Saturday, April 27, 2013

Queued spankings

Well, my guy is still sick, but seems in better spirits. As a result, we'll see each other on Monday. It'll give him the weekend to get better.

We chatted online earlier this afternoon. He hasn't written to me, so I wanted to know if he was at work. Instead, he convinced me to take it easy and not go into the office. He's good that way in making sure that I don't work too hard. Frankly, I am a workaholic.

Anyway, I do like the idea of having a birthday spanking by getting smacks from a ton of folks. The thought of doing something like what this video shows intrigues me both as the birthday girl and the spanker.

This video reminds me of the Flintstones' episode in which Wilma and Betty dress up as male lodge members. They sneak into a meeting and get paddled by a number of lodge members. I could only find the Spanish version of the episode, but it works for me at around the 20:00 mark.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Things don't always go as planned

Well, I am a bit bummed out (no pun intended). Sadly, the wait continues.

My guy wrote an e-mail to me this morning, saying that he wasn't feeling too well. Naturally, he wasn't going into the office, and had to postpone our lunch and dessert date (yes, the latter means treehouse time) today. He felt bad about it.

Of course, I wanted him to feel better. I told him to take it easy and let me know if he was feeling better the following day. I wished that I could kiss him and make him feel back to his normal self. We have been apart for weeks now. Waiting another day won't kill us. I am an optimist, after all.

Unfortunately, my longing for him was more apparent as the day went on. I do miss him.

I know that when I am travelling, I tend to get sick toward the end of my trip. I am not sure why that is, but it isn't surprising. My guy coming down with something doesn't surprise me.

I saw some fact recently that said that sex and cuddling tends to increase your immune system. Here's hoping that we can spend some time to remedy our ailments soon.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A sweet conversation to start off the day

I wish that every morning started off this way. I will need to backtrack a bit.

On Sunday, my guy and I had started to chat on Skype. However, his hotel room had lost power and he was fumbling around in the dark, trying to find the fuse box. Yes, I was shocked that it has a fuse box right in the room itself.

So, his room had power once he had flicked the fuse switch, but his laptop would not charge properly. He only had ten minutes of battery power. As a result, we only chatted for ten minutes.

He felt bad about not being able to chat. I was wondering whether it was his laptop's battery that was shot or his charger. Well, the following day, he borrowed a charger from a client in Amsterdam for the day, and then went out to buy a new one.

On Monday morning, we chatted on Skype. I was feeling sluggish, mainly because I had tried to sleep in after having woken up from six hours of solid sleep. That attempt wasn't a wise one.

My guy convinced me to take the day off, to not go into work, and to take it easy. He knows that I work hard. I took his advice and did just that.

We actually chatted again on Skype later on that day. He asked me whether I had wanted a sex toy while he was in Amsterdam. He wanted to get me my first dildo, to remind me of him when he was on the road. It's quite the thoughtful gift!

Anyway, he had hoped to chat with me on Tuesday. I had figured that he'd be too busy sightseeing, shopping, and packing to chat. So, I wasn't upset when he didn't.

This morning, after having fixed myself some breakfast, I fetched my laptop and powered it up. I don't normally go and grab my cell phone first thing in the morning. I don't know what possessed me to do it this morning, but I am sure glad that I did.

As soon as I had picked it up, my phone rang. It was a long-distance number that I didn't recognize. Knowing how curious I can be, I picked it up.
"Hello, Cutiebootie speaking," I said.
"Did you just wake up?"
"I called you an hour ago. I know that you're an earlybird."
In a rare move, my guy had called me from the car rental place at the airport an hour earlier. He was now waiting to board his flight back home. It was great to speak to him this morning.
"I got you a dildo," he said.
"Thanks so much. What colour is it?" I asked.
"It's a light pink," he said.
"That's very feminine," I remarked.
"I will leave it in your desk drawer at work, in a bag," he said.
"That sounds good. I would hate it to be standing up in front of my monitor as a paperweight."
We both laughed. It would be a pretty good conversational piece.
"Can we do lunch at our usual place tomorrow?" he asked me rather sweetly.
"That sounds good. It would be nice to see and chat with you."
"Maybe after lunch, we can have dessert," he hinted.
"You really can't wait, can you?" I asked him rhetorically.
"For sure."
It has been three weeks since I last saw him. Touched him. Kissed him. Got spanked by him.

I told him the other day that I longed to see him. I can't believe that in several hours, I will.

The wait is about to end. It's about time!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Manager-employee scene thoughts on Skype

Chatting with my guy on Skype is great when he is away for long stretches. The longing to see each other can be heart-wrenching at times. I am glad that we'll be seeing each other soon.

Last week, we had phone sex. It started off as a regular, how-was-your-day chat.

I was telling my guy that the two other writers that I work with are not assertive. One of them asked me for permission to fill out a form to test-drive software. It was odd. I told my guy that I would have just done it, without asking my boss for permission.

My guy said that our boss would appreciate having someone like me make such decisions, as I am an independent worker. I told my guy that he should be my boss. We both liked that thought. Chatting about work led to the following scene.

My guy's office would have double-sided locks. All the office doors at work tend to lock from the outside, which is why we do not have quality time there.

We would lock my guy's office door. We would make out, kissing each other on the lips, face, neck, and gradually moving down our bodies.

He'd ask whether I had been a good girl. Of course, I hadn't been. He'd bend me over the wooden desk, lift my skirt up, and spank me with this bare hand. He would then remove my lacy panties and continue spanking me until I couldn't handle the pain anymore.

He would then finger me until I came. It would be followed by my guy inserting his hard member up my butt. Having his bare legs against mine while reaching orgasm was an arousing thought.

Afterwards, my guy said that folks would wonder what we were doing in his office for so long. Folks would notice that my clothes looked different on me after leaving his office to head back to my cubicle. Colleagues would step into my guy's office and see that a pair of panties were on the floor. My guy would end up having a collection of my panties in his desk drawer. When he gets horny, he would ejaculate on a pair.

It's quite the scene. I think the excitement lies in being intimate at work, which we can't do. If only offices and conference rooms had double-sided locks! We have never had anal sex, although we have been taking baby steps to make sure that I am comfortable with his fingers in me. We both agreed that we'd like to try that out sometime.

We also enjoyed the thought of having me in the office without any panties on. My guy feels that I give the impression that I am conservative, but I am really not. The duality is intriguing.

Two more days remain before we see each other again. The wait has been long. I am glad that it's nearly over.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Great news! Christmas in April

Just a quick post. Christmas came early for me!

My guy was originally scheduled to be away for another week. His trip has been cut short, so he'll be back this week. We chatted on Skype for a couple of hours and had a lot of fun.
"I can't wait to see you on Thursday," my guy said.
"Likewise," I replied. "It seems like ages since we were together."
"We can meet in the treehouse and I can flip you over," stated my guy. "You've got a spanking coming your way."
He just made my weekend.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Compliments and sex toy shopping

I was pretty blue on Friday. A number of incidents have contributed to my sadness, one of which was not being able to talk to my guy for nearly the entire week.

Well, we did connect on Skype this afternoon. I normally go into work on Fridays, but I didn't feel like it. Instead, I worked half the day and spent most of my afternoon driving around.

My guy could tell from my Skype messages that I wasn't myself. So, when we spoke, he wanted to hear what was bugging me. I did feel better afterwards.

My guy is in the Netherlands. He is there for two weeks. Yesterday, he saw his cousin who lives there.
"You know what?" he said enthusiastically.
"What's that?" I asked him back.
"My cousin has a Chinese girlfriend," he replied.
"I know. It must run in our genes or something," he said. "My girlfriend is better looking, though."
"Aw, you're just saying that because you're biased."
"No, it's true," he said, adamantly. "His girlfriend smokes up like a chimney. They are a compatible couple. They both smoke tons."
"Ah, okay," I said.
"You, on the other hand, are smoking-hot as a non-smoker."
"I have always loved how smooth you are," I said, smiling. "Your compliments make me want to blush and hide."
"Blushing isn't a bad thing," he replied. "I like when you curl up next to me and rest your head against my chest when you blush."
We both agreed that we like to cuddle. We both miss that.

He asked me whether I wanted a sex toy from Amsterdam. At first, I suggested that he get me a lexan paddle, although I would guess that they are difficult to find in a store and I'd be better off ordering one online. Instead, he suggested getting me a dildo. I am perfectly fine with that.

He's thoughtful. I like that he is always thinking about my ever-growing toy box.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Being on business makes my guy emote more than usual

My guy will be on the road for another 1.5 weeks before I see him again. It can be rough at times. We miss each other's company. We both miss the physicality of being together. We miss chatting in-person.

We were hoping to chat tonight on Skype. Unfortunately, he had a rough day on the road.

Although he doesn't emote as much as I do, he is slowly coming around. He specifically logged on to Skype just before he was going to hit the sack. He has never done that before.

He logged on simply to wish me a good night. We sent instant messages for the next fifteen minutes. He wasn't down in spirits, but I could tell that he wanted to talk. The unfortunate part was that it was midnight his time. We have a six-hour time difference.

He tends to end his e-mails these days with kisses as the closing salutation. It's different and it takes getting used to, but I like it. I prefer it over cheers. He used the same thing before we ended our chat tonight.

I miss him. I know that the feeling is mutual. Otherwise, he wouldn't have logged on for that brief period just for us to wish each other sweet dreams and such.

Anyway, my next post will talk about a chat we had on Sunday. We both made up a scenario in which we'd like to act out down the road. And yes, I get spanked in it, of course!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hand and body creams require an applicator

The last time my guy and I were together, we were in the training room at work. It was a holiday.

There are a number of details that I didn't mention. My post was rather long, but the main points were all there.

After my guy had spanked, fingered, and got me off, he kissed the small of my back several times. I loved it. He has kissed me there one other time. It's sweet.

My guy has told me that I have nice skin. Ever since my guy had given me two tubes of ultra-moisturizing lotion, I have been applying them religiously on my hands and legs just before I go to bed.

I wrote my guy an e-mail last night. Here's the part about the hand and body cream:
By the way, I love the hand creams that you got me. They smell nice and they hydrate my skin nicely. I look forward to the day when you can apply for the job as my official applicator. =)
My guy did well in the which-creams-should-I-buy department. Yes, my pun was intentional in my e-mail. He wrote back to me a few hours later:
Glad you like the hand creams and look forward to assume my new position as official cream applicator (hands and otherwise :))
Sure, being apart for weeks is tough. He's sweet to leave me gifts at work. Writing and chatting are important. The time apart doesn't seem so bad.

My guy is currently up in the air, flying over to Sweden. My guess is that he's stopping over in Frankfurt, but I could be wrong. Last time, he stopped in Copenhagen, got me a chocolate croissant, and flew home. He's incredibly thoughtful and spoils me. I have truly lucked out.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Soaps and sweetness

This post is a bit different than my usual ones.

When I was twelve years old, a friend introduced me to watching my first soap opera, Days of Our Lives. There are two plot lines that I remember fondly. A few actions have triggered these memories as of late.

As you know, I have been interested in spanking for quite some time. I remember the storyline between John and Isabella quite well. The best storyline segments that have always intrigued me were Isabella's birthday. There was one episode in which Isabella is wearing a cobalt blue dress. John puts her over his knee and gives her a few birthday smacks. I loved watching it, but never had it recorded.

As of late, I have been going through YouTube trying to find this clip. Unfortunately, I have yet to find it. I did find another one where she gets one birthday lovetap. Too bad it's not the best as far as actually seeing John's hand smack Isabella's bottom, but it is there at the 6:05 mark of this clip.

The other storyline involves Kayla and Patch. Kayla was this sweet-looking, blonde woman from a solid, well-grounded family. She was in love with Patch (yes, he wore an eyepatch). He was kind of like the Fonz from Happy Days in that Patch wore a leather jacket, a t-shirt, jeans, but had shaggy dirty-blonde hair.

This storyline reminds me of my guy and me. Well, I am not blonde and my guy doesn't wear an eyepatch. However, Patch had a nickname for Kayla, which was sweetness. For the past month, my guy has been calling me by that nickname, too. I do like it. I have been calling him my sweetie for a while now, simply because he is probably the sweetest man that I have ever been with.

I have yet to share this tidbit with my guy. He is currently on a flight back to Toronto. He is returning home to do laundry and will fly out again to Sweden for a couple of weeks. I will then have him for a week, which is always wonderful.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Skyping about being tied down, spanked, paddled, and more

In the past, whenever my guy and I would chat on Skype, we would know right off the bat whether it would be strictly a conversational, chatty session, or phone sex. Perhaps the latter should be dubbed Skype sex...

Anyway, the neat delineation in the past is no longer the case these days. Tuesday's chat was an example.

We talked about our day. I had problems accessing a file repository at work that was perfectly fine for most of the day. My guy was in the heart of downtown Sao Paulo, which didn't have too much touristy attractions for him to do after work.

I talked about my recent toy purchases, which included restraints.
"The restraints are great. You can either tie the cuffs together as wrist cuffs, or you can separate them and tie my wrists to the bedposts."
"I like the idea of tying you to the bedposts. Your face would be down. I'd lift your skirt up and pull down your lacy panties that I love so much," he started.
"Would you spank me?" I asked him.
"Yes, I would spank your bare bottom hard with my hand at first. When my hand hurts, I'd bring out the leather paddle and spank you until your butt is bright red."
It's an endearing, wonderful image. We talked more about fingering me and spanking me until I reached orgasm.

What I find sexy is my guy fingering either my pussy or my clit, and then leaning right up against me to talk to me -- to speak to me softly in my ear. It turns me on. I can't explain why. I never thought that it would.

We both eventually got off. With my guy, it was a combination of my sucking him while alternating between groping his butt and playing with his balls. He has never come on my breasts, but we both like that thought and would like to try that out.

Naturally, we were both feeling dopey afterwards. It was nice.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My guy shopping in Victoria's Secret, but not for lingerie... just yet

My guy and I have been chatting on Skype for the last three evenings. It has been great.

Before leaving for Brazil, my guy left me a gift in my desk drawer at work. He told me that he had visited Victoria's Secret last week and got me a couple of items. He also got some double hot chocolate that I had wanted to try when we were in the United Airlines lounge in Newark International Airport.

My guy doesn't know what size I wear when it comes to lingerie. He has the same view as I do about clothing. It's just better to shop with the person.

In the past, I had mentioned what my bra size was to him once. He had asked me about cup size, so I gave him my bra size as an example. I told him that it hasn't changed in years and he attentively made sure that he remembered my bra size. He seems genuinely interested in getting me a bra-and-panty set. I also told him what my panty size is, too.

I commended him on how great it was that he ventured into the store. In general, I would think that it would be a bit uncomfortable for a guy. He was fine. He bought me two tubes of hand and body cream from the place, which I love. He did well.
"You have nice skin," he said to me. "I hope that I can apply the lotion on you."
"I'd like that," I replied.
My guy mentioned again that he wanted to get me lingerie the next time he was in Victoria's Secret.
"You have seen my bras, so you have an idea of what I like," I said.
"Yes, I do!"
"I like lace. It's so pretty and feminine," I elaborated a bit.
"You look great in those lacy panties."
I recently found a pair of panties that I adore from that store. The panty's front is cotton. Its back is lace. It's the perfect balance. More importantly, they are comfy to wear.

My toys came in the mail today. I will likely talk about them later. I like my purchases.

The best part about our chat was that he indicated that he was going to India and the States again on business. He wants me to join him. I am game. I have three weeks of vacation left. I have already used a week of vacation that I had carried over from last year. It was fun spending time with him. We both agreed that it would be perfect to do it again.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Three-word meme

I saw this meme (twice!) on Fondles's blog, so I am giving it a shot myself. Here goes:

The idea is to use exactly three words to answer each of the questions, so here goes.
  1. Where is your cell phone? By me, charging
  2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Boyfriend. He's sweet.
  3. Hair? Straight, medium length
  4. Your mother? Strong, chatty foodie
  5. Your father? Shy, quiet napper
  6. Your favorite item(s)? Gifts from boyfriend
  7. Your dream last night? Spanked by boyfriend
  8. Your favourite drink? Rum and Coke
  9. Your dream guy/girl? Am dating him
  10. The room you are in? In the den
  11. Your fear? Death in general
  12. What do you want to be in 10 years? Happy, healthy, stress-free
  13. Who did you hang out with last night? Parents, over dinner
  14. What are you not? Flashy, obnoxious, rude
  15. What's outside your window? My neighbour's backyard
  16. One of your wish list items? Live with boyfriend
  17. What time is it? 01:08 (yep, morning)
  18. The last thing you did? Wrote an e-mail
  19. What are you wearing? Pajama shorts, t-shirt
  20. Your favourite book? Power of One
  21. The last thing you ate? Chocolate Belgian waffle
  22. Your life? It's pretty good
  23. Your mood? Sleepy. Miss boyfriend.
  24. Your car? Blue Toyota Prius
  25. What are you doing at this moment? Answering this meme!
  26. Your summer? Due for vacation
  27. Travel plans? Vacation with boyfriend
  28. What is on your TV screen? Nothing. It's off.
  29. Last time you cried? Last night. Privately.
  30. School? No PhD intentions!
This meme was fun to do and was challenging, too! Please try it out if you'd like.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

My guy is back to his cheerful self and I went shopping for toys

Things are looking a bit brighter. My guy wrote a couple of e-mails last night. He is back to his sweet self.

The unfortunate part is that he is on the road for the next few weeks. So, his moodiness is partly due to being on the road. He would rather have a balance of sorts. He likes to be home for at least a week before going on the road. He won't have that opportunity for quite some time.

My guy also gets in a negative spin when he is stressed out. That phase seems to be over for the time being. He is back to him content self, who enjoys shopping.

Speaking of shopping, I finally got around to ordering some playful items. As I had mentioned in my last post, my guy and I have discussed some new role-playing scenarios as of late that we want to try out.

One scenario is my giving him a blowjob as a French maid. My guy indicated that it's not mandatory for me to find a maid outfit (he is fine if I am wearing a short skirt and a v-neck t-shirt, for instance). He likes the idea of my sucking him when his member is limp and then gets gradually harder. I once told him that this scenario would be impossible, as my guy seems to always be hard when he sees me.

Anyway, I bought a feather duster. It was on sale, and has red and black feathers. The duster's handle is black. I like the idea of sucking and dusting around his privates. The video that we saw was hot and intriguing. I'd like to try it out.

My guy also wants to experiment with having his way with me. Naturally, it would be consensual. However, I would be acting like I didn't want my skirt lifted up so he could spank me. Instead, I would pull my skirt down, but he would insist on lifting it up. I'd cover my bare bottom with my hand to avoid being spanked. He'd move my hand away. Eventually, I'd give in and enjoy the moment.

Finally, we have discussed tying me up. When I am about to be spanked, I tend to obediently go over his lap or flip over. I never fight it. My guy likes the idea of tying me up so that he can pleasure me. So, I bought some restraints. We have flirted with the idea of tying me up to the bedpost. So, this kit that I bought is flexible in that you can either tie your wrists together with the cuffs, or you can use the cuffs separately to tie them around your bedposts.

The toughest part is waiting to be with my guy so that we can try these scenarios out with the toys. The toys are currently being shipped. I hope to get them sometime early next week. I can't wait!

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

A lull - my guy is not in his happy place and is miles away

My guy is moody. On Saturday, he wrote be a sweet e-mail, saying how much he loved his birthday gift from me and how great I am in the gift-giving department.

I have mentioned in the past that he has called me his girlfriend a couple of times. In this e-mail, he did it a third time. It is rare that he calls me his girlfriend and that I call him my boyfriend. Instead, we tend to give each other playful nicknames.

Well, the playful nickname trend came crashing down on Monday. I didn't hear from him for a couple of days. He is on the road and normally lets me know that he's okay.

He did eventually send me an e-mail on Monday night. He told me that he has been in a "bit of a bad mood." He never explained why. He said that he would "resurface soon." He used my real first name as part of the opening salutation. The last time he did so in a private e-mail was the first few e-mails that we had sent to each other when we started dating.

Perhaps I am reading into his e-mail more than I should, but it certainly convinced me that he was not his regular self. I told him that if he wanted to talk about it, to just let me know. I also said that he probably needed a real hug, but that I could only offer a virtual one to him for the time being.

He wrote back to me tonight. He seems like he is on the mend. He told me that I was my sweet self and that my virtual hug helped.

I am hoping that we'll talk soon. I do miss him, but I also know that he needs some time to work out whatever is bugging him. Pressing him to tell me will not work. When he is ready to tell me, he eventually does.

I do worry about him when he get into such a dark zone. If I were with him, I would be holding him in my arms, reassuring him that things do work out.

Anyway, before my guy got in his bad mood, he told me on Friday that he'd like to tie me up sometime. He reassured me that I'd like what he'd do to me. I knew that! My job is to find ties or cuffs that he can use on me. The research is fun. I have found something that I like and it's on sale, too!

I also need to get a feather duster. Although it's not a mandatory item, my guy and I had watched a video in which a woman in a French maid costume was using a feather duster on a man. She was dusting around his balls and cock, alternating between this task and sucking his hard cock. I would like to give the feather duster a try. My guy likes envisioning me sucking him in such an outfit.

Thanks for reading along. It has been an odd week. I miss him, but I am hopeful that he'll get back to his usual self.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Good Friday, great spanking, and more

My guy had a seminar to do on Friday. He didn't realize that it was Good Friday when he had asked his attendees if they were okay with meeting online for the seminar. My guy missed me so much that he said that we could schedule some quality time before that.

One he had figured out that it was a holiday, he was his usual self in asking if I was fine driving for 45 minutes to get to our usual meeting place. I told him that it was worth it. After all, we hadn't seen each other in weeks. He agreed with me that Skype has helped us while we were apart, but being physically together would be better.

Before he boarded his plane, he wrote an e-mail, indicating that his flight was 45 minutes late. He advised that if the delay was too long, that I didn't have to come. I checked his expected arrival time. His plane was attempting to make up for lost time and would touch down twenty minutes later than expected. I wrote to him, saying that it would be okay to meet him.

Well, I got to our usual spot and it was busy. A pet show was being held in this conference centre. I decided to drive down the road to work and see if I could catch him. Sure enough, my guy was heading in his car in the opposite direction. So, I followed him to our usual area, which had only one vacant parking spot.

I honked at him. He looked back. He got out of his car. I rolled down my window. We talked. I reached out for his hand. We talked as we held hands. We decided to try the training room at work and hoped that no one we knew would be there.

We got to our work parking lot. We traded gifts. I gave him a belated birthday gift. My guy often has to scan a bunch of travel receipts, so I got him a portable hand-held scanner. He loved it. He gave me some "silly items" from his travels. His gifts are never silly. He even got me a chocolate croissant from Copenhagen. Yum!

We headed into the training room. It was available. Although you need a fob to get through the door, I also bolted the door, for good measure.

We put our stuff down. We headed to the back of the room. We looked at each other. He looked good. He told me that I did, too. We embraced for a long time. Normally, we kiss first. We eventually got to the kissing part.

He caressed my breasts. He looked under my grey v-neck sweater and liked my black bra. My breasts came out of my bra and he sucked on each nipple. I felt great.

We hugged some more. He groped my backside. He pulled my jeans up, which excited me. His hard cock rubbed up against my crotch.
"You need to be punished," he whispered in my ear.
"No, I don't," I said.
He gave my backside several smacks. I enjoyed each one.
"Bend over," he told me, directing me to the wooden desk.
"I don't think that I should take my jeans off," I said, playing a hesitant girl.
"How come?" he asked me sweetly, hugging me from behind.
"My bottom will hurt more," I said, sliding down my jeans and assuming the position.
"I love your lacy black panties," he said, caressing my backside.
Soon, the scolding and smacks came down. He alternated spanking each buttock. Each smack increased in intensity. I was getting excited.

My guy slid by panties down to my ankles, which joined my jeans. He spanked me even harder across my bare bottom. He started to finger my clit. He was getting me excited. I wanted to climax, but he would take his finger out and spank me. It was frustrating, yet exciting.
"You're not as wet as I thought you'd be," he remarked, teasing me.
"You're being mean by not letting me come!"
A few swats later, he fingered me and I came. I was so happy. I also knew that he wasn't done with me being bent over.

He fingered my butt. It has been a long time. He asked me if I felt like a slut. I agreed that I was his slut.

I gasped when he put another finger up my butt. I was enjoying it. I got even more turned on when he leaned against me. I loved the feel of his chest against my back. He put his head next to my neck, and whispered that I was his. He proceeded to grope my left breast. I came again and felt like a vegetable.

My guy enjoys putting my clothes back on me. He pulled up my panties, then my jeans, and then buttoned and zipped the latter.
"I feel like doll when you undress and dress me," I replied.
"You are a doll."
We hugged for a bit. I played with his hard cock under his pants. He told me to not worry about him. He wanted to pleasure me today. My guy still felt bad that I didn't reach orgasm a couple of times when we were on Skype.

We both took turns making a trip to the washroom. My guy went first. I didn't have my fob with me, as I didn't expect to be at work. He lent me his, which was on his key chain. I teased him by saying that I was going to take his car for a spin.

My guy stopped me by grabbing my crotch and rubbing it. I asked if he could release me, so that I could go. He gave my left buttock a slap while looking at me. He let me go. It was nice.

My guy invited me to stay with him. He said that I could leave halfway through his seminar if I wanted to. I told him that I liked his offer and I always like his company. He smiled.

I wasn't expecting what was about to happen.

My guy started his online seminar. I sat next to him and I was intrigued to hear the material that he was attempting to deliver.

He held my hand. I squeezed it. Between pauses, he leaned over and kissed me on my lips. He continued to rub my hand.

Moments later, he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. We both managed to pull them down to my ankles.

My guy reached under my panties and went for my pussy, which was already dripping wet from the previous activities. He wanted to make me have multiple orgasms. Each one took longer to achieve, but I ultimately did.

The toughest part was trying not to pant or scream too loudly, as my guy was calmly talking online. I was incredibly dopey and content afterwards that I leaned over and hugged him. I love cuddling up to him. He enjoys it, too.

I rested there for a bit and managed to sit back against my chair, with my eyes closed. He had told me earlier that he wanted to focus on me. Well, that changed. I didn't notice that he had taken down his pants and briefs until I saw his erect cock in front of my face when he kissed my forehead. He was standing up, still talking online, but was horny.

I debated whether to wrap my hand around his penis or suck on it. It had been ages since I had wrapped my lips around his head that I decided to kiss it. I then gave him a blowjob.

I know my guy too well. The problem is that he was giving a serious seminar. I knew that he would not come. So, I played with him for a bit. I touched him. I groped his bare buttocks. I played with his balls. I stroked his hard member. He enjoyed it, although we both knew that he wanted to end his seminar and ejaculate.

At one point, my guy placed his hard cock under my bra. It was snug against my right breast. It felt good. We both agreed later that it was hot.

Frankly, I was too dopey to do much. Luckily, his 1.5-hour seminar was finally over.

My guy pulled up his briefs and pants. I was still sitting there in my chair, wanting to sleep. I could feel him come over. He was straddling me, practically sitting on my lap. He embraced me. He lovely simulated humping me.
"You must like me a lot," I said, in an extremely dopey voice.
"I do like you a ton," he said, planting plenty of kissed on me.
I eventually opened my eyes. He was sitting in a chair, looking directly at me. He held my hands.

"You are beautiful," he said, looking at my face and then my hands.

He asked what my ring size was. We are similar in height and he thought that we had the same ring size. It turns out that I am a ring size smaller than he is digit-wise.

I have rings on my middle and ring fingers. He took them off and looked at them. He then slipped them back on my fingers. He has never done that before, either. I felt like Cinderella, but with my rings being glass slippers.

We talked for a bit. We hugged more. He gave me plenty of kisses. He told me that he was satisfied that I could no longer reach orgasm for the day and playfully played peekaboo, looking at my black bra under my sweater. He felt good. I obviously did, too.

My guy is on the road for several weeks. I got a bit sad when he told me so. He hugged me tighter.

We left work just before 21:00. We have never held hands in the parking lot at work. My guy didn't care. Although there were plenty of cars parked there, which was pretty rare for a holiday, my guy reached out and held my hand as he walked me to my car.

He's a sweet guy. I wished him a pleasant trip to his next destination. As always, Skype and e-mail are our friends.

Needless to say, I slept well that evening. I am sure that he did, too.