Saturday, February 28, 2015

My 500th post

I have finally reached my 500th post. It is bittersweet to a certain extent.

To reach this milestone, it has taken me nearly a decade. Life gets in the way.

I didn't blog as consistently as I would have liked to. A number of life-changing events happened to me:
  • I was employee at four different companies, with one letting go 75% of our department, and another got acquired by my current employer.
  • I was in an unhealthy marriage, and finally had the courage to separate from him by moving back to my home province, and both paying and filing for my divorce myself.
  • I decided to get my Master's degree, which was both rewarding and stressful.
  • I injured my back and had back surgery. I was then on short-term disability for two months.
  • Something wonderful happened after I had injured my back. My guy and I talked more at work, and we have been together ever since. He is my best friend.
  • I have had many spankings over the past decade, but the ones with my guy are the most satisfying. He had never spanked anyone in his life. Now, he enjoys it and spanks me so well. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Thanks to those who have dropped by over the years and for those who are regular readers of my blog. Your support means a lot to me.

I recently read Florida Dom's blog about Google imposing censorship rules on Blogger. The company is cracking down on blogs that have sexual content, but it seems more focused on sexual photos.

I agree with Florida Dom that the company wants to shut down blogs that have the adult content setting activated. I have never used this setting on my blog and I have not received any e-mail saying that my blog will be shut down.

Well, it looks like Google has changed its mind now, as Hermione has pointed out. Yay!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Quality time and a spanking after work

My guy met me at our usual spot after work last Friday. I parked next to his car and we both got into my car's treehouse.

I like the ritual that we have these days where we cuddle and talk about our day for a bit. It's nice.

My guy wanted to pleasure me first. He gently let me fall back against the backseat on my back. He was rubbing my crotch, which was nice.
"You know that you've been a pretty bad girl these days," he said, continuing to rub my crotch.
"No, that's not true," I playfully protested. "My bottom isn't sore, so I can't be a bad girl."
"Oh, yeah?" he questioned me. "I need to find an implement. What do you have?"
My guy was rummaging through the glove compartment. Luckily, I don't have much there. However, I did want a good spanking.
"I have a wooden ruler," I said.
"Go get it for me," he commanded.
"I don't want to," I whined. "If I get it, you'll use it on my poor bottom."
"Just get it," he repeated.
So, I reached over to the front storage area and found it. My guy was admiring the view of my butt as I fetched the ruler.
"Ah, perfect!" he said. "Come over here."
"But, I don't want to. You're going to make my bottom sore."
"That's the whole point," he reminded me.
I went over his lap. I have missed being slapped with a wooden ruler. I protested. He called me a bad girl.

I love when he slaps me in the same spot multiple times. It does hurt after a while, but I like the sensation. I get turned on more when he constantly tells me that bad girls like me need to be punished often.

He teased me by playing with my wet pussy, but then stopping to spank me some more, alternating between cheeks. He is mean, isn't he?

Eventually, he stopped spanking me. I could feel the sting afterwards, but I was too busy climaxing to ponder about it for a while. I came and rested over his lap.

I sat up briefly. He then fingered my butt. Again, it has been a while and it felt so good. Moments later, while kissing him on the lips, I came. He cleaned up and he held me in his arms.

Of course, it was time to reciprocate and make my guy feel good, too. I rubbed his penis, which was hard in his pants. He loved it so much. He couldn't take it anymore and let me handle his erect cock.

I gave my guy a blowjob. The treehouse is perfect, as there is plenty of room in the backseat of my car to kneel. It allows my guy to see me stare up at him as I am sucking him. It turns me on, too.

He came rather quickly. It was nice. It made us both happy.

Of course, we cleaned up and hugged each other. We had more dopey chats before we were alert enough to drive home.

Weekends should always start this way.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Friday afternoon chat leading to being horny

When my guy and I are at the office on Fridays, we rarely have lunch together. Fridays are so unpredictable for both of us.

My guy's course was running late. I had meeting after meeting to attend. The best part was attending a software development session in which a couple of my colleagues were presenting. I got to take a break. Unfortunately, the room was too warm, which caused a number of people to either take off as many layers of clothing as they could before they exposed more than anyone wanted to see, or folks just walked out of the room.

As soon as the session was over, I immediately bolted out of the room. It was much cooler by the elevators. I headed to my desk.

I decided to ping my guy. It was just after 16:00. My guy had just finished his course. He was alone in the training room. I decided to pay him a visit on the third floor of our building.

I talked about the software development manager who likes me. I told my guy that he took off his blazer in the warm room. Moments later, his sweater vest came off.
"Did he rip off his pants in one smooth motion?" my guy teased.
"No, thankfully not! He wasn't wearing velcro pants, you know."
My guy and I chatted some more. I reached out for his hand and we held hands for a bit.

I teased my guy about shopping for a new car and letting me drive it. He's protective of his car.
"You're so bad. If we weren't at work, I'd be spanking you at this moment."
"Luckily, I am sitting down, so my bottom is safe."
My guy playfully slapped my left calf. He likes my calves. I pretended like it hurt afterwards.

He looked at my hand on the wooden table. He continued to admire my purple nail polish, although it was starting to chip.
"I love your hands so much. Can we have some quality time?" he asked me, caressing the top of my hand and fingers.
"I would love that," I replied.
I was leaning towards him. He managed to spank my left cheek.
"Now, I am horny and wet," I replied.
"I'm hard," he admitted, grabbing his hard cock that was still in his pants.
Fridays at work can end on a happy note!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Thoughtful gifts and nice lunch

On Thursday, my guy and I went out for lunch. He sent me an instant message at 12:34 pm, which is a cool time sequence to remember, asking whether I was ready to leave.

I met him downstairs in the lobby. We then walked over to his car.

He called me his GPS lookalike. It's a long story with the lookalike part, but I used to imitate the female voice on his GPS when he first got it. It has taken my guy several attempt to figure out how to get to our new lunch spot, so I tease him about it. He calls me his human GPS if his real one fails him.

Anyway, we walked into the restaurant, holding hands. My guy forgot something and went to his car. He pulled out a gift bag, so I knew that it was my Valentine's Day gift waiting for me to open.

We were promptly seated and we figured out what we wanted to eat. After placing our orders, he handed me my gift.
"Your gifts are pretty and functional. My gift to you is pretty."
The gift bag was purple with a pretty flower on it. Purple is my favourite colour. I also like flowers.

He got me a framed purple butterfly. It was indeed beautiful.

My guy is thoughtful. He knew that I had visited the Butterfly Pavillon in Denver last summer and that I like butterflies. It was such a sweet present. I loved it! He was relieved.

Lunch was good. The portions were huge, so I brought some back. We chatted about our day and more. It was a nice break from work.

Oddly, when we got back to the office, we both got into the elevator with our former boss. It was nice seeing him again, but it was so unexpected. I haven't seen him in over a year.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cuddling, treehouse time, and more cuddling

My guy and I meeting after work on Tuesday worked out nicely. I originally had a meeting for 17:00, but my manager was running late. I indicated to him that I had to leave by 17:30 and hoped that our meeting would be rescheduled, which it was.

I pinged my guy. He needed ten more minutes, so we were both ready by 17:30.

We met at what is becoming our usual hangout. We used to have treehouse time by a rather large empty lot by the airport. It is now twenty minutes away from the office. Instead, we have found another empty lot, which is much smaller by comparison, but it is private enough for us to have some quality time. It's only a five-minute's drive from our office.

My guy was waiting for me as I parked next to his car. We both got into the backseat of my car.

I like to cuddle. My guy was going through a tough time last year where his depression was making him disinterested in many activities. I insisted that we cuddle, even if he didn't want to be intimate or whatever. Studies have shown that cuddling helps lift people's spirits up, and ultimately out of bad times.

We cuddled. We talked about our day. It was nice.

We kissed. It was nice to make out again. He started to unbutton my down winter jacket. I helped him out.

He caressed my left breast. I did the same with his chest. He moved my right leg over his. He rubbed my crotch. It was exciting. A few minutes later, he made me climax.

He then played with my backside, ultimately fingering me until I came yet again. He kissed me and said that he had missed playing with me. I missed his magical fingers, which were cold from our fine day of colder-than-usual temperatures this winter. The colder sensation seemed to make me reach orgasm faster.

I then played with his hard cock, which was still in his pants. He loved seeing my purple-coloured nails on his member. Soon, his erect penis was available for me to provide a handjob.

He liked how my nails looked wrapped around his cock. It was to the point where he wanted me to switch hands to see which one would provide the better view of my manicured nails. He liked the left hand more.

He then unbuttoned my cardigan. He wanted to see my black bra, which always turns him on.

Moments later, he came all over my hand. It felt wonderful. His phone rang immediately after he came. I noted that it was a sign. We laughed. We were pretty dopey afterwards.

We cleaned up and cuddled a bit more. We also talked. Our chats after sex get more amusing these days. All I remember is that we were laughing a lot.

We're having lunch together on Thursday. I like when he is in the office, so we can break the monotony of work by having a lunch date together.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Lunch date, nails, and kisses

On Tuesday, it was the first day back to work for me. Monday was a holiday. Unfortunately, for my guy, he had to work the holiday.

On the weekend, we planned to have lunch on Tuesday. He sent a brief instant message during a meeting that morning, asking whether 12:30 pm would be an okay time to go eat. I was game.

When 12:30 pm had arrived, we both left our desks. We timed it perfectly. I work on the fifth floor. The elevator stopped on the third floor, and there was my guy, looking good.

I asked him whether his brown coat was new. It was. He took my advice and went with a military-style brown coat. He has the height and build to pull it off.

In the car, I couldn't help but to touch his coat sleeve and hand. We talked as I directed him to the Chinese restaurant close by that is becoming our new lunch hangout.

We sat in the parking lot after he had parked his car.
"I love your purple nails," he said.
"Thanks," I replied.
"I want to hug and kiss you," he stated, being sweet.
"We can."
He leaned over to kiss me. It was a wonderful kiss.

I have winter mittens where my thumbs are covered. However, I can take off each mitten's cap to reveal my four fingers. I had my eight fingers poking out of my mittens. My guy said that it was cute and he loved my nail polish colour so much that it was making him horny. He obviously had missed me.

We walked into the restaurant, with my guy reaching out to hold my hand. I joked that he wanted warm hands because he didn't have any mittens on. He was truly being his loving self.

We got a booth at the restaurant. I got him late Valentine's Day presents. One of them was a case for his cell phone. The case simulates winter tire treads. My guy loves tires and this case screamed his name! I could tell that he loved it. He took off the robot case that I had bought him for Christmas and immediately put the tire one on.

My guy at one stage reached for both my hands from across the table. He held them in his for the longest time, admiring my nails and holding my hands sweetly.
"Your hands are so perfect," he told me.
And, yes, he was horny. He saw a glimpse of my black bra underneath my cardigan that he had bought for me a couple of years ago.

He requested treehouse time after work. I accepted.

We finally ordered lunch and had a wonderful conversation. We both ordered garlic dishes. We obviously don't care about bad breath!

We left the restaurant, holding hands as we walked towards his car. Even when he was driving us back to the office, we were still holding hands.

We do seem like high school sweethearts. We have been together for a while. Our relationship is comfortable, but it's still crisp and fresh. It's good.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birthday spanking brainstorming

My guy's birthday is next month. I am proposing to receive his birthday spanking. Since he is a bit older than I am, it means more smacks for me. Yay!

Here is a brainstorming session on how I would like to receive his birthday spanking, based on how to give a birthday spanking:
  1. Decide on where the birthday spanking will take place.
    I would like it either in a bedroom with just the two of us. Of course, we could do it in the treehouse after work because we both need a bit of fun after a crazy day at the office. 

  2. Decide on the amount of exposure her backside should have.
    I have always enjoyed the layered approach. I get his age in smacks over my pants. He is free to use an implement, such as a wooden ruler or paddle. The pants then come off and I get the same number of smacks over my panties with another implement, such as a hairbrush or a leather paddle. Finally, my bare bottom is exposed. I like a firm hand when my backside is fully exposed. I need more than just a regular birthday spanking, because I have spent a year being a naughty girl.

  3. Decide on the position she will assume for her spanking.
    I like being over his lap. However, being bent over a table or bed is great, too.

  4. Be sure to give her a few warm-up spanks (that is, a few preliminary, light pats on the buttocks).
    I like warm-up spanks, but sometimes they don't start off being light. I also like when my guy gropes my buttocks before a spanking, which turns me on.

  5. Deliver one smack for each year of her age, centered on her "sit spot" (that is, the portion of her buttocks that meets an object when she is in a sitting posture). Each spank should be delivered with an increasing degree of force with 2-5 seconds between smacks. Ensure that she clearly and loudly counts out the number of each smack after she receives them.
    I have never counted out loud for any of my birthday spankings, so it will be a first for me!

  6. After a number of smacks equal to her age has been delivered, give her one extra smack and make sure it is the most forceful of them all. This final smack is her one to grow on.
    I love this part. I also like getting a pinch, although I doubt that I will grow an inch.
The bottomline (yes, pun intended)? My guy gets a decent view of my backside as he works his magic and I get a sore red bottom. It sounds fair to me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taking my guy's birthday spanking

I have been thinking about birthday spankings often as of late. I have always enjoyed the ritual of either spanking the special guest of honour on his birthday, or being spanked on my birthday.

My guy doesn't think that he'd like to be spanked. I give him harmless pats and lovetaps now and again. He doesn't object, but it doesn't turn him on the way that spanking turns me on. However, he loves spanking me hard.

His birthday is next month. I am proposing that I get his birthday spanking. It seems fair in that he gets to spank me hard and I get a pink bottom.

I came across this guide on how to give a birthday spanking. In another post, I will customize the steps and tips to suit his birthday spanking that I will receive from him.

Ah, the excitement of planning a birthday spanking for me when it's not even my birthday! No complaints here.

Monday, February 16, 2015


A while back, I decided to purchase a Groupon deal for a manicure. It was for shellac polish on my fingernails, which lasts for roughly two weeks.

Before I went to my salon appointment, I had never had my nails professionally done. I have always done them myself. It has been a ritual for years where I spent each Sunday morning trimming, filing, buffing, and polishing my nails. I have always found the ritual to be therapeutic.

Well, two weeks ago, I broke tradition and had my nails done at a local place. Everyone there spoke Mandarin. I don't understand the language, but speak Cantonese. So, we communicated in English.

My guy has always said that I have pretty nails. Before we went on our first date, we were chatting briefly in the lunchroom one afternoon. He actually held my left pinky finger and said that I have pretty nails. He has never stopped saying that to me, which is sweet.

When one of the beauty experts was taking off my nail polish, she noticed that my nails were still shiny. She actually had to call in two other staff members to observe my nails. Finally, the owner asked whether I polished my nails. I do. She told me a couple of times that I have pretty nails.

Anyway, it was nice seeing how a professional person does nails. I do almost the same thing, except for the following:
  • Soak my hands in a warm bath, to soften my cuticles
  • Have a gel lamp to cure the gel shellac
  • Put intricate flowers or beads on my nails
  • Give my arms a massage after my nails are done
I had picked a pretty berry colour. The woman doing my nails agreed that it was a pretty colour. She did a great job. I would go back again to have them done.

So, at the airport, while my guy was boarding a plane to Warsaw, he had asked how my weekend went. I told him about my first visit to get a manicure and uploaded this picture:

He liked my nails.

When he came back from his trip and we had dinner, he looked at my week-old manicure and said that I have pretty nails. He also liked the colour.

I tend to like clear polish because it's easier to maintain. My guy likes when I have polish on both my fingers and toes. He tends to like colours more, but colour can be harsh on nails when you don't let them breathe.

I am changing things up a bit. Last night, I would have written this post, but I was too busy trying to get the gel polish off my nails. It takes some patience to soak your nails and scrape the gel off. 

I have lilac-coloured nails now. We'll see what my guy thinks of them this week.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kissing effect and feeling loved

My guy has always told me that he enjoys kissing me. He told me that he has never spent long periods kissing someone as much as he has with me. I feel the same way about his kisses.

The fact that we have full lips makes kissing both pleasurable and intoxicating. When we French kiss, my guy noticed early in our relationship that I have the smoothest tongue. I often outline his lips with it, among other things.

So, when we were romantically kissing while it was snowing last weekend, it turned him on. He was tired, but the kiss made him want to get off.
"We need a brief treehouse session," my guy stated, obviously horny.
"We can use my car. I won't brush off the snow."
"Good idea. There's plenty of it to mask our activities."
So, we had a quick session. We kissed more passionately in my car. It was nice. I got to caress his chest. He reciprocated by groping my breast and thigh. He wanted my leg over his. It was almost an automatic gesture on my part.

He made me reach orgasm first. Kissing him helps. I reached down and found his cock, which was hard in his jeans. I told him that he was so attractive. He liked that and knew that I had meant it.

Sure enough, I got to play with his hard member and enjoyed jerking him off as we continued to kiss. My guy came fairly quickly.
"I want to say sorry for kissing you, but I'm not," I told him.
"I know," my guy said, in a fairly dopey tone.
We rested briefly because my guy had to drop off his donation of coats before the place closed at 20:00. He got most of the snow brushed off his car. He yelled out to me to drive safely. I told him the same.

He drove slowly away, with the both of us waving to each other.

After I had cleared off the snow on my car, I made my way home through the snow, content that I got to spend some quality time loving and being with my guy. And, I felt loved.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dinner and parking lot kisses in the snow

Ah, the joys of winter. Not!

We had a "weather system" last weekend that came in three different waves. I woke up to the first wave. Driving to the movie theatre in the early afternoon was pretty good. The roads were salted and plowed.

After the movie, I had to remove some snow off my car. The second wave of snow had begun. I then drove with the snow still falling down fairly hard till I got to the Chinese restaurant. The drive was fine, but slow. I wasn't in a rush, so I didn't mind it.

I had made reservations for 18:00. I thought that it would be enough time for my guy to drive from our office to the middle of Toronto. His flight was scheduled to arrive just after 16:00. Of course, with the snowfall, you can't predict a thing.

Sure enough, my guy pulled into the parking lot five minutes after I had. He was smiling. I was, too. It's always nice seeing him.

We walked into the restaurant and were promptly seated. We ended up sharing some crab and corn soup, which was amazing. We also ordered sizzling plates of chicken with black bean sauce and seafood ramen.

My guy was hungry. I could tell because he was starting to get grumpy. He had thought that he would need to wait for a long time before he got his nourishing food. The soup came out practically a minute after we had placed our order. He was happy. The food was great there.

We had a good talk. I casually caressed his head of hair, which he is continuing to grow throughout our winter, to keep his head warm. He looked down at my nails. He loved them.

I will need to provide an update on my manicure. It's probably not significant to most, but it is for me. I normally use clear polish on my nails. Instead, I had berry-coloured polish. I will write about that in a future blog post.

Anyway, my guy was getting a bit sleepy after filling up his tummy with good grub. He got me some presents from Warsaw, which included local desserts and a lot of tea.

He advised that Warsaw is known for its tea. He got me two boxes of blackcurrant tea, among the six boxes of assorted teas that he bought. My guy is sweet in that he remembered that I loved blackcurrant tea when we were in Stockholm. I drank it every morning for breakfast.

He was sweet to pay for dinner. I first offered to pay for the tip. He wanted none of that until he realized that he needed change. So, he caved, and I was happy to pitch in.

We left the restaurant. Yes, it was still snowing. I wrapped my arm around his as we walked down the snowy steps.

My guy started to lead the way to his car. Of course, he is directionally challenged, so I ended up leading him over there.
"You know, I would have found my car eventually," my guy said to me, holding my hand.
"Sure, you would have... after you had walked around the parking lot a couple of times," I replied with a smile.
Our cars were separated in the parking lot by an empty parking space. We were both standing in it.
"May I hug you?" I asked him.
"Sure," he replied.
We hugged for a decent amount of time. I told him that I had missed him. He said nothing, mainly because he was understandably tired. I could tell that he had missed me by the strength of his hug.

Our eyes locked after we had hugged. The snow continued to fall. He kissed me on the cheek. It was nice. I kissed him on the lips. Our lips were locked for what seemed like an eternity. We took a bit of a breather and proceeded with another long kiss.
"Uh, oh," my guy said.
"At least you're awake now," I replied.
There is something romantic about reuniting with your loved one and kissing with fresh snow falling all around you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Garbage bags and intersections

On Friday, I was driving home from work. My guy texted me on Skype. I had to pull over in a McDonald's parking lot.

It was pretty late on my guy's end. It was nearly 01:00 on Saturday. He had just finished packing. He had to catch his flight at 09:00.
"This question may seem strange," he said to me.
"Oh, no. You're going to ask me a work-related question," I teased, even though he did not start his sentence off with his typical by the way.
"No," he replied. "Can you bring a couple of garbage bags when we meet for dinner tomorrow night?"
"So you can dispose of the dead body?" I replied, which made him laugh. "I don't want to be an accomplice!"
My guy had a number of old winter coats that he no longer wanted. He wanted to donate them to a charity that support those who need coats in Syria. The donation centre only accepts coats in garbage bags. He had large shopping bags. I was fine with getting him some. He was relieved.

He told me that the donation centre is on Lawrence. I had to remind him that Lawrence Avenue goes through a handful of cities. He then said that the intersection is "Lawrence Avenue East and some other street." Well, that some other street happened to be the Don Valley Parkway, one of several major highways in the greater Toronto area!

I could tell that he was tired. We bought laughed at his statement. It works nicely with the fact that he is directionally challenged. He was alert enough to give me the exact address of where he was going to drop off his old coats. He didn't want me to meet him at the airport. He figured that I live closer to this donation centre, so he asked me to find a restaurant and we'd meet there. I was game.

My guy likes Chinese food. I found a restaurant that I have been meaning to try for a while. My only concern was that the forecast called for snow all weekend. I didn't want the weather to prevent us from seeing each other.

I wish the snow would go away. Apparently, there is more on the way. Figures!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Snow and fun spanking texts before boarding

Last week was another hectic one at the office. Throw in some snowstorms to make the workweek even more challenging. Hey, why not?

I was so exhausted that I slept for 9.5 hours on Friday night. Needless to say, blogging has taken a temporary backseat.

Last Saturday, my guy boarded a plane and was flying to Warsaw for yet another business trip. For the last couple of trips, he has been sweet to text me up until the cabin announcement kicks in that everyone has to shut off their electronic devices.

An excerpt of our fun conversation went like the following after I had made a joke about my guy (MG):
MG: You're bad
Me: No, I'm a good girl
MG: No, you're too naughty
Me: Only you say that. I'm good. (makeup icon)
MG: Need to be disciplined
Me: I don't think so.
MG: I know so
Me: Well, you're away for a bit, so my bottom is safe from Mr Meanie
MG: You're lucky I'm not with you right now
Me: Yes and no. I miss your lips
MG: Or I would be punishing you
Me: But, you would spank me hard for no reason
MG: Yes I would
Me: See, so unfair, Mr Meanie!
MG: But there are many reasons
Me: Nooooo
MG: Yesssss
MG: Bad girl
Me: I went to Costco this week and didn't eat a hot dog.
Me: Therefore, I'm a good girl.
Me: Nooooo
MG: Temporarily
Me: Good girl
Me: Nooooo
Me: All the time
MG: No way
Me: Good girl = me = yes!
Me: Mr Meanie = mean = wrong to spank me for no reason
MG: Even if you tried to be good, you're still bad and deserve a spanking
MG: We're taking off
Me: Nooooo! See, you're so unfair to good me
Me: Okay
Me: Safe travels
Me: Sleep well [kiss emoticon]
MG: Thanks! [kiss emoticon]
Our text conversations make his departures a bit easier to take.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Chats and a sneaky caress

My guy and I couldn't find time to have lunch late last week. Instead, we managed to talk for an hour after we were both done work on Thursday.

We met on his floor of our building, in the lunchroom. It was nice to have a solid hour to talk about our day.

My guy told me that the two Swedish guests were happy. He could tell that my entertaining them made them feel comfortable.

After work, my guy was off to pick up something by my old alma mater. I asked him whether it was a legal transaction. When he finally told me that he was picking up a SIM card, he felt that he no longer seemed like a cool, edgy guy. Well, he always will be to me.

My guy likes the whole manly, macho persona. Deep down, he is a sweet, boyish guy. So, it's a nice balance. He's not a bad boy. I only playfully call him a mean guy when he spanks me hard.

When it was time to say goodbye, we were in front of the elevators.
"Can I caress your head?" I asked him.
"No!" he said, in a boyish, almost outraged voice. "Especially not in such a public setting."
I became a rebellious little girl. I caressed it anyway in the quiet hallway before my guy badged his way through the revolving door. He was smiling.

My guy can be a bit shy when it comes to public affection at work. Otherwise, when we are out and about away from work, he has no issues at all.

It's cute. He's cute, too.