Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday spanking video from

I'm posting a day after my last entry.  I'm fine... really!

After I had posted yesterday's entry, I went to check Aunty Agony's site out, which had a clip of a young woman getting a one-whack birthday spanking.  I viewed it and continued viewing birthday spanking-related clips.

This one, by far, intrigued me:

Geez, I wish when I was a teenager, that I had had friends who would smack my bottom like that on my birthday.  I should make a note next year on my birthday to wear a miniskirt that barely covers my cheeks.  I doubt I'd gather so many friends, but G could help in this department.

I love this video.  I am envious!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My smarting bottom

My bottom is achy.  It smarts.

Last night, I wanted my bottom smacked.  I found a cross between a wooden ruler and a plank of wood that I had bought a few years back.  It's basically a ruler that has three holes punched in it, to conveniently place in a binder.  Yet, the weight is decent enough to land quite a paddling on a naughty backside.

I wanted my bottom whacked with this wooden paddle-ruler.  I waved it around my husband, G, left it on the table in front of him, and then bent over.  I was in a playful mood.

Sure enough, G was in favour of giving my backside some much needed warmth.  Over his knee, he took down my pajama bottoms and lightly tapped my bottom with the ruler-paddle.  It was becoming a birthday spanking, even though my birthday was in July.  I love them nonetheless.

He pulled down my panties and proceeded to use more force to soundly smack my backside.  I got my age in smacks with the ruler-paddle, with one to grow on.  This spanking happened twice.  I then got some rather stingy whacks.  I got the same number, but on each cheek.  My bottom was aching and I was excited.  By the end of this, I ended up with a couple of pinches on my bottom and had to rub it.

Tonight, I felt like the same spanking.  Over G's knee I went.  My bottom was obviously a bit tender today.  The same ritual took place, except that each whack with the ruler-paddle seemed harder on my already achy backside.    The only difference tonight was that I got a bare-bottomed birthday spanking after the ruler-paddle spanking.  I love when G uses his hand to give me a much deserved spanking.  After reaching orgasmic levels of satisfaction, we cuddled.

As I type this, my bottom smarts tons.  I wonder how I'll feel with a similar spanking tomorrow, making it three consecutive spanking days.    G will like it, I'm sure.  I may have to take Monday off from work.  I won't be able to sit all day with such a smarting backside.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ball and chains -- paddle included

Oh, dear!  Sorry about the huge delay.  I am happy to report that I survived my first week at my new place of employment.  It has been quite the life-changing experience.  I commute by train to get to downtown these days.  I work for a corporation again, coming full-circle after a twelve-year cycle.  I am working with a friend I have known since we were five years of age.  Most importantly, folks in my department are nice, they treat me with respect, and they seem genuinely happy that I am a part of it.

There was lots of drama at my old workplace, including an idiot of a president who decided to tell a number of my co-workers that I was "leaving the company" before I had submitted my letter of resignation -- before actually expressing my intent to quit.  He is such an unclassy guy, to the point where he refused to talk to me during my last few weeks employed there.  Instead, he asked about me through his sons.  It's not that I'm unapproachable.  He is just an idiot who has never truly appreciated the work that I've done for him, including my netting two business awards (a.k.a. fiction awards that are "won" by shelling out some dough) all by myself, as I was forced to write falsehoods during the application process and felt sick to my stomach.

Of course, chatting to one of the human resources folks upstairs about his premature remark did not help.  She basically let this breach of confidentiality slide.  I feel it's wrong -- potentially, this could happen to another employee again.  I just gave up.  This event had occurred on my third-last day with the company.

I went back to my desk downstairs. DJ thought I had left. I knew that he had actually saw me go up the stairs nearly forty minutes earlier. He now wanted to talk to me in private. I had no choice. I had an earbud in my right ear and the left one hooked on my shirt. He took my iPod off my desk and pretended that it was a leash.

"This is like a ball and chain," I said to him.

"This is like a dominatrix scene," he said.

"You're scaring me."

"If this is the case, here, you walk in front of me," he said, pointing out that I'd be the dominant one.
He lightly hugged me. This whole event intrigued me.
For quite some time, I have thought that he is a closet spanko.  The fact that I had hinted a light dominant-submissive scenario and that he went with it was fascinating.  He does have a nice backside.  It's great to fantasize about putting him over my knee, pulling down his pants and briefs, and spanking his bottom until he either cries or until his bottom turns a beautiful shade of pink or red.
Whether or not he feels the same is difficult to tell.  I do know that he was looking at my bottom when I was removing my laser mouse from my work computer.  I could see him doing so from the corner of my eye.  It was flattering.  I don't know if he's interested in spanking insolent bottoms like mine, or if he had something else in mind...
Speaking of my insolent backside, G decided to spank me after I had come out of the shower tonight.  Lying face-down on the bed, with a pillow under my tummy, my panties immediately came down, and light slaps were being administered.  Moments later, the slaps became more intense and sound across each cheek.
G stopped for a bit, and came back with my wooden paddle hairbrush.  I love a good birthday spanking, even when it's not my birthday.  I got the same number of paddled swats on each cheek as my age.  I squirmed towards then end of each count.  My bottom was warmed up and that's really an understatement!  I got an extra six swats for being an extra naughty girl, which got me exceptionally aroused.
I've been typing this entry, lying on my stomach.  My bottom aches -- in a good way.