Friday, October 26, 2012

Bad singers, sleep, and eight arms

I don't expect to catch my guy on Skype when I am online. Normally, he finds me and initiates the conversation. It was different last Sunday.

I was giving myself a manicure and pedicure. I tend to do them on Sundays. I find Sundays to be a relaxing time to work on my nails, especially in the afternoon.

I had just applied my nail polish and wanted to check my e-mail on my phone. It's definitely easier to do so with a touchscreen while your nails are drying!

Well, I checked my Skype application. Sure enough, my guy (MG) was online. I decided, in a rare move, to initiate a chat with him.
Me: Hey, you're a mirage!
MG: Hey. How are you?
Me: I'm good. Waiting for my nails to dry. How are you doing?
MG: I have a headache.
Me: =(
MG: There is some kind of party going on, and it's loud and driving me nuts. Let me give you a taste.
He called me without any hesitation. It was different on so many levels.

Normally, my guy waits for me to find my earbuds before voice-calling me on Skype. He didn't give me that opportunity. He just called. I could tell that he wanted to talk to me and rant about how he was trying to get some sleep. He couldn't with a male singer putting on some musical number in the lobby. My guy was on the twelfth floor. He was in a deep sleep before his beauty sleep was rudely interrupted. I could actually hear the techno-electronic music playing in the background.

My guy's rants can be hilarious. I don't mean to laugh, but we both have pretty good senses of humour. When we do rant, it comes out as a comedy routine. It never sounds like we're being hostile or downright angry.

I could tell that my guy felt better talking it out with me. We talked for an hour.

It was a festive holiday all week in New Delhi. We talked about goddesses. He thought that maybe one of them had eight hands and that those hands would come in handy.

He talked about my having eight hands so I could do various pleasing actions to him. If my guy had eight hands, my backside would be in trouble. I doubt that I could sit down a week after he was done spanking me with each hand.

It was a different kind of talk. We are both geeky folks. We talked about workflows and operating systems, and applied them to how often I should be disciplined. We like to have fun and make each other laugh, though. It's one of many reasons why we get along.

We didn't say that we missed each other. It was probably one of the first times where we didn't. It is a given. It's simply understood.

It was nearly midnight in New Delhi. I wished him goodnight. I told him that if I were with him, that I'd tuck him into bed, kiss him on his forehead, and give him a hug. He liked that. It'll happen soon. He's coming home.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yes or no? Meme time!

Well, I was planning to write about how much I miss my guy, but this fun meme that I saw on Fondles's blog immediately caught my interest. I just had to do it!
Only two rules: You must answer yes or no. You may not explain unless someone asks.

Taken a picture naked? Yes
Made money illegally? No
Had a one night stand? No
Been in a fist fight? Yes
Slept with your best friend? No
Had sex in a public place? Yes
Ditched work to have sex? Yes
Slept with a member of the same sex? No
Seen someone die? No
Ran from the police? No
Woke up somewhere and not remember how you got there? No
Worn your partners unmentionables? No
Fallen asleep at work? Yes
Used toys in the bedroom? Yes
Ran a red light? Yes
Been fired? No
Been in a car accident? Yes
Pole danced or done a striptease? No
Loved someone you shouldn't? Yes
Sang karaoke? Yes
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes
Laughed so hard you peed your pants? Yes
Caught someone having sex? No
Kissed a perfect stranger? Yes
Shaved your partner? No
Given your private parts a nickname? Yes
Ever gone in public without underwear? Yes
Had sex on a roof top? No
Played chicken? No
Mooned/flashed someone? No
Do you sleep naked? No
Blacked out from drinking? No
Felt like killing someone? Yes
Had sex more than 5 times in one day? No
Been with someone because they were in a band? No
Taken 10 shots of liquor in a day? No
Shot a gun? No
Gone outside naked? Yes
That was fun! Do participate. I'd love to read your responses. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

One-year anniversary - celebrating it with phone sex

It has been three months since my guy and I have used Skype to chat. He is in India on business for a couple of weeks.

As I had briefly mentioned in my last post, I was bummed that my guy had said hi on Skype on Tuesday morning and then signed off. I had missed him by ten minutes.

On Thursday, we finally got to message each other on Skype. He had signed off so quickly on Tuesday because he has been jet-lagged. For the first few weeks in Calcutta, he would leave work, head back to his room at the hotel, and sleep. So, that was his main reason for not being online.

He was finally getting used to the ten-hour time difference. We talked about regular stuff online. We then moved to chatting on Skype. It was wonderful to hear his voice.

It has been a year since we have been together. He had told me last year that he found me attractive in our communal kitchen at work. We first really talked about ourselves and about what we enjoyed from an intimate, sexual perspective on Skype. So, chatting on Skype is special to both of us.

I still find that I am not as good doing phone sex as he is. Still, I can manage to get him off, so I can't be as bad as I think I am.

We chatted on Skype for a good hour, catching up on our lives. I missed him a lot. He felt the same way about me.

Our relationship continues to grow. In the past, we wouldn't really spend that much time on Skype chatting about what we ate for dinner or about my crappy Internet connection at home. But, we enjoy hearing what we have to say. We are good friends, which helps a ton in keeping a healthy relationship going, among other aspects.

My guy hadn't had dinner yet. So, we decided to break for a bit and come back. He said that "we'd get naughty" upon his return.

We reconvened on Skype. He asked me what I was wearing. I was working from home. I was in a tight, grey, short-sleeved t-shirt. I had a lacy, cream-coloured bra underneath. I was also wearing a pair of short shorts and a navy blue pair of lacy panties. My guy approved what I was wearing.

Phone sex with him is terrific. He knows what buttons to push without any hesitation.
"You know that I don't like when you are not online when I want you to be," he stated sternly.
"I was online, but I had to walk away briefly," I reasoned. "It wasn't my fault that you were impatient and logged off in less than ten minutes."
"You have a new cell phone," he pointed out. "You could have logged on to the Skype application, had it on vibrate, and placed it between your legs. When I would send you messages, you'd know."
"My phone doesn't have a case yet," I pointed out.
"Well, the point is that you need to be online all the time and you weren't," he said. "Besides, I would be making you happy if we had used your phone that way. We want to do the opposite. You need a good spanking for what you have done."
"I don't think so," I replied. "You're just being your usual mean, cruel, unreasonable self."
"Oh, really?" he mocked while questioning me. "You need to remember what you have done wrong."
He pointed out that my wearing my usual Gap jeans wouldn't be good, as it provided a bit of protection. He told me that he'd pull them down, exposing my lacy black panties covering my backside. He also would expose my legs.

My guy talked about using a wooden ruler hard across my backside, occasionally checking to see how wet I was. He said that he wouldn't hesitate to slap the backs of my thighs and calves. He then said that he's stop using the ruler and switch to spanking me with his bare hand. Hard smacks would ensue. I was incredibly turned on. 
"Have you learned your lesson?" he asked me.
"Maybe," I said deliberately.
"Maybe? That's not good enough. You need far more discipline than I had imagined. I will tell you what. I will remove my leather belt, fold it up, take down your panties, and strap you."
My guy always brings an element of surprise to whatever we're doing. I don't like the belt in a real spanking, but it does make me extremely horny when I think about it.
"But, the belt will hurt," I whined.
"Your opinion is irrelevant," he pointed out. "It's what I want that is important. You are a slut. You are my slut and you need to remember your punishment, so it doesn't happen again."
He made me beg for him to stop and to tell him that I would be good.
"How are you going to make up for your disobedience?"
"Whatever you want me to do, I will do it," I replied without hesitation.
"You don't know what your master likes?" he asked me.
"I want to suck you."
"Yes, that is what I want," he said approvingly.
What is interesting is that my guy has never used master in any conversation that we have had. It's significant to me.

I described to him that he'd be standing up. I'd undo the button on his trousers and unzip the fly, pulling them down. I'd then take down his briefs. I'd kneel in front of him. I would then ask him for permission to hold his erect cock and place it in my mouth.

I'd look up at him. I'd kiss the tip of his penis and start licking it. I'd put more of his cock in my mouth, continuing to lick and enjoy having it move up and down in my mouth, feeling like a whore. I told him that he'd push the back of my head, so that I could have more of him in me, regardless of whether I felt like gagging. I liked the thought of him grabbing my hair.

I described having my manicured fingers wrapped around his cock. It didn't take too long for my guy to ejaculate.

It was midnight his time. He was content. He was sleepy. If I were with him, I would tuck him into bed, kiss his forehead, and cuddle up next to him.

Happy first year being together, sweetie.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy National Ass Day!

A friend on Twitter indicated that it was National Ass Day. I am thinking that this is more of an American auspicious occasion, as Canadians need more fun days like this one to celebrate.

So, this special day made me think. How does one celebrate it? For me, it would be nice to grope my guy's backside or to be pulled over his knee for a solid spanking. A girl needs to fantasize, especially when my guy is halfway across the world.

As for Skyping, we haven't connected all that well so far this week. On Tuesday, he had sent me a brief message. I had stepped away from the computer for ten minutes. I have not seen him online since.

I am bummed out. No pun intended... really!

I miss him a lot. I know that he's busy. Having a 10.5-hour time difference isn't helpful, either. Here's hoping that we can chat before the week is over.

In the meantime, it's probably safe to say that every time my guy spanks or gropes my backside is a perfect ass day. We have plenty of such days to look forward to.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blue, blue, rain!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my guy was sad. He is moody. It's not to the point where one minute, he is all happy-go-lucky, and then he swings to the opposite extreme in which he wants to jump off a cliff. He has his moments, as do I.

Two Fridays ago, we were chatting in the communal office kitchen. He looked at me and liked what I was wearing. He wanted to talk to me after work. I was good with that. He kissed his finger and then touched my face with it. He is sweet that way. We try and be as discreet about our relationship when we're in the office.

We had initially agreed to talk in the training room. However, it was being occupied by a team of software developers. Instead, we moved our chat to the treehouse.

We drove over to our regular spot. I didn't dress up in a short skirt or anything. I wasn't exactly in the mood, as a number of things at work were also getting to me.

We sat in the backseat of my guy's car. He looked at me and couldn't help but to kiss me. We made out.

It had been several days since we had quality time. I could tell that he had missed me. The intensity that he exhibited when he groped my left breast said it all.

It was my time of the month. He is particularly sweet when I tell him that.
"Even though it's that time of the month, I can still spank you hard, can't I?" he whispered in my ear.
It immediately turned me on. However, we were both enjoying making out that we let that slide.
"It's time to free Willy," he said, which made me groan.
He unfastened his belt that was holding up his slacks. He let me have access to his erect penis. I started off giving him with a handjob. My guy then asked if I could suck him. I didn't hesitate. I went right ahead.

It took him no time to ejaculate. We were both so incredibly relaxed for a bit.

We talked about what was bugging him and making him blue. I am glad that he can confide in me. Unfortunately, he made me feel sad to the point where I couldn't stop crying. I am normally not the type to cry in such a manner. I just couldn't stop.

My guy held me. He apologized for upsetting me. He kissed me countless times and rubbed my thigh. He even went to his car's trunk and got me some strawberries to snack on. Although I felt bloated, I did manage to have a couple.

It was raining outside. We were with each other in the backseat. He held me for hours. It was nice.

He told me that he had dreamt of me the other night. In his dream, he went to kiss a complete stranger. But, he knew that he was kissing my lips. 

He walked me to my car. We had been sitting in his car for four hours. He made sure that I was okay when I finally sat in my car. He leaned over and kissed me on my lips. We then went our separate ways.

I did feel like crap, but how sweet and patient he was with me helped. I noticed that he had sent me an e-mail by the time I got home, asking if I was feeling better.

Despite being so down that day, my guy is a decent guy. He is a keeper. I have said it so many times. I have meant it every time.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Driving my guy to the airport

It has been a trying 1.5 weeks, which would explain why I haven't written too much these days. I have three posts to write.

I normally would write these events in chronological order, like I had explained in a past post. However, I miss my guy that I will write about last Friday first.

I got to work in the afternoon. My morning was stressful. I got a complain from a manager (I will call him RM), who is a jerk. He is old-school. He complained to my manager that I wasn't in the office when he wanted to come down and see me. He couldn't reach me by phone, either.

It's not the first incident in which RM believes that I must be in the office. My boss told me that his mindset is irrelevant. Who cares if I am not in the office? I get my work done. My manager stuck up for me. He told RM that he has never had a problem reaching me when I am working from home. I am always online. I am lucky to be working for a decent, understanding manager.

Anyway, problematic RM has made my working life more complicated by introducing a couple of changes to a process that has my workload piling up. I felt overwhelmed and told my boss that. When I got to the office, it wasn't until an hour later when I could tell my guy just what I was going through. Of course, my guy made me feel better by saying that the weekend was coming up.

My guy finally got his work visa for India. He told me that he was hopping on a plane at 20:00 Friday night. I was happy for him. He has not been on the road for three months. However, it is selfish for me to want him to be with me.

I offered to drive my guy to the airport. I hopped in my car and drove over to where he had parked his car in the lot. He put his luggage and computer bag in my car, and we drove across the street to the airport.
"I feel like my bag is lighter than it should be," he admitted.
"That's okay. It happens," I said. "If you have forgotten something, you can always purchase it, if you need to."
"True," he agreed. "Maybe I am missing my stack of Hustler magazines."
"I wouldn't know," I said, looking at his huge grin on his face.
"You'll be on Skype, right?" he asked me.
"Should I be?" I asked, teasing him.
"You better be."
"Is that a threat?" I asked.
"You know what will happened if you aren't," he said sternly.
"I don't know," I said, acting like an airhead, but I knew that I would be spanked.
My guy teased me about how I seem to have a knack for getting off the hook for speeding. He doesn't have that luck on his side.

I got him to the terminal that he needed to be at. He unloaded his stuff from my car. I got out of my car to say goodbye. We kissed. We hugged. I touched his chest tenderly with my right hand. We didn't have to say anything. But, we did.
"You take care," he told me.
"You, too," I replied. "Have a safe flight."
"You, too."
"I'm not flying," I said, with a smile on my face.
"I don't know what I am saying," he admitted, smiling back at me. "You just gave me a nice hug."
"That was nice," I confirmed.
We hugged one last time before we went our separate ways.
"Be on Skype," he whispered into my right ear.
"I'll try," I said, which we both know is my way of confirming that I will be.
My guy is away for a week. It seems like an eternity, but I am happy that he is travelling again. Luckily, we have Skype. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feels like high school, but we're at work, supposedly working

This post is late. I need to be dealt with. My tardiness is an issue. =)

Two Wednesdays ago, my guy and I were in a training session together. However, this week had a number of events that had occurred. The latest was that our medium-sized company that we worked for had been acquired by a rather large one.

The day before, there was an informal gathering about the news. Everyone in our training class completely missed this announcement. There was, however, going to be a formal rollout on Wednesday. Our manager indicated that we all had to be at this rollout, which was held at a hotel ballroom close by.

So, on Wednesday, my guy and I rode in a colleague's rented minivan. Our colleague was from the Chicago area and was also with us for training. He was nice to chat with. He had a new white iPhone 5. I got to hold it. It was impressive compared to my nearly three-year-old BlackBerry.

Anyway, my guy and I sat next to each other in the ballroom. Our relationship feels like we are high school kids. We seemed like insolent kids who just didn't care. It was partly because the vice president, who was describing the parent company, had a thick Italian accent and was based in Sweden. She was on a conference call in which the audio was poor. Whenever someone joined or left the conference, that person's name was announced to everyone that he had joined or left, respectively. It was highly annoying!

My guy was playing a number of games on his phone during the presentation. He first played a toss-the-crumpled-paper-ball-into-the-wastebasket game. He then played virtual pool, which he completely sucked at. I had to tease him. His sinking a ball by tilting his phone to will the ball into the pocket was not working. He scratched a number of times, which made me laugh. Then, he played some kind of twisted Tetris game that involved elements of nature.

There are moments where I want to put my guy over my knee and spank him. Today was one of them.

We cracked jokes throughout the entire presentation. I did something different, though. I had dropped my left hand between our chairs. I decided to touch the back of his thigh. My guy liked it. He actually moved his right calf closer. I caressed it for quite some time.

Eventually, I reached under his pant leg and felt his bare calf. It was nicely sculpted. I liked the feel of it. I did it discreetly. I could tell that my guy enjoyed every minute of it. Needless to say, I loved it, too.

We went back to the training room for the rest of the day. We occasionally showed signs of affection. He touched my thigh. I squeezed his. He came over and put his hand behind my back, which slide to my left buttock. He groped it. I was incredibly aroused.

It is rare for us to be in training together. I like it. I wish that we had training more often.

My guy told me afterwards that he thought that the day was special. I agreed. In fact, we both felt that the week was shaping up to be a memorable one.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Hugs are good, with a bit of teasing

I am a few posts behind schedule. I usual go in chronological order with my posts. I do have to write about last Wednesday, but I've decided to talk about this week first. I'll talk about Wednesday another day.

There has been a lot of stuff happening at work. I feel that it's good, but there's uncertainty right now. Again, that'll be either a Wednesday post or a subsequent one.

On Monday, I received an e-mail from a manager who is a jerk. He basically has added a feature to our software bug tracking system that makes me do more work. I was annoyed, but not really depressed. I talked about it with my guy at work. He knows that I do a ton of work and wants me to be happy.
"I want to give you a hug," he said to me. He's good at making me feel better.
"That would be nice, but it's probably not a good idea in this setting," I replied. He nodded in agreement.
We left work together. We got into an empty elevator. He wrapped his arms around me. It was nice to do the same. I love being in his arms. He tenderly kissed my head, always reassuring me in his own way that things will be okay.

My guy was supposed to travel to India and stay there for two weeks. He was to depart this weekend. Unfortunately, getting a visa for India is a longer process. Our manager is not good at planning. Needless to say, my guy is bummed out.

We are similar in that we both love to travel. He has not been on a business trip for three months. In a selfish way, I have enjoyed having him here. I get to see him more often and we have more quality time together. However, I do want him to be happy and was genuinely pleased that he was going to India.

Well, he was down about not travelling until he gets his visa. He told me that he felt stressed out, irritable, and grumpy. He actually went to a sauna to relax for a bit on Tuesday, which made him feel better. It pains me to see him unhappy.

It seemed like a carbon copy of Monday night. We both left the office and got into an empty elevator. I reached out and hugged him. I don't say much, but how I hug him reveals to him how I feel. We didn't let go for a long time. We eventually did separate. He reached for my hand and squeezed it. Of course, I did the same thing and smiled at him.

We talked for a bit in the parking lot. My guy looked at me. He liked the pants that I was wearing. He liked how slim my legs looked to him. I told him that he didn't look too irritable there. He laughed.

I told him to drive safely home. We had talked earlier about how we react when someone cuts us off. My guy drives aggressively and flips the bird at the driver. I end up driving up to the car, driving beside the car for a bit, making eye contact with the driver, and then speeding past that car.
"I will [drive safely], unless someone cuts me off," he said, smirking.
"What if I am the one who cuts you off?" I teased.
"I would have to hit you hard," he said, obviously referring to my backside, and not my vehicle.
"I would welcome that."
"I would rear-end you, too," he said cunningly.
"Literally and figuratively, I am sure."
My guy seemed in better spirits. Perhaps I can make him feel better soon.