Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Being spanked and feeling loved

Friday was a good day. Work was fairly light. I finished early and left my home at nearly 15:00 to meet my guy.

My guy was in the office for a meeting. I had predicted that his meeting with a few sales guys would last 1.5 hours, so heading out at 15:00 would be good. As my guy and I had both predicted, salespeople tend to be long-winded. My guy's meeting lasted a good three hours!

My guy texted me a number of times during his meeting. I ended up at Timmy's for a beverage while tapping into the free wifi connection. He tends to get hungry often. It means that we have to drop everything and make sure that he is fed. We went to our usual Chinese restaurant for dinner.

I was so happy to see him in the parking lot. I got out of my car. He got out of his, immediately apologized, and reached for my hand, holding it both tightly and lovingly as we walked toward the restaurant. He's sweet that way.

We had dinner. It was yummy. Conversation was wonderful. I got up to use the washroom and managed to caress my guy's head as I walked past him. He smiled.

My guy was in let's-go! mode, meaning that he wanted to have quality time with me immediately. He is so boyish and manly simultaneously. We left the restaurant with my guy groping my buttock just before I pushed the door open to leave the restaurant. I was so turned on.

We drove to our usual hangout and got into the treehouse. I was wearing a fairly short pair of jean shorts. I also hand a grey t-shirt on, which my guy enjoyed peeking through to see my black bra underneath. He touched my bare thigh and approved.

We kissed. It was an extended one. It's always nice to lock lips with him.

He immediately went to work pleasuring me. I came twice. The one of the highlights was my guy kneeling on the floor mat to make me climax. It was intense. He has long fingers and I was so horny. It was all worthwhile.

We cuddled for a bit. Before I climbed into the treehouse, I had handed my guy a thick, wooden ruler. I wanted a good spanking. He finally held it in his hand. He playfully slapped my bare thigh with it.
"Hey, you can't just slap my thigh like that!" I exclaimed.
"Sure, I can," he said, continuing to slap my bare calf, followed by my forearm.
"That's not fair. That means that I can slap your head," I said, lightly slapping his head.
He continued to slap my bare thigh. I went to cuddle against his chest. He used the ruler to slap my left buttock a number of times.
"You know that you need to be punished," he said, whispering in my ear.
"No, I am a good girl," I protested.
My guy led me across his lap. He caressed my buttocks for a bit before he let the first slap of the ruler land across my left buttock, and then proceeded to alternate. It felt good.
"Ow!" I exclaimed. "You're so mean."
"No, I'm not. I'm giving you what you deserve," he said, ending his sentence with another slap.
"That hurts!"
"Your bottom is going to hurt a lot more."
The slaps came down harder across my cheeks. I loved every moment. I tend to hold him tighter when it hurts more. The slaps came down faster and harder. I loved it. I could feel the sting.

My guy decided to finger me in such a vulnerable position. Moments later, I came. It was terrific. I was so limp across his lap, to the point where I could not push myself off him. He let me rest across his lap while he caressed the back of my bare thighs, calves, and buttocks. He needed to help me up. It was a bit awkward. He actually grabbed my right buttock while assisting me up. It was fun.
"I'm so dopey," I said.
"That means that I can do whatever I like to you and take advantage of you," he said playfully by reaching under my t-shirt and bra to fondle my breasts.
I rested yet again in my guy's arms. My hand slowly reached for his cock, which was extremely erect in his pants. I actually caressed his hard cock with both my hands. It was impressive how turned on my guy was.

My guy proceeded to unbuckle his belt and remove his pants. His briefs had a button and an opening at the front. His erect penis managed to bust through the opening and it was automatically standing up, just ready for me to grab hold of it.

I did. I enjoy giving my guy a handjob. My bare right leg was rubbing against one side of my guy's shaft as I continued to jerk him off.

It has been a while since my guy has called my name out and told me that he loves me as he is about to ejaculate. I cherish such moments because they are so special.

He came all over my bare thigh. We rested for a bit once more before I reached for the paper towel to clean up.

My guy told me that I am the perfect woman for him. He is sweet when he tells me that I am attractive and makes me feel so loved. The feeling is definitely mutual!

It was the perfect end to our workweek.

My guy is on vacation for a week. We are spending a bit of time together this upcoming long weekend, which we are both looking forward to.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sleeping on my side thanks to a good spanking the night before

I usually sleep on my back. I tend to wake up in that same position, especially when I am tired. I get a good night's sleep that way.

This morning, I woke up on my right side. It took me several seconds to figure out why. My backside was a bit sore from my guy's fine spanking skills the night before that I automatically flipped over to my right side overnight and didn't even know it.

The soreness is nice.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Surprises and elevators

The other day, my guy wrote an e-mail to me, saying that he may stop by the office this week to talk to a salesperson about an upcoming seminar that my guy needs to deliver. However, a date and time weren't confirmed.

On Thursday, I headed into the office in the afternoon. I got there, said hi to a colleague, and noticed that my cell phone was buzzing. My guy was calling me.
"Hey," I said to him.
"Hey, are you in the office?" he asked me.
"I just rolled in and am taking my laptop out of my bag," I explained. "Are you here?"
"Yes," he replied. "Did you have lunch?"
"I did," I replied, still surprised that my guy was at work, but happy.
"I am in one of the cubicles in the next aisle from yours," he explained. "I will come by and say hi."
Sure enough, he did. We chatted for a bit. He thought that his meeting was on Thursday, but it was actually on Friday. My guy then went back to his temporary cubicle and texted me. He didn't have lunch and wanted to know if I could join him across the street.

I wanted to. I had just come into work, though. I decided to, but I needed to do a pitstop. So, I suggested that my guy meet me in front of the elevators in five minutes.

He was prompt. He was there when I left the women's washroom. We chatted, pressed the button, and got into the elevator.

The doors closed. We were on the eleventh floor, which is the top floor of our office building. We haven't been in an elevator together for a while. He came over to me, pressed his body firmly against mine, and we hugged and kissed all the way down to the main floor. I could feel how hard his cock was against me.

He smelled so good. It was his aftershave.

My guy got a roast beef sandwich at the eatery across the street. He was kind to get me a diet Dr Pepper. We sat down and chatted as my guy ate and I sipped. It was a mini date of sorts. We said sweet things to each other. We talked about our day and week. It was a nice break from work.

About twenty minutes later, we walked back to our office. Once again, we had the entire elevator to ourselves. We hugged. His hands moved up my bodice to my breasts, which he caressed. I caressed the back of his head as we kissed. It was such a sweet, passionate moment.

We got to the eleventh floor. I adjusted my short-sleeved shirt. He smiled at me. I wished him a good evening, for he was heading home. Luckily, we would be seeing each other on Friday.

Friday, July 25, 2014

My reward for my help? A spanking... yay!

The other day, my guy needed my help. It was a work-related software issue. He needed me to download two software builds for him.

We used to be in the same department, which was software development. Since our company was acquired a while back, we are no longer in the same department. I am still considered to be a part of software development, but he isn't. As a result, he no longer has access to all our nightly software builds. He has to asked me nicely to access whatever builds that he needs.

He tried texting me on Wednesday, but I wasn't near my phone. Instead, I received an e-mail from him. Here is an excerpt:
I still can't get to the \builds folder. By the way, would it be possible to copy the latest builds to your Dropbox and send me the link without considering that as slave-driving?? That would really be helpful. I'll give you your reward when I see you (be prepared to have difficulty sitting for a couple of days afterwards.  ;)
I love his love notes. Here's an excerpt from my reply:
Copying huge build files to Dropbox was an issue at work. Our network does not like Dropbox. I ended up copying both builds to my laptop and have been uploading them to Dropbox at home.
This folder, MrMeanie, contains both builds. 
You owe me bigtime. I deserve flowers, dinner, and a really good spanking, at least. =)
My reward will be on Friday. He will also get some reward in return, of course.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Leg admiration

My guy loves my legs I didn't truly realize the extent until we had quality time the other day.

I was in my blue shorts and we were sitting in the treehouse. He immediately wanted them draped over his lap. So, I did just that. He caressed them for a while, marvelling at them.

At one stage, I was practically lying on my back, across my car's backseat, still with my legs over his lap, but they were bent. He went to hug my bent knees, resting his right cheek against the side of my right leg. With the soft sunlight behind him, it was such a sweet view.
"You really love my legs, don't you?" I said, still a bit dopey after being pleasured by him.
"Yes, I love the person that these legs belong to," he said, in his usual sweet self, resting the palm of his hand on my tummy.
"Hand on tummy," I said, which is a phrase he used to say to me.
"I'm so sorry," he said, remembering that I am ticklish.
"It's okay. You gently rested your hand on it. It's when you use your fingers in a random manner that makes me squirm."
He played with my butt. He was lightly pinching it. He was then playing with my clit again.
"You still want to play with me?" I asked him.
"We can do that if you'd like," he replied.
"I just like lounging with you. I am dopey."
"That's fine," he replied, as he sweetly kissed my legs.
Quiet quality time is equally as nice after a long day at work.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A nice way to end a dreadful Monday

My guy had told me at lunch that he'd call me, which would signal when he was leaving work. I never got that phone call. I found out yesterday that he had forgotten my office extension. It all makes sense.

At around 15:15 on Monday, my guy came up to my cubicle to see me. He hasn't done that for months. It was a nice surprise.

He told me that my helping him with configuring our software product worked wonders. My guy quietly mouthed if we could have quality time after work. I said yes. I asked where, and handed him a pen and a Post-It notepad. He wrote down our usual treehouse location, which was great.

We talked as I continued to pack my stuff away. It was great that he came upstairs. I had bought him a wireless mouse on the weekend, to replace the one that he had lost. He was so happy and thanked me for the gift.

I said goodnight to my colleagues, and my guy and I walked toward the elevators. He had to stop briefly on the seventh floor. I told him that he was always delaying things.

Anyway, I had to make a pitstop before heading to my car. Even with that pitstop, my guy still wasn't at his car, which was parked next to mine. I put away my stuff and headed into my car. My guy came over.
"See, I wasn't that late," he said.
"Sure," I replied. "See you shortly."
We drove to our treehouse location. My guy and I got into the backseat of my car.

I asked my guy why we ended up changing venues. His car has two doors, which requires a bit of a climb to get into the backseat. Because of this extra effort, I dubbed it our treehouse. It felt so private and secluded.

With my car, it still feels private and secluded, but I have four doors. It's just easier to get in and out of it. I also have stain-resistant seats, which makes a huge difference!

My guy and I held hands for a bit. We kissed. He went to squeeze my right thigh. He then proceeded to lift it over his legs. My pant leg was wide enough to hike it well past my knee.

He likes my legs. He was caressing the length of my bare right leg. He then worked on pleasuring me. He was playing with my crotch.
"Is your period over?" he asked, whispering it in my ear.
He was a happy camper. Soon, he was unbuttoning my pants and taking them down. He was fingering me. It seemed like ages since he has done that. He has such a magical touch. I came effortlessly.

It was nice to rest against his chest for a bit. My hand slid down to his crotch. His penis was erect. It felt like it was about to launch in his pants. It was both impressive and flattering.

He loosened his belt to eventually pull down his pants and briefs. Yep, his hard cock was pointing straight up. He wanted my bare leg across his lap. My leg managed to brush up against his cock, which was a nice sight to see. My guy lifted his shirt up, which drove me crazy. I love seeing his bare chest. I caressed it as I began giving him a handjob.

We both enjoy a handjob, with him ejaculating all over my leg as the end result. It's nice and he did just that. After trying to get out of our dopey state, I managed to grab the roll of paper towel and clean up. My guy looked so cute using the paper towel roll as an armrest.

We chatted for a bit, kissing intermittently. I asked whether we could go on a lunch date on Wednesday. He didn't have any meetings then, so we were all good.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monday turned out better than anticipated, especially with a punishment warning

I dreaded this past Monday. I felt that this day was going to be long and depressing. My guy had told me late last week that we couldn't do lunch. He had a teleconference to attend with his manager and his manager's manager. I was a bit bummed out, but I understood.

It was 13:30 and a colleague asked whether I was getting any lunch from across the street. I had brought leftover stir-fried noodles and had eaten them about an hour earlier. I thought that getting a root beer would be good, so I agreed to accompany her. She had brought her lunch, but she wanted to sit outside on the picnic table.

Anyway, I was standing in my cubicle with my wallet in my hand. I saw my guy walking toward me, which made me smile. He had his laptop and said that his meeting was shorter than he had anticipated. He wanted to know whether I would like to grab a quick bite from across the street.

I felt bad about politely declining to go with my colleague. She understood, especially after I had explained why. She was cool about it, which meant a lot.

My guy walked with me downstairs. I realized that he needed my help with work.
"I need you to help me configure this software," he said.
"Ah, that explains why you have your laptop with you. Now, I have to talk about work during my break from work."
"Oh, you are going to remind me about it for a while, aren't you? By the way,..." he said, smiling.
"See, you didn't even warn me by saying that lead-in," I said, smiling back at him.
My guy bought a roast beef sandwich. My guy was kind to pay for my diet Dr Pepper and a huge slice of marble cake.

We found a table. I wanted to sit across from him, like I normally do.
"No, you need to sit next to me," he said, glancing at the seat where I should be sitting.
"But, I don't want to," I said, standing next to him.
"If you don't, I will have to punish you," he said in my left ear.
"I don't want to do work at lunch," I said, playing the role of a little girl.
"You know what happens to girls like you," he said, as we both sat down.
"No, I don't."
"I will have to spank you."
It was the best pick-me-up moment for both of us. Anyway, I did manage to help him out. He was happy, as was I.

It was nice spending twenty minutes with him at lunchtime. It felt like we were high school sweethearts.

My guy wanted to spend some time with me after work. I was happy, as was he.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Phone call about packages and bodies

Last Friday, I worked from home. My guy was at the office, conducting another seminar.

The day before, he told me that his niece was looking for a digital SLR camera. He knew that I wanted to sell my very first DSLR. I have had it for nearly five years and decided to go with a lighter one almost a year ago. He was wondering whether I was still interested in selling mine. I was. In a short period, it was sold.

After work on Friday, at around 17:30, my guy called me on his cell phone. He rarely calls me. When he does, it is either urgent or special. It was both this time.

My guy was driving home. I decided to tease him.
"You're calling me because the chatter on CBC Radio 1 about gnats regurgitating their food is boring you, right?"
"No, that's not it! You make me sound so bad!" he exclaimed.
"You know that I am just teasing you, right?" I said, trying to calm him down a bit.
"I know," he replied. "I just wanted to let you know that my niece absolutely loves the DSLR. She has been taking pictures of everything ever since I gave it to her, so thanks," he said.
"You're welcome. Thank you!"
"She loved everything in the package that you had bundled up," he went on to explain.
"You have a nice package, too," I hinted.
"You're so bad!" he exclaimed again.
"It's true."
We talked a bit longer.
"The good thing about DSLR lenses is that they never go out of style," I explained. "As long as you have a body that fits them, it's all good."
"I agree," he said. "You have a nice body that fits everything."
We get along fine on so many levels.

We wished each other a great weekend and I told him to drive safely home. He's such a sweet guy.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Belated birthday spanking and more

My guy is practically back to his normal self. These days, he is content about everything. I could also tell that he had missed me while I was away on vacation.

He was so happy to see me on Wednesday. He couldn't wait. He called me on his cell phone while he was driving to work. He called me at 08:45. He knew that I tend to be an early riser. Seeing that I was sort of on vacation, he wanted to wait as long as he could, in case I was still asleep. Knowing him, he wanted to talk to me as soon as he could. It was so good to hear his voice again.

On Thursday, we had lunch together. It was good. He asked me what dishes at the Chinese restaurant had sugar in them. He is trying to cut out sugar from his diet. I have done that in the past, but try and do a balance these days.

He broke the news to me that he can't have lunch with me on Monday. He has a meeting with his manager and his manager's manager. I pouted. He looked at me longingly. I playfully pouted some more. He said that he would make it up to me. I was happy again.

The bill came. There were two green tea candies. I handed him one.
"You can have that. I am cutting out sugar from my diet," he reminded me.
"Are you sure? It's not completely healthy to remove all sugar from your diet, you know," I said.
"I am hoping to get some sugar from you later on today," he said, smiling.
"You are smooth," I noted.
"I don't need any more sugar," he explained.
"That's because you are sweet as-is," I remarked.
"You are, too," he said, as we both smiled at each other.
I had suggested the other day that we spend some time cuddling and looking at photos together. He liked that idea and said that after work would be perfect.

I went into the office after being on vacation for ten days. It was somewhat nice to be back, although nothing really has changed much. I was more interested in seeing my guy after work.

I left at 17:30 and visited the training room. There were trainees there. I asked them where my guy went. Apparently, he went home. I then realized that these guys would be there for a while, so my guy decided to change our venue.

Sure enough, he was in his car, looking at his phone. He looked up at me, said hi, and said that he was waiting for me. We would be heading over to our usual parking lot for some quality cuddling time.

We got there and got into the backseat of my car. He held me in his arms. I asked him about his day. He said that it was boring, other than lunch. My head was leaning against his chest. I was stretched out a bit.

My guy put his left had on my hip, which gradually slipped into my left back pant pocket. His hand slipped out out and he started lightly groping my buttock before he started lightly slapping it.

The slaps gradually became harder. I was getting more aroused by the second.
"What's that for?" I asked him playfully.
"For being a bad girl," he said, punctuating it with another hard smack.
"But, I'm always a good girl," I replied with a slightly whiny tone.
"No, you've been away from me more nearly two weeks," he stated, giving me another hard slap across my left buttock.
"That's not my fault," I said.
"You need a spanking. Assume the position," he said, looking at me, and then his lap.
We kissed passionately for a moment before I went over his knee. He asked me whether I was comfortable, like he has in the past. I said that I was for now, but my backside probably won't be after my spanking.

It was still that time of the month for me, so I didn't get a bare-bottomed spanking. Still, getting a spanking across my pants hurts after my guy is done with me.

He spanked me hard. I loved every moment. He started by spanking each buttock in a rhythmic fashion. He then spanked each buttock in spurts. At one point, he was giving each side seven rapid, hard smacks. He also gave me some rather hard pinches, which hurt and I loved.
"Is this my birthday spanking?" I asked him in-between saying ow.
"Yes, we need to make up for all the days that you were away from me."
It was the nicest birthday spanking from him. He managed to rub my crotch to the point where I actually came. I rested limp across his lap. He caressed my sore buttocks and have me a huge hug after I got up.

I looked up at him, head his face in my hands, told him that he was adorable, and kissed him sweetly.

I then pleasured him by giving him a handjob. It was a bit of a different spin on it. He rolled up my right pant leg and caressed the length of my bare leg.

My guy proceeded to unbutton and unzip his pants. He pulled down his briefs and his hard member simply looked like it was pleased to see me. It rubbed against my bare leg. I started to jerk him off, with my bare leg rubbing against his hard cock the whole time.

He pulled his brown-and-white stripped shirt up. I was so turned on by his chest. I went ahead and touched his bare chest, and told him that it was sexy.

Moments later, my guy ejaculated all over my leg. It was great. We both enjoyed it.

We cleaned up. I had napkins in the glove compartment. My guy bent over the front seat to get them. I got a great view of his bare bottom. It was awesome!

We hugged, cuddled, and looked at pictures on my phone, like we had hoped to do. Naturally, being horny changed our priorities!

It was a great evening. We kissed one final time before we headed home. I drove back with an increasingly sore bottom. I wouldn't want it any other way. It had been such a long time. It was nice.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Back from vacation to have a date with my guy

My vacation is officially over. I flew back on Tuesday evening. The flight was wonderful. I managed to get upgraded to business class, which was a first for me. It was a great experience.

Earlier that day, my guy had sent me a message on Skype and tried calling me. It was a hectic morning. I was checking out of my hotel room. Unfortunately, the elevators weren't operational, so I had to haul two suitcases down three flights of stairs. Naturally, I was on the top floor.

Anyway, my guy wrote to me later on in the day. He wanted to know whether I would like him to pick me up at the airport. He's sweet. I wrote back and told him that he didn't have to go through all that trouble, although it would have been nice to have seen him. He lives an hour away and it would have been close to midnight by the time he got home. Instead, I said that I would pick him up at the office the following day to go to our favourite restaurant for lunch. He liked that plan.

Wednesday was a half-day workday for me. So, I worked for four hours in the morning and then picked my guy up at the office. He looked good. I couldn't help but to caress his head, which had a bit of stubble, but it is always soft.

I gave my guy some goodies from my trip to Colorado. My guy loves ginger, so he ended up with ginger candies, ginger tea, and ginger mints. I also got him some special commemorative coins, which he also loved.

My guy notices a lot about me. He looked at how tanned I was. He actually looked under my short-sleeved shirt and noticed how deep my tan was. He then looked at my feet and noticed the tan lines. We got out of my car and he liked my blue nail polish on my toes.

We got to the restaurant, ordered, and talked. He told me that I had a cute smile and laugh. I told him that I had missed him so much. He felt the same way about me.

After eating our meals, we held hands across the table. I caressed his knee under the table. He stated that I would have better access to his thigh in my car. I suggested that we have some cuddling time soon. He agreed.

We got into my car. My guy was rubbing my thigh. He played with my crotch. It was my time of the month, so I told him that we could focus on him instead. I felt his hard cock under his pants. We kissed like we hadn't for eons.

We drove to our usual spot. I gave my guy a handjob. We both enjoyed the experience. I could tell that my guy was horny and missed me. He ejaculated for what seemed to be for at least ten seconds. He was dopey and content. I was pleased that he felt that way.

It felt like old times. It felt comfortable. It felt like we hadn't been apart at all. It was all good.

We talked as I drove him back to the office. He blew me a kiss and wished me a good day. Naturally, I reciprocated. 

We're going for lunch on Thursday. Dates are always nice, especially for lunch.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sofa headrest for spanking?

My hotel room has a hideaway sofa. So, if I need an extra bed, I have one at my convenience.

What is intriguing about this sofa is that it has an extra headrest. Wait, is it really a headrest?

If I were to move the side table and lamp, this headrest is at the perfect height for me to bend over for a stern paddling or spanking.

My birthday spanking is postponed till I return home. In the meantime, I can only dream about my spanking today.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Kum and Go

Hello from Colorado!

I have been in this high mile state since Saturday. It's interesting how many medicinal marijuna clinics there are ever since it became legal in this state.

I am having a great time. I have wonderful friends who have been giving me a wonderful tour of their fine state. I am also getting more vitamin D. The sunshine is great!

While heading west on a road trip the other day, I noticed a gas station called Kum and Go. It's clever, except that it made me think of something else.

Can you imagine if the company was named Cum and Go? There would be a lot of horny people arriving there, and a lot of content, dopey folks leaving!

All is well here. I hope that things are great with you. Happy Canada Day from Colorado!