Thursday, January 31, 2019

Bad girl spanking with a leather paddle

My guy finally had the energy to get out of bed, go to my suitcase, and retrieve my leather paddle.
"I need to spank you with this implement," he said, taking it out of its protective case.
"You don't have to. Why break my good girl record?" I asked.
"I will use the studded side on your butt," he said, ignoring my good girl comment.
"What studded side?" I asked.
"This one," he said, grinning.
I forgot that one side of my paddle had leather. The other side had silicone with stars that jut out.
"That's going to hurt," I concluded, playing a terrified girl.
"That's the point. Where's that cute butt of yours?"
I was lying on my back in bed and pretended to protect my butt. He rolled me over like a log to my left, but I moved back to my protective, neutral position. He then pulled me closer to him and started spanking my left buttock.

I normally don't fight it. However, it was fun doing it. I moved. He held my arm down and continued to spank me with the paddle. I ended up spanking him in the process, which was fun and aroused both of us.

Eventually, I caved by planting my face in a pillow and flipping over on my tummy. I liked the sound of the smacks that landed across my pyjama shorts.
"Admit that you're a bad girl," he said, continuing to spank me hard.
"Nope, I'm a good girl," I insisted.
"I'm afraid that I'll need to spank you some more until your butt is bright red," he remarked.
He pulled down my shorts. He continued spanking me hard across my panties. I loved it.
"Are you a bad girl?" he asked me.
"Nope, I'm still good," I replied.
I was so wet when he pulled down my panties and spanked me with the paddle on my bare bottom.
"I like how red your butt is, bad girl," he said, continuing to spank me hard.
"It hurts, Mr Meanie," I replied.
"Good," he said.
He tested how wet I was by sliding his finger in my completely wet clit. He felt that I deserved to be pleasured. He made me reach orgasm. It was intense and amazing.

I was extremely lethargic. I kissed, thanked, and hugged him tightly while feeling the soreness of my butt increase. I love the feeling of being well-spanked and loved.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Rolling out of bed

The night before flying out to Dallas, I checked myself into a hotel by my workplace. I needed to get to the airport early. I used my points, so it was a free stay.

I had set my alarm for 05:30. I had a room with two queen beds. It was a cozy room.

At said time, I woke up. What I didn't realize was that I was sleeping on the edge of the bed and my comforter was three-quarters draped over the left side of the bed. It's a clear indication that I was tired and the room was likely warmer than I was used to.

I went to stop the alarm going off on my phone. For the first time in my life, I rolled out of bed and onto the floor. The comforter was on the floor, which meant that I had a soft landing.

Of course, being barely awake, it took me some time to figure out that I was between two beds. I had to think about how to get up all twisted around a comforter.

I told my guy this story when we were sitting on the couch in our room in Dallass. We both laughed.
"Did you make a thump?" he asked.
"I thought that I would, but I landed on the comforter. It was a quiet landing. I never thought in my life that I'd literally roll out of bed in my life," I said.
There's a first for everything.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Snow and a chat about retrieving a leather paddle

On Monday, we got a ton of snow. It started at noon. I advised my small team to go home and continue working from home under safe conditions.

It's just past midnight. It's still snowing. I'm guessing that there is at least fifteen centimetres of snow outside.

Such a snowy day reminds me of the nicer weather in Dallas. It was nice to be in bed with my guy, chatting.
"I need an implement to spank you with," he insisted.
"You can use your hand like you did the other night," I pointed out.
"No, I want less work. I want an implement," he said.
"I brought my leather paddle," I said.
"Where is it?" he asked.
"In my suitcase," I replied.
"Go get it," he said.
"You're closer to it, lazy guy," I said.
"It' seems weird to be going into your suitcase," he noted.
"That has never stopped you before. You have retrieved a paddle, condoms, and lubricant from my suitcase. I always come prepared," I pointed out.
"True. I like exerting little energy," he said, smiling.
"I know. It's called being a lazy boy. I can almost call you a sofa," I joked.
We chatted some more. Eventually, he did manage to go get the paddle, likely because he knew it was time to spank me.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Strong relationship with fond memories

Spending a  week with my guy has made us closer. We learned a lot about and from each other.

As an example, take driving in Dallas.
"There are u-turn lanes in this city," he said to me in the car, as he demonstrated.
"That's handy. It's less intimidating than doing it at a major intersection," I remarked.
On my last day in the city, my guy asked that I take some money out of his wallet to pay me for the dinner bill that I had taken care of the night before.
"It's weird to go into your wallet and take out money," I said, taking his wallet and giving it to him.
"It's okay. There's nothing in it," he said.
"That's true. We work for the same company, after all," I said.
Finally, we talked about our electric toothbrushes.
"We have the same electric toothbrush. I used my charger to charge yours today," I said.
"Thanks, sweetie," he said.
"No problem," I replied.
"What does it mean when the light turns red?" he asked me.
"It's means that you are brushing your teeth or gums too hard. You need to back off on the pressure," I replied.
"I see. That makes sense," he acknowledged.
Although our week together has come and gone, we have fond memories and a stronger relationship because of it.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Issues with my Mac mini and file backups

I had a bit of a scare with my Mac mini a couple of days ago. It was one reason why I didn't post anything in my blog for a bit. Yesterday, my Mac mini was still out of commission. I used my laptop to make my update.

The last time I used my Mac mini was the night before I went on vacation. When I came back, I uploaded all my photos to my computer and then shut it down.

The next day, my Mac mini would not boot up. You typically get a white progress bar and then your screen to sign in. I ended up with a black screen with four options to restore my computer. It wasn't a good sign.

I rebooted it a few times. I got something different each time, including a circle with a slash across it. My Mac mini was also trying to detect the power button and my wireless mouse, but was unsuccessful.

I decided to unplug my computer's power cable from the wall outlet, wait for roughly five minutes, plug it back in, and start my computer up. Guess what? My computer came back to life. Yay!

I did some research online. This incident happens when an automatic software update starts, but doesn't install completely. It must have happened while I was uploading my photos, but I had no indication that an update had happened. Powering off my computer cleared this installation process up and allowed my computer to boot up properly.

The last time this computer died on me occurred when I was upgrading the operating system. I went to the Genius Bar at my local Apple store. For some reason, genius sounds sarcastic in my head. The solution was to reinstall the operating system, which meant that whatever files weren't backed up would be lost.

I was bright back then to have the majority of my important files, the bulk of which are my photos and music, on my external hard drive. Wiping my entire hard drive was fine. I restored them just fine.

However, after restoring my Mac mini, my music remained on my external hard drive, but my photos had to be on my computer's hard drive to sync properly with my iPhone.

This recent scare made me decide to do the following:

  • Move my Photos library back to my external hard drive. I don't own an iPhone anymore, so I don't have the need to store this library on my hard drive.
  • Back up my Mac mim's hard drive. 
The second point is significant. I don't know why I never got around to backing up my data. The photos that I take on my Google Pixel phone are automatically backed up to Google Photos, so I"m good there. My photos taken with my DSLR camera are not backed up. Should I lose them on my hard drive, I have nothing.

Right now, I am in the process of moving my photos from my hard drive to my external hard drive. I have 170 GB of photos. It will take a while!

I also have Time Machine set up to back up my files at long last. Better late than never, as the saying goes.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Back from vacation with memories of playful spankings and cuddles

Both my guy and I are back home. We had a wonderful time together. I am frankly sad that my vacation is over.

It was nice seeing him after work for just over a week. We went out for dinner. We also ordered in when he was exhausted.

Our hotel felt like our home away from home. We watched movies and made popcorn. I helped him wake up. We hugged and kissed just before he went to work. We did the same when we came back to our hotel room.

Moments after I entered our hotel room for the first time, we sat down on the couch and cuddled. I liked when he playfully spanked and tickled me. He felt my left bicep and we had this conversation.
"You are a strong woman," he said, squeezing my bicep.
"Thanks, sweetie. You're strong, too," I replied.
"Your arms are so strong," he said, marvelling my biceps as he held me.
I like when we are playful and loving. I enjoy when he playfully spanks me, which is a precursor to future spankings.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sleepyhead who likes to snooze

It has been fun watching movies in bed with my guy. He has watched more movies than I have, so it's great getting recommendations from him. We end up cuddling, which is heavenly.

He has a tough time getting up in the morning. The alarm on my phone backs up his. He likes hitting the snooze button multiple times. I am up the first time that I hear the alarm.

The other day, he had a difficult time waking up. I ended up putting his phone on his head. It was on vibrate for ten minutes. It wasn't until I told him what time it was that he was alert and got ready for work.

He's my sleepyhead. I love him for who he is.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Spanking before boarding

I like when my guy and I chat in bed.
"I'm such a good girl," I started.
"No, you're not. I need to spank you hard just before you get on the plane in a few days, so that you remember that you're a bad girl," he insisted.
I like that he knows what to say to me. We continued cuddling some more.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Landing, sucking, and cuddling on our first day

I'm backtracking for a bit. When I first arrived at the hotel, my guy was about ten minutes away. As I was taking all my stuff out of my rental car, he pulled over and waved at me. We talked. I was heading towards the hotel lobby.

He came over moments later to take me to his hotel room. When we got there, we hugged, kissed, and I briefly unpacked after he helped put my suitcase in a spot.

We went out for dinner at a local place. We came back and did a few things, like exercise and shower, before we got into bed.

My guy was horny. I got to play with his erect member. He pulled it out of his boxer briefs and pajama bottoms. I started to hold his hard cock in my hand, but ended up putting it in my mouth instead. I can't remember when I last sucked my guy. He loved it. I did, too.

He came. I ended up pulling out and jerking him off a few seconds beforehand. It was nice making him ejaculate. We cleaned up and then cuddled for the rest of the night.

It's nice to spend time with him.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bad girl gets a spanking while cuddling in bed

The other night, my guy and I were in bed, cuddled up, watching a movie. We ended up talking about something, which led to the following conversation.
"That's bad," he remarked.
"I'm a good girl, though," I replied.
"No, you're not," he said.
He rolled up against me and fount my butt. He started spanking my left buttock over my shorts. I kept insisting that I was good, but the smacks kept going. They were getting harder.

He pulled my shorts down and continued spanking me over my panties. I protested that a good girl should not be spanked. He pulled down my panties and gave me some hard smacks across my bare bottom. I was so turned on. He knew it.

Moments later, he made me reach orgasm. It was awesome. I kissed him. He was happy. I was, too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Dollar Tree and rope

My guy loves Dollar Tree. I do, too. You can get practically everything there.

I found one fairly close by our hotel. We went over there after dinner. It even has a frozen foods section, including ice cream and breakfast items.

We walked by the hardware section. There was rope.
"You could use it to tie me up," I said to him quietly.
"Good idea," he said, grabbing a neat bundle.
Later on in the store, he discretely groped my buttock.
"Now, I'm all horny," he said.
"I know," I said to him.
Yes, thinking about the possibilities of using rope on me are nice.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Periods and travel

My guy has made it safely to Dallas. I get to do the same routine tomorrow.

It's weird that my menstrual cycle happens whenever I am travelling. This time, it happened a couple of days ago.

He teases me that my period is that predictable. It does get in the way of quality time. Luckily, we'll have most of our trip to have some intimate fun.

Tomorrow, I need to get up early to head to the airport. The next time I post will be in the States, reunited with my guy.

All done with packing

I am all packed. I have the usual thought that I have forgotten something. Naturally, I can always sort that out once I'm in the States.

My guy leaves later on today. He wished me a safe flight. I did the same in return.

I just have to get through my workday. Luckily, I am working from home.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Analyzing, packing, decluttering, and almost sleeping

Such an exhausting first week back at work! Although I have made some progress trying to figure out how this new employee learns and thinks, it would take me quite some time to write a post about it. I'll need to save it for a future post. I feel like I have made a breakthrough. I just wish that the outcome wouldn't be this labour-intensive.

I spent the last half an hour packing for my vacation. I just have some clothes to pack. Pretty much everything else has been taken care of. I'm pleased.

Decluttering is going well. I have another batch of books to donate. I have some more clothes that I don't wear anymore to give away. I have been getting rid of a bunch of papers that I don't know why I ended up ignoring for a while.

All is well. I just need sleep.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Early stages of packing

I started packing a bit roughly ten minutes ago. So far, so good. I still need to top up my cell phone SIM plan for the States.

So far, I have packed the essentials:
  • Leather paddle
  • Lubricant
  • Short skirt
A good girl needs to prioritize.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Decluttering and discovering old photos

I have been doing a ton of decluttering these days. While on vacation, I didn't really feel like doing it until just before I went back to work. I am pretty motivated these days that it's surprising me!

I'm not sure why I held on to so much stuff over the years. I found a couple of photos of my ex-husband. It was early in our relationship. He looked happy.

I had no hesitation getting rid of his photos. I kept everything else. I ended up putting these photos in an album.

For years, I held on to my undergraduate textbooks in two domains that I don't use all that much these days. As much as I love math, I have decided to let my textbooks go. I can always look up information and questions online should I need to.

I donated my books on Wednesday. I recycled an old cell phone. I also donated clothes that I no longer love, but hope that others will.

It feels good to declutter.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Trip-planning is nearly done

Our plane tickets and car rentals are booked. I'm joining my guy a day after he arrives in Dallas and a day before his course ends. We are both pleased.

He had originally sent me his itinerary on Monday. I didn't get anything, so I asked him about it on Tuesday. I finally got it and was able to book everything. His bookings go through the company. Mine is obviously personal.

We are both looking forward to spending some time with each other.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Chatting and teasing my guy

I enjoy my chats with my guy.
"I have to go. I forgot my earbuds and am moving to weights," he explained while at the gym.
"No problem. Are you going to buy a protein shake or do you make yours now?" I asked him.
"I make my own. It's in my car. It costs nearly $10 to buy one here," he pointed out.
"Yes, we can't have Cheap Bastard spending a ton of money," I said.
"You got it," he confirmed.
"Well, enjoy the rest of your workout. Say hi to your car for me. She will tell you that she wants me to drive her," I said.
"You think so?" he asked me.
"I know so," I said confidently.
"No!" he exclaimed.
"I love teasing you," I said sweetly.
"I know," he admitted.
It's fun when we chat.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Tripping with my guy

My guy called me from the gym. I like when he talks to me on the treadmill. I made his workout easier, as I started our chat by doing a lot of talking. He likes listening to my funny stories.

We then talked about his upcoming trip.
"Did you get your vacation request?" he asked me.
"Yes, I did. Is your trip confirmed?" I asked him.
"Yes, it was on Friday. I'l book our plane tickets," he said.
"Yay!" I exclaimed, which made him laugh.
It's nice that we will be spending a week together. We both can't wait.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Reflection on my final vacation day

Today is my last vacation day before I go back to work. It has been a well-deserved period of rest.

Naturally, I have reservations about going back to work. I dread dealing with a new employee who isn't the sharpest learner.

On a good note, I managed to reorder contact lenses, so I ensure that I can see for the better part of this year. I have roughly a two-month supply before placing my reorder, so I wasn't exactly cutting it short.

I have enjoyed cooking more while on vacation. I hope to do more of it on weekends. I find it relaxing and fun.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Good day with a good spanking thought

Sadly, my guy and I couldn't meet up on Friday. I did have a fun day nevertheless.
"I miss you, sweetness," he said.
"I know. Your good girl misses you," I replied.
"You know that you're not good. If I didn't have to be on this boring teleconference, I would spank you for a while," he admitted.
It's all true.

Friday, January 04, 2019

Debt and donations

Here's a quick update on getting rid of my debt. I am optimistic these days.

Last year, I paid off three credit cards. I managed to nab a debt consolidation loan, which has helped me reduce my monthly payments while saving interest costs in the long run. I have also been tracking my credit score more closely. I got my latest results today. My credit score has improved. I'm pleased.

I spent some time on Thursday going through my closet, trying on clothes, and getting rid of those that I do not care to wear anymore. Although I have a long way to go as far as sorting goes, I managed to fill up two bags of clothes. I will be donating them later on today.

My process of sorting clothes may be different. It works for me. I try it on. I determine whether I love it. If it doesn't fit, it automatically gets put in my donation pile. Otherwise, the item stays.

It's nice to declutter, both financially and closet-wise.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Vacation thoughts

I am hoping to see my guy on Friday. I will be heading over to our favourite shopping place where he lives. He may have a conference call that morning. I just told him to call me when he's free, as I will be spending most of the day there.

It's nice having nearly two weeks off from work. Sadly, vacation passes quickly. Still, I'm savouring every day that I am away from work.

I've accomplished most of what I had wanted to do during this break. I managed to have a relaxing time to unwind and sleep in. I cooked a ton. I got to go out and visit new places.

So far, it's been great. I wish that my vacation lasted all year!

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

New year with a new venture

I recently posted a photo of the Toronto skyline that I took this past summer on my other social site. Several friends pointed out how great the photo was, which I appreciated.

One friend, in particular, suggested that I sell the photo to the city. One thing led to another. I have started my own Etsy site. The idea is to earn a bit of money for photos that I have taken.

Anyone who knows me will understand that I am not the entrepreneurial type. If I were, I would be rich and would have quit my regular job by now. Rather, I like sharing my photos for folks to view. If they want to buy them, that's fine. Otherwise, this gig is more to figure out how much interest there is out there to buy pretty photos.

I don't know how lucrative this venture will be. Frankly, it's more of a hobby for me. Still, it's exciting to do something different and set this photo site up. It's a new learning experience. We'll see where this path takes me.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy 2019!

It's 2019! Happy New Year, everyone!

I'll be back writing regular blog posts soon. In the meantime, enjoy ringing in the new year with family and friends.