Sunday, January 31, 2016

New car, new treehouse

My guy has been away for a week now. One week down. Three more to go.

He is actually in Cairo first and will make his way to Johannesburg shortly afterward. We caught up with each other on Wednesday, as it takes him a couple of days to adjust to the time difference (seven hours) before he is alert enough to do anything.
"Hey, aren't you supposed to be asleep?!" I asked him. It would have been 01:00 his time.
"I have to do some work," he said.
"I know the feeling I worked all [last] weekend," I replied.
"What's new with you?" he asked me.
"I got a new car!" I exclaimed.
He's a car guy. I have learned so much from him.

I have been driving a Prius for seven years. I was thinking about getting another Prius. My lease expires in July. However, there was an event happening where the dealership would take care of my current lease and allow me to get a new vehicle.

Last Saturday, I spent my entire afternoon test-driving cars. I finally settled on a new car. I got a 2016 Scion iM in electric blue.

My guy was impressed. He immediately found the Web site and streamed the video. He liked my car.

I wanted a sporty, fun car to drive. This car is all of that. It also has eco mode, so I don't have to feel guilty driving such a car. It doesn't guzzling gas.

The car comes in automatic and manual. My guy likes the latter. However, considering how horrible traffic is around here, I went with the automatic transmission with manual drive options. So, I get the best of both worlds. I can drive manual, but without a real clutch.

My guy and I love the rims on the car. The colour is pretty. It drives nicely. I love it!

It is one of the reasons why I haven't posted for a bit. I am enjoying my new purchase.
"What's the backseat like?" my guy said, imaging him grinning from ear to ear.
"I haven't tested the treehouse. I need you here."
"I can't wait to see you and test out the treehouse," my guy stated.
Me, neither.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Work, car, travel, and jet lag

Work is crazy crazy. I am handling far too much work. We have a new intern that I have been training, which as been the highlight of my week so far.

My guy is in South Africa. I haven't heard from him, which basically means that he is trying to shake off his jet lag. I miss him.

The good news is that each time I eat a bagel, it reminds me of how sweet he was to pick up lots of bagels for me when he was in Montreal. He is the best, as are the bagels!

I decided to test drive a few cars on Saturday. I am picking up my new car later today. I will provide more details once I have spent some time cruising around in it.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sweet, meaningful kisses and bagels

My guy drove back home on Friday from Montreal. He called me a few times during his road trip:
  • Once at 17:20. I was still in a meeting at work. It was nice that I got interrupted to answer his call. I said that his call was better than my calling my own cell phone to end the monotony and tragic situation of having such a late meeting on a Friday afternoon.
  • He called me two hours later to let me know that he was half an hour away from our meeting place in Scarborough. I responded by saying yay, which made him chuckle.
  • His last call was in the parking lot. I told him that I was parked in front of the bank. It was funny that we were still talking to each other as we were parked next to each other's car, looking and smiling at each other.
We got out of our respective cars and hugged. It was nice hugging him tightly. He liked that, too. We held hands.

We met briefly. My guy bought me a batch (four dozen) of Montreal-style bagels. They smelled wonderful. I thanked him by kissing him and telling him that I appreciated his kind gesture. The way that I was holding the two plastic bags made me think that I had a boob job. My guy laughed.

My guy kissed me. He's sweet.

He couldn't stay long, as he had to head home and get ready for a month-long business trip to South Africa. His flight was on early Saturday afternoon.

I am glad that we both got to see each other.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pizza and a phone call from my guy

After work on Tuesday, I was hungry. My manager had shared his crazy cheese bread from Little Caesars with me earlier in the day. I loved it so much that I went to the nearest one by my workplace, which was on my way home.

I ordered a box special, which consists of four deep dish slices of pepperoni pizza and ten pieces of crazy cheese bread.

As I was waiting for my order, I did a bit of Web browsing on my phone. I then turned my data off.

A few minutes later, my phone rang. It was my guy. Of course, the woman behind the counter said that my pizza was ready, but the pizza was round. My order had square slices. I had to handle talking to both folks at once.
"Hey, I'm at Little Caesars," I said to my guy.
"I hope that we can talk now. My friend from Quebec City is coming over to stay overnight, so I won't be able to talk like we do at night," my guy explained.
"It's okay. What's your long-distance plan like on your cell phone?" I asked him.
"I don't care. The company pays for it," he replied.
"That's sweet," I said. "If you had to pay, you would be asking me to talk faster," I joked.
It's fun teasing my guy. We both have unlimited long-distance voice on our cell phone plans.

We talked for half an hour. I was hungry, so I ate in my car as we talked. It was kind of like having a virtual date. The food hit the spot. I don't do pizza that often. I should. I like the food here.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

App development involving my getting a spanking

My guy and I are similar, which is one good reason why we get along and are a couple. We seem to be on the same wavelength these days when it comes to learning. We want to do something different to stimulate our brain cells.

For me, it's learning how to drive a stick shift car. I have one more lesson to go.

My guy told me the other day that he is learning how to create apps on Android. It doesn't surprise me that he is fiddling with this new learning experience, as he is nerdy like I am.
"Do you have any suggestions on what apps I should develop?" my guy asked me.
"How about a hot dog app for me?" I said, teasing him over my love for eating hot dogs.
"Um, no," he said, chuckling afterwards.
"How about a spanking app?" I suggested.
"Hey, I like that!" he said, with excitement.
"For the spanking sound effects, we can record your spanking my bare butt and use that in your app."
"See, you always have good ideas," he said, complimenting me.
"I hope that I get this app for free because I sleep with the developer," I said.
"Of course!"
It's good that I get a spanking and a spanking app for free.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

From cuddling to quality time

On Sunday, my guy wanted to cuddle with me. So, we headed over to my car. He got into the backseat. I drove us to a quiet location of the parking lot and joined him.

We cuddled. I love when we do. I feel safe in his arms.

He lightly smacked by backside.
"I'm good!" I exclaimed.
"You are never good," he said, continuing to spank me lightly.
"I thought that we were going to cuddle," I said, enjoying being in his arms.
I could tell that he liked the time that we had. He stopped the lovetaps. Instead, we kissed. I have missed his full lips for a while. He felt the same way about mine.

He unzipped my jacket and played with my breasts. He then placed his hand under my shirt and brought out my breasts from my bra, playing with my hard nipples.

He wanted to finger my butt. He had his hand partway down my backside. I didn't feel like it. Instead, he went to the front door, so to speak. He unzipped my jeans and pleasured me until I came.

It was nice. I was dopey and lethargic.

We kissed a bit more. I strategically placed my hand on his crotch. Yep, his member was hard. I kept caressing it. Finally, we let his hard cock out for me to do a handjob. My guy played with my breasts some more as I continued to jerk him off. He came all over my hand. We were both happy.

Naturally, we cleaned up. We hugged a bit more and woke up. I then drove him over to his car. We kissed and hugged.

I wished him a safe drive to Montreal. He did the same for me, but I was driving home.

He made it safely to Montreal. He called me hours later. It was a good thing that he left two hours before the snow hit Scarborough. He missed all that nastiness. He only misses me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snow, David Bowie, and an afternoon date at Starbucks

It seems like ages since I last wrote. Between dealing with snow at long last and the sad passing of David Bowie, I have neglected blogging for a bit.

I was fortunate to see David Bowie once in Winnipeg. It was an amazing show at the old Winnipeg Arena. It must have been back in 2004. He was an amazing artist and musician. He also loved to read and had a wonderful sense of humour. He will be missed.

My guy is in Montreal for work. He's away for a good two weeks. He promised to buy me bagels. He's such a sweet guy.

We met up on Sunday at Starbucks. He calls it Stealbucks because he finds the prices inflated. However, he ordered a coffee that day, which kept him awake for his entire road trip to Montreal. So, his regard for the store is changing.

He actually arrived at Starbucks before I did. It was different. Normally, I am waiting for him. Anyway, I called him and said that I saw him in the parking lot. We got out of our cars. He walked over to me. We then walked over to the cafe.

He gave me a side hug. He also gave me several lovetaps on my left buttocks I loved that.

He ordered a coffee and a croissant. I had a mint tea with a cinnamon swirl coffee cake. We sat at a table in a quaint little corner of the cafe, laughed, chatted, ate, drank, and held hands. It was nice. He looked good in his new wool coat.
"Can we cuddle for fifteen or twenty minutes?" my guy asked me.
"I'd love to, but you're on a tight driving schedule," I replied.
"It's okay. I have time," he said.
We held hands walking out of Starbucks. It was a nice little date that we went on.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Spicy photos for my guy because he misses me

The good news is that my guy and I are meeting for lunch on Sunday. We haven't seen each other since before Christmas.

I told him that my eye prescription has changed. It is back to the prescription that I had when I was an undergraduate. The downside is that I will likely need reading glasses soon. These days, I am still okay. It comes with growing older.

Anyway, the optical place that I went to was great. I got two pairs of glasses. I don't really need two, but both pairs cost me less money than my single pair of glasses two years ago! I love them.

I told my guy about them. He wanted to see me in them. I said that I would take a couple of photos with the selfie stick that he had bought me last year. For the record, I'm not a huge selfie photo taker. However, my guy convinced me that it comes in handy when I am travelling and can't find someone to take my photo for me.

My guy suggested that I could spice up the photos a bit, if I wanted to. I can tell when my guy misses me.

On my first day back at work, we chatted for half an hour on our company's instant messaging system. He also wanted to ask how I was feeling, as I have had a nagging cough that has disrupted my sleep for a few nights. He's thoughtful that way.

I finally got around to taking photos with my two pairs of glasses. I also managed to take a couple of photos of my unzipping my hoodie to reveal my boobs in a lacy black bra.

As expected, my photos were a hit with my guy:
Hey there sexy girl,
Thanks a bunch for the awesome pics. I love both glasses. You make them both look good. I don't need to say how much I enjoyed the bra pics. =)
See you Sunday, sweet thing!
I can't wait to see him again.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Last spanking of 2015

My final spanking of last year was fun and a bit different. I brought the flower fly swatter with me. My guy liked how it felt in the hand. He also liked envisioning my backside getting sore and red after using it on me.
"It's now the time of truth," my guy said. "Are you a good or bad girl?"
"You have always said that I am bad," I replied. "If I kiss you, can we avoid spanking me as a punishment?"
"Try it and we'll see what happens," my guy replied.
"I think that you'll still spank me, but I want to kiss you."
We kissed. He has such sweet, soft lips.
"I have missed those lips," I told him.
"I love kissing you," he responded.
It was time for my spanking. I played the girl who didn't want to go over his knee. He led me over his knee and started to swat me with the fly swatter. My panties were already down to my calves. I suggested that he hike up my skirt. The swats across each buttock hurt more, as expected.

My guy actually liked the fly swatter's handle more, which was sturdy and green. He used that across my bottom. I could feel the sting that it was making. My guy remarked that my butt was getting pink.

I love a hand spanking. It is intimate. It also hurts more.

My guy reinforced that I was a bad girl and continued spanking with his bare hand. As expected, as more hard smacks landed across each bare buttock, I could feel my butt smarting. I covered as much as my backside as I could with my right hand.
"Move your gorgeous hand," my guy commanded, taping my hand lightly with his.
"It hurts," I whined.
"Good. You deserve it!"
My guy held my hand behind my lower back. He spanked me even harder for my stunt. He paused a couple of times to see how wet I was. I was extremely excited. He teased me by making me orgasm. I wanted to. He wasn't ready for me to do so, so he spanked me some more.

Of course, I called him Mr. Meanie. The hard smacks continued. He played with me some more. I wanted to orgasm. He spanked me some more.

Finally, when he felt that the time was right for me to climax, he fingered me until I did. It was incredible. I loved it. I was limp across his lap.

He lightly tapped my backside. Even the light taps hurt.
"Are you going to stop spanking me?" I asked him in a relaxed tone.
"Yes," he said, tapping each buttock one last time before letting me get up.
I hugged him tightly after I got up and sat next to him. He held me in his arms and kissed my forehead.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy new year!

Happy 2016, everyone!

Thanks for your support and encouragement by stopping by and reading my blog. I managed to write 215 blog entries in 2015, which is by far the most that I have ever written in a year.

It takes a bunch of fun experiences and inspiration to write blog posts. It also helps that I have fellow bloggers who freely share their experiences with the world. I am happy to be a part of the community!

Here's to more fun, laugher, and spankings!

All the best this year,