Thursday, May 30, 2013

A sick, sweet message

My guy tends to get sick after returning from India these days. Perhaps it's the stale air being circulated on the plane, which had cold germs that he managed to catch. Last week, he basically went to work for two days and stayed home sick for three.

We seem to grow closer when we are apart. It sounds illogical and ridiculous. Maybe we're just growing closer as the days go by. While he was recovering, we continued to send e-mails to each other.

I could tell that he was missing me on the weekend. He wrote the sweetest message that I have received from him to date. I won't post the entire message here, but he tends to not an expressive guy from a writing standpoint. However, he is slowly warming up to it.

Highlights from his e-mail include these fine points:
  • He called me his "hot girl (in more than one way)." He has told me that I am hot, but it has been when he was first trying to get me to notice him and when we have quality time.
  • He expressed sadness that he won't be travelling to Hong Kong, as our company has now established a branch there. He was okay with it, though. He said, "I'm glad I have my own sexy Asian girl at home!" 
  • He ended his message with the closing salutation, "Guy who is looking forward to seeing beautiful you on Monday!"
Although these points may not seem ground-breaking to most, they are to me.  He used to be a guy who would end his e-mail messages with a simple cheers. As of late, when we are being intimate, he will say that he loves me repeatedly, as if it were a mantra to calm him down, which he never used to do.

I like when he playfully threatens to spank me, either hearing him say that to me or reading it in a message. He didn't do that in this message, but when he does, I get aroused instantly.

More about what had transpired on Monday in my next post!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The date - Part 2

My guy had purchased a set of four tires with rims before he left for India. The four tires occupied the back of his car for quite some time. Today, they were gone.

Being the true gentleman that he is, he had brought a beach towel from home. He covered the backseat with it. He then had to recall who got into the treehouse first. Yes, it has been that long. I had to remember how I used to get in there wearing a short skirt.

Once we were seated comfortably, we held hands. He looked down at mine and admired the nail polish that I had applied the day before. He liked what he was seeing.

He couldn't help but to touch my bare leg. He rubbed my left leg up and down for a bit.  He immediately unbuttoned my shirt and told me that he loved my black bra underneath.

We kissed, as we normally do. We French kissed. I probably rushed things a bit. I was already tracing his lips with my tongue, which we both love. He told me that it was driving him mad.

He wanted to rub his bare legs against mine. His trousers and briefs came down. Our legs were intertwined as we kissed.

My guy moved his hand up my thigh. His fingers were between my legs. He proceeded to finger me, admiring my lacy black panties that I was wearing. I reached orgasm moments later. It was intense, likely because it has been a while since we were together.

His cock was hard, to the point where it was pointing at me, almost telling me to provide some sort of relief. I wrapped my hand around it and gave my guy a handjob. We kissed as I did so. He came up for air and told me that he loved me. I told him that I loved him, too.

He asked that he come on my leg. I told him to. He did. My leg was covered with his semen. It made us both content. We were both dopey.

We cleaned up and then hugged for several minutes. Eventually, he woke up and wanted to finger my butt. He had this mischievous smile on his face. My guy is boyish that way. I told him that I needed a moment.

We continued to rest in each other's arms. My guy's right hand rested on my backside. It doesn't take much for me to get wet when he does that. He lightly patted my buttocks. The smacks became harder. I was getting so turned on that I went over his lap automatically. I have craved to be spanked for what seemed to be ages. It was finally happening.

With a sore backside, my guy fingered by butt. I came yet again moments later. I couldn't stop smiling, although I was extremely dopey. He kissed me sweetly on my forehead. I snuggled up more to his chest.

Welcome back.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The date - part 1

On Monday, I drove to our regular Chinese restaurant. I had suggested that we have a date night, to get reacquainted with each other and catch up. It had been over two weeks since we had last seen each other. Coincidentally, I had introduced him to this restaurant and he has loved every item on the menu ever since.

It was a gorgeous day. It felt like summer. I wore a grey short-sleeved shirt. It was a low-cut shirt to begin with, but it had a couple of buttons that you can undo. I know that my guy likes easy access, so I was being accommodating.

I had taken a picture of a new pair of sandals that I was wearing the other day and sent it as an attachment in an e-mail. He liked them and wondered what they would look like paired with a skirt. I wore a navy blue skirt with them. I felt feminine and girlie.

I waited for my guy to arrive at the restaurant. I didn't see his car in the parking lot, so I waited in my car. My car's windows were three-quarters down on either side. I was checking my e-mail.

Moments later, my guy walked up next to me. I said hi and asked how he was doing.

He has a romantic side to him. He poked his head through the window and kissed me on the lips. It was a long, passionate kiss. My head moved back and touched the headrest. My right hand cradled my guy's head automatically. It was a nice kiss.

My guy has a boyish tendency about him. He reached into the car and moved his hand under my skirt, caressing my bare thigh. He also took a peek under my shirt. He remarked that I was wearing a black bra, which he approved of.

I rolled up my car's windows and got out of the car. He immediately groped my left buttock. I felt like melting. I have missed his touch.

We got into the restaurant and sat down. My guy sat next to me. As soon as the server had left, he couldn't help but to squeeze and caress my bare thigh. At one point, he was playing with my crotch.

I reciprocated when my guy moved my hand to his crotch. His cock was hard as all can be. I played with it for a bit. My guy actually had to tell me to stop, as he didn't want to ejaculate in the restaurant!

We talked and ate. He ordered hot and sour soup. I ordered won ton noodle soup. I couldn't eat it all, so I had my guy eat whatever noodles and won tons were left over. It was a light dinner, but it worked out well for both of us.

He groped my buttock again. I moved my left hand up and down his back. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to hug me badly.

When we had finished eating and chatting up a storm, we headed to the counter where my guy graciously paid for dinner. He played with my crotch again, rubbing it with his finger. I was so turned on.

We headed out to the parking lot and drove to our local treehouse location.

Part two is coming soon!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Date night is here

It's confirmed. My guy and I have a dinner date tomorrow night, after his workday is over. It sounds odd that he is one of the few folks from our office who is working on holiday Monday.

I am glad that I had suggested going out for dinner for these reasons:
  • We both can't wait to see each other
  • It's the least that I can do to try and make his Monday seem better
  • I need to make sure that he's not too jet-lagged, so that he can drive himself home
  • We need some quality time
I am not sure whether I have mentioned the following tidbit of information in the past. Our workplace is equidistant from where we both live. It is roughly an hour for both of us to commute to work. So, the handful of times where he has driven over to my place is quite the journey. Instead, we often have our date nights close to work, including quality time in the backseat. I do like this photo, which would be us if we were in a limousine.

It sounds weird. There are moments where I wish that we would just move in together and live close to work. However, things have worked out well so far. We are not in any rush to make changes, especially since my guy is on the road a lot these days.

My guy teases me about my love for shopping at GAP. Well, I went there often last year when I had lost sixty pounds and needed a brand new wardrobe.  My guy told me that he'd never shop there.

Never say never. He told me today that he bought some socks from the store. I was shocked. I thought that this long weekend may be our last one. An apocalypse must be around the corner. He laughed.

We can't wait to see each other. I suppose that I should enjoy being able to sit comfortably until tomorrow night!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Homecoming, spanking, and nuzzling

My guy is finally back home from his business trip. He wrote to me between his second and last flight segments yeterday.

Although he had been travelling for 24 hours before writing to me and was likely tired, he still managed to write a thoughtful, lengthy e-mail. He was his usual sweet self.

We were talking about Netflix. My guy had suggested that I give the service a try months ago. I seemed like the last person anywhere who had yet to try it out. I did. We discussed about the movies and documentaries that I have been watching as of late, and the shows that my guy recommends that I watch.

We talked about Drop Dead Diva. I told him that it would be a safe bet to say that I am like Teri, the assistant to the main character, Jane, who is a lawyer who has "inherited" someone else's heart and soul. Teri is played by Margaret Cho. She had bangs like I do. I just look like a supersized Asian in comparison, as far as height and size go.

One of my favourite sentences from my guy's e-mail was the following:
You know I have something for cute Chinese girls with well-groomed nails, a cute smile, and great legs (among other qualities). 
Yes, I do know. He's good at reinforcing what he loves about me. It's also his way of saying that he misses me. The feeling is mutual.

It seems like ages since we have been together. My guy has to work on Monday, which is Victoria Day in Canada and a statutory holiday. Hopefully, he isn't too jet-lagged, but I asked him whether he'd be up for dinner and conversation after work that day. Right now, he is fast asleep, which is good. If he were still in India, he'd be wide awake.

It just dawned on me that it has been two weeks since I received a lopsided spanking from my guy. I crave a regular spanking. By regular, I mean over his knee, spanked hard on both cheeks with either his hand or a paddle, and with my bare bottom exposed.

As for my guy, he misses caressing my backside. He also has been thinking about my nuzzling his hard cock. I have been doing the same, too.

The e-mails continue to strengthen our friendship and our relationship. However, being apart makes us long to be physically together. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but this absence can be emotionally painful.

Anyway, I am glad that this pain will be going away soon and a sore backside will replace this pain with another type.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ice bank mice elf

Say the following out loud and it will make more sense:

I must admit that I had to say it a few times to get it. Yes, my synapses didn't exactly fire as well as they could have.

It's a fascinating subject to discuss. Self-spankings. Have I ever given myself a spanking?

I don't recall writing about this topic at length. The quick answer is yes.

I have always been turned on by getting a birthday spanking. I would see my friends lovingly getting their birthday smacks when we were in grade school. Unfortunately, my birthday is in July, when school is out. So, I didn't have that luxury.

My parents never spanked me. I am also an only child. I am a goody-goody. So, I did spank myself -- specifically, giving myself birthday swats.

First, they were across my jeans or pants. If I were at home, on my bed, my pants would come off and I'd spank myself with my bare had across my panties.

I would estimate that I must have been ten or eleven years of age when I gave myself a bare-bottomed spanking. Everything was with my open hand. I would be either on my knees, with my butt in the air, spanking myself, or I'd be on my side, swatting each buttock.

I then got into using implements. They were items that I had as a child. I had tennis and badminton rackets. I used a plastic hockey stick. I recall using a blue plastic shovel that had a flat back. I also like slapping my backside with a wooden ruler, which I still have to this day and love it. They were all special in making my backside turn pink.

Of course, trying to keep the noise down was key. When I was in grade seven or eight, it would be easier to spank myself when my parents were at work. However, if they were at home, I figured that I could still get some soreness by pinching my backside a bunch of times, and then lightly spanking myself either across my panties or extremely lightly over my bare bottom.

All this reminiscing is bringing back great memories.

Do I like self-spankings now? I don't know. I can't answer that because I haven't given myself one for the longest time. I probably prefer to be spanked by someone else, simply because that has been the case for a while.

With self-spankings, you know when each smack is going to land. When my guy spanks me, I have no idea how hard, fast, or which buttock will be smacked. I like that uncertainty. It keeps me guessing. It adds to the excitement.

I suppose that my keeping quiet when I am spanked these days stems from my childhood of not making a ton of noise during a self-spanking. This experience may also be the reason why I am relatively quiet when I reach orgasm in the sense that I am not yelling out to the world that it's happening. You do hear moans and groans, but I am not waking up the neighbours.

When I am spanked these days, I could care less how loud my spanking is. Funny how things change when you're older.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hey, a (Skype) connection!

Mondays are typically blah for me. After an enjoyable weekend, it takes me longer to get back into the groove and do work. This Monday was no exception -- or so I thought.

My guy's last e-mail indicated that the hotel room that the clients had booked for him was in horrible condition. My guy didn't even unpack his belongings. Instead, he connected his laptop to the Internet, did a bit of research, and checked in to a different hotel room. This client wasn't willing to pay for a liveable room for him, opting to try and reduce its costs. My guy would have none of that nonsense.

Anyway, my guy logged on to Skype. I couldn't believe that we were online. He knows me too well and knew that I would be in disbelief.

I was planning to head over to the office this afternoon. However, with our manager being away for a couple of weeks and my not hearing my guy's voice in over a week, I opted to stay at home and chat with him. It was so good to hear his voice again.

I heard my guy vent about how cheap this client was and how crappy the hotel room was. I don't understand the mentality that some folks have. The savings was not huge at all.

We talked about my ongoing issue with the rubbery smell that continues to stink up a room that my dildo is in. My guy felt bad that his gift to me smells bad and that the smell continues to linger. He calls my project a de-smellification one. A blog posting that I had found indicates that this smell will never go away. It's sad because it's a realistic dong and it's a gift from my guy from Amsterdam. My hands smell like rubber after holding it.

It's still my time of the month, so we focused on getting my guy to ejaculate today. It worked when he visualized my freshly manicured fingers wrapped around his hard cock as I jerked him off. He was so dopey afterwards. It was nice to be a part of helping him get there.

We talked about a number of things that we'd like to try together, once he is back in town next week:
  • We'd both like him to ejaculate on my bare breasts, legs, or tummy. I always feel satisfied whenever my guy does and I find it sexy. My guy thinks that I'd feel more slutty if he did so on me.
  • We have been building up to having anal sex. The last time we were together, my guy inserted two fingers up my butt. He thought that he may have hurt me, but I was okay. We'll need to be in a room for that to happen. Our treehouse will be a bit restrictive.
  • My sucking his cock when it is limp intrigues us. Gradually, while sucking him, he would get hard. We both loved a video that we had watched where this scenario occurred. The woman was dressed in a French maid costume and dusted around his genitals. I bought a feather duster and would like to try this entire scenario out.
  • I want to receive a spanking with a ping pong paddle. We don't own a ping pong paddle, but getting one wouldn't be a problem. I have been paddled before, but I am sure that the sensation is different with such a paddle.
  • I still want to be spanked with a lexan paddle. I just need to get one.
Tomorrow, my guy is checking into a hotel closer to the client's site. He had been promised that this hotel has a four-star rating. Hopefully, the Internet connection will be equally as great at this location as the connection that we had today.

It was so nice to talk to him again. Hearing his voice was priceless. I get to see him for two weeks before he goes back on the road. We are both looking forward to that time together.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Being naughty and being spanked in the dark?

We have over a week to go before we see each other again. We have been writing e-mails to each other daily, simply because my guy's Internet connection at the hotel has not been great for online chatting.

This weekend, he is travelling to a different part of India. This client has booked his hotel room. We are hoping that the Internet connection is better, so that we can Skype.

As you can tell, it's pretty quiet these days as far as spankings go. We haven't talked much about it. It has been nice to talk about regular, couple things in your e-mails. We've also had some silly moments.

Of course, it's also that time of the month for me. I feel like a blob. Luckily, the blob feeling tends to disappear after a day or two.

In the meantime, I have been catching up with my podcasts. A couple of years ago, I downloaded Piers Morgan Tonight. I used to listen to Larry King Live until Larry King retired. I came across this interesting transcript between Piers and Ricky Gervais back in 2011. The latter had just finished hosting the Golden Globe Awards and had offended many nominees.
Morgan: You know what happens to naughty boys back in Britain?
Gervais: Oh, this is getting weird. Larry King never did this?
Morgan: You know what happens to naughty boys, Ricky. They get taken into darkened rooms and they get a thoroughly good spanking.
Gervais: OK. I'm leaving.
I like how some podcasts catch my attention more than others.

My guy and I have a similar sort of banter. He'll ask me whether I know what happens to naughty girls like me. I will say that I don't know. He will tell me that they get spanked.

I am not sure whether getting taken in a dark room and getting a spanking would work for me. I don't like the idea of him spanking me in the dark. It's dark. He could miss the target, for instance. It's definitely more practical to spank me under some light source and see my backside glow as more smacks land across it.

My guy and I tend to not have sex in the dark. We like to see each other's reactions. We like to know what we're doing. If we did so in the dark, we would likely fall asleep faster.

I am always a naughty girl. I do need to be thoroughly spanked -- just not in the dark.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Stinky new dildo

I have mentioned a couple of times that my guy bought me my first dildo recently. I like how realistic it looks and feels.

There is one issue. It smells like rubber.

I have a feeling that I won't be able to get rid of this rubbery smell, no matter what I do. Right now, the dildo is airing out. I will try to use one of my sex toy cleaners on it and see if that helps.

I have already told my guy about it. He seemed a bit disappointed. The guy at the store in Amsterdam said that it was silicone. Nope, the packaging says rubber.

Some message boards say to just chuck it out and get a decent one that does not smell. The problem is that this dildo is a gift and is brand new!

So, we'll see if my cleaning experiment works. Hopefully, I won't have to throw it out. The worst case would be to store it in a freezer bag or something.

In the meantime, if you have any recommendations on other dildos to try out, please drop me a line. Apparently, glass ones don't smell, but how comfortable are they to use? I need help. I also need to conduct more research!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Travel woes versus travel plans

The good news is that my guy made it safely to India. He is jet-lagged, but seems to be handling it better than usual.

The downside is that the Internet connection at his hotel is horrible. So, we are staying in touch through e-mails this week. We'll see if the connection gets better the following week, to see if we can Skype again.

Last Friday, when we chatted on the phone, he advised that we have new clients in New Zealand. Although trips over there aren't secured as of yet, we both agreed that it would be ideal if he had to fly over there for a week-long meeting or something, and I would tag along as a vacationer. Even better, if we both had to do some sort of training, that would be ideal.

However, the more realistic trip would be one to the States. The likely place would be Seattle. We both have not been there. We just don't know when his business trip is scheduled in that city.

My guy compared these shotgun trip decisions to a guy asking his girlfriend to meet immediately because he misses her. I told him that what he had just said sounded familiar -- that something like that has happened to me a handful of times. He went a step further and said that he has done that two me at least two hundred times.

We do have a unique relationship. We don't see each other too often these days, but we make the best of things when we are in the same city.

Monday, May 06, 2013

On my spanking implements wishlist: a lexan paddle

As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. I know, but I do want a lexan paddle.

When my guy was in Amsterdam, he asked me what I sex toy I wanted. I said that I wanted a lexan paddle. It came out naturally. No deep thinking was required by me.

It then occurred to me that I have never seen a lexan paddle in a sex shop. So, I did a brief search online. It seemed easier to buy one off the Internet. Instead, we resorted to my guy's first suggestion, which was to get me my first dildo.

I love the dildo. It's a fleshy pink colour. My guy says that it's bigger than his member (we have a nickname for his cock, but I won't disclose it here for the time being). I have dubbed his dildo present to me as his lookalike. It really is quite realistic, except that it smells like rubber. I am still not sure how to get rid of that scent, if that's possible.

Anyway, my guy bought me all those nice gifts last week so that I would be reminded of him when he was away. Simply put, I am. I have kissed his lookalike's head as if I were kissing the real deal before I suck and lick his hard cock, for instance.

Getting back to my quest for a lexan paddle, eBay has a few listings. However, they are all shipped from the States. I am sure that duty fees will kill me. The price of shipping it to me is half the price of the paddle itself.

I then went to a paddle Web site that is Canadian-owned. On a good note, I wouldn't have to pay any duty. However, the cheapest paddle is $72. I am sure that it is good quality, but it is too expensive for my budget.

Luckily, I am not under any pressure to get it. After all, I am pleased with my fuzzy purple paddle that has leather on the other side. I have a thick wooden ruler that my guy has used on my backside and is still intact (my backside has allegedly broken two spanking implements so far). So, I am good for now. My backside won't be sore for at least another two weeks. There will be plenty of opportunities for me to sport a sore, red bottom.

I realize that being spanked by a lexan paddle hurts. I do have a high pain tolerance, so I want to find out how long or hard I can take being spanked with one. It's more of an intriguing experiment on my part and seeing whether I'd like the experience.

My guy also got me a pair of fuzzy slippers from Amsterdam. They aren't meant for spanking me. I haven't be spanked with a slipper for a while. Perhaps it is worth buying a pair of slippers and have one of them used on me.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

On the road again

And, just like that, my guy is on the road again.

It is tough being with someone who can go months without travelling and then he is away for what seems to be months. Sure, we do the best that we can and things do balance out. In my case, I wish that I didn't have a job in which I don't travel that much.

We didn't have quality time on Friday. My guy had to pick up his work visa from the consulate before it was closed for the week. At work, he came upstairs to see me just after 15:00 on Friday. I was in a sad mood, not just because we weren't going to be spending much time together. I was down for some other reasons since Thursday.

My guy could kind of sense that. He touched my bare arm. I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, as the warmer weather has finally hit southern Ontario. I looked at him and whispered that his hand was cold. He grinned.

It's amazing just how different we are from a body temperature standpoint. My guy had a jacket and a shirt on, with a nice pair of slacks on. Yet, his hand touching my skin felt like he had dunked it in icy water for several minutes. Meanwhile, I seemed like a warm-blooded creature in my outfit. Had I worn my guy's outfit, I would have been sweating buckets.

I stayed fairly late at work for a Friday afternoon. My guy had a tutoring session at 18:00, but he logged on to Skype fifteen minutes before his session just to chat with me. He was concerned. He is sweet that way.

After his session, we talked on the phone for a bit. We were both driving home, but in opposite directions. I was feeling better. We were teasing each other and laughed, which was needed. He is in India for two weeks. My guy reassured me that we'd keep in touch, which is good.

This picture that I found on Twitter reminds me of us:

The lacy black panties that I wear kind of look like the ones in this picture. My guy likes groping my backside and touching my thighs. I love to caress his head. It's a great image.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Crying, laughing, and spanking

The last twenty-four hours has been quite the mixed bag of emotions. I am a sensitive person, but I tend to tear up more with my guy these days.

For the past couple of months, my guy has been looking for a brown dress shirt. For some odd reason, brown slacks are easy to find for guys. Try finding the same colour in a shirt and it becomes a challenge.

Well, my guy had thought that Mark's would have it. I went looking there a couple of days later. Sure enough, I found a light brown dress shirt. I bought it, knowing what shirt size my guy wears. It was also on sale.

I had bought it weeks ago. I gave it to him on Monday. He has been away for weeks. He loved it. What I forgot to do was remove the price tag.

On Tuesday, my guy and I talked on Skype. He was at our usual Chinese restaurant, but having dinner alone. He had an online meeting that he was going to conduct at work, but went out to grab dinner. So, we chatted while he ate.

He told me that he loved the shirt that I got him. He told me that I shouldn't get him expensive gifts. I should get something "reasonable" for him, even though I told him that I had got it on sale.

His comments made me sad. I broke down and cried. He knew that he had touched a nerve. I told him that I should be able to buy whatever I wanted. He told me not to squander my money, which made me cry even more.

He had to head back to the office. It didn't help that he said, "Come on," to try and make me feel better. Instead, I cried more. He told me not to be sad. I told him that it was too late. I was already there.

He attempted to comfort me, saying that I do give good gifts and that he loves the shirt. He pointed out that I have never given him a bad gift. He said that he would call me after his meeting.

My guy kept his promise. We talked on the phone as he drove home.

I explained to him that I had wanted to give him that shirt. I wasn't squandering my money. I thought that it was going to a worthy cause. When I give a gift, I don't expect comments on how expensive it was or how unreasonable the price was. I was hurt by those comments. I just told him to accept my gift and let me give it to him. After all, he deserves some pampering now and again.

I realized a bit later that his comments stem from the fact that he is the most polite person I have ever been with. He believes that he should shower me with gifts. I told him that the two most recent gifts that I got him do not compare in price to all the goodies he has ever given me. I don't give him gifts as often as he does. He travels more than I do, after all.

He felt comforted by my statement that I appreciate his gifts and that I am not used to getting so many thoughtful presents. I feel special when he thinks about me. It's not a competition. I would be fine without the gifts. I know that he thinks the world of me and wants to protect me. They mean far more to me than a gift competition of sorts.

He told me that he doesn't intentionally want to hurt me. I knew that. We were good.

After work today, my guy and I had a quick treehouse session. We left work at 17:00. Rush-hour traffic was horrific. We were only driving up the road!

Once again, my car was the treehouse. My guy still had his four tires that he had purchased in his backseat. He had explained to me the previous evening that the lug nuts didn't match what he had. I told him that he had to sort out his nut problem, which made him laugh.

My guy was wearing a new pair of brown slacks that he had bought while he was in Newark. Coincidentally, the colour of them matched the brown shirt that I had bought him. I had told him that I had paired a dark brown belt with the shirt in Mark's. My guy did the same thing. He looked good in his outfit.

Today, my guy felt that he needed to make up for upsetting me. He's sweet that way. We kissed for a bit.

It's rare that we make out and then engage in conversation in the middle of it. We did that today, but it was on topic. My guy asked me if I had used the dildo that he had got me. I was embarrassed to tell him that I was about to last night, but I had fallen asleep. I woke up cuddling the dildo next to my face. He smiled and laughed. I don't have a teddy bear. I had a cuddly dildo!

We resumed kissing. He groped my breasts as we kissed. Our role-playing scenario today was my guy playing a doctor. He was examining me.

My first exam consisted of my guy fingering my clit. I came moments later. In a good state of mind, I asked my doctor if I was normal. He said that he would have to conduct another test.

The second test required bending over his knee. He played with my pussy from behind. He fingered me some more. I came again. I asked him if that test showed that I was normal. He wasn't so sure. I had to go through a third test.

Well, the third test was my being fingered up my butt. It was intense, but I loved that he had one hand on my left buttock as he fingered me from behind with his other hand. It was heaven! I was incredibly dopey afterwards. I immediately went to cuddle next to him. He held me in his arms, which always makes me feel good. He told me that I was perfectly normal.

He was teasing me by making up ridiculous words, such as dopification and dopify.
"Even though I am dopey, I know that dopification is not a word."
"Really?" he said, chuckling.
"Those fake words hurt my head. I need a pain killer."
"Did you say pain?" he asked me.
It has been a long time since I have been spanked. My pants and lacy black panties were already down to my ankles. He proceeded to give me a lopsided, bare-bottomed spanking on my left buttock. It hurt. I enjoyed every hard smack. I cuddled up even closer to him as he did it.

I was too dopey to move. He held me for a bit, but had to go and meet a friend. He held my hand and kissed it. He asked if I was going to be okay, and whether I would pull up my panties and pants. I smiled and said that I would sooner or later. He got out of my car and headed over to my side.

He opened the door next to me. He leaned over and kissed me twice. Both were passionate kisses.
"The shirt [that you gave me] is awesome," he said.
"I'm glad."
He carefully closed the door and headed to his car. We waved to each other as he backed out of the parking space.

Hopefully, it's not the last time that we see each other before he hits the road for two weeks. On Friday, he needs to get a work visa. Hopefully, he can squeeze some time for us. If not, there is always Skype. It's definitely better than nothing.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The wait is over, but it kind of felt like a dream for a bit

I didn't log on to Skype all weekend. I should have on Sunday. My guy was online at 08:00. He had sent me a message, wishing me a good day and saying that he could not wait to see me on Monday.

My guy is back in town for a week. It's busy at work, as we continue to have clients. My guy is in a week-long training course.

I got to work and saw a huge bag under my desk. It was one bag with multiple bags stuffed inside. I spent a good ten minutes looking at all the goodies. He got me the following:
  • A retractable purple USB cable to sync and charge all my iPod and iPad devices, except for my iPhone (he calls me a cute geek)
  • A rubber dong (it feels pretty lifelike, but does not compare to touching my guy's warm cock)
  • A vase made out of a gourd, with an etched picture of a horse on it (it's sitting on my bookshelf)
  • Wafers (they are a bit sweet, but are yummy and are popular in the Netherlands)
  • A pair of blue slippers with windmills from Holland (I don't really wear slippers, but they remind me of my guy and I wonder if they'd be good to use on my backside)
I wasn't expecting so many gifts from him. I gave him a brown shirt that he has been dying to have. For some reason, they don't seem to make brown shirts for guys, unless you work for UPS or you hand-dye your own shirts. He told me that he liked it a lot. I hope to see him in the shirt soon.

Anyway, he came up from his break. I was reviewing the junior writer's work and was providing some feedback. My guy and I chatted for a bit. It was nice to see him again.

A few hours later, he came back upstairs. He wanted to dine at our regular Chinese restaurant. He also wanted to have treehouse time. He simply wanted to spend time with me.

We left work just past 18:00 and headed to our cars. My guy said that we needed to have treehouse time in my car, for he had bought four tires for his car, which were sitting in our regular treehouse. I was fine with the venue change.

At the restaurant, we talked. My guy kept looking at me and said that I get more attractive the more we are apart. He's sweet and smooth.

Dinner was yummy We had mo po tofu fu and sesame chicken. I tend not to eat rice as much these days so that I don't fall asleep!

My guy noticed my black bra strap peeking out of my sweater as we sat across from each other at the table. He was turned on. We held hands for a while. He looked at my hair and noticed how I had one side of my hair tucked behind my ear, while the other side had my hair frame my face. He thought that I looked cute. 

After dinner, he walked me to my car and grabbed my buttocks. I was melting there. I eventually got into my car. He leaned over and kissed me. The first kiss was long overdue. The second one was equally as sweet.

So, we drove over to our regular spot in the parking lot and got into the backseat of my car. It was the second time that we have had treehouse time in my car. It's not a bad place, actually. My guy doesn't like it when my car is running, though. My Prius freaks him out when the engine runs and then stops.

He held my hand. It has been ages since we have done that in any treehouse. I asked him if I could hug him. Without waiting for his answer, I hugged him. I felt safe in his arms. He let out a comforting noise, indicating that he loved being hugged.

I was wearing my purple sweater with a zipper down my left shoulder. He unzipped it and started to kiss my neck and shoulder. I love when he showers me with kisses.

We were kissing again. He went to grope my breasts. He was truly enjoying the experience so much. He took my breasts out of my bra and massaged them. He then went to suck on my nipples. It was wonderful.

My guy unzipped my pants and played with my crotch. Soon, he was fingering my clit. I was so excited. Moments later, I came, resting limp in his arms, with my head leaning against his chest.
"I have missed these moments," he told me.
"Me, too. You have the best chest to lean on. It doesn't feel real, though." I replied.
"Because I have been away?" he asked me.
"Yes," I said. He hugged me tightly.
"Just relax," he reassured me.
Well, the relaxation lasted briefly. He started playing with my buttocks by groping them. He then went ahead and fingered both my clit and butt.
"Do you feel slutty?" he asked me.
"I'm in the backseat with a cute guy who is fingering me in two areas. Yes, I am your slut."
His fingers felt so good. I came again, resting limp over his lap. He had a nice pair of navy blue, pinstriped slacks on. They felt so soft to the touch. My guy was touching my bare skin. I got a bit ticklish when he was caressing my left side.
"My being ticklish does ruin the moment sometimes," I admitted, hugging him tighter.
"No, it's doesn't. You're a giggly girl. You're cute that way."
My forearm was over his penis, which was hard under his slacks. He wanted me to play with his balls. I did that with my left hand. My right cheek started to nuzzle his hard cock. It drove him wild. I love nuzzling him. My guy asked me to nibble on him. I did and he was in heaven.

Soon, his slacks and underpants came down. I was giving my guy a blowjob. I still had a peach candy in my mouth from the restaurant, which enhanced my sucking him. He was in ecstasy. However,  he wanted me to also give him a handjob, too. So, we kissed as I gave him a handjob. Minutes later, he came all over my hand and on my sweater. There was quite the semen puddle on my sweater's left breast. My guy apologized. I was okay with it to the point where I wanted to take a picture of it. My guy went one step further and took pictures of me with the semen stain. Yes, we're weird, but this was the closest to my guy ejaculating on my breast.

We sat in my car, all dopey. It was raining outside. We both ended up singing that we were dopey in the rain. It was funny then. You had to be there.

We have grown so close these days. My guy said something to me during quality time that he doesn't normally say to me. He told me that he loved me. Sure, we are affectionate as often as we can. I think that when we are lovemaking that it's a given. It's simply understood. But, seeing that we have been apart for weeks, he just said it. He had the need to say it. It meant a lot.

I love when my guy kisses my hand. His lips are sweet and tender. So is the gesture itself.

My guy's eyeglasses had fallen between the driver's seat and the storage area. I managed to eventually fish them out. It helped that both my car doors were open, to help defog my car's windows.

We kissed and embraced one final time that evening before we headed home. He blew me kisses before he drove away.

It's nice to have him back, albeit for a week. He told me that we'd be having treehouse time all week to make up for his absence. I will be busy for a bit, but it's for a good cause.