Thursday, June 05, 2008

Anniversary (a.k.a. pre-birthday) spanking

G and I just spent a lovely week in Philadelphia.  I fell in love with the city immediately.

G's birthday is at the end of the month, so I have been thinking about how I am going to administer his birthday spanking this year.  Apparently, he has been doing the same for mine in July and gave me a preview of what to expect.

On our wedding anniversary, it has been a tradition for us to spank each other.  We spank each other on our wedding night, so why break a good thing, right?  Well, G unveiled what I can expect on my birthday.

I had white panties on and he lovingly spanking my bottom with them on.  After the lovepats, the panties came off and I got more light spanks.

Still over his knee, the swats got harder when the first hundred were delivered -- fifty spanks on each cheek -- with his hand.  The intensity was consistent between spanks and I was enjoying the warmth as my backside was being warmed up.

My age plus an extra swat for good luck was administered several times to both cheeks.  They were getting harder and I could feel the sting after each set.  So, I got just over a hundred spanks on each cheek from this repetition of spanking sets!

A few days ago, I had purchased a pair of salmon-coloured Converse sneakers.  I have yet to wear them.  He used the right sneaker as an implement.  I got 76 swats with the sneaker on each cheek, as we were in Philadelphia.  I was hoping that the colour of my bottom matched the colour of my Converse sneaker.

With birthday spankings, we rarely ask each other to count each birthday spank that lands.  I insisted that he make me count.  So, we did.  I got an extra four spank after my birthday spanking had completed.  My backside hurt so much, but I was a happy girl.

I'm looking forward to my birthday spanking.  Maybe I should get a pair of leather shoes.