Monday, October 08, 2007

Groping in public

Last Monday, I went with a good friend to see James Blunt play at an intimate concert theatre here in T.O. Although my husband, G, likes James Blunt's music, he refuses to stand during an entire show. He'd rather have assigned seating. You would think that after a sound spanking, he'd like the idea of standing. It's less painful that sitting on a wooden chair for that same period, for instance.

Anyway, at the end of the show, there was this one couple standing next to us. They were in each other's arms. The guy was groping and lightly patting his significant other's bottom. My friend didn't like it one bit. Her attitude was for them to get a room. As for me, it sparked a number of thoughts.

First, that would have been more intriguing had the woman actually had a nice backside. G describes my backside as being spankable. He interprets that as being cute -- enough for it to jiggle when firmly smacked, but far from being skin over bones. I've noticed that I cannot fill out the backside of any pants I wear these days, so my cheeks aren't exactly full. As long as the husband loves spanking my backside, that's all that matters to me.

So, this woman's backside was bony. She wore tight jeans and there wasn't any definition to her cheeks. What exactly was there for her beau to pat or grope? Forget even attempting to pinch her bum. Her jeans were too tight for that and there wouldn't have been anything to pinch.

As for me, the thought of having G give me a smack or two in public is highly arousing. He doesn't do that unless I ask. There are times where he'll threaten to spank me in the car as I'm driving us somewhere. I want to pull over, park the car, get out, open his side of the door, go over his knee, and tell him to spank me hard. That has yet to happen.

When I'm at the airport and one of us is flying off on a business trip, we'll hug, kiss, and he will discreetly give me a lovetap or two. I do like that. The majority of the time, I do most of the loving, public lovetaps.

I recall G putting some bags of store-bought items in the backseat of the car once. He was bent over. I went over and lightly spanked him over his jeans and called him a naughty little boy. And, whenever we take a swim in the pool, he is shy about kissing me there. I, however, pinch his bottom underwater.

To those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a terrific one. I am thankful for plenty of spankings given and received. I am also thankful that G and I continue to enjoy spending our lives together with sore, rosy red bottoms.