Saturday, March 15, 2008

Geez, has it been nearly three months since I last wrote?

Yikes! Time does fly by when I'm busy. I'm still figuring out my new job. Well, it's not exactly new, now that I've been with the company for just over four months. I still don't know what I do, though. It'll take some time to understand it all!

I have started my graduate studies, which is the main reason why I haven't updated my blog all that often. I've got a bit of a break now, thank goodness! I must tell you now that I have four assignments due within the next six months. After that, I should be posting more on my blog. When I mean more, I can't guarantee that it'll be every week, but it certainly won't be three months later!

Perhaps I should get a firm paddling for taking this long to post. It's a fitting punishment!

The other day, I did give my hubby, G, a nice over-the-knee spanking. I had asked him to proofread an assignment that I was going to hand in the following day. He had made changes to the first two pages, but didn't bother to edit the last two pages. I reread my paper and noticed that he had missed several major grammatical errors.

Technically, I should be the one over his knee. He should truly give me five swats on my bare bottom for every grammatical error that I had made. However, the onus was on him to correct my mistakes. So, it was fitting for me to spank him.

I started playfully spanking his backside with my hand over his underwear. I then lowered them and spanked him with my bare right hand, with my left forearm holding him down. We both enjoyed the spanking, with my telling him to be more consistent with his editing and pointing out that he should be more thorough.

I think the spanking help. He finished editing my paper and I incorporated the changes.

I think with my next paper, I will deliberately screw up my spelling, punctuation, and grammar, so I can get a sound spanking from him. That shouldn't be too long of a wait. My next assignment is due in less than two weeks.