
I was happy to take an attractive guy to the airport yesterday. It made my day. 
His flight has taken off. In thirteen hours, he will be in Auckland. There is a seventeen-hour difference, so connecting on Skype will be challenging this week. We'll try and make something happen, as always.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Bad girl being good by playing the role of a taxi driver

On Thursday, my guy and I spent lunch and a bit of time after work together. As always, it was terrific and meaningful.

My guy was leaving work on Friday at 15:00, heading to the airport to catch his flight. He is in New Zealand next week. I used to go into the office on Fridays, but I have changed it up within the past two months, opting to go into the office on Thursdays instead.

Well, I had an interview to conduct with a candidate on Friday. It was at 14:00. If I timed everything correctly, I would be able to drive my guy across the street to the airport.

Everything worked out well. The interview ended at 14:45. I grabbed my coat, talked briefly with three colleagues, and went downstairs to the training room. It was my first time using my fancy badge with the new security system. It worked like a charm.

I stood quietly next to my guy, who was on Facebook.
"Hello there!" he said, as he swivelled his chair so that he could look at me directly.
"Hey, you," I said. "Did you still need a lift to the airport?"
"I think that I'm going to call a taxi."
"I'm leaving work now. I can be your taxi driver," I replied.
"That's perfect. I am leaving, too," he said, smiling at me.
He gathered his belongings. We then walked out together.
"I always feel like I am missing something," he admitted.
"Do you have your passport, papers, head?" I asked him.
"I have my passport and papers," he said.
"What, no head?" I asked him, which made him laugh.
"Yes, I have my head," he said.
"You technically have two," I said, which made us both grin.
"You are bad," he said, hugging my waist as we walked towards our cars.
I was fortunate to have found a parking spot next to his car. I teased him that I had parked next to his car so that he could ask me for help locating it.
"You're so bad, teasing me because I am directionally challenged," he said to me, looking lovingly into my eyes.
"You always say that I am bad," I responded in a childlike voice.
He moved his luggage and computer bag into my car. He also got his blazer from his car. He always looks good, especially with this black blazer on. He also packed a bunch of protein shakes into his luggage and gave me one to try.

We chatted as I drove him to the airport. I stopped at the departures area. We talk way too much, to the point where the airport guy had to tell us to hurry up! My guy and I were holding hands as we were chatting. We finally decided that he had to check in.
"Are you going to be okay and behave? You know that when you don't, I get pissed off. You know what happens to bad girls when they piss me off?"
"Good things happen, like they did yesterday. Thank you," I said to him, hinting at the spanking that I got.
He got his bags out of my car's trunk. We kissed. He told me that we'd stay in touch, as always.

I am glad that I got to wish him a safe flight and drive him to the airport. It will be a long week without him, but I will be okay, as always.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lunch and love taps

On Monday morning, my guy wrote me an e-mail, asking if I wanted to do lunch. I sure did. I replied, indicating that I'd meet him at our usual restaurant. 

When I got to the restaurant's parking lot, I waited for a bit in my car. I would say that five minutes after I had parked there, he arrived and found my car. He opened my car door, I got out, and we walked in together.

We took off our coats before sitting down at the table. I looked at his shirt. In Las Vegas, I took a risk and bought him a brown dress shirt. I knew what collar size and arm length he wore, but I never feel comfortable buying shirts without him to try them on. This one fit him perfectly. He loved it. I was relieved! I got to touch him and his right shirt sleeve. He looked good in it and I told him so.

He said that wearing the shirt will always remind him of me. I said that his wearing this shirt would be as if I were hugging him all day long. He wanted underwear that did the same thing, which made me smile.

He looked at my pink sweater from Eddie Bauer that I was wearing (outlets rock!) and loved how it "hugged my tits." He really loved it. He told me that he was eager to see what was underneath my sweater. He also said that I looked especially cute today, and that he loved my cute chin and my lips.

We ate, laughed, and talked about work between these compliments that we were both dishing out to each other.

He was kind to pay for lunch. I thanked him again. He always likes the company, as do I.

We left the restaurant and he walked me to my car to "tuck me in." I got in it. He liked my Mickey Mouse steering wheel cover that I had purchased when we were both in New Jersey, shopping as if we weren't going to be in the States for a while.

He leaned in to kiss me. It was a long, nice kiss. I took his hat off and caressed his head. It was wonderful. We both agreed.

We drove back to work and he found where I had parked. We walked into our office building together, which has renovations going on. So, we had to stop by the training room where he is for the entire week.

We held hands. My left hand was cold. His was not. He remarked that it may be a first.

My guy gave me a couple of love taps on my left buttock. I playfully rubbed it and claimed that it hurt. He smiled, as did I. I love when he does that.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Waking up early on a Saturday with a sore bottom

I enjoy waking up next to my guy. I never take it for granted. However, I cherish the times more these days ever since I was let go for nearly a month. He doesn't want to let me go these days. I feel the same way about him.

I woke up on Saturday morning just after 07:00. Yes, it was super early to be up on the weekend. I quietly sat on the bed, looking at my guy. He had taken most of the bedsheets, rolling himself in them like a spring roll.

He eventually woke up. I kissed and hugged him. He reciprocated and told me to sleep in. I told him that I have delayed meeting up with a fellow colleague by half an hour, to spend more time with my guy in bed. He liked that.

I kissed and hugged him some more. I loved how smooth his head and face were to the touch.

He played with my nipples under my grey top. I wasn't wearing a bra. He marvelled at how hard my nipples were.

Unfortunately, I had to get on with my day. I brushed my teeth and hair, and changed into my green top and jeans in front of my guy. He told me that my shirt fit me well. It was a snug fit on me. He liked the fact that my shirt hugged my breasts.

I gathered my stuff and kissed him goodbye. He was flying back home today. I was off to New York for a day trip. He got out of bed, and kissed both my cheeks and lips. We hugged for a long time. I wished him a safe flight. He wished me a great second week in training.

In New York City, I had forgotten how hard my spanking was the night before until I boarded a hop-and-go bus for a tour of the city. The seats were hard. My backside was sore. It was a three-hour bus ride.

As sore as my butt felt, I was happy as can be. A spanking does wonders to this girl's heart and soul.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Friday spanking in New Jersey

I didn't realize that I could have spent more time with my guy on Friday. It was the first of two Fridays spent in New Jersey for me. My guy was flying back home on Saturday afternoon, so we had the entire evening together.

Most of my day in training was spent fiddling around and trying out concepts that I had learned. It wasn't a wasted day at all for me. I just could have left early to spend some time shopping with my guy, who had bought a ton of goodies.

My colleague was okay with my ditching him to spend time with my guy. My colleague was going out for dinner and drinks with a fellow colleague who lives in New Jersey, so everything worked out. I basically dropped by the hotel to freshen up and to drop off my laptop. I then drove over to my guy's hotel.

It was coincidental that my guy was driving behind me. It was also a bit of a miracle that I got to his hotel room before he did.

We spent a good hour going through all the goodies that he had purchased. He basically came back with a new laptop case. This exercise was similar to the one back in February. I joked that he was offloading his stuff to me that he didn't want. We have been teasing each other about it for a bit.
"Can I have this?" I asked him, holding a brand new tube of lip balm.
"No, because you think that I am cheap by offloading stuff whenever I clean out my laptop case."
"That's not true. I like free goodies that you don't want, like this package of double hot chocolate that I love so much."
"Okay, you can have it," he caved in and said. I also got hand cream, earplugs, and towelettes. I was a happy girl.
He let me leaf through his passport. Pretty much every page was filled with a stamp from countries that he has visited within the last two years. He also had an older passport with him. I got to see him with hair. He shaves his head these days.
"It's exactly how I pictured you with hair," I said. "I like you better now, though."
He smiled. I could tell that he liked that compliment.

We finally went out for dinner. We settled for a Chinese restaurant. The place was out of the rice noodles that I had wanted. I settled for lo mein, which was a good substitute. My guy had a beef dish and we shared it while I was waiting for my noodles to arrive. The Chinese woman there was yelling at her entire staff. I told my guy that it was a sign that the food would be good. It was.

I wanted to go to K-Mart. We drove over there. It had a Mickey Mouse steering wheel cover that I have been eying since February. I bought it. I was happy.

I reminded my guy that he needed to get weed killer for his lawn at Home Depot. We went across the street to get some. He also bought a Diet Coke for me at the checkout. He's sweet that way.

We headed back to the hotel. My guy had to make a phone call. I decided to take a shower. I washed my hair, too. When I was done, my guy headed into the shower. It was strange that for an hour, we barely said anything to each other. My guy was also starting to pack a bit while I was showering.

I was watching TV and was stretched out at the edge of the king-sized bed, parallel to the bed's headboard. My guy came out of the shower with a white towel wrapped around his waist. He looked at me.
"Are you asleep?" he asked.
"Nope, I'm watching TV," I said.
"Okay," he said.
He dried himself off and changed into his pajamas. He came over to the bed and sat next to my feet.
"You're a bad girl," he said, feeling my leg.
"No, you always say that. I am a good girl."
"That's not true," he said and started to lightly smack my right buttock.
"Yes, it is."
"No, you make fun of me by saying that I offload freebies to you," he stated, continuing to slap my right buttock with his hand.
"Offloading is good. You do that when I jerk you off."
"That's true," he admitted, still spanking my buttock. "Tonight, I want to make sure that you're thoroughly pleased and taken care of."
He gave me a final lovetap on my backside, and went to shave his face and head. He came back to the bed moments later. He sat up in bed. He legs and mine made a ninety-degree angle.
"Hi," he said. I sat up.
"Hello," I said, massaging his feet. "You're feet are so cold!"
"Forget about my feet. Come over here."
I ended up in his arms. We were kissing. I love these sorts of moments.

To make up for the lopsided lovetaps earlier, he was now smacking my left buttock. I was wearing my light green pajama shorts and grey shirt.

The smacks were starting to get a bit harder. He pulled down my pajama bottoms and continued spanking my left buttock over my pink panties. Soon, they came down and he was spanking my bare left buttock.
"I don't think that's fair that you're spanking my bare bottom. I am pulling them back up."
I pulled my panties and pajama bottoms back up. He pulled them down. I tried pulling them back up, to challenge him some more, but he had had enough.
"Come here!"
I didn't even have a chance to react. He pulled me over his lap, pulled down my panties and pajama bottoms, and started spanking me hard. I was so turned on. It's fun to playfully misbehave.

At first, the smacks were consistent and had a regular pattern. He then started smacking each buttock in rapid succession. My left buttock would get three hard smacks, followed by my right buttock. The spanking hurt to the point where my legs kicked up. I had no complains. We both enjoyed it.
"Are you going to be good?"
"Maybe," I said. It is my regular way of saying that I wanted to be spanked more.
He continued to spank by bare backside. Finally, he stopped. I got up from his lap.
"Have you had enough?" he asked me. I kissed him.
It was only the beginning. He told me that he wanted to pleasure me to the point where I just didn't know where I was. He made me come twice. He fingered me once from behind. I felt so dopey. It was wonderful.

I rested in his arms for a bit. He was hugging me tightly. He was smelling my clean hair while holding me. I could tell that he loved that.

We kissed some more. My left hand was caressing his chest. I decided to place my hand under his long-sleeved shirt and play with his bare chest. I enjoyed playing with his left nipple.

He asked me to play with his cock. Needless to say, it was erect. I did. Without saying a word, we removed his pajama bottoms and briefs. I got to play with his hard cock some more.

He asked me to kiss the tip of his cock. I did. I couldn't resist but to suck and lick it. He was in ecstasy. He was able to get a great view of my sucking him. I also got to look up at him more often while sucking him. It's definitely easier to give a blowjob on a roomy bed as opposed to our regular backseat-of-the-car location.

It didn't take long at all for my guy to ejaculate. I had forgotten to have him to ejaculate all over my breasts. Instead, he did it all over my hand. There was a lot of it. It was great!

I got up to get some towels to wipe ourselves off. He was dopey. We cuddled for a bit before we said goodnight.

It was the perfect end to our business trip.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meet-and-sleep sessions?

I have a lovely post that is pending from my time in New Jersey with my guy. I reckon that it will be a fairly detailed one. I just need to spend some time writing it!

Anyway, that was the last day that I saw my guy, which was roughly a month ago. On Monday, we both anticipated seeing each other at work.

My guy wrote me an e-mail, asking whether I'd like to do lunch. He didn't know that I was at work at 08:30. He said that he'd check his e-mail an hour later. He did. He said that he'd meet me at the restaurant.

I was hoping that we could ride in the same car. From his e-mail, it implied that I had to drive myself over.

I got to the parking lot and looked around. I started heading towards my car. I am glad that I looked to my left. I saw my guy. He had a hat on and was waving at me. I reciprocated and changed my walking direction.

It was wonderful seeing him. He allowed me to grab hold of his arm as we walked. He commented on how great my stride was. He's sweet that way.

Unfortunately, I had to be back by 14:00 for two back-to-back interviews. As we drove along, my guy asked about my vacation in Las Vegas. I talked about how my two friends had shelled out $200 each to do a meet-and-greet session with a music duo. I didn't, although I have in the past.
"That's a ridiculous amount of money!" my guy exclaimed. "If it were a meet-and-sleep session, I'd do it."
"Figures," I replied.
"Blowjobs, on average, cost $50 each," he said.
"Okay, how do you know that?" I said, which made him laugh. "You're saving a ton of money with me, you know."
"I shouldn't have told you that," he said with a grin on his face.
"Yes. Every time I give you a blowjob, all I am going to hear are cash register bells. I also don't think that you'd want a meet-and-sleep session with these guys. The lead singer is gay, so you'd have to suck him."
When we had arrived at the restaurant, we got out of the car and he reached for my hand.
"I have missed your touch," I told him.
"I've missed it, too."
"You've missed your touch, too? Awesome!"
He's used to my correcting him. He thinks that it's sweet. It also plants a seed for an upcoming spanking.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Behind the scenes

The events that I am about to share occurred nearly a month ago, when I was in New Jersey for a work-related course. It was a Wednesday. Funny how I can remember the day nearly a month ago, but I can't remember much that occurred this past week!

Anyway, I visited the local Walgreens by the hotel to get a GPS window clamp for my guy. We are more alike as we get to know each other. We both lost the bracket that secures the GPS to the suction cup. I found what I needed at the drug store a couple of days ago. After finding out that my guy needed one, I went out and got another one.

I then drove back to the hotel and freshened up. I dropped my laptop off at my room and then drove to my guy's hotel. He had given me one of his card keys to get into his room. I also brought some bottles of water and peanuts, in case we both needed something to drink and snack on.

I got to his room ten minutes before he did. He had visited Home Depot and took pictures of an antique car show.

My guy had a two-hour seminar to attend online. He had bought a tuna sandwich with an apple and a Diet Pepsi. I appreciated everything, but told him that he didn't have to get that particular drink just for me. He doesn't drink diet soda. He told me that he cares about me, what I like, and what makes me happy. He also said that he was glad that he had given me his room key.

While he was talking online, I managed to fall asleep on the couch for half an hour while waiting for iOS 7 to install on my phone. He knew that I had fallen asleep.  He told me later that he was checking up on me.

After he was done with his seminar, we went out for dinner at the Bonefish Grill. I had a yummy wood-grilled swordfish with pumpkin ravioli. I also pigged out on the key lime pie.

He asked about my menstrual cycle. He had told me the previous evening that he wished that it were over, as he desperately wanted to have quality time with me. I had told him yesterday that it was over. After dinner, he immediately wanted to go to Walgreens to get some supplies.

We got to the hotel. We kissed and basically moved ourselves onto his king-sized bed. He pleasured me twice. I had missed his touch and missed having him in me.

He told me that he wanted to try anal sex tonight. We had been planning this moment for a while, but I wasn't prepared for it tonight. I was game, though.

I asked him whether he had lubricant. He forgot to get some at the drug store. Instead, he used what natural juices I had going on, along with his lubricated condom, to make things easier.

I was kneeling on the bed, with my backside facing him. It took a bit of fiddling around, but he successfully inserted his hard cock in me from behind. I gasped and screamed initially. The screaming is different, as I am not known as a screamer. He loved that I had screamed in pleasure!

My head hit the headboard as he was thrusting his hard member in and out of me. I moved a pillow in front of my head, which made things better. He had his legs on mine initially, but shifted them.

It didn't hurt as much as I had thought. We both agreed that we needed to try it again. We also agreed that we loved handjobs and blowjobs more.

We had a brief post-mortem. I suggested that he spank me before having anal sex. That way, I would be even more lubricated and excited. I also liked the idea of being bent over a desk to be spanked first and then taken from behind. The problem with the bed is that we are roughly the same height, which caused a bit of awkwardness with my guy inserting his erect member in me from behind. I also suggested that my head not be so close to the bed's headboard! He agreed.

It wasn't bad for a first time. It's good that we're willing to try it again.

We talked for a bit. I was reflecting about an incident that had occurred a month ago. I was starting to get sad and to tear up. My guy knew it. Without hesitation, he hugged me tightly and reassured me that everything would be okay.

At the end of the evening, we were both sitting at the edge of the bed. I had pulled on my pants. My guy was sitting next to me with his boxers on. His bare legs exposed was different. Normally, our roles are reversed here.

He wanted me to stay. I wanted to, too. However, I needed to go back to the hotel and change my outfit for the following workday. I said that I'd spend the night the following evening. He liked that a lot.

We kissed. I tucked him into bed, gave him a kiss on his forehead, and left. I drove back to the hotel. It was just after 01:00. I was happy, as I am sure that he was, too. Sweet dreams to both of us.

Friday, October 18, 2013

A future cop-and-punishment scenario to try out

It has been a while. I flew back home on Tuesday evening, which signified the end of my vacation.

My flight from Las Vegas to Cleveland was half an hour early. I was delighted! Well, until I found out that my flight to Toronto was delayed by two hours.

I did what any hungry girl would do. I had lunch, except that it was now 17:00! I have adjusted to springing forward just fine. I slept on the plane for most of my flight from Las Vegas.

I need to get back to blogging regularly. It's difficult after having back-to-back trips.

An incident did happen to me the second last night that I was in New Jersey, which occurred a few weeks ago. I was driving with my colleague from the restaurant where we had dinner back to our hotel. We must have been five minutes away from it. The road leading to the hotel was dark. My colleague talks as if there's no tomorrow. This evening was no exception.

When I did get a word edgewise, I indicated that some local drivers tend to be crazy. While I was stopped at a red light, a guy pulled around my car and made a right turn, for instance. There was only one lane. There wasn't a designated right turn lane. I told my colleague that I was going to play it safe.

Suddenly, I see bright lights blinking in my rear-view mirror. I thought that perhaps the police car was going to pass. I pulled over. It stopped. I didn't like that.

I couldn't think of what I had done wrong. Did I miss a stop sign earlier? I was driving at the speed limit. I had no clue.

The cop came over, and asked for my vehicle registration and my driver's licence. I handed over both. I was driving a rental car.

He finally explained to me that my car's high beams were on. I must have inadvertently switched them on. I apologized profusely. I seriously did not know that they were on.

The cop was kind to let me off the hook. I was relieved and drove away.

A few days later, I talked to my guy on Skype. He was in India on business. I told him about what had happened to me. He teases me that I seem to perform a Houdini act when it comes to getting myself out of a traffic violation.
"If you were that cop, you would ask me to get out of the vehicle and bend over. You'd spank me," I told him.
"Yes, and we'd both benefit. You would be paying a different type of fine and would love it. I would get a really good view."
It looks like we have another fun role-playing scenario to try out soon.

Friday, October 11, 2013

On vacation - dropping in for a moment

Hello from Las Vegas! I have been here since Wednesday. I am primarily here for a concert, but have managed to meet up with a friend.

I have a lot to blog about, mainly about our time together in New Jersey. I last spoke to my guy on Skype on Tuesday. He is away on business in India, but is currently on a plane coming home.

We had hoped to chat once more this week, but we couldn't manage to do it.

I got to run. I'm off to the concert tonight, but should have more time this weekend to blog.

Enjoy your weekend! It's the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada. I am thankful for so much these days.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I have just started week two of my training course in New Jersey. I have learned so much. I have also bonded with my colleagues and trainers.

Frankly, I thought that my first week would be horrible. My guy and I had thought about spending time together in the same hotel. He let me go weeks before this trip and it has been difficult.

I left for Newark on Sunday. I was travelling with two other colleagues. As we were waiting to board, I heard my guy's name being called out by the check-in counter attendant. He was scheduled to be on the same flight. He didn't show up, which made me sad and relieved simultaneously.

He had written an e-mail to me a few days before my flight, asking how I was. I finally wrote to him after having checked in to my hotel. I was concerned about him. I also told him that I wished that things were the same between us. Finally, I asked that we chat sometime, whether he was near or afar.

The next day, my guy and I actually bumped into each other at our work site after I had eaten lunch. I could tell that he was happy to see me. It was mutual. He told me that he had just arrived and that it was a long story.

Sure enough, he wrote back to me after work. He asked that I add him back on Skype (he had removed me as a contact) and said that we could chat a bit. He also said that he was sorry that I wasn't feeling well. I was getting over a cold and had a sore back, and it was my time of the month.

Sadly, we never chatted on Monday. I woke up early on Tuesday morning and he called me on Skype at 07:47, We chatted for a bit. He wanted to have dinner with me after work. I was game. We chatted on Skype after work. We planned to go to the Olive Garden, with my guy picking me up at my hotel.

He rented a Hyundai Sonata. It was nice to see him again. We talked. He couldn't help but to hold my hand. I started to tear up. He told me that he missed me.

We got to the restaurant and had a wonderful meal. He had the chicken scampi, which is my standard dish at the Olive Garden. We talked a lot. He told me that I was right -- that he was confused and didn't know what he wanted. He told me that he didn't want to hurt me, but he needed some time to sort things through. I told him that he broke my heart and that I was depressed.

I teared up. He said that he was a "boring guy who just wants to hug" me and let me cry on his shoulder. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was being sincere and that he was hurting. I have never seen him like that before.

He held my hand as we walked to his car. Well, he is directionally challenged, which is why I guided him to his car. I couldn't help but to giggle and laugh at him. He held the car door open for me, lightly swatted my backside, and shut the door after I was in it.

He wrapped his right arm around me as he backed the car out of the parking spot. He held my hand. I was teary. I had missed him so much.

We got to his hotel room. It was strange how I was laughing uncontrollably when he talked about how he normally can't find his car. We walked into his room, took off our coats, and hugged.

He held me tightly. He told me repeatedly that he was sorry. I was crying on his shoulder. I didn't think that he wanted me back, but the pendulum was swinging.

He held my hand and led me to the red couch. We watched a movie together while cuddling. I was crying intermittently. My crying reached its peak when he kissed me on the lips.
"Why are you so sad?" he asked me.
"I've missed you," I said.
He held me in his arms for a bit. I did need some tissue, so he got up and got me some.

In a strange move moments later, he had me propped up against the sofa, and passionately kissed my neck and shoulders. He caressed my breasts. My chocolate brown, short-sleeved sweater came off. He removed my bra and sucked on my nipples. It was nice.

Since it was my time of the month. he ended up rubbing my pussy with my pants on. I was wearing green khaki pants. He positioned my legs over each of his shoulders. I caressed his head and moved him closer to me. I came in due time. I couldn't believe what was happening.

We kissed some more. I reached over to caress his hard cock. My guy's pants and briefs came off. I was jerking him off. We kissed some more. It was nice that I was able to give him a handjob.

In the past, we typically would not have him ejaculate twice. However, he was rubbing my leg and had me rub it against his cock. He wanted to ejaculate again. I helped him do just that. He was dopey. It felt like old times.

He wanted to go out shopping with me the next day. He wished that my period were done. He also asked me to forgive him.

I did. We're back together again. He put Humpty Dumpty's heart back together.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bad, bad girl

Although he really isn't my guy anymore, I will stick with calling him that until I can figure out what other nickname to give him.

Anyway, we had a decent lunch together on Tuesday. I will write about that in a bit.

We still have a close friendship. At one point, I teased him. He took a pair of cheap wooden chopsticks at our usual Chinese restaurant and started slapping my hands with them. He called me a bad girl while doing so.

Under normal circumstances, when I am not grieving, I would be turned on by those words. I did come across this video recently. It's fitting.

I agree with a number of supporters both in the blogosphere and my in-town friends that I should continue to blog about how I feel. After all, I do write for a living and it does provide me comfort. Thanks for your encouragement while I sort out how I feel and try to pick myself back up.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The end

Last Monday was the day when my guy broke the news. He called my desk phone from a conference room at work.

Next week, we are both in New Jersey for training. He is giving a seminar. I am a participant in a two-week training course. We had plans to stay in the same hotel and sneak into one of our hotel rooms for some quality time. We were also going to share a car rental.

Well, all those plans got dashed when my guy suggested that he stay in a different hotel and that I can rent my own car. I asked him if we could talk in the conference room. He was fine with that, so I walked over there and shut the door behind me.

He told me that it would be best if he let me go. We talked for a while. What upset me even more was that he put a restriction on not going out for lunch or anything together. As a group lunch with other colleagues, it would be fine. Just not as a couple.

It was odd in that he wants to remain friends. However, I don't see that happening if he does not want to have lunch, dinner, or coffee away from work -- basically talking one-on-one. How often can two folks book a conference room to talk quietly about personal stuff?

So, not only was ending a nearly two-year relationship bad enough, but the friendship that he wanted to have was being destroyed with his self-imposed constraints.

He could tell that I was upset. He told me that he had to go, came over to me, kissed the top of my head, gently placed his hand behind my back, and then walked out the door.

I sat in my chair in an empty boardroom at nearly 19:00, alone, abandoned, isolated, sad, and distraught.

Next week in New Jersey will be both awkward and difficult.

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's over

It has been a trying week. I didn't expect what was about to happen.

As I have mentioned, my guy is going through a lot of personal issues. He has decided to let me go. It has been a difficult week for both of us.

We still love each other. It is evident. When I cried yesterday because I told him that I am grieving over losing him and that I am depressed, he felt bad. I didn't mean to, but we both agreed that we thought we'd be together for a lot longer than two years.

The thing is that he has a lot of baggage to sort out. He doesn't feel that it would be fair to drag me along.

At least we are on speaking terms. However, I was devastated that he has cut off a lot of the ways that we once communicated with each other. It has been tough. These days, we only talk on the phone. In a way, it's better. It's more direct.

Our chat after work on the phone today was one of the better ones that we have had where we are both not pouring out how sad we are and what is bugging him. The truth is that he needs to work things out with a professional psychologist or get some counselling. I can lend him my ears, but I am not trained to help him out.

He told me that he was sorry -- that he never meant to hurt me. Normally, I wouldn't stay friends with someone who has broken up with me. I can't do that in this case. He is my best friend. We also work for the same company.

We will see how things go. A couple of days ago, I felt depressed, rejected, and isolated. I have moments where I seem like my regular self. Then, I come across some trigger that makes me burst into tears. It has been rough.

If anyone has any advice on how to mend a broken heart, I would greatly appreciate the suggestions and support. In the meantime, I am halfway through reading a book called Good Grief.

I don't know how regularly I will be updating this blog. Obviously, the spanking has ceased and I am not exactly in the most cheerful of moods. So, if I am gone for a bit, you do know why. I am trying to grieve and pick myself back up.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Burlesque birthday spanking with paddle

This burlesque self-spanking video caught my eye the other day:

I have spanked myself in the past, but never quite like this woman did. Perhaps I should have given myself a birthday spanking a couple of months ago. Of course, it is never too late. =)

Monday, September 09, 2013

A phone call before our Thursday night dinner

Before my guy and I became an item, we chatted casually on Skype. He asked me for my Skype handle and I gave it to him. A day later, he added me and said who he was.

One day, while sending instant messages on Skype, he asked if we could talk over Skype, as he tends to be an "old-fashioned guy." It kind of makes sense as we have come to know each other.

I was at work on Thursday. At around 16:45, he came upstairs to our cubicle area and talked to me about something work-related. His actions were the complete reverse compared to the previous day. I think that he was less tense after having our talk. I suggested that he talk to a couple of software developers upstairs. He liked my advice and did just that.

Technically, he didn't have to come upstairs. He could have sent me a text message. Instead, he wanted to talk face-to-face.

Roughly forty minutes later, he came back to his cubicle. Rather than sending me a message on Skype to figure out whether I was ready to leave work, he disappeared.

A minute later, my desk phone at work was ringing. It was from a conference room -- the same room in which we had had our chat the day before. He was cheerful. He asked if I was ready to go. I was. I noted that he was connecting with me in an old-school fashion. He said yes. We both liked it.

My guy left work first. I followed shortly after. I met him in the parking lot. He was sitting in his car. I said hi, reached through his half-opened car window to caress his head. He smiled. He clearly liked that.

We walked into the restaurant, both ordered noodle dishes, and talked. He started off fretting about changes at work and some baggage from his past, but I managed to make him laugh towards the end of the night.

Perhaps an hour or two later, we headed to the counter to settle our bill. My guy was kind to pay.
"Thanks for dinner," I said, which is normally how I express how much I appreciate having dinner with him.
"You're welcome. Thanks for the company, sweetness."
"You're welcome, sweetie."
He's getting back to his normal self. He just needs some time and support.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Birthday wake-up spanking

I haven't done much browsing on YouTube lately for birthday spanking videos. If you have been following along from the early stages of my blog, I find birthday spankings to be big turn-on.

My rationale is that I never got such a spanking when I was a kid. Rather, I insisted on getting my much deserved yearly spanking when I became an adult and was with a significant other at the time.

Anyway, this video reminded me of my guy. He has roughly the same build. He's slender. I have given my guy a few lovetaps now and again. He has told me that it doesn't do much for him, but he has never told me that he doesn't like when I do that. What is interesting is that my guy likes when I grope his backside. Sometimes, he'll take my hand and place it on his butt. So, there is hope.

My guy also has a difficult time waking up and getting started with my day. This video is cute.

Of course, it would have been better if my guy were in it, that I were administering his birthday spanking, and that he were over my knee.

A girl can fantasize, right?

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Rough times for my guy

I could sense that something was wrong with my guy on Wednesday.

I briefly saw the back of his head in the communal lunch room. He didn't come to visit me. That was unusual for him.

He eventually did come over to his cubicle at 6 pm. We chatted along with another colleague. I then asked him if he had a moment to chat. He did. We went into a conference room and closed the door.

Sure enough, my guy is going through a tough time both at work and with how he feels about himself. He openly spilled what was wrong, which he wouldn't have been the case two years ago. He's a moody guy, but we both seem relieved talking it out.

I told him that he was my best friend. He said that it was mutual. He appreciated that I am always there for him and that I am understanding.

Needless to say, now is not the best time for us to engage in treehouse time. However, I had to squeeze his hand and tell him that all would be okay. I also got to caress him freshly shaven head. He felt good after I had done that.

We had planned to go out for dinner on Thursday night to talk some more. It did help that we had spent an hour talking things through at work.

He'll be okay. Time tends to help sort such things out.

Friday, September 06, 2013

A staycation worth waiting for

Over the long Labour Day weekend, I decided to do a staycation, which consisted of my checking into a hotel in Mississauga. Sure, it's not exactly an exotic place to relax, but it worked for me.

I work by the airport, but that's not exactly the heart of the city. I don't know much about Mississauga, other than where the major shopping malls are. I was talking to my guy the other day and mentioned that I had never seen a movie in that city. He was somewhat shocked.

Well, on Saturday, I did just that. I saw The Butler. It was a free flick for me, as I had enough movie points to splurge. It was a great movie. I highly recommend seeing it.

I had mentioned to my guy that I was staying in a hotel this weekend. He told me that he'd be flying in on Saturday night and that he would stop by. He did.

He knocked on my door at 22:20. I opened it and asked if I knew him. He laughed.

He liked the hotel room. The rooms have been recently renovated and my room was spacious. The regular rate was going for $119 a night, but I ended up with a decent $40 discount a night.

We hugged. It felt so good. He was wearing his black blazer, which makes him look dapper and even more attractive than ever. He smelled good, too. He was wearing aftershave that reminded me of our first date.

We kissed. It was soothing and things felt familiar again. He gave me a present from Croatia.
"Should I open it now?" I asked him.
"I'd rather open something else of yours," he said sheepishly.
He held my hand and led me to the king-sized bed. We sat on it for a bit. 
"How have you been?" he asked me.
"I'm definitely better now," I replied.
"Likewise," he agreed.
We kissed some more. He looked at what was under my pink shirt and asked whether my seatbelt was on, which meant that he wanted to grope my breasts. Anyway, he saw his favourite black bra under my shirt. He loved that. We stretched out on the bed, with my guy pulling up my shirt to play with my breasts.

He managed to get my breasts out of my bra. He fondled my left nipple as he sucked the right. It was wonderful.

Soon enough, I was being fingered by him. He had reached under my shorts and lacy black panties, and was pleasuring me. I was curled up against him as I came. My orgasm was incredibly intense.
"Wow, that was amazing," I said in a dopey tone.
"Good," he said.
"It was so different," I remarked.
"See, you can have good sex on a bed. Isn't this new spin on things great?" he said, teasing me.
"You really want me to be an airhead, don't you?" I asked him, which made us both laugh.
He then worked on fingering my backside. I made the remark that he can always find the backdoor. He certainly did. Moments later, I came again.

I wanted to rest my head against his chest. I have always enjoyed that position after I have had an orgasm and feel limp. He let me.

When I had more energy, I began caressing his hard cock with my right hand. His navy blue trousers were smooth to the touch. His cock was getting harder with every stroke.

My guy couldn't take it any longer. His shoes came off, as did his trousers and briefs. I was jerking his erect penis. It felt nice.

My guy likes when our legs are intertwined. We did just that. I continued to jerk him off. What I wasn't expecting was my guy's leg rubbing against my wet pussy. I was so turned on that I wanted to come, but I wanted him to as well. He yelled out to forget about him and to have me come. I felt bad at first, but I want to reach orgasm desperately that I did. It was amazing.

When I had restored some of my energy again, I asked about him and began jerking his cock again. I had it rub against my bare thigh from time to time, which drove my guy crazy. We kissed while I continued giving him a handjob. He came all over my hand. We both loved it. All this time on the bed, I had my right hand groping my guy's bare bottom. It was hot!

We rested for a bit. My guy then got up to get a towel to dry off. We talked for a bit and hugged in bed, talking about our day.

It was perfect. I had got him a bag of protein powder. He was thankful. I was, too. I knew that it was a long travel day for him and I appreciated that he had stopped by. He was equally as grateful to have spent some quality time with me in a bigger venue than what we're accustomed to.

Staycations are good.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sightseeing first, chatting next

My guy has been pretty consistent with catching me on Skype at around 17:00. On Thursday, I was at work and we connected online.

I had left my earbuds at home. However, having Skype on my phone is a blessing! I found a conference room, shut the door, and talked to my guy for an hour.

I was surprised to hear from my guy. He told me the other night that he was going sightseeing. I thought that he would be dead tired that he wouldn't have a chance to talk to me.

He had so much to tell me. One of his clients was kind to give him a tour of Zagreb with another colleague. They were both women. My guy found the client to be cute. She was small and chubby. He also told me that she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
"You wish that I were tiny and an airhead sometimes, don't you?" I asked him.
"I like the thought of that, but I could never hold a decent conversation and have great sex as I do with you," he replied.
He's a smooth talker. He always has and continues to be one.

He was disappointed that this tour didn't include showing him the nightlife that the city has to offer. He recommended that I visit this city. He couldn't help but rave about it.

We said goodnight. I told him that I wished that I could kiss his head and tuck him into bed. He confessed that he has always loved when I kiss him all over his face. I told him that I will do that more often, but I tend to kiss his lips first, as they are enjoyable and so full. He said that the feeling was mutual.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

"Blurred Lines" parody with a lovetap

Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" was probably one of the most memorable songs that was released this summer. It's a catchy tune, but its video caused some controversy and tons of discussion.

Well, there's a parody. The best part about this video? Check out 1:17 of this over three-minute video:

Although I have given my guy a playful swat or two across his backside, he isn't the type to wear white briefs. Perhaps I should convince him after having seen this video. =)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Long day at work ended on a nice Skype note

I managed to get to work two hours earlier than I normally do. The first half an hour was spent chatting with my colleagues. It's nice that they like chatting with me about everything. Sadly, the workload for all of us is nuts!

Our team is going to New Jersey for training in a month's time. Today, I finally got around to expensing my airfare and travel insurance. I went upstairs to have my manager sign it. What I had hoped would be a brief chat turned out to be a meeting before our team meeting.

Needless to say, my responsibilities are growing as the most senior writer on the team. I don't mind it, but it is a shift considering how much work there is to do.

We had our team meeting after my one-on-one meeting with my manager. Unfortunately, half the team is rather chatting. So, this meeting that is typically scheduled for thirty minutes became a 1.5-hour meeting.

Towards the end of the meeting, I logged on to Skype on my phone. Moments later, my guy (MG) sent me a text message.
MG: Are you still at work?
Me: I am. Wanna chat?
MG: Sure."
Me: OK. My meeting is wrapping up soon. Too many chatty folks!
MG: I can imagine!
Me: How was your day?
Me: Mine is better now that I am texting you. =)
MG: Glad to hear that. =)
I found an empty conference room. I brought my phone and earbuds with me. I closed the door and called my guy.

He sounded happy to hear my voice. He had that familiar tone in his voice that said that he missed me, without telling me that. I love that.

I started reminiscing about my guy coming over to my desk, and plunging his hand under my shirt and bra to find my breast to grope. I also loved when he did the same thing, but with my pants and groping my buttocks.

He asked whether I could touch myself and get off. I could. I said that I needed his help to get wet. We both talked dirty. I came first and felt so dopey afterwards. Moments later, he came and sounded even more dopey than I did.

My guy leaves Croatia on Saturday afternoon. He is sightseeing on Thursday night. We agreed that we'd chat on Friday.

I wished him sweet dreams, and told him that I would have kissed him and tucked him into bed. He liked that, saying it in a sleepy, dopey voice.