Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Coughing and learning how to drive a manual car

I am trying to get rid of a nagging cough. It comes complete with congestion and mucus. Oh, what fun!

On a good note, I had my first stick shift driving lesson the other day. I told my guy about it. He has a manual transmission car, but won't let me drive it because it is his baby. I tease him about it all the time, which is fun.

I told him that I hope that I don't forget what I have learned. Otherwise, I will have to practice on his other stiff... um, stick shift.

It's fun being bad, which plants a nice seed for receiving a spanking.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Old and new treehouse memories with a sore bottom

The other day, my guy broke the news that he finally sold his old car (a.k.a the original treehouse). Naturally, we have fond memories of spending quality time and driving to various places in it.

The last time I saw his old car was a couple of weeks ago. After receiving a decent spanking from him in my car, we cuddled for a bit before heading our separate ways.

My guy had parked in front of the office building. I passed by him, rolling my window down on a 10°C evening, which was unseasonably warm.
"Is everything okay?" I asked him.
"Yes, I'm going upstairs to drop off some training manuals," he advised, holding a couple of them in one hand.
"Okay," I said. "Hey, did you drop something?"
"Yes," he said, bending down to fetch a coin. "It's a Turkish Lira," he observed, handing it to me.
"You don't want to keep it?" I asked him.
"It's for you," he said sweetly, knowing that I collect coins like he does.
"Thanks," I said.
"You know, you have amazing legs," he said, admiring my bare legs showing under my short blue skirt.
"You're sweet," I said, reaching over to hold and squeeze his hand.
He went ahead and kissed my hand. We then said goodnight as I slowly drove away with a sore bottom.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Being Ms. Green and potentially being fondled

I had a chat with my guy the other day. I was talking about finding another job, as my current one isn't advancing my career.
"I need to find something that I like doing," I said to him.
"Of course. That makes perfect sense," my guy agreed.
"I should work at M&M's World. I'd be so happy," I said.
"Yes, but you may get a sugar high from all those candies," he warned.
"I can dress up as one of the M&M's characters. I can be Ms. Green. I can gain weight around my belly and no one will notice with my green circular costume on. Folks would only see my legs and arms," I advised.
"I'd love to see your legs in that costume," my guy admitted.
"It must get hot in that costume in the summer, though. Maybe I need to be naked in it."
"I'd love that!" my guy said with excitement. "I would casually reach into the side of your costume and play with you."
It's amazing how nakedness excites my guy. It's also fun being in a costume. I know what I am dressing up as for Halloween next year.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I'd like to wish you and yours a happy, joyous Christmas! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I appreciate it immensely.

Here's to more blog posts -- whether I am having a spanking-good time or just writing about whatever topic comes to mind.

All the best,

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The verdict is in... bamboo underwear rules!

I had mentioned in a previous post that I gave my guy a pair of bamboo underwear as one of his Christmas gifts this year. The pair is a combination of being a comfy pair of boxers and briefs all rolled into one.

My guy wore them last week. He calls them shorts. Here is his quick review:
I wore the shorts. The thing feels heavenly. So soft and comfy. I'm thinking I should throw away all the ones I have and stock up on bamboo shorts! Thanks a ton for this awesome gift!
He approves. Yay!

One of these days, I will order bamboo panties for me. Bamboo is a wonderful fabric that feels great on the skin. I have bamboo leggings, and they feel luxurious and comfortable.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Last day at work before Christmas vacation and getting a hug for being who I am

As crazy as work has been, especially since the defensive writer quit back in early November and I have had to take over her work while ditching many of the lead tasks that I did, I am finally on vacation. I go back in early January of next year.

There are times when a couple of writers make me feel small because they do not include me when it comes to lunch and such. It hurt, at first. I am over it now. I have come to realize that I am not missing out on much. It makes me frustrated when I see them goofing off as the rest of us are slaving away at our desks.

Tuesday was special. It wasn't just my last day of work before my vacation. It was the last day working with a co-op student who joined us in early October. I have been guiding her through various tasks since then.

Last Friday, we had our Christmas lunch. I was so thrilled when she won a prize. Our team never wins anything. Sure, for a twenty-year-old young woman, getting a home surveillance system isn't exactly exciting, but she is gifting it to her boyfriend, so it all works out.

Anyway, I asked my manager whether we would be having a farewell lunch for her. He said that our team lunch last Thursday was it. I wasn't thrilled about it. So, on Tuesday, I took her out for lunch.

The problem? My manager had stacked up interviews to hire a new co-op from 11:00 am to noon, and then from 1:30 pm till the end of the day. I really wanted to do lunch with the co-op. Luckily, the afternoon interviews didn't pan out, so lunch was on.

It's unfortunate, of course, that my workload will continue being stacked. Then again, I am on vacation, so I don't care much right now.

The co-op has a week left before she is done working with us. She has been delightful and I will miss her. She was kind to thank me for treating her to lunch. It was the least that I could do. I took her to a Polish restaurant by work. It's like a cafeteria, except that all the food there is homemade, such as perogies and chicken schnitzel. And, it's a restaurant with plenty of tables in a cozy setting. We both went with the rather large cabbage roll. She loved it. It reminded her of the cabbage rolls that her grandma makes. I did, too.

We chatted for 1.5 hours. We learned so much about each other. We are similar. Of course, I am twice her age. As an example, we both don't have any siblings. Yet, we are perfectly fine with the friends and family that we have. 

She had to leave an hour earlier than she normally does for a dentist's appointment. It was unexpected, but she came over to where I was sitting and hugged me.

I am obviously doing something right. It's nice to get that acknowledgement when you least expect it.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Early Christmas gift exchange

My guy and I exchanged Christmas gifts early this year, as we both will be spending time with our respective families. At least we can still talk and communicate over the holidays, so that's pretty good in my books.

I got my guy a few goodies, which he loved:

  • An LED light on a keychain, with a phone screen cleaner on the light.
  • A magical wallet. You place your cash in it, flip it, and your cash is automatically secure within the elastic straps. I did a brief demo with his $5 USD bill. He was amazed!
  • Honey ginger lime soy beans that are roasted and are delicious. He loves honey and ginger. We'll see if he likes the lime part.
  • A Jam bluetooth speaker in blackberry.
  • A pair of bamboo underwear. He's geeky, so I got him a smarty pants pair. 
The underwear came in a Chinese takeout container. It was perfect, as my guy is an honourary Chinese guy.

He got me some wonderful gifts:
  • An electric pressure cooker.
  • A moose ceramic coin bank from Seattle, with Washington across the moose's backside.
  • A chocolate brown M&M's tin that looks classy. Inside the tin are chocolate M&M's.
My guy is thoughtful, even though he always thinks that his gifts aren't great. I love them. They came in a penguin-themed gift bag. I love penguins. He knows that I do. He's sweet that way.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Hair knowledge and a sweet compliment

In a recent Skype call, my guy was concerned that his hair was falling out more rapidly than he wanted. My guy has a small bald patch, but he has a decent head of hair.

I told my guy that hair grows in cycles and that shedding does happen. It's a question of whether it will grow back. I am hoping that it's just the regular hair growth cycle.

I went through losing a lot of hair in the past. When my mom suffered a stroke, I lost a good chunk of my hair. I felt embarrassed having bald patches. Eventually, most of it grew back after six to eight months. It's not perfect to this day, but I am thankful that I still have a decent head of hair.
"You didn't realize that I knew so much about hair," I told my guy at the end of our conversation.
"That's what happens when I date someone smart," he said.
Cue the sweetness music!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dropping his glasses and pulling down my panties

Last Saturday, my guy returned from his two-week trip to Seattle. We decided to meet at work in the parking lot.

For once, we both timed it perfectly. I got there by 16:00. My guy's taxi dropped him off at his car about five minutes later.

My guy came over to my car. He looked happy and even more attractive to me. He opened the passenger-side door to adjust the seat forward. I caressed his head, running my fingers through his soft, curly hair. He liked that.

I felt like I was a school girl. I wore a skirt and a sweater with a wider crew neck than normal. My guy liked my outfit, too.

We held hands. As always, his hands were freezing cold. I held them until they warmed up. He insisted on spanking my bare butt to warm them up. The spanking came a bit later.

My guy took his glasses off and placed them on the armrest in front of us. We kissed and hugged. It seemed like ages since we did. I missed his soft lips against mine. I told him so. He felt the same way about mine.

He caressed my bare legs. He then found my panties and pulled them down. He proceeded to pleasure me. I was so wet that you could visibly see the large wet patches on the gusset. Needless to say, I reached orgasm pretty quickly.

During this phase of our treehouse time, my guy knocked his glasses over. I felt like we were playing Twister. My legs were intertwined with his. He went to look for his glasses around. He couldn't find them. Instead, he found my bare left hip and kissed it.

Eventually, we both managed to shift our positions a bit more. His glasses had fallen into the front seat.

Of course, I had my fair share of fun. I accidentally pressed the automatic window button, so it came down. I fixed that a few seconds later.

It's never a dull moment with us. It's fun that way.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lunch date before my guy's flight

Over a couple of weeks ago, I had my first discussion with my boss about how I tend to be the reliable one on the team. When someone is in a jam, I am the one who ends up bailing that person out.

However, when I asked the team whether they could share a task that I have been doing for over five years, I got nothing. Figures.

This whole conversation, along with taking on more tasks because we are short-staffed, made me feel depressed. I told my guy that. He didn't like seeing me sad.

He was his typical sweet self. He wanted to cheer me up by taking me out for lunch before his flight to Seattle. I said yes without hesitation. We would be dining at our old hangout -- the Chinese restaurant by our old office building.

My guy and I both got there early and at roughly the same time. He looked good in his blue wool sweater. He was once again proving that he was my woolly mammoth.

Staff there are always nice and welcoming. I had finally written a review on Yelp after eating there for four years. The server thanked me for such a nice review. It was the least I could do. I also love eating there, as does my guy.

My guy and I both went with spicy dishes. He went with spicy beef. I went with spicy chicken. The food was consistent and yummy. We had a nice time chatting. It was nice being back that our favourite Chinese restaurant.

I asked my guy whether he needed a lift to the airport. He asked if I was okay with it. I was. He was happy to kiss this cab driver.

Naturally, my guy wanted me to lead us from the restaurant to our office. He is directionally challenged. He also admitted that he "likes following me," but not in a stalker way.

We got to the office and loaded my car up with his training materials and suitcase. We then held hands, laughed, and chatted as I drove him to the airport.

Once parked at the terminal area, I attempted to unload his lighter belongings from my car. He looked at me with his just-stand-there-and-look-cute-or-I-will-spank-you-hear look. He is protective of me and does not want me to do something crazy with my back. Instead, I watched him put all his stuff on a cart.

We hugged and kissed. He whispered that he'd call me soon. We then waved and I saw him walk into the terminal.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pubic hair and oral sex

Several months ago, I explored the idea of trimming my pubic hair. For years, I have let it grow. My guy didn't mind it, but I felt like I needed a change.

I am still trimming it. It's actually therapeutic. My pubic hair doesn't grow so rapidly that I need to shave it weekly. I use nail clippers with the rounded ends. They are safe and they do a good job.

A few weeks ago, my guy observed how nicely trimmed I was down there. It was a first for both of us, but he actually went down on me because he loved the handy work that I had done. His tongue and lips played with my clit. They felt incredibly good. I can't compare the sensation to anything! The orgasm was intense and wonderful.

I loved it and told him so. He liked it, too.

Just when you think that you know each other well, you realize there are a ton of fun times to enjoy and explore.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Change is coming professionally, with my guy being his supportive self

My guy has been in Seattle on business for a couple of weeks. We have been talking on Skype every single evening except for last Wednesday. He fell asleep in front of TV and didn't wake up until 03:30 my time.

Friday was not a good day for me at work. As far as my workload goes, it is worse now than it was in January. I told my manager that I am tired of doing the same work for over five years and that I am always the one who ends up bailing everyone else. Sure, my pace to complete my work is faster than my colleagues. However, I should not have to bear the burden of having more work because of my faster pace.

Yes, it sucks that a writer quit and I have to fill in this gap. It is sad that I am no longer doing lead writing duties. My career is stagnant.

I told my boss that it's time for me to find another job. He can't help me develop my career goals. The company isn't backfilling the departed writer's position.

I asked my guy whether he could let his boss know that I'd be interested in doing what my guy does. My guy didn't hesitate. He feels that I would be fine, because I am articulate, I know the products, and that I wrote the documentation to show folks how to use them. It would also mean that we'd work in the same department again if this career change happens.

As bittersweet as it is to turn away from writing, my current predicament is the push that I need to do something different with my career.

My guy was supportive on Friday night. He told me not to worry -- that I always manage to get out of stressful situations and handle them well. He also said that the company has plenty of room for me to find another position that I truly love.

He came back home on Saturday. It was wonderful seeing him again. Being in his arms, kissing his sweet lips, knowing that he loves me, and getting a fun spanking meant a lot.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The silliest spanking = the hardest one received to date

A few Fridays ago, my guy and I had quality time in our treehouse. As of late, we have thought about renaming the backseat of my car from our treehouse to the lounge. My guy has lounge access when he travels, so we have tossed around the name. However, we still call it the treehouse.

Anyway, my guy thought that I needed a good spanking, simply because I am his bad girl. I played the part of the reluctant girl. He had to tug me across his lap. Before I was comfortable over it, he gave me a smack across my backside.
"You're such a bad girl," he said to me, giving me a couple of smacks across my backside once I was over his knee.
"I have told you many times that I am a good girl," I replied.
"No, you're not," he said, giving me a hard smack after each syllable.
"Yes, I am," I insisted.
"No, you are a bad girl," he said, continuing to smack each buttock after he saying each syllable.
"You're funny!" I said, bursting out in laugher.
"Why are you laughing during your spanking?" he asked me.
"Because you are almost chanting as you spank me," I said.
"You think so?" he said, continuing a smack after saying each word.
"Give me a B! B! Give me an A! A! Give me a D! D! What does that spell? BAD!" I said.
We both started to laugh. Of course, we repeated that cheer, which led to more smacks with his hard and more soreness for my butt.

This spanking was a lot of fun for both of us. The downside is that I laughed so much that I didn't realize how hard he was spanking me until afterwards. The soreness lasted for three days. It was impressive.

I told my guy that outcome a few days later.
"Good," he said unsympathetically. "You deserved every hard smack I gave you."
"You're Mr. Meanie! It was one of the best spankings you have ever given me."
He gets better and better as my sweet disciplinarian.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cheeky butt-drumming video

A few days ago, I saw this video on my Facebook feed. It's nice that it's also a cheeky Canadian video:

This video is to draw awareness of colon cancer. It has certainly made me more aware. It just so happens that this video does it in a fun way. Thanks, Colon Cancer Canada!

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Christmas gift ideas - a spanking-good one!

Hello there! It has been a few days since I last posted. All is well.

My guy is in Seattle for a couple of weeks. So, when we chat, it tends to be when I normally blog. It is the main reason why I have been quiet lately. I hope to get some posts in during off-chatting hours!

Over a week ago, my guy asked me what I wanted for Christmas. He finds it easier to ask me what I want these days. I don't mind it at all.
"I want you for Christmas, wrapped in a bow," I replied.
"You're so sweet," my guy replied.
"Well, we can't put the bow around your member, because if it expands, that could pose a problem. I could use a rubber band instead," I teased.
"Yes, let's not do that. What would you like, though?" my guy pressed.
"A spanking," I said without hesitation.
"That's a given," my guy said, smiling at me.
Spanking is a gift that he keeps on giving that I like to receive throughout the year.