Friday, April 20, 2012

Your Internet connection is poor, so spank me!

Last night, my guy and I were trying to connect on Skype. Unfortunately, his hotel's Internet connection was exceptionally sluggish. He could hear me fine, but his voice was choppy.

We tried to reconnect, but it didn't work out. I was a bit bummed by the entire ordeal. He had told me, from what I could make out with every second syllable, that he missed me. I wrote him an e-mail, saying that I felt the same way about him, but that it was nice to hear his voice through all that choppiness.

Tonight, we tried talking on Skype again. He called a bit later. The connection was much better.

He told me that he was putting his clothes on, which intrigued me. He had come back from dinner with a couple of folks that he was doing business with. I had to ask what he was wearing.
"I'm wearing blue shorts and a long-sleeved shirt," he replied. "I also have a hard-on."
Normally, he is the one who initiates phone sex. Today, it was me. He was asking how my day went after I had asked him about his day. After talking for a couple of minutes, I completely changed the subject. Yes, we went straight into phone sex.
"You know that you need to be punished for the bad Internet connection we had last night," he stated calmly.
"I don't think that's entirely fair," I insisted, playing the part of a pouty little girl.
"Well,  the connection was down and you are to blame," he reiterated. "You need to be spanked."
"I suppose that I can't run away from you," I said, getting aroused. "You'll eventually catch me and bend me over."
"Yes," he agreed. "I will spanking that sweet ass of yours."
"Will you use your hand to spank me?" I asked him.
"At first, yes," he said, meticulously thinking about it. "Using my hand to spank you also allows me to pinch you."
It was nice that we both came simultaneously. I was absolutely relaxed and exhausted afterwards. I felt great.

My guy has been in Munich all week. I wished him a good flight back home tomorrow and sweet dreams. He is a sweet man. I love that he thinks that my backside is sweet, too.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Travelling guy

Work is picking up for both my guy and me. My guy will be on the road for the next four weeks. As for me, I have been doing interviews with my boss to hire someone to help me out. For months, I have been doing the workload of roughly four people. I ended up feeling exceptionally overwhelmed a few weeks ago. My manager has been good about holding back a number of tasks, as we have a client who is highly demanding. I can't doing it all.

This afternoon, my guy and I got to talk briefly before we both had to get back to our work. I had my regular meeting with my manager. My guy ended up helping a programmer with code. I actually found out through my manager first that he was going to be on the road.
"How is Friday the 13th treating you?" my guy asked me when we both had a free moment at 18:00.
"[Our manager] told me that you're travelling next week."
"Yes, I'm in Germany," he stated.
"I'm really happy that you're on the road. It's what you have been waiting for," I said, genuinely happy for him.
"Yes. I am happy, too," he said confidently, but had a look of concern.
We can read how we feel. He knew that his being away for four weeks would be difficult for me. That happened a few months back. My workload got me down a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time that he had seen me so low in spirits. He actually hugged me for the longest time to tell me that things would get better. He was right. I am doing a bit better.
"It's funny. When I was recovering from surgery, I wanted to come back to work," I stated.
"Yes," my guy said, listening attentively to me.
"Now, when I have so much work thrown at me, I want to be home, on employment insurance again, earning 55% of my salary."
"And reading a book," he said, referring to a spanking book that had short stories, which I had read to him a few times.
"Yes," I admitted.
"Slapped with tons of reading time!" he said, which made me groan.
My guy is off to Germany for a week. He will then be Turkey, Egypt, and Thailand.
"I'll be in Bangkok, where there will be a number of red light districts," he said, with a sly, boyish expression on his face.
"You'll be right at home," I said, playing his game. He likes to try and make me jealous.
"I will be massaged at least 5,000 times," he said. "I'll be back here in a wheelchair afterwards, as I won't be able to walk."
"Won't there be a lot of chafing, even for you?" I stated nonchalantly, which made him laugh.
We left work at the same time.
"I'll be depressed after two weeks," I said, referring to how I felt the last time we were apart for three weeks.
"Don't be. We'll be in touch," he said, with a huge smile on his face.
The sun was still shining brightly outside. I was happy. So was he. We'll be okay, as always. It just means that we'll be having more phone sex!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Missing being touched, and being touched and missed

I can tell when my guy truly misses me. It was evident today.

He was back from a trip to Chicago on Monday. Today was his first day back at work.

My guy has two Skype accounts. One is for work. The other is his private one. I am fortunate to have both.

We primarily chat using his private account. He did just that at lunch time. He asked if I was going to be coming into the office this afternoon. After teasing him a bit, I said that I was. He wrote back that it "sound[ed] good." That was the first sign.

I got to work and we talked a bit before I had to conduct an interview. We chatted quite a bit throughout the afternoon. He then came over to my desk to show me something on his laptop. He caressed the back of my neck, which led to his hand going down the back of my sweater.

He whispered in my ear whether I'd like to have a meeting with him. I was game.

We left work just after 17:30. I got to our usual spot first. Traffic was a bit backed up, as it was the rush hour. He followed suit, parking next to my car. We both then hopped into his office, which was the backseat of his car.

He asked how I was. I put my hand on his lap and said that I was better now. He kissed my hand a number of times. I told him that I had missed his soft lips. He felt the same way about me. He told me that he missed me. The feeling was indeed mutual.

We embraced for a long time. It was nice to be held in his arms again. He proceeded to kiss me tenderly down the left side of my neck, while unzipping my sweater and playing with my right nipple. Our lips met and we kissed passionately.

He unzipped my pants. I felt his cock underneath his khaki pants. He was getting hard. We actually have a pet name for his cock, which I won't reveal here. =)

I pulled my pants and sky blue panties down. He came prepared with a blue glove. I knew that he was going to finger me. He fingered my pussy. It felt incredibly good.
"I have missed touching you," he admitted.
"I have missed your touch," I reciprocated.
He then worked on fingering my butt. It was intense. I actually came twice today.
"You like when I finger you, don't you?" he told me.
"Yes, I like when you have your way with me," I said, smiling.
"You are beautiful and incredible," he reinforced.
I have kissed his nose in the past. He thought that it was sexy and different. He reciprocated today. I enjoyed it.

He then removed his khaki pants and blue briefs. Yes, our underwear matched colour-wise and we didn't even talk about it the night before! He pulled out his hard cock. I rubbed the tip of it, which was soft to the touch. He pulled my left hand over his stomach. My right hand grabbed his cock and began giving him a handjob.
"You have such beautiful hands," he told me. "I love the look of your hand wrapped around my cock."
Probably a good five minutes later, he came all over my right hand. A lot of semen came oozing out. My job was done. I caressed the tip of his penis afterwards.

I figured out what aftershave he uses. It smells so good on him.

After we had both cleaned up, he pulled his underpants and pants up. I looked at his cell phone and asked whether he was used to it. He was.

I love his boyish charm. He showed me his favourite game on his phone, which was Scramble. We both played it for a bit. I had to laugh when he scored points for pee and peed. He gets a bit dopey after sex, so it's cute that he spells such words.

He was trying to find nipple, but couldn't form the word. He did dedicate flog to me.
"We always have so much fun together," he stated.
"I agree," I said without hesitation, hugging him as we both continued to play Scramble on his phone.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Identifying with TV characters when it comes to sex

I am not the type of person who watches brand new shows on TV. I tend to be the one who catches up on them years later. Take Buffy, for example. I still haven't seen the last two seasons, along with seasons three and four.

My guy has been away for over a week. Although I miss him, I am slowly getting used to not seeing him for such periods. It is still tough.

I watched GCB tonight. It was the episode entitled, "Sex is divine." Out of all the storylines that were played out when it comes to sex, my guy and I probably identify with Zach and Sharon the most, respectively.

Sharon had lost a lot of weight and finally got into a pair of jeans that she has not worn in over four years. She is me. I lost sixty pounds within the past year. I fit in clothes that I used to wear four years ago.

There was a scene in which Sharon and Zach had sex in the backseat of their car. My guy and I have done that on numerous occasions, mostly because we get horny as all can be at work. It would be much easier just to find a boardroom. The unfortunate part is that all boardrooms and offices at work do not have doors that lock from the inside. You can certainly lock them from the outside with a key.

There was another scene in which they had sex in their kitchen. Afterwards, they were sitting on the floor and Zach was spilling out everything as if he were a "woman." My guy has told me that he is like a woman in that he likes to chat. I am like Sharon. I don't mind it at all. I like hearing what he has to say. I like that side of him. And no, I don't find that to be feminine in any way.

The final scene of this episode put a smile on my face. Amanda went to visit Luke at a fancy hotel suite. She was nervous about having sex with him, as she has only been with one person. Luke told her that he would wait for her when she was ready -- that she was worth the wait. She, in the end, decided to push him onto the bed and said that she didn't want to wait anymore.

My guy and I started our relationship in a similar fashion. I hadn't been with a man for quite some time. He told me that he wouldn't pressure me to do anything that I didn't want to do. I longed to be with him. It was nice to actually be spanked by him the first time that we hugged and kissed each other.

I do miss my guy. This episode made me smile. We have a good relationship.

My guy is playful. The last time that we were in the backseat of his car, I showed him pictures of me (Costco card and driver's licence) before I had lost all that weight. He remarked that the change was highly noticeable.

I was debating whether to show him my picture on my health card. I had it in my hand and was looking at it. He decided to grab it, but I wouldn't let go. He proceeded to tickle me. I eventually succumbed. It was a lot of fun, even for a ticklish person like me.

Being ticklish is okay. In tonight's episode, Cricket showed that she was ticklish. Blake, her husband, didn't find giggling to be sexy. My guy seems to be okay with my giggling, simply because I can't help it. These days, he uses it to his advantage when we are being playful with each other.

My guy returns on Tuesday. Hopefully, my backside hurting from being thoroughly spanked will also resume.