Friday, July 31, 2015

My guy appears to be Chinese in a previous life or just is at heart

It has been a while since I have posted anything. No need to worry. All is well on my end.

The Internet connection at my guy's hotel continues to be bad. However, it is decent enough to chat for a little bit with him on Skype until it gets bad. We then resort to texting.

We have been having some fun discussions this past week. Here's an excerpt from last night between my guy (MG) and me:

Me: I was thinking the other day that you were probably Chinese in a previous lifetime. You like to save many dollar!
MG: :D
Me: You do cost comparisons so often. You're probably more Chinese than I am!
MG: Well, if I'm going to be a Cheap Bastard, I better be good at it
Me: You are. It's a charming quality that you have.
MG: :)
Me: And, you like good Chinese food. So, there's my analysis. :)
MG: I actually do
MG: Maybe I'm Chinese at heart
Me: I think so. You even picked up using chopsticks quickly.
Me: I can teach you Chinese curse words, so you fit in nicely. :)
MG: lol
MG: where would i use them?
Me: Oh, and the art of spitting mucus on the sidewalk... lol
MG: no, i can do without that skill lol
Me: When bargaining at the market. See, you like those, too. You must be Chinese at heart!
Me: haha
Me: There are a lot of skilled old guys in Chinatown then... lol
MG: lol
Me: Oh, and you love dollar stores. Practically everything in there is made in Chinese.
Me: And, that's my thesis for tonight. I will go for my PhD soon... haha
MG: lol you sure can defend it very well
MG: And you forgot the most important piece of evidence
Me: Yep. I'd be kicked out of graduate school in a heartbeat. ;)
Me: What's that?
MG: I always was attracted to Asian girls.
Me: Really?
MG: Yes
MG: I thought they were the cutest women on the planet. That's one reason why I love you.

He's sweet. I'm glad that he's my guy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Internet connection issues at my guy's hotel

The good news is that my guy has made it safely to Seattle. The bad news is that his hotel's Internet connection is horrible.

We just finished texting on Skype with each other. It was fine on my end, but it took him forever to send me text messages. I told him that we could try it again tomorrow. My guy indicated that he may change hotels if the Internet issue isn't resolved.

It was good to at least know that he's okay. It was nice to briefly text with him. I had a rough day at the office. It's always comforting when he tells me that everything will be okay, including his Internet connection.

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow, which is really today.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Surprise office visit from my guy

I won't be seeing my guy for the next couple of weeks. He ventures off to Seattle for a business trip.

I'd love to go to Seattle. I asked my guy to visit the following places while there:

  • The fish market, including catching a fish being tossed around
  • The flagship Starbucks store (Starbucks girl wants a photo)
  • Trader Joe's (not sure if there's one there, but I had indicated that I was low on dark chocolate edamame beans, and my guy immediately said that he'd get me some)
The last one wasn't really something I had asked him to do. I never got around to visiting a Trader Joe's in Las Vegas. My guy is sweet in insisting that he would replenish my supply.

Friday wasn't the best workday. Most of the writers on my team tend to go on walks during the lunch hour. They omitted me at first. When one of them asked me to accompany them one time, I politely turned them down. Apparently, that response meant that I am never to be included again.

I don't like being excluded like that. However, on a good note, I do read a lot of good e-books on my lunch hour these days. I can indeed squeeze in some quiet reading time for myself after all!

Anyway, my guy (MG) pinged me on our office instant messaging tool late Friday morning, from what seemed to be out of the blue.
MG: Hi.
Me: Hi.
MG: I will be in the office today. Did you want to have lunch at 13:30?
Me: Okay. I have to be back by 15:00 for a meeting.
MG: Sure. I'll text you when I arrive.
Me: Sounds good. Drive safely.
MG: Will do. See you soon!
My guy actually arrived just after 13:30. It was nice to see him. He waited for me in the visitor parking lot and drove us over to our usual Chinese restaurant.

He normally works from home, but he had to ask a software developer some questions in preparation for his trip, so he came into the office. He looked good.

A lunch date is always great with my guy. It was much better than reading my e-book on a Friday.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tugging on lacy panties while in spanking stance

I saw this photo on Twitter a while back, while I was on vacation. I wish I remembered where I found it, so I could provide proper credit for the photo. I do like it.

I like lacy panties, such as the ones displayed. They make me feel feminine. They are comfortable. My guy likes them, too. I'd imagine that this photo is the view that my guy has when he lowers them before spanking me.

The only difference is the assumed position. I tend to be higher up on the bed, where my torso is actually all on the bed. I am also not wearing patterned high heels!

I don't own a pair of reddish lacy panties. Perhaps it's because I know that my backside will end up in that colour. They look nice in this photo. I should reconsider.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Spanking memories, including a birthday spanking, while road-tripping

A friend from the States has decided to venture up to Canada for the first time with her wife. They are reliving Anne of Green Gables on the east coast.

I am envious of them. I did a road trip to the east coast (both Canadian and American) several years ago with my then-husband.

After work, I picked him up and we drove from Toronto to Montreal. We stayed there for a couple of days.

It was a couple of days before my birthday. He wanted to spank me, to get me warmed up for my special day. I remember bending over a chair in our cozy hotel and being spanked over my panties. He used his bare hand.

The next day, we drove off to Fredericton and stayed at a nice hotel. The bed was huge, with beautiful white bedding. He wanted to spank me. So, I went over his knee. He used his hand again, but spanked me over my panties first, followed by lowering them down and spanking me hard across my bare backside.

It was nice driving with a sore bottom on this road trip. Luckily, I tend to drive with a seat cushion, so I was okay.

From Fredericton, we drove to Halifax. We celebrated my birthday there. We had a wonderful dinner that evening.

He whispered in my ear that he was going to get the hotel bed set up and that I should come up in ten minutes. I was still polishing off my dessert, so I was okay with his leaving the table early.

I finally went back to our room. He had a wooden paddle ready. There really wasn't much for him to set up. He was more preparing himself on the bed.

Needless to day, I had a nice birthday spanking. I was across his lap. He pulled down my shorts and spanked me with my new wooden paddle. My panties then came off and he spanked me hard with the paddle.

Although he is gone, as was our marriage, I loved this road trip and the spanking stops along the way.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Post-vacation and math lovers are weirdos

I thought that being on vacation would allow me to write more. It didn't happen. There was a ton of stuff to see and do in Las Vegas!

I returned home last Saturday. I went back to work this week and am exhausted. I need another vacation!

On Friday, our team had a meeting with the head of our development group. We all had to introduce ourselves.

When it was my turn, I indicated that I had majored in computer science and minored in math for my undergraduate degree. The head of our organization said that "math folks are weird."

I took that as being a compliment. It was even more amusing when I said that he should wait until the next writer introduces himself after I am done. He did a major in math and is by far the weirdest person that I know!

Perhaps this department head does have a point. My guy and I love math. We are eccentric nerds. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Quick Skype texting

Sometimes, it's worth texting my guy when I don't have a ton of time.

My guy is in Mexico this week on business. I am still in Las Vegas on vacation. We have a two-hour time difference, which isn't too bad.

On Tuesday evening, I had a show to see that was to start at 21:30. I saw my guy on Skype and pinged him twelve minutes before the show's start time. We texted.
"I'm staying at an Egyptian-themed hotel," I texted.
"Good. Do they serve fava beans, which are a part of a traditional breakfast in Egypt?"
"My friend and I went to an Irish restaurant and I had baked beans instead."
Later on, we had this exchange:
"I'm visiting Starbucks every day," I told him.
"Wow, I'm surprised," he replied.
"Are you being sarcastic?!" I wrote back.
"Me? Oh, no."
"Riiight," I wrote back.
It was a good thing that the show had a late start. We texted quite a bit. We had an extra ten minutes to text with each other.

We had to end it abruptly. I sent him a smiley blowing him a kiss. He sent me one with sunglasses, winking at me. We miss each other, but Skype is important when we are apart.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

My birthday

I haven't posted for a while. It happens while on vacation. I am taking a bit of a break at the hotel, so I thought that I'd write a brief post.

A few days ago, I had a good birthday in Las Vegas. I visited a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Loco for lunch. It specializes in rolls more than anything. The sushi roll names intrigued me.

I love my ass, too. My guy would say the same thing about mine. =)

I then went to see a movie at a posh movie theatre. The theatre had leather reclining seats. It was wonderful, I saw Terminator Genisys. It's your typical Arnie flick with funny, dry zingers and a ton of action.

After that, I went to the casino next door and hit the bar. Actually, I was hungry more than anything. I ordered a Stella, chicken wings, and a cup of chili.

I do miss my guy. Having him with me would have been perfect, but I know that he is with me in spirit.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Trips, suggestions, and a couple of early birthday gifts

It has been an interesting week as far as trips go. My guy is on business in Denver. Coincidentally, I visited the Mile High city (high has a couple of connotations, at least!) exactly a year ago.

I am currently on vacation in Las Vegas. So far, I am enjoying being a tourist, minus the rare humid day today along with high temperatures in the lower forties on the Celsius scale.

My guy and I talked on Skype on Tuesday, Sometime last week, I had sent my guy a list of touristy sites to see and places to eat. Normally, he doesn't have time to be a tourist. However, he does this trip.

I suggested that he visit a Chinese restaurant that I loved. He listened to me and went there. He sent me a picture of the food dish that he ordered with rice in the shape of a pyramid. He loved it there. I was so happy.

I flew out to Las Vegas last night. My guy wished me a safe flight a handful of times.

My birthday is tomorrow. My guy knows that I want to learn how to drive a manual car. I keep teasing him that he'll teach me, but he doesn't want anyone to drive his car. So, he has offered to get me lessons for an instructor to show me. He's funny and sweet that way.

Obviously, my birthday spanking is delayed. I'm okay with it. It just means that I can be bad for a little longer.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

It's Canada Day!

It also marks my first day being on vacation. I am currently taking a break from packing. Thankfully, I am nearly done.

This post is a short one. I will resume posting here once I am not busy getting ready for my trip!