Sunday, September 30, 2012

What you wear to training class can lead to a treehouse meeting

My guy decided to schedule our treehouse meetings on Wednesdays. When we had talked about it last week, I indicated that it was a rather long wait. I didn't think that my guy could wait that long. Frankly, I didn't think that I could hold out. However, compared to my guy, my patience stretches farther.

My guy and I were in a couple of training courses at work for the entire week. We tend to keep our public affection under wraps when we are at work. It is difficult.

I hauled my laptop into the training room at around 09:20. I tend to go upstairs on the seventh floor to drop all my stuff off and to do a bit of work before heading downstairs on the main floor of the office building. My guy doesn't bother stopping by his cubicle. He just comes into the training room from the parking lot. His laptop was already in the training room.

I walked out of the room to visit the ladies' washroom. My guy was standing outside the training room, looking down at his cell phone.
"Hey, you!" I said to him. He looked up and smiled.
"Hey, good morning!" he said cheerfully, looking at me from head to toe.
"How are you?" I asked him.
"I'm good now," he grinned. "You look good."
"Thanks," I said, walking away. "I have to make a pit stop."
Five minutes later, I walked into the training room. My guy's eyes were still on me. I could tell that he liked what I was wearing. I had a cobalt blue Gap cardigan on, which had three-quarter sleeves and a v-neck. I had a black tank top underneath that had a built-in shelf bra. My dress pants were from Gap and were dark grey.

Throughout the morning, my guy discreetly put his hand on my back a few times. I put my hand on his thigh several times and squeezed it under the table.

When lunch came around, we were the only two people in the room. We were both standing up. We looked at each other. He grabbed my left buttock. I initiated kissing him. We hugged. I caressed the back of his neck. It was sweet.

He walked behind me and hugged me. His penis was erect under his dress pants. It was rubbing my backside.

The afternoon was no different. We were in training class, trying to pay attention. But, we continued to discreetly show signs of affection toward each other. It felt like we were in high school.

After the training session was over, we both headed up to our cubicles on the seventh floor. We both left work at 18:00 and stopped in front of the elevator.
"Do you want a quickie session?" he asked me.
"It's not Tuesday," I said, smiling.
"I know," he said.
"I'm game."
So, we drove over to our usual spot and climbed into the treehouse. My guy admitted that he loved what I was wearing so much that he wanted me all to himself immediately. He thought that I had a sixties look to me that was sexy to him. He also admitted that he liked my dress pants and their material, especially when he groped my backside.

As always, we kissed. I love tracing his lips with the tip of my tongue. The feeling is mutual. We French kissed for a bit.

His hand went to my thigh, running his hand up and down it before groping my breasts. I had my hand on his chest for a bit. It then moved to the back of his neck and head.

My guy unbuttoned my cardigan. He liked the tank top. He pulled it down, exposing my breasts. He worked on my right breast. He sucked, licked, and nibbled on my nipple. I loved it all.

Before I got into the treehouse, I had handed him my wooden ruler. I like this ritual that I started of handing him an implement that will be used when I am spanked. The action turns me on instantaneously.

My guy whispering in my ear also gets me aroused.
"You aren't wearing a skirt," he noticed.
"It's not Wednesday," I noted, referencing the fact that he had established our treehouse meeting for that day, and not Tuesday.
"I don't care," he said. "You need to put on that skirt and show me your bare legs."
"You're unfair and mean," I said, acting like a bratty schoolgirl.
"I'm mean?" he said, sounding upset. "You need to be punished."
I ended up in a position where I was face down on my guy's crotch. So, I nuzzled his cock and noticed that he enjoyed my rubbing my face over his hard member. My butt was up in the air. My guy has long arms. He used the wooden ruler on my backside.
"Do you still think that I am mean?" he said and whacked my right buttock with the ruler.
"Yes," I said. He alternated between slapping each buttock. My butt was starting to sting.
"How many times have I told you to be prepared for me? You are my slut."
"Ow!" I said, feeling the sting build up as he continued to slap me with the ruler.
"Will you behave?" he asked me.
"Yes, sir."
His hand went down my dress pants and panties. He proceeded to finger both my wet pussy and butthole, telling me that I was his naughty slut. He wanted me to beg him to finger me. I did what I was told. I was so aroused. It took little time for me to come. I rested my head on his chest for a bit. His hand was still inside me. I knew that he wanted to have me come again. I was right. Moments later, I reached orgasm. It was wonderful.

My guy whispered in my ear that he wanted me to suck him for being a bad girl. Sure enough, his dress pants and briefs came down. I had his hard cock to myself. I wasted little time in licking the tip of his penis before inserting his erect penis in my mouth and proceeding to give him a blowjob.

It drives him crazy when I use my tongue nonstop. He has told me that I have a smooth tongue, which surprised me at first. I have always thought that it was rough.

He came. He came a lot. He was completely in dopey mode. We rested for a bit before we cleaned up. He put some aftershave in the palm of my hand to kill the semen.

My guy looked like he was sleeping. I kissed his hand and then held it. He had a sweet smile on his face.
"I am so happy," he said in a dopey tone.
"I am glad that you are," I admitted.
"You just get better and better sucking me."
It was the best compliment a girl could get from her guy. I rested my head against my guy's shoulder. He rested his head on mine and then kissed me. It was a nice moment in the treehouse. I love training week.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taking a BDSM quiz - my results

I like taking quizzes from time to time. And nope, I am not talking about quizzes for a couple of training courses that I am taking at work this week.

I stumbled across a BDSM quiz on Renee Rose's blog, which I sat down and diligently went through the seven pages of questions. The verdict? I am a switch.
  • Switch - 96%
  • Masochist - 86%
  • Submissive - 79%
  • Sadist - 75%
  • Bondage - 71%
  • Experimental - 68%
  • Dominant - 64%
  • Exhibitionist / Voyeur -  27%
  • Degradation - 54%
  • Vanilla - 25%
This result doesn't surprise me. For years, I enjoyed spanking my ex-hubby and being spanked. These days, I am exploring more of my submissive side with my guy. However, he has expressed interest in being spanked. I like the thought of having him over my lap for a spanking. I told him that we could explore this avenue when he was ready.

I am pleased that he likes when I touch his buttocks. It's promising. I am hopeful.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quickie after work and dopiness ensues

My guy seems to like treehouse meetings on Wednesdays these days. I suppose it's fitting, considering that they are considered hump days.

I like that he schedules when we have our meetings. I tend to be in control of everything in my life. It's nice that he takes control when it comes to quality time after work.

Personally, I like treehouse meetings on Fridays. It's just a nice way to kick off the weekend. I doubt that it will happen as often as they used to. He has agreed to drive a co-op student home on Friday evenings.

Anyway, this Wednesday was busy for both of us. I had to spend some time proofreading a colleague's user guide. He had to talk to a long-winded IT guy for a few hours.

As a result, our treehouse time was shortened. My guy likes to call it a quickie. Even our quickies aren't exactly quick. Such meetings last an hour. We both are okay with it, because we miss each other and are horny.

Sure enough, we left work together and got into the elevator. We had it all to ourselves. We kissed. He told me that he had missed me. The feeling was mutual.

I had to change into my short skirt, so I dashed into the washroom. My guy had a five-minute lead to our regular meeting place.

So, I climbed into the backseat of his car. He looked at me and liked how I looked. I was immediately drawn to his chest. He had taken his undershirt off just for me, but had his dress shirt on. I was a happy girl.

As usual, we started off kissing. I had missed his lips. I caressed his head. He touched my bare legs and squeezed my left thigh.

He proceeded to kiss my neck and chest. He then lifted my blouse and played with my breasts. He loves sucking and nibbling on my nipples. He didn't hesitate to take my right breast out of my black bra. He licked, sucked, and nibbled on my nipple. It was heavenly! We then kissed some more.

His hand went up my skirt. It was time for me to be fondled. My right left went over the armrest in front of us. My other leg went over his lap. He proceeded to finger my pussy, which was already wet. He went ahead and fingered by butt simultaneously, while calling me his slut.
"You know what happens to bad girls like you?" he asked me.
"No," I said like a naive little girl.
"They get punished," he said, gently rubbing my cheek. "Your cheek will get slapped around because you've been bad."
"No," I said, like a whiny kid in elementary school.
He slapped my left cheek a good six times while making commentary that all sluts like me get slapped around. It was hot.
"Do you have anything to say about getting slapped?" he asked rhetorically.
"Nope," I replied.
"That's right. I tell you what to do."
It took practically no time for me to reach orgasm. It was wonderful. Just before I came, my left hand was touching his chest. I was actually playing with his left nipple.

My guy put his hand on my abdomen, which made me giggle. I am ticklish. I immediately put my left hand over his hand and opened my eyes. My guy was looking at me lovingly.
"That tickles," I said with a smile.
"I love touching you there," he admitted.
"I wish I weren't so ticklish," I observed. "It gets in the way sometimes."
"I like that you are. You're cute when you are ticklish."
"I giggle like a ten-year-old girl!"
I reached over and cupped my left hand against his right cheek. My guy turned and kissed my hand. He is so sweet.

My guy was squeezing and running his hand up and down my left leg. It was nice. Eventually, he was rubbing his erect penis against my bare leg.

It was time for me to give my guy a blowjob. He took down his trousers and briefs. He was masturbating as I was pulling my hair back into a ponytail.

I went down on him, taking his hard cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked, enjoying the moment of having him in my mouth. My right hand was cupping his balls. I had my thumb and pointer finger holding his penis for stability. I tried something different and had my left hand under his right thigh. My guy liked it all.

After he had ejaculated, I cracked a few jokes and he laughed at them. He kissed my forehead gently. I kissed his tummy. We then cleaned up. He told me that I get better and better at sucking him. Compliments are always appreciated!

My guy gets dopey after a blowjob. He was caressing his now limp cock, talking to it about me and how I make it hard when I am around. I went to hold his limp member and told my guy that his cock couldn't hear what we were saying, as it doesn't have any ears. It's a head after all!

We both laughed. It was a funny moment. My guy is so sweet in dopey mode. I rubbed his head. He loved it. He looked so relaxed.

I love when my guy whispers in my ear. He often provides details about our next meeting in a tone that turns me on.
"Prepare to be touched by me at any time next week," he whispered, as we were hugging.
"And, what if I don't give you access?"
"You will be severely punished," he stated with conviction.
We hugged some more. I caressed his back. My left hand eventually made it to his buttocks. He tends to have his wallet in his right back pocket. So, I played with his left buttock. It was nice. I could tell that he liked what I was doing, too.

Next Wednesday seems so far away for a meeting after work. That's okay. We have Friday and the weekend to see each other.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Surprise spanking in the elevator

My guy surprises me often. Today, he caught me completely by surprise.

I got to work and opened the door. There he was. He looked good.
"What, no blue shirt?" I asked him.
"Nope. Should I be wearing one?" he said sheepishly.
"That's okay. You'll have other opportunities," I said, admiring his grey and white dress shirt, and grey slacks. "You look really good."
"You look great yourself," he said.
"You're just saying that," I responded.
"Why would I just say that?" he asked me.
"Just to butter me up."
"I would show you physically," he started.
"I know. Showing me in this corridor is probably not the best place," I smirked, as we both nodded in agreement.
My guy and I chatted often throughout the afternoon. We were talking about my former manager who was a jerk.
"Didn't you want to kiss him?" he asked me, pulling my leg.
"You're making me shiver," I said. "Why would I want to do that?"
"Well, you have a thing for older men with bald heads," he hinted.
"True," I said, looking straight into my guy's eyes. "Not him, though."
"I know," he replied. "He doesn't deserve to have someone as cute as you with those kissable lips."
"You do," I pointed out, which made us both smile.
We chatted about my guy's upcoming presentation for a bit. We then realized that it was 19:00. We packed our stuff and headed out the door.

My guy held the door open for me. I walked through it. He pinched my right buttock. It was nice.

At the elevators, a colleague had his foot in front of an empty elevator. It was odd. He let us go in it.

Normally, when we have an empty elevator, my guy and I tend to kiss and hug all the way to the ground floor once the doors close.

Today was different. The doors finally closed.
"Turn around," he said.
I did what I was told. He pinched and groped my left buttock. Without any hesitation, my guy spanked me as I was bent over, holding on to the handrail. They were pretty good smacks on each buttock with his bare hand. He didn't hold back. I got a good eight swats before the elevator stopped.

I adjusted myself and we got out of the elevator.
"Wow," I remarked. "I am so turned on. That hurt!"
"Good," he said. "Wednesday."
"Wednesday," I repeated, which was perfectly clear to both of us that we'd be in the treehouse for some quality time.
I was completely aroused and wet. My guy knew it. He had just fulfilled one of many spanking fantasies that I have. I get to cross that one off my list.

I wish that every workday ended that way for me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweet moments in an elevator due to my forgetfulness

The most difficult part about being with someone who is also your colleague is keeping work separate from your personal life. My guy and I do a fairly good job at making this delineation. We don't make out while on the job.

Last Friday, we were in a meeting with our manager. My guy has a presentation to make this Wednesday. I am involved as I wrote the input, which will be the basis of his presentation. My guy was his usual polite self, pulling out the chair for me. I thanked him.

We had a pretty good discussion. My guy had to open a documentation ticket in our software tracking system. I thanked him for assigning me more work. He felt bad about it, but told me before our meeting that he would make that up for me. Yes, he implied quality time down the road with me.

Anyway, both my boss and my guy liked the fact that I could sympathize with how many software features my guy could possibly discuss in a two-hour presentation. Most writers don't think about presentations from a timing standpoint. I have always been different.

I had my legs crossed during this meeting. I was wearing a pair of jeans, a green t-shirt, and sandals. I caught my guy looking at my legs and feet. It was cute.

Trying to keep our hands off each other when we are sitting inches away from each other can be difficult. We managed to be professional!

A couple of hours later, my guy and I talked at our cubicles. It was great catching up.

We left work for the weekend. The elevator had folks in there, so we couldn't kiss or hug discreetly. It was a bummer. We haven't done that for a bit.

I had worn a sweatshirt to work, as it was breezy. I had left it hanging over the back of my desk chair. It had my keys in one of the pockets. I told my guy that I needed his help to retrieve it. My guy has an after-hours pass to ride the elevator. I don't have access. He was sweet in helping me.

We walked into an empty elevator. The doors closed. We kissed and hugged passionately. I was happy to gently caress his chest. We enjoyed the ride.

My guy made sure that I could enter our floor. I could. I went to get my sweatshirt and came back to the main elevators. My guy was waiting for me.

We got into another elevator. It was empty. We lucked out twice! The doors closed. He groped my buttocks. I caressed his head and hugged him tightly.

I thanked him for helping him and for being so sweet. He smiled at me, and liked that we had some happy ups and downs in an elevator.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reunited with sucking and lopsided slaps

My guy goes on business trips fairly often. As of late, he hasn't travelled anywhere. He may have an upcoming trip to Dubai, but nothing has been finalized.

I feel selfish to a certain degree. I like that we spend more time together when he's not on the road. However, I know that he misses travelling, so I feel for him and want him to travel soon. It was also a bit strange that I took a week off to go on vacation and he was here. Needless to say, we had both missed each other.

We kept in touch during my entire vacation, so it wasn't too bad. However, we did miss being with each other physically.

So, we finally saw each other on Wednesday when I got to work. My guy was wearing a blue, long-sleeved shirt. He looked good in it. Blue suits him. He paired his shirt with a nice pair of charcoal grey slacks.

We talked for a bit. I told him that I was pulled over in Ohio for exceeding the limit by 15 mph. The state trooper let me off the hook, likely because I was a tourist. My guy thinks that the trooper thought that I was cute. He had to let me go. I figured that this incident would be a playful reason for me to be spanked. After all, when my guy got caught for speeding in Pennsylvania, he was fined.

My guy came over to my cubicle and we talked. He rubbed my shoulders and neck. I ended up rubbing my forearm against his cock, which was starting to get hard. He suggested that we have a meeting. I was game.

My guy and I sent instant messages on Skype for a bit. He asked me how my pussy was. We have both nicknamed each other's private parts. I told him that my pussy has been lonely for over a week. He indicated that he could rectify this issue. I assumed that the feeling was mutual with his cock. Yep, I was correct.

He left work at 17:20. I followed suit, but had to change into a denim mini skirt. I met up with him at our regular spot and climbed into the backseat of his car, which we affectionately call the treehouse.

My guy had taken off his blue shirt. He was wearing a white tank top, which looked good against his nicely tanned skin. I handed him my wooden ruler.

We looked at each other. He said that I looked good. He did to me. We immediately kissed. I definitely had missed his tender, sweet lips pressed against mine. It was enjoyable to make out with him. After all, it had been nearly two weeks since we last were together.

I was playing with his chest, running my fingers through his chest hairs. We briefly talked between kisses.
"I have missed your lips," he said. "You're beautiful, amazing, sweet, cute, and adorable."
"I like this look," I pointed out, enjoying caressing his bare shoulders.
"The wife-beater look?" he asked me. We both cracked up laughing.
"No, that's not what I meant! It's the access to your chest that I love."
"I know," he said, as we both continued to chuckle for a bit before we continued kissing passionately.
He played with my breasts, taking them out of my black lacy bra. He pinched my nipples. I loved it.

He then played with my pussy, eventually fingering my clit and butt. He is wonderful at pleasuring me. I reached orgasm and was content laying there in his arms for a bit. He tenderly kissed my forehead. He still had his hand in my pussy. He liked the look of it.

He wasn't done with me. He wanted me to come again. This time, he decided to slap my right buttock repeatedly with the wooden ruler as he continued to finger me.
"You know that you can't go on vacation like that," he reasoned, slapping the ruler against my right buttock, which was barely protected by my lacy black underwear and short skirt.
"But, I needed to take time off," I explained.
"You weren't there to suck me," he said, continuing to assault my buttock with the ruler.
"I had sucked you twice the week before I went away," I pointed out. That wasn't a good idea. More smacks took place.
"When I need you to suck me, you need to be there for me," he stated. He lifted up my skirt and slapped me even harder with the ruler.
"Are you going to leave me all alone with no slut like you to suck me?" he asked rhetorically and then slapped my buttock repeatedly.
"No, sir."
"You know that I can't go out and find another slut. You are my slut," he said, slapping away.
"That hurts!"
"You deserve it," he stated. "Are you going to suck me today?"
"Yes," I said.
He stopped spanking my right buttock and focused on making me reach orgasm again. He told me to come like the whore that I was. I was incredibly aroused that it took little time for me to come. I was so happy. He was, too.

My guy pulled down his trousers and briefs. His penis was erect. I asked him if I could suck him. He let me.

He told me that he loved what I was doing to him. He had missed my mouth wrapped around his member, taking it in and out, and licking it. I played with his balls simultaneously. It was enjoyable pleasing him. He came. He became dopey. My mission was accomplished!

He said the sweetest compliments. I love him and when he does that.
"You're being super sweet," I pointed out.
"That's because you are super sweet," he replied, still dopey from my sucking him.
We chatted for quite some time. Before we said goodnight to each other, I asked him if I could give him a hug. He didn't mind. He commented that he could tell by my hug that I had missed him. It was nice to be in his arms, safe and loved.

I went home and looked at the damage that my guy had done to my right buttock. It was nice seeing red marks hours after being spanked. It was great to be back from vacation.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A late entry - being spanked hard in the treehouse

I was hoping to write about my last meeting with my guy before I went on vacation. I did indeed get a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. However, I was enjoying being on vacation and relaxing that I decided to blog once I returned home.

So, as you can tell, I am back. This post recounts what happened a couple of Fridays ago.

My guy had sent me a message on Skype at 09:15. It was a first. Normally, he is driving to work at this hour. He told me that he has been at work since 08:00. I couldn't believe it! I hoped that I could take another picture of him sleeping at his desk. He told me that I'd have that opportunity later on in the day.

Previously, I had told him that I may not come into work. However, I ended up scheduling a meeting with a software manager at 15:00. My guy teased me and asked if I had a treehouse meeting then. I wished!

I got to work in the afternoon. My guy and I talked, as usual. He then came over to my desk. He had told me the other day that he wasn't sure if we'd do another treehouse meeting. I could tell that he wanted to, as did I.

He came over to my desk, and caressed my back and shoulders. Oh, how I enjoy when he does that to me! I was caressing the back of his thigh. He decided to move my hand up to his right buttock. It was nice groping it. I had no idea that he liked my doing that. I moved my hand over to his left buttock and did the same thing. It was wonderful!

My guy left work first. It is a bit rare for him to depart early. I am generally the one who leaves first. I ended up talking to a colleague, which delayed my departure.

I quickly went to change into my short, dark blue skirt. I then drove to our usual location. I could see my guy sitting comfortable in the backseat of his car. I walked over with my wooden ruler and handed it to him. I apologized for being late. He understood. We both talk for a living.

We talked briefly.
"Are you all packed for your vacation?" he asked me.
"Nope, I have to pack tonight," I admitted. "
What makes you think that you're going to be packing tonight after we're done here?" he asked me. I smiled.
As usual, we kissed passionately. He had taken his undershirt off, so I was able to use both my hands to unbutton his dress shirt, allowing me to caress his attractive chest. He was feeling the length of my bare leg, eventually squeezing my thigh.

He caressed my breast. He took my bra off and sucked each nipple. It was incredible pleasurable. He nibbled on them, too.

He proceeded to whisper in my ear.
"You need to be punished."
I couldn't have agreed with him more. I asked how he wanted me. I ended up kneeling on all fours on the backseat. He lifted up my skirt and liked seeing my bottom sticking up with my lacy black panties covering most of it.
"Comfy?" he asked me, as my head was resting against the side of his car.
"As comfortable as I can be," I said.
"You were late coming here," he said.
"It's my first time," I stated. "You're always late."
"It's not about me. It's about your tardiness," he said sternly. He swatted my backside with his bare hand several times.
"That's what you get for being disobedient," he said, continuing to smack my buttocks. "Have you learned your lesson?"
"No, I haven't done anything wrong," I said defiantly, with a smile on my face.
"You've done nothing wrong?" he repeated and continued to smack my bottom even harder. "How does that feel?"
"It hurts!"
"Are you going to behave?"
"No?" he questioned me.
My guy pulled my panties down and spanked me hard with his bare hand several times. I loved every swat. He continued to scold me for being late. He wasn't done. He used the wooden ruler.
"You can't be late when we have a meeting," he reasoned, slapping my bare left buttock three times in a row hard with the ruler.
"I'm sorry," I said, feeling the effects of his slaps.
"Sorry isn't good enough," he stated, working on my right buttock.
"I'm so sorry, sir," I said, really feeling the sting.
"Will you be late again?" he asked me, slapping both buttocks hard.
"No, sir. Never again," I said.
My guy stopped spanking me. Instead, he fingered both my clit and butt. I was so wet and aroused from the spanking that it took no time for me to reach orgasm. It was incredible. I rested in his arms for a bit.

My guy still had his hand in my pussy. Round two started. He made me come again as he called me his exclusive slut. I was so relaxed afterwards. He hugged me tightly.

I massaged his erect penis for a bit. He then slipped his trousers and briefs off, allowing me to wrap my hand around his hard cock. I used my tongue to lick around his head for a bit before I put his cock deep in my mouth. I enjoy giving my guy a blowjob. I could tell that he was enjoying being sucked and having his balls caressed in the process.

He ejaculated a lot. He kissed me tenderly afterwards as I rested my head on his tummy. We then cleaned up and held hands. We chat afterwards. It's mostly dopey talk, but it's fun. We both find our chats to be special.

Towards the end of our little meeting, we hugged tightly. We'd be away from each other for over a week. He whispered in my ear.
"When you come back, you will be punished for going on vacation and leaving me alone without you."
"I'd like that," I said, without hesitation.
We hugged each other a bit longer. I liked the soreness that I was feeling from being spanked.
"You are becoming quite the spanker," I said, smiling at him. "Thank you." 
My guy hugged me tightly. He obviously liked my compliment.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Still alive... just on vacation!

Sorry for not posting much these days. I am on vacation in western Pennsylvania. I can't believe that my vacation is half over. I am not vacation with my guy. I do miss him, but we are in contact. We had quite the farewell-before-vacation meeting in our treehouse last Friday. I plan on writing a post on it. I have been travelling with my iPad and finally got a Bluetooth keyboard today. So, expect a detailed account soon. =)