Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy new year!

Okay, so today is really the eve of 2017. In any event, I would like to wish you a happy 2017 to come.

Here's to more blogging, spankings, and other fun. Thanks for your support so far. I will see you next year!

All the best,

Friday, December 30, 2016

Hard nipple observations

My guy is observant when it comes to looking at my physical attributes. As an example, he can always tell when I have cut my hair or have trimmed my bangs.

He also notices when my nipples are hard. He doesn't have to touch them. He just looks and knows.

The other day, after we had hugged and we were heading our separate ways, he noticed that my right nipple was hard.
"It only happens when I am with you," I said to him, which made him smile.
"I know," he said, blowing me a kiss as he walked over to his car.
It's nice having an attentive, attractive guy.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Opening my 2011 time capsule and reflecting on my life then

I am on vacation till mid-week next week. It has been nice to sleep in and not deal with work-related issues.

I have been cleaning up around the house. I opened a box with tons of magazines and photos. It felt like I was opening a time capsule of sorts.

Most of the items in this box are from 2011. This particular year is significant for a number of reasons:
  • I went on a cruise in February and decided to change my eating habits, which led to my losing sixty pounds. I have kept it off ever since.
  • I injured my back in August, which required back surgery in late October.
  • My guy dropped hints that he liked me in September. We started dating in mid-October.
This box contained a few articles of clothing that are now way too big on me. I washed them last night and am ready to donate them.

I also found a number of magazines that I had subscribed to back then. Within recent years, I decided to cancel all my subscriptions, as they were a complete waste of paper. Many of these magazines were still in their own plastic wrap, in pristine condition.

It has been nice to read each issue. I have been reading a lot lately. I have missed reading for pleasure rather than for work.

Before my guy and I dated, he had visited India on a business trip and gave me a letter opener made of teak. It was also in this box.

On my cruise, I looked at a photo of me posing, barely on the ship for more than thirty minutes. I was at my heaviest weight. I looked happy in the photo, but I wasn't.

2011 was a whole bag of mixed emotions. It ended nicely, with a sweet guy who wanted to be with me at my worst state.

He has stuck by me ever since. I have supported him with challenges that were tossed at him. We make a good support couple, among other things.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hearing his voice again is always sweet

My guy called me just over an hour ago.
"It's not too late for me to call, is it?" he asked politely.
"Nope. 23:30 is still early for me," I said.
He knows that I am a night owl. He called me from the gym. He is getting back to working out. He also missed hearing my voice.
"The hotel that I stayed at did not have a very good lounge. There were only drinks because it was Christmas and Boxing Day," he said.
"So, you're calling me to whine because you couldn't whine to any staff there," I said factually.
"Yes, you are my whining hotline," he said.
"Can you get me a bottle of wine the next time when you whine?" I teased.
"Yes, that's fair."
It was good to hear his voice, too.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Good girl, bad girl

My guy and I like to send quick notes to each other. It's simply nice to know that we are thinking about each other.

I recent went to a supermarket that he had recommended to get basturma, which is a spicy version of pastrami. I told him about it in a quick e-mail. My closing salutation was the following:
Your good girl
He wrote back and opened with this salutation:
Hey there BAD girl
Yes, he likes calling me a bad girl. I enjoyed how he capitalized BAD.

It's always good to be his bad girl. It just means that another spanking is coming.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Food poisoning and George Michael's passing on Christmas

Happy Boxing Day! I am still recovering from Christmas.

I had food poisoning from dinner on Christmas eve. I felt horrible for most of the day, especially with the sharp stomach pains that accompanied everything else that was happening.

I had a light dinner, which consisted mostly of soup and some yummy warm bread. I didn't want to take any chances.

I then learned that George Michael had passed away. I equate the 80's to be my decade. My mom bought my first four cassette tapes for me in the mid-80's. One of them was Wham's Make It Big. I loved that album so much. I still have the cassette tape!

He went on to do solo work. At first, I wasn't all that receptive to it, but it grew on me. As I grew older, I appreciated it more.

Like David Bowie, I have only seen George Michael once in concert. He was such a great singer and performer. He danced and sang with soul. I am so fortunate to have seen both these talents perform.

It is sad that they both died so soon. May George rest in peace.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

My guy and I would like to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks for your support and friendship over the years. I am grateful that my blog has given me as much joy to write about my experiences as it has for you to reading them and enjoy the ride.

All the best,

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Getting a haircut and feeling great

I finally got around to getting my hair cut on Friday. I haven't had it cut for nine months.

My guy is observant when it comes to my hair. He loves touching it.
"Your hair is at the length where you feel that it needs to be cut," he noticed the other day.
"You're right. I need to get it cut soon."
On Thursday night, I was at work longer than I had anticipated to get a deliverable out the door. I know that my hair is too long for my liking when I have my purse across my body and the strap is trapping my hair. It happened as I was heading out the door.

After work, I thought about going straight to my neighbourhood hair salon to get a hair cut. However, I wasn't sure whether my regular hairdresser would be there.

Instead, I visited the salon just after 09:00 on Friday. My hairdresser was there, happy to see me again. She is the best. She does wonders with my hair.

My head feels a lot lighter without the extra hair weighing me down.

I went into work later on in the day with my shorter hair. It took me a while to figure out why my colleagues were looking at me differently. It didn't occur to me that they were looking at my hair!

Anyway, I am glad that I took most of my workday off to work on me. I have been neglecting getting my hair cut. My hairdresser mentioned that I have great hair despite not getting for that long. That made my day!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Let's schedule a late afternoon meeting on a Friday, shall we?

I worked on Saturday. It helped that my guy was late dropping by the hotel. I finished my work just before he knocked on my door.

I was hoping to take Friday off in lieu of working Saturday. Instead, I have an interview to conduct at 15:30. Who schedules a late afternoon interview on the last Friday before Christmas holidays?

So, I am going to spend an hour driving across the greater Toronto area to get to the office for a one-hour interview. I can only hope that this candidate works out.

It isn't all that bad, though. I had to pick up some parcels about five minutes away from my workplace. Still, it has caused me to shift various errands around to accommodate this rather last-minute interview.

C'est la vie. La vie est tellement maudite.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Passing of my guy's mom

My guy's mom has passed away. He flew home yesterday for her funeral.

It is unfortunate that she passed just before the holidays. However, my guy saw her less than two weeks ago, so he is grateful for spending a week with her.

My guy is holding up under the circumstances. He is a wonderfully strong person who appreciates leaning on me when he needs to.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I don't own any articles of clothing that are red -- my butt gets red often instead!

At work, all employees on our floor have been sucked into providing entertainment for a Christmas party. This entertainment feature can be a skit, a song, or a short production of some sort.

Frankly, it has been a lot of work to simply think of something to do. I won't give it away, but I am the audio person. I had to look up and download various free sounds to complement what we are doing.

It's incredibly time-consuming, considering how much work we have to do, let alone before the holidays.

My boss complicated things a bit. He asked everyone on our team to wear red.

I don't own red clothing. I have specs of red here and there on certain articles of clothing. I am not a red person.

I suppose that I am not into red, other than the colour of my backside after my guy has spanked me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Anal sex after a spanking

My guy and I have been thinking about giving anal sex another try.

When we first gave it a try a few years ago, it didn't work out as planned. When I look back at our experience, it's rather comical.

We were both incredibly inexperienced. I wasn't spanked beforehand. We hadn't bought lubricant. We relied on our natural juices and the condom's lubricant to help us out. My head was also too close to the headboard, so it's amazing that I came out of the experience without a concussion. After that experience, I still wanted to give it a second attempt.

My guy and I talked about preparing while he was away and we constantly chatted on Skype. I agreed to get lubricated condoms. He would pick up the lubricant. I had arranged to book a hotel room, using my points for a free staycation. I was also responsible for getting my spanking implements. We both agreed to be far away from the bed's headboard.

He spanked me hard across both my black lacy panties and on my bare backside. He made me reach orgasm, so I was nice and wet.

My guy got out a condom and placed it on his erect member. He then asked me for the lubricant, which I was holding the whole time that I was being spanked. He applied it carefully.

I could feel some pressure at first when my guy entered me from behind. Once he was in, I felt good. He started off gently and slowly. He increased the in-and-out rate, which was incredible. I came a few minutes later.

My guy slowed it down a bit and then gave it a second go. This time, we both came simultaneously. It was exciting and nice. We were one. It felt special.

He pulled out and cleaned up. I took my time getting up to find my panties.

We both rested on the bed. He looked sweet as I held his face in my hands. He smiled at me, and then kissed me. He told me that he loved me more than ever. He liked the view that he got. He's such a sweet guy.

It was a wonderful, memorable, concussion-free night.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Spanking on the bed with his hand and a ruler

I stood by the edge of the king-sized bed. My guy pressed up against my backside. I could feel how hard his erect penis was against by butt.

He told me to bend over the bed. I did, with my guy gently helping me.

I was wearing a pink sweater with a plunging back. He liked how he could pull down the sweater to reveal my black bra straps and shoulders.

I was also wearing a navy blue skirt with white stripes that went vertically down it. He lifted up my skirt. I was wearing black lacy panties.
"Wow!" he said, looking at them. "You have such a cute butt for a bad girl."
He started off spanking me with his hand. My black panties didn't cover my entire backside. I whined as he spanked.

He paused to go fetch my acrylic purple ruler. He continued spanking me with it.

I protested by saying that I was a good girl. He didn't think so and spanked me harder.

He paused again. He decided to pull my panties down. I love when he does that. It makes me feel that I have been such a bad girl that my punishment needed to be severe.

My guy spanked me across my bare bottom with ruler. Each smack landed harder. He remarked that my butt was getting red.

He toyed with me by checking out how wet I was. He fingered me. I wanted to reach orgasm, but he wouldn't let me. Instead, he would spank me more and then repeat. Eventually, he fingered me until I came. It felt so good.

He pressed up against me and told me that he loved me. He gently kissed me.

There is much more to come in my next post.

Reunited after two weeks for a spanking

My guy called me on Saturday at 19:40. His plane was taxiing.

He asked me what the hotel room number was. I let him know. It was nice to hear his voice.

I didn't hear from him for over an hour. He finally called. His car had a flat tire in our office parking lot and he was waiting for CAA to arrive. I told him to stay warm and to take his time.

It's a bummer that he had such a long day. He eventually made it to the room just before 22:00. We hugged and kissed for the longest time. His hands were cold, so we moved over to the love seat so that I could warm his hands up.

He lightly tapped my backside.
"I'm a good girl, though," I whined playfully.
"No, you're not. I want you to bend over the bed."
He held my hand, led me over to the bed, pressed his hard cock against my butt, and carefully bent me over the bed.

More to come...

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Snow, a skirt, and a spanking

My guy is travelling home today. He has two stopovers that are fairly tight. We are both hoping that he doesn't miss his connecting flights.

We both left work early on Friday. We talked while I was driving home from work this afternoon and my guy was packing.
"I can't wait to see you," my guy admitted.
"Likewise. I will be wearing a skirt," I said, which I know makes him happy.
"Yes, I'd like that. It gives me access to your cute butt that I will be spanking hard."
Right now, it's snowing. I hope that the snow stops by the time my guy flies into the city.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Bad girl to get a bare-bottomed spanking this weekend

My guy knows how to make me a happy girl. We chatted on Skype on Thursday evening.
"You know that I am going to spank you hard on Saturday," he stated firmly.
"No. I told you that I'm a good girl," I insisted.
"No, you're a bad girl who isn't there when I want you. I am going to spank you on your bare butt. No pants. No panties. You have been that bad," he said.
"That's going to hurt," I said, stating the obvious.
I decided to use my points towards a staycation at a hotel this weekend. My guy and I will have a nice time getting reacquainted.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Skype, shellac manicure, sleep, and spanking

My guy pinged me on Skype while I was waiting to see my doctor on Wednesday afternoon. Naturally, my appointment was running late.

I have never understood why things run that late with doctors in general. My appointment was at 13:00. I make it a habit to get there at the exact time of my appointment.

Anyway, my guy kept me company for a bit. I told him that I'd ping him once I was home. He was good with that.

Sadly, we never got around to talking to each other. I texted him and didn't hear back from him:
I'm home. Let me know when you're free.
Think you may be in dreamland =0
At 17:00, I had a manicure appointment. I had to use a Groupon by the end of the month before it expires. I got purple shellac polish, which is my favourite colour. My guy loves when I have purple polish on, as it turns him on even more.

He woke up while I was getting my nails done:
Where did you go?
You will be punished for this
You're in big trouble
My argument is that I shouldn't be spanked because he was his usual sleepyhead self. Naturally, that's not going to hold up well as a decent reason.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Seeing my guy on Saturday and getting a spanking

My guy misses me a ton. The feeling is mutual.
"I get to see you on Saturday," my guy said.
"What time do you arrive?" I asked him.
"19:30," he said. "I can meet you somewhere."
"Sounds great. It'll be nice to kiss you again," I replied.
"It'll be nice to punish you," he stated seriously.
"Why? What did I do now?" I asked him rhetorically.
"You couldn't talk to me when I wanted to talk to you on Sunday," he reasoned.
"But, I asked you if it was okay and you said not to worry," I replied, in a mild whiny tone.
"I just wanted to make you feel good about being out with your friend," he replied.
"And, you're breaking the news to me today?" I asked him.
"Yes, because you're at work and work isn't fun."
That's true, especially when he isn't there with me. Of course, I am excited about seeing him and having a sore backside this weekend. The weekend can't come any sooner!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mushy messages from my guy while travelling

On Sunday, I completely missed the following text sequence from my guy:
I'm in Istanbul in transit
I think of you every time I go to that lounge
Especially when I see the popcorn machine
And the recliners
My guy travels a lot and has access to the lounge at that airport. We have been to this airport together four times.

When we first got there, it was like being in heaven. You have food stands everywhere. You can drink anything that you want.

We ended up in the movie area where there are leather lounge chairs. They recline. My guy and I napped there during a ten-hour layover. Behind us was a popcorn machine. I helped myself to some popcorn because I love it so much.

I didn't realize how mushy my guy can be until I read his message. He misses me.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Texting with my guy on a snowy Sunday afternoon

I woke up to a couple of nice messages from my guy. He knows that I like sleeping in on weekends.

My guy loves to sleep. I tend to greet him with wakey, wakey. He reciprocated today, which was sweet.

It was snowing all over the greater Toronto area. It's still snowing as I type!

On Sunday, I went out in the early afternoon with a friend to exchange Christmas cheer and gifts early. My guy (MG) texted me while I was walking into a store.
MG: How is your snowy day excursion going so far?
Me: Good. Shopping and in one piece!
MG: One piece is good
Me: How are you doing?
MG: I made it to Moldova
MG: You wanna chat a bit?
Me: Good
Me: Sadly, I can't chat. I'm with a friend
Me: Am I in trouble?
MG: No worries
MG: We can do that tomorrow
Me: Yay!
MG: Happy shopping
Me: I can be a good girl
MG: We'll discuss that tomorrow
Me: Thanks! Hope you have a good evening.
Me:  No, me good girl!
MG: Thanks
MG: You're sweet, pretty, sexy.... etc., but not good
Me: Mr meanie!
MG: That is me
My guy is definitely in a good place. He doesn't have to deal with wintry weather for a week.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Putting a name to a yummy Middle Eastern dessert

My guy has chosen a good time to travel to a city in which there isn't any snow. This week, we have received a couple of snowy evenings. In my area, it wasn't enough snow to cause major issues. However, where he lives, his city got a ton of the white stuff.

Recently, I had visited a Middle Eastern grocery store that my guy had indicated that he enjoys going to. A while back, my guy brought me an assortment of yummy desserts from Cairo. I didn't know what they were called, but they were delicious.

At this grocery store, I found the dessert that I loved the most out of the assortment. The sign at the store said that it was osmalieh. I finally figured out what I was eating! When I ate it an Egyptian cafe in Anaheim several months ago, it was called kunafe. It's crunchy, sweet, and incredibly good!
"Ah, I know what it is now," he texted me after I had sent him a photo. "It's definitely not baklava."
"It's so yummy," I replied.
"Did you want just this dessert or others?" he asked me.
"You had brought an assortment of sweets the last time you were there, so something similar would be wonderful," I replied.
"Anything for you," he answered.
"You're sweet. You can't haul a pyramid back," I teased.
"Unfortunately not," he replied.
Our texts were followed by a couple of smileys.

He is currently on his way to somewhere in Moldova. This good girl gets to speak to him soon.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Fixing more issues with my cell phone plan and having my photos credited on Facebook by one of my favourite music bands

A follow-up post about ironing out my cell phone plan issues. My sales rep wrote an e-mail on Thursday night, claiming that she had fixed everything. It appeared that way until I analyzed my plan's details carefully.

I was supposed to get a $10 per month discount on my plan. She managed to reimburse me for the last two months and add it to my plan going forward. However, to get this discount required moving my account from a business one to a residential one. Okay, no big deal.

What she did instead was create two accounts for me. One was a temporary one (why, I haven't got a clue) and the other was my new one. I get a corporate discount. Apparently, she applied this discount to the temporary one and not my actual account. I didn't figure this detail out until I spoke with a representative over the phone.

She also failed to give me Canada-wide long-distance calls on my plan yet again. So, this issue alone prompted me to call to have it slapped on. 

The service representative did a fantastic job fixing everything. I was impressed. I am a happy camper. My cell phone provider also increased my data limit each month. I have a ridiculous 7 GB each month. I don't know what I am going to stream away from home now!

On a wonderful note, one of my favourite music duos included two of my photos taken at their show in Toronto on the band's Facebook page. I am over the moon and about to faint!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Fifty Shades Darker - official second trailer

A longer official trailer was released yesterday for Fifty Shades Darker. I cannot wait!

The restaurant scene in the trailer of Anastasia removing her panties discreetly and then Christian playing with her in the elevator is arousing to me. I also like the playing pool scene. It's the part where Christian and Ana wager on what happens to the loser. Naturally, no one really loses. Ana is bent over the pool table for a spanking, followed by having sex on the pool table.

You see Christian changing as a person. He is more open to being touched on the chest and face, as he is getting over the physical abuse that he experiences as a young boy. He's trying to be more romantic and win Ana's heart, so my guy should like this movie more and whine less.

And, of course, I'm interested to see the shower scene. My guy and I can identify with many of these scenarios!

I wish that February were already here.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Fixing things to make things right and having them run smoothly

It would be nice if things ran smoothly all the time. Sometimes, they do. Other times, they go horribly wrong.

As you know, I changed cell phone providers in late October. Last month, I noticed a number of issues with my first bill:

  • I had asked for unlimited Canada-wide long-distance calling. It wasn't applied to my plan. As a result, my talking to my guy over the phone for a month racked up $31 worth of charges.
  • I was promised a $10 per month discount on my monthly rate. It never got applied either.
So, I called the company on a Sunday. I spoke to a guy who was helpful on the whole. 

He was great to reimburse me for the long-distance charges and added unlimited Canada-wide calling to my plan. My guy and I are roughly a two-hour drive away from each other, so it makes sense to have unlimited calling since we chat a lot.

I was advised that the second point could be fixed if I switch from being a business customer to a residential one. I have a corporate discount, which is why I ended up being a business customer. Still, it's ridiculous to transfer my account over simply for a discount.

I told my guy about the whole situation. He was annoyed. He has also dealt with similar issues when he changed to his corporate account. He's used to it, unfortunately.

Last week, I contacted my sales rep. She advised that she was driving. She asked that I call her. I was about to have lunch, so I didn't.

I remembered to call her today. She checked. Sure enough, the discount was not applied. She is having that slapped on. I will also get reimbursed for the previous month.

And then, there's work.

Whenever we have a software release, our user guides need to be uploaded to a special repository for folks to access at any time. In the past, three of us would upload each guide one at a time. The work was not difficult. Rather, it was extremely time-consuming.

This past weekend, I tried a new tool that allows you to upload all guides at once. The catch is to load the details correctly. You then press a few buttons and everything runs smoothly.

I triple-checked my information. On Monday, I uploaded all 117 user guides. No errors! 

My colleague then kicked off another build to order the documents in our repository. In less than a day, we were done.

I told him that it was the most stress-free upload that we have ever worked on. He commended the fact that I was meticulous with all details, which helped. Everything ran perfectly.

It was a good day. Let's hope for more of them.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Playful chat on being a good girl

Texting on Skype is a lot of fun with my guy (MG).
Me: I'm being good
MG: Oh, no. Don't start with this again.
Me: I'm a goodie girl
MG: I had an indisputable confession from you
Me: In a goodie wo-o-rld
MG: No, no, no
Me: No, that doesn't count
MG: Of course, it does
Me: Nooo
MG: Yessss
Me: Noooo * infinity
Me: I win. Yay!
MG: Yessss infinity and beyond
MG: I win yay!
Me: Yes, Buzz
Me: Noooo
Me: Me win first!
MG: We'll see
Me: Okay, says this good girl
MG: Bad, very bad
Me: Nooooo. Good girl forever!
MG: Nope
Me: Oh, well. Just need to continue convincing you
MG: Won't work
It's fun acting like little kids. Playfulness is always encouraged, especially when we are kilometres apart.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Affection, lounge hours, and Skype chats

I can always tell when my guy misses me. It all started before he left for his flight.

On Friday, after we had had lunch and some quality time, he reached for my hand and held it. I tend to be the one these days who will reach for his hand and beat him to the punch, simply because it's who I am. He reached for my hand when we were outside in gusty conditions and he wished me a safe drive home. I wished him safe travels.

When we had lunch that day, we had this conversation:
"I have two stops before I reach my destination," he remarked.
"I hope that you have time to hit a lounge, since you have reached elite status," I replied.
"I'm not sure whether that fancy lounge that we've been to will be open by the time I'm there. I am taking a redeye," he responded.
"I'm pretty sure that it's a 24-hour lounge," I replied.
I wasn't expecting him to call me just before his final flight. He did.
"Hey, the lounge was open and it was busy," he replied.
"See, I told you. Did you believe me? Nooo!" I teased.
"Yes, you were right. I had two bottles of my favourite yogurt drink," he said contently.
"That's good. There should be less whining on the plane," I remarked.
"I just had to share that with you," he told me.
"And, I have no yummy food," I teased.
"You never know. Maybe you'll be back there with me," he replied.
"I hope so. I don't have elite status!"
We actually texted on Skype till he had to put his phone away. It's always a sign that he misses me -- that he wants to talk to me as long as he can. The feeling is always mutual. It also feels good to be missed.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Love our lurkers (LOL) day - my spanking

For love our lurkers (LOL) day, I asked fellow readers to leave me comments. Each comment would lead to two smacks across my bare bottom, administered by my guy.

Well, after a revision, I went with a total of 34 smacks, and multiplied it by four:
  • 34 smacks with a wooden hairbrush
  • 34 slaps with a purple acrylic ruler
  • 34 whacks with a leather paddle
  • 34 spanks of my guy's choosing
Some details about the implements:
  • My wooden hairbrush is a rectangular paddle brush, so it covers quite the surface area
  • My purple acrylic ruler is one of my favourite spanking implements, which is always in my car's glove compartment
  • I have two leather paddles, but my guy chose the larger one where one has leather on one side, and fuzzy soft purple material on the other
  • As expected, my guy chose to use his bare hand to spank me
As crazy as this statement may sound, getting 136 smacks + more across your backside isn't that bad. That's not to say that my pert posterior isn't sore right now. Perhaps it's because we have fun banter as he spanks me that I don't notice how sore I am until well after the spanking is over.

We got into my car's backseat after lunch on Friday. I presented the spanking implements to him.
"Do you have a preference as to which one you'd like me to use?" my guy asked me.
"Not really. I would like you to spank me with your hand last, though," I replied.
I find that an open-hand spanking to hurt more. It's also the most intimate spanking to me. He was good with using his hand last.

My guy signalled me to go over his lap. I playfully protested, which caused him to give me a few swats as I finally got pulled over his knee. He took down my jeans and panties. He caressed my backside and told me that he has been looking forward to spanking me, especially before he flies off on business.

The unpredictability of whether he is going to spank me with the soft part of the paddle or the leather paddle added to the surprise. Naturally, a bad girl would prefer to have the former. My guy alternated between spanking me hard with the leather side and lightly with the fuzzy side. When the leather side landed, the sound was loud and sometimes shocked me when the hard slap came down. He teased me by rubbing the paddle across either buttock from time to time and quickly giving me a few smacks in succession.

My guy then used the purple ruler. He playfully scolded me for being his bad girl while slapping me with it. Some slaps came fast and in one spot. 
"That hurts!" I told him, trying to protect my bare butt with my hand.
"You are such a naughty girl. Move your hand," he sternly stated, tapping my hand with the ruler.
"No!" I replied defiantly.
My guy held my hand behind my back and used his free hand to continue slapping my bottom with the ruler. Because I was disobedient, he gave me ten extra slaps as punishment.

He then went to using the wooden hairbrush. He has never spanked me with one before. The last time I got a spanking with a wooden hairbrush was over a decade ago. It was exciting! 

My guy changed it around by being methodical about spanking each buttock with the same intensity. He changed the location while telling me that my butt was getting red. I knew that it was. I could feel the soreness set in, but I loved how it felt.

Finally, he caressed my sore backside.
"Are you going to admit that you're a very bad girl?" he asked me rhetorically.
"I've told you a ton of times that I am always good," I replied.
"That's not true. I already got a confession from you and now you are telling me a lie?" he asked me.
"No, it's the truth," I insisted.
My guy didn't like that. He spanked me hard with his hand. I loved every smack, even though my butt was warm and achy.
"Are you going to admit that you're a very bad girl now?" he asked me after my 34th smack with his hand.
"Yes," I replied.
"Good," he said, rubbing my backside for a while. "Your butt gets cuter when it has been spanked long and hard."
He helped me up. I sat next to him. He held me in his arms and kissed my forehead.
"You can certainly take a good, long spanking. I always knew that you could," he said to me tenderly.
"Thanks for being such a good spanker and my Mr Meanie," I replied.
He hugged me harder.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Change of plans and a suggestion to drive his car

My guy called me just after 13:00 on Friday. Now and again, he has to change our plans.
"Can we eat at the closer Chinese restaurant?" my guy asked me.
"Sure," I replied.
"I can meet you there," he stated.
"I thought that you would be parking at the office, and I'd drive us to the restaurant, followed by the airport?" I asked.
"I have a lot of bags. I don't think your car can store everything, so I will take a taxi and expense it," he replied.
I could have been disappointed about not saying goodbye to my guy at the airport, but I had a suggestion.
"I can drive you to the airport and drive your car," I said in a teasing manner.
Pure silence. Moments later, my guy could talk again.
"Um, thanks for the offer. But, I will take a taxi," he said.
We both laughed. Give me time and I will wear him down.

Friday, December 02, 2016

A spanking is an excellent gift suggestion

The other day, I finally got around to listing gift suggestions for my guy. He requested a list of items that I'd like for Christmas.

Although I feel that he is a great gift-giving guy (say that fast a few times), he always feels at ease when I point out what I'd like.

I'm frankly happy that I have him. It was my first answer when he asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

Anyway, I thought of a few items that he can get locally. The last gift on my list was a good spanking from him. It's my favourite gift that he gives to me. I enjoy receiving it all year long.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

New car, new treehouse, new teasing

My guy called me on Wednesday night.
"I got a car," he told me with excitement.
"Great! What am I driving?" I asked him.
"I am driving a roomy Lexus," he said, which made us laugh at my attempt to break him down.
"Nice! Plenty of room in the backseat?" I hinted.
"Yes, it's a spacious treehouse," he replied.
He's happy with it. He got it on Tuesday night. It's an off-white colour.
"I can't wait to see and drive it," I teased.
"You can see it and say hello. It has a push button to start it," he stated.
"I can't wait to drive it," I reinforced.
"You can push the button and I can drive it," he replied. 
"I like pushing your buttons more," I joked.
It is fun teasing him. My mission to break him down so that I can drive his beloved car starts again.