Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween is here!

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone who enjoys celebrating it has a fun, safe time.

At work, we were supposed to have a potluck lunch. However, considering how everyone is way too busy to make some yummy dishes to bring into work for everyone to chow down and savour, it got cancelled. Only six people signed up for the event.

As for me, I completely forgot about it. Work is hectic these days. We have a software release at the end of the year, but it has to be ready by the end of November.

For Halloween, I should dress up as a good little girl, complete with the short skirt and low-cut blouse. Oh, never mind. I dress up like that throughout the year, which sets the tone for a good spanking.

My guy should dress up as Super Disciplinarian, simply because he just is. My sore bottom would agree wholeheartedly.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The other side of the coin - consent is missing

Every story has different perspectives. A few days ago, we got radio and TV host's Jian Ghomeshi's take on why he believes he was fired from the CBC. I provided my thoughts about it, if it was indeed the case that he was unfairly let go because he likes consensual "rough sex" behind closed doors.

Well, the other side of this case is that eight women have indicated that they were beaten by Ghomeshi, without any consent whatsoever. Canadian television actor Lucy DeCoutere shared her story of having her hair pulled back hard by Ghomeshi and being slapped with a decent amount of force on the side of her head by him.

There wasn't any warning. No consent. It just happened.

So wrong.

No woman deserves that kind of treatment from a man. The fact that eight women have come forward, indicating similar abuse, is convincing support that Ghomeshi does not respect women as much as we'd like to believe.

I am sure that the story will continue to unravel. It is simply a sad story all around.

I hope that all these women are doing okay. Perhaps CBC did do the right thing by letting Ghomeshi go. His image is becoming more tainted, painting him as a monster than a respectable, intelligent on-air host.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday kiss and dill

As many of you know, I write for a living. My writing style on my blog is far different than what I write about at work. With the latter, I am generally describing to readers how to perform various hardware and software tasks.

It's different on my blog. I write to share what has happened to me recently. I'm not telling anyone to do anything. I am simply writing about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I then share them with you.

I found this draft post, which is dated April 16, 2014. My guy was still battling depression, but he seemed to be slowly getting out of that dark period. We were still working at the old office.

Here goes...

I met my guy for lunch at our usual Chinese restaurant. We circled the parking lot together. I pointed to a parking spot for him. I ended up parking a bit further.

He waited for me, and then we walked into the restaurant together. It was packed. We are regulars there. We got a table wiped down quickly. We are always greeted promptly.

I ordered the lemon chicken. He went with the broccoli chicken.

Our chat was good. I teased him about ironing, removing stains from his clothing, and attempting to find his car at Costco.

He noticed my blue sweater that I was wearing and said that it looked new. I think that he is slowly coming out of his depression.

I teased him some more to the point where he playfully tossed his napkin at me. I couldn't help but to grab his hand. We held hands across the table. It was nice.

He wore a light blue, checkered shirt. He confessed that he was getting tired of ironing. It's sort of surprising. He is good at ironing and rarely finds it to be a chore. However, he is more into convenience these days. He'd rather wear something that doesn't require hauling out the ironing board and iron.

We drove back to the office in our respective cars. I must have beat him to it by a large margin. I didn't see his car in sight.

After work, I dropped by the training room. We talked about instant ginger tea. I teased him some more about his need for exerting the least amount of energy to perform tasks. It was a nice chat.

I closed the door. I caressed his head. He got up and wanted to give me a hug. It felt good.

I asked if i could kiss him. He was fine with that. I kissed him on the cheek. He played with my right cheek by sliding his hand in my navy blue pant pocket. He was groping me. I was playing with his chest.

He told me that he felt guilty for not making me feel good. I told him that it was okay under the circumstances. He was making me wet as he continued to grope my buttock.

He looked at me longingly. He initiated a kiss on the lips. It was a nice, long kiss. I got to lick his lips. They were so full and sweet.

My guy has to work on Good Friday. I asked if I could join him for lunch and crash his training session, as I didn't have anything planned that day. He was game.

He shared his cabbage rolls stuffed with rice with me. It had dill in it. I loved them. He learned that I have a love for dill. He said that he didn't even notice it.

My guy often eats without knowing what he has eaten. He smiled when I called him out on it.

I told him about Applebee's and how I used to order the chicken fingers. The place had honey dill dipping sauce. It went away and I was crushed. Luckily, I can make my own whenever I want to.

We left work an hour later. We embraced before we parted and headed home. Both the taste of his sweet lips and of dill lingered as I licked my lips.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Patching up things and booking a hotel for next month

In general, my guy and I don't have too many disagreements, but we did last week. It has been a series of things that has built up, which caused us to both unload our feelings and talk things through.

The talk was good and much needed. We both felt relieved and less stressed.

My guy can get pretty paranoid, which puts a damper on things. Although we are pretty good at not putting our hands on each other in the office, he ends up putting unnecessary restrictions on various details.

Next month, my guy and I will be in Turkey. He will be there for two weeks for work. I will come join him a week later. I will be on vacation for a week. He always likes when I keep him company. It gives us more time together after work to dine, talk, shop, and be tourists together.

My guy tends to stay at the closest hotel to the office. It makes logical, perfect sense. However, he wanted me to initially stay at a different hotel, in case colleagues recognize both of us at the hotel and spread some sort of vicious rumours about us.

So, I had it. I told him that a lot of people know that we're an item, but the likelihood that colleagues in Turkey would know who I am is slim. It also isn't cost-effective for us to be staying at two different hotels, commuting between the two to meet up. And, how about quality time? It may seem exciting to have two places to cuddle and be intimate, but the setup is an unnecessary inconvenience.

I told him flat out that we need to stay in the same hotel. We compromised. He agreed that the hotel closest to the office didn't have much around there.

Today, he wrote me an e-mail and said that he booked us at a hotel close to the downtown area where there is tons of shopping. I looked at this hotel and its location. He did a mighty good job. The view is spectacular. The hotel looks posh. I am not used to staying at such a place.

He is making up for his errors in judgment. I accept. Next month can't come any sooner!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Private sex life of rough sex the cause for employment termination?

One of the first few podcasts that I listened to when I got my first iPod was Q, which started off as an arts and music podcast on CBC. It was hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, who was the former drummer of Moxy Fruvous back in the 90's.

This podcast grew in popularity, to the point where it became a video podcast and a TV show. He was a decent, intelligent host, who made guests feel at ease.

Jian and I went to the same university for our undergraduate studies. He was several years ahead of me and we majored in different areas (he in fine arts; me in geeky computer science and math subjects).

I say that Jian was the host. It wasn't meant to be such an abrupt ending. He had worked at CBC for fourteen years.

Last week, Jian had indicated that he was taking a leave of absence, to grieve for his father who had passed away.

Well, CBC decided to terminate his employment. That isn't exactly the best timing when one of your shining stars is going through a tough time.

There is a lot more to the story, which is unfolding with every day that passes. Jian was allegedly fired because of his "private sex life," and "false accusations pursued by a jilted ex-girlfriend and a freelance writer."

Jian wrote a long message on his Facebook page. He elaborates on his private sex life with a woman in her late twenties, which he feels that CBC felt was reason enough to fire him:
We saw each other on and off over the period of a year and began engaging in adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission. We discussed our interests at length before engaging in rough sex (forms of BDSM).
Naturally, we need to hear all sides of this story. However, I do not think that Jian is obligated to explain his private sexual life to the world. It is just that -- private. His employer should not make a judgment about him based on what he does in his bedroom and be dismissed as an employee for what he does away from work, if this point is indeed the reason for his losing his job.

As much as I get along with my colleagues at work, I never want to share my private sex life with them. My guy is my colleague, but we are in a relationship. What we do in our relationship, especially behind closed doors is private to us. I would be horrified if I were let go from my job because management found out that I like having my bare bottom smacked hard by an attractive guy who holds my hands behind my back and punishes me. It has nothing to do with how competent I am doing my job.

We will see how things progress this week. Jian is suing CBC for $50 dollars, likely for wrongful dismissal.

In the meantime, it would be nice if Jian could be left alone to grieve for his father.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Directions and songs about hot dogs

My guy was in Montreal all last week for work. We talked on Skype a handful of times, which helps ease the pain from being away from each other.

He is directionally challenged. I often tease him. On the contrary, I am pretty good with directions. Even when I am in an unfamiliar city, if you give me a map, I am fine getting around.

Montreal can be a bit confusing, for it isn't truly on a grid system. When I was there a few years ago, I drove there from Toronto and was perfectly fine. It helps that my car has a built-in GPS.

My guy's lifeline is his GPS. Without it, he is truly helpless. Well, that fact changed.
"For the first time, I drove with two GPSs," he said to me.
"What?" I replied, puzzled by his statement.
"I had my regular GPS with me and the one on my phone," he stated.
"Why did you need two?"
"My regular one wasn't giving me accurate directions. My phone was much better at it for the most part."
I would be pretty distracted having two GPSs going simultaneously. I could go crosseyed if I had them on either side of the steering wheel!

I joke often that he stays with me because whenever we go shopping together, I can lead him to his car after we're done. What he needs is a phone application that tells him where he has parked. I have one on my phone, but haven't used it.

We are silly together, especially when we're tired. We talked about his experience going to Costco in downtown Montreal, which he found just fine. I always bug him that he never buys me a hot dog from the place.
"Oh, no. Not this conversation again," my guy said with dread.
"You can buy tons of hot dogs there," I said with childlike wonder.
"Hot dogs are bad for you with tons of chemicals," he sang.
"No, they aren't," I replied.
"Yes, they are. Hot dogs should not be consumed by you," he sang some more.
"They are yummy, yummy, yummy!" I sang back at him with my reply.
It made him laugh. I couldn't help but to laugh with him. It's not everyday that you have a singing conversation about hot dogs.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Playful spanking on Dancing with the Stars

Now and again, I will watch parts of Dancing with the Stars. There are some celebrities that I enjoy watching. In the past, it was Erin Andrews and Candace Cameron Bure. They both did pretty well considering that they don't have dancing backgrounds.

Alfonso Ribeiro is an exception. I watched him play Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a teenager. He does have a dancing background, which can be perceived as an advantage over the majority of the celebrities on this show.

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Carrie Ann Inaba decided to playfully spank Alfonso for doing a good job after his dance:
Although where she was lightly slapping his backside is higher that it should be, it was cute. I am not sure whether the viewers enjoyed that or were freaked out.

Of course, the spanking would have been better with his pants and briefs pulled down, but it is a prime time show. =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sleeping poorly and being apart

This week, my guy is on a business trip in Montreal. The last time he was there, he had just bought his new car and drove there. This time around, he took a flight out.

We both haven't slept very well. Last night, I was tossing and turning. I eventually stopped looking at the clock at 03:45 and woke up three hours later, just raring to go to work.

My guy wrote to me tonight, saying that he was too tired to talk. He hasn't slept well for the past two nights.

I am not sure whether it is the cooler weather here or the fact that we are apart that is keeping up awake.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My post on Chross's site, voting early, and photos

It is always a pleasant surprise when one of my posts ends up on Chross's Spankings of the Week page. This time makes it number four! My post-analysis of how sore my backside was after my last spanking made it and I am truly flattered!

On Saturday, I voted early for the municipal elections. I tend to vote early because voting day always lands on a weekday and I don't like rushing over to the polling station after work, lining up, and trying to figure out who I want to vote for. 

I have worked at all three levels of governmental elections in my life. By far, the municipal elections are the most enjoyable to be a part of. In my city, the results are automatically tabulated by computer. You  can even vote online. I like lining up and having a ballot to make my candidate selections. 

Next month, I am travelling to Turkey. My passport expires in April, so I need to renew it. It helps to have a passport that is valid for at least six months. I got my passport photo taken today at Costco. I look so different now than I did 4.5 years ago. I definitely like how I look now.

Then, I looked at my photo on my Costco membership card, which was taken thirteen years ago. It is not a flattering picture of me. I looked like a convict and my membership level wasn't quite right, either. As a result, I got that photo retaken. 

It was a productive day. Too bad the passport office isn't open on the weekend. Otherwise, I would have submitted my application by now!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Farewell to the old laptop

Back in 2008, I was a graduate student and completed my degree through distance education. It was the first year in which our chats went from an instant-messaging, text-only discussion to an online video format. 

I had a Mac mini at the time that was one of the earlier models, which could not handle streaming video. So, I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have to turn on the video camera, but could simply participate through the voice chat.

Eventually, for one of my courses, I needed to run software that was Windows-specific. I couldn't run it on a virtual machine on my Mac mini. I caved and bought a laptop that was on sale at Staples.

Well, this laptop finally died on me last week. I ended up with a system error. I didn't even get a glorious blue screen of death. I just kept looking at my black screen of horror.

Okay, it wasn't really a horror. It was more like an inconvenience. I was at a crossroads. Should I attempt to salvage all data on my hard drive and throw out the laptop, or should I save it by getting a new hard drive and reinstalling Windows?

I opted with the former. These days, I can get a faster, more powerful laptop than spending hours trying to fix old technology.

I am not your average technical writing gal. My undergraduate degree was computer science, which was my major. I had friends during those days call me a techie because I fiddled with my computers over the years. I swapped out and upgraded hard disks. I changed sound cards and CD-ROM drives. I upgraded motherboards and added more RAM. 

To this day, I still like doing all these things, but I haven't needed to do it because I became a Mac user at home. I am lucky that I haven't had any issues with it. At work, I have a Windows-based laptop and don't have the luxury of tearing it apart, whether I want to out of frustration or not!

So, last Saturday, I went to my local computer store. I walked through the main doors and was immediately greeted by a helpful male staff member.
"Can I help find something for you?"
"Yes, I'm looking for a hard drive enclosure," I stated.
"This way," he replied, leading me over to the proper aisle. "Computer or laptop?"
"Laptop," I replied. "I need a 2.5" enclosure."
I go to this store because I am not treated like a woman who knows nothing about computers. I get that often. However, after talking to me for a bit, you can tell that I know a decent amount to get by.

He was helpful. I bought my new enclosure, went home, took my laptop apart, and seated my laptop hard drive into the enclosure. I now have a new external hard disk drive with a USB 3.0 connection. All my files are there.

So, my next debate is whether I truly need a replacement laptop. I could use my work laptop, but there is so much encryption on it that it's just sluggish to do fun stuff on it. Fortunately, I am not under any pressure.

After I was done with graduate school, I bought a new Mac mini. It is my main computer at home ever since. The majority of my blog post are written from it and I have yet to complain about its performance.

I will miss my old laptop. My guy and I have spent many fine times talking on Skype. Lately, we both noticed that when I was using Skype on this laptop now and again that the connection would drop because Skype would hang. I do have fond memories of my conversations with him using this laptop. I should stick to using Skype from my phone or my tablet.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Levels of soreness after a spanking

As my guy and I have got to know each other over the years, my guy spanks me a lot harder these days than he used to.

When we started dating, it was cute how tentative and concerned he was about spanking me too hard. Months later, he asked me if he could spank me harder. Since I gave him my approval, he hasn't looked back. Well, he has looked at my backside to admire his work after administering a spanking, but you know what I mean.

The last two spankings that I have received were by far the hardest ones that I have received from him. Normally, the soreness after such a fun spanking session lasts a day or two. The last two spankings have lasted for nearly three days. I liked that feeling of being thoroughly spanked and having that constant reminder when sitting down on a not-so-comfortable chair or bench.

I like playfully whining to my guy after being spanked, days after the fact.
"My bottom is still sore. It is going on to day three," I said to him at lunch the other day.
"Good," he replied, wolfing down his chicken teriyaki on rice. "I like inflicting pain."
"Geez, that sounds pretty sadistic. I have created a pain-inflicting monster!"
"Nah, I just enjoy spanking you hard and seeing your cute bottom turn various shades of pink."
I'm simply glad that he continues to love spanking me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A hard spanking with a leather silicone paddle at the hotel

This post is part two of my fun evening with my guy at the hotel.

Before my guy kissed me and let me rest as he headed to his computer to teach an online course, he stood next to me, by my bedside, and told me that he was horny. It showed.

My guy's erect penis wanted to come out of his brown slacks. I was relaxed and dopey, but managed to hug my guy while rubbing my right cheek against his member. He liked that a lot.

He walked over to the other side of the bed to hug me some more. He was so aroused that he wanted me to touch his erect cock. He pulled it out of his slacks and briefs.
"You are so hard that I can hang my sweatshirt on you," I remarked. "Who needs a hook when I have you right now."
I held his penis in my right hand and and stroked it with my thumb. My guy loved it. I kissed the tip sweetly. My guy had two minutes before his course. I could tell that he was torn between having me jerk him off, but he managed to put his member back in his pants and do his other job.

I rested for a good half an hour before I got out of bed and managed to walk over to my guy's desk. There was a sofa next to the desk, so I sat there, drank some Diet Coke, and listened to my guy talk.

My guy reached for my chin and lovingly caressed it. He has told me that I have a cute chin. It has been ages since he has caressed it.

As he was talking, he caressed my breasts and played with my hard nipples. We then held hands for a while as he continued to teach his course. Luckily, it was only for an hour.

When he was done with the course, he shut down his laptop and looked at me sweetly.
"What are you doing up?" he asked me. "You should be resting in bed."
"I don't know," I replied. "I wanted to be closer to you."
"Come here," he said, taking both my hands and pulling me up on my feet. 
We headed back to the bed. He lifted up my skirt and gave me a good slap across my right buttock. It was time for my spanking.

My guy was standing behind me, with his body pressed up against me. He gently bent me over the end of the bed, with his body still against mine.

He walked over to get the leather silicone paddle. The anticipation of having a new implement used on my bottom excited me.

He lifted my skirt up and gave me several sharp smacks with the paddle. It was effective. I could feel my butt warming up immediately.

He lowered my lacy panties and continued paddling my bare bottom. At one point, he gave each buttock five rapid slaps across the same spot. It hurt a ton, to the point where my bare hands were clenching by sore backside for a while. He decided to take pictures of my pink bottom.

He lightly tapped both my hands, signalling that I needed to remove them from protecting my achy bottom. He wasn't finished with me. More hard slaps came down. He stopped when he told me that my backside was a pretty shade of pink.

Being the gentleman that he is, my guy pulled up my panties and fixed my skirt. He then gently sat in front of me on the edge of the bed and held my hands in his. I was kneeling in front of him.
"You know what happens now?" he asked me.
"I don't know," I said in a childlike way.
"I think you do," he said playfully, smiling at me and resting his head against mine, which was affectionate and sweet.
"I want to suck you," I replied.
"Why should I let you suck me?" he asked me.
"Because I crave your hard cock. I want it badly."
"Okay, I will let you," he agreed.
I carefully unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks, and helped him remove both his briefs and slacks. I held his erect member in my hand for a bit. I then had to get the strawberry-flavoured gel.

I came back to him and his penis was starting to get limp. I spread the gel with my fingers around it and proceeded to lick his member, which got hard in my mouth the more I sucked it. We had talked about my giving him a blowjob when his penis is at a limp state and gets harder. It was realized this evening.

I slowly took his big cock out of my mouth, which turned him on so much. He managed to snap photos of my doing that. He truly enjoyed the experience so much that he came in record time. My entire hand was fully coated with his cum.

We rested for a bit before I had enough strength to head over to the bathroom to get towels. I helped clean my guy up. He thanked me. We kissed and rested for a bit.

My guy and I were standing up at one point. We were in an embrace. He caressed my buttocks, which were sore to the touch.
"My bottom hurts," I whined playfully like a little girl.
"I'm sorry," he said, laughing.
"Why are you laughing?" I asked him.
"Because I'm not sorry," he admitted.
"You're a sweet meanie," I replied, hugging him tightly.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Every workday should end with checking into a hotel to be with your loved one

I had one voucher for a free hotel stay left to use by the middle of this month. I decided to use it last Monday.

I found a hotel that was exceptionally close to our workplace. You could actually walk there in less than ten minutes. By car, it was only a three-minute drive.

I left work just before 17:30 and drove down to the hotel. I checked in quickly. The entire process took five minutes. It helps to be an elite member!

As soon as I got to the hotel, I connected to the free wifi and sent a quick message to my guy. He is directionally challenged, so I needed to provide the address with the postal code (he taught me that it's easier to enter the postal or zip code into a GPS than to enter the entire address from scratch), along with the hotel room number.

While waiting for him, I unpacked and freshened up. The hotel room was pretty spacious. I loved the large TV and the kitchenette. I had brought a few snacks with me, including some soup.

The problem whenever I have a kitchen in my hotel room is that I tend to do more cooking than I should. This issue happened to me recently in Denver and Atlantic City. It's okay if I'm in the greater Toronto area, because I am kind of at home. However, if I am travelling, I dig into my sightseeing time by cooking and don't get to truly experience the local cuisine.

The idea tonight was to grab some dinner after my guy and I got together. So, I didn't haul in a ton of groceries to make dinner from scratch.

Anyway, I heard a knock at my door just after 18:00. Of course, I knew who it was and quickly got to the door. As usual, my guy looks handsome as he stood there. He was carrying a lot of stuff with him as he entered the room.
"Wow, you brought your rolling computer bag. Are you planning on working here?" I asked him curiously.
"Well, I have that solve-for-m course," he said, which is the nickname we have dubbed for his online course.
"That means that you're staying here longer?" I asked, fairly excited.
"Yes, we get more time for each other," he said with a huge grin on his face. "I even brought dinner for us."
He's sweet that way.

He plopped all his belongings on the desk. He came over to me and looked me over. I was wearing a short-sleeved blue t-shirt and a short grey skirt.
"You look cute," he said, looking into my eyes.
"You look great yourself," I said.
Our lips locked as we hugged. His hands immediately groped my buttocks. With enough groping, I get so wet to the point where I can reach orgasm. Sure enough, it was an intense one, to the point where I was grabbing onto his belt around his waist as I came.

My guy likes the fact that I can have multiple orgasms. I am lucky that I have still have that knack.

We headed over to one of the two beds in the room. He gently placed me on the bed with him on top of me. We kissed and he fondled my pussy. Minutes later, I came yet again.

I came one last time. He remarked at how wet I was. We kissed some more.

My guy is boyish in the sense that when he gets hungry, he can't concentrate unless he has food in his system. So, we took a break. I was starting to get dopey, so he did all the work with the food that he had brought.

He had made a cucumber and tomato salad. He also made these mini beef pies and lamb with a tomato-based rice mixture. He heated the latter two dishes in the microwave. He also made tea for us.

We are similar in that we like cooking. We actually used two forks to dig into the beef pies, lamb, and rice. It was sweet and romantic, even though the kitchen had plenty of dishes.

After dinner, we headed back to the bed and cuddled for a bit. He saw the black silicone paddle by my bedside and took it out of the plastic wrapping. He liked it. He playfully lifted my skirt and lightly spanked my pussy.
"I like this paddle," he said, enjoying how it felt in his hand. "I will use it on your bare bottom after my course."
He played with my pussy some more. I was even more excited after his remark about spanking me. I came again. I then rested on the bed to nap. My guy kissed me before he headed to the desk to begin his online course.

The second part of this experience will be in my next blog post. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Understanding Google+ and rubbing my pink bottom

This post is one with mixed content. It wasn't the post that I had meant to write. I still need to share my spanking fun from last Monday.

I have a Google+ account because it makes it easier to use Blogger. I am on social media, with Facebook and Twitter being my main accounts under my real name. However, with Google+, I have never truly understood it.

Well, I am not sure if it's a question of understanding it. I don't think that I need to belong to so many social networks.

With Google+, I decided to use it more as Cutiebootie. All I have done is posted links to this blog. So, whenever I have created a new blog post here, I will add the link to my Google+ page.

In case you are an avid user there, feel free to visit my Google+ page. I haven't done much with my page, so it's pretty basic for now.

My profile photo is indeed a picture of my backside after my guy had spanked it, but it was hours after the fact. As a result, the redness is long gone. He got me the purple panties that I am wearing when he was in Dallas on a business trip. Purple happens to be my favourite colour.

I wrote about my last spanking experience a couple of posts ago. I forgot to mention that after getting thoroughly spanked by my guy, he caressed my bare, sore buttocks for a minute. His touch felt so good, attempting to soothe my well-spanked backside. It's such an intimate, wonderful feeling to have your spanker make you feel better after the session is over.

My next post will definitely be about last Monday. I have time to write about it since this weekend is the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A sweet review of the girl with the naughty name's blog (that is, my blog)

It seems like a long time. Then again, this year is blowing by too quickly for my liking.

Back in June, I participated in my first blogging challenge. Each day, you choose a topic to write about and your topic goes through each letter of the alphabet. I knew that it would be difficult for me to accomplish, considering that I had a major deadline that month at work and that I haven't blogged that regularly in years.

Although I thought that I would be going through a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and nervous breakdowns, I survived. I felt good that I had accomplished something important. I also managed to find a number of blogs that I love following.

I wish that I could read a blog from start until finish. I was lucky to have found Han's blog. He has a good mix of post topics. Variety is good. I appreciate his hand at writing poetry and quoting poems from some of my favourite poets, such as Ogden Nash. He also posts intriguing photos that end up being etched in my memory for quite some time. I admire that he participates in far more blog challenges that I have.

We found each other's blogs through this challenge in June. I was flattered one day, a few weeks back, when he left me a message, saying that he was striving to read every post that I have written.

I used to do that with this blog. I have been told that I have a good memory. I am also a reflective person, so reading and reminiscing aren't unusual tasks for me.

I haven't read my older blog posts for a while. It is mainly because this blog can be divided into two distinct sections:

  • My life as a married woman, which crumbled and I finally managed to end my marriage after years of knowing that it had a number of issues that could not be resolved.
  • My life these days with my guy.
A few days ago, Han left me a message, stating that he wanted to write a post on his blog about mine. Reviews are both exciting and frightening to me. It's nice that someone loves reading every post that you write and comments regularly. On the other hand, it's the I-don't-know-what-he-is-going-to-say and I-may-not-enjoy-blogging-if-the-comments-are-negative feelings that I had. He reassured me by letting me read his draft. He also wanted to make sure that I was okay with the content.

His insight gave me insight on my life, which is refreshing. I could tear people to shreds. I have been through a bunch of negative experiences. I could let them all out on this blog, but it's just not me.

I am a writer by trade. This blog is an outlet for me. I don't talk about my love for spanking to anyone but those who are close to me, so I do just that on my blog. I am connected to people in the blogosphere who share the same passion as I do. These days, I am spanked more than dishing spankings out. It is an ongoing, exciting journey for me. I want to share these experiences, which has not changed since I started my blog.

And, yes, it took one reader who was upset that I wasn't customizing my blog post for his liking that made me review all comments here prior to publishing them. As much as I love readers following along, I do blog for myself first. It's just sweeter when readers enjoy what I blog about, too.

So, thanks again to Han for taking the time to read practically all my blog posts by now. Thanks to you, my readers, for your support. 

I am approaching 500 posts. Han made the observation that I have been blogging on and off for nine years. Wow! There are some rather large periods of my being away -- mainly from my divorce, from back surgery, and from my master's degree. Each blog post is a snapshot of a moment in my life, similar to taking a photo. I wouldn't delete any of these snapshots, whether good or nasty.

Perhaps I should go back and read my blog posts and see how far I have come.

Cutiebootie (a.k.a. the girl with the naughty name)

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Over-the-hotel-bed spanking with his hand and a wooden ruler

The hotel bed was high for the both of us, but it was the perfect height for me to bend over the edge it to present my posterior.

My guy carefully raised my short skirt up. He sucked in his breathe for a moment.
"You have the most perfect butt. I love the black panties."
He wanted me to unlock my phone to take pictures. I did it and handed my phone to him. There was a decent pause as he fiddled with it. I was getting anxious. I was excited, but didn't know when the first smack would land.

Well, the first smack landed on my bare flesh. My lacy black panties aren't exactly the type to absorb firm hand smacks, but he chose to slap my exposed bare skin. We both heard how crisp and clean the smack sounded. It was hard. It was good.

He proceeded alternating hard smacks on each cheek. It was nice. I was aroused.

My guy decided to pull down my panties. I attempted to pull them up. He didn't like that and gave me some quick smacks to show his disapproval. He pulled my panties down my mid-thighs. He continued smacking me some more. I could feel the warmth slowly happening.

My guy stopped. I could hear him looking for the wooden ruler that I had left in front of the TV.
"I need you to fix the camera (on your phone)," he said, handing it to me.
"What did you do?" I said, looking at the display. He slapped my right cheek.
"Fix it now," he demanded, which was punctuated by another slap across my bare left cheek.
"That hurts! I can't concentrate if you keep spanking me."
"Faster!" he insisted, continuing the assault on my backside. 
I started to laugh.
"What's so funny?" he asked me.
"You are the one who can't figure out my phone. Yet, I am the one who is being punished. That's so unfair!"
I managed to fix the phone. He started slapping my bare behind methodically with the wooden ruler. They were hard slaps and I could feel the soreness. I started to whine. He told me to stop talking, ending his sentence with another ruler slap.

At one point, I covered my hand over my left buttock. My guy held his left hand in mine, but continued to spank me. I got a hold of his spanking hand with my free hand. He managed to hold that hand behind the small of my back and gave me a good hard smack, which got me extremely excited.

He rested his body over mind. He whispered in my ear that I was a bad girl. He playfully slapped my right cheek.

I was wet. Drenched is more accurate. My guy liked how pink by bottom was and admired his fine work. He decided that the time was right to pleasure me. I came not once, but twice. Both experiences were wonderful.

The second orgasm occurred when I was on the bed on all fours. Afterwards, I ended up resting on my stomach and started to roll over to my side.
"No, I didn't tell you to roll over!" he shouted, and gave both sore, bare cheeks firm slaps. "I need to do this."
He is a true gentleman. He pulled my black lacy panties up and fixed my skirt.
"Aww, you're so sweet!"
He was still standing at the foot of the bed. I went over to him, sitting on my sore pink bottom, hugging him and telling him that I love him. He did the same, holding me in his arms and kissing my forehead.

I have always found it bizarre that my guy and I are in the IT field, but he is technologically challenged. Unfortunately, none of the photos that he took of my pert posterior made it to my phone.

Not to worry about these tragic results. The second session has been scheduled.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Happy girl with a sore bottom

Hello! This post will be pretty brief.

I have a lot to blog about soon. The last two spankings that my guy has dished out have been incredible. My bottom is mighty sore as I write this post, which is one reason why it is a short one. =)

As a teaser, my guy christened my new silicone black paddle tonight. It packs quite the slap. My guy remarked how pink my bottom halfway through my spanking.

I am one happy, sore, lucky girl.

Friday, October 03, 2014

A spanking house call

My guy came back in town on Tuesday night. I decided to use one of my rewards vouchers at a hotel chain. He got me into booking with this chain because you get free hotel stays now and again. I have three free nights with these vouchers. If I use my points, I could actually make my stay at a hotel free for a week.

His flight was expected to touch down in Toronto at 21:30. It would be a rather long wait for me to wait for him at work. Instead, booking a hotel room, going out for dinner, and then having my guy stop by was fitting. He'd be tired from travelling all the way from Auckland, but we would both be energized to see each other.

An hour later, as expected, I heard the knock at my door. My heart was beating a bit faster, eager to see him. I quickly got to the door and opened it. He was standing in front of me, with a cap on his head that made him look boyish and handsome.
"The doctor is making a house call!" I exclaimed joyfully.
"Yes!" he said, smiling as he walked through the door.
We both asked each other how we were. We briefly answered the question, but our rather long embrace said it all. It was the hug that didn't need any words. We had missed each other and wanted to be in each other's arms.
"I'm so glad to see you," I said, still in his embrace.
"Likewise," he replied. "You look good, as always."
"You do, too."
"No, I don't. I haven't shaved my face."
"I like your stubble," I said, caressing his head with both my hands.
He kissed my hands and led me to the bed. We sat there. It was a rather high bed, even for two people who are around six feet tall.
"I feel like a little girl on this bed," I said.
"You're sweet."
We kissed for a long time. I was melting and loved how soft his full lips were against mine.
"Have you been a good girl?" he asked me, rubbing my backside.
"Yes, but you always say that I am a bad girl. You're the only one who thinks so."
"Well, you'll be getting what you deserve. Did you bring the wooden ruler or do I have to use my bare hand?"
"The ruler is on the dresser. You can use your hand if you want."
There is nothing like getting turned on by seeing your guy after a couple of weeks and having him methodically hint that a certain girl was about to get a long, hard spanking.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Do I really need a reason why I shouldn't be spanked?

My guy and I had one of our longest Skype chats on the weekend. It started at around 22:00 local time for me. I actually had to stop our chat at 01:30 because I had to shower and also empty my bladder. It's kind of funny, but I had worked out just before he had called me, so I really did need to freshen up and not have my bladder explode.

Anyway, just before all of that, my guy and I had a ten-minute chat as to why I needed to be spanked. A part of it went something like the following:
"But, I am a good girl. So, you don't have to spank me," I stated rather unconvincingly.
"You are never a good girl. You deserve what is coming to your attractive bare bottom," he replied.
"Well, you are far away, so my bottom is safe from mean people like you."
"I know how bad girls like you behave. You need a lot of punishment and I will need to make sure that your bare bottom is sore after I am done with you."
Needless to say, I was extremely turned on after that chat. My guy and I got off just after my shower. It was 03:30 when I said goodnight to him. He remotely kissed me goodnight and tucked me into bed.

If he isn't by my side, hearing his voice over Skype is a pretty good alternative.