Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Slap It... my butt lamp, that is!

I love novelty items. I also have a thing for lamps. And, I like spanking, both giving and receiving. These days, it's more the latter.

Well, my birthday was this past summer. With Christmas coming up, I will ask my guy if he would like to gift me this fine lamp:

Yes, it's a butt lamp called Slap It. You spank your cute butt lamp to turn it on, and perhaps yourself!

It's not a cheap lamp, though. So, my guy will have to spank me first for suggesting that he shell out for such an expensive lamp. I'm okay with that.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Kissing in an elevator to ourselves

There is something exciting and romantic about sharing a kiss in an elevator with my guy. The unfortunate part is that we kiss until we hit the third floor at the office. I shouldn't complain, though. It is a pleasure when we get to kiss in an elevator to ourselves.

My guy and I came back from lunch the other day. He parked his car. We got out and headed towards the office building.

We pressed the button. The elevator came. We were the only ones going into the elevator. Good.

The door closed. My guy cornered me. We kissed passionately, with my guy's body pressed up against mine. I wrapped my hands around his body as we kissed. I could feel his hard member up against my crotch.
"See you later," my guy said to me as the doors opened on the third floor.
"See you," I said, smiling at him.
He blew me a kiss. I waved back at him. It's the perfect way to being an afternoon at the office.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Shopping for a car, sending a sweet note, and missing me

My guy is looking for a car. He tends to get a used car every three to four years. He is looking to get a manual one, as he is tired driving his nearly four-year-old automatic.

He told me the other day that he was going to look for one and to wish him luck. I replied that I would cross my fingers once I was done typing and wanted to hear what happened.

He wrote me a quick message:
Hey there sweet thing,
The car I saw wasn't that great. I will see other cars. Keep your pretty fingers crossed.
I like when we calls me sweet thing. He also misses me when he says that my fingers are pretty in a message.

He's sweet, despite not finding the right car. I told him that he will eventually. He just needs to continue looking.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Grey slacks, Fifty Shades, and Mr. Meanie

My guy and I were headed to our usual restaurant for lunch the other day. He drove us there.

I noticed that he was wearing a nice pair of pants.
"I bought these grey pants from Costco," my guy said proudly.
"I like them. They feel good," I remarked, as I caressed his thigh.
"The only thing is that I have a lot of grey pants. Am I becoming Mr. Grey?" he asked.
"You're getting there," I said, smiling at him. We both know that I love the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
"We should watch that movie together," he suggested.
"Yes, we should. I can tell you what my favourite parts are," I said. 
Naturally, we both know that I like the spanking scenes.

My guy is my Mr. Grey. I just call him Mr. Meanie.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Rubbing, kissing, and hugging after work

Towards the end of my workday on Monday, I had the urge to ping my guy on our work instant messaging application.
"Are you done for the day?" I asked him.
"Yes. You?" he reciprocated.
"I am. Yay!"
"Would you like to drop by?" he asked me.
I'd say roughly fifteen minutes later, I went to visit him on the third floor. He was sitting in front of his computer, answering e-mails.

We chatted. We held hands. He likes when I am affectionate. I like it when he is, too.

My guy stood up and rubbed the back of my arm. He then moved towards caressing my left breast.
"You are so bad," I said to him.
"It feels good, right?" he asked rhetorically.
It has been a while since he has leaned over while he is standing and I am sitting to kiss me. It was such a sweet kiss. I caressed his head with my right hand as we kissed, with his lips being perpendicular to mine.

I reached over to caress his hard cock. He liked that. I don't normally do it, but it was a lot of fun. He asked me to do it more often. I simply replied that I am and will.

Just before we left the room to head out, my guy and I embraced and kissed some more. It's nice when we are both in the office. It makes work more bearable for both of us.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Conversations with some sexual innuendos mixed in at lunch time

The conversations that my guy and I have are fun. It's the chemistry that we have, as my guy would say.

We were walking over to our usual restaurant for lunch last week. It was becoming a pretty warm day.
"It's so warm. I am overdressed," I remarked, wearing a short-sleeved sweater and a pair of slacks.
"You are always overdressed," my guy said, smirking at me.
"I can't walk around naked in public, you know," I replied.
"I wouldn't mind it at all," my guy stated, approving the idea.
We then sat down at the table and looked at the restaurant menu.
"What are we doing today?" my guy asked me.
"I'd like to do you," I said to him.
"I would love if you would do me," he said approvingly.
All of this excitement happened before we even ordered lunch!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beetle, lacy panties, and a nice bottom

I rented a Beetle over a year ago when I was in Denver, CO. It was a fun car to drive. The door was a bit heavy to open, simply because I am a sedan girl. Still, I loved driving around in it.

Well, I have yet to see this version of the Beetle in my neighbhourhood. The spanker would need quite the spanking implement on that cute backside.

I found this image on Twitter somewhere. I don't know who to credit, but the image caught my attention, simply because I like lacy panties and this Beetle has a nice backside!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Pleasing him, receiving a hard spanking, and having a dinner date

A couple of Fridays ago, my guy and I had some quality time after work. We left work at around 16:00 and headed to our usual spot.

We had to move to a different parking lot. There were more cars there than normal. My guy found me and we drove across the street to park at the Greek orthodox church. There is a first for everything!

My guy and I parked, and we got into the backseat of my car. We cuddled for a bit, which was nice. He kissed me on my head as I rested it against his chest.

After he had pleasured me nicely and I woke up from being so relaxed, it was my time to please him. I caressed his hard cock that was in his pants. He couldn't take it any longer, which involved my guy removing his pants and briefs, allowing me to touch his erect penis.

We both like intertwining our legs from time to time. This time, my thighs were on top of his, which his erect cock between my thighs. I gentle moved moved my thighs up an down his. My guy seemed to like my thighs playing with his cock.

I ended up giving him a handjob. Our legs shifted a bit, where I simply had my right thigh against his balls and penis. My guy loved all of it. He came all over my hand and thigh. The warmth was nice.

We cleaned up and rested for a while. We then had our usual fun chatting session, which ended up with my protesting that I am a good girl.
"Of course, I am a good girl! My bottom isn't sore," I reasoned.
"Your butt is going to be sore. Where is your wooden ruler?" he asked me in a dopey voice.
"It's in the glove compartment," I said.
"I am too dopey to reach it. Go get it," he summoned.
"You're too dopey to spank me," I insisted.
"No, I can spank you with the ruler. I just can't do it with my hand," he pointed out.
"I don't want to get it," I stated, playing a whiny girl.
"Get it now. Otherwise, your spanking with be longer than you think," he threatened.
"Okay," I said, bending over to get it.
"I want you in that position once you hand the ruler to me."
I handed the ruler to him and assumed the position. He slapped me hard with the ruler. My favourite exchange came something like the following:
"You are a bad girl," he stated, continuing to alternate slaps on each buttock.
"I'm good. You're wrong," I said rebelliously.
"I have told you many times to be good... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times, at least," with a slap for each counted number.
"You're so mean!"
"You will be a good girl and listen to me," he stated, continuing to smack my backside hard.
"Yes, Sir," he prompted me, smacking each buttock with each word.
"No, Sir," I mocked.
"Yes, Sir!" he said, continuing to slap each buttock in succession.
This banter happened for a bit until I bursted out in laugher.
"Why are you laughing?" my guy asked me.
"When you say 'Yes, Sir,' it sounds like someone is saying your name in a horrible Chinese accent!"
We both agreed and laughed. We cuddled some more. I had a nice sore bottom this time.

My guy was hungry. All that fun activity worked up our appetites. We headed to our usual Chinese restaurant, but for dinner. Thank goodness we got a booth. I could rest my sore bottom on the cushioned booth seats.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dinner date, sweet comments, and potential bad girl and spank me tattoos on my butt

My guy asked whether I was free for dinner on Friday night. We were both at work. I had just finished a meeting. I was game.

We went to our usual Chinese restaurant. We drove over there separately. I got out of my car and my guy was standing next to his, looking at me as I walked towards him. We then went into the restaurant, sat down, and caught up with each other.

My guy is sweet. He was oozing sweet comments about me.

He told me that he saw me walking towards him and loved how cute I am. He went on to say that I was his cute girl who looked like a doll. He told me how proud he was of me and my accomplishments. He truly was in a loving mood.

As we were eating dinner (he had the General Tso's beef and I had the spicy garlic chicken), we got to talking about my pert posterior.
"You are so bad," my guy said to me with a huge smile.
"You know that I am a good girl," I protested.
"No, you're not. Your bare butt should have bad girl tattooed," my guy commented.
"And, my other cheek should have a bullseye that says spank me," I added.
"Yes, and I'd spank you all the time."
There are days when I wish he would spank me for a while. I love being his bad girl.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Spontaneous spanking for allegedly being a bad girl

This past Tuesday, my guy and I went out for lunch. We went to our usual restaurant. It was pretty busy.

We normally get a booth, but we got a table with two wooden chairs instead. We both sat down.
"My butt doesn't hurt," I remarked.
"We can change that," he said to me.
"No, I'm a good girl," I insisted.
"You are never a good girl. I need to punish you," he stated.
"When you look up good girl in the dictionary, my face is next to the definition," I teased.
"I don't think so. Your sore red bottom is the photo next to bad girl in that dictionary," he teased.
We had a good time catching up on our day and laughing. I ordered the spicy garlic chicken and he ordered the chilli beef. After we had finished eating, my guy paid and we headed to his car.

My guy made a surprising move and turned right.
"This way isn't to the office," I remarked.
"I know," he said, pulling into a parking lot where we had some treehouse fun the other day.
My guy parked his car.
"I want your butt in the backseat now. I have to punish you," he said.
"You don't have to," I said, playing a frightened little girl.
It has been ages since we went into the backseat of my guy's car. He has a two-door sedan, which can be a challenge climbing in and out of it. We were good doing it, though.

We looked at each other.
"We don't have much time, so I suggest that you go across my knee now," he stated firmly.
"Okay," I said, acting intimidated.
He spanked me with his hand across my dark blue pants. It hurt and I loved every moment. He scolded me for being a bad girl, with each smack seemingly landing harder across my bottom than the previous one. I tried to protect my butt with my hand, but he held it tight, away from my bottom as he continued to spank me. He then skillfully made me reach orgasm, which was a nice release for the afternoon.

I rested across his lap for a bit. He continued to lovingly smack my butt. I asked him whether he was going to stop. He continued. I finally made him stop by getting up and kissing him. We had a decent, passionate kissing session. One of my hands was brushing against my guy's hard cock, which he liked. We both enjoyed making out.

We had to get back to the office, so making my guy happy had to wait for a bit. We got back into the front of my guy's car and my guy drove us to the office.
"I'm still a good girl, right?" I asked him.
"Of course, not," he replied. "You haven't sucked me in ages."
He had a point. It's fun being his bad girl.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reaching orgasm a few times, and hearing a story afterwards about enjoying spankings and sex

The Friday before the long Labour Day weekend, my guy and I agreed to have some quality time after work. My guy typically ends his teaching day early on Fridays and I was ready to call it quits that day after a number of deadline changes had occurred during the first three hours of the day.
"Hey, there. When would you be free to leave?" My guy asked me online at nearly 15:00.
"Hey! I am ready whenever. I just need my boss to send me something before I send out an e-mail to another writer. I am so bored," I replied.
"I can relate. At least it's Friday."
My guy and I eventually were ready to leave at 16:00. He had an issue with his laptop's battery. I had suggested that he get a new one by dropping by our IT department. He finally did so while I was writing my e-mail. My guy said that he'd wait for me outside the office, sitting on one of the benches. I found him and did a quick caress of his head.

We drove in our respective cars over to our somewhat usual parking lot. I got there a bit later than my guy and noticed that it had more cars than usual. I decided to leave the parking lot and found my guy. He led us to another lot across the street, which was deserted.

So, we had treehouse time. We cuddled for a bit, with my guy kissing my head as I curled up in his arms, as my head continued to rest against his chest. We then kissed for a while.
"You are such a bad girl," my guy whispered in my ear.
"That can't be. I'm a good girl," I protested.
"Not to me," my guy said, groping my butt.
My guy removed my capri jeans first. He then carefully pulled down my lacy black panties, which he remarked were beautiful. He proceeded to pleasure me a handful of times, at one point, fingering both my butt and my wet pussy simultaneously until I came.

I was incredibly lethargic afterwards. My guy likes when I am. It is confirmation that he did a good job.
"I'm sleepy. Tell me a bedtime story," I said, as if I were a little girl.
"Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cutiebootie," he started. "She was a good girl."
"See, I'm a good girl. Even you just admitted it," I interrupted myself briefly from being dopey.
"No, you're a bad girl. Let me finish," my guy insisted.
"Okay," I said, resting my head against the backseat.
"She was a good girl to everyone who knew her. However, only Mr Meanie knew otherwise," he stated.
"That sounds familiar," I replied, which made us both smile.
"Over three years ago, Mr Meanie met Cutiebootie and they fell in love. He has been spanking and having sex with her ever since, and they both love all that."
"And they lived happily ever after," I said, smiling.
"Yes," my guy replied while holding my hand.
The end.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mouse Jiggle while trying to be a helpful good girl

My guy and I chat about a ton of topics. Recently, over lunch, I told him about an application that I had downloaded on my work computer. It is called Mouse Jiggle, which simulates your mouse moving around, but you don't see the mouse pointer.

It is one of the best little applications. I love it so much. Why? Here's my brief story.

I tend to watch Netflix on my work laptop. I work from home on Wednesdays. After I am done for the day, I watch a movie. If I don't use my mouse, my laptop will automatically dim itself after a certain period due to inactivity. I don't want to miss anything that I am watching, so I would rather have the application simulate my moving the mouse around.

There may also be times where I want to appear to be online, even though I am exhausted and want to take a nap. This application would benefit my guy when he is recovering from jetlag!

Anyway, my guy wrote me an e-mail the other day, asking how I was. He then asked me if I could send him the name of the application or forward a link. Naturally, I did in my response. I signed it as being helpful good girl.

My guy has the best replies. He wrote the following:
Thanks a bunch. Yes, you're a helpful girl, but never good! 
I will always be his bad girl, which is endearing, especially when he tells me that I am due for another spanking.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lunch, hands, and a mattress showroom

On Thursday, my guy and I had lunch again. We met downstairs in the lobby and then walked to his car. He drove us there and I talked up a storm. He likes when I give him a bit of a talking break, for he had been doing that all morning in his course.

We changed our orders once again. I went with the 1888 chicken. I remember my guy ordering it a while back. We asked the server what 1888 meant, but she just smiled at us. I guess that we'll never know unless I do some research. My guy went with the Szechuan chicken. Yep, we are both in chicken mode still.

My guy looked longingly at my nails. He had made mention the other week that I should try growing my nails longer. So, I had a nearly three-week growth going. The downside is that I can tell that they are too long when they affect my typing accuracy. My writer colleagued noticed that I had made a typo when I quoted the software version number in an instant messaging conversation. I apologized and made another typo in that apology. Luckily, we both have a decent sense of humour.

My guy told me later that one of his students was in the restaurant. We keep it professional when we go out for lunch, but he told me that he wanted to hold my hand across the table so badly. He's sweet. Instead, we held hands in the car.

We had this conversation in his car:
"I am sleepy," my guy admitted.
"Oh, no. You probably ate too much," I replied.
"I need a coffee," my guy replied.
"We could go to Starbucks next door," I teased.
"I am not paying for an expensive cup of coffee when I can get it for free at work," my guy insisted.
"Look, there's a Starbucks billboard. See, someone knows that I am here," I replied, which my guy knows that I am a regular at that chain.
"And, we're passing by a mattress store, so it knows that I am sleepy," he remarked.
"Yes, maybe you can test out a bed and fall asleep on it," I suggested.
"I would rather have you with me on the bed," my guy stated, perking up a bit.
"Yes, we can be intimate on the bed in a showroom. It's not a show without us. Otherwise, it would just be a room."
"Of course," my guy grinned. "We need to make sure that we have a headboard that is padded, so I don't take you from behind and cause a concussion."
Our conversations are never dull. We continued holding hands as he headed back to the office.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The naughty spoon to accompany the naughty bottom

I came across this wonderful photo on Heidi Klum's Instagram feed.

I love the idea of having a naughty spoon. She has a nice backside.

My guy got me a slotted wooden spoon a couple of months into our being an item. I still have it.

Perhaps I should also call it my naughty spoon and have my guy use it on me whenever I am bad, which would be all the time to him. I can't complain.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My guy is Mr. Fix-it when my bottom no longer smarts

Last Tuesday, when my guy and I were seated at a booth in our favourite Chinese restaurant for lunch, we had this conversation.
"My bottom doesn't hurt," I observed, thankful that we had padded seats in our booth.
"I can quickly fix that," my guy said, without missing a beat.
It's nice when he is into spanking me often. I am glad that he is sticking around for a bit before he travels again on business.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Lunch, phone unlocking, and a threat to my backside

Last Tuesday was a bit unpredictable as far as my guy's availability for lunch. A mutual colleague of ours, who lives in Saudi Arabia these days, flew back to Toronto attend my guy's course. My guy said that this colleague had made mention of doing lunch with my guy on Tuesday. So, our date lunch may not happen.

Well, my guy pinged me first thing in the morning. He told me that this colleague didn't show up for his course. My guy asked whether I was still free to have lunch with him. Although I had packed my lunch, I was good with deferring my goodies for dinner and having lunch with my guy. He was relieved.

We went out for lunch at 12:30 pm. My manager had scheduled a last-minute meeting with me and another manager from noon till 12: 30 pm. I advised my manager that I had to do a hard stop at 12:30 pm, for my guy's lunch slot isn't too flexible. My manager tends to talk a lot. Sure enough, it happened and the meeting dragged on. I got up from the meeting, excused myself, and left. I also let my guy know that I was running a few minutes later.

My guy and I met downstairs and headed to his car. We drove to our favourite Chinese restaurant. He ordered my dish from the day before, which was spicy garlic chicken. I went with the chilli chicken. Yep, we are still in chicken mode.

My guy turned a bit serious for a brief moment during our conversation.
"I have a favour to ask of you," he said seriously.
"Oh, no. Is this work-related?" I asked, knowing that it wasn't.
"No. Your cell phone plan is with Telus, right?" he asked me.
"Are you going to tell me your old puns again about cell phone providers?. Telus about your day. Rogers, that, buddy! That rings a Bell," I teased my guy, while giving him a taste of his own medicine.
"Wow, now I don't know what I was going to ask you after that rant," he smiled.
"Maybe that's a good thing," I replied.
"I need to unlock my phone and need a different SIM card. You have a nano SIM, too, correct?" he asked me.
"Yes," I replied. "I can help you after work."
"Thank you. That would be great."
My guy and I are pretty consistent when it comes to unlocking phones as of late. I have done it with two of my phones. He has done it with the last two phones that he has owned.

After work, I dropped by a meeting room on the second floor where my guy was teaching his course for the week. My guy was bent over to reach for something. I was admiring the view from afar. I enjoyed it.

My guy and I sat together to unlock his phone. We exchanged SIM cards, with my guy carefully inserting my nano SIM into his phone. He wanted me to record the procedure, in case something went wrong. It was my first time recording video on my phone, which turned out well. He successfully unlocked his phone. We also tried the data. We had to change a setting and it worked like a charm.

We packed up. I teased my guy over something.
"You're such a bad girl," he hinted.
"I'm not. I am a good girl, as always," I replied.
"No, you are never a good girl. If I had a wooden ruler, I would show you how bad you are."
It's nice when he threatens me that way. It's quite the turn-on.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Having lunch at our usual restaurant and sitting on a wooden chair after a hard spanking

It's a great week when my guy is in the office. It means that we go out for lunch. It's really a daily mini date.

Last Monday, my guy pinged me on our corporate instant messaging application, asking if I was ready to go at 12:30 pm. I was. We met downstairs in the lobby, like we normally do.

My guy liked my earrings. You can finally see my earrings because my hair is shorter these days.

We got into my guy's car. He immediately noticed my pink nail polish. He liked what he saw. He reached for my left hand. We held hands all the way to our usual Chinese restaurant as he drove. It's sweet. I tend to be the one who initiates reaching for his hand when we're in the car. It was a nice change.

We walked into the restaurant that we haven't set foot in for a while. It was busy. We sat down at a table with wooden seats.
"My butt still hurts," I remarked after I was seated.
"Good. You deserved that spanking," he said nonchalantly, and then looked at me with a huge smile.
Lunch was great. We talked, ate, and laughed. He ordered the ginger chicken, as I had corrected predicted. I ordered the spicy garlic chicken. Yep, we both felt like chicken.

After lunch, we headed back to the office. We held hands some more. It was a great day.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Mini second spanking after the first one

Resting in my guy's arms after having been spanked, we were chatting.

Somehow, he went on one of his pun tangents. Additionally, he told me that we needed more lubricant and that we should get it from something like I immediately woke up from my dopey state and gave my guy a confused look.
"What?" my guy exclaimed. "You don't like it?"
"I am completely awake now," I said.
"You rolled your eyes," he remarked. 
We were in a nice embrace. He hiked up my skirt and found my bare left buttock. He smacked it hard several times. I had to rub it, for it hurt.
"Your hand needs to be on my cock," he told me, carefully moving my hand from shielding my buttock to his erect penis.
He smacked my left buttock again. It was hard. It hurt even more. I told him so. My hand left his hard penis. I had to rub my buttock some more.
"That hurts, especially after my first spanking," I told him.
"Good. You should just say that my Web site URL and puns were both clever and funny. Since you didn't, I had to punish you."
I do like getting an immediate second spanking. It hurts, though. However, it's nice that he likes to dish it out.

Unfortunately, I was left with another lopsided spanking. He hugged me some more afterwards, as we continued to chat some more in the treehouse.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Absence makes my bottom sore after a hard spanking

I playfully acted reluctant to go over my guy's knee. Instead, we made out some more, with my being on my knees, straddling him as he sat in the treehouse. It was wonderful. We truly missed each other after being apart for three weeks.

Finally, I went over his knee. My black lace-trimmed panties were already down my thighs. My guy hiked up my short navy skirt. He caressed my bare buttocks briefly. My punishment then took place.

As promised, he didn't ease into my spanking. He started smacking me hard across each buttock with his bare hand, alternating while calling me a bad girl. It hurt. My protests were ignored as he methodically spanked each buttock hard. I told him that he was being mean and the smacks grew in intensity.

He had had enough of my calling him Mr Meanie. He spanked my right buttock ten times in rapid succession.
"You always give me a lopsided spanking!" I exclaimed.
Of course, it isn't smart to make such a remark while exposing my bare bottom to him. He proceeded to give me the same number of fast smacks across my left butt cheek.
"How's that?" he asked me.
"That hurt!" I whined playfully.
"Good. There's more."
He was right. He tested my pussy to see how wet I was. He proceeded to tease me by fingering me. I wanted to cum badly, but he would stop and spank me some more. Finally, he let me reach orgasm. It was intense and nice.

I remained across his lap, limp. He kissed my bare right buttock three times. He's sweet. He then rubbed my bottom.

I got up and hugged him tightly. I love being in his embrace, especially with a sore bottom.