Tuesday, September 19, 2023

My colleague needs a lot of help

Earlier this year, I trained a woman who was supposed to replace a writer. It turned out that this woman was equally as bad. Our manager decided to terminate the first writer's contract.

This second woman's birthday is three days after mine. Yet, we are so different on so many levels. I call her the fake Cancerian, as she does not express a whole lot of empathy towards anyone and doesn't exhibit any traditional Cancerian traits. Everything is also centred around here, which is not Cancerian in nature, either.

I noticed during training that she was not good with details. She followed steps 1 through 4 in a procedure, skip a few, then do steps 7, 9, and 12. I found her lack of following sequential steps to be odd.

My manager recently gave her a task to create a document from scratch. I would be supervising. 

She isn't the best communicator. When we had our first demo session on the application, I asked questions. She didn't.

When I looked at her first draft, it was incomplete. She was given a playground to create and delete items -- literally play around with the application in a safe environment. She never did that. She simply used the data that others had provided. 

I noted a typo in a screenshot and asked her to replace it. She couldn't create a new item to fix the typo. It was almost as if she was intimidated to explore.

She called a meeting with the software developer who provided the demo. He called a few other folks. She didn't ask any questions. It's her downfall.

I have provided constructive feedback on her first draft. I have yet to see her incorporate my changes. I don't get her. I don't know why she is reluctant to make the changes.

She just sent her second draft out. She claimed that she included all topics. I didn't see that. Neither did the developer.

Our manager revealed to team leads yesterday that there will be a staff reduction. She is the one who will be let go. It's mainly because she does a mediocre job with tasks and she has poor communication skills. She is also under contract.

I don't know when he will break the news to her that she will be out of a job. Perhaps she knows that her time with our department is coming to an end. She applied for a job with the company in Ottawa.

I know the hiring person. I hope that she seeks an account about this candidate from me or my manager. She will face the same issues with this writer as we are.

It's interesting that this post was not the one that I had intended to post. It is nice that I have this outlet to share some weirdness going on. It also motivates me to write here more frequently.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Skin tag in the corner of my right eye - gone after a couple of years

During the pandemic, I developed a skin tag in the corner of my right eye. It didn't hurt. It didn't obstruct my vision. 

I can't pinpoint how long I've had it. I looked at photo and it has been there for a couple of years, at least.

The other day, I looked at it in the mirror. I felt it was time to get it removed. I had only had one other skin tag in my life. It was in my armpit area. It was so minor that I squeezed the base of it. A few days later, it fell off on its own.

I knew that the one in the corner of my eye wouldn't be that simple to remove. Its base was thicker. I decided to freeze it off with Compound-W's over-the-counter skin tag remover.

It was easy. I bought it from the drugstore and immediately used it in my car. It has this blue adhesive circle. You basically have your skin tag jut through the tiny hole, to target it for the freezing solution. It also protected the area around the skin tag, so you can't mess up the application.

You apply the applicator with the freezing material on your skin tag for twenty seconds. It did feel like my skin tag was burning, so I applied it in five-second intervals four times. It was more comfortable that way.

An hour ago, I brushed the corner of my eye because it was a bit itchy. My skin tag fell off.

Wow! The package said that it takes up to two weeks for the skin tag to fall off after the application. Mine didn't even take a full two days!

This area did sting a bit when I went to wash my face. It'll need some time to heal, but it's quite an effective skin tag removal kit. I highly recommend it.

It does run a bit on the pricy side. However, it worked like a charm. Here's hoping that I don't get another skin tag. However, I do have a kit to remove it, so I'd be fine.

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Back from a rare trip to the Twin Cities in August

I do miss regularly updating my blog. I'm still not into writing daily like I used to. Yet, I have a lot to share and write about.

In early August, I returned to the Twin Cities for a concert. It was awesome. I had a great time.

It made sense that the band that I had discovered for the first time was in the Twin Cities. Guster was the opening act for John Mayer. This band blew me away and I have been a fan ever since. I returned to see this band, as they rarely cross the border.

It was also nice to return to the Twin Cities in the summertime. I am normally there for a hockey game, when it's colder. I enjoyed wearing shorts and a t-shirt every day.

Let's see if I can write more regularly. I'll start with perhaps once a week and see how all that goes.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Back again, discussing an annoying contact on a couple of apps

I have been taking extended time away from my blog. It's partially because I'm still trying to determine whether writing about regular topics about my life is a good fit here. 

I feel that it is. I don't have anything spanking-related to say. It's still dormant -- both my drive and the dating scene. I'm still not ready to engage in a relationship, romantic or spanking, with anyone.

All is good with me. I took a week off from work earlier this month to do a road trip to Ottawa. It was nice seeing three people whom I haven't seen in a while. It ranged from four years ago to when I was in high school when I last saw these people. Eons ago!

I am on a social platform that allows me to post photos of businesses, review them, and check in when I'm at them. There is one friend who has decided that she wants to rule all of Toronto, to the point where I think she checks in without really dropping by the actual business. It's kind of like a drive-by check-in.

Well, she has rubbed me the wrong way. Because she's friends with me on this app, she knows exactly where I check in. When she sees that I have overtaken her with check-ins to specific businesses, she will go there just to be the leader. She frankly sucks the fun out of checking and I don't appreciate her monitoring my check-ins that closely.

The whole point of checking in on this app is to indicate that I'm physically there. I'm buying something. I'm browsing. I'm supporting a business.

For her, it's a competition. It's being on top. It's annoying. It's not my style.

Well, she decided to overtake a neighbourhood where I have been the leader for years. We are also friends on Instagram. 

I'm pretty sure that both app give her full perspective on what I'm doing. In Ottawa, through a series of check-ins between me and our mutual friend on the review app, she sent me a message on IG to have fun with this person. Her monitoring was a bit creepy.

Yesterday, after she took over "reigning" my neighbourhood on this app, she commented on some sugar-free gummies that I had made and put up in an IG story.

I got new gummy moulds that featured cute animals. Most folks would say that they were all cute. She pinpointed to me two of the animals that she felt were cute.

Um, okay. Why did you have the need to be that specific? Do I really care what you think?

I frankly feel that she was rubbing in the fact that she took over check-ins in my neighbourhood. She was exercising her dominance by saying that she only liked some of the gummy animals.

I wrote back and said that ALL of them were cute. Two of my closest friends said that they were cute. Inclusive.

I learned that I can hide videos, photos, and live videos on stories for specific accounts that follow mine. I decided to hide them from this woman. She doesn't need to follow me that closely. I don't need to receive comments from her that annoy me.

Hiding stories from her instantly made me happier. It shows that social media can be detrimental with people who ruin the vibe and fun. She has ruined both for me. 

I don't need to interact with her. I'm glad that she no longer has access to my stories.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Blog shift and my mom's deteriorating memory

I may shift the content focus on my blog down the road. 

I still don't have anything to write about that pertains to spanking. I don't have anyone to spank or administer one on me. Frankly, spanking hasn't been on my mind as much as it used to be.

Maybe it's the result of a not-so-great breakup and having the ex return wanting sex, but not a relationship. I thought that he was special and sweet. I was wrong.

My mom's memory is fading away. Today, she was watching some program on TV and managed to pause it.

I asked her why there wasn't any sound coming from the TV. She first said that the entire neighbourhood was experiencing a power outage. I let her know that there was a picture on the screen, so there was power. She then said that there was nothing on TV.

I found the remote and pressed the play button. Programming resumed.

It's weird how my mom will make excuses when asked a question, as if she's covering up something. I think it's more that she doesn't remember and she has to conjure up reasons that make sense to her. Her reasoning makes no sense to others.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Courses are fun

At work yesterday, we had our weekly team meeting. Our manager indicated that we had a couple of courses to take as a group.

I have re-inherited a writer who needs to be hounded because she can't work independently. She has told me for over a month that she has work for me to review. I have yet to do any reviewing because she has been working on "last-minute changes" that apparently stretch for weeks.

She used to be a part of my team years ago. She got a different team lead. Due to a bunch of assignment shuffles, I now take on more of a team lead role and I lose writing new software enhancements. I basically have half the team under my wing.

Change is good. Inheriting this woman again isn't good, though.

Anyway, this incompetent person had this exchange with our manager in the meeting:

"How about Cutiebootie? Did she complete the courses?" she asked.
"Of course she did. It goes without saying," he replied.

It was odd that she asked if I did. It actually made the females on our team look bad. The males are doing much better in the course completion department. I'm the only female who has completed them.

My manager knows how I tick. Give me a course to take and I will do it as soon as I can because I like learning. It's that simple.

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Income tax filing

Yesterday, I was on a quest to complete my annual TurboTax purchase. I went to Costco first because I had a rebate coupon to redeem. It didn't have what I was looking for.

I then visited Staples, which has been my go-to store for tax software for the last few years. Sure enough, it had the software that I was looking for. It was too bad that I had to shell out for it, as opposed to using my rebate coupon.

Tonight, I filed my tax return. I'll do my parents' returns later on this week. I'm a bit late this year completing them, especially mine.

I'm glad that mine is done. I feel accomplished.