Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Contractor nightmare is over and my spanking is coming

The nightmare at work (that is, the male contractor who yawns and is nonproductive) ended on Tuesday. My manager gave him two weeks to complete an assignment remotely and declared him terminated from the company after he hands in his work.

Part of me felt relieved. I was having my lunch when my manager escorted the contractor from the building. It has been highly stressful to work with someone who is clearly there to earn money and to not learn. The other part of me does not like to see him lose his job less than a month before the holidays.

He spent nearly a week editing a single Word document that was well under 100 pages. He had a deadline originally set for two days to get it done.

He doesn't retain much that I have taught him. Oddly, my manager told me that this contractor remembered that I had said that he was doing a good job. Um, that was during his second week. It wasn't as of late. My boss said that he is clueless. I have to concur.

My manager stated that everything that he does ends up having mistakes. He is right. Every time I had to review his work, including early Tuesday morning, I found mistakes.

He could not get processes in order. They were not difficult to follow!

Frankly, I wasn't too thrilled after interviewing him with my manager nearly two months ago. I didn't like the idea that he wanted to learn what everyone else was doing around him. My boss regrets hiring him. I also didn't get how this contractor scribbled notes on the side of his writing test that he had completed just before his interview with us. Why?

My manager left the contractor's training manuals and his notebook. I leafed through the latter. He included his monthly expenses. He had thirty bagels going for a dollar each. As someone who loves bagels, he was paying too much for one. I ended up ripping his notes out of the notebook and shredding them. His notes were not detailed.

My guy wrote the training manuals. He is always helpful when I ask him for them for my co-op students and new hires.

My guy is busy preparing for his trip. He flies out on Friday. It's the same day where I receive 34 x 4 smacks across my backside. And, yes, it makes me happy just thinking about it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My guy is lo mein!

On Saturday, my guy ordered the beef and mushrooms on a hot, sizzling plate for lunch. I had brought my appetite to the Chinese restaurant. I hadn't had anything to eat since 19:00 on Friday. I went with the special fried rice.

Both dishes were yummy. My guy needed help polishing his food choice.
"You aren't eating the beef dish. You need to work on that," my guy noted.
"I have been focusing on the fried rice. It's so good," I reasoned.
"I know, but you need more protein," my guy stated, pushing the dish closer to me.
"You're such a meanie," I teased.
"You mean that I'm chow mein," he said, being punny.
"Horrible!" I exclaimed, while laughing at his terrible pun.
After we had finished lunch and left the restaurant, he continued with his pun.
"I'm still chow mein, right?" he said, giving me a side hug.
"You're lo mein," I replied.
"Hey, that's better," my guy observed.
"Lo mein. So mean. It's a closer pun," I said.
"See, my puniness is rubbing off on you," he said, grinning.
"Horrible!" I exclaimed, which prompted my guy to squeeze my left arm.
He's a sweet guy who enjoys puns.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Brunch at a Chinese restaurant and gift suggestions

On Saturday, I was probably ten minutes into my drive over to the Chinese restaurant where we were to meet when my guy called me. I indicated that it would take me another twenty minutes. He told me to take my time while he sipped some green tea.

I got to the restaurant, walked in, and it was packed. I was trying to find my guy, but I couldn't. A nice man at the restaurant asked if I needed any help. I asked whether he knew of a male customer sitting by himself. He pointed to my guy about four feet in front of me, sitting at a booth. I wouldn't have seen him from the angle that I was at.

I walked over to him and caressed his perfectly uniform head. He had soft stubble that felt nice. My guy smiled at me.
"Hey, you made it!" he said, putting his phone down.
"Yes, I finally did," I said, removing my coat and sat down across from him.
"Have some tea," he gestured.
"Is there any left?" I joked.
My guy is an attentive guy. He noticed my bracelet that he has never seen before.
"I got my bracelet for less than $20. It's sterling silver with a cute diamond ring charm," I described to him as he analyzed it on my right wrist.
"See, you're becoming a Cheap Bastard like me," he said proudly.
"I'm a CB-ette," I teased, which made him chuckle.
While we ate, we chatted about a number of things. One thing led to another and he asked me what I wanted for Christmas.
"I want you," I said to him without thinking.
"You can have me for Christmas, and all the days before and after it. I'm yours," he said.
He's sweet. He tends to ask me for gift suggestions, although he's good at gift-giving. I need to compile my list.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wake-up call for a last-minute brunch date

I slept in on Saturday morning. I was waking up at my own pace, catching up on reading e-mails on my phone.

I have a Pebble watch. I bought it because the pedometer is accurate and I ended up ditching my Fitbit One. It took getting used to wearing a watch, but I'm good with it now. It also allows me to answer my cell phone.

My phone rang. It was my guy.
"Hey," I said to him.
"Hey, how are you?" he asked me.
"Good. I woke up about half an hour ago," I replied.
"Nice," he replied. "I have been up since 07:00."
"Wow, it's a complete role reversal between us," I remarked.
"Yes," he acknowledged. "I was wondering whether you'd like to do lunch. I am in-between test-driving cars."
My guy has a habit of asking me to go out for last-minute dates here and there. He was a bit worried that I would say no, as he knows that I like to plan what I do on weekends.

My original plan was to go to the One of a Kind Show, which is a great show to go to when you are figuring out what gifts to give for Christmas or other occasions. I did a fine job getting gifts last year. I don't have a need to do it again this year because I have nothing to buy. Instead, I decided to run my usual errands.
"Sure," I said. "Where are you?"
"I'm in downtown Toronto," he replied. "I can take the Gardiner and meet you around Highway 427."
Dead silence on my end. My guy realized what he had said.
"You're east, right?" he asked.
"Yes. The 427 is west, closer to work, sweetie," I replied.
"You know that I am directionally challenged. How about the 404?" he replied.
"Yes," I said, trying not to giggle.
"East, west, north, south. I can meet you south, but I'd be in Lake Ontario," he joked.
"That would not be good," I remarked.
It was nice to have an eating date with my guy. It was lunch for him, but breakfast for me.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black-and-white spanking photo

I have been sorting through my photos as of late. I found this one in my collection. I have no idea who to credit, but I like it:

I like vintage look of this photo. I love the woman's panties. The spanker's stare looks a bit odd to me, though. I simply imagine that it's my guy and all is better.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday - ugh!

Happy belated Thanksgiving for all celebrating the day! I loved living in the States for a couple of years, mainly because I was thankful twice each year. I got to celebrate Canadian and American Thanksgiving.

Black Friday makes me cringe, though. I do not understand why an American trend is now alive and growing like the plague in Canada, other than for commercial reasons. Last year, I refused to participate. I am in the same boat today.

I think I am turned off by these alleged deals in Canada because I don't have anything to buy. I plan my gift-buying so well that I have been done my Christmas shopping since October!

If I do get the itch to buy at discount prices, I will either give Cyber Monday a shot, or wait till we have Boxing Day sales in December.

My rant about Boxing Day sales getting extended in recent years to Boxing week sales merits a new blog post down the road.

My guy, who is an avid shopper, doesn't mind Black Friday. However, he feels the same way that I do about the prices. He hasn't found decent prices on items that he wants. Meanwhile, he loves Boxing Day sales as much as I do.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Reaching a blog post milestone and teasing my guy about driving his future car

This post will make it 215 posts that I have authored so far this year. This number ties the number of posts that I wrote in 2015.

I wrote more at a faster pace this year. I don't know if it is because I have more stories to tell or if I have more time on my hands this year to write.

I am not a competitive person, so I didn't have the goal of surpassing the number of posts that I had written last year. I also do not have the inclination to blog daily. I did that several years ago. I am not sure how I managed to do it.

In any event, it's amazing that my blog has been active for over a decade and it took me a few years to blog often.

To change the topic, my guy is looking for a new car. He has plans to test-drive a couple this week. I like teasing him.
"So, you'll let me drive your new car as soon as you have it, right?" I asked him.
"Um, you will someday," he said.
"No, you can let me drive it. I am an excellent valet," I teased.
"I will let you know," he replied.
"I will wear you down. I have done it before, so I know that I can do it again. I also know how to get your car keys from you," I stated cheerfully.
"Yes, when I'm dopey, I can't fight off a cute girl like you," he admitted.
I enjoy teasing him. He likes when I do, too.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blogger changes, contractor woes, yummy sweets, and gym trips

I see that Blogger's user interface has changed. It gives you the look and feel of a Google application. So far, I haven't come across any bugs. Naturally, there is plenty of time to find one!

With the annoying contractor at work, we had a talk and I gave him a piece of my mind. I was firm, but not to the point where I was bashing him to death. Part of me wanted to, but I am too polite to do that in front of his face. I felt better. He hasn't got a clue.

I told my guy about my interactions with the guy. He laughed at the fact that this guy is socially inept and started firing work-related questions when I first walked into the office. As usual, my guy told me to hang in there. After all, this guy will be gone in a month's time.

My manager and I had a venting session on Friday about this guy. We both agreed that his contract will not be renewed next year. He advised that this guy will not pass probation.

My guy and I had a good chat on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, my new cell phone provider's signal is weaker than my previous one when it comes to talking in the basement. I need to do some research on cell phone boosters in the home. I was fine holding it up in the air, doing my best impression of the Statue of Liberty, which made my guy laugh.

Anyway, my guy is travelling to Egypt and Moldova in over a week's time.
"What would you like me to bring back from Cairo?" my guy asked me.
"How about those honey sweets that you brought back a few years ago. They were yummy," I replied.
"Sure. Yummy goodies for a yummy girl."
We chatted while we both worked out. I was on my glider. My guy at the gym on a treadmill.
"I was planning to go to the gym yesterday, but I didn't. I was dressed for it," my guy admitted.
"Hey, that's progress. In the past, you would just say no and climb back into bed without changing your clothes."
He chuckled. He knew that I was speaking the truth.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Frustration with a contractor - ugh!

I enjoyed blogging this past weekend. Frankly, I miss the weekend already. I was relaxed, happy, and cheerful.

All of those sentiments faded away when I got to work on Monday. I have to vent. 

It has been a while since I have felt so perturbed over a co-worker's actions that it makes me feel sick.  I felt tension in my neck and forehead. I could feel heartburn creeping in. My stomach has been queasy. I have felt this way for several hours now. Luckily, a nice, relaxing warm shower has got me in the mood to write.

At work, we recently hired two contractors. The first one is male. The second one joined a week later and is female. I don't have an issue with the latter.

The male is problematic. He constantly yawns throughout the day. He doesn't take notes. I actually had to tell him to take notes. Funny how professors never truly tell their students to take notes. It's implied that you do. 

He isn't a quick learner. He doesn't do what I have asked him to do and his work suffers. He takes constant breaks. The list goes on and on.

The first incident happened last Thursday. I came in to work and he attempted small talk. He asked me whether I was thrilled about not having a 07:00 meeting. It was an uninteresting one-liner, but I give him credit from trying. I simply told him that these meetings are part of the job.

I still had my coat on. I still had my lunch bag strapped across my body. I had yet to take my laptop out of my bag. He started asking me work-related questions.

I don't work that way. Let me settle in. I told him so. He is 27 years of age. He doesn't act it.

I finally got my coat off and started logging on to my laptop. I grabbed my mug to get some hot water for my tea. Apparently, my bluntness wasn't effective enough. He started again with another work-related question.
"I am getting hot water. Are you serious? Let me settle in. Your question can't be that important, can it?" I asked him, practically rhetorically.
"No, it can wait."
As much as I like helping people out, I don't like starting my workday with countless questions and have yet to sit down to do work. Let me answer my e-mails and log in to all applications that I need. Let me breathe.

Then, there was Monday. I met with him to see how he was doing with a fairly straightforward writing task. Well, I thought that it was straightforward.
"Did you start a [documentation] build?" I asked him.
"No, I forgot," he replied.
"We need to start a build, so we can see what the documentation looks like from a reader's perspective. Often, I will catch issues that I don't see in our editor," I stated.
Well, my words of wisdom backfired on me. I asked him to start a build. I had yet to review his work.

My manager and this co-worker had a one-on-one meeting Monday afternoon. They came out of the meeting with my manager asking that all three of us talk about some work items that they had discussed.

It turns out that they reviewed the documentation build output that I had yet to review. Sure enough, this co-worker managed to make a guide that is supposed to have the same content in two different software products look completely different. He messed up bigtime.

I pointed out that it was the reason why he needed to build our documentation -- to review it. My manager also asked him the same question.

I was probably more perturbed that I had to explain what he was doing to my manager. This guy obviously cannot communicate what he is or was working on.

I also wasted even more time talking to him. As usual, he has a bunch of questions and does not try to retain any answers that I have given him on countless occasions. I sound like a parrot. I don't get any treats, though.

Oh, did I mention that we have a deadline for this Friday to have all our documents completed? It's not going to happen with this incompetent contractor.

I was steaming in frustration for the remainder of my time at the office. I haven't felt like that in a while.

My working out helped. So did the shower, as I have just mentioned. Blogging does, too. It's therapeutic.

I do wish that my guy could be with me right now. He's always good at hugging me, kissing my forehead, and telling me that things are going to work out. They always do. 

He's right. I just miss that reassurance from him.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Revised spanking tally - number of spanks is in triple digits

Love our lurkers (LOL) day ended up being a two-parter event this year. My intent was to collect comments from day one. The number of comments that day would be tabulated and the final result, along with the various spanking plans, would be shared on day two.

I received four comments on day 2. Part of me wants to say no, that wasn't the original plan, and to reject them. The pushover side of me wants to include them.

Well, since I am creatively adjusting my spanking plans from LOL day, I am going to include the four late comments, but reduce the number of smacks. So, instead of eight smacks, they count as four.

Why? I want the number to be 34. It's sentimental.

When my guy and I first started dating, he didn't want to know how old I was. To this day, I don't know whether he knows how old I am. To him, it doesn't matter. He just wants to be with me and love me. It's mutual.

We were chatting one day, several months after we officially started dating. He said that I looked cute and young. I was curious how old he thought that I was. Without hesitation, he said that I looked 34 years old. He was and is sweet.

So, it's 34 spanks. It's final.

My guy and I agreed on the following spanking plan:
  • 34 smacks with a wooden hairbrush
  • 34 slaps with my purple acrylic ruler
  • 34 whacks with a leather paddle
  • 34 spanks with whatever implement my guy would like to use
My guy is happy to carry out this plan. I can't wait! I will definitely share the results of this fun plan. Thanks for helping out!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Love our lurkers (LOL) day 2 - the results

I hope that you had a wonderful Love Our Lurkers (LOL) day yesterday. I had a lot of fun checking out blogs that I visit regularly, and discovering brand new ones to add to my blogroll.

My goal was to have enough comments to get the number of smacks across my backside in the double digits. Thanks to everyone, both lurkers and non-lurkers, for leaving comments.

Fifteen fine folks left comments. The number of smacks that I will endure on my bare bottom will be thirty. I am more than thrilled!

I have votes for a leather implement, a ruler, and a hairbrush to be used on me. I still need to hammer out those details. Part of me wants all three implements used on me. I will need to discuss my strategy with my guy.

My guy likes the fact that I have a high pain threshold. Naturally, I am aiming for the following:
  • Thirty smacks with the wooden hairbrush
  • Thirty slaps with my purple acrylic ruler
  • Thirty whacks with a leather paddle
I am adventurous. Yep, I'd be getting a grand total of ninety smacks. It just depends on how energetic and enthusiastic my guy will be. 

As always, I will keep you posted. Thanks for making my LOL day so memorable and fun!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Love our lurkers (LOL) day - your comments count towards smacks across my bottom!

It's my second time participating in LOL day. Yay!

I didn't plan the first one all that well. I had just read about it. I simply asked readers to pose questions and I responded enthusiastically.

I do know what it's like to be a blog lurker. When I first started out writing in this blog, I visited other blogs to find out what was out there for a spanking enthusiast. It opened my world. However, I didn't start commenting until much later.

These days, I am better at commenting. I just wish that I had more time in the day to read every blog out there.

So, please leave me a comment and say hi. I don't bite!

There is an added incentive. For every comment from a unique visitor (yes, you!), it will count towards two smacks across my bare backside. I will let you know what the final tally will be. My guy will do the honours in administering my sound spanking. You can also vote for a spanking implement that my guy should use on me.

I'd like to get in the double digits, so comments are encouraged!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lunch plan changes, car sold, and airport rides

My guy and I had talked about having lunch on Tuesday. My guy indicated that he'd be at work by 1 pm. He had a flight at 4:20 pm. I teased him about how appropriate the time was for weedy guy.

At around 11 am on Tuesday morning, my guy called me. I could tell that he was concerned.
"I put up my car for sale twelve hours ago. I just sold it this morning," he said, breaking the news.
"Wow, that was fast. Are you okay?" I asked him.
"I'm going through withdrawal symptoms, but I"m okay," he admitted.
"I won't be able to drive your manual car," I said in a disappointed tone.
"I did offer to let you drive it," my guy insisted.
"Yes, when we were both dopey. It's not good to be dopey and operating a vehicle," I reasoned.
"True," he admitted. "I am taking a taxi to the airport. If you'd like to still meet for lunch, you'll need to pick me up at the terminal."
"Okay. You'll be checking your bag in first, correct?" I asked him.
"Yes," he confirmed.
To make a long story short, I met him at the airport after 2 pm. He had a bit of a wait to check his luggage in. Meanwhile, I had figured out where the cell phone parking lot was, so I waited there for his call.

When my guy called me and indicated that he was finally done, I drove over to the departures level.
"I see your car, bluie," he replied. "It looks like you're speeding, as usual."
"I see you," I replied, recognizing his wave and admiring how good he looked.
He hopped in my car and we drove over to our old Chinese restaurant that we used to hang out at. The woman there immediately recognized us. It has been nearly a year since we were both there. She remembered what dishes we both liked. I think that it helps that my guy and I love the food there, and that I gave it a great review on Yelp.

We enjoyed eating our meals as we chatted.
"How's your backside these days?" my guy asked me.
"The soreness is nearly gone," I reported.
"That's impressive," he replied, admiring his spanking skills.
"It was a good spanking," I complimented him.
"Good! You deserved it. I also got a confession from you that you are a very bad girl," he said with a smile.
"We know that it's not true," I hinted.
"It's still a confession from a cute girl," he replied.
"You're sweet."
After lunch, I drove my guy back to the airport, holding his hand all the way there. It's always nice that we are affectionate. He also likes the added bonus that my hand ends up warming his cold hand.

We hugged once we arrived at the terminal. It was nice. I wished him a good flight. Luckily, it's a short trip. He flies back on Thursday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Difference between we and you during a ruler spanking

On Saturday, our date night was a bit different. My guy's class ended an hour earlier than usual. It just meant that we got to see each other earlier, which was a bonus.

We met in our usual spot, in the treehouse. My guy and I got into the backseat. His hands were cold. I am nicknamed the furnace, as I tend to be so warm that holding his hands for ten minutes actually warms them up.

My guy is thinking about selling his beloved car. Recently, it has had a series of odd things happen to it. The battery drained a few times. Trying to use the manual key lock was a challenge, requiring a screwdriver to pop off the cover. The other week, one of his car's headlights died. Screwing in the lightbulb took a visit to a mechanic to diagnose the issue.

So, my guy is on the hunt for a pre-owned car again. He told me about what cars he has seen so far. I can only hope that he finds a car with fewer issues.

He then focused his attention on me.
"Even though you are on your period, I can still punish you," he said to me.
"No, I'm a good girl in a good world. You sang that to me recently," I teased.
"I don't think so. Where is your spanking apparatus?" he asked me.
"Apparatus? It sounds like you are conducting an experiment," I giggled.
He went to my glove compartment to find my ruler. He then signalled me to go over his knee, smacking my butt lightly with his hand.
"I think you have the wrong person," I protested, as I stretched across his lap.
"Nope, you're the bad girl that I want. I am going to spank you until you admit that you're a bad girl," he insisted.
"I am a good girl, though" I insisted.
"No, you are bad, bad, bad," he said, slapping my backside after each instance of bad.
"Good, good, good," I replied.
"Bad, bad, bad," he repeated.
I like when he slaps each buttock in rapid succession. The stinging feeling is nice for a bit until the pain starts to creep in.
"So, are we going to admit that we are bad?" he asked.
"We?" I asked him. "Who's we? The royal we?"
We both started to laugh. It's the writer in me. It's also the fun that we have during a spanking session. The chatter is fun.
"I mean you," he stated.
"You said we. If we means you, then yes, you are bad," I teased.
That remark led to more smacks with the ruler, which hurt.
"Are you going to admit that you're a bad girl?" he asked me.
"Yes, I am a bad girl," I said, caving in.
"Are you a bad girl or a very bad girl?" he continued.
"I just said that I am a bad girl. Isn't that enough?" I challenged.
More ruler smacks landed across my sore backside. I finally said that I was a very bad girl. He laughed and stopped. We then cuddled.

I enjoy the spankings that he gives me. They are fun and I like the idea of confessing that I'm bad.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My guy wearing math underwear

Last Christmas, I bought my guy a pair of bamboo underwear. The pattern had math equations on it and was named smarty pants. They were fitting (pun intended), as we both like math and he is geeky. My guy told me that he loved them and wanted to change his all his underwear to be bamboo.

I have never seen him in said pair of underwear until last Saturday. I was playing with his hard cock for a while in his pants. He then undid his pants.
"I'm wearing your underwear that you got me last year," he said with a huge grin.
"Nice!" I exclaimed, touching the material before I continued playing with his member.
It's nice when he appreciates a gift that I have bought him. It was also great that I made him ejaculate all over my hand that night.

I could get him another pair. One pattern has hot dogs all over. I would love to see him in it, but I am not sure that he'd like seeing hot dogs, as he always tells me that they are bad for me to consume!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Visting Costco, whining, and seeing me

As of late, my guy calls me while he is working out. Needless to say, I like when he does.

For the past week, he hasn't called me until Friday night. I knew why.
"How's the new Costco?" I asked him, as the store just opened last Wednesday.
"Great! It is an extension of my home," he admitted.
"I knew that it would be the case. At least I know where you are. How often are you there?"
"I was there twice on opening day, yesterday, and today," he recalled.
"You are averaging a visit a day. It's not surprising," I said, which made us both laugh.
My guy loves Costco. The new store close to him has a gas station, so he is in heaven.

We talked about the fact that he has a quick one-day business trip to Texas next week. He started whining about the price of his ticket. Again, it's nothing unusual.
"It's okay. The company will reimburse you," I consoled him.
"It's know, but the price is outrageous," he said, continuing to complain.
"Yes, but it's a last-minute trip, sweetie. You are expected to pay more," I reasoned.
"I know. I just need to tell you how I feel," he stated.
"I know. You enjoy whining. You are entitled to it, after all," I said.
"I wasn't whining, really," he remarked.
"No, you just told me with a whiny tone," I observed, which made him laugh.
We talked a bit more about the topic.
"What don't you whine about? Sleep is something that you don't whine about," I recalled.
"That's true. I love sleep. I don't whine about you," he said in his sweet way.
"That's nice. Maybe you're being sweet to make up for not calling me for nearly a week?" I teased.
"No, it's true. Can I see you on Saturday?" he asked me.
""Sure, but I will be focusing on you. My time-of-the-month ritual happened yesterday," I mentioned,.
"That's okay. I want to see you."
So, we had a nice date night on Saturday. More about that in a bit.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Good girl position versus bad girl position

My guy and I have a lot of fun with our dialogue before, during, and after a spanking. The following banter happened a few weeks ago in our treehouse.
"Assume the position," he said to me, shifting over to the middle of the backseat.
"I am," I said, looking at him, still seated next to him. "This is my good girl position."
"I meant your bad girl position," my guy said, smiling.
He gentle pulled me over his lap. He spanked me with his hand. Good times had by all!

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Election to the south and Canada's immigration Web site crashed

In 2000, I moved to a city in Minnesota to start a new career, which has served me well ever since. It was the same year in which this Canadian had to endure the U.S. election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

I tuned in to ABC that evening. The results were tight. I went to bed. The following day, the results were still up in the air. It all came down to hanging chads and the archaic way of using punch-card ballots, which were made by my employer!

I sort of feel the same way with the U.S. election results right now. I don't expect an immediate, definitive result because the race is so tight. It is also sad that Americans seem to be voting for the lesser of two evils, relatively speaking.

One thing that my ex and my guy have in common? Politics. The former was a professor of political studies. My guy has an interest for politics. As for me, I have a love for math. So, I tune in to election results because I like numbers.

It's an important election. If Trump wins, some Americans have vowed to move to Canada. Our immigration Web site crashed a few hours ago. It's that bad.

It's funny, but my guy and I both heard about the site crash and we immediately told each other. We are one, even under weird circumstances like this one.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Job opportunity and travel

Now and again, I get e-mail from recruiters for contract positions. Something different happened to me on Friday. A recruiter wants to hire me for a full-time position. She found my resume online.

The job doesn't exactly cut my commute time down. It's actually a few blocks away from my current place of employment. However, the job sounds like a decent fit for me. I would get to both write and train others. I am hoping that my working isn't as insane as it is these days.

I took Monday off as a vacation day. I invited the talent scout to call me. We had a good fifteen-minute conversation. She wanted a copy of my resume. Of course, I hadn't updated mine in a year, so I went ahead and did just that today. I have officially applied for the position.

We'll see what happens. I can only hope for an interview.

My guy will be travelling in December for a week. I think that he welcomes a bit of travel. He has been grounded for nearly a couple of months, which has been helpful. We get to see each other more and it allows him to teach his Saturday course without juggling his travel schedule.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Medication, diet, sleep, and travel

I decided to take Monday off as a vacation day. This weekend is a three-day weekend for me. It is much needed!

My guy has been on medication to counter depression for nearly a year now. I have definitely noticed that his mood is more stabilized. Of course, any medication has side effects. In his case, it has increased his blood sugar.

It has been helpful that I have been able to support him. I lost sixty pounds and have kept it off for five years. I reduced carbs and sugar from my diet. He has done the same. 

His doctor has decided to put him on another medication, to keep his blood sugar down. 
"Sorry I haven't called you," he apologized on Saturday. "I haven't been exercising since I went on my new medication. Exercising while talking to you helps a ton."
"It's okay. You are probably enjoying not working out in favour of sleeping in."
Although we both laughed, it is a fact. My guy would rather sleep in than exercise. I don't blame him! He has promised to exercise three times a week. He simply needed to test out his new medication.

My guy hasn't travelled much lately for work, which has been great. We have been spending more time together. He does have a trip in December for a week. That's not bad at all.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Cell phone providers, a new phone, and customer service

I recently changed cell phone providers. I had been with my former provider just after I had graduated with an undergraduate degree, which was roughly under two decades ago.

As soon as my cell phone number was transferred to my new cell phone provider, the old one has sent a couple of e-mails, asking that I fill out a survey and that the carrier was sorry to see me go.

Although I would have liked to have stayed with the same cell phone provider, paying a ton of money a month more simply because contracts have changed from three years to two does not exactly make it affordable, even though I would still be okay.

Canada has expensive cell phone plans when you compare them at a global level. To get a subsidized phone, I would need to get on at least an $80 a month plan, which would actually be a downgrade for me. It only includes 500 MB of data. Yes, our data plans are ridiculously high.

I called my old cell phone provider before I made the switch. There were no decent offers given that would make me want to say. I was told that $200 would be knocked off towards subsidizing a new phone, but the $80 rate would stand. I asked how the transfer procedure would work. The woman didn't exactly prevent me from switching. She told me to go ahead and proceeded to explain the procedure.

In the past, I felt like I was a valued customer. Nope, times have changed. This company is so large that loyalty is obsolete.

I'm happy with my new cell phone plan, which is a corporate one. I am enamoured with my new Google Pixel phone. I enjoy using it. I feel bad for my iPhone. I had no problems ditching it.

On Tuesday, my guy called me to see how I was doing. I was at the local mall looking for a cell phone case for my phone. I managed to find two gel cases that were $8 each. I also got a glass screen protector for $10. I was amazed at how cheap everything was. The woman at the store even put the screen protector on for me. Wow!

Now, that's customer service. She gave me her business card. I will definitely be back.

I told my guy that I was talking on my new phone. He is equally as intrigued about the phone as I am. It's nice that he enjoys when I am all geeky with my gadgets. He likes the fact that I enjoy hearing about all the bargains that he found at Costco. It's nice.