Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I am lucky to have a four-day vacation.  It helps that both Christmas and Boxing Day land on a Thursday and a Friday, respectively, this year.

I'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a spanking-good 2009 to come.  Many happy spanking returns!  I'm sure there are more puns that can be inserted here, but I will not subject you to them. =)

Right now, I am taking a much needed break from preparing and serving Christmas dinner.  I promise to get back to the spanking swing of things.  Yes, that pun was intentional... ha!

G and I are thinking about getting a new spanking implement.  Any suggestions?  Yes, the implement is for both our bottoms.  If you think we should splurge and get one for each of your backsides, please let me know.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A pinch of this, a pinch of that...

I'm flashing back to my childhood again.  I've been baking up a storm in the kitchen these days, now that I have what seems to be free time again to do activities that I love.  Baking is one of them.  As you may have noticed, I've updated my blog more in the month of December than all my entries this summer.

If you have been reading my blog for a bit, you probably can tell that I love a good spanking, but also enjoy receiving a few pinches on my backside.  Where did pinches come into play for me?  This entries is where I attempt to sort this interest out.

I remember being four years old.  My mom gave me baths and would often pinch my bottom.  It wasn't such a hurtful pinch that I had to rub my bottom.  It was out of love.

In senior kindergarten, I had a female teacher who would give unsuspecting children in her class pinches on their backsides during gym class.  They weren't often, I'm afraid.  It would generally happen on a sort of horizontal beam.  My childhood friends and I would hang over this beam, with our posteriors facing up.  Naturally, the teacher would walk around.  I suppose she couldn't resist and gave each up-in-the-air bottom a pinch.  You felt it.  This happened to me just once.  A friend of mine gave me a pinch once, saying that it was the teacher.

A few years later, when I was in grade two, I saw a male teacher come in and scoop a birthday boy up on his birthday.  Spanks and pinches were given to my classmate.  It intrigued me.  I was kind of bummed (no pun intended) that my birthday was in the summer.  Kids catch on fast. =)

I like the birthday spanking ritual of giving "a pinch to grow an inch" towards the end of the happy procedure.  I normally wanted at least two pinches -- one pinch for each cheek.  Equality is important, you know!  Getting pinches after being spanked kind of tests how sore your bottom is.  It's really my icing on the cake.

Over the years, I have incorporated more pinches into my spanking life.  G isn't particularly fond of getting pinches.  However, when we first went swimming together just after we had got married, he didn't do much in the water.  He stood there in the shallow end for some reason.  On several occasions, I came up to him and gave him a few pinches while he was standing there.  He felt them.  I slowly got him to slightly like getting pinches.  I think he finds it more painful when I put him over my knee and spanking him over his wet swimming trunks, and then pull them down and spank him on his bare, wet bottom.  It does hurt more, which is why I love giving him a sneak-attacking spanking when he comes out of the shower.

Anyway, getting back to pinches, I still get a couple of pinches to grow a couple of inches, even though I no longer grow taller.  We've experimented, where the last two pinches get held for n seconds, where n represents my age.  Yep, it hurts, but I do get even more aroused.  

In recent years, I have asked G to give me pinches totalling my age after a much deserved spanking.  I now get that many pinches on each cheek.  I do like it, although I do pay for the soreness afterwards.

In the past, we have experimented with my getting a set of pinches first before getting spanked.  I didn't like it as much.  The pinches were tenderizing my bottom before the hard swats came down.  Flipping them around has been far more fun for both of us.

Who says you should only get pinches for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day?  Pinches aren't for everyone, but they certainly spice up our spankings.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catalogue of cute bottoms?

Just a wacky thought.  With roughly a week to buy all your Christmas gift and such, wouldn't it be nice to give the gift of spanking to a naughty little boy or girl?

As an example, I would love it if G gave me a magazine where I could either select from a number of cute backsides to spank to my heart's content.  Or, if it were my birthday, not only would I get my celebratory spanking from G, but I could also have another firm hand administer my much deserved birthday smacks.

Of course, I'd have to see if G would like another spanker smacking my soon-to-be crimson backside.  Still, a girl can dream, right?

This dream is similar to going up to a vending machine and selecting a spanking implement to be used on my bottom.  The downside is that I'd need to rob a bank.  I just need a drawer!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekend birthday spankings

G and I give each other real birthday spankings.  However, we are such fans of the ritual that we take it a few swats -- er, steps, that is -- further.  If we could possibly have them every day, we'd be the happiest people.  However, it means that we'd be aging rapidly and our sore bottoms wouldn't have time to recuperate from all the smacks.

Instead, we try and do weekly spankings.  Considering how busy we both have been as of late, weekly birthday spankings work out nicely.  As of late, we've been administering them on the weekends.  Mine was tonight.

G worked in a slightly different routine.  I went over his knee.  He took down my pajama bottoms and my panties, exposing my bare bottom.  Out came the wooden ruler with holes.  It actually is more like a wooden plank, but it's as short as a ruler.  So, if I'm n years of age, I received n + 1 slaps with the ruler.  My bottom started to sting a bit afterwards.

Next, he asked me to flip over on my back.  So, I did just that on our bed.  Up came my legs.  I rarely get spanked in diaper position, but I did tonight.  Another n + 1 slaps with the wooden ruler.  It was different.  For some reason, I was fine sticking my legs up in the air.  However, I got another set of n + 1 slaps.  I had difficulty keeping my legs up for that long, so G helped me as best as he could while slapping my bottom silly.

At this point, I could feel the heat generated by the ruler slaps.  I was then asked to stand facing the wall.  I knew what was coming.  It got me all excited.

Yep, I was going to get spanked with my favourite sandal.  I got n + 1 spanks on each cheek.  G divided the sets into tens, so each cheek got to rest for a bit.  I'm glad, because they hurt!  After receiving my birthday smacks, I had to rub my bottom for a bit.

I like when I've been thoroughly spanked.  I feel the soreness when I'm sitting down, typing this blog entry, for example.  G takes pride in knowing that he did a fine job when I whine about how sore my backside is to do anything.  Even breathing hurts!  I don't get any sympathy.  Just a threat to get a harder spanking next weekend.  It's nice to playfully whine sometimes.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sandals and paddles

As I've said in my previous post, I've been busy. The fall semester has just ended for me. I submitted my final assignment on Friday. I managed to balance two courses, work, and family life for the past four months. I am beat, both literally (my bottom is sore as I type this post) and figuratively.

I have been stressed out over work and school, particularly within the last four weeks. Can a good spanking alleviate stress? It sure can!

Well, after dinner, I went to exercise downstairs in the basement. My hubby, G, came downstairs after my workout and said that he wanted to give me a spanking. I was game. Normally, he spanks me in phases. I'll get a number of swats over my pants or whatever I'm wearing, and then over my panties, and then on the bare. Tonight was different. He went straight for my bare bottom.

He did start my spanking off slowly, by gently giving me a number of lovetaps. I was on the floor on all fours. He then took out the wooden paddle. I lost track of how many slaps I got with it after eighty. I enjoyed it, although my bottom was starting to sting.

He then asked me to bend over the exercise bench. The bench was acting as G's lap. He took out one of my favourite implements, which happens to be a Sketchers sandal that I have yet to break in on my feet. My bottom has broken them in just fine, thanks! What's nice about the sandal is that it is wide. The heel part has no give, but the top part of it does. So, G, spanks me with the heel part of it. It hurts, but I do enjoy how my bottom smarts afterwards.

I'm sure he must have used the sandal on me at least a hundred times. I was wet from this whole experience. I could feel it. G checked by fingering me. I was clearly enjoying myself. So was he. =)

I still have to write about our birthday spankings. I may need to refresh my memory by reliving both experiences soon. =)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Taking a much needed break now by addressing ongoing comments from a disappointed visitor

Hi, all! I have lots of updates to make. It has been a really busy year for me. I need to respond to ongoing, negative comments from a "frequent" visitor.

I have received a number of e-mails from one particular person who doesn't quite understand why I don't update this blog as often as he would like. He doesn't get the fact that I have taken five graduate courses this year on top of working full-time, switched jobs, and continue to attend to my family. In a nutshell, I'm tired of hearing about his "disappointment," and he is obviously too thick to realize that if my blog is such a downer for him, why does he continue to pester me with his negative remarks and, in a bizarre lack of logic, continue to visit my blog?

Perhaps he thinks that by trying to get under my skin, that I'll "please" him by posting something that is "satisfactory" for him. I'm sorry, but you're out of luck there. With school, work, and life, I had to drop a number of things that I love doing temporarily in my spare time. This blog was one of the casualties.

I also got the impression that this person feels he can "demand" what he wants to see on my blog, as if he's a paying customer. I feel like I'm a broken record. I write because I love to write. It's what I do for a living. I have an interest in spanking and love to share what I've been through, as well as get feedback from the rest of you out there. I would love to write more often. My priorities have shifted. I want to get my master's degree. I want to do well in my fairly new job. I want to have a happy family life. The spankings still happen. I just need to find some time to jot them down and share them.

Perhaps you might understand where I'm coming from now. I doubt it, though. If you are "disappointed," move on. Change. I don't want to hear the same "disappointment" crap from you. You obviously crave attention. You've won. Happy?

Your comments disappoint me. How does that make you feel hearing your mantra from someone else? You disappoint me because you have the need to tell me that I'm doing a bad job at updating my blog. I've explained at least three times now why I don't update it. It doesn't sink in.

I really did not want to address your negative remarks in a blog posting. I am giving in to your huge ego to be "acknowledged." Maybe you need a good spanking over my knee. The thing is that you don't deserve such fine treatment from me.

Oh, and your comment about how no one wants to visit my blog because I don't post anything interesting is wrong. I haven't posted anything since August, but I still average approximately 70 visitors a day. Not bad. You obviously return, so something here must spark your interest, right? And, no, the "success" of a blog isn't how many people comment on a posting, as you think it is. Although I don't update as often as I'd like, I believe in the quality of what I write. I'm frank. I'm sharing my thoughts and experiences. In my eyes, my blog is a success.

I have thought about posting your last nasty comment to me. You'd win again. I won't let that happen.

Thanks for letting me vent. On to more happy spanking tales.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

A gem of a spanking

Hi! It has been quite some time. I have updates on my birthday spanking and G's, so stay tuned for them.

I have just finished writing my exam for my summer course. I can now focus on better things, such as updating my blog!

In the meantime, I came across this cute YouTube gem:

She calls him an idiot 43 seconds into the video. If I had done the same to G in that scenario, the jeans would definitely come off and a much harder spanking would ensue.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Anniversary (a.k.a. pre-birthday) spanking

G and I just spent a lovely week in Philadelphia.  I fell in love with the city immediately.

G's birthday is at the end of the month, so I have been thinking about how I am going to administer his birthday spanking this year.  Apparently, he has been doing the same for mine in July and gave me a preview of what to expect.

On our wedding anniversary, it has been a tradition for us to spank each other.  We spank each other on our wedding night, so why break a good thing, right?  Well, G unveiled what I can expect on my birthday.

I had white panties on and he lovingly spanking my bottom with them on.  After the lovepats, the panties came off and I got more light spanks.

Still over his knee, the swats got harder when the first hundred were delivered -- fifty spanks on each cheek -- with his hand.  The intensity was consistent between spanks and I was enjoying the warmth as my backside was being warmed up.

My age plus an extra swat for good luck was administered several times to both cheeks.  They were getting harder and I could feel the sting after each set.  So, I got just over a hundred spanks on each cheek from this repetition of spanking sets!

A few days ago, I had purchased a pair of salmon-coloured Converse sneakers.  I have yet to wear them.  He used the right sneaker as an implement.  I got 76 swats with the sneaker on each cheek, as we were in Philadelphia.  I was hoping that the colour of my bottom matched the colour of my Converse sneaker.

With birthday spankings, we rarely ask each other to count each birthday spank that lands.  I insisted that he make me count.  So, we did.  I got an extra four spank after my birthday spanking had completed.  My backside hurt so much, but I was a happy girl.

I'm looking forward to my birthday spanking.  Maybe I should get a pair of leather shoes.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Over-the-shoulder spanking

No, you don't need to get your eyes tested. I have indeed posted twice in one month. I'm even shocking myself!

I came across this picture on
The Spanking Spot:

I would love to be spanked over a shoulder.  When I was a little kid, I had pigtails.  To this day, I lounge about at home in pyjamas, so this scenario would work out well.  Perhaps I should break out the babydoll nightie.  However, since I tend to get lengthy spankings these days, I don't think G can hold me up for that long on his shoulder!

A girl can dream, you know. =)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two months later...

I am just horrible at updating here. In a nutshell, I'll outline what I have been up to since I last wrote.

I successfully completed my first semester of grad school at the end of April. I did well and am quite pleased! I was so thrilled that I had to find an excuse for G to spank me. So, I suggested that getting an A in a graduate course means that it's essentially a perfect mark (that is, 100 percent), so I should get a hundred smacks. I went on to reason that I had taken two courses, got A's in both, and should really get two hundred smacks on my bottom.

Cutting to the chase, G agreed with me. Over his knee I went. My pajama bottoms were pulled down and the first one hundred smacks were administered over my panties, which didn't completely cover my backside. So, my bottom was starting to smart halfway through the count. The next set were administered on my bare bottom, with G casually pulling my panties down and continuing to spank away. He didn't seem fatigued at all. I was, though. Let's just say that I could feel the heat generated from my spanking and that I had to rub my cheeks afterwards. No complains from me, though... well, other than my playful whining about how G had hurt my bottom in an unfair way. =)

On Friday, I submitted my letter of resignation at work. By the time I leave, I will have been employed there for nearly seven months. The job isn't a good fit for me, particularly working with someone who has been there for nearly thirty years, does not believe in hearing other people's opinions (his are correct and mine are always wrong), and that he likes to work in "criticize mode," which "works well" for him, as he explained to me and my colleague on Wednesday.

I saw the light at long last on Thursday, when he wanted to use his measurements for a Word table that I had created (he liked 6.5" as the table width, whereas I had 6.25"). Wow. Huge difference. His pickiness, along with his liking to criticize a lot of what I do, was not the healthiest environment in which to work.  Frankly, I am probably not as confident as I was before I joined the company as far as the quality of my work goes.

So, out of the blue, a human resources person from my soon-to-be employer saw my resume on and asked if I was interested in a job posting she wanted to fill. One thing led to another. I did well in both the phone and in-person interviews. I got the happy call on Wednesday. I accepted the job offer.

I do like where I currently work. The company is terrific. I just don't like picky guy and the job itself. Averaging four hours of meetings a day is unproductive. I'm not passionate about what I do there. The new job seems like a better fit, so I'm taking this risk and am trying something new. I hope everything works out. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm having a panic attack.

Changing the topic again, G's birthday is next month. I'm once again planning out his birthday spanking. My birthday is a week after his. I'm thinking of a different spin this year. Perhaps he should spank me on his birthday and I should return the favour on mine. I still have over a month to think this through, but it would be different. I'd also like to use a slipper as a spanking implement for our spankings.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Geez, has it been nearly three months since I last wrote?

Yikes! Time does fly by when I'm busy. I'm still figuring out my new job. Well, it's not exactly new, now that I've been with the company for just over four months. I still don't know what I do, though. It'll take some time to understand it all!

I have started my graduate studies, which is the main reason why I haven't updated my blog all that often. I've got a bit of a break now, thank goodness! I must tell you now that I have four assignments due within the next six months. After that, I should be posting more on my blog. When I mean more, I can't guarantee that it'll be every week, but it certainly won't be three months later!

Perhaps I should get a firm paddling for taking this long to post. It's a fitting punishment!

The other day, I did give my hubby, G, a nice over-the-knee spanking. I had asked him to proofread an assignment that I was going to hand in the following day. He had made changes to the first two pages, but didn't bother to edit the last two pages. I reread my paper and noticed that he had missed several major grammatical errors.

Technically, I should be the one over his knee. He should truly give me five swats on my bare bottom for every grammatical error that I had made. However, the onus was on him to correct my mistakes. So, it was fitting for me to spank him.

I started playfully spanking his backside with my hand over his underwear. I then lowered them and spanked him with my bare right hand, with my left forearm holding him down. We both enjoyed the spanking, with my telling him to be more consistent with his editing and pointing out that he should be more thorough.

I think the spanking help. He finished editing my paper and I incorporated the changes.

I think with my next paper, I will deliberately screw up my spelling, punctuation, and grammar, so I can get a sound spanking from him. That shouldn't be too long of a wait. My next assignment is due in less than two weeks.