Monday, August 31, 2015

Being pleasured an hour after my guy's flight touches down

My guy texted me on Saturday night. His flight had landed just before 20:00. I was thrilled. I welcomed him back. He liked that.

We met an hour later. He looked extremely good, which happens when you miss someone you love for three weeks.

We didn't plan what we were wearing, but we both went with a striped shirt. Mine was a white-and-purple v-neck t-shirt. He had a white-and-blue polo shirt.

He took one look at me as I sat in my car next to his in the parking lot at work and smiled.
"Hello, pretty girl," he said, with a huge grin on his face.
We got into the treehouse. We traded gifts. Mine were from my trip to Las Vegas in July. I had completely forgotten to give them to him. He gave me a cute iPhone case to fit my new phone (it's the same case that I had purchased in Istanbul, except that it's larger) and a glass screen protector. I got him candy and a retractable back scratcher. The latter is pretty neat. I have one, too.

He told me that I looked cuter than he remembered me last. He touched my hair and loved how it framed my face. I ran my fingers through his hair and caressed his right cheek. He has smooth skin for a guy.

We embraced for the longest time. I love being in his arms. He squeezed me and told me multiple times that he missed me.

Next came a indulgent period of kissing. I lose myself in his sweet kisses. It's enjoyable.

We came up for air. He then caressed my left buttock under my skirt, and touched my bare thigh, working his way down my leg to my calf. He then spent a moment to touch my thigh some more.
"You've been a bad girl," he whispered in my ear. "You need to be punished."
"Can't we extend this spanking-free streak?" I asked him.
"I'm afraid not," he said.
We kissed some more before he played with my breasts. He carefully positioned me so that I was leaning back, with the backseat supporting me. I had a black bra under my t-shirt, which drove him crazy. Out came my left breast and he immediately sucked my nipple. It felt so good.

He then lifted my skirt up, pulled down my matching black panties, and proceeded to finger me until I came. It took almost no time.
"I guess I haven't been a bad girl," I remarked.
"Sure, you have," he remarked, while guiding me over his lap.
Part two needs to be in another post. Otherwise, I am writing a novel here!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

My guy is back and I have a sore bottom

My guy is back. He is sweeter than ever. He got me a new case and glass protector for my new iPhone 6.

He told me that I look cuter than ever. I thought that he was delusional. I was wrong. He missed me. The feeling is definitely mutual.

He also gave me quite the spanking tonight. I loved it. My sore bottom concurs.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Botox, spanking, and balls

Sometimes, the conversations that my guy and I have are different. It's probably due to missing each other, being in different timezones, and being horny.

My guy decided to try botox while in Istanbul. He has a couple of eleven lines between his eyebrows, which make him feel like he's always angry. Apparently, the botox injections there are of better quality than those that he got locally in the greater Toronto area.
"I can't wait to see you wrinkle-free skin," I told him over the phone.
"You won't be able to kiss me. You will be bent over that boardroom table, with your bare bottom exposed for me to spank you, remember?" he replied, referring to our conversation the day before.
"But, I want to kiss you," I insisted.
"Your butt can kiss my balls and I take you from behind," he replied.
Ah, romance at its finest! And, yes, we have a seven-hour difference.

Is it Saturday yet? He comes home in less than two days. Yay!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Clothing requests for a spanking good time

My guy and I have been communicating a lot as of late, despite being thousands of kilometres away from each other. It's nice. Just when you think that you can't grow any closer with someone you love, you actually do. It's refreshing.

Even when my guy is deprived of sleep and is tired, he still manages to express that he misses me.
"I can't wait to see you on Saturday and be close to your lips to kiss them," he said to me.
"That's sweet," I replied.
"I miss your breath a couple of inches away from me," he said sweetly.
"I can't wait to see you. It has been a long time," I remarked.
"It has. Can you wear a skirt that isn't made of thick material?" he asked me.
"Of course," I replied. "It's the middle of summer, so I won't be wearing wool or anything."
"I like when you wear summer skirts. I like resting my hand over your skirted thigh," he admitted.
"I like when you do, too. Eventually, your hand makes it under my skirt."
"I know. I love when you wear those black lacy panties. I can't wait to bend you over, spank you, and see shades of pink under those panties."
He certainly knows how to make this girl smile. I wish that Saturday were here already.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

My guy misses me and can't wait to spank me

Whenever my guy is away, I tend to miss him a ton. Sometimes, it's to the point where it hurts.

Over the years, I have learned to cope. He travels for a living. We both accept that fact and try our best to handle it.

My guy isn't as expressive as I am, but he was on Friday. In the afternoon, he contacted me on Skype. We chatted for a bit. I was about to have my mid-year review at work. So, it wasn't exactly wise for us to engage in phone sex. We can't have me dopey and lethargic!

My review with my boss went well, as my guy had predicted. My boss wanted to go out for a drink with me, which was unchartered territory for me. I was game, though. We ended up having a beer each and appetizers. It was essentially my dinner.

My manager went to use the men's room. I switched on my phone and there was a Skype message from my guy. He had a flight to catch at 06:30 from Istanbul to Cairo. He didn't think sleeping for a couple of hours was worth it. I texted him that I was wrapping up dinner. He told me to take my time.

It was a good outing with my boss. We get along, which helps a ton! The food and beer were yummy.

I got into my car and called my guy on Skype. It's nice to drive home talking to him.

A few hours later, my guy pinged me on Skype again. He was at the most amazing airport lounge in Istanbul, which I can attest to. He sounded sleepy when I talked to him, but he was in good spirits.
"I can't wait to see you again. I need to spank you hard," he insisted.
"Can't you go easy on me and ease me into it, such as giving me a number of light smacks across my bottom?" I suggested.
"No, I have to spank you hard right from the start. You have been such a bad girl that I want you to remember your punishment for many days after it."
"You're such a meanie," I replied.
"I know. I miss you so much these days. It's tough when you are so many kilometres away," he admitted.
My guy comes home in a week. I can't wait.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Remembering purchases, giving new gifts, and buying a taser

I recently got a new cell phone. I have had an iPhone 5 for the past three years. My cell phone contract has finally expired. So, I switched providers to go with a discount that I get with my employer. So far, so good.

I now am using an iPhone 6, and love the slightly larger screen and fingerprint recognition feature. It's fun!

The other night on Skype, I told my guy about it. I only have one cell phone case. It's nice, but I love the M&M's characters and need one for this new phone.

My guy remembered that, when we were in Istanbul, I had purchased an M&M's phone case and a glass protector for my iPhone 5.

We talked today about his day. He went to his favourite market in Istanbul after work.
"I bought you an M&M's case in purple," he told me.
"I'm so excited! Thank you," I responded with glee.
"You're welcome. I also got a glass protector for your new phone. I know how much you loved the one that you bought last year."
He's sweet and thoughtful, as always.

He also shared what other goodies he had purchased.
"I also got a taser," he said nonchalantly.
"What are you going to do with it? Go into law enforcement?" I asked him curiously.
"Well, if you resist getting your next spanking from me, I will tase you," he joked.
"You're mean!"
He got it because he was curious to see how it works and it was just dirt cheap.
"I can lend it to you to knock some sense into some of your lazy colleagues on your team," my guy suggested.
"I don't think that would work. They need an electric chair."
"You're so bad," my guy stated, laughing.
It has been a while since I have seen my guy. Naturally, I need some discipline.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reinforcing that I am a bad girl in an e-mail

My guy is in Istanbul for the week for work. He is staying at the same hotel that he and I had spent together last November. He told me on Skype yesterday that he misses me because the hotel reminds him of all the fun that we had together.

My guy wrote a quick e-mail to me before I headed off to work on Monday, replying back to an e-mail that I had sent the other day.
Dear bad girl with a cute butt that needs to be spanked,
Glad things are good on your end. Will try to get in touch tonight (after catching some sleep, hopefully).
He misses me a ton. He spanked me long and hard in our hotel room. It was wonderful.

And yes, that pun was intentional!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Blog posts, texting, and gifts

One of the main reason why I haven't posted much these days has been because I have been texting on Skype with my guy. When my guy was in Seattle, we had a three-hour time difference. Luckily, I am a night owl, so we would text at around midnight my time. This period is normally dedicated to my blogging up a storm.

So, I have been moonlighting here and there, trying to find alternative times in the day to blog. It's difficult, especially when I work long hours.

Anyway, I hope to get back to more regular blog posts. This post is a good start.

A week ago, my guy brought back a number of gifts for me. Here they are in no particular order:
  • Selfie stick
    I have been fighting getting one. I don't exactly want to join the self-absorbed number out there who take lots of photos of themselves. My guy and I thought that it's helpful to have one when you are travelling alone. We tend to ask other tourists to take our photos, but they don't always turn out as great as you had hoped. I always joke that you can't see the background when I take a selfie because my head is so big. My guy laughs at my remark, but he has always insisted that I exaggerate that point. He says that roughly two-thirds of a person's head is in a selfie.

    Anyway, he got me a selfie stick with a button on the stick itself. It's pink (he couldn't find one in purple, so this colour is my next preferred one). I must admit that it is a lot of fun. I will use it when I travel and when I want my guy to be in a photo with me.

    He bought this item in Seattle for $10. The same model is double the price in Toronto.
  • A glass popcorn popper
    To make a long story short, I like small appliances. I already have a popcorn popper. My guy and I were talking about small appliances. I indicated that I wanted a s'mores maker, but they are only sold during the holiday season. I don't get that, considering that you have s'mores when you go camping.

    I had mentioned to my guy that he could get me a hot dog maker. He flat out doesn't want me to indulge in hot dogs, which I find delicious. In our conversation, he joked that my wanting a hot dog maker was making him angry and said that I should be punished for bringing that request up. I pouted and my guy caved.

    "Why are you saying yes to buying me a hot dog maker?" I asked him.
    "I would buy you anything," my guy said in his sweet way.
    "You're caving," I replied.
    "I know, but I can't be Mr Meanie forever."

    Anyway, I like the idea of popping kernels in a glass container in a microwave, without adding oil. So, he bought that for me, which I love.
  • Dark chocolate edamame from Trader Joe's
    A couple of years ago, I had mentioned to my guy that I loved dark chocolate edamame. I love edamame and dark chocolate separately. Naturally, I would love them together. My guy went to Trader Joe's for the first time and bought me a couple of boxes.

    I had mentioned casually that I was rationing my last box. He brought back two more boxes. I don't have to ration for a while.
  • LED light for seasonal affective disorder
    My guy suffers from bouts of depression. I get sad now and again, but it is nowhere as serious as what my guy deals with. Instead, my mood goes downhill when it's cloudy outside, especially during the winter.

    When I lived in the Central timezone (Manitoba and Minnesota, specifically), there were far more sunny days than there are in southern Ontario. When it's cloudy outside, I feel sluggish and blah.

    When my guy and I first started dating, I told him about a light that I strap around my head that improves my mood. It works, but it's not the most comfortable device, especially for someone like me who has bangs and can't see what I am doing. My guy got me a stand LED light that does the same thing, except that it sits on the table next to you. It solves my I-can't-see issue with the headlight strapped around my head.
My guy gives thoughtful gifts. I still have to talk about the gifts that he got me when he was in Mexico.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Floor letters in an elevator

Sometimes, the conversations that my guy and I have can be amusing.
"You are such a bad girl," my guy tells me after I have teased him.
"But, I'm a good girl," I said in protest.
"No, you are never a good girl," he tells me, as we both walk towards the elevator.
"Yes, the elevator has the letter G, which stands for good," I reply.
"That's not what it stands for. It also has the letter B, which stands for bad. Using your lettering, put B and G together and we have you, a bad girl," he insists.
"You're being Mr Meanie again," I reply.
"There should be a letter C as a floor. You're cute."
He's sweet.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Bon voyage with gifts and a handjob

I learn more about my guy each day. He never ceases to amaze me with what he does and feels.

My guy arrived in Toronto at 06:00 last Sunday. He took the redeye from Seattle. He told me that had the flight not been that early, he would have asked me to meet him. I wanted to, but that time is even too early for me to attempt to get myself to the airport.

Several hours later, my guy had a flight to catch at 16:30. He asked whether I'd like to meet him before his flight. Without any hesitation, I agreed.

My guy knows me too well. I am punctual. We had agreed to meet at 13:30. He called me as I was pulling into the parking lot at work. He was running a bit late, as he had to pick up some work-related manuals from Purolator. He told me not to worry and that he had bought me gifts that were waiting for me in in trolley (it's really a wooden locker).

The problem? I had my access badge to get into the building, but not my badge to get onto my office floor. Oh, well.

My guy arrived about fifteen minutes later. He parked his car next to mine. The delay allowed me to clean up the trunk area of my car. I smiled at him. He did the same.

He got into the passenger side of my car.
"May I kiss you?" he asked me.
"Don't you want to say hi?" I asked, as I caressed his smooth face.
"Kissing you is saying hi," he replied, kissing the palm of my hand.
"You shaved," I remarked, loving his smooth lips tenderly kissing my hand.
I caressed his head, running my fingers through his hair. I smiled.
"I love your new haircut. You look cute," he replied.
"Thanks. You look good, too."
We locked lips. It felt like ages since we did. I got to touch his chest, which felt wonderful. He looked at my hands and loved the peach nail polish that I had on.
"Did you want a lift to the airport?" I asked him. Normally, he takes a taxi.
"If it means that I can spend more time with you, yes," he replied.
"How much crap do you have to take with you?" I asked.
"A lot," he chuckled. "Let's get out of the car, so I can give you a proper hug."
My guy unloaded two suitcases, a box of manuals, and his computer bag into my car's trunk. At one point, he did so while holding my hand.

When he was done doing all the heavy lifting (he's very protective of me and doesn't want me to re-injure my back), he grabbed me close and hugged me.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sad about feeling like I was all alone. My guy remembered that.
"I want to let you know that you are always loved and wanted. I may be far away from you, but you matter to me. You are my sweetness."
We probably hugged for a good couple of minutes. It felt good. I felt reassured and loved. It was much needed!

My guy said that we should go upstairs so that I could collect my gifts. I told him that we didn't have time. My guy insisted. It would only take five minutes. He was right.

We kissed going up and down the elevator. He was the perfect gentleman in carrying my bag of goodies for me and loading them into my car.

To make things interesting, my guy was getting horny. We managed to squeeze some time in to give him a handjob. It's never a dull moment with him! My guy had missed touching his hard member. He came almost instantaneously.

We quickly cleaned up. I was so glad that I was driving.

We held hands, had a fun chat, and managed to get him to the airport at a decent time. He looked for a cart. I unloaded the two smallest items from my trunk. He came back and told me to look pretty. He insisted on doing all the heavy lifting. He called me a bad girl, which was good to hear again.

I wished him a safe flight. We hugged some more.
"I love your haircut. It's the perfect summer hairdo," he told me, as I headed to my car.
"I love your hairdo, too," I said, which made my dopey guy smile.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Being close with my guy from afar

During my guy's two-week trip to Seattle, his hotel's Internet connection was horrible. It was okay for us to text on Skype, but it wasn't a strong enough signal for us to chat.

The last night that my guy was at that hotel, we started off texting, but he insisted on hearing my voice.
"I will use my phone's data plan," my guy stated.
"Will that be a lot to expense?" I asked him.
"It's okay. I have done it in the past."
It was nice talking to him. To make a long story short, I was helping my guy buy voltage converters. He has to travel to Cairo and needed a number of them. He was flying back home for a few hours before jetting off to Cairo. I offered to do the shopping and save him some time. He greatly appreciated it.

He asks for my opinion on various topics. He had bought a new suitcase and asked me what I thought of a hard shell versus a soft one. He felt reassured after I told him my view. It eased his mind.

I could hear in his voice that he missed me. He asked me to take a selfie of my new haircut. I don't like taking selfies, but he wanted to see me badly. I did and he loved the new hairdo. He wanted to see me on Sunday badly. The wait was too long for both of us.

On Saturday morning, I had slept in. Half an hour later, my guy called me on my cell phone. It was nice to start the day hearing his voice and chatting. His flight was later in the day, so he had time to shop and do some touristy stuff.

In the afternoon, my guy called me again from Macy's. He was looking for a jacket. I talked about getting all the voltage converts at great sale prices. He was so happy, because he is Cheap Bastard. He couldn't wait to see me again. The feeling is always mutual.

We texted before his flight, too. We are like teenagers in love. We can't get enough of each other. 

Being apart this time around has made us closer than ever.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Careful listening leads to a trip to Walmart

My guy is thoughtful. Sometimes, it blows me away.

The other night, we were talking on Skype. Somehow, our conversation led me to talk about a s'mores machine. I saw one a while back at Walmart, but never got around to buying one. I do love s'mores.

Anyway, we had this text conversation on Skype last night. My guy is still in Seattle:
MG: I went to Walmart today
Me: Ooh, Walmart. Any goodies?
MG: They never heard of the s'mores machine
Me: :(
Me: You're sweet for trying to track one down.
MG: I was hoping they would carry it
Me: I saw one here at Walmart in Stouffville a while back.
MG: It would have been a nice surprise that makes you smile that charming smile of yours
It's thoughtful that he remembered that I wanted a s'mores maker and he took the time to find one. Apparently, you can order the s'mores maker online, but it's not the same case finding one at stores. 

We often have disagreements about hot dogs. There is a hot dog machine available. I'd like one, but he is against my eating a ton of hot dogs, as if I would overdose on them. He told me that I was a bad girl. I like when he does that. It's fun pushing his buttons and teasing him.