Monday, November 30, 2015

A doll that looks like my guy to cuddle up to

In a conversation with my guy yesterday, I brought up the idea of having a doll version of my guy. Sometimes, I miss him so much that it would be nice to cuddle up next to such a plush doll. It wouldn't be for sexual pleasure, so I'm not even thinking about a blow-up doll. 
"The doll needs to have a uniform head like yours," I indicated.
"Which version of me would you have? The shaved head version or the one with hair?" my guy asked curiously.
"Both," I replied. "By default, the doll would have a clean-shaven head. If I want hair on your mini-you, I could put hair on top. If I wanted it off, I would rip off the velcro hair."
My guy liked the idea, except when I simulated the sound of quickly removing the velcro hair from his doll's head.

Obviously, I need to think this idea through some more before I make a prototype!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkish delight and walnuts

My guy recently returned from Cairo. He is a thoughtful, sweet guy. He tends to bring me a souvenir back from his travels.

He brought me Turkish delight, but the Egyptian version. It's basically a long cylindrical piece of Turkish delight, with whole walnuts inside.

On Thursday, my guy came into work at roughly the same time as I did. It shocked me. I tend to get to the office sooner than he does. He was obviously still adjusting to the time difference. I was obviously still waking up.

We both have rolling laptop bags. We rolled them into the elevator.
"The Turkish Egyptian delight is delightful," I said to my guy. "It reminds me of your member when it's happy."
"I'm glad you like it," my guy said, laughing.
"The walnuts are so fresh. So are yours," I said in a cheeky way.
Last week, I was working from various meeting rooms on the second floor of our office building. My guy was on the third, so we wished each other a good day when I was about to leave the elevator. Of course, we'd be having lunch together in a few hours. Still, he blew me a kiss before the elevators closed.

His sweetness never goes unnoticed.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Directions, lunch, and woolly mammoth

On Thursday, my guy (MG) let me know on our corporate instant messaging application that he was ready to go our for lunch.
MG: Hey
Me: Hey, WM. Ready for lunch?
MG: Yes, you?
Me: Yep. Meet you downstairs.
MG: See you soon!
I got into an elevator with roughly eleven other people. I was the last one in and the first one out. Seconds later, my guy walked out of another elevator all by himself. Ah, the luck!

We walked to his car. I asked him where he had parked. He pointed west, but he was standing right in front of his car. I couldn't help but laugh, which was probably a good reason for him to spank me soon.

He drove us to our usual restaurant for lunch, with us holding hands along the way. He parked and we walked over to the restaurant, which wasn't too busy.

We sat down.
"My bottom doesn't hurt sitting on this wooden chair anymore," I stated factually.
"That's not good," my guy said.
We looked at the menu and placed our orders. We got free calendars, which was a nice touch.
"What does WM stand for?" my guy asked me curiously.
"Woolly Mammoth," I replied, which made him nod and smile.
My guy was wearing a blue wool sweater. He is indeed my woolly mammoth.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

My guy and his quest to find his car daily

My guy is pretty good at practically everything that he does. Naturally, there are exceptions to everything. In his case, he is horrible at directions and finding where he parked his car.

I tend to cringe whenever we go to the parking lot at work. He is kind to offer to drive, but he often does not know where he parked his car.

Monday's issue was my guy figuring out whether he had parked in the lower lot or the top one. We started going upstairs and it clicked that he had parked downstairs.

The rest of the week, he got the parking lot level correct. The specific part of the lot was problematic.

On Tuesday, I asked where he had parked. He stopped and told me that he had parked "somewhere over there." I basically rested my forehead against his back and told him that we'd never have lunch. He laughed. He went with pressing the lock button on his car's remote and guided us to the sound of his car.

Thursday was amusing. I asked him where he had parked. He stood there, pointed where he thought he had parked, but he was standing right in front of his car.

I have mentioned various phone apps to him where you can save your parking location and easily find it when you need it. I will need to convince my guy to give at least one of them a try. I can't have him walk aimlessly around a large mall now that the Christmas shopping season is in full gear.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Quality time after work - part 2

As nice as it was resting in my guy's arms after he had made me reach orgasm, I wanted to be spanked.
"Come across my lap," my guy stated in my ear.
"But, I want to sleep," I said.
"You can sleep after I have spanked you," he replied, as I went over his knee.
"Will this spanking hurt?" I asked him playfully.
"Of course, it will," he stated factually.
The punishment began. He had lifted my skirt and my black lacy panties were already down my ankles. He spanked each buttock hard with his bare hand. He said that I was a bad girl who has escaped a sound spanking for a while.
"But, I'm a good girl," I protested, as he continued giving each buttock a number of hard smacks.
"You are never a good girl. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to punish you at all."
My backside was starting to smart. I covered as much as my butt as I could with my left hand.
"Move your beautiful hand," he said.
"It hurts, though," I whined.
My guy removed my hand and spanked me some more. He tested to see how wet I was. I was extremely lubricated. He fingered me as I came. I then rested over his lap for a bit.

Eventually, I managed to lift myself off his lap and sit next to him. He cuddled and kissed me. I held him tight.

My right hand then grazed my guy's member, which was hard in his pants. I continued to stroke it for a bit, before I decided to unzip his pants. He helped unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants.

I rubbed my cheek against his hard cock. I then wrapped my teeth around it and gently started biting his erect penis. He loved how that felt. He couldn't stand it anymore. His underwear and pants came off. I then started giving him a handjob.

It was a different handjob today. My right hand was doing the usual work. My left hand was playing with his balls. My left hand's middle finger was playing with my guy's butthole. He liked that my pretty finger was fingering him as I jerked him off.

He came all over my hand. He was so lethargic afterwards that he started to sing. It was sweet.

We cleaned up. We cuddled some more. It was a perfect day.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Quality time after work - part 1

Just before 17:30 on Monday, I pinged my guy on our corporate instant messaging system. He was ready to leave work. I was, too.

We met at our usual parking lot. It's ideal. It's quiet and it's away from all the major rush hour congestion.

I took a bit longer to get there. I had to find a skirt, which I had in my car's trunk, neatly folded in a plastic bag.

My guy opened the passenger side of my car. He liked the sight of my wearing a short skirt. He was happy.

We got into the backseat of my car. As expected, he had cold hands. His running them down the sides of my body made me ticklish. Instead, I held them in my hands as we kissed.

When his hands did warm up, he looked down my cardigan and liked the black bra that I was wearing. He unbuttoned my sweater.
"How many buttons do you have?" he asked me, almost wanting to tear the sweater off my body.
"You bought it for me, you know" I replied.
An interesting point to make is that he was wearing the striped brown and white shirt that I had bought for him in Las Vegas. I was wearing the sweater that he bought for me at Winners.

He took my right breast out of my bra and started sucking on my nipple, which became instantly hard. He then caressed my crotch, enjoying the lacy black panties that I had on. I was so excited. Moments later, I came.

My guy pulled down my panties. He made me spread my legs. He liked that my pubic hair was nicely trimmed. It was the first time that he went down on me. He started kissing my thighs, then my vagina, and then my hard clit. It was incredible. I came yet again.

Of course, he wasn't finished with me. He decided to finger me in both cavities until I came yet again. I was extremely lethargic and happy.

I got to rest in his arms for a bit. He kissed me and held me. It was nice.

Naturally, there's more to our evening in the treehouse. More in a bit!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Eating lunch, groping, and threatening to spank me - a good Monday!

My guy asked whether I wanted to do lunch. Of course! I wrote back to him on our corporate instant messaging application.

He was running a bit late at our agreed time of 12:30 pm. I indicated that I needed to be back at 2 pm for a meeting.

We both got out of separate elevators simultaneously, which was nice. We then walked over to his car. He found it, which was miraculous for a directionally challenged guy. He parked in the underground lot for the first time on a weekday.

He drove us to our usual Chinese restaurant. He held my hand and remarked how pretty the pink nail polish looked on my hand. I love holding his hand.

He parked and we walked over to the restaurant. We immediately placed our orders. We missed each other. My guy rubbed his leg against mine under the table. He told me that he wanted to kiss me badly. He's sweet.

We ate and chatted, and basically crammed everything into a 45-minute lunch. He paid for lunch and we promptly left the restaurant.

He groped my butt as we walked out. He told me that I was a bad girl and he'd deal with me later. I got turned on. We held hands walking to his car. We got in.

I got my guy some Belgian chocolate-covered ginger from Ottawa. He asked me to open the box. We both took one of the yummy goodies. So good!

My guy drove briefly. He quickly pulled into a side lot. We kissed. It was so sweet and nice.

We held hands. I rubbed his thigh, admiring how nice his new wool slacks felt.

Mondays should always be like this one.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Home after a wonderful road trip

Hello! I spent yesterday taking my time driving back home. My road trip to Ottawa was wonderful. Sadly, all vacations must come to an end.

Even though I go back to the various stresses at work, I get to see my guy all week. So, it's not all bad!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fifty Shades of Earl Grey tea

I have been fortunate during this trip to Ottawa to visit my former professor not once, but twice. Our first meeting was so enjoyable that he insisted that he see me again before I head back home.

On Friday, we met at a bakery located in ByWard Market. I love the place. I ordered an apple crumble pastry and a peppermint tea. He went with a millefeuille dessert and a cafe latte. We chatted for a bit before we had to go to his car to put more money into the metre.

You learn a lot about someone when you shop with him. My former professor loves cheese. He took me to a Polish grocery store and deli. I ended up getting a bag of perogies. He got some speciality ham.

Next door was a tea store. I am a tea fan. Luckily, he drinks tea, but he isn't as nuts as I can be. I did a bit of damage there, which shouldn't be a huge surprise.

We both noticed the Fifty Shades of Earl Grey jar of loose leaf tea.

Courtesy: Veronord
He remarked that it is a movie. I remarked that it is also a book.

We didn't go any further. We continued to look at tea.

We are similar. We both love math and computer science. I am wondering whether he enjoys spanking as much as I do.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lunch at our original Chinese restaurant hangout

A couple of Fridays ago, my guy had to leave work early to fight a traffic ticket in court. The court that he had to visit was the same one that I went to when I filed my divorce papers.

My guy called me at 15:30 and asked whether I'd like to do dinner at our old hangout. We used to go to a Chinese restaurant by our old office. Since we moved office locations, our old hangout is too far for us to dash over for lunch. It's a shame, for the food is amazing.

I immediately agreed to meet him there at 16:30. He was driving over there, likely arriving well before I would.

I got to the restaurant at 16:45. Traffic by the airport is horrendous during rush hour.

I parked next to my guy's car. He was reclined in his seat, napping. He looked so sweet. I didn't want to wake him up, but I had to. I tapped the window glass with my nail. He woke up, looking sweet and happy. I wait for a bit, giving him some time to wake up. He eventually opened the car door to say hi. I immediately ran my fingers through his hair. He smiled.

We walked into the restaurant together. Our regular servers immediately recognized and welcomed us without hesitation. They asked how we were. It felt like we had left for a brief period instead of being away for over a year.

I had the lemon chicken. My guy went with the spicy ginger chicken. We have our favourites here. They tasted just the way that we remembered them.

We reminisced while we ate. We also talked about our day. It was good seeing my guy and ending off the week with a date night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Messages confirming that a spanking is coming

I love the brief message exchanges that my guy (MG) and I have:
MG: Hope you're having fun in Ottawa.
Me: You're sweet. You must think that I am bad for taking a while to respond to you while having so much fun. You probably need to do something about that soon.
MG: You bet I will. Some cute sexy girl will have difficulty sitting for some time let alone not being able to drive home because she is too dopey. Miss you much!
Me: Yay! I miss you, too.
I can't wait to receive my spanking.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My guy misses me and vice-versa

Normally, I am the one who tells my guy that I miss him. With my being on vacation, my guy is missing me even more than he normally does.

While he doesn't flat out say that he misses me in e-mails, the frequency of receiving them says a lot. He writes one to me daily. They are fairly detailed. It's a sweet gesture on his part. It's nice to be loved and missed.

Today was a good day. My former professor has been living in Ottawa for the last four years. I met up him for the first time since he moved away from the greater Toronto area. It was great catching up with him for five hours.

We went to a cafe to talk first. We then changed venues and visited a Chinese restaurant for dim sum. The food was delicious. I showed him how to use chopsticks. He did well. The teaching session reminded me of teaching my guy how to use chopsticks.

I think of my guy often. It'll be great seeing him next week.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Grey sweater turns my guy on

A couple of Tuesdays ago, my guy and I went out for lunch. We got to our usual hangout, which was usually busy.

We got seated towards the back of the restaurant. It is rare for us to be that far back. We had a six-seat table to ourselves.

We took off our jackets. My guy admired my grey sweater than I had on. The collar had a thin trim, which was white. The collar was also a deep crew neck. The sleeves also hugged my arms.
"I love your sweater," my guy remarked, looking at me from across the table.
"Thanks! I bought it at the Gap outlet store when we were in Montreal together," I replied.
"I have never seen you in that sweater. I love it. It highlights your arms. You should consider getting a similar sweater with thumbholes, to show off your pretty hands," he stated as my sweet stylist.
"I don't know where to get one of those sweaters, but that's nice."
My guy looked around. He's boyish that way, with a hint of shyness. He then held both my hands in his.
"You are turning me on wearing that sweater," my guy said lovingly.
"I love when you hold my hands," I said, squeezing his hands.
"I want to undress you, but we have to eat first."
Priorities are important for two hungry people.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Hello from the nation's capital

Hello from Ottawa! My four-hour road trip went well. I am comfortable in my hotel, which is smack in the middle of the downtown core. I have tons of restaurants and nightlife around me, so all is well.

My guy wrote to me, to make sure that I had arrived safely. He is doing well. He signed off his e-mail with "grope you later." I love that.

I will write more when I am not sleepy!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Vacation, work, and car memories

My vacation begins! I am off for a week from work.

I last took a vacation in early July. It seems like eons ago.

I will still be posting, but likely not daily. My road trip begins on Sunday. I have just finished packing 75% of my suitcase. You can tell that I cannot wait to do something other than work. I stopped packing because it's nearly 01:30 and I need to sleep.

At work, I said goodbye to the writer who has decided to leave the company right before a major software release. I am taking over half her work. I flat out said that I am not taking over all of this writer's work. I am somewhat relieved that she is leaving, for she is the most defensive colleague that I have ever worked with.

My boss calls me Superwoman, simply because I can handle practically anything tossed my way. However, feeling overwhelmed by taking another writer's full workload isn't going to make me happy. My health, both physical and mental, is far more important than backfilling a position.

And, yes, I continue to miss my guy. His car parked in the lot at work reminds me of him whenever I walk by it. All the conversations we have had in that car. All the intimate, fun moments are there.

He is still trying to sell that car. It will take a while, but it's nice to think about all the good times my guy and I have shared in it.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Teasing my guy about driving his new car and being bad

Last Tuesday, my guy and I walked to his new car, so he could drive us to our usual restaurant by our workplace for lunch.
"You're supposed to be on the passenger side of the car. I'm driving," I teased him.
"No! Nice try," my guy said.
To recap, my guy recently got a pre-owned manual car. He will not let me drive it, even if I get lessons to successfully learn how to drive a manual car. He's extremely protect of his prized possession. I love to tease him about it.

Although my guy won't let me drive it, he did tell me how the gear numbers work. His car only goes up to gear 6.
"What if I can't count?" I teased, being the one who has a minor in mathematics.
''Here, let me show you how it works," he said, placing my hand on the stick shift, and his hand guiding mine as he shifted gears a few times.
"I like this a lot," I said, smiling at him.
"I do, too."
Of course, I had to tease him some more.
"What if I want a gear of 8?" I asked him.
"My car only goes to 6," he stated.
"But, I want 8. Can you customize that for me?" I teased him.
"You can drive a big rig. It goes up to gear 12 or something."
We had lunch together. It was yummy. The company was, too.

When we walked back to his car, I continued teasing him.
"Give me your car keys. I can drive us back," I said, grinning at him.
"Nope," he replied.
"I will be careful," I said, batting my eyes.
"You should be careful. I may have to bend you over and spank you now."
It's wonderful when my teasing helps get me into trouble.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Brown M&M's image on my cell phone's lock screen and legs

I am a fan of the M&M's characters. It made sense to me to have a new M&M's wallpaper for my new cell phone's lock screen. I decided to use this one, courtesy of M&M's:

I showed my guy the photo at lunch the other day, which sparked this conversation:
"I like this photo. She reminds me of me. I have the same type of glasses. I also like going to Starbucks," I told my guy.
"Yes. You are also sophisticated and stylish like she is," my guy explained.
"Really? Are you sure that you have the right girl?" I asked him.
"I am positive," my guy replied. "You have nicer legs that she does, though."
My guy is sweeter than the candy-coated chocolate that never melts in your hands.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Treehouse time and my bare butt on display

Last Thursday, my guy asked if we could have treehouse time after work. I was fine with that. He was happy about it, too.

I was in a 2.5-hour work meeting that ended at 17:30. It was good timing, as my guy's class ended ten minutes after that.

He sent me an instant message, asking if I was ready to go. I was. Oddly, he took the elevator up to my office floor as I was leaving. I suppose that the men's washroom on his floor was out of service.

I met him at our usual parking lot these days. The lot belongs to a church, which is different.

My guy got there about five minutes after I had arrived. We proceeded to get into the backseat of my car.

We hugged and kissed. It seemed like ages since our lips locked. It felt wonderful.

He unzipped my blue jacket. He caressed my breasts. I caressed the back of his head and chest as we continued to kiss.

He found the button on my purple jeggings and undid them. I had to intervene.
"My jeggings don't have a zipper," I warned him.
"That's okay. How about this?"
My guy pulled both my jeggings and underwear off. He's so bad, but in a good way. His hands were cold. I started to giggle, as they made me ticklish.
"You can't pleasure me with your cold hands!" I exclaimed, holding both of them in my hands to try and warm them up.
"I know they're cold, sweetie. Please warm them up."
I held them for a while. They still felt too cold. Instead, my guy went for a blue latex glove from my glove stash, slipped it on, and pleasured me until I came. It felt so good. I was lethargic afterwards.

He let me lean against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me. I kissed his forehead. I also played with my crotch. His penis wasn't erect when I first touched it. However, after rubbing it for a couple of minutes, I could feel it getting longer and harder in his pants.

He couldn't contain himself any longer. He unzipped his pants and pulled his briefs down. I got to give my guy a handjob.

He ejaculated a lot. It was to the point where his semen dripped down past my wrist. It felt good. He obviously felt good, too.

We cleaned up and hugged for a bit. I had trouble pulling my jeggings up, so I had to stand up in the treehouse, which meant that anyone could be looking at my backside.
"If someone does get a glimpse of your cute bare butt, that person would be lucky to see it," my guy said.
He's sweet, as usual.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Work changes thanks to a resignation

November has just started and things are shaking up at work. And, it's not in the direction that I had hoped.

The newest writer, who has only been with the company for less than ten months, handed in her resignation last Friday. I am mixed about her departure. I actually had a premonition about it a couple of weeks ago.

This writer is extremely defensive. I have spent more time calming her down than most. Part of me would like that precious time back if it were possible.

She took on one of my original writing roles. It paved the way for my reviewing everybody's work. As a team, we already have more work than we can handle. She just added more to it.

This writer is a diva to a certain extent. She would arrive at the office after 10:00 am and leave at 17:00. Her reason for leaving so soon was to go home and "cook for [her] children." Nope, they didn't want to microwave food made the night before. They demanded fresh food. So, she got the okay to leave at that hour and work from home at night.

The problem is that you cannot keep tabs on her work at night. Her pace when completing tasks was slower than expected. She also was a bad influence on the shy writer on our team. They spent anywhere between half an hour to an hour having coffee breaks. After my manager spoke to them, their extended coffee breaks still took place.

So, it is likely that I will go back to writing regularly and work for the same project manager who is difficult. I am not pleased with that. I can only hope that another writer is hired soon, because I like my role as a reviewer while pitching in to write other types of documents. Of course, it would be best if this project manager were to retire or leave. We will see what happens.

My guy thinks that my boss can't afford to have me write full-time, as he depends on me to keep tabs on the team and ultimately manage their workload, among some of my duties. I hope that he is right.

It was a good move last week when I decided to book next week off. My guy is currently in Cairo. I will be doing a road trip to Ottawa to visit my former professor, who ended up being a good friend over the years. I have not seen him since he moved from Toronto to Ottawa nearly four years ago.

I hope to resume writing posts that are more enjoyable than this one. I just needed to let some steam off. Moments like this one make me want my guy to return home soon, so he can reassure me that things will be okay. We will see each other in less than two weeks.

Tomorrow is another day. Let's hope it's a good one!

Monday, November 02, 2015

Blowjobs at a Washington Redskins game

I suppose that this Washington Redskins game wasn't all that exciting to diehard fans. They apparently needed blowjobs to spice things up.

Perhaps football tickets are so cheap that these guys can shell out for some side... er, frontal entertainment.

Of note, the team plays at FedEx Field. These women performing the blowjobs got quite the delivery.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Woolly mammoth requests treehouse time

On Thursday, after my guy had paid for our lunch, we waited as his students paid for their meals.

My guy and I decided to catch up:
"Did you wear a coat today?" I asked him, admiring his dress shirt, sweater, and jacket combination.
"I didn't. My sweater is wool and so is my jacket. I'm a woolly mammoth today," he said, smiling.
"You don't look like a mammoth to me. You don't have any tusks," I remarked.
"I have one tusk. It is also hard," my guy said, grinning. "It needs polishing."
We also talked about Sharky, one of my project managers at work. On Monday, he saw me get off the elevator and say hi to my guy, who was waiting in the lobby for me. Sharky has a thing for me, which both my guy and I know about, but he has an odd way of dealing with it.

When I am talking with my manager and the conversation is humourous, Sharky has the need to come in and be a part of the conversation. It happened on Tuesday.

My guy and I were outside with a number of male students, figuring out the car-pooling arrangements to the Middle Eastern restaurant, Sharky came over and made small talk with my guy, who is equally as good at that as I am.

While we were still waiting for the remaining students to pay for their meals, we remarked how unusual it was for Sharky to talk to my guy.
"He has never done that with me," my guy told me.
"I know. It's a strange jealousy thing that he has," I observed.
"You're right. He does like you, but obviously isn't doing anything directly about it."
"It's creepy," I remarked.
"It's okay. It is only creepy if he touches you. I won't let him," my guy said.
"You're sweet," I remarked, smiling at him.
"After work, can we have some treehouse time?" my guy asked.
"Of course," I replied enthusiastically.
It is always great to look forward to treehouse time at the end of the day, especially after a long workday.