Sunday, December 04, 2016

Love our lurkers (LOL) day - my spanking

For love our lurkers (LOL) day, I asked fellow readers to leave me comments. Each comment would lead to two smacks across my bare bottom, administered by my guy.

Well, after a revision, I went with a total of 34 smacks, and multiplied it by four:
  • 34 smacks with a wooden hairbrush
  • 34 slaps with a purple acrylic ruler
  • 34 whacks with a leather paddle
  • 34 spanks of my guy's choosing
Some details about the implements:
  • My wooden hairbrush is a rectangular paddle brush, so it covers quite the surface area
  • My purple acrylic ruler is one of my favourite spanking implements, which is always in my car's glove compartment
  • I have two leather paddles, but my guy chose the larger one where one has leather on one side, and fuzzy soft purple material on the other
  • As expected, my guy chose to use his bare hand to spank me
As crazy as this statement may sound, getting 136 smacks + more across your backside isn't that bad. That's not to say that my pert posterior isn't sore right now. Perhaps it's because we have fun banter as he spanks me that I don't notice how sore I am until well after the spanking is over.

We got into my car's backseat after lunch on Friday. I presented the spanking implements to him.
"Do you have a preference as to which one you'd like me to use?" my guy asked me.
"Not really. I would like you to spank me with your hand last, though," I replied.
I find that an open-hand spanking to hurt more. It's also the most intimate spanking to me. He was good with using his hand last.

My guy signalled me to go over his lap. I playfully protested, which caused him to give me a few swats as I finally got pulled over his knee. He took down my jeans and panties. He caressed my backside and told me that he has been looking forward to spanking me, especially before he flies off on business.

The unpredictability of whether he is going to spank me with the soft part of the paddle or the leather paddle added to the surprise. Naturally, a bad girl would prefer to have the former. My guy alternated between spanking me hard with the leather side and lightly with the fuzzy side. When the leather side landed, the sound was loud and sometimes shocked me when the hard slap came down. He teased me by rubbing the paddle across either buttock from time to time and quickly giving me a few smacks in succession.

My guy then used the purple ruler. He playfully scolded me for being his bad girl while slapping me with it. Some slaps came fast and in one spot. 
"That hurts!" I told him, trying to protect my bare butt with my hand.
"You are such a naughty girl. Move your hand," he sternly stated, tapping my hand with the ruler.
"No!" I replied defiantly.
My guy held my hand behind my back and used his free hand to continue slapping my bottom with the ruler. Because I was disobedient, he gave me ten extra slaps as punishment.

He then went to using the wooden hairbrush. He has never spanked me with one before. The last time I got a spanking with a wooden hairbrush was over a decade ago. It was exciting! 

My guy changed it around by being methodical about spanking each buttock with the same intensity. He changed the location while telling me that my butt was getting red. I knew that it was. I could feel the soreness set in, but I loved how it felt.

Finally, he caressed my sore backside.
"Are you going to admit that you're a very bad girl?" he asked me rhetorically.
"I've told you a ton of times that I am always good," I replied.
"That's not true. I already got a confession from you and now you are telling me a lie?" he asked me.
"No, it's the truth," I insisted.
My guy didn't like that. He spanked me hard with his hand. I loved every smack, even though my butt was warm and achy.
"Are you going to admit that you're a very bad girl now?" he asked me after my 34th smack with his hand.
"Yes," I replied.
"Good," he said, rubbing my backside for a while. "Your butt gets cuter when it has been spanked long and hard."
He helped me up. I sat next to him. He held me in his arms and kissed my forehead.
"You can certainly take a good, long spanking. I always knew that you could," he said to me tenderly.
"Thanks for being such a good spanker and my Mr Meanie," I replied.
He hugged me harder.


  1. Wow CB...that's some spanking session! I know it won't last the entire two weeks but at least you'll have a sore tush for a few days to remind you of your guy. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. The reminder is nice. He'll be back and so will the soreness. =)

  2. Oh i do so miss a good and thorough spanking!

    It sounds awesome! I'm glad you finally "admitted" to being a bad girl tho... or else more smacks for sure!

    1. Yes, I temporarily admitted that I was a bad girl again. Of course, we all know that it's not true... haha!

  3. Well done for being such a good sport and taking your LOL spanks.
    Why in a car?

    1. Thanks, Michael.

      We met before he had a flight to catch. We also tend to have quality time in my car because we both live in opposite directions. Our commute is roughly an hour. Our workplace is the midpoint for us.

  4. Hi CB, sounds like you had a good time honouring your lol day commitment.

    1. Yes, it was a good time had by all. I do like LOL day. =)

  5. Doesn't it seem like the fun spankings are always like that?

    It's crazy.

    You know it is supposed to be hurting, but all you can think of is don't stop now!

    After a while it gets to be like you are desperate for it to continue, yet at the same time you just want him to stop, throw you on the bed and let you ravish each other.

    When it is all over, an hour later, you both are just too exhausted to move and you argue who is going to get the water and some needed food.

    Then the next day as you sit up in bed, your butt is sore, the memories of the night before come rushing back.

    You go to the dresser mirror and it looks like you sat on a rainbow and you say holy smokes...that was for fun??!!

    Glad you had such a good time hun.

    amber xxx

    1. I couldn't have said it better, Amber! I'm at the faded rainbow stage, but it was all worth the fun. =)

    2. It always is hun ;)

      I bet you are already wondering "now when can we do it again ! " lol

      amber xxx

    3. You read my mind, Amber! Perhaps we will give it another try when he is back home in over a week and my backside has recuperated. =)