Monday, April 30, 2018

Cool day at an amusement part with tons of fun

On Saturday, I was one of the fortunate ones who got to visit a large amusement park a day before its opening day. Practically everything was paid for, except for whatever gifts and snacks that I wanted.

The crazy thing is that I haven't set foot in the amusement park since I was an undergraduate student. Back then, my mom had a season pass. We went as a family once. I went there a couple of times with friends. It seems like eons ago.

The downside was that it was a cool 7°C on Saturday with wind that picked up as the day progressed. Riding fast rides under such conditions was trying. However, I had a fun at the arcade playing Pac-Man. I also enjoyed visited the various gift shops, candy stores, and more.

It was generous that I got two free tickets to revisit the park this year. I will definitely give it a try when it doesn't feel like winter! I don't recall ever going to this amusement park wearing a winter hat, mitts, and coat.

On a good note, I had a ton of fun and met a bunch of cool folks. With free tickets, perhaps my guy can join me.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cars and a looming spanking

When my guy and I last chatted, I teased him about driving his future manual transmission car.
"I can't wait to drive it," I said.
"No, you won't be driving it," he said.
"What's about we'll see?" I said.
"We'll see that you don't," he replied.
"No, I'm your good girl. I can drive it," I stated boldly.
"You are my bad girl. You are never good," he argued.
"No, I'm good. You haven't spanked me, so I must be good," I pointed out.
"I'll need to deal with that soon," he admitted.
I like when a spanking is looming.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Amusement park

In a few hours, I am going to Canada's Wonderland. I haven't been there since I was an undergraduate student.

I am fortunate to be going a day before the park officially opens to the public. It's a paid-for event and I am grateful to be a part of it.

I normally sleep in on Saturday. This event is worth breaking my cycle.

A week ago, I asked my guy whether he'd like to go. Unfortunately, he can't. It would have been fun to be at a amusement park with him. We have never done that before.

Anyway, I am looking forward to going. It's expected to rain. I hope that it's not all day.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Vacuum flask makes me happy

I drink tea at work. It helps me relax and gets me through the day.

It's funny, but when I am working from home, I rarely have tea. I tend to drink water.

A month ago, I got a credit towards any accessory for servicing my car at my usual car place. I decided to get a vacuum beverage flask. It's by Asobu and it's a beautiful pink.

I asked the woman at the parts and accessories counter whether it works well. She nodded and said that hot or cold water stays that way for hours. Great!

It took me a while to get around to using it, but I did on the weekend. I filled it up with hot water and steeped some looseleaf tea. The hot water stayed hot for at least six hours. I was impressed!

I worked from home on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had tea in this flask on both days. I love it.

It's always great to have a product that works well and makes you happy. My guy says that anything free makes you automatically happy. He's correct in this case.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Aspiring to be Clint Eastwood

When we were in our early stages of dating, my guy revealed that he always wanted to be a manly, macho man growing up, like Clint Eastwood. Although he is manly, he has a gentle, boyish side. I first noted it when he was driving to Montreal and stopped to get ice cream.
"I know you don't like your boyish side, but I do. It compliments your manly side," I said to him while we were eating lunch.
"I loved Clint Eastwood as a boy. I wanted to be like him," he admitted.
"I know. But, you are you. You should embrace who you are. I do," I said.
"You're sweet. I wanted to say, 'Go ahead. Make my day,' like he did," he said.
"If you said, 'Make my day,' I would tell you to make your own day. Why do I have to do all the hard work?" I said rhetorically.
He laughed. I love him just the way he is, without the Clint Eastwood split personality.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ignoring work e-mails and owing me

My guy is horrible at looking at his work e-mail. He has thousands of unread e-mails. On the contrary, I need to read each one and don't have this problem.
"Did you read about the new strong authentication process that we have? We need to switch over to the new system by the end of May," I said.
I got a long, blank stare. It was confirmation that he hadn't.
"You still don't read your e-mails, right?" I asked rhetorically.
"I am bad with reading them," he admitted. "I read yours, though."
"That's nice. I'm glad you don't label them as spam," I joked.
"No, I always pay attention to your e-mails. Can you forward me this one?" he asked.
"Sure. You owe me," I noted.
"I always do, sweetie," he said, smiling at me.
I sometimes wonder what he'd do if I didn't let him know about such important procedures at work.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Horrific deaths in Toronto

Monday was such a trying, tough day. A man took a rental van and plowed into a number of pedestrians in North York, in Toronto's north end.

I spent my undergraduate years around the Yonge and Finch area where this horrific event took place. I needed Finch station to transfer from one bus to another, or take the subway. Down a station is North York City Centre. I spent a ton of time studying at the library and grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Each time I see a van or vehicle plow into a group of innocent bystanders, it churns my stomach. It's such a senseless way to kill people because the person behind the wheel has issues. If you are enraged or upset, is this method the best way to deal with it? No.

I wish that I could do more. All I can do is hope that Torontonians love one another.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Changing restaurants, stepping up and down, and being a gentleman

I got tired of eating at the same Afghani restaurant three times last week. The fact that my order was messed up on all three occasions put a damper on my mood.

At noon, my guy called me on Friday and said that he was downstairs. I said that I'd be there in five minutes.

He wasn't downstairs, but I noticed that his car was parked outside. Nice!

I walked over and I got in.
"Are you good if we try shawarma today?" I asked him.
"Sure," he said. "I love shawarma."
"I know. When you called me a while back and I said that I was at a shawarma place, it's this one that we'll be going to. It's good," I noted.
"That's good," he replied.
"Turn left at the lights," I said, as if I were a GPS.
"I love your voice. I wish that your voice were on my GPS," he noted.
We walked into the restaurant. I told him to watch his step. He was impressed at how spacious the place was.

I got the chicken shawarma dinner, which comes with rice and salad. He got what I used to order, which was the beef shawarma with hummus.

He loved his meal. He even asked if he could take some of my pita. I was glad that he did, as I couldn't finish all my pita. I did polish off my entire meal.

When we left, he led. I didn't realize that he didn't see the step.
"That was an unexpected drop," he replied.
"That's because I didn't say to watch your step like I did before," I noted.
He got to his car and opened the car door for me. He's such a gentleman.

It has been a nice couple of weeks seeing him at the office. I was getting sad that I wouldn't see him this often, but he said that we'll try and plan something out.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Unlocked washroom stall with a colleague in it at work

On Thursday, just before lunch, I visited the women's washroom at work. There are four stalls. Two were available.

I went to the one at the very end. I thought that I would get a few extra steps and also have a bit of privacy.

Normally, when a stall is free, the door is ajar. This one was. I opened it and there was my colleague.

I apologized, although it wasn't my fault. She said that the door doesn't lock. It actually does. You need to pull the door hard and then lock it.

Needless to say, it was embarrassing. I shouldn't be. It wasn't my fault. If I didn't know the person on the toilet seat, I would probably feel less embarrassed. It's the fact that I know this colleague and she is on my team that doesn't help.

I told my little team about this incident over lunch. My mini me saw the whole thing unfold. My intern said that now would be a good time to have a memory zapper, like in Men in Black. I agree!

I shared this story with my guy on Thursday at dinner, when he was high on cough syrup.
"Did you have any lesbian tendencies?" he asked me.
"Nope," I replied. "Would that turn you on?"
"Nope, I'm just curious. How much did you see? Her bush?" he asked.
"I saw her bare thighs. She had a long shirt on, so I didn't see much, thankfully. I did see more than I had wanted to of my colleague," I answered.
Roughly an hour after the incident had happened, said colleague and I sat beside each other in our team meeting for 1.5 hours. As expected, we were both fine. We are both adults and no harm was done.

The moral of this story is to always make sure that the door is shut and locked in a public washroom.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dopey on cough syrup

This week, my guy started off with a light cough. It progressed into a dry, hacking one.

On Thursday, he called me from his car.
"Hey, sweetie. I left work early and am going to a walk-in clinic. I'll see how long it takes for me to see a doctor and then we can meet for dinner somewhere,"
"Okay," I said, at my desk taking the call.
Roughly twenty minutes later, he called me to say that he was done seeing the doctor and got a prescription for cough medicine. Wow, that was fast! We met at the Afghani restaurant again, but for dinner.

My order was better in that I didn't get dairy dressing on my salad. However, my guy didn't get any, either. I also got rice even though I never ordered it.

We sat down and started eating. My guy was dopey.
"It's rush hour right now. It's Rush Limbaugh hour... haha," he said.
"Are you okay?" I asked him.
"Sure, I'm doing the Rush Lambada," he said, moving his arms around as if he were dancing.
My guy doesn't dance unless he is high on something. He's a sweet, cheerful dopey guy when he is.
"How much over-the-counter cough medicine did you have today?" I asked him.
"I have this much left of the bottle," he said, showing me less than an inch with his fingers.
"Wow, that's a ton," I noted.
"Yes. I needed to suppress my cough. I ended up chugging it down," he admitted.
Luckily, we were at the restaurant for two hours and he had cut off his cough syrup-chugging for two hours before we met. It was wearing off by the time we left.
"You'll be okay?" I asked him.
"Yes, I'm doing much better now," he said, squeezing my hand.
We both learned that you can indeed get high on cough syrup. I recommend that you don't!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Thoughtful guy notes free goodies at work

On Thursday, I couldn't do lunch with my guy. I have a weekly meeting at 13:00, which would rush things. Instead, he suggested that we do dinner after work. I was game.

At around 12:44, my guy called me.
"Hey, sweetie. Just letting you know that there is free stuff on the second floor," he said.
"Thanks! I'm here right now, getting a free bag and entering a giveaway. You're so sweet," I noted.
Thursday was our company's Earth Day festivities. My guy is on the same floor as the festivities this week, so he let me know. He loves free stuff, so he wanted to pass this information on to me. He's thoughtful that way.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Electric and sporty cars

On Tuesday, I had to take an early morning teleconference, so I worked from home for most of the morning. I then left to pick up my guy at work for lunch.

I got there and waited. I didn't see my guy at all. I decided to text him when he was running twenty minutes late. He apologized and said that he would be downstairs soon.

While I was waiting in the parking lot, I noticed that there was a nervous guy in a Hyundai Ioniq car. He kept looking at the two cars that were parked in the charging spots. He took a look at the meters, took photos, texted on his phone, and more. 

He then moved his car in front of both cars. He went inside the office and came back out. He then moved his car.

I then saw my former boss with a colleague get into his Volvo electric car and pull out. I thought that perhaps the nervous guy was running out of juice and needed to charge his car. Nope, he pulled into the upstairs parking lot. Huh?

I was exhausted analyzing the whole situation. I went into the office to use the women's washroom for a change of scenery.

I walked over to my car. My guy was following suit.
"I'm so sorry," he said again.
"It's okay," I replied, as we both got into my car.
"Everything went wrong with the software, so I was trying to fix it," he noted.
"It's okay. You expect imperfections when you teach a new course," I said, squeezing his hand.
"I know," he said, smiling at me.
I drove us over to our Chinese restaurant. The ice storm did quite a number on it. The restaurant was still closed. We went back to the Afghani restaurant for lunch. Once again, I got salad dressing with dairy on my salad when I said that I didn't want it. Ugh!

It was a nice lunch chatting. My guy showed me a purple sportscar that he likes.
"Hey, it's purple," I noted.
"It is. I like it," he admitted.
"I like it, too. If you get it, you'll have to let me drive it. You'd be in my good books," I teased.
"We'll see," he said.
"That's a positive sign. Normally, you give me a firm no. I didn't get that. You're making progress!" I exclaimed.
"Maybe. We'll see," he smiled.
I enjoy teasing him about having me drive his car, even though he doesn't have this purple one. He knows it, too.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Polite, sweet guy

On Monday, my guy and I went out for lunch. The roads were in pretty good condition. However, the plaza had a ton of slush and ice.

My guy parked and noticed that there were puddles everywhere. He insisted on driving me to the front door of the restaurant. It was a sweet, kind gesture.

I waited for him to park and walk over to the Chinese restaurant. We he got there, I tugged on the right door. It was locked. I tried the left one. Same thing. I then looked at the sign that was taped to the glass. The restaurant was closed due to flooding from the ice storm. Oh, no!

Luckily, this plaza has a number of eateries. We tried an Afghani restaurant. I have been there a number of times, but he hadn't.

The pavement was slippery. My guy immediately reached for my hand as we walked over. I love that he always wants to make sure that I am okay.

We walked in and ordered. He got the beef kofta with salad and a pita. I went with the grilled chicken skewer with rice, salad, and a pita. I asked that the salad dressing be held.

We found a booth and sat down. We chatted until our number was called, which was 13. It finally was and we both got our food.

Sadly, I had salad dressing on my salad. The dressing has dairy and I am borderline lactose-intolerant.

My guy was not thrilled. He took my tray of food back and asked for a dressing-free salad. He is truly my knight in shining armour. He came back with a new plate of non-dairy food. I was a happy camper.

It was a good lunch. He liked the food, so we now have two places to have lunch at.

After we were done, my guy decided to fetch his car and had me wait outside. He was exceptionally sweet and I told him so.
"I would do anything for you. It's easy," he admitted.
"I love when you are so naturally sweet," I pointed out.
"You're an attractive woman. You deserve being treated well," he said, being mushy.
I love him. I reached for his hand and held it lovingly as he drove us back to the office.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Typos are goo... um, good

Over the weekend, much of the southern part of Ontario was blasted with an ice storm. For two days, I stayed at home. It was nice to be a homebody. However, I was pleased to go outside on Monday.

It took me thirty minutes to chisel the ice and snow off my car. I normally take a conference call on my way to work. As luck would have it, the meeting organizer had technical difficulties on his end.

My driveway was slippery. It was a sheet of ice. I actually had hot water in a flask and poured it over my car trunk to open it. I had both my laptop and ice scraper in there.

Surprisingly, I got to work ten minutes later than normal. The drive was fine. Most people decided to stay home. My guy and I were motivated to get to work. After all, we had a lunch date.

My guy (MG) texted me during his break.
MG: Hi
Me: Hey. How was your drive in?
MG: It was fun... NOT!
Me: I hear you. It took me thirty minutes to scrape off the ice and snow off my car. I got my workout.
MG: =)
MG: Does lunch at noon work for you?
Me: Yes, I'm good with noon
MG: That's goo
MG: Good
Me: I look goo
Me: look = like
Me: See, I've got goo on my mind
MG: =)
MG: So, noon, right?
Me: Yep, as mentioned
MG: Good
Me: You mean goo
MG: =) I gotta go. See you in a bit
Me: Have the rest of a goo day!
MG: =)
Me: =)
It's fun how when one person makes a typo, it goes downhill. Yet, we can still have fun with it.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Thoughtful gifts

After dinner on Friday, my guy and I headed over to our cars. The rain had stopped.

He likes when I grab his hand. He immediately holds it when I do. I love walking with him that way.
"I have a surprise for you," he said to me.
"What?" I asked.
He opened his car's trunk. He took out a large bag. I could make out one of the two items.
"You got me a shredder!" I exclaimed.
"Yes. I also got you a tea steeper, because you are my tea girl," he said proudly.
"Wow, I don't have one. Thank you. I am so happy!" I said.
"I got them at Costco," he said proudly.
"I thought so," I said.
I kissed him. We both smiled and parted ways.

I had mentioned in the past that I wanted the paper and credit card shredder from Costco. I wasn't expecting to get it. The tea steeper was sweet of him to get. I love how attentive and thoughtful he is. I am a lucky girl.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Teasing my guy over postponed date and being happy caressing his head

On Friday afternoon, at around 4:20 pm, I pinged my guy on our work instant messaging app. Sadly, my manager also pinged me to indicate that he wanted to spend a minute to talk to me about not getting a bonus within our entire location.

Anyway, my guy was okay with waiting a bit. I was finally all packed up and ready to head over to the Chinese restaurant for an early dinner. 

It has started to rain. By the time I got to the restaurant, it was pouring. I sat in my car for about five minutes until my guy parked next to my car.

We both got out of our cars. We both took out black umbrellas.
"Wow, my umbrella looks nonexistent compared to yours. It's big," I replied.
"I got it out so that you could come under it," he replied.
"Where did you get yours?" I asked curiously.
"Costco," he replied.
"Ah, of course," I pointed out. "Mine, too."
We walked into the restaurant. It wasn't too busy. We got a booth and sat down.

My guy wasn't all that hungry. He had had a light snack at Burger King an hour beforehand. He didn't have lunch and couldn't wait this late. I was bloated, as it is that time of the month for me. However, I was okay to have dinner.

He ordered a bowl of hot and sour soup. I ordered spicy garlic chicken.
"I wasn't expecting to scramble and get lunch today. You left me all alone to find lunch. You ditched me," I teased.
"I'm sorry," he said. "I took some of my students out to Costco and one of them had to return three shirts."
"You ditched me for Costco?!" I joked. "That day has finally come."
"Oh, no. I am never going to hear the end of it," he said, smiling.
My guy is a good sport when I tease him. He genuinely was sorry and would have rather been with me. He is his usual sweet self by making sure that his student could do his shirt exchanges before flying back home.

I looked at my guy's head. It was nicely shaved. I caressed it from across the table. He smiled lovingly.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Cancelled lunch becomes a dinner date

On Friday at 11:30 am, my cell phone rang. It was my guy. I knew that it wouldn't be good.
"Hey," he said.
"Hey," I replied. "What's up?"
I heard a pause and a nervousness in his voice.
"We can't do lunch today. How about we have a late lunch or early dinner at 4 pm?" he said.
"Um, can we make it 4:30 pm?" I asked him.
"Sure," he replied.
It was an odd, last-minute cancellation.

My team of a student and a writer had asked me the day before whether I'd be interested in going out for lunch on Friday. I politely turned them down. After hearing my guy's breaking news, I asked whether I could join them. Luckily, they were great at welcoming me back.

Lunch with my team was great. We went to a restaurant that all of us haven't frequented before. It was good. I'm glad that everything worked out.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Ordering lunch for each other and being affectionate

On Monday, our lunch date was a bit rushed. It was still nice to be with my guy.

While my guy was driving us over to the restaurant, he looked over at my thighs.
"Your pants are very purple," he remarked.
"Yes. I have two pairs of purple pants, in case these ones bite the dust," I said.
"I like them," he said, placing his hand on my left thigh as he continued driving.
At the restaurant, we knew exactly what the other person wanted to have for lunch. It was to the point where he got my meal and I got his when our meals were being served! He likes the ginger beef. I like the spicy garlic chicken.

Knowing that we wanted to order shaved a lot of our typical waiting time.

The unfortunate part was that I didn't have a chance to caress his nicely shaved head. At least we got to hug and hold hands during our entire lunch date.

It's nice when he is in the office. We seem like high school sweethearts.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Nipples and breasts

A couple of weekends ago, my guy and I were lounging in bed. We were both naked and were cuddling.
"My nipples are still hard," I said, playing with my left nipple.
"How come?" he asked me.
"I'm lying next to a good-looking, sexy guy," I replied.
"You're so sweet," he replied.
He took his hand and lovingly caressed each breast. It felt like a rolling wave was gently going over my breasts. I felt relaxed and happy.
"You have the perfect breast," he remarked.
"I love how this feels," I noted, loving his gentle touch.
"I love it, too," he admitted.
"Here's hoping that I don't go outside and caress my breasts like you are doing," I joked.
It's nice that he likes my boobs.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Speeding for lunch

On Monday, my guy and I were to have lunch. It was 12:21 pm. I decided to ping him on our internal texting application.

He called me nearly twenty minutes later. He was running late, which is relatively normal in his case. He was ready at long last.

I met him downstairs in the lobby. He was happy to see me.

I needed to get back to work by 2 pm for a meeting. He needed to be back by 1:30 pm.

He drove. He had to asked me where he had parked his car. I told him that I knew where he had parked, as I had passed by his car in the lot.

He drove us over to the restaurant. He was speeding.
"Are you in triple digits?" I asked.
"I am doing 120 km," he said.
"I can feel the g-force," I said, smiling at him.
"I know. In a 60 km zone," he admitted.
"You do know that you are going to use up your $600 fund for driving offences should you get caught, right?" I reminded him.
"It may be worse than that," he replied.
Needless to say, we got to the Chinese restaurant safely and fast. Here's hoping that he doesn't do that again!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Monday surprise - eye candy

Every Monday, I drive to work and participate in a conference call. The one this past Monday was pleasant and productive. We finished the call in half an hour.

I had fifteen more minutes to get to work. I finally made it.

The parking lot at work requires a bit of care. There is a pedestrian crossing, so you are expected to yield. Sure enough, a good-looking guy started crossing the lot. He looked at me. I waved at him. He smiled. I reciprocated.

I pressed the button to roll down my car window.
"Oh, my gosh, you're early!" I exclaimed.
"Yes, I am," my guy turned back and smiled.
"I'm super impressed," I admitted.
"Me, too," he chuckled.
I wish that all Monday mornings started off with eye candy.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Taxes, finances, and date lunches

It has been a half-productive, half-relaxing weekend. Sadly, the work week is about to being several hours from now.

Any time away from work is relaxing to me. From getting groceries to blogging, I will take it all!

I spent Sunday working on income tax returns. I had filed mine in early March. My parents tend to give me their receipts and such in early April. I got them on Saturday and completed them early Sunday evening.

I have also been on a mission to look at my finances and be minimalistic. Last year, I paid and got rid of two credit cards. I was so pleased with that accomplishment. I still have some work to do.

Within the past couple of months, I have reduced my spending. I don't need to shop as often as I used to. I am doing well in that department. I am inspired to continue.

On Monday, my guy is at the office for the entire week and all of next week. It'll be wonderful having lunch with him for most days, except for those days when I am working from home. I am looking forward to having lunch dates with my favourite date.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Belated birthday gifts for him and a sore butt for me

I finally gave my guy his birthday gifts last weekend. They consisted of the following items:
  • A six-pack of socks
    He is getting into subtle patterns with his socks. He's conservative that way. So, half these pairs of socks have thin stripes. I got them in the States from one of his favourite stores.
  • Storage with built-in lightning, USB, USB C, and micro USB ports
    The idea is to insert a micro SD card into this device. You can transfer your data by inserting the device into a USB port on your laptop. You can also transfer data to and from this device and your phone or tablet, depending on what cable you need.
  • Bandless earmuffs
    The are called Earbags by a company called Sprigs. You flex them, scoop them over your ears, and then flex them back so they stay.
  • Beverage tumbler
    It keeps hot drinks hot for eight hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. It fits nicely in your car cup holder and stores a ton of liquid goodness.
  • Gooseneck clip for your phone
    You can clip this gadget to a desk or headboard. You then adjust the long gooseneck to the height that you need and look at your phone by attaching it to the other end.
My guy was so happy to get all these gifts.
"Where you do get these cools gifts? You're amazing," he said.
"You're sweet. Happy belated birthday," I wished him.
He kissed me. He was particularly excited about the bandless earmuffs. We both stood there and tried them out. I have a pair already.
"Wow, they stay put. These earmuffs are amazing!" he exclaimed with one on his left ear.
"I'm glad you love them. They also come with a pouch," I pointed out, with my trying out the right one.
Naturally, after being double-spanked, I felt the soreness.
"My butt is sore," I whined.
"You mean like this?" he said, and gave me a smack across my left buttock.
He's a sweet meanie. He rubbed my butt afterwards, which I love.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Good girl gets a second spanking

Last weekend, my guy spanked me with a leather paddle. After a number of fun activities, we were cuddling in bed and chatting.

Somehow, I managed to say the following in passing:
"I'm a good girl," I insisted.
"It's time," he said, holding the leather paddle.
"But, you just spanked me," I pointed out.
"I need to spank you again for saying that you're good, when you aren't. Turn over."
I rolled over on my stomach. We were both naked. He slapped me hard with the leather paddle.

I don't get double spankings often. When I do, I like them. Sure, the second time stings more. However, I get more aroused because I am super bad in my guy's eyes.

After my hard spanking, he caressed my buttocks and gave me a hug. We cuddled some more in bed.
"My bottom is sore," I said, lying on my side.
"Good, my sweet bad girl," he said.
He hugged me tighter. I loved it.

Friday, April 06, 2018


I enjoy giving my guy a handjob. I did it over the weekend.
"I often picture being bent over a boardroom table by you," I said, holding his erect cock in my hand.
"Yes," he said.
"I'm wearing a tight blouse and a short black skirt that barely covers my butt. My legs are bare," I noticed.
"I love that," he said, getting more aroused.
"Do you love f*cking slutty girls?" I asked him, which got him extremely horny.
"I love f*cking a cute Chinese girl," he confessed.
"You can all day long, you know," I hinted.
My guy came a lot. His cum ran down his cock and coated my hand. He was happy. I was, too.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Spanking my guy

I have been perfectly content putting away the spanking side of me and have loved being spanked by my guy since we have been together. An unexpected development happened over the weekend.

We were being intimate, with him on top of me. He was caressing my bare breasts as we were having sex.
"You are un-boob-lievable," he said to me, smiling with pride with that pun.
"That was bad!" I exclaimed, smacking his bare buttocks with both hands.
It was fun swatting him. He has a nice butt.

We then cuddled. We were chatting and I ended up saying that he was a bad boy.
"Do you want to spank me?" he asked.
"Really? You want to give it a try?" I asked.
"Sure. Let's try the paddle and see if I like it," he insisted.
He flipped over on his tummy. I got to slap each buttock with my leather paddle. It wasn't too hard. Medium in strength. I asked how he was. He was fine. He handled eight smacks. I then rubbed his buttocks and gave him a hug.

As expected, he doesn't get aroused being spanked. He does seeing my butt getting red and smacking it instead.

I'm glad that he wanted to give being spanked a try. I told him that he can continue to spank me, which we both looked at each other in agreement by smiling at each other.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Cuddling, reminiscing, and reaching orgasm again

My guy and I were lounging and cuddling in bed the other day. He became reflective. I am the one who tends to go that route first. It was nice that he kicked it off.
"Remember when I used to visit your desk at the old office?" he asked me.
"I do. You'd come over to my cubicle, and put your hand down my pants and panties," I noted with a smile.
"Yes. I loved it," he reminisced.
"Me, too. I also liked when I caressed your calf and it turned you on," I replied.
"That was amazing. I have always loved your touch," he pointed out.
My guy made me reach orgasm a number of times on Saturday morning. At one point, I had my knees bend. We were both lying on our backs.
"How come you are squeezing my hand so tightly between your knees?" he asked me.
"Because you are going to be fingering me and I'd like a break," I noted.
"You mean like this?" he asked rhetorically.
It's fun when we playfully wrestle. He always wins. He ended up fingering both my pussy and butt. I ended up holding his head and kissing it as I came hard.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Paddling and having anal sex on a Saturday morning

My guy and I got into the bed and cuddled. It always feels good to be in his arms.

He helped me take off my panties and shorts, along with my cold shoulder shirt.

We intertwined our legs. He caressed my left leg and got aroused.

I groped his buttock. He liked that. So did I.
"Where are the paddles?" he asked me.
"They are on the table," I replied, pointing at the table.
He got up and headed over to it. I continued admiring his naked backside from afar.

I brought two paddles with me this time. One was leather and the other was wood. He opted for the former.
"Turn around," he said, returning to the bed.
"But, I'm a good girl," I replied.
"You never are, sweetie," he said.
I turned onto my stomach. He proceeded to smack each buttock with the leather paddle. At first, I was okay. Then, each smack got harder and my butt was getting pretty sore. Several smacks later, he had another question for me.
"Where are the condoms and lube?" he asked next.
"They are in my luggage," I replied.
I am pretty organized. He appreciated it. He found my luggage and rummaged through it. He placed a condom on his hard member and applied lube.

Anal sex doesn't intimidate either of us anymore. I did have one flashback to our first time. This time became pretty close to my head bashing into the wooden headboard, as was the case our first time trying anal sex. I pointed that out and we moved further away from said headboard.

The sex was amazing. I came and became pretty dopey. We cuddled some more.
"I love your butt," my guy said to me, kissing my forehead.
"I love yours, too," I replied, groping is bare buttock.
I love starting a Saturday off right with him.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Knocking at my door to hug, kiss, and make me orgasm

I heard my guy's distinctive knocks on my room door. My heart and feet raced over to the door.

The peephole didn't help much. All I saw was charcoal grey. I knew it was my guy standing there. I opened the door. I was thrilled to see him.
"Hello," he smiled. "I noticed the do-not-disturb sign and decided to knock."
"That's okay. You don't work for this hotel chain," I replied, which made him smile walking in.
This exchange refers to my hotel incident on my recent vacation. I had the do-not-disturb sign on my room's doorknob. Yet, housekeeping still decided to knock on the door. I had to point out this issue to the housekeeping guy.

My guy took his hat off. I naturally went to caress his perfectly uniform head. I forgot that I was walking on a carpeted floor, so I gave my guy a static shock by accident. He was okay.

We hugged a few times. They were meaningful, loving hugs. We missed each other so much.

My guy took off his charcoal grey wool coat. We went over to the couch. We hugged, cuddled, and kissed. It all felt wonderful.

His right hand moved down to my right buttock. Light smacks landed on it.
"I can't wait to punish you," he whispered.
"No, I'm a good girl," I playfully said.
"You are never good," he replied.
We kissed some more.
"I'm going to take off my clothes and we can go to the bed to cuddle some more, if you're okay with it," he said.
"I'd love that," I replied.
My guy looked good as I watched him undress in front of me.

I was heading towards the bedroom. He hugged me from behind, which his hard member rubbing up against my butt. His hug across my breasts moved down to my crotch. He was fingering me and kissing my neck. Moments later, I came.

It was a nice start to welcoming him back.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Two phone calls and directions to the hotel

I got a phone call this morning at 01:00. It was the front desk. Apparently, some person by the name of Dewan was asking for me. I indicated to the nice woman that I wasn't expecting anyone at this hour. I also didn't know him. She apologized and we hung up.

It is fortunate that I am a night owl. I was getting ready to turn in when the call came in, so I wasn't annoyed.

My guy's flight was to touch down at 07:30. I woke up an hour early. I was excited to see him again.

I got the phone call that I wanted at 08:15.
"Hey, sweetie," he said to me.
"Hey, you," I replied.
"Good morning. Are you wake?" he asked me.
"Yes, I sure am. Did you just touch down?" I asked.
"Yes. I am going through immigration right now. Depending on how long everything takes, I will be with you soon," he assured me.
I gave him directions and my room number. He is directionally challenged, which is a sweet quality that I have accepted and love.
"Is the hotel on the same street as our Chinese restaurant?" he asked me.
"Nope, it's the one before," I pointed out.
"On the road that we typically drive to get to the Chinese place, do I turn left or right on street where the hotel is?" he asked me.
"You turn left. Keep driving on it until you see the hotel and turn right," I said.
"Sounds good," he said.
"Do you want me to text you the address?" I asked him.
"I should be okay," he stated confidently.
"That's what worries me," I said, which made us both laugh.
I was so happy to hear that my guy was coming over. It's a wonderful start to a long weekend.