Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reminiscing and having phone sex

My guy is away on business this week. Last Friday, the last thing that I had said to him was that I didn't think that we were going to connect while he was on the road. We did yesterday. It was unexpected.

I had logged on to Skype at midnight. I rarely do that. He was online. He rarely is up that late when he is on the road. We talked.

We tend to briefly reminisce about how we felt the last time we were together. We are both fairly reflective people. He told me that he missed me. He missed touching me. He missed massaging my neck. I missed all of that. I remember how relaxed and sensual his fingers were when he massaged my neck last Thursday.

I had mentioned briefly in my previous post that he loved how I looked when I was standing outside, with my hair whipping around, as it was windy.
"You looked so damned sexy," he admitted. "I wanted to kiss you in the parking lot."
My right nipple, on that day, was erect. My guy is pretty observant when it comes to my nipples. I was a bit embarrassed at first. However, I was okay with it. I told him that he was the reason.

We had phone sex last night. It was wonderful. He likes the idea of having me be his slut when we are fantasizing, simply because it is definitely far removed from who we are. I like the idea of pleasing him and doing whatever he wants me to.
"I want to inflict pain, to see how badly you want to suck my cock," he said.
"What kind of pain?" I asked curiously.
"I want to pinch your nipples hard," he stated. "I then want to bend you over and spank your ass hard until you beg me to stop."
Needless to say, I was incredibly turned on. I miss being spanked by him. I wanted to be in his hotel room. Last night was special, though. We both agreed.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Missing me and our makeout sessions

Work is still crazy. However, my guy and I still managed to spend some quality time together this week.

On Tuesday, my guy initiated a messaging conversation on Skype. He normally does this when he truly misses me. He seems to miss me more when it is a long weekend and we are apart.
"Are you coming into work today?" he asked me.
"To borrow your question, do you miss me?" I asked him.
"Let me just say that work isn't as fun when you're not here," he responded.
"Hmm... I love when your response is up for interpretation..."
I did get to work in the afternoon. I was busy training a new colleague. He was busy getting a presentation completed. However, we still got to talk to each other that afternoon. We stood outside. He looked at my hair whipping around in the wind and told me that he loved how I looked.

On Thursday, I was at work in the afternoon. He said hi to me when he had come back from a training course. We had a decent conversation before I had to talk to a couple of people. Finally, when I got back to my desk, I had to ask him a question. He quickly came over to my desk and started caressing the back of my neck. It was incredibly relaxing.
"That's so nice," I said, in a relaxed voice. I was enjoying his gentle massage.
"Do you want to make out?" he whispered in my ear.
"I'd like that."
So, we headed over to our usual hangout. Even though it has been a while since we had done so after work, it seemed normal to us. We parked our cars and we headed into the backseat of his car.

Normally, he initiates most of the moves. It was mutual on this day. We talked for a bit. I held him hand and squeezed it. He reciprocated the squeeze.

Without saying a word, we both adjusted our positions so that we were facing each other. I touched his face with my right hand and initiated a rather passionate, long kiss. 
"I have missed your lips," he said to me, once we came up for air.
"Likewise," I said, as we continued to kiss.
His hand moved to my breast. He cupped it for a bit, before his hand went under my short-sleeved, purple shirt and caressed my breast. He then took my bra off and played with my nipples.

As for me, my hand had moved from his face, to the back of his neck, and then to his chest. He has a toned, sexy chest that I find highly attractive.

His hand moved down to my crotch. He undid the button on my brown chinos and I unzipped them. My panties slid down. His hand moved to my pussy. He was fingering me for a bit and moved to fingering my butt. I was incredibly turned on, probably because I was touching his bare chest, running my hand through his chest hair.

I eventually came. It was wonderful. I love when he kisses me on my head and forehead afterward.
"I love that you don't have an undershirt," I remarked. "I love your chest."
He smiled. I knew that he liked that I had noticed that he had been working out again. I just didn't have to say it in so many words.

My hand reached down to his crotch to stroke his manhood. I am not sure what we did that made me stop, but I repeated the same move. His member was getting harder. Finally, I put my pants back on and he removed his, along with his briefs. He was clearly erect.

My guy gets turned on when he sees me as his whore. He had his right hand on my right buttock as I was giving him a handjob.
"I like when you hold my cock and please me," he said with his eyes closed.
"I like when you let me," I responded, which got him even more turned on.
He came and was relaxed afterward. I always have referred to his relaxed mood as his dopey state. It is almost like he can barely function after he has ejaculated.
"I have missed having dopey talk," he said, obviously in dopey mode. "We have the best talks."
I continued to hug him. It is nice that I have him back for a bit.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Reflections of being spanked after getting hitched

I visited the Spanking Blog, as I normally do, and am going down memory lane. The post, Spanking his new bride, is making me feel a bit nostalgic tonight.

Sure, my only marriage ended in a divorce, but being spanked after we got married was wonderful. I remember the day fondly, despite the outcome over a decade later.

We got married at Old City Hall. Our honeymoon was modest. We checked into a hotel. The first thing we did was spank each other.

My husband had me lay across the bed. He lifted up my gown, and spanked me hard with his hand over my panties and hosiery. I reciprocated by spanking him over his briefs. And, we continued spanking each other, alternating between who would give and receive. We were in love, horny, and sore.

It wasn't a perfect marriage. However, I do recommend a good spanking on one's wedding night and many more nights afterwards.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Purposely creating a reason to be spanked soon

The anticipation is building.

I went to work today. I was debating whether I wanted to. Considering that my new colleague hadn't asked any questions about a current assignment and a new one that I didn't fully understand, I felt that I needed to go into the office.

I love hearing my guy's voice. It's unmistakeable. He was talking to one colleague as I was talking to another one. He came over to where I was sitting after he was done conversing.
"Hey," he said, touching my left shoulder tenderly. "It's not Wednesday."
"I know," I said. "I come into the office three times a week, but I'm pretty unpredictable. I even go to work in the morning sometimes."
Yep, my guy has been away for a month. Things change here and there.

A colleague and I then talked about our experiences wearing braces to straighten our teeth growing up. My guy indicated that he wanted to get braces.
"You have a nice smile," I said. "You don't need braces."
"My teeth are crooked," he pointed out.
"Crooked, to match your personality?" I teased.
He laughed. Of course, I like planting a seed like that for a playful reason to be spanked by him.

Towards the end of the day, we were talking and he looked at me for the longest time.
"Has anyone told you that you're attractive, cute, and sweet?"
"Just you," I replied.
He admitted that he was admiring my backside from afar. It's nice to have him back home again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My guy is back in town!

It's tough being in a relationship with someone who is on the road fairly often. My guy has been away for just over a month. This afternoon, he came into the office after flying home on a bunch of flight segments, which totalled 36 hours.

He looked pretty refreshed when he walked into the office. It was nice to lay eyes on him. Mind you, looking at him is easy on my eyes. Then again, I am biased.

There has been a lot of change since he was last in the office. I have been training a colleague who will be taking some of my workload off my plate. I finally had the opportunity to introduce her to him. He immediately asked me if I was feeling less stressed. It's still early in the game (I was doing the workload of nearly four people), but it's nice that I have someone else to help me out. It's a question of training my new colleague these days.

Although my guy said that he was tired, we continued talking. We have a colleague, Swiss Miss, who is here for a few more months before she returns back to her homeland. Although Swiss Miss seems more confident when she talks these days, she still asks tons of questions about work that she should know by now. Her questions make her seem like she lacks confidence. My guy and I had the following conversation.
"She is young," he indicated. "She hasn't even started university."
"Yes, I know," I indicated, except that when I was twenty years of age, I wasn't that needy.
"She needs a lot of hand-holding," noted my guy. "I would love to be hand-held by you, too."
"You are still the charming, sweet talker that I know," I said, smiling. "You're so smooth."
"I have missed you," he admitted. "I have missed your charming smile, your cute chin, ... you look good."
"You are starting to embarrass me with your flattery," I admitted, still smiling.
"I hope that you don't go into the fetal position," he stated, also smiling.
"I may have to under my desk," I said. "But, thanks [for the compliments.] Not to change the subject, but you look good in baby blue."
He smiled, not because I actually was changing the subject, but that he liked what I had said. He was wearing a shirt that I have never seen him wear. It was a blue, short-sleeved polo shirt. The baby blue colour brought out his eyes. He looked so good in it. He also revealed that it was one of his favourite shirts.

Towards the end of the day, we both walked out the door. I walked ahead of him. My guy didn't realize that another male co-worker was behind him until we all got into the elevator. My guy didn't bother holding the door for him.

Yes, my guy was too distracted at looking at my backside. It's nice that my guy is back. I am sure that my bottom will be sore again once he has had plenty of sleep and rest.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Groping and patting in a music video

I love when my guy gropes my backside and playfully swats it in public.

The other day, I was watching Live! with Kelly and Kip Moore was a guest on the show. I saw his video, "Somethin' bout a truck," playing as a lead-in to Kip's segment. His girl in the red sundress gropes him at the two-minute mark of this video.

As an added bonus, his girl also swats his backside moments later. It's good, clean fun... with an ice cold beer!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Counting while being spanked

Bare with me here (pun wasn't intended... honest!), as I take you through my twisted mind.

All week, Live! with Kelly has been giving moms money for doing various game show-like activities. At the end of the game, based on how many dolls had fresh diapers on them or how many mom singers were identified when their songs were played, mom contestants would get $100 for each correctly diapered doll or correct answer, respectively.

The counting of each hundred-dollar bill stimulated me. It was a bit of a surprise, at first. Just hearing the audience and the co-hosts shout, "One! Two! Three!" in unison reminded me of getting spanked.

I like being spanked on my birthday. One reason is that I like getting spanked my age over a clothed bottom, over my panties, and then across my bare bottom. The interesting tidbit is that I have never been asked to count each smack across my backside out loud. I do, however, count in my head, which turns me on.

Would I enjoy the semi-embarrassment of counting each smack that I get? I would need to explore this option. My guy, for instance, does keep tabs on how many smacks that he is administering. He, too, counts quietly.

To me, this observation is eye-opening. I am a numbers gal. I nearly majored in mathematics, but settled to minor in the subject as an undergraduate student. Although I have always enjoyed math, my love for the subject would have been heightened if I had applied it to something enjoyable, like spankings.

When I get to see my guy next week, I will need to see if my counting the swats that I receive would arouse us.

I haven't talked much about my guy as of late. The other day, he had told me that his mom had to go into the hospital for an emergency procedure. My guy handles stress well and he took this past week off to be with her. They are both doing well.

I am about to hit the sack. Sadly, counting sheep doesn't turn me on.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Spank-me-hard cookies

I came across this picture a while back and loved it. I imagine that I had found it around Valentine's Day.

Heart-shaped sugar cookies in this picture represent who I am. I'm not saying that I am someone who sugarcoats what I say. I am quite the opposite. I am far too candid to know how to sugarcoat anything that I say.

I have been told by many folks over the years that I am a "nice person" or that I'm "sweet." I suppose that these characteristics are true, particularly when many of these folks do not know one another. I didn't pay them to make these flattering comments, either!

Perhaps my personality makes me enjoy receiving a sound spanking more. I have never truly done anything bad in my life to get me in serious trouble. I get turned on about the notion of getting a spanking. I love the anticipation of getting punished because I have been a bad girl. I want to be spanked. I ache for a spanking sometimes. As the heart-shaped cookie mentions, I want to be spanked hard.

I absolutely love it when my guy makes up the most ridiculous reasons for my getting a spanking. If I am not online when he wants to talk to him, my lack of online presence merits my getting paddled. When I tease him relentlessly, he will pull me over his lap, pull down my pants, and spank me with his hand. When I provoke him by saying that my backside doesn't hurt as much, he lowers my panties and spanks me harder, which makes me playfully regret pushing him to spank me that hard.

I enjoy being spanked for several minutes. My guy is methodical about spanking my bottom, which I appreciate. I get even more aroused when he tells me why I have been bad as he smacks my buttocks.

One of these days, I will need to bake heart-shaped cookies and let him know that I deserve a spanking from him. I probably need another batch to indicate that I want to be pinched hard, too.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Spankings and a sexy chest

I haven't written for a bit. It's mostly because my guy is on the road still. We have been pretty busy with work as of late. So, connecting online or over the phone has been quite the challenge.

Don't worry. I have been thinking a lot about being spanked these days. I do miss my guy spanking me, but his physical absence makes me appreciate all the spankings that I have had from him so far.

This observation will seem a bit odd to some. I miss my guy's chest. Weird, huh?

His chest was one of the first parts of his body that I had touched when we first met. We embraced at work, with my breasts touching his toned chest. I remember wrapping my arms around him, but I have already remembered how comforting it was to be pressed up against his chest.

After sex, I like cudding up to him and often rest my head against his chest. I can hear his heart beating. I always feel safe in his arms. He doesn't mind that I cuddle up to him as if I were a cat.

When we kiss, I usually have my hand on his chest. When he spanked me with the leather side of my fuzzy purple paddle, with both of us standing up, I hugged him tightly, which he liked. My bare backside was smarting. I had to cling to someone!

My guy does have a sexy chest. I enjoyed the first time I touched it. His bare chest. I loved kissing and caressing it.

My guy will be back home in over a week. It is rough when I long to be with him. I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunities to be over his knee and spanked hard. I can't wait to cuddle up to him and hear his heartbeat again.