Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Year of the cock

My guy is on the road again. I won't see him for a while. He is in Brussels this week.

We got to chat here and there this weekend, which helps.
"Happy Chinese New Year!" he said to me the other day.
"Thanks," I replied.
"It's the year of the rooster," he said to me proudly.
"It's also known as the year of the cock. It's the year of your member," I replied.
Pure silence happened for about three seconds. He then chuckled.

I'm glad that I can make him laugh, no matter how crazy things are on his end with last-minute travel.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The weekend and my car

Weekends are far too short. I blink and it's over.

I haven't described what is going on with my car, bluie. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some scratches and scuff mark on the driver side's rear door, as well as over the body's rear tire. I had come out of the grocery store and noticed them.

I went ahead and called my insurance company about the next steps. The representative said that I was not at fault, which wasn't groundbreaking. I truly did not know what happened. I could only speculate that a car had brushed mine.

She indicated that I simply needed to file a report at the police collision centre within 24 hours. After that, I could provide all the details to my insurance company, and then get an estimate from a body shop.

I went to the police collision centre. Naturally, it was a weird setup. You take a number and wait. I waited for about an hour before I spoke to someone. These days, someone there fills out the report for you.

In my case, I was reporting a hit-and-run incident. So, I had to show a police officer the damage. He ruled out a shopping cart had made the scratches and estimated at least $800 damage. He was nice. He helped me with the remaining details of my report. Another person took photos of my car. I then drove home.

I called my insurance and filed a claim. The next step was to bring my car to the body shop. After inspection, my appointment was set for last Wednesday to bring the car in.

So, I have been driving a rental car since last Wednesday. It drives nicely. I miss my car, though. As a result, my car's treehouse has been out of commission for a bit. Naturally, it's nice that my guy's treehouse is available.

My car is expected to be ready on Tuesday. We'll see. It's nice that everyone has been great at making sure that my car will be fixed. It's a year old today.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cute bracelet with a sweet remark

My guy and I were having a late lunch the other day. He looked at my bracelets on my right wrist.
"I love your bracelets. The more recent one with the little ring is nice," he remarked.
"Thanks," I replied. "The ring with the gem is cute."
"It's the person who is wearing it that makes the bracelet cute. It suits you," he said with a smile.
He is sweet.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

It's the year of the rooster. I will be celebrating today, so I don't have much to say. Instead, I will be stuffing myself with food and being thankful that it's another new year on the Lunar calendar.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Cloning me leads to more spankings and pleasure?

It has been an interesting week or so. Let's just say that this entire week has flown by because being busy does wonders.

Just over two weeks ago, I started training two co-op students. They are sweet, intelligent, and hard-working.

This week, I am training a new contractor. She's funny. She is older than I am.

I have noticed that contractors tend to get confused with which password to enter on what computer system. It has been the case with three contractors that I have trained within the past four months.

The problem is trying to make sure that my small team of the original contractor, the two co-op students, and my new contractor are all okay. Everyone is understanding that I am only one person. The original contractor has suggested that I be cloned.

Would being cloned truly be beneficial to the world? I don't know.

Perhaps my guy would like the idea of having more than one me when we are intimate. I can only imagine him spanking multiple me clones and all of us pleasuring him.

Perhaps this cloning idea isn't that bad after all. Hmm...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Over-the-knee faux leather boots

Just before Christmas, I found a pair of faux leather boots online that were in my size. I bought them.

These boots are over-the-knee ones. I already knew that I'd like them because of the length... ha!

I have never worn boots this long. They are comfortable and fit like a glove. They also look sexy, as they have a tie at the back.
The thing is that I don't know how my guy will react to them on me. He will genuinely say that anything looks good on or off me. He has always liked my bare legs. I'm not sure about the opposite, though.

So, it will be a bit of a test when I see him next. My plan is to wear them and see how he reacts.

In any event, I love them and I feel good in them. My guess is that he'll be just fine seeing them on me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker... it's almost here!

Just over two weeks from now, Fifty Shades Darker will be in theatres. I can't wait!
I typically don't go a movie on its opening day. The lineups can be crazy. However, the various trailers look enticing to me.

My guy won't be travelling the first weekend that the movie is out. It'll be a fun movie date!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Spank me, please

I drove home on a foggy Saturday night and heard Ray Parker Jr's "Bad Boy" on Sirius XM.

There is a lyric about spanking in this song. Naturally, I'd like my guy to spank me. I'm due.

I wrote about this song a while back. It still holds true. When I look back at the early 80's, this song was rather daring!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kissing the hand of your loved one

I didn't watch the entire inauguration ceremony of Friday. I was at work, but was likely driving over to a restaurant for lunch. It is now a team event to go every Friday to a restaurant.

My manager created a list of restaurants close by work. He then used a random generator to decide which restaurant appears on the list each week of this year. Yes, it sounds like he has way too much time on his hands. I'm glad he is a foodie, though. I like the idea of bonding with your colleagues. At least we all tend to get along.

Anyway, there was a clip where Melania Trump walked down a set of steps, escorted by a soldier, to stand next to her husband. They locked eyes and smiled at each other.

Immediately after that, Michelle Obama was escorted by another soldier down a set of stairs to stand next to her husband, Barak Obama. He reached over to hold her hand and kiss it. Michelle squeezed the hand of the soldier and thanked him.

I like public affection. The former President's gesture of kissing his wife's hand reminds me of my guy doing the same to me. He does it often. I have always loved when he does that. Sometimes, he'll kiss both my hands.

I miss my guy. He is on his way home.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Relating to folks and missing my guy

I seem to be able to relate to others well. Age isn't a barrier.

With my manager, who is roughly fifteen years older than I am, we get along well. He tried to reference the tagline at the end of old Batman TV episodes. I had to correct him. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

As a child, I watched quite a bit of TV. I remember old commercials and shows. I mainly watched Sesame Street and game shows.

I can also relate to popular songs from the 60's and 70's, mainly because I grew up listening to all music that my mom and dad loved.

Then, there are my two co-op students who are nearly twenty years old. I am perfectly fine with talking about university, music, musicals, and movies with them. I fit in. I never feel out of place.

I am fortunate enough to get along with practically most people. I can't explain why, but I am glad that I do and can.

My guy has been away for nearly two weeks. I miss him, but he's coming home soon. It seems like an eternity.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Watch-syncing issues with steps and my trusty Fitbit One

I bought a Pebble Time Round watch last year in May. I love the watch. It's functional and pretty.

Unfortunately, the app that I use to sync my steps from this watch is flaky. I suspect that the app isn't supported anymore because Fitbit bought Pebble.

It's funny that I had to go back to my trusty Fitbit One device to be able to track my steps accurately. I'm glad that I can.

Of course, many phones track your steps. The problem is that I do not carry my phone wherever I go, so it is of little use to me.

I love my watch, though. I now have both my Fitbit One and my Pebble Time Round on the same wrist. I don't like the clip that comes with the Fitbit One. I have broken quite a number of them that I prefer having a bracelet band instead.

Ah, the joys of technology both failing and being sturdy.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Yelp and sex toys

I like Yelp out of all social media out there. I enjoy photography. I take photos of food, to remember what I have eaten. I write for a living. And, I love to travel. It's the perfect social medium for me.

I decided to do a search for spanking in Yelp. When I was typing the word as my search criterion, the app automatically indicates spanking/masssage. That's interesting...

There is a sex shop that intrigued me in the search results. Come As You Are Co-operative has some interesting sex toys. There are restraints that are vegan. I didn't realize that they existed. I also like all the selection of coloured rope.

I tend to get my various pleasure toys and more from PinkCherry.ca. There is a lot of selection, especially with paddles and dildos. There are always sales and the company ships your goodies in a discreet box.

Perhaps it's time to look at new toys. Yay!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Writing about taking his car for a drive soon

My guy and I have been exchanging e-mails while he is away in Cairo. I decided to write to him first.

He likes naming each car that he owns. I do, too. His car's name is Cookie.
There is a car at work that says she's Cookie. She's good. Cookie is lonely and said that I can keep her company by taking her for a spin in the near future. =)
My guy wrote back to me last night. Here is an excerpt:
Don't listen to Cookie. She doesn't know what she's saying!!
I like teasing him about driving his car. It's enjoyable.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's good to be nice

I have been told that I am a nice person. You hear the old adage that nice folks always finish last. There are times when I feel like that's the case, especially when people on my team cannot handle their workload and I end up having to do their work. It is completely unfair.

However, there are moments when folks surprise me. I had several of those on Monday.

To backtrack, an extraordinary event took place. In the past, I could never get any of my co-op students to get proper access to do their timesheets electronically. It would take weeks, simply because those people at work who are responsible to give proper access privileges to new co-op students drop the ball.

Guess what? I managed to get both students to complete their timesheets by Wednesday. Yep, the had access less than three days into their stay with the company.

My manager came up to me, oddly, on Friday the 13th, while I was cutting birthday cake to celebrate special days for a couple of colleagues, including one of my students.
"What did you do to give them access?" he asked me.
"I contacted the Finance department and submitted a request to fix their workcentre code," I replied.
"I was surprised that they had completed their timesheets for this week," he replied.
"You shouldn't be. I finished my timesheet on Monday. You know that they will complete theirs early, too."
It's true. Every student that I have had so far has never been late submitting their timesheet.

On Monday morning, I had a busy start. I had to talk to the contractor, get RAM installed for my laptop, and complete various requests. I managed to talk to both co-op students, to tell them that we'd meet in ten minutes. I then stopped by my manager's desk to ask whether he got RAM installed for his laptop. He did.
"I got you these," he replied, handing over a large bag of shelled, dry-roasted peanuts.
"Awesome! Thanks so much. You made my day," I replied, which was true.
"You're welcome. They come like that, without any labelling, which should not be the case," he replied.
"Well, thanks for the contraband peanuts. I will enjoy them," I replied.
Then, my students surprised me when it came to how quickly they pick up concepts.

The contractor had edited a couple of guides in the past. One had a couple of issues, which were pointed out to her by another writer over a month ago. I tasked her to fix them, which would have been a fairly quick update. She never got around to it, so I decided to offload it to the co-op students.

The update involved fixing a missed letter in a word, adding the chapter number and date, converting the Word document to a PDF, uploading the document to a network drive, and creating a new documentation build.

I showed them what steps they needed to do. One of the writers followed along and actually completed the task as I showed her. I was impressed. I told her so.

The other one managed to update our helpful how-to instructions on fixing timesheet issues. Again, I was impressed.

I have forgotten how wonderful it is to work with bright students who absorb information fast and are eager to work. It's a nice change.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Condoms after making up in New Jersey

A few years ago, my guy and I were in a suburb in New Jersey for work, but for different purposes. We were both supposed to be on the same flight going to Newark, but he never made it on the plane. It was a good thing, as he decided to end our relationship before this trip.

I was miserable for a number of reasons, the main one being that he had broken up with me. It was also my time of the month and I was coming down with a cold.

Things changed when we met at the office in New Jersey. He had issues at the border, which explained why he was late. I could tell by looking into his eyes that he wanted to know that I was okay, but didn't ask in front of my writing colleagues.

The following morning, he pinged me on Skype. We chatted briefly. He wanted to see me after work. We went out for dinner, which was painful at first. He then wanted me back, said that he was sorry, and we cuddled for the rest of the night. We were a couple again.

A couple of days later, my period was over. He was so elated. We went to a Walgreens and he bought a three-pack box of condoms. It was our first time having anal sex. It wasn't as enjoyable as our most recent experience last month. However, it was memorable!

We had two condoms remaining from that box. For years, I knew that I had kept them. I simply didn't know where they went.

Well, a week ago, I found them in a drawer. They are still good. The expiration date isn't for another year.

The condoms are good, as is our relationship.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Polite students and happy reminders of my guy

It is nice to be working with co-op students again. I have missed how attentive and eager to learn they are. The two young women that I am fortunate to work with these days are polite. They make it a habit to say goodnight to me before they leave for the day, which is sweet.

It makes me think about my colleagues. Folks on my writing team have the same pattern of wishing one another a good evening when they leave for the day and they are in the vicinity. When I look at software developers working in the same vicinity, it is never the case. They just pack up and leave without saying a thing.

I don't get why that is the case. Perhaps it is because they have been quietly coding all day that they are exhausted and want to leave without saying boo.

For me, especially these days when I am training students and talk all day, I still manage to talk to people. Perhaps it's just who I am.

My manager does not believe that I am genuinely a quiet person. I am sociable. However, to get things done, I do need peace. I concentrate much better without any unnecessary distractions.

I miss my guy. I pass by his car after work and I look at it in the parking lot at work. The car is fine. I miss the owner of it and his voice. I long to physically see him, hold him, and love him.

One of my students has the same cell phone model as my guy. I went grocery shopping at one of his favourite grocery stores on Saturday. Various objects remind me of him. I know that he feels the same way when he misses me, too.

He will be back soon. I am looking forward to seeing him at work for a couple of weeks.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Revealing that you like spanking - an article

I remember when my guy told me that he liked me and wanted to be with me. He was away in Portugal and we chatted on Skype. It was a sweet conversation.

The next time we chatted, we talked about sex and he asked me what I was interested in. I didn't really know how he would feel about my liking to spank and be spanked. He was okay once I told him and it has been wonderful that he loves to spank me.

I found this article about finding the courage to share what fetish you are interested in with your partner. I can relate. It does, however, feel so good when you reveal that you like spanking. Everything seems to fall into place. The self-inflicted pressure seems to melt away.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Shopping and technology

My guy and I share a love for shopping. Just before Christmas, a number of items had arrived from the States.

I lived in Minnesota for two years. I developed a love for watching QVC and ordering a number of items at decent prices. At one point, after I had moved back to Canada, QVC shipped up here. It then decided to stop doing that.

I found a service that provides you an address in the States. You provide this address as your shipping address. This service then takes your shipments sent to your U.S. address and ships them to its Canadian warehouse at reasonable rates. Since I learned about this service, I use it as often as I need to.

The good news is that I work pretty close to the pickup location that it is effortless to fetch my shipments. The folks there are kind and helpful. I actually ordered a fairly weighty baker's rack. The gentleman managed to place it in my car, which included the two of us shifting it around in my car to make it fit.

One item that I love these days that I had ordered from QVC is my Amazon Echo. It's a speaker, but you can ask Alexa pretty much anything. I ask her to provide me the current weather forecast, play specific songs, lower or hike up the volume, set alarms, and more. It is a ton of fun so far. My Echo is white, which I didn't realize that it typically is black.

Amazon Echo is not available in Canada for purchase. I didn't realize that fact! It works wonderfully. The sound is great and it recognizes my voice!

During the Boxing Day sale at Best Buy, which ended up lasting for what seems to be weeks, I got a new printer. I haven't printed anything to it yet, as I just got around to unpacking it yesterday. I do like the fact that I can send files or photos from my phone to the printer. Fancy!

My guy isn't surprised that I have these items. I love technology and I am his geeky gadget girl. I tried to convince him that I am a good geeky gadget girl, but he manages to always tell me that I am far from being good.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Last-minute travel and various services

My guy had to travel for a business trip with little notice. It's a nice reminder of him when I walk by his car at the office.

I still enjoy teasing him.
"You didn't leave your keys with Cutiebootie valet service," I told him.
"Maybe someday, I will give the service a try. I like other services from you," he hinted.
Nice diversion. He's smooth. That doesn't mean that I won't continue to persuade my guy to let me drive his new car.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hockey teaches us to aim high and go in

On Tuesday night, after shovelling roughly 15 cm of snow from my driveway, I decided to unwind by watching hockey on TV.

When I switched cell phone providers a few months ago, I ended up getting NHL GameCentre Live for free. In the past, I used to subscribe to it. I then started cutting down on various expenses, which resulted in terminating this subscription. I must admit that it has been wonderful watching a ton of hockey games at home.

Anyway, I was watching the Columbus Blue Jackets game against the Carolina Hurricanes. It was a pretty fast-paced, high-scoring game.

I then heard the following remark from one of the commentators when a player had missed scoring a goal:
"As the old saying goes, aim high, go in."
Immediately, my mind went into the gutter.

I told my guy about this comment. He simply agreed. I could only picture him grinning with his cell phone glued to his ear. After all, we think alike, especially from the same gutter.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow and a snowday

It appears that I will be working from home on Tuesday, which is today. It is going to snow all day. I can't complain.

I don't enjoy driving in a snowstorm. Many drivers around me aren't decent winter drivers. I would rather stay home than spend two hours trying to fight my way to get to work.

Monday was an odd day, but things worked out. The uncertainty of whether the other co-op student was finally answered. I managed to train both of them. However, only one of them got a laptop. The other one will get a laptop later on today.

I showed them how to connect to a meeting remotely. It was my contingency plan in case the pending snowstorm would prevent us from meeting, which looks like it will be the case.

These students are great. I have missed working with co-op students who are responsive. So far, so good.

Monday, January 09, 2017

A disturbance in the workforce where change is constant

I do not know why important meetings tend to be held on Friday afternoons. Most of my team had to attend a three-hour meeting last Friday.

The way that we are working is changing. For a while, I have been doing the workload of roughly two people. My contractor tells me that I should be cloned. I am not sure how most would feel about that option. Perhaps my guy would like to be pleasured often and vice-versa!

I'd say about two years ago, I was reviewing the work of other writers on the team to improve the quality of our team's deliverables. It helped and made our documentation more consistent. However, when a defensive writer decided to resign, I not only handled her workload, but continued mine until I had to drop reviewing everyone's work.

My manager hinted last month that he wants to have me give review work another go, among other tasks. I told him that I need my workload reduced. He agreed. So, writing about new software features on two different teams is off my plate. These tasks go to the contractor that I have been working with for two months. Some of my other tasks will go to the co-op students.

Although I shouldn't have been working on Sunday, I did for an hour. I am training a new co-op student tomorrow. Another one is supposed to also start at the same time, but there is some uncertainty as to whether I'll see her tomorrow.

Anyway, I don't have time to spend reviewing the contractor's work on Monday. So, I decided to review her work on Sunday. She had two tasks to do. Both require rework.

The problem with her is that she is quiet and I have to ask her how she is doing. She doesn't share what she is doing unless she is prompted. It will be interesting to see how she does with the two teams that she has now inherited. I get to break the news to her tomorrow.

So, I will continue to ease her the work on her two teams, as there is a transition period that needs to take place. I am still going to be her team lead, but for one of her teams.

There is a winter storm that starts dumping snow in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. I had contemplated getting a hotel room close to work for a night. I then thought that using my hard-earned points should not be devoted towards a work-related goal. Sure, I'd like to be at work to continue training at least one co-op. If the commute is bad, I will simply do what I would normally do -- work from home.

The difference is that I will hold my training session online. It may be a challenge, but it would be better than conducting no training at all.

Change is always present. I am actually looking forward to not directly documenting new software features. I will still be writing, but I like the change. It is much needed. I don't know whether my workload will truly be reduced, as it takes time to train folks to have them become independent and confident.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker - second version of the official trailer

I am a bit late with this news. It seems like years since I have been waiting for Fifty Shades Darker to be released. Just like that, time passes and I get to see this flick next month. I can't wait!

I like the various hints that this second trailer contains. The billiards part hints at Anastasia getting a spanking for losing to Christian in a friendly game. Then, they have sex on the billiards table. So, no one is really a loser!

I have told my guy about this scene. He likes the visual in his mind. I do, too. As much as we'd like to make it a reality, I don't know how we can find a billiards table that isn't in a pub or pool hall!

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Corporate discount on Microsoft Office for Mac - CB-approved

Well over a year ago, I upgraded my Mac mini to the latest operating system at the time. The upgrade went horribly wrong to the point where I had to go get help at the Apple store.

I had a pretty old version of Microsoft Office for Mac installed before the upgrade blew everything up on my Mac mini. The Office version was 2004. After getting my operating system reinstalled, reinstalling Office 2004 would not work.

I have been without Microsoft Office on my Mac mini since. I also have a Macbook Air. It does not have Microsoft Office, either.

On Friday, I received a forwarded e-mail from Sharky. He is a development manager who likes me. My guy constantly teases me over the fact that Sharky lusts after me.

Anyway, the e-mail stated that employees can get a home copy of Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac for $13 each. Wow!

Part of me thought that this price was too good to be true. However, the e-mail came from our company's IT department. It was a valid e-mail offer!

I went ahead and paid $13 to have Office installed on my Macbook Air. All Office applications work well.

My guy was so proud of me for saving so much money on software. He is my sweet cheap bastard (CB).

Friday, January 06, 2017

First day back at work with revelations

I survived my first day back at work. I shouldn't be surprised, but my first day back at work seems to be different than most.

I figured out why I tend to be working with writers that I typically don't work closely with. It turns out that the two most experienced writers, when you exclude me, have dropped the ball on coaching other writers. Instead, these neglected writers have turned to me.

My manager and I had a good planning session on what our team will be doing this year. He revealed this important piece of the puzzle to me on the lack of support provided by these two writers.

As an example, I worked with a writer in Brazil on a software release that I typically don't work on. She genuinely appreciated my help, as it's a new process for all of us.

I have noticed recently that the contractor tends to be clingy. She isn't as independent as I had originally thought. I gave her work to do that was pretty straightforward. Yet, she still wanted to talk to me. I had to postpone meeting with her.

My first day back always consists of going through hundreds (I am not even close to exaggerating) e-mails and answering them. Besides working on a software release with another writer, I had to make sure that the new co-op student that I am training next week has a set of e-mails that I tend to forward with important work-related details. I also have to ensure that she has access to various applications to do her job.

I had a discussion with my boss about my findings on the contractor. He was also surprised that she is still dependent on me when she works on tasks. I see her being the stereotypical introverted writer the more she works. During my entire time away from work on vacation, she didn't send me a single e-mail. Today, she decided to bombard me with e-mail updates after I had prompted her to provide status on something.

Anyway, I like that tomorrow is Friday. All workweeks should be short!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Vacation is over and reality is setting in

Wednesday was my last day of vacation. I have enjoyed being away from the craziness known as work for nearly two weeks.

It has been wonderful sleeping in practically every day. It was nice to lose track of the days for a while.

I dislike checking my work e-mails. I have had to a few times over my vacation. I get a ton of them, but I sift through them to see if any are truly pressing. I had to address one, which involved ordering various access for a new co-op student.

I am supposed to start training a couple of co-op students. Last semester, the company froze hiring any co-ops. It was a bummer, which was why we ended up with contractors instead.

There is a huge difference between contractors and co-op students. The latter try their very best to succeed. The former seem to be more concerned with leaving work because they only get paid for the hours that they are at work. Students don't seem to have that mentality.

One student starts next Monday. The other one is late with her paperwork. So, the thought of training both of them simultaneously is a lost cause for the time being.

My manager has made the decision to get me off doing actual grunt work. It sounds good, but I need proof. For what seems to be years, I have been doing way more than my fair share of writing while trying to train folks and handle more team issues. It's not the best situation. I tend to feel stressed -- that I am not doing the best job that I can on all fronts. Instead, I can only do my best under the circumstances, which is pretty good when I look back at everything.

Tomorrow, I am back to answering e-mails with some folks who do not have a clue what is going on. At least my workweek this week is two days, so it's pretty good.

My guy thought that I was back at work on Tuesday. I explained the whole drama about my not being able to take a couple of days before Christmas. I was forced to come in to be a part of the Christmas entertainment party. Instead, one of the development managers had scheduled a software release. I had to work on it with the contractor who had made a number of mistakes. These mistakes led to both of us missing the Christmas party and staying at work till 18:30.

The good news about this month is that my guy has classes to teach at the office for a couple of weeks. It means that we get to have lunch together and I can continue to tease him about driving his new car.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Visa photos, manicure, and price comparisons

I got a couple of errands out of the way on a soggy, rainy Tuesday. It felt good.

My first errand was to go to Costco to get photos taken for my tourist visa application for China. My guy and I had a talk about photos the other day.
"I always go to Costco to get my passport photos done. It's cheap at $6.99. I don't know whether it does visa photos," I said.
"It does. You can indicate what size you need and the place will do it for you. I went there to get my visa photos for India," my guy replied, being the seasoned traveller.
"Oh, good. I'll go to Costco," I said, with a hint of relief.
"You can't go wrong with that price. It is cheap bastard-approved," he stated proudly.
He was impressed that I have been going to Costco to get my passport photos done. He was also thrilled that I knew how much it cost.

After that, I went to redeem my about-to-expire Groupon for a shellac manicure. My manicure would take an hour, which was roughly the time that my visa photos would be ready to pick up.

I do like my nail polish. It's peach with glitter. Yes, I'm in a girly mood.

I got hungry and went to a Japanese restaurant within the same plaza. The lunch special was great. I had chicken ramen with salad and miso soup. I also got gyoza and a Diet Coke.

After lunch, I went back to Costco to pick up my photos. Sadly, I can't smile in them. At least I don't look like I just broke out of jail!

I then visited Staples to get some graph paper, which was an unplanned errand. Coincidentally, you can get passport photos done there. The price? It's double that of Costco.

My guy is so proud of me that he nearly called me a good girl. Nearly.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Seat sale on a flight and approval from my guy on my plane ticket

I have two more days of vacation left before I go back to work. I wish that I could be so relaxed like I have been so far.

During the holidays, I managed to book my flight and hotel to visit Shanghai in late May. Yes, I am planning my next block of time away from work.

I have been thinking about doing this trip for three years. Thanks to a Boxing Day seat sale, I managed to nab a decent price.

I told my guy about how much I paid for my round-trip price. He was pleased.
"That's cheap," he replied.
"It's cheap bastard-approved?" I asked him.
"Yes, you're a good CB apprentice."
My next task is to get a photo taken for my tourist visa. Ah, the joys of paperwork!

Monday, January 02, 2017

My guy marking up the price of laundry soap

My guy called me yesterday afternoon to chat.
"I went to our favourite liquidation centre last Friday," he reported.
"Great! What did you get?" I asked.
"I got two buckets of our favourite laundry soap. It was going for $15 each," he noted.
"Cheap, indeed. It's practically half price," I indicated.
"Yes," he agreed. "If you want a bucket, I can sell you one for $25."
"But, you got it for $15. You're marking it up just for me?" I asked.
"Sure," he replied.
"You're so mean. My boyfriend is not only a cheap bastard, but a meanie. You can take that laundry soap and shove it up you-know-where," I replied.
"At least my colon will be clean," he joked.
"I will be far away when you explode," I noted.
Naturally, my guy was joking. I brought it up again later on in our conversation, so he knew that he had to make it up to me.

It's a good start to the year so far!

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy 2017!

Happy new year, everyone! Here's hoping that 2017 brings you love, health, and happiness.

Take care,