Sunday, August 19, 2007

Spanking triggers - part two

I have a rather vivid imagination. It doesn't take much effort for me to get aroused my picturing a spanking scenario in my head. I suppose this alone is one reason why it doesn't take much to trigger thoughts about spanking.

I must admit that I am hooked on Facebook. I was first introduced to it by a friend in April of this year. I have fortunately rekindled a number of friends, classmates, and former work colleagues on this site.

On Facebook, there is an add-on application called SuperPoke!, which allows you to pinch and spank someone you have listed as your friend. Just seeing the words pinch and spank arouses me and puts a huge smile on my face.

This alone makes me reminisce about using bulletin board systems (BBSes) back in the early 90's when modems through the phone lines provided access to information and the internet. In some BBS chatting systems, you could actually issue a spanking command to someone who was in the chatting forum. I loved that feature. I used it often with the man who I now call my hubby.

Physical objects also trigger spanking thoughts through my head. Fairly recently, I went to a party supply store and saw these ping pong paddles as goody bag gifts. It made me think that I need to get a decent pair of such paddles down the road. Still, seeing them was a huge turn-on for me.

If I go to a kitchen accessory store, I think about the various wooden spoons and how they would be used either on my backside or my hubby's. Last week, I was looking at belts. I've lost quite a bit of weight since May of this year, so I needed a belt to hold up my pants when I'm at work. At home, who needs this accessory! Anyway, belts don't do anything for me, but it certainly made the hubby want it used on his bottom. I have in the past, but I'd sooner use a paddle.

Just saying the word spanking gets me all excited. I recall my colleague and friend telling me that she had given a couple of lovetaps to DJ. He was chatting with us and started to blush. I still feel he's a closet spanko. As for me, when my friend had told me that, I was just picturing the spanking action in my head. I enjoyed the thought and vision in my head, I must admit.

So, it doesn't take much to get me all happy about spankings. Triggers are everywhere for me. The hairbrush by the side of my bed says it all, you know.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spanking triggers in media

I touched briefly on this when I first started this blog that my interest in spanking started at a fairly young age. It's difficult to pinpoint what specific event in my childhood that has led me to get fully aroused when I either see the word spanking, see images of it, or hear someone utter the word.

I recall being in grade two and my teacher during the end of the year saying that if we had got more than three mistakes on our spelling test, that we would get the smacks. I naturally got five mistakes, but never got the threatened spanking I truly should have received. A bit of a letdown, I'm afraid.

Still in grade 2, I fondly remember seeing a Tom and Jerry cartoon where three kittens were being naughty. At the end of the cartoon, each one of these kittens had wings on them and were strung on a revolving clothesline that looked like an umbrella. I can't recall who was holding the wooden stick, but each one was paddled as the standing clothesline rotated. I somehow wished I was the one receiving the punishment.

Then, came Diff'rent Strokes, when Mr Drummond felt that Arnold needed a spanking. Instead, his brother Willis delivered the spanking. It's the thought of getting spanking for being naughty that intrigued me as a youngster.

I remember seeing the end of a One day at a time episode, where Alex was bent over the kitchen counter. Ann Romano had a wooden paddle that looked like a chopping block and was about to deliver a serious blow over Alex's bottom. Nice.

One of my favourite paddling scenes in a movie comes from Dead poets society. I entertain the thought of being a schoolgirl watching the paddlings from afar.

I love a good lovetap, too. Several years ago, while watching Fashion files on CBC Newsworld, I saw this fashion show where a man was lighting slapping a scantily clad woman over her proportionately beautiful backside. I was, and still am, incredibly envious of that woman.

These are some snippets of spanking memories that deal with various media. I hold them dearly, even though I am currently creating new spanking memories to call my own.

Monday, August 06, 2007

A number of spanking tidbits

Geez, it has been quite some time since I last wrote. I just want to say thanks to Brucie for posting a couple of messages a few weeks ago. I appreciate your taking the time to add insight to my posts and for sharing your experiences with me. It means a lot, considering that I'm new to the spanking blog world.

Well, this post refers to a couple of things that DJ, a colleague at work, said last week. He is on a strict diet and has since lost nearly fifty pounds in roughly four months. He looks great. However, he's getting tired of his low-carb diet.

He told me that he might get off it soon and be a "naughty boy." He then made the comment that he'd be "whipped." I have suspected that he's a closet spanko. The whole naughty boy scenario is such a turn-on.

My hubby likes when I take him over my knee and call him a naughty little boy as I give him a sound spanking. As for when I'm over his knee, I do a bit of a reversal. I'll protest that I'm not a naughty girl, but a good one. The smacks on my bare bottom generally get more intense, which I love.

As for recent spankings in our household, I recently found a paddle that I had purchased a few years back. It has a few holes in it. It's more like a wide ruler with holes that you can put in a three-ring binder. Anyway, it was used on my bottom. I loved it, although it hurt like crazy to get paddled a number of times on my unclothed backside. Still, I enjoy feeling the effects of a sound spanking, particularly the day after. Try sitting on a park bench for ten minutes the day after such a spanking. You'll understand. It's all good.