Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Outlet shopping and fondling

After work last Wednesday, my two guests from Sweden, my guy, and I were off to the outlet mall. Getting there takes twenty minutes by car from work. However, during heavy Toronto rush hour traffic, it could take longer.

My guy could only shop for a bit before he had to head home. The outlet mall is on his way home. As for me, I was travelling further away from my home. That was fine.

I took the Swedes in my car. I had to ask my guy whether he knew where he was going. He is a self-professed, directionally challenged guy. He was okay. He had his trusty GPS.

I got there in a decent time and backed into a spot in the parking lot. The Swedish guy admired my rear backup camera in my car and liked how effortlessly it was for me to back into any spot.

We walked over and stood in front of the Hudson's Bay store. We were trying to synchronize our watches to figure out when we should meet after we split up to go on our own shopping sprees.

I got a text from my guy, asking where we were. I told him that we were in front of his favourite store. About two minutes later, he was there. He wasn't surprised that I was there sooner than he did. He shared that I had a lead foot.

We all went into his favourite store. Eventually, the Swedes left for more higher priced goods. My guy and I stayed there for a decent period. My guy loves shopping for clothes. I love seeing him in clothes that make him even more attractive than he already is.

We were looking at cashmere sweaters.
"What do you think of this mustard-coloured sweater?" he asked me.
"It would look good on you. You don't have that colour. How about the green one?"
"I don't need another green one. I love the one that you gave me last year," he said in his sweet way.
"Well, they have these sweaters in ketchup, mustard, and relish. You're a hot dog," I concluded.
Before he got disgusted by my statement, I quickly added the following:
"You have nice buns."
He smiled and chuckled. It was corny, but true.

We then headed over to the men's jacket section.
"What size do you take?" I asked him.
"Either a 42 or 44 long," he replied.
"I already knew about the long part," I said, which he liked.
We headed back to the sweater section.
"I like this sweater," my guy pointed out. "I need a large."
"I know. You are always large," I replied.
We slowly left the sweater aisle. He was ahead of me, reached back, and knew exactly where my crotch was. He was playing with it. He's such a fun, naughty guy.

The best part was sitting on a black cushioned bench. My guy was trying on a spiffy pair of dress shoes. He bent over to tie his shoelaces after he was done. I helped myself. I reached over and groped his butt. He looked at me, happy at how affectionate I was. I gave him a side hug and rested my head against his chest.

Unfortunately, my guy didn't buy anything, but he liked the selection that he found that evening. I was going to buy a pair of Canada red mittens. They go to a worthy cause, and they are both warm and stylish.

I went to pay for them. My guy immediately plopped down money and paid for them. He is so sweet and thoughtful.

I wish shopping were always this fun. It helps to shop with someone you love who also likes causing a bit of mischief.

Monday, January 26, 2015

My blog post on Chross and relaxation this weekend

It always surprises me whenever one of my blog posts makes it on Chross's Spankings of the Week. I never see it coming and I am always truly honoured for the kind gesture. Thanks!

Now that the workshop is over, I can hopefully spend more time writing here. I have devoted this weekend to relaxing and unwinding. I hope that you have been doing the same, too.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tuesday dinner date -- thank goodness for his GPS!

Typically, when my guy and I are both in the office, we have more time to have lunch or hang out after work. This past week was completely hectic for both of us.

My guy was delivering a course, but had a fellow trainer who would be delivering this advanced course down the road. As my guy put it, he had to "babysit" the new trainer.

As for me, I had to get a new writer settled in. I also had to host and partake in a writing workshop with two visiting writers from Sweden.

My guy thought that we could meet after work on Monday. I couldn't, for I was accompanying another writer and our guests to the Leafs game downtown. Instead, we decided to have a date night on Tuesday evening.

Towards the end of the workday, my guy pinged me and said that he had some manuals for me. I asked that he come up to one of the meeting hubs that we have. I was alone at the time until my boss decided to work with me on an e-mail project that we are both working on.

My guy dropped off eight guides and separated them as my boss worked next to me. Finally, he saw my guy and talked briefly.

I asked my guy to help me bring the manuals over to my desk. I had way too much crap with me to do it all by myself. He was more than happy to carry the manuals, as if we were in high school and he was carrying my books.

My guy and I talked about where we would have dinner. We both agreed that the closest Chinese restaurant would be good.

So, I left work before he did. My guy was too busy yakking up a storm with other developers. I headed off to the restaurant and waited in my car.

My guy texted me and asked where I was. I told him that I was at the restaurant. He asked me for the address. I had to giggle, because he is directionally challenged and is dependent on his GPS to get around. I gave him the address and included the country, to tease him.

He finally arrived and we sat down. It was a nice dinner date. We talked, laughed, and ate delicious food.

We held hands at the end of our meal. We hugged quite a bit before we headed out separate ways.

I asked my guy if he wanted to join my writing guests and me at the outlet mall tomorrow evening. What all four of us have in common is that we all like to shop and get great deals. Of course, my guy, Cheap Bastard, was completely up to the challenge.

Although we were rather busy last week, it was nice that we both made the time to see each other.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Spanked Saturday and a bit of today

I have a lot to write about. The problem is finding the time to write these days.

At work, I have a new writer that joined this week. I have spent roughly half of my time training her. We also have a workshop with two guests from Sweden. I have spent a couple of enjoyable nights showing them around the city, having dinner with them, shopping, and taking them to their first NHL hockey game.

So, about last Saturday...

My guy was kind to tell me what his flight number was and when it was scheduled to land. I checked his flight's status throughout the day. His plane left late, so it was delayed by an extra forty minutes.

It was nice to see my guy again. He looked good.

He drove over to my car in the underground parking lot at work. His car's trunk was open.
"Hey, do you normally drive with the trunk popped open?" I asked him as I walked over to him.
"I just wanted to see you as quickly as I could," he said, rummaging through his luggage to give me a gift.
Thailand is known for elephants. He got me a traditional taxi replica, complete with functional wheels. It had purple as one of its colours, which I remarked immediately. It also had elephants around the taxi's rear. I loved it. My guy also got me a comfortable pair of slippers.

We proceeded to the treehouse, which is the backseat of my car. It was toasty warm.

We held hands. My guy has decided to grow his hair for the winter. It keeps his head warm.

We kissed. A lot. Perhaps for ten minutes. He told me that he could only think about kissing my sweet lips his entire time away from me. He told me that I was gorgeous. I told him that I missed him so much and it was wonderful being in his arms again.

His hat came off. I got to caress his head and soft hair. We were hugging each other tightly. It felt right.

We took off our coats. We chatted for a bit. My guy explained that the zipper on his pants broke at the airport, so he has been walking around with his fly wide open. I couldn't help but giggle.
"So, your penis needed to bust out and see the world," I said.
"He doesn't do that all the time. It happens only when you're around," he admitted.
"It figures that your cock did in Bangkok," I teased, which made us both laugh.
We kissed a bit more.
"You need to be spanked," he insisted.
"But, why?"
"You haven't kissed me or sucked me in ages," he replied.
"You've been away. That's not my fault," I protested.
"Sure, it is. It's always your fault. Come here," he said, pointing at his lap.
"I don't want to," I said, as he guided me over his lap and gave me a couple of slaps before I was across his lap.
The smacks were hard. I loved every moment of it. He told me that I was such a bad girl. I tightly hugged his thigh as he continued to spank each buttock with his bare hand.

He eventually made me reach orgasm, which was so pleasurable. When I could finally manage to get myself up from his lap, I hugged him tightly and we kissed some more.

Of course, I had to reciprocate. I got to play with his hard cock, which eventually came out of his pants (having a broken zipper makes things easier) and briefs.

We actually pleasured each other and we both came simultaneously. We have done that in the past, but I had forgotten how relaxed and nice it felt afterwards.

Yes, we were dopey and content afterwards. We cleaned up, hugged, and chatted for a bit.

My bottom was starting to feel achy. It's a nice feeling.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Get-off Wednesday and spanked Saturday

My guy and I last spoke on Skype on Wednesday. I tend to work from home that day. He pinged me late in the morning.

Recently, I bought myself a Philips Airfryer. I felt like christening the small appliance by making kale chips. I was figuring out how to do just that when my guy wanted to chat. I needed a break from work.

So, I did most of the talking. Eventually, I had yummy, crisp kale chips. I munched on them while my guy and I talked.

He was horny, though. It was just before midnight for him. I got him aroused and my talking dirty to him eventually led to my guy to ejaculate like what seemed to be no tomorrow.

It was nice hearing him climax. I just hoped that the hotel room walls had some insulation! As usual, he thanked me for helping him get there. I virtually kissed him goodnight.

Of course, it's understood that because I did got get off during our chat that he would help me out when he returns home.

He is back home now. And yes, I have a sore bottom among other perks. More on that later. =)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Workouts and hot dogs

Our conversations have interesting backdrops at times. Yesterday's was a good example.

After work, I was hungry and grabbed a quick bite to eat at a restaurant fairly close to work. I stayed there for nearly an hour before I went back into my car and was about to drive away.

My guy texted me on Skype. He is in Bangkok, so we have a twelve-hour difference. It was 07:00 in the morning his time.
"Waking up?" I asked him.
"Yep," he replied. "Home yet?"
"Nope, I just finished eating."
My guy wanted to hear my voice and was off to the gym. Normally, I am the one with the earbuds and phone talking to him. It was a role reversal on his part. As for me, I was in my car, with my phone connected to my car's bluetooth speakerphone.

I thought that I would be able to hear my guy huff and puff while working out. Well, we were talking and the Internet connection got lost when he was in the elevator. It was not surprising. He told me that he doesn't jog on the treadmill, so he would be able to talk to me.

It was a great conversation. The 7-Eleven by his hotel sells shrimp dumplings. I had to ask him whether it had Slurpees. Of course, I had to touch on the fact that 7-Eleven also sells hot dogs.
"That's just the perfect, unhealthy meal -- a hot dog and a Slurpee," he said to me in a disappointed tone.
"If it makes you feel better, I ate a hot dog at the movies on the weekend," I stated proudly.
"Um, that doesn't make me feel good," he replied.
"And, at Target, I found this little plastic basket that had mini hot dog designs on it. It would be amazing if I got this basket and put a real hot dog in it," I said with a huge grin on my face.
"Do you want me to break up with you if you do this?" he challenged me.
"I just want my bottom smacked," I said, which was true.
"You'll get that no matter what," he replied.
So, that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. It was my virtual hug from him. And, no, he wouldn't break up with me over my liking to enjoy an occasional hot dog. I just like teasing him about it.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Texts, Wallet Ninja, and airport security

It's always tough when my guy leaves on business. He left on Saturday night. We couldn't see each other on Saturday, so I asked that he contact me somehow before he flew off, just to let me know that he was okay.

My guy is scheduled to be in Thailand for two weeks. It may change. Naturally, change is a norm in most workplaces, and ours is certainly no exception.

My guy and I exchanged texts for over an hour. It was nice, but it started off a tad rough with the news that he had.

For Christmas, I gave my guy the Wallet Ninja. Its packaging states that it is TSA-approved, meaning that you can store it in your wallet, as designed, and you can bring it on the plane as a carry-on item.

Well, there was a fuss at the security area when my guy went through it with the Wallet Ninja. The supervisor actually had to come over to inspect it.

My guy told me about the issue with my gift. I felt bad. He told me that it wasn't my fault. I snapped a screenshot of the Wallet Ninja's TSA-approved line and sent it to him. We are so predictable, which is comforting.

Naturally, he showed the screenshot to the supervisor. The latter guy's response was that "all products say that they're TSA-approved."

Really? Wouldn't those companies get sued if that were the case? Wouldn't consumer agencies say something about such false claims? My guy wasn't impressed. Neither was I.

I asked my guy what happened. I got the play-by-play broadcast. His Wallet Ninja got confiscated. I told my guy that I have a spare one, so it's his. He told me that I'm such a sweet person.

I was more concerned whether he would make his flight. He did. He was boarding his flight ten minutes later, so I was pleased and relieved.

My guy felt like punching someone after his security ordeal. I asked him not to punch the guy sitting next to him, as we both didn't have that much money to bail him out of jail and I didn't want to hear about his ordeal on the news.

I also said that I would kiss him if I were with him, but could offer a virtual one. That cheered him up.

We are similar in that we get annoyed under such conditions, but always manage to comfort each other. It's good.

As crazy as it is to send a kiss emoticon, I did. I could tell that he liked that. I was pleased that he was okay. I was, too.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cold freeze and a solid reference

All is well. I have simply been busy.

We have been under a deep freeze here. You would think that with a windchill of -30ยบ C that it would force me to stay at home and write tons of blog posts. It hasn't.

My guy is off to Thailand on business for the next two weeks. We have been spending as much time together as we could before he leaves.

I have decided to apply for a job opportunity that involves a slight shift in what I do. I would be a long shot, but I figure that it doesn't hurt to apply. I meet the minimum requirements from a degree perspective. However, I have so much work experience that it should prove valuable.

I have a master's degree. My guy has a PhD. It may be one indication why we are so geeky at times.

I asked my guy to be a reference for me. He didn't hesitate at all.
"I think that this position would be great for you. With your great personality and experience, they would be happy to have you. If they call me, I'll make sure to tell them about all your qualities."
"I'm having second thoughts about your telling the hiring folks about all my qualities, "I replied. "I may not get the job if you reveal everything."
We continued to cuddle, with my guy lightly patting my backside.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year, everyone! It will take me a couple of months to properly use 2015, but I will try my best to adjust.

Things are good on my end. Unfortunately, my over two weeks of vacation will soon come to an end. I have been enjoying sleeping in and doing activities that I haven't had a chance to do in ages, such as calligraphy.

My guy never ceases to surprise me. He is thoughtful. While I was out on New Year's Day eating lunch at a fabulous pho restaurant (yay for it being open), my guy sent me an e-card, wishing me a great year and being all mushy.

We rang in 2015 together. It was nice to kiss him. We rarely are together on New Year's Day.

I also got a spanking to start the year on an excellent, sore note. He had me over his lap and started off playfully slapping my backside with his hand. My pants and panties soon came down, and he was spanking me hard.

It will be a great year for both of us. I am hoping that it extends to you, too.