Saturday, January 28, 2012

Being offline, facing the consequences, and crying

I had a feeling that my guy and I would be talking today.

It is becoming a ritual for me to go into work on a Friday afternoon. Since going back to work after back surgery, I have been showing up at the office mainly to see people, but to also test out my back and walk around.

Today, I did something different. I brought my laptop into work. Normally, I leave it at home. I just had a feeling that I would be talking on Skype to my guy. We hadn't talked since Monday night.

While driving to work, I was stopped at a light. My cell phone had a new e-mail. It was from my guy. It was short and to the point:
How come you're offline? You know what that means!
I was completely turned on. I knew what that meant. I definitely have a spanking coming my way. I wrote back to him:
I know and I like what will happen [to me]. I'm heading to work. :)
I got to work and chatted with a colleague. I also chatted to my guy (MG) on Skype:
MG: How is the weather in TO?
Me: Freezing rain, snow, sleet, hail this morning...
Me: Now, it's fine. That's why I'm at work. It's safe.
Me: But, I miss you.
MG: Same here.
Me: You miss you, too?
Me: Awesome
Me: lol
MG: lol
Me: Am I in trouble?
MG: You bet.
MG: You're in deeper trouble than you think.
Me: I like that thought.
MG: You'll pay sooner or later.
Me: I wish I could pay for it now. I'll pay for it in the end, I suppose.
MG: Sure thing. You're not getting off the hook for any reason.
Me: I know. I'm ready for the consequences coming my way.
MG: You know how to face it, right?
Me: Head-on?
MG: Rear first?
Me: lol
Me: Flip a coin. ;)
MG: lol
Me: Of course, you had that two-sided head coin...
Me: Well, I will pay.
MG: Yes, no matter which side you get, you'll find a head waiting for you.
Me: Yes, I know.
We chatted on Skype. It was nice to hear his voice again. He told me that he has been thinking about me every night. The feeling was mutual. We were both horny as all can be today.
"How do you think I should punish you for not being online today?" he asked me.
"I need a good spanking," I replied.
"You will get one. That's a given," he said, beginning his lecture. "We need to address how you will be spanked. How long your punishment will be. What implements I will be using. How hard I will be administering your spanking."
"You can use my new leather paddle on me," I replied.
"I will bend you over, take down your jeans and panties, and will use that leather paddle on your bare ass," he replied. "You will be wearing your earbuds to sleep and will be online 24-7. When I want you to be online, you will be there waiting for me. I will spank you until your ass is cherry red. I will pound your cheeks with your leather paddle until you cry. You will have wished that you had never bought it."
It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm. There was definitely more to our online chat. After all, we were talking for nearly three hours today.

He is away for one more week before he returns home. He broke the news to me that he would be in the office for three days before he goes back on the road for another two weeks. I couldn't contain myself.
"I said that I wouldn't do this," I started saying to him.
"Do what?" he asked me.
"I'm tearing up," I said, as tears began to fill my eyes and drop quickly down my face.
"Oh, sweetie," my guy said affectionately.
"I miss you so badly," I said, crying and sniffling.
"Oh, don't cry," he said. "I wish I were there to wipe your tears away, hold you, and tell you that everything will be okay. It's just one more week, sweetie. I need to call you more often."
"It's silly [crying], it's it?" I asked him.
"No, it's sweet," he replied. "I bet that you cry like the angel that you are."
I felt better talking to him. It's nice to be wanted and loved.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talking, sucking, and expressing all on Skype

My guy and I hadn't spoken to each other for over a week. It is rare that we have gone that long without talking to each other. However, e-mails have made things easier. We are working with a six-hour time difference.

My guy has admitted that he's not an emotional person. I tend to agree to a certain extent. He compliments me, but isn't the type to constantly say that he loves me. I know that he does, because he expresses it through his actions. I can tell by how he holds and hugs me that he loves me. He expresses how he feels about me through his sweet kisses. He holds my hand. I know that he wants to be with me. He's affectionate without saying much.

In a brief e-mail that he sent to me in the afternoon, he had hoped that we could talk soon. I knew that he was thinking about me. I wrote back, teasing him that sales at Costco, his favourite store, have plummeted since he has been away. He teases me all the time. I tend to shop at Gap these days. He calls me Gap girl now.

He is in Germany on business. He logged on to Skype tonight. I had nearly shut down my laptop for the night, but I had heard a Skype message come in.
"Hey," he started off.
"Hey," I wrote back. "Is that really you?"
"No, it's a mirage," he wrote. "That's your line."
"I know," I acknowledged. "I can't use it now."
"Do you have your earbuds?" he asked me.
"Let me get my headset," I explained.
It was nice to hear his voice. I told him that I had missed him. He said the same thing about me.

We caught up with our lives. He was sick all last week, but felt much better now. I could tell that he liked receiving my e-mails, wondering how he was doing. He likes when I care about him. His e-mails make me feel good, too. They are like a warm embrace.

He told me that he had an entire bed to himself in his hotel room and wished that I was there with him. He missed kissing my lips, caressing my breasts, pinching my buttocks, spanking me, and my sucking him. It's nice to be missed.

We got off. It was nice. We both needed the release, considering that we have both been working nonstop for the past couple of weeks. I pulled a thirteen-hour workday last Thursday. He had spent the entire weekend preparing for his meetings for this entire week.

After we both came, we just rested and talked a bit.
"I really like the time we have spent with each other," he told me.
"It sounds like you're ending our relationship," I said to him, with a smile on my face.
"No, I'm just reflecting," he said. "I love being with you."
"I love being with you, too," I reciprocated. "You have made my life more meaningful and fun."
It was nearly midnight. He was getting sleepy.
"It's past your bedtime," I said. He's like a little boy sometimes, which I adore.
"Take care," he said.
"Sweet dreams," I said to him.
"Thanks, sweetie. We'll talk again soon."
He's definitely a keeper. I miss him, but I feel more connected to him tonight.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Airports and paddles

On Sunday, my guy was flying out to Philadelphia. He had initially wanted to drive down there, but he had spent three hours trying to drive to work last Friday that he felt that flying would be better.

He was at the airport, using the free wifi there and was logged on to Skype. I had Skype up on my laptop, watching a couple of concert videos that a friend of mine had sent me as a late Christmas gift.

My guy and I chatted online for a bit. He wanted to hear my voice, so we talked.
"It's good to hear your voice," he said.
"It's nice to hear you, too," I replied. "I wasn't expecting to talk to you tonight."
"Well, I'm on the road. I expect you to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week," he replied.
"That's a bit demanding," I stated.
"You know what happens to you when you're not online?" he asked.
"I know," I responded. "That's why I shouldn't be online."
I miss him. I miss being spanked by him. I miss such comments from him that get me all excited about anticipating my next spanking. I miss how affectionate he is, too.

He apologized that we didn't do anything in his car's backseat on Friday. I wasn't expecting to do that. I was perfectly fine chatting with him and holding his hand.
"You were okay with talking?" he asked curiously.
"Yes, that's how we started our relationship," I said.
"I wasn't up to doing much," he explained. "Waking up early to go to work, spending three hours to get there, and being burdened with so much work to do wasn't fun. The best part of my day was seeing you."
"That's sweet," I said.
We talked about a bunch of stuff. The most interesting tidbit was the following:
"I loved when you sucked me last week," he said. "I was so out of it afterwards. I felt like I was on a high."
"That's good, considering that I am a novice at blowjobs."
"You did just fine," he said.
"So did you," I replied.
On a great note, I got my fuzzy purple paddle yesterday. The leather side of it made me excited. I look forward to have it used across my bare backside. I am also a bit fearful that I won't be sitting much when it is used on me. The paddle looks like it can do a lot of damage. I'm sure my guy will be pleased to use it on me.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thoughts of being spanked in the backseat

On Friday, I went into the office for a few hours. I had a decent conversation with my guy for roughly two hours about work and us at his cubicle.

He looked at what I was wearing.
"You look great in your new jeans and beige sweater," he remarked. "Are you sore [from Wednesday]?"
"Nope, I'm good," I said. "I wasn't expecting you to try and fit your entire hand in me."
"I don't get fisting," he said. "I don't think it's possible."
"Not with me and the size of your hand, that's for certain," I said, which made us both smile.
He continued to look at me.
"Have you lost more weight?" he remarked.
"Yes, this sweater is roomier than I remember it to be. I don't know what's wrong with me."
"It's all good," he reinforced.
He looked at my office chair.
"Why do you sit on a cushion?" he asked me.
"It has nothing to do with my interest in spanking and the aftermath," I indicated, which made him smile. "Over the years, I don't have as much padding in my butt, so it gets numb after sitting for prolonged periods."
"You could do exercises for your glutes," he suggested.
"I used to do squats. They didn't help."
"I see," he remarked. "You have very athletic thighs."
Our time in the office on Friday would be the last time that we'd see each other for three weeks. He's on the road, and hopes to get a Skype chat in with me now and again.
"I would love to spank you in the backseat of my car, over my lap, when I get back from my trips," he said.
"I'd like that," I said, squeezing his hand.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The backseat and a latex glove

Sometimes, it helps to be spontaneous. You just do things because you want to.

My guy is busy preparing for two business trips. I am busy slaving away over work for one of those clients. We are both in the same boat, trying to quickly understand the same product that we are both so unfamiliar with.

Well, I needed a break from working from home. I called my guy at his desk at work. I asked if he was free for a meeting. He said 13:00 would be good. I asked if we could make it for 13:30. We'd meet at one of our favourite, quiet parking lots by our workplace.

I got in my car at around 12:45 and drove along the highway. It was such smooth sailing at this hour. My cell phone rang. It had my workplace number displayed. I answered it. It was my guy.
"Hi," he said. "The sooner we meet, the better."
"I'm just past highway 400," I said.
"You're twenty-five minutes away?" he asked me.
"More like fifteen," I said. He then remembered that I have a heavy foot when I drive. "Just head out now. I'll meet you there."
I got to the parking lot. It was quiet. I circled around for a bit, to see if there were many folks around. Nope, not too many people were around. I finally saw my guy in his car. We both lowered our windows and figured out where we wanted to go.

We parked our cars next to each other by a small building. We both got out. He has a two-door car. We decided to give the backseat a shot. He got in first. I followed. I could barely get the door handle to close the door. I eventually left my seat, squatted down, and got it.
"I've missed you," he said.
"I've missed you so much," I replied, taking my coat off.
He held my left hand and looked at it. He liked my polished nails. He kissed my hands twice. Our lips locked. There is something incredibly sweet about kissing this man. He has the softest lips.

What surprised him was my kissing his nose for a bit. He told me after that he has never experienced that before, but liked it. He had nice ears, too. I may need to work that in down the road.

I had a purple v-neck sweater on. He unbuttoned it, reached under my white bra, and played with my right breast. He commented on how hard my nipple was as we continued to kiss.
"Look what I brought," he said to me. It was a blue latex glove.
"I'm so afraid," I said. "You're going to examine me today, I see."
I ended up thinking about being spanked with a leather glove. I have never had that done before. I knew that he wasn't going to spank me with the glove that he had brought, but the thought of having a leather glove smack my bare backside aroused me.

He carefully unzipped my jeans, making sure that I wasn't going to squirm from being tickled. He pulled down my panties and played with my pussy. It was nice. The first time that I had come, he had a finger in my butthole and two others playing with my clit. I can't explain what it felt like, other than the fact that I was content being pleasured by my guy.

I relaxed for a bit. He continued to work on me. Eventually, he continued having his pinky finger up my butthole and ended up fitting the rest of his fingers into my pussy. I had never experienced that before. It was surprisingly intense. I came again. I ended up resting my head against him. He put his arm around me and kissed my forehead.
"I love your tight pussy," he said. "I wanted to put my entire hand in you."
"You have big hands," I said.
"You were well-lubricated," he commented.
"You have those magic fingers," I pointed out.
After I had relaxed for a bit, I asked if I could work on him. He unbuckled his belt, pulled his blue trousers down, and pulled out his penis. It was limp. I have rarely seen it in that state, which I teased him about afterwards. I pulled my hair back, as I know that he gets turned on watching his member in my mouth.

I looked at his cock and balls for a bit. I didn't know if I wanted to suck the former and play with the latter simultaneously, or flip it around. He actually told me to hurry up, as he has explained in the past that it takes him five seconds before his penis gets hard just looking at me. Well, that decision was easy. I went with the first plan of attack.

I still consider myself to be a novice at blowjobs. I massaged his balls with my right hand. I held his limp penis in my left hand and wrapped my lips around its tip. I did something a bit different. I used my tongue to play with the tip. I then plunged the tip of my tongue into the hole of his cock. I could tell that he liked it a lot. He told me that afterwards, too.

I then moved my lips down his penis. It was getting harder. I took no time for him to get aroused. Unfortunately, I still gag a bit, but I was okay. He knew that I didn't want him to ejaculate in my mouth. He pulled out just before he did. He came. He was incredibly satisfied and drained.

We then spent the next hour hugging and talking. He played with my left nipple.
"It's erect," he commented.
"It's all you," I stated. He liked that.
We laughed a lot. We were both in bad-pun mode. It's not worth sharing here!

He did reveal to me that he wanted to try being a standup comic. He said that I was naturally funny that I should try it out. I'm fine being funny in a group setting, but I don't think that I could do it in a comedy club.

He continued to say some pretty bad puns. I wasn't laughing. He decided to tickle me to force me to laugh at his jokes. I told him that it was unfair of him to do that. I like when we're playful.

We ended up talking about computer science and math. We both have far more in common than we both realized. We both majored in the former. We both like the latter. We also like spending some quality time, away from work, in the backseat of a cozy car.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Purple fuzzy paddle update

This post is an update from my last one. I had indicated that I had found another purple fuzzy paddle that I want even more. This one has been out of stock for at least a week since I have started checking for its availability.

After I had written my post yesterday, the paddle was magically in stock. I was thrilled. I wanted to jump up and down in delight. Is that crazy? Not to me!

I ordered my purple fuzzy paddle that I want from EdenFantasys. I got an e-mail notification this afternoon, indicating that it has been shipped.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am not sure what it will feel like to be swatted with the fuzzy side. I suppose that it'll be great for playful sessions. I just like it because the fuzzy side is purple, which happens to be my favourite colour.

I am looking forward to being spanked with the leather side. I know that I deserve a sound spanking these days from my guy. I'm sure that he won't mind using it on me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Endurance spankings and pinches

The other night, I was working from home. It was roughly 18:00. I was briefly connected to the network through VPN, which automatically shuts down my connection to Skype.

My guy noticed that I went offline. I had to use our file repository system to check in my work. When I came back online, we wrote for a bit.
"Are you really offline?" he asked me.
"Yes and no," I replied. "When I'm checking in files, I'm offline on Skype. When I terminate my VPN connection, I'm online, even though I was never offline."
There was a bit of silence. I then continued my instant message:
"I think that you're offline now."
I got a smiley face back from my guy. He wanted to chat. So, we did that.

He advised me that he will be on the road at a customer site all next week. He then has two weeks at another customer site in Germany. I could tell that he wanted to say that he was going to miss me. I know that the feeling is mutual.

He wanted to see me today, but things got hectic work-wise for the both of us. He did ask me some interesting questions.

The first question was whether I had been reading any spanking stories as of late. I had told him about Spanky and Kallisto's 2012 resolution to spank the latter's backside 50,000 times. With this year being a leap year, if you get spanked every day, without any recovery time, you'd need 137 smacks to reach this goal. It's attainable, for sure. I like this resolution so much. I would need recovery time, though.

My guy then asked if I liked my backside pinched. He had done it a few times to me already. He knows that I like anything now that has to do with my buttocks being spanked and groped. I used to like getting pinched. I haven't experienced pinching for a bit. I think that I'd like getting them more regularly.

I then talked about my quest to find a fuzzy purple paddle. I had talked about it being out of stock around Christmas time. Well, I have found another one that I want even more. Of course, it's out of stock, too.

Anyway, I am hoping to go back to the office tomorrow and see if my guy wants us to spend some quality time in the backseat of his car. We both need a bit of a break from work. I also need some hands-on attention.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Being tickled and spanked in a car

Yesterday, I worked from home in the morning. My manager and I had a teleconference with a prospective candidate for a position at 10:00 am. After that, I continued to work on my laptop.

My guy logged on to Skype an hour later and we sent messages for a bit.
"How are you doing?" I asked him.
"Good. Please tell me that you didn't catch my cold."
"Tee hee. Nope, I didn't. You made me feel better."
We had kissed a lot the other day. It was nice.

I had missed him. I said that I wanted to drop by work. He wrote back, saying that it was a good idea and that he'd be waiting for me.

I arrived at work just before 15:00. I first talked to a sales guy that I hadn't seen in weeks, along with a project manager. After our chatting session was done, I went over to my guy's desk to see how he was doing. He offered me some baklava. Yes, he offered me the gift that I had given to him the previous day. It was yummy.

He looked at what I was wearing. I was wearing a purple sweater with a zipper down my left shoulder. He liked the access. He also noticed that I had a new pair of jeans on. They were figure-hugging. He liked that they weren't baggy like the pair of jeans I had on the other day. I had lost a lot of weight last year, which was roughly fifty pounds. I am thinner now than I was before my surgery back in late October. I need a new wardrobe.

My guy told me that I was sweet, funny, and smart. He thought that I was doing a tremendous job at holding down the fort at work, as I am the only writer left. One of the previous writers was a jerk. He said that he didn't "want to be jealous of [the jerk]," which made me nearly spit out the drink that I was sipping.

My guy was sweetening me up. He let me take a Quality Street chocolate candy from a canister that he had in his desk drawer. I took out a chocolate in a yellow wrapper.
"This chocolate reminds me of something," I hinted with a naughty smile on my face.
"Yes, it looks like the tip of a penis," he stated, reading my mind.
"It has juice in it," I said, which made him smile. "It's sweet instead of being salty."
"You're supposed to lick and suck, not bite!" he insisted, which cracked us both up.
We took a drive out to the parking lot that we were at the previous day. It is typically secluded. However, it was busy this day. A motorcycle show had begun nearby. We decided to be adventurous and park between cars. We eventually were between a U-Haul trailer and a pickup truck.

For some reason, I seem to be okay stripping down in a car. My guy wondered if I was into voyeurism. I'm not sure. He remembered my Marilyn Monroe incident when I was seventeen years old. I walked over a subway vent and my kilt went up, revealing my panties in downtown Toronto. I wasn't embarrassed then. If that were to happy these days, I probably would feel the same.

I took off my jacket in the car. My guy unzipped my sweater. He started rubbing the back of my neck. He worked on kissing the side of my neck, and proceeded to kiss my shoulder. He held my left hand and kissed it.
"I don't want to be jealous of [the jerk]," he reminded me.
"You have nothing to worry about," initiating a passionate kiss on his lips.
We kissed a lot. He enjoys sucking my lower lip with his lips. We both have pretty full lips. He used his tongue and moved it around the inner circumference of my lips. It was nice.

He then lifted up my bra and touched my breasts. He loved cupping them and played with my nipples.

My guy went to unzip my jeans. I am extremely ticklish around my tummy area. I feel like it gets in the way.
"Okay, okay," he said, giving up. "You can unzip your jeans."
"I'm ticklish," I said, unzipping them.
"You mean, like this?" he asked, tickling my sides and places where he knew that I would squirm.
"You're so mean!" I exclaimed while being tickled to death. I eventually landed in his arms, with my head resting comfortably on his chest.
"I like this position," he said. "Let me have access."
He reached under my panties and found my clit. He massaged it. He then slid his middle finger into my butthole. I didn't think that I'd enjoy being fingered there, but I did. I eventually came and rested, cuddling up to him.
"That was incredible," I said to him.
"You're incredible," he whispered in my ear. "Just relax for a bit," as he continues to kiss my forehead and stroke my cheek.
When I finally sat up, he was attempting to zip up my sweater.
"Ow!" I exclaimed.
"I zipped your hair," he admitted. "I'm sorry, baby," unzipping my sweater as I eventually rested my head on his lap.
"That's okay," I said. "I'll just be bald on my left side," which made him laugh.
He stroked my arm. He worked his way down to my backside. As I had indicated in my previous post, it wouldn't take long for him to work on my backside. He pulled down my jeans and groped my buttocks.
"You have been a bad girl," he insisted, smacking one cheek and moving to the other. "I haven't spanked you in a long time."
"That's because I've been a good girl," I said. as he continued to spank me.
"That's not true," he stated. "You have left me in the office all by myself for two out of the four workdays this week," delivering even more smacks on my backside.
Once again, he decided to finger my butt. It was a new experience, but it turned me on. I rubbed his penis in his pants, which became harder. I came again. We then cuddled a bit more.

It would have been nice to have had a room to be intimate at work. However, I felt safe in his car. It was worth visiting work and my guy.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Visiting my guy at work and touching in his car

The new year didn't start off too well for both my guy and me. My guy was sick for four days with a nasty cold. As for me, I had food poisoning. Luckily, it only lasted for a day. We are both good now.

I decided to drop by work today. I didn't see my guy online on Skype, but he was online on GTalk. I asked him if he was in the office, mainly because I wanted to give him a box of baklava. I also wanted to know if he wanted anything from Starbucks.

Anyway, I didn't hear from him. I visited Starbucks and got a grande peppermint mocha, and two brownie cake pops. I then drove to work.

When I had parked in the lot at work, I noticed that the car in front of mine looked like my guy's car. My phone rang. It was my guy.
"What did I deserve to get a phone call from you?" I asked him.
"I didn't see you online. I am guessing that you are in your car?" he asked.
"Yes. I'm actually parked at work. I think that I'm parked behind your car."
"I don't want to eat up your cell phone minutes," he stated.
"No, you're not," I said. "I haven't used my airtime all that often these days."
"I want to eat something else," he said, which made me laugh.
"I'll be upstairs soon," I said, and we ended our conversation.
I made it to our cubicle area. He was the only one at work and was pleased to see me. I gave him his gift. We talked. I sat next to him at his desk.

I initiated touching him, but not in a sexual manner. I wanted to see his injured finger on his left hand. He held it out and I grabbed it. He then showed me pictures of the injury when it had first occurred. He was amazed that I wasn't cringing at the gruesome pictures. I was, too. He finger has healed nicely so far.
"You know, you're a foot away and I can't touch you the way that I want to," he admitted. "I was hoping that you'd wear a skimpy outfit."
"I feel overdressed," I said. I was in a v-neck sweater and jeans.
"If your sweater's neckline were lower, that would make my access easier," he teased.
"It doesn't matter. You'd just take my sweater off," I remarked, which made him laugh.
We moved over to my cubicle area. There's more privacy. I sit in a corner. We sat next to each other. He touched my leg, my inner thigh, and my crotch area. I ended up touching his erect penis over his pants. My phone then rang. It was someone from quality assurance, asking about an update that I had made to our product documentation.

I am fortunate to have a decent memory. I knew what this person on the phone was referring to, even though my guy was pulling up our trouble ticket tracking system. He stopped, knowing that I was okay. I advised the quality assurance person that the change was in step 22. I did, however, need access to the network drive. My guy lent me his laptop. I found my network cable. He plugged it into his laptop. I got online to take a look.

During this scrambling period, my guy was caressing and touching my breasts while standing behind me. It was nice.

After my phone call, my guy and I went to try the baklava. We ate. I had a crumb land on my right breast. He immediately swiped it off my breast, which made me smile.

My guy suggested that we take a drive in his new car. In the kitchen, we hugged and he groped my left buttock. I was incredibly turned on. He then touched my crotch area again. I felt like we were in high school. He then touched my nipples, which became hard instantly.

We got into the elevator. Just the two of us. We kissed and embraced down seven floors. He told me to wait for him to bring the car around. He did. It was comfortable to sit in. We held hands. His hand ended up on my left thigh and gradually went to my crotch.

He parked in a location that I had suggested a while back. He had remembered what I had said. This parking lot was indeed secluded. He parked his car there. We kissed passionately.

I unzipped my jeans. He moved his fingers to my clit and started to rub it. I was incredibly wet and turned on. He whispered in my ear that I was a bad girl. It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm.

As for him, I gave him a handjob. We kissed during the entire time. He came. He was exceptionally content afterwards, as was I.

We held hands for the longest time. He liked how nicely manicured my nails were.
"I love your long, slender nails," he said. "You could be a hand model."
I had told him after the first time he had spanked me that a former colleague had noticed my hands on my keyboard at work and said that I had beautiful hands. My guy remembered that and agreed.

He drove me back to my car. We talked a bit more sitting in his car. We held hands. We missed each other.  It was a good day in the office. I suppose that getting spanked would have been dessert, but I enjoyed getting my butt groped by him and everything else that had happened between us today. I know that a spanking is on the radar for me. I can wait a little longer.