Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Happy Canada Day!

It's Canada's birthday! Last year, I was in the nation's capital celebrating. This year, it will be virtually.

Although celebrations are a tad different this year, I am so proud to be Canadian, which hasn't changed one bit.


  1. Cutie:

    Happy birthday to your wonderful country and to all it's citizens. This is a confession of sorts because I have had a love affair with Canada for more than fifty years. I First visited at Niagara Falls and since have visited many points both East and West. I left my heart in Victoria and have never managed to retrieve it. I still tell a story of many years past when I in the train station in downtown Toronto. I was on my way to catch "The International", I believe, and on a street corner across the street were two young girls selling hot dogs. It was ten o'clock at night in downtown Toronto As an American, I was understandably alarmed, and momentarily thought to shout out to them about their foolishness and the risk they were putting themselves into.
    Then, I caught myself and regained my senses. Silently I said, "oh they will be fine, this is Canada"
    God bless your fine country and all that live there.


    1. Thanks, Rick! I enjoyed your sharing fond memories of your visits up here over the years. I have felt safe travelling around Canada over the years.

      I had a goal years ago to travel across the country. I managed to complete it, but would like to see Vancouver more than I did.

      I used to work rotating shifts in Winnipeg and spent my midnight shifts walking around the neighbourhood where I worked during my lunch break when the weather was nice. Some found it crazy, but my colleagues then realized that I was from Toronto and it was normal.