Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vacation with my guy - all I've ever wanted

I'm sitting here with a sore bottom. I've always liked that feeling. My guy did a great job. =)

I will write about about my spanking in another post. After having quality time with my guy tonight, we talked, as we normally do. My guy has been anxiously awaiting to go on the road.
"I just bought a new Samsung Tab. I have loaded it up with eBooks, so I can read them while travelling," my guy said.
"Travelling as in driving and reading?" I asked, teasing him as he likes to multitask while driving.
"No, I don't read while I drive!" he protested. "I miss travelling. I have to wait for three weeks before I am on the road."
"At least I get to enjoy having you for three weeks," I said, hugging him tightly.
"That's true. There's always Skype," he reassured me.
"How long are you gone for?"
"A week," my guy replied. "I'm going to St. Louis."
"How about if I joined you?" I suggested. "I have a week of vacation carried over from last year."
"That would be wonderful! We could have dinner together every day. We could cuddle and watch TV. We could cause a lot of mischief," my guy hinted.
Yep, I am tagging along on his business trip, making it my vacation. Sure, it's not exactly tropical weather, but we both have not been there. My guy is sweet.
"What will you do all day while I am at work?" he asked me.
"I'll find something," I replied. "I can do tons of shopping."
My guy is a shopper. He'll be pleased that there are a few Costco stores for us to frequent. Yay, vacation! I am so excited!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making out, passing gas, and chatting about football and Coke

On Wednesday, my guy had to interview a candidate that I had already interviewed. I completely shot this candidate down as a writer. This guy could not answer a question directly. He seemed to enjoy going on several tangents.

Well, some genius decided to call him back and have two different folks interview him for a different position. I had briefly told my guy about this guy, but not in complete depth. After my guy was done talking to him for twenty minutes, he had the same expression on his face as I did afterward.

My guy agreed with me that this candidate could not answer any of his questions with a straightforward answer. Like my experience, my guy had to ask him the same question over and over. I am hoping that he doesn't get hired. He would drive me crazy.

My guy and I shifted our conversation over to his shopping excursions to Costco and Winners. He bought some remote-controlled LED candles at the latter, which I found intriguing. My guy should pretty much get a VIP card at the former place. He goes there at least twice a week. He could not find any decent chocolate for his friend who is recovering from surgery. Thus, he ended up shopping at Winners.

It was unexpected, but my guy communicated on Skype towards the end of the workday, asking if I'd like to meet in the treehouse. I was game. We left just after 17:00. This meeting was held in our regular treehouse.

We kissed. My guy thought that I needed to be more comfortable. I was good. As usual, we kissed a lot. He told me that the liked when I had kissed his cheek and then his lower lip on Monday. It was different, but it was a whole lot of fun.

We had parked next to a white van. We both heard its engine start up. We unlocked lips for a bit.
"Is that the vehicle next to us?" my guy asked.
"Yes," I said. "I don't think that he can see much. It's dark and we're making out."
"He's jealous that he's not with a sweet, sexy, Chinese woman," my guy said to me.
We continued to kiss and hug. It was all great.

My guy played with my crotch for a bit. He proceeded to unbutton and unzip my pants and finger me. I had black, lace panties on. Moments later, I reached orgasm. It was wonderful. I felt relaxed in my guy's arms.

It was a different segue, but my guy handed me a plastic bag.
"I have a gift for you," he said, handing the red bag over to me.
"Oh, that's sweet," I said, looking into the bag. "A pair of earmuffs!"
"Yes," he said.
He had bought a pair for himself the other day. I used to have the same pair and I played with them at the restaurant on Monday. He obviously could tell that I liked them that he got the same pair for me.
"Are they purple or black?" I asked, as I couldn't make the colour out in the car.
"They're grey, just like mine."
"I love them! Thank you," I replied and kissed him.
"You're welcome," he said.
"Maybe I should come to the treehouse all the time to get a gift," I said playfully.
"I would love to give you a gift every day," he replied. "You deserve it."
My guy helped me reach orgasm a second time. He fingered both my butt and my clit. Afterwards, he played with my breasts and my crotch. I asked him if he was playing with me like a toy. He nodded. He is boyish that way.

Unfortunately, not being butt-fingered for at least a couple of weeks led to my passing gas. Oops! I was so embarrassed, but I couldn't help it. He was understanding. I reassured him by saying that at least I didn't stink up the treehouse, which made him laugh.

We cuddled for a bit as I tried to snap out of being partially dopey. I told my guy that he was my sweetie. I admitted that I have never called anyone a sweetie but him. He liked that and hugged me closer.

I managed to touch his penis, which was erect under his trousers. I could tell that he wanted me to touch him. I started caressing his cock for a bit, and then asked if we could let it out. Sure enough, his trousers and briefs came down. I jerked him off with my left hand and played with his balls with my right. He asked me to finger his butt, so I managed to do that with my right hand, too. It was quite the workout. It was well worth it, though. My guy ejaculated and was so happy.

We cleaned up. We cuddled. We were in dopey mode, chatting away. We talked about football. My guy made the comment that guys get paid top dollars to have their butts groped. I told him that I get my bottom groped for free, which made us both smile.

My guy had remembered that we wanted to go to the movies. He told me that he would still buy me real Coke, because I was worth it. It's the little things that make me feel so special when I am with him.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A thoughtful phone call

On Tuesday, my guy called me towards the end of the day. We both thought that he was going to work from home. He made the odd decision to come into work for a three-minute meeting.

My guy is one of the brightest folks that I have met and know. However, it boggled my mind why he would drive an hour to the office on a day where he typically works from home. He could have arranged for a teleconference. He agreed.

It was thoughtful of my guy to call me. I always love hearing his voice and talking to him. It took me a while to pick up the phone. My guy asked if I was sleeping. I was doing work and heard my phone go off, but it was under a pile of papers that I had placed over it throughout the day.

My guy had to visit his friend at a hospital in Richmond Hill, which is a town next to where I live. He wondered if we could meet at a Starbucks and chat. After I had explained to him how long it would take for him to drive from work to this hospital, he agreed that time would be tight. My guy also had to stop at a store to get his friend some chocolates.

I feel that we have both grown in our relationship. Having my guy offer to see me and then both of us agreeing that it would be best to wait another day would have made us depressed and disappointed in the past. I told him that it was extremely thoughtful of him to want to see me, especially at my favourite coffee place (I am not a diehard coffee drinker, but I love tea, mocha, hot chocolate, and baked goods). My guy sounded like he was going to melt after I had said what I did.

I wished him a safe drive. My guy and I are similar in a lot of respects. We both love shopping. Since my guy was going to get some chocolates for his friend, I knew that his shopping excursion alone would take a while.

The following day, my guy admitted that he went shopping after he had spoken to me over the phone. He decided to delay seeing his friend till Wednesday.

Yep, I get my guy. I don't understand him completely, but I am working on it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Skype, lunch, a new treehouse, and work

I can tell when my guy misses me. He sends me messages, mainly on Skype.

I tend to start my workday at around 08:30. I work from home most mornings, so it's easy to roll out of bed, fix myself some breakfast, turn on my laptop, and work in my pajamas. My guy (MG) must have seen me online on Skype. He rarely sends me messages first thing in the morning. Today was quite the exception.
MG: Good morning
Me: Good morning! How are you?
MG: I'm okay. Online with the guy from the UK since 7:30. Hopefully will be done with this demo today
Me: Early start, I see. Hope the demo is going well.
MG: Yes, it is
Me: =)
MG: How was the weekend
Me: Weekend was good. Too short, as always. How was yours?
MG: Typical. TV watching
MG: A bit of shopping too
MG: Missed the Metamucil on sale at Costco though
Me: lol
Me: I take it that you'll be working from home today?
MG: Well, not sure. it all depends on how long this takes.
MG: Will let you know.
Me: Sounds good. Let me know.
MG: Will do
MG: Yes, I'm going to the office today. Just hung up with that guy. Will call him back from the office.
Me: Cool... will see you later. Safe travels into work.
MG: See you then
What was different about today's Skype session was that he initiated the chat on his work account. He has never chatted with me using it. It has always been his personal one.

He got to work approximately 1.5 hours later. He first logged on to his Skype account for work. He then switched to his other Skype account that we normally use.
MG: Hey babe
Me: Hey, sweetie... at work now?
MG: Yes
MG: Would you like to come a bit earlier and have lunch at the Chinese place?
Me: That is tempting. What time were you thinking of having lunch?
MG: The earlier, the better. Let me know when you're near.
So, I left just past noon and headed to work. I called my guy on my cell phone just before I pulled into the parking lot.

I was probably waiting for him for ten minutes. He came down and hopped into my car. We chatted as I drove across the parking lot.

Some guy entered the wrong lane when attempting to come into the lot and was driving towards us. It was odd. My lane can only accommodate a single car, with cement barriers on either side. The guy had to back up.

So, my guy asked me what the big news was. I told him that a manager at work whomt I dislike working with is leaving next month. My guy was happy, mainly because he knows how irritated I get working with this manager and he likes to see me happy. He reached out for my right hand. We held hands as I drove us to the Chinese restaurant.

I parked in the parking lot. My guy had a request.
"Can I get a kiss from you?" he asked.
"I thought you'd never ask."
It was one long kiss. Soft lips against soft lips. A bit of tongue. It was sweet. We both loved it. My guy said that it was the sweetest kiss that he has ever had.

We walked into the restaurant, ordered our meals, and chatted as we ate. My guy was clearly distracted.
"Can we have treehouse time after lunch?" he asked me.
"Sure," I replied. "Maybe we shouldn't have kissed so soon."
"No, it was perfect."
My guy said that I was beautiful. It was sweet. I was blushing.

The bill came. My guy paid, handed me a candy, and wanted to leave immediately. He is boyish that way, as he was horny.

We talked out of the restaurant and he held my hand as we walked toward my car. I love when he does that.

I pulled into our usual spot. We have never had treehouse time in my car. We had to figure out the logistics. My guy's car has two doors. My car has four. We had to pull the seats forward. I also had to get a roll of paper towel from my trunk. My guy commented on how durable my paper towel was. It was designed to wipe windshields, so it won't leave any streaks!

We got into our new treehouse. We kissed some more. It was nice. He groped my left breast. I stroked his chest. He reached down to my crotch and started rubbing it. We kissed passionately. He rubbed me faster and with more intensity. I loved it. I was so aroused. Moments later, I had reached orgasm and rested in his arms.
"I have missed being held in your arms," I replied, relaxed and content while I rested my head against his chest.
He hugged me harder. He told me that he had missed me so much. I knew that. The feeling was certainly mutual!

He unbuttoned my pants, and I pulled both my panties and pants down. I rested against his chest as if it were a headrest. He fingered me. It was nice that his fingers that were in me were warm, but his fingers not in me were colder. It was wonderful. I eventually did come for a second time and continued resting against him. He liked the paper towel that he was using to wipe up.

I changed positions and hugged him. He told me that he could cuddle with me for hours. I agreed. I do love when we cuddle.

I reached down to caress his cock. His reaction indicated that he was excited and horny as all can be. His hard cock said it all. I continued to caress it for a bit before I asked if I could jerk him off.

Sure enough, my guy pulled down his trousers and briefs, and let me wrap my hand around his hard penis. I started to jerk him off with my left hand. I then decided to switch, jerking him off with my right hand and caressing his balls with my left. He loved everything that was going on. At one point, he put his legs together and loved having my left hand sandwiched between them. In no time, he ejaculated. He was one happy, content boy. I was happy, too.

We rested in each other's arms for a bit before we went ahead and cleaned up. I found my hand sanitizer, shared it, and continued cuddling.

At one point, we were holding hands. With us both being in dopey mode, I said that his fingers and knuckles were soft -- even softer than my own. He disagreed. We had this childish no-yes playful disagreement for a bit.

I asked my guy if he had thought about me over the weekend. He did often. He told me that he was missing me so much and was so horny this morning that he had to relieve himself, but it didn't work. He needed me. Sure, that was a physical response, but he also wanted to be with me. He wanted my company and wanted to chat with me. He is sweet.

I drove us back to the office. We were both not in the mood to do much work. We did talk about work, but it took us a while to get back into the swing of things.

We talked about the upcoming lunar new year. He was asking about Chinese horoscopes and a compatibility chart. We figured out what animal sign he was. He then went to the chart and figured out that we are highly compatible. I don't think that we needed a chart to tell us that, but it was nice to get that confirmation.

We got to talking about my needing a stand for my iPad. He told me about a lapdesk that he got from Costco, which has an iPad holder. My guy uses it for his laptop. It sounded promising. He said that he would pick up one for me.

He's thoughtful. I am clearly a lucky girl.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Improving communications and making my guy wonder

As I had mentioned in a previous post, my guy has to work on improving his communication skills. I will admit that I have seen a bit of improvement, but they need work!

On Monday night, I had asked him whether he was going to be at work on Tuesday. He told me that he wasn't. Yet, a colleague had mentioned that he was at work on Tuesday, but wasn't feeling too well.

He typically is in the office on Wednesdays. He wasn't this past Wednesday. I was there all day long. I heard nothing from him. I figured that after my colleague had indicated that my guy wasn't feeling too well on Tuesday that he was sick at home.

My guy did manage to send me an e-mail, saying that he was working from home sick. He hoped to be better by Friday, hinting at some treehouse time with me.

I wrote back to him three hours later. I had two interviews to conduct, so I quickly sent him an e-mail. I hinted that he wasn't immune to working on Tuesday and hoped that he would feel better soon. I also thanked him for letting me know of his whereabouts. It was thoughtful of him and it did ease my mind.

I had good news to share with him. I decided not to discuss it in the e-mail. Instead, I hinted that I'd share it with him on Friday, provided that he was there. It was a good move on my part to make him ponder that over.

I do have a love for Starbucks. My guy teases me that I practically live there, which isn't true. I do visit a Starbucks roughly three times a week. It was different this week. I hadn't been there since Monday.

On LivingSocial, there was a Starbucks offer. You buy a $10 Starbucks eCard for $5. I shared this deal on Facebook because I like to share the wealth. 

My guy has a knack for catching me off-guard with sweet surprises. We are connected on Facebook. He saw that Starbucks deal. He surprised me with an eCard. He joked that he was worried that I hadn't been to Starbucks for nearly three days. He thought that he was the sick one!
He also told me that he had to wonder about my good news for another two days. He told me that I'd "pay for that!" Yep, I love a good threat that sets up a spanking session. I told him that it's fun making him wonder. 

Unfortunately, my guy didn't make it to work on Friday. He was stuck on a call with someone based in Pakistan. So, he had to wonder about my news even more and hinted that I could tell him either through texts or by e-mail. I told him that I'd rather tell him in-person.

It was a shame that we couldn't see each other this week. But, there's always next week. Here's to better communication!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coming into work ten minutes later than usual

On Monday, I went into the office in the afternoon. I had a brief chat with my colleague by the elevators. I then headed to my cubicle. My guy was at his desk. I could tell that he was happy to see me as he looked up a couple of times.

We chatted for a bit about our weekends and whatever else was on our minds. He then changed the subject.
"You're ten minutes late," he said, looking at the clock on his laptop.
"Wow, I didn't realize that I needed to punch in when I got to work," I said to him.
"You normally come into work at 14:30," my guy stated.
"Am I in trouble?" I asked him.
"Why, yes," he said, with both of us smiling at each other.
I like the notion of being punished for something. It's the perfect setup. It turns me on.

I realized later on in the day why my guy had pointed out my slight tardiness. My guy said the sweetest thing to me.
"When it's 14:30 and I hear the kitchen door open, I look to see if it's you. I kept on looking today and it wasn't you. I was disappointed each time until you finally walked through the door."
"That's so nice," I said, nearly melting in my cubicle.
I have never taken his sweetness for granted. It means a lot.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A full day at work, followed by play time

I am rarely in the office for an entire day. I tend to come in for half a day after having worked from home in the morning. On Thursday, I had two interviews to conduct. So, I decided to stay for the whole day.

I had told my guy that I would be in the office for the whole day. He has been in a training class for the entire week. He rarely comes upstairs when he does have a training session to attend. Our training room is located on the main floor of our building. So, he just goes there. When he notices that I am online in the afternoon, he comes upstairs during a break to see me and after training for the day is over.

On Thursday morning, he came directly upstairs to say hi and to chat. It was nice and sweet of him. His training started at 10:00, which was roughly when my first interview was.

My guy came back a total of five times throughout the day. He told me during his fourth break that he liked seeing me when he was on break. He was also getting sleepy. I told him that perhaps I could make him feel better later on in the day. He smiled.

At around 17:00, his class was over and I was done for the day. He came over to my desk and we chatted some more. He rubbed the back of my neck. His hand went under my purple sweater and caressed my upper back. It was nice.
"I should get going," I said. I had been there since 08:20 and it was treehouse time.
"Yes, I should call it a day, too," he said. "There's stuff to do."
"There are tasks to perform," I smirked, which made him lightly tap my upper back.
I went into the kitchen to rinse my tea mug, which my guy had bought for me roughly a year ago. He came into the kitchen. He took my hand and kissed the back of it several times.
"You are being really sweet," I pointed out.
"Why do you think I am?" he asked me rhetorically.
"Let me think about it," I hinted.
I gathered my belongings and headed out the door first. A colleague was looking to talk to my guy, so I knew that there would be a delay. My guy said quietly to me that he would keep it brief.

I drove over to our regular spot and waited for him. I knew that it may be a bit of time before he'd get there. I had my phone to keep me company. I'd guess that fifteen minutes later, he parked his car to the right of mine. He then changed his mind and moved it over to the left. We both got out of our cars.
"I stole this from work," I said, handing him a brand new roll of paper towel.
"Thanks," he said, taking the roll from me and planting a tender kiss on my lips.
We got into the treehouse. I make it a habit to take off my coat before getting in. It's just easier.

We asked each other how we were. It was nice to finally be alone. We kissed for quite a bit. I touched his right ear. It was cold. I cupped my hand over it, to try and warm it up as we continued to kiss.

My guy unzipped the shoulder zipper on my sweater. He kissed my shoulders and neck. I wanted to caress his head, but he was wearing a hat. He took that off without any hesitation so that I could.

Over the Christmas period, when he was sick and we were both missing each other, I had sent him a picture of me in September. I was sitting in my car and I had a pair of shorts on. They were short, but I knew that a picture of my bare legs would make him happy. So, I sent it to him. He brought it up during a brief pause in our making-out session.
"That picture of your legs was incredible," he whispered in my ear. "I loved it. You are my queen."
It's sweet that he called me his queen. There's another first!

He played with my breasts and continued to kiss them. We locked lips again and kissed some more.
"Have you been on your best behaviour?" he asked me and we resumed kissing.
"No, I find it difficult," I said, kissing him some more.
"You know what that means, right?"
"I don't," I said, playing along and wanted to hear those words.
"You need to be punished."
We had a brief discussion about the best position for me to be in. We both agreed that my lying across his lap in the middle of the backseat was perfect. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. My guy helped me take down both my pants and my black lace panties. I proceeded to go over his knee.

This was the second spanking in which I have gone over his lap and he spends a bit of time caressing my backside with his hand. I love it and I can tell that he does, too.

Today's spanking was a bit different. He started lightly giving me a slap across my left buttock. He then did the same to my right one. He was quiet about spanking me, and alternated between smacking each buttock. The intensity started to grow a bit.
"You know what you are?" he asked me.
"A girl who is getting spanked for no apparent reason?" I asked him, testing the waters a bit.
"You think that's the case?" he asked me.
"Wrong answer."
The smacks came down harder across my bare bottom. They came down faster, too. He scolded me while he spanked me harder. It was wonderful.

My guy would check on how wet I was getting from time to time, inserting a finger or two into me. I was so into this spanking. I could feel the sting that was intensifying. My guy knew it and decided to make me come. I did and it was so enjoyable. I was in heaven. As usual, I ended up limp across his lap.

I wanted to get up, but my guy still had his fingers in me. He used his other hand to reach under my sweater and undid my bra.
"I haven't experienced that in a while," I said, surprised that he did so with one hand.
"I didn't realize that I could do that so quickly," he admitted.
I was on my hands and knees, essentially acting as an arc over my guy's lap. My guy was fingering my butt and clit with one hand, and playing with each breast with his other hand. It was a new experience, which we both enjoyed. He's a great multitasker! My climaxing was more intense. Once again, I rested across my guy's lap afterward. I could tell that he likes when I do that.

I wasn't expecting it, but he kissed my left hip, but just above my buttock.
"That's nice," I said, feeling a bit of his after-five shadow against my skin. "No one has kissed me there."
My guy kissed me there again.
"Or there..."
My guy kissed me again.
"Or there..."
And, he kissed me once more.
"Or there!"
My guy laughed and took his hand out of me. I got up. He helped pull up my panties and pants.

And yes, we kissed some more. My left hand was caressing his back. My right hand slid down to his right thigh. I rested it there for a bit. I then went to squeeze his inner right thigh. I was getting closer to touching his cock, but I teased him a bit. I finally went to caress it. His cock was extremely erect, to the point where it was standing up on its own under his trousers. I was flattered and pleased. I stroked it as we continued to kiss.

Finally, my guy couldn't take it anymore. He said my name several times, which is the second time that he has done that during quality time. He told me that I was driving him crazy.

We unbuckled his belt, undid his trousers, and slid off his briefs. I immediately wrapped my hand around his erect cock and jerked him off.

I asked him to ejaculate all over his slut's hand. I held his right hand with my left. It was another first while giving him a handjob. He was incredibly turned on. He ejaculated. He yelled in delight. He made quite the mess. He was highly dopey afterwards.

It was comical trying to find the roll of paper towel.
"(Insert a ton of sounds that resemble mumbling of sorts)," my guy said.
"I don't know where the roll went," I said to my guy.
"(More mumbling sounds, as if he were at the dentist talking to a hygienist)."
"I know that you took it from me before we entered the car,"
"(Yes, more mumbling by my guy)."
"(My mumbling back at him)."
"You're making fun of me!" my guy exclaimed, which was more articulated.
I really wasn't making fun of him. I was more surprised that I understood every word that he was saying. I told him that he was absolutely adorable and endearing in dopey mode. He said that he was beyond dopey.

I did find the roll of paper towel sitting on the driver's seat. I grabbed it and we cleaned up. The rest of the evening in the car was spent talking and cuddling. I had both my arms wrapped around his waist. My head was resting against his chest. His head was resting lovingly on top of mine.
"This is nice," he whispered. "I enjoy your company."
"I like this, too," I replied. "I don't want to let you go."
Eventually, I did have to physically. I don't ever want to let him go. He's far too special for me to do so.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chinese tea, rescheduled treehouse time, and lunch

I can't help it if I am the type who tells folks when I am in the office. I find it common courtesy to tell others of my availability and whereabouts. Unfortunately, my boss is horrible at telling folks when he's away, unless you strike up a conversation with him and he reveals that information to you. Perhaps it's a guy thing, for my guy is similar.

I came to work in the morning. I had two interviews to conduct. After my second interview, I noticed that my guy was at his desk. He is in a training session all week. I had to walk past him to talk to another colleague. I did manage to strike up a conversation.
"On a break?" I asked him.
"Hi! Yes," he replied, looking at me and checking me out, as he tends to do.
After speaking to my other colleague, I came back to catch up with my guy. He was ranting about a project manager who was slowing down the entire class. I told him that it was a nice change to see that he was aggravated. Normally, I am the aggravated, irritated one.

I could tell that my guy had missed me. The other day, he asked if I was going to be at work for the entire day today. Today, he asked me how late I was going to be hanging around.

I was still at work when my guy returned to his desk at lunchtime. I had made plans to have lunch with a colleague. My guy asked if he could join us. Of course! I offered to drive.

Our colleague left to visit the women's washroom. My guy and I chatted about Chinese tea. I had given him a set of four different Chinese teas as a Christmas present to him. It came in a nice, white wooden box with a magnetic closure. He likes the present a lot. We are both tea drinkers. I also thought that it was fitting, as the tea would remind him of me.
"I like all things Chinese," he smiled, hinting at me. I looked into his eyes and knew that he wanted quality time with me.
"You can enjoy all things Chinese after work tomorrow," I said, as I now had two interviews to conduct that day.
"Sounds good," he said.
What was different was the fact that my schedule dictated when we'd have treehouse time. I normally come into work on Wednesday afternoon. However, I had to make an exception today. My guy understood, although he had planned for quality time today. He didn't seem disappointed, but I could tell that he wanted it badly.

Lunch was wonderful at our local hangout. We all entered the restaurant. My guy held the door open for us. He groped my right buttock, which made me want to melt.

Conversation was nice. My guy and I sat next to each other. My guy reached for my left hand. He touched my hand and fingers. I reciprocated. It was nice having our fingers intertwined.

We had lunch and joked quite a bit. After we had finished eating, I touched and squeezed his right thigh. My guy likes how affectionate I tend to be. At one point, he rubbed his leg against mine. It was hot.

We left the restaurant and my guy lovingly put his arm around me. It was sweet and needed.

I drove them back to the office. I was heading home to work for the remainder of the day. My guy got out of my car, bend down, looked and me, and blew me a kiss.

Although we keep our relationship pretty civil during business hours, it's nice that we can quietly show that we are thinking about and love each other.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Poor communication makes me sad

My guy sometimes is not the best communicator. He told me that he would be at work for all of last week, except for New Year's Day. Well, he didn't.

When I was at work two Wednesdays ago, I figured out through an e-mail that he was working from home. On Friday, he didn't show up, either. He told me afterwards that he had a last-minute seminar that he had to do at 08:00 to folks in India. He apologized. I was fine with the apology -- or so I had thought.

We talked and joked throughout the afternoon on Monday. He was his sweet self by pointing out that he liked all the Christmas gifts that I had given him. I could tell that today was not going to be a treehouse or dinner evening with him. Perhaps that was one reason why I started feeling blue.

He continued to relentlessly tease me by making up words. I have to admit that it was funny last week. It was now overkill. I didn't feel like laughing.

We walked out of the building that evening and into the parking lot. It was windy.
"You seem like you're in a bad mood," he remarked. "Is everything okay?"
"Why do you ask?"
"You don't laugh at my jokes like you normally do," he stated. I didn't realize that he truly likes it when I do.
Earlier in the day, I told him that he had saturated his time and energy with these fake words. I didn't find them amusing anymore. Sometimes, he doesn't quite know when to stop with the joking.

My guy looked at me as we were still standing in the parking lot.
"Your hair being swept by the wind is nice. The bad part about winter is that I can't tell whether your nipples are hard," he remarked, looking at my chest that was covered up by my wool coat.
"I am sure that you have your ways of figuring that out. Probably your x-ray vision can help you out," I teased.
I had told him that I was coming into work on Wednesday morning. He wondered if I was going to be there for the entire day. I knew from his question that he wanted to schedule treehouse time on Wednesday.

He walked me to his car. I got into my car and drove off.

What upset me later on that evening was the fact that I am far more open about telling him when I'm in the office than he is to me. It's unfair, as is life. I am fine now. I could tell that my guy wanted to schedule treehouse time on Wednesday. My change in plans due to interviewing candidates at work has thrown off his plans for us. In a strange way, I'd call it even.

Have no fear. Treehouse time can always be rescheduled.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Thinking about spanking my guy

I am in a reflective mood. It's not exactly a revelation. I just haven't had a chance to write a post while in such a mood for quite some time.

My last three spankings from my guy have been hard ones. Reflecting on these times makes me smile.

In all three cases, my backside was bare. I love when my pants and panties are pulled down for a spanking.

These days, my guy enjoys spanking me and I am grateful that he does! I can tell because he definitely gets into the spanker role. I like that he scolds me more these days while swatting my backside. The swats aren't as meticulous as they used to be. He changes up the pace and frequency of each swat, which I appreciate. I am sore for a couple of days, on average. It's a nice, constant reminder every time I sit down.

There are moments where I just want to spank my guy. I have been thinking more about spanking him these days. It's nice to think about it. I would like to act it out, though.

A couple of weeks ago, my guy was teasing me so much that I gave him a lovetap on his right buttock. He smiled. I know that he enjoys when I grope his backside. He has told me in the past that he wouldn't mind seeing whether he would like to be spanked, but we need a comfortable environment for him.

So, the next time we are on vacation together will likely be our experimental time. In the meantime, I am okay with continuing to dream about spanking him. And, if he hates being spanked, I have nothing to worry about. I am perfectly content that he loves to spank me.

Friday, January 04, 2013

A photo shoot and a sound spanking

It has been a while since my guy and I have seen each other. We finally did on the last day of 2012.

It sounds rather nuts that I would go into the office in the afternoon and that my guy would be there. It happened.

My guy and I talked for quite a bit. He then had a work-related question. I went over to his desk and sat next him.

At 16:30, we were the only ones in our office area. My guy reached out to touch my fingers. I liked that and told him so. We held each other's hands for a bit. I tried helping him out, but I was too distracted by his touch.
"I can't concentrate," I admitted, continuing to create circles with my thumb on his hand.
"We can fix that later," he said.
"Are you suggesting a meeting?" I asked him.
My guy proceeded to unbutton my sweater. He loved the black bra underneath.
"You are gorgeous," he said, helping himself to groping my breasts and fanning away my sweater for better access.
We decided to leave just before 17:00. He came over to my desk and groped my left buttock as I was on my feet, putting away my laptop. I felt like melting.

As we normally do for a treehouse meeting, we drove over to our usual spot. The only problem was that our usual spot had lots of snow, which had not been plowed. So, we moved to a different part of the parking lot. We got out of our cars and entered the treehouse. I took off my long coat before entering.
"Did you bring your camera?" my guy asked me.
"I have my cell phone," I confirmed.
My guy wanted to undress me. He unbuttoned my cardigan sweater halfway down. He then took my phone and started taking pictures of me. It was a first for both of us. He told me that he wanted me to see how beautiful I was.

After the mini photo shoot, we made out. As you know, we enjoy kissing. You'd think that our lips would be incredibly chapped by now. Nope, we're good.

My guy played with my breasts some more. He eventually took them out of my bra and started sucking my nipples. His head was held gingerly in my hand. I kissed the side of his head and then nibbled on his right ear a few times. I have never done that before.

We were likely horny from not seeing each other for so long. We continued to hug, kiss, touch, and suck.

He went to unbutton and unzip my grey corduroy pants. We both helped get them off, which revealed my black lacy panties. My guy was fiddling with getting his fingers under my panties, but made me ticklish.
"You giggle like a schoolgirl," he said, being complimentary.
"You know that I am ticklish," I said, smiling at him.
"Like this?" he asked, tickling me.
My guy played with my clit, saying how awesome it was. I told him that I had missed his fingers in me. He felt the same way. It wasn't long before I reached orgasm. It felt so good. It seemed like a long time since I had felt that good. It was as if all my stress had melted away.

I rested in his arms. He kissed me on my forehead. I thanked him and hugged him. Round two then started.

He made me come again. It was intense. I was holding him so incredibly tight that I thought that I may strangle him. Luckily, I didn't.

Again, I rested for a bit in his arms. We kissed a bit more, telling each other just how much we had missed each other.
"Come over here," he said, shifting his position over to the middle of the backseat as I went over his lap.
"I'm not sure if I'm going to like this," I said, playing the part of a hesitant girl about to be spanked.
My lace panties were pulled down to my mid-thighs. My guy was sweetly caressing my buttocks. He has never done that before. I liked it. He mixed the caressing up with groping. I knew that it wouldn't last long.

I was right. The first smack landed on my bare left buttock. I decided to start a conversation with him.
"So, what's the reason for my spanking?" I asked.
"Do you always need a reason?" he answered with a question, which was followed by a sharp smack to my right buttock.
"Well, most people indicate why they are punishing others in such conditions," I said.
"Why do you think you're getting punished?" he asked, continuing to punctuate his questions with a couple of spanks.
"Because I've been a good girl," I replied.
"Oh, really?" he asked me, pausing a bit from spanking me. "You think you've been good?"
"Yes," I challenged him.
"Wrong answer," he stated firmly.
My answer prompted him to spank me even harder. More smacks landed on my bare bottom in rapid succession.
"What are you now?" he questioned me.
"I'm still a good girl," I said defiantly.
"That is still the wrong answer," he reinforced, spanking both buttocks and the backs of my thighs.
"What are you again?" he asked me, continuing to spanking my bare butt.
"I am your whore," I uttered, enjoying this banter and the warmth I was feeling across my backside.
"Are you going to be good?"
"I'm going to be good today," I replied.
"Today? No, that's not good enough!"
So, many more hard smacks landed across my exposed bare bottom. We were both enjoying this moment.
"Are you going to be good?" he asked me.
"Yes, I will be good forever," I said like a good girl.
"That's what I want to hear."
He put his fingers in me and made me reach orgasm. He loves that I get extremely wet during a spanking. I love how hard he spanks me.

I was a limp girl across his lap. I did manage to get up and thank him. I hugged him. I told him that I love how he spanks me these days. It's wonderful.

We kissed some more. I reached down to his crotch and played with his hard cock under his trousers. 
"It's time to free Willy," he joked. We have a nickname for his penis, but it's not Willy.
"You've just hurt his feelings. You know that Willy is not his name!"
Anyway, Willy was freed and I gave my guy a handjob. We did some more new stuff. My guy wanted me to tell him to come all over my hand. I encouraged him. It worked. He did just that.

It was a memorable night. We had one final thought.
"I should have taken pictures of your bottom after it was spanked," he acknowledged.
"There will be plenty of opportunities for that," I replied.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Under the weather during the holidays

 My backlog with blog posts is nearly over! I have been making minor changes to my blog these days. I like that comments on my blog are now embedded. I was getting sick of looking at the main Blogger comments page.

The following is a conversation that we had over the holidays. No spankings in this post, but the next one will have at least one. Enjoy!

My guy and I were to get together for Christmas. Unfortunately, my guy came down with a nasty cold and had to medicate himself. So, we didn't see each other over the holidays.

My guy is sweet. I know that as much as it pained him that we didn't spend time together, he wanted to make sure that I didn't catch what he had. I understood and appreciated his thoughtfulness.

It is a good thing that we stayed connected over the holidays. We continued to converse through texts and e-mails. We conversed on Christmas.
"I'm sorry that I can't give you your present today," I said, a bit sad looking at it while talking to him.
"You didn't need to get me a present," he said in his usual way.
"Yes, I did," I replied.
"You are my present," he said. "You are all I need. I get to unwrap you throughout the year."
He's both sweet and smooth. Sometimes, I can't believe that I caught his eye. I'm glad. I couldn't be any happier.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Generic versus real Coke discussion after treehouse time

A couple of Mondays ago, after spending some quality time together, my guy and I chatted. We tend to chat about practically everything under the sun. My guy has mentioned that he likes when we chat equally as much as when we are intimate. I would have to agree with him!

Do keep in mind that we are dopey most of the time. We talked about Cinderella. My guy thought it was stupid that the prince was looking all over the place for a princess to have her foot "fit into a shoe." He thought that the story was not giving a good impression on children. What was even funnier was that he ended up switching the roles around. So, a male version of Cinderella was Cinderello. In a recent e-mail to my guy, I called him that. I ended my e-mail my addressing myself as Princess Charming.

We then talked about how great it would be for us to go to a drive-in movie. We spend so much time in the car that we might as well watch a movie there, too! Both of us have never been to a drive-in movie before. You'd think that two people who enjoy going to the movies would have done that before. So, we'll be trying that out when it's warm outside.

My guy teased me and poked fun at himself. He thinks that I think that he's cheap. I have told him that he's frugal -- that he understands how valuable it is to save money, but he's not a penny pincher where he's reluctant to spend any money.

We both liked the idea of going to the movies together. My guy joked that he'd smuggle in some generic soda pop. I said that I'd microwave some popcorn at work and then we could smuggle it into the movie theatre. I went one step further and said that we could get some Jiffy Pop and we could heat it over his car's warm engine. We both cracked up.

We both became rather sweet to each other in a serious moment of sorts.
"I'd get you real Coke," my guy insisted.
"Really? Real Coke?" I asked, as if I didn't believe him.
"Yes, I'd get you a 500 ml bottle of real Coke and I'd buy you popcorn, too."
"Wow, that's sweet," I replied.
"Anything for my girlfriend."
It was the second time that he has called him his girlfriend. It's significant because we know that we're a couple, but he has never called me his girlfriend. Likewise, I have never called him my boyfriend. We know that we are in a loving, happy, meaningful relationship. We are important to each other. We simply know that. However, it was nice that he said that. He knows that he's my special guy.

I hugged him even tighter. He reciprocated. It's how we roll, I suppose.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone! I'd like to wish you health, wealth, joy, and love for 2013.

It's also nice to ring in the new year with this request:

Thanks again for reading along. Here's to more spankings and adventures in 2013!