Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rough week at work, self-pleasure, and a birthday spanking request

This week has been a rough one for me at work. You would think that a shorter workweek would be a breeze. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be the case for me after a three-day long weekend.

On Tuesday, the junior writer on my team said that she was "low" due to being at the hospital with her father-in-law overnight on Monday. She said that she was going to use a sick day. She didn't bother to tell the entire team for the remainder of the week that she was going to be away from work. She eventually did call our boss and he told me.

Well, I didn't hear from her directly until Friday. She frustrates me in that she takes a ton of time off (for example, she took a month off late last year, which was mostly upaid time) and I end up picking up the slack. I won't be able to do that for our upcoming software release. A new writer joined the company on Tuesday. Needless to say, I have been busy trying to get her settled.

What was frustrating about getting her set up with the tools that she needs to do her work was that her laptop wasn't ready until Thursday afternoon. Ugh! I had to spend her first three days showing her various tools and documentation from my laptop. As a result, I have not done much of my regular work.

Add to this mess the fact that my guy had to cancel having lunch with me on Tuesday and Wednesday. He also could not meet with me after work on the latter day, which was my low point of the week.

Tuesday after work was nice, though. I visited my guy in our training room. We talked for a bit. He closed the door and dimmed the lights. He pulled my rolling chair close to his. My leg went over his. We kissed passionately. I caressed his head. He fondled my right breast and admired my black bra strap peeking out from under my purple sweater. He played with me. He made me reach orgasm and he held me tight afterwards, which I needed and always love.

It is nice when he kisses the palm of my hand. I ended up lovingly caressing his chin while he did that.

I will write about Thursday in another post. Sorry if my thoughts are all over the map.

My guy is off to Madrid tomorrow. Once again, I will be missing him. Sure, he is away for a week, but it doesn't make it any easier.

Getting back to the long weekend, I missed him so much on Saturday. I was reading a blog post in which a man was getting back at his sister-in-law for giving him a birthday spanking. She got a birthday spanking on her special day. I have always been so turned on by the thought of either getting or receiving a birthday spanking. After having read that blog post, I was horny to no end. I had to pleasure myself to get some relief. I did.

It's interesting, but I have never truly received a birthday spanking from my guy since we have been an item. Perhaps it is because I get spanked often that I never really noticed. I believe that the main reason is that my guy is often on the road when it is my birthday. We end up celebrating it before or after his trip, and I wind up getting a regular spanking. I am not complaining! These observations finally dawned on me.

This year, I will suggest that I get a birthday spanking. I simply want one. That's all.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I wish I were an octopus this Valentine's Day

I seem to have a love-hate relationship when it comes to Valentine's Day.

As a child, I loved how we'd all write valentines to one another. I always looked forward to receiving them, as well as handing them out. As we get older, these exchanges seem few and far between. We don't do the same thing with our colleagues. It would look like we were hitting on them and we wouldn't want to break any rules out of the human resources policy book, right?

My guy asked me for help. He wanted me to provide a list of things that I wanted for Valentine's Day. Frankly, I was happy that I could spend more time with him, which was good enough to me. He wanted to get me something. So, I prepared a list for him.

My guy can be a traditionalist. He told me not to get him anything. He feels that the guy should give his sweetie gifts on Valentine's Day, but not the reverse. Of course, I did anyway, which I am that I will pay for in the end (yes, the pun was intentional).

He got me a lovely box of chocolate chip cookies and some fancy teas. He knows that I have a weakness for baked goods and that box of cookies was not on my list. The tea varieties were, but he chose to get them all in cute tin boxes. He is practical that way, as he knows that I drink tons of tea and could use some storage boxes.

I gave him a geeky gadget. I actually bought one for myself, too. It's a travel router. The cool thing about it is that you can configure your wifi connection as a hotspot. So, if you are in a European country where certain hotels only allow you to connect to their wifi connection with one device, this router is perfect. You can configure it as a hotspot and all your devices connect to the router. An added bonus is that the router acts as a battery charger. You can actually hook your cell phone or tablet to it.

Of course, I got my guy some chocolates. They are actually truffles. It helps that I live about a fifteen minutes' drive from a Lindt chocolate outlet.

Anyway, I didn't get my guy a card, but I sent this picture to him instead. It's fitting:

He does like the occasional love tap. I like touching and groping his backside. It is cute and it turns me on when I do.

Of course, with eight hands, you can do a lot of multitasking in the pleasuring department. It is a shame that I am not an octopus. Hey, you can't win 'em all.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Making up for a lost lunch date

My guy and I were contemplating whether to have lunch on Wednesday. For some reason, Wednesdays are often not meant for us to get together to chat and eat.

Today, my guy had a huge breakfast and then snacked on some trail mix. So, by the time lunch had rolled around, he wasn't hungry at all. Instead, he rescheduled lunch for Thursday.

I didn't feel sad. I wasn't disappointed. I ended up going to work just before 13:30. Wednesdays tend to be long for me. I have early morning conference calls that start at 07:30 and tend to be chatting throughout the day with various folks.

Just before I headed off to my 16:00 meeting (the third and final meeting of the day), my guy called me. We chatted a bit. I told him how great it was to hear his voice. I said it twice. He wished me a good meeting and told me to swing by the training room after work.

My meeting went overboard by fifteen minutes, which wasn't too bad. We have quite the chatterbox in the group. For me to cut it short like that was almost a miracle.

I dropped by the training room. My guy was quietly working in front of his laptop, trying to upload a bunch of files to a corporate FTP site. It was painfully slow.

We talked about our day. I caressed his head, massaged his forearm, and held his hand in mine. He was wearing the sweater that I had bought for him while I was in London. He looked good in it. He loves it.

We both had the same thought. He said it out loud. I just did it.
"May I get a kiss?" he asked me.
"Maybe," I said, teasing him.
We kissed. His soft lips pressed against mine always feel so good. It was nice to pause a bit by brushing my cheek up against his before kissing it. I then resumed kissing him on the lips, licking them, adding a bit of tongue to the mix.

My guy changed the ambiance up a bit. He dimmed the lights and hooked his laptop to the projector, which was at a fairly dim brightness.

He came over to where I was sitting and caressed my breasts. I loved how great they felt. He placed his hands under my green sweater and played with my breasts some more, massaging them in my black bra. He proceeded to reach under my bra, to play with my breasts and nipples. It felt so good.

He could tell that I was turned on. He rubbed my crotch and kissed me. He wanted me to reach orgasm. It worked. I did. It was awesome.

Moments later, when I had more energy, I managed to stand up, and lovingly caress and kiss the top of his head. He liked that. I then rested my cheek against it.

He tells me that I am sweet and cute. He is sweet and loving, among other adjectives.

We talked a bit more before we called it a day. This moment together certainly made up for our cancelled lunch date.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

"Bad Boy" needs to be changed to "Bad Girl" for me

I love 80's music. I was a kid growing up during that decade (I don't care that I am dating myself, as I have a lot of fond memories). My self-discovery of hit music took place then.

I never had poofy, teased hair. I never wore those jeans with the knee flaps hanging down. Nope, I didn't own a neon yellow t-shirt. I did, however, pin my jeans and wear lots of jelly bracelets, imitating one of my favourite singers at the time, Madonna.

When I bought my first Prius, it came with a free subscription to Sirius XM. I was delighted to find the 80's channel, among other special treasures. More often than not, I am driving (or sitting in traffic, as is the case when you are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)) with my satellite radio locked on the 80's channel.

Today, as I was driving down to Chinatown to do a bakery run, I heard the following lyrics:
Bad boy
Now I got to be punished 
Go ahead, spank me, whoop me
Let me come back home
I need to be punished 
Spank me, whoop me
Let me come back home
Break out the leather, baby
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I looked down at my audio display:

I had never heard of "Bad Boy" by Ray Parker Jr. After all, I was still in elementary school at the time and it was definitely not a suitable song for such young ears! I just knew him from singing the theme song to the Ghostbusters movie.

I feel the need to share this gem of a song. When my guy is back in town, I'll need to play it for him.

Of course, he wouldn't exactly be able to relate to this song. Once, he did say something along the lines that I should physically hurt him in some way after he broke up with me. It was more of a figure of speech than to tell me that he deserved to be punished for putting me through that experience.

I would have to rework the song, to make it mine. However, my lyrics would not be a perfect match to the song.
Bad girl
Let me go over your knee
I need to be punished
Spank me, pinch me
Make my butt glow
I need to be punished
Spank me, pinch me
Make me say no more
Break out the leather paddle, baby
Maybe I'll leave a voice message on my guy's phone, singing these fine lyrics. I see a fun ringtone in his future. =)

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Jet lag, chats, and puns

I get down when my guy is away on business and doesn't have a chance to connect with me. Sure, e-mail exchanges help keep us connected. However, it's not the same when you long to hear the voice of something you love and miss.

My guy has been in Lebanon for a week. It's a seven-hour difference between us. My guy doesn't handle jet lag too well. So, it took him three days to get used to the time change before he was good to chat with me on Skype.

Although the wait was painful, it was good to chat with him a handful of times. Thursday, we did it twice. We first tried in the morning, but his Internet connection was horrible. I was doing most of the talking. It's funny, but he likes when he lets me babble. He does it often for a living and it gives him a bit of a break. He also likes to know what I have been up to.

He is in the office on Monday. I am, too, for the entire day. Our conversations can be playful and a lot of fun as a participant.
"I'll come up and say hi," he told me, referring to the fact that my cubicle is on the building's top floor now.
"You'll cum?" I said, teasing him. "I know you'll be up."
"Yes, Cutiebootie. I will cum all over the place."
"You'll stand up and say hi, too."
"Of course," he replied.
"I can hand you a sticky note," I started saying, catching myself in the sexual innuendo, which was not deliberate for a change. "I mean, Post-It Note, with my phone extension."
"Yes, you'll definitely be sticky and wet. I'll call you for a good time."
Ah, the fun of being the starter of such a pun-fest!

We had talked in the past about my giving him my phone extension. He thought that it would be convenient for him to call me once his seminar was over. That way, we'd meet downstairs in the lobby before heading out for lunch.

My guy is on a plane right now. It's the only time when I say that I can't wait for Monday to get here.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A bit of buttock exposure is exciting - Miley spanking Madonna is not

This post's subject is old news by now. These days, I have been battling a sore throat and an annoying canker sore on the inside fleshy part of my lip. Both are finally starting to go away.

When I first heard about Miley Cyrus tweeting, "I SPANKED @Madonna (hard) (& she liked it)," it intrigued me. For years, I have been a Madonna fan (the hanky panky panty as my Blogger icon is a clue) and thought that it would be fun to watch.

So, here I was, scouring YouTube and whatever sites on the Internet I could find to witness this fine, hard spanking. To my disappointment, watching it didn't do anything for me.

Perhaps I didn't find it extraordinary because Miley Cyrus is boring to me. She is trying to be edgy and is trying too hard.

I suppose that I like to get a bit of a peek when it comes to seeing someone's backside. I like panties that cover most of one's backside, but there's still a bare spot here and there to entice me. I like hearing the sound of an implement or a bare hand smacking a bottom repeatedly. I like seeing the various shades of pink and red during the course of a spanking. I enjoy the layers of clothing coming down, ultimately exposing a cute, bare backside.

I got none of that watching Madonna being allegedly spanked hard. They were swats for entertainment and shock value. That was all. I am not at all disappointed. The spanking was simply not as hard as I had envisioned.

Maybe I just flat out miss my guy telling me that I am a bad girl who needs to be disciplined often. I enjoy playing the girl who apparently doesn't know that she is bad, resists getting spanked, and succumbs to being pulled over an attractive guy's lap for a hard, bare-bottomed spanking with his firm hand.

I like trying to stop being spanked by covering my exposed backside with a free hand. The last time I did that, my guy gently guided it aside, kissed my hand, and continued spanking me hard. I was incredibly turned on.

You can tell that I miss him these days. He is in the middle east right now on business. We keep in touch through e-mails. He is jet-lagged, so I have yet to hear his voice. Hopefully, that'll end soon.