Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve

Hey, we made it through 2018!

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by this year to read my blog. I appreciate the support! I wish you a happy 2019 to come, full of joy, love, and good health.

Take care,

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Good girl, BAD girl

Whenever my guy and I converse, I like saying that I am his good girl. He will immediately say that I'm his bad girl.

In e-mail exchanges, it's even more amusing. I'll sign off by saying, "Your good girl."

My guy is consistent. He'll reinforce that I'm bad.
Hi there BAD girl,
Nice to hear from you. :)
I like when he emphasizes that I'm BAD.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dealing with an inept colleague while on vacation

The new writer manages to still get on my nerves even when I am on vacation. She has no clue about respect for those who are on vacation.

On Christmas eve, she said that she'd wish everyone a nice Christmas. It seemed like a thoughtful gesture on her part.

We have an instant messaging tool that we use at work. I have it installed on my phone, as I take teleconferences while I am driving into work. I frankly don't like instant messaging apps. I find getting text messages to be a distraction.

Guess what she does? While I am preparing fixings in the kitchen on Christmas day, I get a text message on this instant messaging app from her. She's wishing me a merry Christmas. I have mentioned to her in the past that I don't like being contacted through this app. Obviously, this tidbit didn't register in her head, as with most information that my interns and I have relayed to her.

Two days later, I get a status report from her on this instant messaging app, saying that she's "holding down the fort." You would think that this app saying that I have been away for three days would mean something to her. Nope.

I wrote her an e-mail, copying our manager, on instant messaging etiquette. I pointed out that instant messaging is used to contact someone quickly to get a response and when it's urgent. Providing a status report or wishing me a nice Christmas over Skype while I am on vacation is not proper etiquette. I had to spell it out that I do not want to be reached on this work instant messaging app when I am on vacation. I want a work-free vacation. However, writing this e-mail to tell her to stop it and to explain how instant messaging etiquette works wasn't in my vacation plans.

I then indicated to look at our manager's e-mail that wished everyone a merry Christmas. He sent it as an e-mail, not through an instant messaging app. She does not comprehend that instant messages that she sends goes to my personal phone while I am on vacation and she is not. The last person I truly want to hear from on my vacation is this woman.

I got a reply back from her to my e-mail saying that she understood what I had said. I doubt that she truly does. It is so frustrating dealing with someone who seems to be shielded from the world and does not understand what is common courtesy.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Haircut and reunion with my hairdresser

I got my hair cut on Thursday. I got four inches off my hair length. It feels great!

For over a year, I had a wonderful hairdresser that did a great job cutting my hair. Sadly, the salon that I went to had closed. It took me a while to find a new salon with an equally competent hairdresser. I found it this past summer.

On Thursday, I went in said salon and checked in. I heard a familiar voice. It was my wonderful hairdresser. Yay!

It's nice to know that everyone at that shut down salon has moved over to this one. I got another hairdresser who has worked with Ms. Wonderful for twenty years. This one did a great job on my new hairdo.

I'm thankful that I have two hairdressers who style my hair perfectly!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Potential work-vacation trip

My guy is attending a training session in mid-January. It's being held somewhere in Dallas. However, his trip hasn't been confirmed yet.

He asked me whether I'd like to go. Considering that I am still drained from work and am currently on vacation, I said yes. I just wish that the dates were confirmed, so I can book my flight now.

I am hoping that all goes well. We are both looking forward to spending some time with each other. We haven't done such a trip in a while.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy Boxing Day and hieroglyphics

It's officially Boxing Day in Canada. It basically is an extra day off for most Canadians.

There will be sales happening. I will try and avoid going to stores for deals. However, I do need to get a few things at the drug store. We'll see how crazy that store gets!

My guy got me the sweetest gift from Cairo.
"I got this little gift for you," he said, handing me a small box.
"Cool," I said, opening the cobalt blue box. "Hey, it's a pendant with hieroglyphics!"
"It's your name in them," he said.
"I love it. I'll need to get a chain for it," I said.
I need to find a silver chain for this wonderful jewellery piece to dangle from it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! For those who are celebrating, I hope that you are with friends and family. If not, know that you are loved.

Take care,

Monday, December 24, 2018

Attractive head with a small scratch

I love the shape of my guy's head. It's perfectly uniform. I find it sweet and sexy to caress.

The other day, we were talking. I looked up and noticed a small scratch on his head.
"Oh, no. What happened to your head?" I asked him.
"I must have scratched it somewhere. I need to be delicate around that area when I shave," he said.
"I hope it heals soon, I said," delicately caressing the area.
I just wanted to kiss his head in hopes of making his boo-boo heal faster.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Kissing, planning my spanking, and more kissing

My guy and I sat down after we unlocked lips. It's instinctual that we hold hands, even across from each other.

He moved closer to me, wrapping his legs around mine. We kissed some more. He cupped and groped my breasts. I caressed his chest.
"If we weren't so close to the security office, I'd bend over this table to get my spanking," I said.
"Yes, my hand would make a lot of noise spanking that cute butt of yours," he said.
"We can't have security coming in to see if we are okay," I smiled.
"It's been such a long time since I've spanked you. I'll need to spank you longer and harder to make up for lost time," he reasoned.
"That's going to hurt, Mr Meanie," I noted.
"Yes, it will," he said firmly.
We both smiled, and continued to kiss and hug.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Welcome kisses, hugs, gropes, and caresses

On Friday, my team had a little get-together before Christmas. We ended up watching a movie and ordering lunch in. It was fun.

While watching the movie, my guy called me. I had to redirect his call to my voicemail. I also ended up texting him.

He was at our favourite shawarma place by work .He asked me whether I'd like to join him. I explained the whole group lunch-movie combo. I asked if he had time to swing by the office. He advised that he didn't have his badge. I let him know that it didn't matter. I asked that he drop by reception and text me. I'd then come to him.

He did just that. I came out of the room where we were having our function and greeted him. I then moved us to a room where I needed to badge us in, but he didn't need to.

We looked at each other once the door closed. I made the first move to kiss him on the lips. We have longed to kiss each other for nearly four weeks. I hugged him with one arm and caressed his perfectly uniform head with the other.

Meanwhile, my guy continued to kiss me and grope my buttocks. I have missed all that.

We were probably in this kiss-hug-caress-grope period for nearly five minutes. When we finally separated, we had this brief conversation:
"That's a nice welcome," he said, smiling.
"I agree," I said.
I'm thankful that he is back home in my arms.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Thoughts about how a newbie learns

It has been nearly two weeks that my students and I have been training the new employee. It has been a challenge for all of us.

I am still trying to figure out how this new employee learns. It's difficult to narrow down, but here are my notes:

  • She is an extremely slow learner. She requires tons of repetition doing the same task before she begins to understand it.
  • She is not good at recognizing patterns. If there is a clear example on the page, she does not know how to apply that example to solve her current problem.
  • She does not read well. It doesn't matter whether she has a checklist or a procedure on how to do a task, she does not read details carefully. She also does not read e-mails well.
  • Her comprehension is dismal. She constantly relies on my PowerPoint slides and treats them as the gospel. When she has a checklist to go through, she is still dependent on her slides and doesn't realize that the checklist takes precedence. When I quiz her on how to do something, she goes to her printed slide notes and doesn't get it. So, it's another explanation, but from a different angle. 
  • She says thanks too often. Sure, we are all Canadian. However, saying thanks after every other sentence that we say does not register knowledge that we have passed on to her. It is also overkill.
  • She is afraid to try anything on her own. When she had a question on how to edit a page the other day, I asked her to give it a try. She gave me a firm, "No!" Um, okay. Odd.
She does have a cartoon character voice. It's squeaky. One of my colleagues called it cute. I find it annoying the more she talks, which is pretty often.

My manager was impressed by how much information and research she did for her second interview. I didn't feel the same way. I realize now that it was all memorization. The comprehension is nonexistent. 

The red flag that I had during her second interview was that she admitted that she was a slow learner. I pointed that out to my boss. He said that the extra work that she does after hours will get her learning faster. I didn't think that it was the case then. I certainly don't see it now.

It is still frustrating dealing with someone who does not get what she is doing. I have even seen my students get frustrated.

Here's hoping that things get better, although things look bleak right now.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Missing me and flying home

I miss my guy. He's flying home as I type this post.

I like when he gets all mushy and sweet.
"You know that I miss you a ton, right?" he said in a tender moment in our conversation.
"I think so. You don't normally say it as much as I do, but I know that you do," I said.
"Yes, I do miss you a lot. I can't wait to kiss those lips of yours," he said.
The feeling is definitely mutual.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sleeping, cuddling, kissing, and coming home

My guy called me after I had finished washing my car.
"Hey, are you ready for bed?" I asked him.
"I'm in bed right now," he replied.
"I miss cuddling up to you, kissing you, tucking you into bed, and sleeping with you," I noted.
"You're sweet. I miss all of that with you, too," he replied.
My guy hops on a plane today and is coming home. Yay!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Avocado sock and a spanking certification for being like Cheap Bastard

I was talking to my guy about the Toronto Christmas Market. I went there a couple of weekends ago with friends.
"Did you find anything interesting?" he asked me.
"There were some unusual items. I found a single sock for your avocado," I said.
"What do you do with this sock?" he asked curiously.
"It keeps your avocado safe while ripening it," I replied.
"Wow," he said.
"I can't make this stuff up. It's all yours for a whopping $20. I sounded like you. I was outraged. I can get a pair of socks at the dollar store for much less," I admitted.
"Yes, you could get it for a dollar. You're becoming me. You are CB-certified," he replied.
"Thanks. That's a high compliment to be certified by you," I replied.
"I'll certify you when I spank that butt of yours and leave a red mark or so," he replied.
"You haven't spanked me for a while. It's long overdue," I noted.
"It is. When I see you again, I want to spank you for being my bad girl," he said.
"You'll need to rectify it soon," I replied.
"You mean erectify," he said, being punny.
"You mean you can erectify the situation. It's all you! I love it. It's clever and funny," I commented.
"That's a first. I didn't have to force you to admit that it was both clever and funny," he pointed out.
I like his certification style.

Monday, December 17, 2018


I miss my guy. This week is his last one away before he returns home.

I can't wait to see him again.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Turnips and learning

I had a good Saturday. I slept in and got nearly eight hours of sleep.

I went out to run some errands. I am the odd one who enjoys grocery shopping on a Saturday.

I drove a few towns over to a discount grocery store that specializes in frozen items. I like the frozen, cubed turnips. There is no need to spend time peeling them. They are also uniform in size and cook evenly.

At the checkout counter, I took everything out of my basket. The cashier asked whether the turnips take long to cook. I said not really. I put them in soups and pan-fry them. She liked my answer.

I am a foodie at heart. Perhaps I look like I know what I'm doing. Not really. I learned that I enjoy eating turnips about half a year ago! I am still learning and it's a journey.

The cashier was great at packing all my groceries into my single reusable bag. I was impressed. I need to learn how to bag like she does!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Exhausting week and questioning comprehension

What a long week! I'm exhausted.

I wrapped up a major release and pushed out a minor one. I got my little team consisting of two students and me to train a new employee on our team. It's good that she has been hired to take over some of my development tasks. However, I am still unsure about how I feel about her.

The way that she learns and comprehends puzzles me. She talks a lot. Information relayed to her doesn't register in her head.

She had a question about a feature and what the difference was between the options. I asked if she wanted to try one of the options out. She said with authority, "No!" That's not a good sign if you are all questions, you can retain answers, and you are hesitant to explore.

Yes, she talks a ton. It's to the point where I have to tune out. She also sounds like a little girl and she's nearly thirty years old. It's difficult to listen to her.

I am hoping that next week will fly by. I'm simply glad that the weekend is here.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Saying thanks does the world good

I am in a thankful mood these days. I tend to say thanks all the time to those who have helped me along the way. However, I get to do more these days.

At work, we have a program where we can write something nice to someone, to recognize their accomplishments. For the longest time, I have seen our office coordinator do a bunch of tasks, such as helping me out when I have new employees or students joining my team, bringing in snacks and munchies to life everyone's spirits, and just being who she is. She does so much and rarely gets the recognition that she truly deserves.

I often say thanks to her in person or in e-mails. I decided to write something nice in our accomplishments application.

She told me that I made her day with my kind words. Mission accomplished.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Craving a hard spanking

My guy misses spanking me.
"I want to put you over my lap when I see you again," he said the other day.
"I'd like that. It has been ages since you've spanked me," I noted.
"I miss spanking that cute butt of yours. I want to lift up your skirt and start spanking you, followed by taking down your panties and spanking you hard until your butt is red."
Naturally, it made me horny.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

All I want for a gift is you

My guy missed our office Christmas party. I gave him the scoop on our first Christmas party at a banquet hall in three years.

He pinged me on Skype as I was nearly home. I had to swing by my local grocery store to get an item.

I got home and chatted with him. I am always happy when I hear his voice.
"What would you like me to get you as a gift?" he asked me.
"I'd like a good-looking guy with a uniform head and a package that I'd like to open," I replied.
"Yes, you definitely have me waiting for you," he said, conforming my great taste in gifts.
He's so sweet.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Stressful Monday morning, but better in the afternoon

Ah, Monday. Either it's horrible or it's okay. I got a mix today.

A new employee joined the company. She is hopefully going to take over a bulk of my work. The problem with her is that she asks a ton of questions without doing much research. It also didn't help that her laptop wasn't available until two hours later.

As I was trying to look up information, I got a ton of questions from her. Ugh. Such a bad time to be asking ridiculous questions.

She brought her laptop home. We never covered how to connect remotely. The answer was on an information sheet that she got with her laptop. Again, more questions. Double ugh.

I got annoyed. Thankfully, things turned around as the day progressed.

My guy sent me a text in the afternoon. It was bad timing, though. I let him know that I was training a new writer and was stressed out.
"Sorry to hear that. Please ping me when you're free. Hope I'm still up," he texted.
"It'll probably be late. I train until 5 pm. I'll give you a try. Miss you," I replied.
"Same here," he said, sending a kiss emoticon.
"You're sweet," I replied, reciprocating with a kiss emoticon.
"You, too," he replied.
He makes my day when I need some cheering up.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Toronto Christmas Market and texting smileys

On Saturday, I visited the Toronto Christmas Market for the first time with a couple of friends. We had a great time hanging out.

It's pretty expensive buying stuff there. Still, if you go for the experience, you're good.

My guy called me in the afternoon. I had missed his call. It was so noisy at this market that I didn't even hear my phone ring or vibrate. He left me a smiley text, which always means that he's good. I sent him a smiley back that blew him a kiss.

Here's hoping that we chat soon.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Handjob while driving - repeat in future

My guy reminisced about my giving him a handjob while driving him to the airport.
"I enjoyed it so much. Can we do it again?" he asked me.
"We can when road conditions are good and you're back," I replied.
"I love when you make me so dopey," he admitted.
"I love it, too," I replied.
He's my sweet horny guy.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Deadlines and Christmas market - yay, weekend!

It has been a crazy week. My team got our documentation packaged and uploaded. There are a few issues that need helpdesk support. However, we worked so hard to get our deliverables out the door.

I'm glad that it's the weekend. I am seeing a couple of friends tomorrow at a Christmas market. I am looking forward to seeing them again and what's at the market.

Friday, December 07, 2018

Bounced car insurance payment and a $50 bill in the parking lot

Life works in mysterious ways.

My chequing account was short $6. My car insurance payment was supposed to automatically come out of that account. However, since there were insufficient funds, I ended up getting slapped with a $40 charge. It hurts, but I'm okay about it.

After a long day at work on Thursday, I walked out of the office and to my car. I was on hold with my car insurance company. Someone had called me, likely to follow up on my payment.

I was looking down at my phone, to make sure that the call was still ongoing. In the underground parking lot, I saw a $50 bill on the ground. I picked it up.

It's funny how things unfold in my life.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Travel, sucking, orgasm, and ejaculation

My guy may be travelling for business in mid-January. It's within the province and would roughly be a 4.5-hour drive.
"I'd like you to join me, if you can," he said.
"It would be great. We haven't been on a trip together like that for a long time," I noted.
"True. I'd love to spend time with you after work," he stated.
"Yes. I can welcome you home from work and ask if I can suck you," I observed.
He loved that. We were both pretty horny last night. We both ended up dopey after our fun session os Skype.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

New record player and old cell phone

I bought a record player the other day. It was on sale. It's a gift to myself.

I bought one last year in purple, my favourite colour. It was on sale, too. The problem with it is that it doesn't spin a record fast enough and maintain its speed. It's such a shame.

This new record player can do more than just play records. It has a cassette deck, AM/FM radio, bluetooth, and an aux line to connect an iPod or other music player to it.  It plays CDs, too. I can record anything to MP3. It's quite the powerhouse.

I had to make room for it. It's not a tiny thing. It's not monstrous, either.

I liked that it forced me to clean the top of my stereo system. I found a box with an old cell phone from my days in Minnesota. I didn't think that I still had the phone. It's so tiny in comparison to the phones these days.

I felt like I had opened a time capsule of sorts. It was cool to see a snapshot of my life a while back.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018


My guy (MG) wanted to chat on Sunday. It didn't quite happen. He is still jet-lagged. Instead, we had this quick exchange over Skype.
MG: Sorry, fell asleep :)
Me: That's okay. You are my sleepyhead :)
He's sweet.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Attractive manager, and handjobs and blowjobs

I have a love-hate relationship with my current job position. I love training folks and working with students. I like research. I dislike incompetence and my huge workload. That's nothing new.

I was talking about it with my guy. We both don't exactly like the company's direction. We just grin and bear it.

My guy still urges me to continue finding employment elsewhere. I pointed out that I have not had a standard-of-living raise within the last two years. I have not received a bonus within the last three years.

I am currently dealing with a new project manager who thinks that she knows everything. Yet, she chimes into e-mails, which is irrelevant and adds more grief than necessary. She then flips it around to indicate that I seem unclear. Whatever. The proof is within the e-mail transcript that she is delusional.

She has set up a meeting for me to step through two documents for a final review with folks. I find it a waste of time, as we went through a first round of reviews. She can step people through it. After all, it's her meeting. I don't need to be there to walk folks through documents. People can read. She can handle this walk-through exercise, since she knows everything. Yes, read that last sentence with sarcasm.

She is a horrible communicator. I don't know where we get such incompetent project managers. Naturally, my manager just sits there and does nothing. It's probably because I have been handling everything well on my own.

Anyway, my guy and I had this chat about the situation.
"I think that it's great that you are looking for employment, as not getting any salary raise is not ideal," he sympathized.
"Yes, I haven't stopped. I just haven't found the right job," I noted.
"Fair enough. Once you find an attractive job, you can make your move," he agreed.
"If you were my attractive manager, I would definitely work for you. You'd have a job for me. A hand job, at least," I said.
"If I were your manager, we'd be doing a ton of jobs, like handjobs and blowjobs," he said.
It's nice when we incorporate some teasing and role-playing into our serious conversations.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Spank me every day

It's nice when my guy and I chat over Skype when we are apart. We had this conversation yesterday.
"Have you been a bad girl?" he asked me.
"I don't know. I think that I've been good. I haven't been spanked for a while," I noted.
"It has been a while since I've spanked you. That's why you don't know," he said.
"It's all your fault," I stated.
"I don't think so. If I were with you, I'd spank that cute butt of yours every day," he admitted.
"Can you write that in a Hallmark card and send it to me? I love it," I replied, which made him chuckle.
"It's romantic, huh?" he said rhetorically.
We miss each other. He's sweet.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Chatting with my sleepyhead while heading over to pick up a cheque

My guy called me from Cairo. I was driving from work, on my way to a financial place to pick up a cheque. I'll write more about this topic later.

He's doing well. He was in good spirits and let me know that he was enjoying eating guava. I love guava, too.

He said that he would call me back after picking up my cheque. He didn't. I assumed that he ended up nodding off to sleep. He lives up to my sleepyhead nickname for him.

I'm glad that he called. He made my week and started off my weekend on a good note.