Friday, July 31, 2020

Yoga, a sore knee, and self-spanking

The other day, I did a relaxing yoga session online. I had tightness on the left side of my neck going in, but the session eliminated it.

Last night, I ended up with soreness in my right knee. I can't tell whether it was due to doing yoga or if I overexerted it in some fashion after that. It was uncomfortable trying to sleep and walking first thing in the morning was tough.

My knee is much better now. Perhaps walking out the pain and joint throughout the day has helped.

I am looking forward to the a long weekend. I got a wonderful suggestion to self-spank this weekend. I like this idea.


  1. Using an old post to see if you would like to chat - nothing more than share experiences and be nice to each other. I promise nothing creepy. I've enjoyed your blog for years and just thought that in lock down a friend with a shared interest would be fun to communicate with. My email address is in my profile. Take care.

    1. Let's try e-mail messages first. I'm not comfortable chatting with others whom I have met online, or am about to, thanks to the guy that I met earlier this year. It was not a great experience and I'm not ready. However, you've promised nothing creepy, so I'm willing to chat with you. I simply need to ease into it and hope that you'll understand.

      I do appreciate your following my journey over the years. I'll reach out to you shortly.

    2. Email is perfect - look forward to hearing from you!

    3. I got your comment and am replying without posting it.

      I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I am enjoying these comment exchanges with you. The thought of sitting in front of my laptop to write an e-mail isn't exciting to me right now, mainly because I am not in that frame of mind to write. Even writing regularly in this blog feels like a chore.

      I can tell that you are a compassionate person. It's a timing thing on my part. I don't expect you to wait for me to chat or send you a message. I'm still dealing with the effects of briefly dating someone that was an exceptionally bad experience and being dumped by a person that I spent eight years with. I just am not up to chatting and getting to know someone. Starting over will happen, but I know that I am not ready yet.

      So, it's still baby steps. Let's go with comments and get to know each other that way. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, take care.

      This comment is the longest that I have written ever!