Thursday, May 30, 2019

Sorting out things - taking a blogging break

I am going through a bit of a rough patch right now. I am well under the circumstances. I'm sorting out a few things, so I'll be taking a bit of a break here.

Once I have sorted out things, I'll share them with you. I do need an outlet and my blog has always been it. It's difficult to write down how I feel when there are some loose ends.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Some things never change with my guy

My guy is at the office for the next two weeks. It means that I get to see him more often.

On Monday, he picked me up in his stick-shift 70's car. It was my first time seeing and riding in it. The muffler was loud.

After lunch, I teased him, as usual.
"Do you know where you parked?" I asked him.
"Over there," he said, pointing at the general vicinity of the parking lot.
"Some things never change," I pointed out.
"Yes, for sure," he replied.
"Can I drive your car?" I asked him.
"Nope. Some things never change," he smiled.
It was nice spending a bit of time with him.

Monday, May 27, 2019

7 Habits of Highly Effective people and spanking

The weekend went flying by. I am pleased that I got to sleep in.

This week, I get to go back to my regularly scheduled program of working from home for a couple of days. Here's hoping that I can get some quiet work done.

My guy is teaching a course based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Franklin Covey. I read this book in my mid-twenties. It's nice that my guy is applying it to engineering and the Information Technology fields.

We had a fun talk the other day about it:
"Do you think you could apply it to spanking me?" I asked him.
"Sure. The first habit is being proactive. I'd be proactive spanking you daily," he said.
"That sounds good. Habit two is beginning with the end in mind. You begin spanking my end," I said.
"Yes, that's for sure," he laughed.
I like when we are funny.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Raptors advance to the finals!

The Toronto Raptors did it! The team is heading to the NBA finals for the first time!

It was an intense, stressful game. The Raptors came from behind and won the game 100 - 94 against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Game six in the 6ix. Finals, here we come! We the North!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Weekend relief from an annoying colleague

Yay, the weekend is here! Although it was a short workweek for me, it seemed incredibly long.

I have a colleague who joined my team over two months ago. She is apparently supposed to be as experienced as I am, but comes across as being junior and not knowing what she is doing. It's to the point where my astute student has made the same observations and shared them with me.

She has an issue with punctuality. She is supposed to be at work by 9:45 am. She has been getting into work at around 10:30 am. On Friday, it was 11:00 am, as noted by my manager.

Both my manager and I have had a talk about it with her. I saw signs of improvement at first, but we are back to square one. She doesn't seem to be making a decent effort.

Anyway, enough about that issue and the fact that she came over five times to talk to me while I was quietly working with my student.  I am off to bed to enjoy sleeping in.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Two more loan payments to go and I'm done!

I am two payments away from completely paying off a major loan. I am so pleased that I can see the finish line.

I have envisioned reaching this stage for a while, knowing that it's a huge milestone for me. It feels good. I will be able to allocate some money towards savings while continuing to get my credit cards paid off.

Things are looking great. Sticking to a budget has been tough, but it does work with a ton of hard work and support.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Gloria and the St. Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues are in the NHL playoff finals. I watched the game the other night and it was a great win.

I found out that whenever the Blues win at home, Laura Branigan's song, Gloria, gets played. She has since passed. However, she shares the same birthday as I do.

For your enjoyment, here's Gloria:

Enjoy! You're welcome. =)

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Everyone's needs are so important... NOT!

I do not understand why folks at my workplace think that their needs are so important that they need to hunt me down in a room as I am training.

It happened last week with a software tester. The question could have waited. I told him that I was training and that I would have preferred an e-mail. Clearly, I had my student with me in the room that he barged into. Still, he came over and we talked about it, interrupting my class.

Yesterday, it was the peer who recently joined my team. I was training and she came knocking with her questions. She expected me to drop everything. I had to say that she was training, which meant nothing to her. On top of all of it, I told her that she needs to work on her communication skills. Her e-mail was highly confusing and talking to her confuses me even more every single time.

I hope that tomorrow is a better day. I feel like I need to hide away.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Leisurely Saturday afternoon until I locked my keys in my car

I had a mixed afternoon on Saturday. It started off great, as I went into a cafe to get a hot chocolate and a cookie. I decided to place both items in my car and pick up some items at a local empanada store.

While waiting for my order at the store, I realized that I didn't have my keys with me. The dread had set in. I had locked my keys in my car.

I went back to my car with my empanadas. Sure enough, I could see my cars sitting on the passenger side.

I used to have CAA, which is the car assistance folks in Canada. Last year, I decided to terminate my membership as my car has roadside assistance.

The catch was that the roadside assistance card was in my purse, which was locked in my car with my keys. Luckily, I had my phone with me. I also had my insurance with my vehicle's identification number on it. However, trying to find the phone number took a few tries.

The first one went to the United States. I realized that when I got a woman with a Spanish accent. She had to transfer me, but she transferred me to another Spanish woman dealing with Lexus cars. I don't have a Lexus. My guy does.

Anyway, the second woman got me a phone number to try for roadside assistance. In the meantime, I found an online form to fill out for the same assistance. I filled out everything, pressed Enter, and got an error to call the phone number. Oh, yay!

Finally, I called the number. You can also get a text message to start the process of outlining your exact location. I did that and all seemed well. However, considering the weird error message that I got, I decided to call back to confirm that the place got it.

Luckily, I spoke with two women who were great. They made sure that I was safe. They let me know that a tow truck guy would be over. This guy managed to unlock my car and help me out roughly an hour later.

I was thankful for all the help. Every decade, I seem to lock my keys in my car. I am glad that I don't do it all the time, but it's good that folks can help me out when I need it.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Happy Victoria Day!

It's Victoria Day here in Canada. It's nice to have a longer weekend.

I have spent it relaxing so far. I have caught up with my sleep. All is well.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dreaming of being spanked, and waking up wet and horny

I had a good dream last night. It was so good that after it was done, I woke up briefly.

I dreamt of my guy. He tends to be in my dreams when I miss him a lot.

We were cuddling. He turned me onto my stomach in bed and spanked me across an extremely short pair of shorts. He pulled them down and continued spanking each buttock with his hand. Finally, my panties came down and it was my bare backside being spanked.

I woke up wet, horny, and happy. I had to play with myself before I fell back to sleep.

It was a good dream that will come to reality soon.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Survived the workweek by napping

I got through this week in one piece. I like my new student. She is bright and highly mature for her age.

I went into work every single day this week. I haven't done that in ages. I do miss working from home, although it was nice to spend more time chatting with various folks at work.

The downside to going into work is getting up early and then needing a nap before my bedtime. I have had a nap a couple of times this week. It's the main reason why I am writing at this hour. I took a nap a couple of hours ago and have slightly more energy.

Okay, I spoke too soon. I'm off to bed.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Napping in my car

I was so exhausted on Thursday night. I was five minutes away from getting home from work. I was so sleepy that I decided to pull into a parking lot and take a nap.

The thirty-minute snooze was helpful. I have been pretty relaxed ever since. I made it home just fine.

I should be able to sleep well tonight, even with squeezing in some nap time.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Workshop that requires renting a car

I am taking a training course in July. It requires doing a three-day workshop in Montreal. I am looking forward to it.

The problem is a recent change to our corporate travel policy. I should rent a car if it's cheaper than claiming for mileage. Fetching the car from the airport and returning it there is a pain.

Anyway, I'll deal with it later. I am looking at hotels right now. I'm excited!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sleepy and not working from home all week


I am in the office all week. It's weird not working from home to break up the week.

Sleepy. More later.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Back in the training saddle again

Monday was my first day training my new student. All went well, except that her laptop didn't arrive at work on time. We had to get a loaner.

She's fitting in well. I am pleased.

My manager treated her to lunch. I was invited, but had to pay for my own meal. Hey, it could have been much worse.

I am looking forward to the rest of this week.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Aroused by a photo and a text message

It doesn't take much for either my guy or me to get horny.

I sent him a photo of my nails. A friend of mine had given me a purple set of Impress gel nails. I love that you select the size that you need for each nail and stick each gel nail on. He liked the photo so much that he envisioned my hand wrapped around his hard member. He also likes when I touch his bare chest.

As for me, it only took a single text.
Get ready when we meet. I am spanking you hard.
Simple things in life are great.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Dreaming about my guy and being together

When I miss my guy, I dream about him. It happened to me last night.

I don't recall all the details. I just remember him saying that he loves me and lovingly holding me. I woke up happy and loved.

He's doing well. He's spending a ton of time on a new project. It's like my trying to figure out how new applications work. We simply need to find some time to see each other.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Training and the weekend

Yay to the weekend!

I have been busy getting ready for training my new student on Monday. It's amazing how my materials get outdated as technology changes. It has only been four months since I last delivered these training materials.

I enjoy training. It's a nice change from my regular work. I just don't like the craziness. That's why I love weekends. They are much needed.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Learning quickly

On Thursday, I realized that I am so determined to learn how to do tasks in a new software application that I end up being incredibly versed in it. I ended up telling a colleague how to do things in it.

I don't feel like I am an expert, but I have figured out how to do tasks that are needed for my everyday work. Most folks would probably give up. I have been fiddling around with it for weeks that I figured out functionality that wasn't in any of the instructional videos. I also couldn't find it in the user guide.

I felt good when I had my breakthrough. I am simply glad that I can use this application for my work, as the old system will be discontinued in a couple of months.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Side gig

I have a side gig. Or, some would call it a side hussle. It's interesting. It just happened.

For a while, I have been writing reviews on a social app. Someone recently noticed and wants me to do the same thing. What's different is that I get paid for this work. Hey, that's different!

I do the same thing as I've been doing for a few years now. I visit business as the customer that I am. If I'm ordering and eating food, I write about all of that. If I'm getting my car serviced, I write about my experience. I get paid for doing it now.

I got my first payment for my first review yesterday. The extra money comes handy these days. Although my debt situation has improved a ton, I am three loan payments away from paying it off completely. That extra money will go towards even more aggressive payoff of my credit cards.

It's cool. We'll see how things go.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Poutine and fries

I went out to fetch some dinner on Tuesday night. I craved poutine, which is a Canadian dish. It's fries, with cheese curds, smothered in gravy. This place puts smoked meat on top.

I have a love-hate relationship with fries. I grew tired of them as a standard side with everything. Burger and fries. Fried chicken and fries. Sandwich with fries. Ugh!

There are some places where I don't mind getting fries. Costco has amazing fries that are lightly coated with batter before they are deep-fried. I like them with gravy. I also love McDonald's fries.

As of late, if I don't like the fries, I need some sauce or condiment to dip them in. It could be curry sauce, ketchup, or basil mayo. Otherwise, I will skip getting fries as a side, and go with either a side salad or onion rings.

Poutine is perfect. I get fries, cheese curds, and gravy. It's the perfect trinity of goodness in my books.

My smoked meat poutine was fabulous. I have been craving it for a while and I'm good now.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Do normal colleagues exist?

It was a busy Monday at work. My colleague who joined my team almost two months ago showed odd signs of incompetence.

She has been with the company for a good three years. She completely messed up a procedure and insisted that "everyone" updates these pages the same way as she. I actually had to disprove her. Even my manager got into the conversation.

Weird. I sometimes have to wonder whether there is something different about the way that she is wired. Luckily, I get a break from seeing her for a couple of days. I am working from home. It's a distraction to have her approach me a couple of times an hour when I am in the office.

I miss having normal colleagues.

Monday, May 06, 2019

Missing each other and a sore butt

Another weekend has come and gone. I am unwinding before I'm off to bed.

I miss my guy. I miss seeing his face every day like we did back in January.
"I miss you, too, sweetie. I think about spanking you every day," he said.
"I'd like that. I don't know what it's like to have a sore backside anymore," I replied.
"We can fix that soon," he said.
We'd both like a resolution on this matter!

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Thankful for free food

Saturday was a good day. I drove to an eatery to get free food.

To make a long story short, I won a couple of coupons for two orders of roti. They were from a new restaurant. I had to drive downtown to get my goodies.

I had one butter chicken roti in the restaurant. I brought the other one back home.

The verdict? Yummy. I will need to spice thing up more the next time I am there. I went with mild. I probably need medium. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the free food and look forward to having more yummy food down the road.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Eye is doing well

On Friday, I had my eye injection. Even though I have been doing eye injections for over a couple of years, I am still not used to getting a needle in my eye.

I am thankful for each injection. I have recovered well from blood in my central vision, which was pretty scary when it happened. My ophthalmologist continues to tell me that I'm doing well. I like it.

Friday, May 03, 2019

Standing up at work for a meeting and being gently pushed

At work on Thursday, our company had an all-employee meeting. It was originally slated to be in our auditorium. I have no idea why the venue changed to a corner of our floor.

We had bigwigs visiting us. There was supposed to be an online feed, but the audio sucked. I walked over there to listen in instead. I was hoping to tune in while eating my lunch, as this meeting started at noon.

There were a ton of people. I ended up standing in a corridor, unable to see anyone.

It helps that I am friendly. It have established a rapport with those whom I work closely with. As of late, I have had to work with a product manager. He looked, saw me, and literally let me know that I could move up in front of him.
"I'm tall. You stand here," he said.
"Thanks," I replied.
He must be 6'4". I'm 5'10" and seem mighty short standing next to him.

It was interesting that he gently pushed me up, touching the back of my shoulder blades with his palms. I have never had anyone do that before.

It worked. I had a good view. I could hear. All was great.

It helps to work with decent people who are polite and care.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Fossil Sport smartwatch

For quite some time, I have been thinking about upgrading my smartwatch. I have had my eye set on the Fossil Sport for roughly half a year.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chat with a Fossil staff member at a store. I got to try on this watch. She had a blush-coloured one, which I fell in love with. The problem then was that it's not a cheap watch.

I am glad that I am patient. This week, the watch dropped in price by $105. I went and bought it. I love it!

As usual, any product isn't perfect. This watch does not track the number of hours that I am asleep. It's a limitation of Wear OS more than the watch itself. There is an app, called Sleep, that apparently integrates with Wear OS and ultimately, Google Fit. I will be testing it out.

It has never been a smooth transition for me to change from one smartwatch to another. Besides this minor annoyance, I do love this watch so far.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Phallic fried pickle spear

On Tuesday night, I went to a food event. I got the last fried pickle spear.

I typically don't like pickles. However, if you fry them, I apparently like them.

I took a photo of my fried pickle before I devoured it. It reminded me of a penis.

My mind is overactive at times!