Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hi, everyone!  Yes, I spent the entire day slaving away over a hot stove, making Christmas dinner.  As everyone here has passed out, not because I'm a horrible cook, but because I made way too much food and everyone decided it was mandatory to shovel every edible morsel down, I will catch up with my blogging here.

The other day, a friend that I went to high school with posted a couple of great pictures of her getting her much deserved birthday spanking when she was sixteen:

Notice how many people it took to hold her down as each swat was being administered.  All I can say is I am envious!

Here's the aftermath:

A well-spanked bottom!

Merry Christmas, everyone!  I hope everyone's bottom is as red as Santa's suit.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday spanking video from MySpaceTV.com

I'm posting a day after my last entry.  I'm fine... really!

After I had posted yesterday's entry, I went to check Aunty Agony's site out, which had a clip of a young woman getting a one-whack birthday spanking.  I viewed it and continued viewing birthday spanking-related clips.

This one, by far, intrigued me:

Geez, I wish when I was a teenager, that I had had friends who would smack my bottom like that on my birthday.  I should make a note next year on my birthday to wear a miniskirt that barely covers my cheeks.  I doubt I'd gather so many friends, but G could help in this department.

I love this video.  I am envious!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My smarting bottom

My bottom is achy.  It smarts.

Last night, I wanted my bottom smacked.  I found a cross between a wooden ruler and a plank of wood that I had bought a few years back.  It's basically a ruler that has three holes punched in it, to conveniently place in a binder.  Yet, the weight is decent enough to land quite a paddling on a naughty backside.

I wanted my bottom whacked with this wooden paddle-ruler.  I waved it around my husband, G, left it on the table in front of him, and then bent over.  I was in a playful mood.

Sure enough, G was in favour of giving my backside some much needed warmth.  Over his knee, he took down my pajama bottoms and lightly tapped my bottom with the ruler-paddle.  It was becoming a birthday spanking, even though my birthday was in July.  I love them nonetheless.

He pulled down my panties and proceeded to use more force to soundly smack my backside.  I got my age in smacks with the ruler-paddle, with one to grow on.  This spanking happened twice.  I then got some rather stingy whacks.  I got the same number, but on each cheek.  My bottom was aching and I was excited.  By the end of this, I ended up with a couple of pinches on my bottom and had to rub it.

Tonight, I felt like the same spanking.  Over G's knee I went.  My bottom was obviously a bit tender today.  The same ritual took place, except that each whack with the ruler-paddle seemed harder on my already achy backside.    The only difference tonight was that I got a bare-bottomed birthday spanking after the ruler-paddle spanking.  I love when G uses his hand to give me a much deserved spanking.  After reaching orgasmic levels of satisfaction, we cuddled.

As I type this, my bottom smarts tons.  I wonder how I'll feel with a similar spanking tomorrow, making it three consecutive spanking days.    G will like it, I'm sure.  I may have to take Monday off from work.  I won't be able to sit all day with such a smarting backside.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ball and chains -- paddle included

Oh, dear!  Sorry about the huge delay.  I am happy to report that I survived my first week at my new place of employment.  It has been quite the life-changing experience.  I commute by train to get to downtown these days.  I work for a corporation again, coming full-circle after a twelve-year cycle.  I am working with a friend I have known since we were five years of age.  Most importantly, folks in my department are nice, they treat me with respect, and they seem genuinely happy that I am a part of it.

There was lots of drama at my old workplace, including an idiot of a president who decided to tell a number of my co-workers that I was "leaving the company" before I had submitted my letter of resignation -- before actually expressing my intent to quit.  He is such an unclassy guy, to the point where he refused to talk to me during my last few weeks employed there.  Instead, he asked about me through his sons.  It's not that I'm unapproachable.  He is just an idiot who has never truly appreciated the work that I've done for him, including my netting two business awards (a.k.a. fiction awards that are "won" by shelling out some dough) all by myself, as I was forced to write falsehoods during the application process and felt sick to my stomach.

Of course, chatting to one of the human resources folks upstairs about his premature remark did not help.  She basically let this breach of confidentiality slide.  I feel it's wrong -- potentially, this could happen to another employee again.  I just gave up.  This event had occurred on my third-last day with the company.

I went back to my desk downstairs. DJ thought I had left. I knew that he had actually saw me go up the stairs nearly forty minutes earlier. He now wanted to talk to me in private. I had no choice. I had an earbud in my right ear and the left one hooked on my shirt. He took my iPod off my desk and pretended that it was a leash.

"This is like a ball and chain," I said to him.

"This is like a dominatrix scene," he said.

"You're scaring me."

"If this is the case, here, you walk in front of me," he said, pointing out that I'd be the dominant one.
He lightly hugged me. This whole event intrigued me.
For quite some time, I have thought that he is a closet spanko.  The fact that I had hinted a light dominant-submissive scenario and that he went with it was fascinating.  He does have a nice backside.  It's great to fantasize about putting him over my knee, pulling down his pants and briefs, and spanking his bottom until he either cries or until his bottom turns a beautiful shade of pink or red.
Whether or not he feels the same is difficult to tell.  I do know that he was looking at my bottom when I was removing my laser mouse from my work computer.  I could see him doing so from the corner of my eye.  It was flattering.  I don't know if he's interested in spanking insolent bottoms like mine, or if he had something else in mind...
Speaking of my insolent backside, G decided to spank me after I had come out of the shower tonight.  Lying face-down on the bed, with a pillow under my tummy, my panties immediately came down, and light slaps were being administered.  Moments later, the slaps became more intense and sound across each cheek.
G stopped for a bit, and came back with my wooden paddle hairbrush.  I love a good birthday spanking, even when it's not my birthday.  I got the same number of paddled swats on each cheek as my age.  I squirmed towards then end of each count.  My bottom was warmed up and that's really an understatement!  I got an extra six swats for being an extra naughty girl, which got me exceptionally aroused.
I've been typing this entry, lying on my stomach.  My bottom aches -- in a good way.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Groping in public

Last Monday, I went with a good friend to see James Blunt play at an intimate concert theatre here in T.O. Although my husband, G, likes James Blunt's music, he refuses to stand during an entire show. He'd rather have assigned seating. You would think that after a sound spanking, he'd like the idea of standing. It's less painful that sitting on a wooden chair for that same period, for instance.

Anyway, at the end of the show, there was this one couple standing next to us. They were in each other's arms. The guy was groping and lightly patting his significant other's bottom. My friend didn't like it one bit. Her attitude was for them to get a room. As for me, it sparked a number of thoughts.

First, that would have been more intriguing had the woman actually had a nice backside. G describes my backside as being spankable. He interprets that as being cute -- enough for it to jiggle when firmly smacked, but far from being skin over bones. I've noticed that I cannot fill out the backside of any pants I wear these days, so my cheeks aren't exactly full. As long as the husband loves spanking my backside, that's all that matters to me.

So, this woman's backside was bony. She wore tight jeans and there wasn't any definition to her cheeks. What exactly was there for her beau to pat or grope? Forget even attempting to pinch her bum. Her jeans were too tight for that and there wouldn't have been anything to pinch.

As for me, the thought of having G give me a smack or two in public is highly arousing. He doesn't do that unless I ask. There are times where he'll threaten to spank me in the car as I'm driving us somewhere. I want to pull over, park the car, get out, open his side of the door, go over his knee, and tell him to spank me hard. That has yet to happen.

When I'm at the airport and one of us is flying off on a business trip, we'll hug, kiss, and he will discreetly give me a lovetap or two. I do like that. The majority of the time, I do most of the loving, public lovetaps.

I recall G putting some bags of store-bought items in the backseat of the car once. He was bent over. I went over and lightly spanked him over his jeans and called him a naughty little boy. And, whenever we take a swim in the pool, he is shy about kissing me there. I, however, pinch his bottom underwater.

To those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a terrific one. I am thankful for plenty of spankings given and received. I am also thankful that G and I continue to enjoy spending our lives together with sore, rosy red bottoms.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Change in life and in the redness of my bottom

It has been just over two weeks since I last wrote here. I was put off by a comment posted in my last entry. I need to reinforce the notion that I started this blog because I wanted to write about my spanking experiences and what was on my mind with respect to spanking. I'm not here to find out how many hits I get a day on my blog or how many comments I get. I simply want to write about whatever I feel like that pertains to spanking. I understand that I will not please everyone who stops by and reads what I have to say. However, I do not enjoy critical, snarky remarks about topics I have written that do not interest folks. They are my thoughts and experiences. If you relate to them, that's cool. If not, there is no need to tell me what I should and should not post.

As far as my life goes, I'm in the process of changing jobs. I'm still a writer, but am moving from my current company to a large corporation. There is a lot of paperwork to fill out before I get a concrete start date, but it's worth the effort and time. I have also been accepted into graduate school. It's an exciting time in my life as far as my career and enhancing it go.

Two nights ago, I got a much deserved spanking from my hubby, G. I had been cheeky earlier, teasing him about his age. He is slightly older than I am, which I tease him about from time to time. He was thinking about a particular brand of candy that he had savoured when he was nine years old. I asked him deliberately if candy was invented back then. Yes, I was setting the stage for a good red-bottomed session.

Well, just before hitting the sack, we hugged and kissed. One thing led to another and his hand was lightly smacking my backside. He pulled down my shorts and gave me several swats over my low-rise panties.

He got me over his lap. The panties came down immediately. The smacks came down hard on my bottom -- and numerous, too. I love a good bare-bottomed spanking with his hand. It was personal. It was loving. And, it hurt.

I must have been over his knee for maybe seven minutes. He meticulously smacked each cheek, making sure that I felt the effects on his hand after each smack. At the very end, he gave me a brief birthday spanking -- a smack for each year that I have lived on this planet. It was terrific. My bottom was sore and I felt loved.

After he made sure I had an orgasmic experience, we hugged. It was a good start to the weekend.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Take home chef

One of my favourite programs on Food TV is Take home chef, with Curtis Stone as the talented and good-looking chef. I record this show daily and watch it at home after a long day at work.

The other night, he was cooking dinner with a woman. The goal was to surprise her husband, who worked in construction, I believe. The chef, his crew of roughly fifteen camera folks, and the wife all shouted surprise! when he walked up the stairs of their home.

The exchange between the husband and wife went something like this:
"Someone's in a lot of trouble," he said, hugging his wife in a sweet embrace.

"Spank me," she said, escaping from his embrace and sticking out her bottom for a loving swat that never happened on her jeans.

I'm a foodie and a spanko. There no programming quite like this episode.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Spanking triggers - part two

I have a rather vivid imagination. It doesn't take much effort for me to get aroused my picturing a spanking scenario in my head. I suppose this alone is one reason why it doesn't take much to trigger thoughts about spanking.

I must admit that I am hooked on Facebook. I was first introduced to it by a friend in April of this year. I have fortunately rekindled a number of friends, classmates, and former work colleagues on this site.

On Facebook, there is an add-on application called SuperPoke!, which allows you to pinch and spank someone you have listed as your friend. Just seeing the words pinch and spank arouses me and puts a huge smile on my face.

This alone makes me reminisce about using bulletin board systems (BBSes) back in the early 90's when modems through the phone lines provided access to information and the internet. In some BBS chatting systems, you could actually issue a spanking command to someone who was in the chatting forum. I loved that feature. I used it often with the man who I now call my hubby.

Physical objects also trigger spanking thoughts through my head. Fairly recently, I went to a party supply store and saw these ping pong paddles as goody bag gifts. It made me think that I need to get a decent pair of such paddles down the road. Still, seeing them was a huge turn-on for me.

If I go to a kitchen accessory store, I think about the various wooden spoons and how they would be used either on my backside or my hubby's. Last week, I was looking at belts. I've lost quite a bit of weight since May of this year, so I needed a belt to hold up my pants when I'm at work. At home, who needs this accessory! Anyway, belts don't do anything for me, but it certainly made the hubby want it used on his bottom. I have in the past, but I'd sooner use a paddle.

Just saying the word spanking gets me all excited. I recall my colleague and friend telling me that she had given a couple of lovetaps to DJ. He was chatting with us and started to blush. I still feel he's a closet spanko. As for me, when my friend had told me that, I was just picturing the spanking action in my head. I enjoyed the thought and vision in my head, I must admit.

So, it doesn't take much to get me all happy about spankings. Triggers are everywhere for me. The hairbrush by the side of my bed says it all, you know.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spanking triggers in media

I touched briefly on this when I first started this blog that my interest in spanking started at a fairly young age. It's difficult to pinpoint what specific event in my childhood that has led me to get fully aroused when I either see the word spanking, see images of it, or hear someone utter the word.

I recall being in grade two and my teacher during the end of the year saying that if we had got more than three mistakes on our spelling test, that we would get the smacks. I naturally got five mistakes, but never got the threatened spanking I truly should have received. A bit of a letdown, I'm afraid.

Still in grade 2, I fondly remember seeing a Tom and Jerry cartoon where three kittens were being naughty. At the end of the cartoon, each one of these kittens had wings on them and were strung on a revolving clothesline that looked like an umbrella. I can't recall who was holding the wooden stick, but each one was paddled as the standing clothesline rotated. I somehow wished I was the one receiving the punishment.

Then, came Diff'rent Strokes, when Mr Drummond felt that Arnold needed a spanking. Instead, his brother Willis delivered the spanking. It's the thought of getting spanking for being naughty that intrigued me as a youngster.

I remember seeing the end of a One day at a time episode, where Alex was bent over the kitchen counter. Ann Romano had a wooden paddle that looked like a chopping block and was about to deliver a serious blow over Alex's bottom. Nice.

One of my favourite paddling scenes in a movie comes from Dead poets society. I entertain the thought of being a schoolgirl watching the paddlings from afar.

I love a good lovetap, too. Several years ago, while watching Fashion files on CBC Newsworld, I saw this fashion show where a man was lighting slapping a scantily clad woman over her proportionately beautiful backside. I was, and still am, incredibly envious of that woman.

These are some snippets of spanking memories that deal with various media. I hold them dearly, even though I am currently creating new spanking memories to call my own.

Monday, August 06, 2007

A number of spanking tidbits

Geez, it has been quite some time since I last wrote. I just want to say thanks to Brucie for posting a couple of messages a few weeks ago. I appreciate your taking the time to add insight to my posts and for sharing your experiences with me. It means a lot, considering that I'm new to the spanking blog world.

Well, this post refers to a couple of things that DJ, a colleague at work, said last week. He is on a strict diet and has since lost nearly fifty pounds in roughly four months. He looks great. However, he's getting tired of his low-carb diet.

He told me that he might get off it soon and be a "naughty boy." He then made the comment that he'd be "whipped." I have suspected that he's a closet spanko. The whole naughty boy scenario is such a turn-on.

My hubby likes when I take him over my knee and call him a naughty little boy as I give him a sound spanking. As for when I'm over his knee, I do a bit of a reversal. I'll protest that I'm not a naughty girl, but a good one. The smacks on my bare bottom generally get more intense, which I love.

As for recent spankings in our household, I recently found a paddle that I had purchased a few years back. It has a few holes in it. It's more like a wide ruler with holes that you can put in a three-ring binder. Anyway, it was used on my bottom. I loved it, although it hurt like crazy to get paddled a number of times on my unclothed backside. Still, I enjoy feeling the effects of a sound spanking, particularly the day after. Try sitting on a park bench for ten minutes the day after such a spanking. You'll understand. It's all good.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

This old man, he played one, ...

Roughly a week ago, at work, I was working quietly at my desk. All you could hear were my fingers typing quickly on my keyboard.

I was distracted by one word that my friend, DJ, had said to another colleague.

The word? Paddywhack.

Yes, I'm referring to the nursery rhyme that starts off with this:
This old man, he played one,
He played knick-knack on my thumb!
Knick-knack, paddywhack,
Give a dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home.

Of course, I sang it like this as I was growing up:
This old man, he played one,
He played knick-knack on my bum!
With a knick-knack, paddywhack,
Give a dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home.

The goes backs to my early years of associating paddywhacks as birthday smacks. To this day, whenever I hear the word paddywhack, I get aroused, for I immediately think of getting my bottom smacked.

I truly think that DJ is a closet spanko. I thank him for saying that word today. It has made my day.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Aftermath of birthday spanking 2007

I woke up at around 08:30 the day of my birthday and could feel the dull ache from getting a rather sound birthday spanking roughly 8.5 hours earlier. It was nice.

It is a ritual for me to whine to my hubby after getting my bottom smacked.
"My bottom hurts," I'll playfully say in a whine.
"Good," he'll reply.

When I first reacted this way earlier in our relationship, he actually felt bad for me. I then had to tell him that I do it because it's a playful way of telling him that he did a superb job of smacking my backside and having its soreness last for a couple of days. He appreciates this odd way of complimenting his handy work... ha!

I decided to head over to the beach at around 15:00. I sat there on a wood bench. Probably ten minutes later, I felt like squirming, for my butt was getting uncomfortable. I'd get in my car. With the sun beaming down and warming my car seat, it was kind of a soothing reminder of how warm my backside felt after my birthday spanking.

I did get a few love-taps at the end of the night. My bottom was definitely sore. It's back to normal now. Temporarily. Thank goodness!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My birthday and the spanking that goes with it

G and I have a ritual. In the past, as soon as it was midnight, I'd be over G's lap for my much deserved birthday spanking. It's that time of year where I bare my backside for a good, long birthday spanking.

It was actually 00:06 when the festivities took place. I had on a pair of white hipster panties and a pair of pajama shorts that are made of lightweight cotton. I obviously wasn't going to protect my backside from this celebratory ritual.

I was first bent over a desk. G lightly gave me n + 1 love-taps on each cheek. I'm a math geek, so let's just say that y = n + 1, where n is my age, the extra spank is for good luck. As a result, I got y light taps. Additionally, in math, when doing a proof, the left side of any equation must equal the right. So, I need to have the same number of smacks on each cheek. Of course, I make exceptions to this rule, because I can!

The shorts came off and y love-taps continued on each cheek. G lowered my panties and the same exercise took place on my bare bottom.

I wanted pinches this year. Did I ever get them! I got y pinches on my bare bottom, which kind of tenderized it for what was coming.

He pulled both my panties and shorts up. He then instructed me to lie over his knee. I did so obediently and with heightened interest.

Over my shorts, y slightly harder smacks were administered to each cheek. He pulled down my shorts and did the same procedure over my panties and my bare bottom.

He asked me to bend over his lap, with my arms holding me up, my torso parallel to the bed, and my bottom conveniently available for his right hand to swat. y hard swats on each cheek. My bottom was warming up nicely. I could feel it.

I was then asked to stand up. I did. I had to place my hands up against the wall, as if I were being stripped and searched. It was intriguing. He gave me y hard smacks on my now sore bottom.

I went over his knee again. He brought out one of my favourite paddles. It's made of wood. The width is similar to a wooden ruler. The thickness must be a quarter of an inch. I was paddled over my shorts, over my panties, and then on my bare bottom. All were y times on each cheek. However, he continued to assault my poor bottom with the paddle. I got the flat, ruler part used during four sets of y swats or 4y. He then changed the position of the paddle in his hand, striking it over my bottom as if it were a short cane 4y times. I got the flat part of the paddle again y times on each side.

To end my official birthday spanking, he pinched my now sore, pink bottom fifty times on each cheek. Yes, this deviated from the y equation. I didn't mind, although pinches do hurt on a tender bottom! He then gave me a few hard smacks to see if I was truly sore. I was. We then cuddled.

I am now sitting here, with an awfully sore bottom. Birthdays are fun times for me. What more could a naughty girl ask for?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wrist ball

I am the proud owner of this wrist ball that you can get at The Source here in Canada:

Wrist ball by Nexxtech

It is supposed to make your wrist stronger. I got it to prevent any carpal tunnel syndrome from spanking the hubby hard and often. It works for me.

I'll write more about his birthday spanking soon. Mine is in less than a week. I'm looking forward to it.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Birthday spankings -- the planning stages

My husband's birthday is fast approaching and I'm still planning how to administer his spanking. I have many ideas going through my head.

I do want to give him a caning. He likes the cane, but we haven't done that in years, I'm afraid. We used to have one, but I'm not sure what happened to it. I'm sure he didn't hide it from me! Rather, we have moved a few times over the past six years that I'm sure we've misplaced that somewhere. So, that's on my shopping list. He'll never guess what it is if I wrap it up... ha!

Naturally, I'll be pulling him over my knee for his bare-bottomed birthday spanking. It is a ritual for us to bare our bottoms on our birthdays for the celebratory ritual. I am wondering if I should paddle him, too.

As for me, besides getting the traditional birthday spanking, I would like a few variations:
  • My backside has rarely been pinched. I would like to experience what n pinches would feel like after my birthday spanking, where n represents my age.
  • I'd like a good spanking with a slipper. My hubby did that to me years back. It's time to bring it out again. It's long overdue.
  • A wooden ruler across my bottom would be nice.

Hey, maybe I can get all three as a special birthday present. I'd like that.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The post -- whipping post, that is

I have said that I find DJ to be a closet spanko. Last week, I overheard him talking to another colleague of mine about a sales order he was working on. She basically suggested a way of resolving the problem he was dealing with.

He then said this to her:

If I did that, I'd be tied to the post and whipped.

I recall being at a party hosted by the ex-vice president of client services a couple of summers ago. DJ was there with his wife and a number of my colleagues. He was talking about this one project manager who commented on his walk. He didn't know how to take it.

What? Are you looking at my ass when I'm walking?

I don't know if the project manager thinks that his backside is cute. I know that I do.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Naughty little boy with his cap

On Friday, in the afternoon, DJ was being silly. He has a red fire warden hat he has to wear in case there's a fire in the building. Well, he wore it, despite the fact that there wasn't an evacuation going on.

"I'm afraid to look," I said, continuing to type with my back facing him.
"Just look," he said. I did. He had his cap on, which made me get chills up my spine.

"I shouldn't have looked," I said.

"What? Did I traumatize you?" he asked me with a slight snicker in his voice.

"I'm always traumatized," I said.

"Come on, it's Friday! Liven up," he insisted. I looked at him. He now had his cap on backwards.

"Oh dear," I said. He had a smirk on his face. It was quite a turn-on. A naughty little boy with his cap on backwards. He had that I-didn't-do-a-thing-but-I'm-an-insolent-little-boy expression on his face.

"Look at my cap now," he said to me. I looked. I smiled and held my composure. He had his cap on sideways.
I wanted to put him over my knee and spank him badly.

Of note, the SPAM fly swatter does a nice job in the spanking implement department. I have nearly recovered after all the swats on my bare bottom. Who knows? Maybe I'll asked to have that used on my birthday. There's still time.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Spanking with SPAM

It has been quite some time. I've been pretty busy. I've been away on a conference in Minnesota for over a week now and have returned to Toronto. It's nice to be home.

I just had to visit the SPAM museum in Austin, MN, which is just over an hour's drive south of the Twin Cities. Look! I have a new spanking implement:

SPAM fly swatter

It was only a dollar! I've always wanted to be swatted by a swatter. Ha!

G and I get to try it out. I'll let you know how that goes soon.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Recollections of my first spanking

I started dating G a few months after my twentieth birthday. He found out that I liked being spanked when he swatted me over my jeans a few times. Likewise, he opened up and said that he was a spanko, too.

I had never been spanked in my life, until this one day. He asked if I wanted to be spanked. I said yes, but didn't want a bare-bottomed one. As a result, he spanked me over my jeans, over his knee. I could feel the dull ache after it. It felt good. I was turned on. He was incredibly patient with me.

A day later, he asked if I wanted another spanking. I did. It was again over his knee. First, it was over my pants. He then asked if I wanted him to lower my panties down. I was willing to try it out, so I said yes.

Yes, I got my first bare-bottomed spanking. It was perhaps six smacks on each cheek with his hand. I loved it! It's now to the point where I take a lot more smacks for a longer period. It was a loving spanking that has endured over the course of our friendship, love, and marriage.

For the first few months, we experimented with a number of objects. To this day, I prefer getting spanked with G's bare hand. It's such a personal touch and my bottom is left a sore, lasting impression... ha! He also used the wooden hairbrush, which I like, but can only handle for so long before I squirm in pain.

G likes the cane. I gave him six of the best one day, as they say. It was his first caning received, and my first giving. We both don't like getting caned to the point where blood is drawn. I don't mind the cane, either.

G asked me to use his belt to strap him early in our relationship. I didn't like doing that to him. He didn't seem to mind getting his bottom strapped. I've also used a wooden clothes hanger on his cute bottom. I'd sooner use my hand on his backside, too.

I also like paddling him, particularly with him bent over a desk. He's okay with getting paddled, but has a lower pain threshold than I do. Yes, G said that to me after a few of these fun sessions. I wasn't even aware of that. Anyway, I do like getting paddled. A wooden paddle I had bought off eBay several years ago hangs on a hook in our bedroom. It comes in handy, I must confess.

We used to have our differences on getting pinches. He didn't like them, but I do. However, I changed his mind a few years after we were married. We were swimming together in the pool at a health club. We kissed. Sadly, I couldn't spank him underwater. Instead, I gave him a few loving pinches. I had completely changed his mind about receiving pinches. I'm so glad. He has a wonderful bottom for them.

Our spanking adventures continue to this day. It doesn't hurt unless you try. I know, I should lay off on the puns now.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birthday spankings - past and future

My birthday is in early July. My husband's birthday is a week before mine. Already, I am thinking about how I am going to administer his birthday spanking and how I want my bottom dealt with on mine.

I'm thinking about doing something different with G with year. Normally, I take his age and administer that many smacks on each cheek with my hand. I then give him two more smacks on each cheek for good measure. This is all done with him over my knee and his bare bottom exposed. I'll then pinch each cheek once. After that, I spank him some more with my hand, which can range anywhere between twenty and two hundred smacks, I estimate.

This year, I'm thinking of giving him birthday smacks for every birthday he has had, and a smack for each birthday to grow on. Mathematically, I guess that would add up to n! + n, where n represents his age on his birthday. See, taking math is pretty useful...

As for me, over the years, I have asked him to first give me a warm-up spanking on my birthday, which consists of going over his knee and getting n + 1 spanks on my clothed bottom with his hand. He'll then remove my pants and spank me a few times, before pulling down my panties and giving me n x 10 smacks on my bare bottom. After that, he'll mix it up between his hand and the wooden paddle on my bare bottom, giving me a fairly hard spanking and a thoroughly smarting backside.

I have many birthday spanking memories since being with G. I had never received a birthday spanking in my life until I met him. I lived out my fantasy of being over his knee at 00:01 on my 25th birthday, first having him give me 25 + 1 hard smacks on my bare bottom with his hand, and then another 250. I went to bed with my fairly sore bottom.

Later on in the day, he took me to the Olive Garden for my birthday lunch. I sat on a wooden chair for over two hours and my bottom ached. I playfully told him so. He gave me this huge grin on his face, satisfied with the work that he had done on my poor backside. I smiled, too, for he loved me and we were celebrating my special day.

I have more birthday spanking memories to write about. I'm off to see if G will pretend that it's my birthday now. I'll just say that I'm 80 years old and will hand him my hairbrush once I'm over his knee.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Okay, I was going to talk about my interest in birthday spankings, but I'll save that for my next entry. I'll be turning in soon, so I wanted to write something brief that happened on Friday, before I forget about it.

During our lunch break on Friday, DJ and I went to Costco to get some items. We were in the men's clothing section. I was looking at the jeans stacked up on the table. DJ said that he was wearing jeans he had purchased at this store last week.

"Do my jeans have the Kirkland brand on them or the Tommy Hilfiger?" he asked me.

I was too busy looking at his cute, spankable bottom to even pay attention. Several seconds later, I snapped out of this daydream temporarily.

"I can't tell," I said. Luckily, his belt was over the brand name, so what I had said made sense.

"I'm pretty sure they're Kirklands," he said, as he continued to push the cart forward with our items.

Hey, I'm no dummy. I tried to stay behind him for most of our time there. We are both married, but that doesn't mean that I can't admire his bottom. I can look at the goods. Sadly, I can't do any smacking.

*sigh* Life is so rough... ha!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spontaneous spankings

I find it both refreshing and exciting to either give or receive a spanking spontaneously. No planning. No reason is necessary, other than it being the right time to do so. I'll share a couple of examples.

A few months after G and I were married, I woke up one morning and loafed around in bed as G was getting ready for work. I was lying on my side, reading in bed. G came over and flipped me over to my stomach.

"What are you doing?" I asked. It was a rhetorical question.

Over my pajama shorts, he spanked my bottom a number of times with his bare hand. He then reached over and grabbed the wooden hairbrush on the dresser. He gave my bottom several smacks with the instrument before he hugged and kissed me. I had a sore bottom and he had a huge grin on his face as he walked out the door to get to work.

My second example? Here goes...

A few years later, G decided to make some dinner that was cooking in the oven. He said it would take another half an hour before we'd eat. I was good with that and went back into the den to continue some writing I was doing on the computer.

Roughly half an hour later, I walked into the living room. G was there to greet me. He said that dinner would take longer than first though. He confessed that he had forgotten to turn on the stove.

Without thinking this through, I pulled down his underwear, bent him slightly forward, and gave him a good spanking. I then left him to stand up on his own and pull his underwear back up. He enjoyed it. So did I, as he went back into the kitchen to check on dinner.

Spontaneous spankings rule.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Lovetaps and swats in the early years

Yep, I'm still talking about certain incidents that have made me the spanko I am today. It's really a culmination of various people when I was young giving me lovetaps on my backside.

I was a pretty good kid growing up. I suppose that to find something bad about me at school was difficult, so it led to these light swats from time to time.

I recall being in grade 2 and I had signed up for swimming lessons in the summer. My mom was interesting and got me a blue two-piece bikini. I wore it one day and had befriended a girl named Amanda. We were swimming laps in the pool, but doing the tag team routine. I recall finishing my lap and getting out of the water. Amanda, before going into the pool to swim her lap, would smack my bottom when I was getting out of the pool. She did this a number of times. Frankly, I didn't mind it. I can't recall if I actually returned the favour.

In grade 3, after morning recess, the librarian was in the stairway, making sure that all students made their way to their classes. She was an important part of my speech classes that I took the previous year (I was a grade level ahead in English, but needed speech classes, for I didn't speak English at home), so we knew each other. Well, I walked past her, said hi, and she swatted my bottom with her hand. I just remember the tap over my red raincoat.

I haven't really mentioned that I'm a switch. These days, I enjoy receiving spankings more than I do giving. When G and I were dating, he basically got more spankings from me than the reverse. I think part of this came during my elementary years.

One day, during the afternoon recess, when I was in grade 5, one of my friends was sitting on the shoulders of another friend. My third friend decided to give the friend way up high a spanking. I joined in. It was friendly and fun.

I think my interest in giving spanking was most prominent in grade 6. My best friend's birthday was December 6th. The day before, I gave her the bumps, which consisted of my kneeing each cheek of her backside six times. It was fairly popular at my school. I then gave her birthday spanking. I gave her twelve smacks, one to grow on, and pinched each cheek. This experience probably made me enjoy birthday spankings, both giving and receiving.

Even my grade 6 teacher got a loving birthday spanking from a couple of my peers. He was 38 years old that year. I didn't join in. Rather, I enjoyed watching it.

Back then, I wished my birthday wasn't in July. It would have been nice to have received a birthday spanking from my friends, when I could see them more often. These days, when it is my birthday, I can count on getting a lengthy birthday spanking. I can't complain one bit.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pinches and lovetaps

So, how did I become a spanko? I can't really pinpoint one event, so I'll have to briefly go back to when I was a youngster.

I recall being five years of age and my mother would bathe me daily. In the shower, from time to time, when it was over, she's lightly pinch my bottom. It didn't force me to rub one side of my bottom. I just remember it as being a loving gesture from my mom.

What did hurt a bit was being in kindergarten. It was gym time and we had a balance beam. We were too small to do anything incredibly creative, other than resting our bellies over the beam. This was apparently a perfect time for our kindergarten teacher to come over and pinch our bottoms. It didn't happen too often to me, but when it did, it did hurt a tad.

I was a pretty good girl. My parents never gave me an over-the-knee spanking in my life.

My childhood friend, whose birthday was November 20, told me the following day that her teacher had given her a birthday spanking in front of the entire class, but it wasn't hard. She demonstrated it on me at an intersection, as we were waiting for the traffic light to turn green. At that point, this didn't do anything for me.

Perhaps it was in grade 2 when spankings started to appeal to me. One day, my teacher was reviewing my math answers I had completed. I clearly remember what had happened after that.

I was standing next to her. She held me, while I was standing and kind of bent over. She lightly swatted my backside for roughly a minute with her hand.

"Do you know why I did that?" she asked me.
"No," I said, not knowing really how I felt, while looking down at my white shoes with Mickey Mouse on them.
"Because you were a naughty girl."

She proceeded to return my math answers to me and I returned to my desk.

That same year, I witnessed my male classmate getting scooped up by a visiting male teacher on his birthday, and getting a combination of spanks and pinches on his bottom, before he was placed back on the carpet, where everyone else was for story time. Wow.

Again, with math exercises, I went to give my math exercise answers to my teacher.

"You finished all your exercises, Cutiebootie?" she asked me.

Without even having an answer, she gave me a swat on my bottom with her hand and then gave me a side hug.

That same year, we had a major spelling test. She said to us, "If you get three or more mistakes, the smacks!" Well, I did get five words spelled incorrectly, but I never got a single smack on my bottom.

In grade five, I played the viola in our strings class. This happened just once, but my music teacher came over and used the rubber part of his baton on my bottom. That lone swat did sting a bit.

So, trying to sort this out now makes more sense. In my mind, these spanking/pinching incidents weren't because I was truly naughty. I was a good student. I look back and it makes sense why I ended up loving music, math, gym, and showers. My bottom getting pinched or spanked in each case was a positive experience for me.

And, yes, I love a good birthday spanking to this day. Since I've known G, he has given me a birthday spanking every year, generally over his knee, with my bottom bared.

I am truly loved.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tempted to spank my colleague and friend today

I've been working at my place of employment for nearly three years now. I have befriended a number of colleagues and am so grateful. One of my friends is DJ.

He started brief conversations with me, which turned into a joking, humourous friendship that has been great. We are similar in personality. That helps a lot.

Over the years, I get the hint that he may be a closet spanko. One time, he held a wooden ruler in his hand and slapped my arm with it. My other friend, CW, has known DJ for over a decade. One time, she told me that she gave DJ a couple of lovetaps on his bottom. He didn't seem to mind them.

I notice references from him, saying that he has been a "bad boy" and having me stand in the corner. We joke about it, but I truly believe that we share the same spanking interest here.

Yesterday, he was talking to a colleague. I went over to the colour printer to fetch my printouts. He was bent over the wooden desk in the colleague's cubicle, with his butt in the air. I was so tempted to go over there and give him a spanking. He has an adorable bottom. I don't know how I held my composure.

Roughly ten minutes later, he was in the same position. I wanted to use that wooden ruler he had in his hand that day when he had slapped my arm.

I'm alive

Wow, it has been quite some time since I've posted anything here. I'm back to continue what I wanted to do over a year ago.

I'll be discussing my thoughts on spanking, what sparked my spanking interest, and how this spanko is doing these days.

So, let the reading begin... enjoy!