Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hanky spanky... nothing like a good spanking

As you have probably noticed, my profile picture shows a lovely pair of boy briefs with hanky spanky written on the back of them.  I did get them for Christmas.  It is indeed my first pair of panties that has some message across the backside of them.  I love them!

The hanky spanky message is a reference to Madonna.  Yes, I am a fan of Madonna, having been one since I was thirteen years of age.  Her song, "Hanky panky," came out when I was in high school.  I thought it was great.  I had an interest in spanking then, but never exercised it until years later.  I was excited that Madonna sang about getting a spanking and how she wanted it.  It was great seeing her attractive backside slapped onstage by one of her dancers when she was on tour.  I enjoyed that moment immensely.

Anyway, it seemed fitting to ask for these panties for Christmas.  They fit well.  I have yet to be spanked in them.  More on that when that news story occurs...

All I need is another pair of panties that has spank me on the back, and my collection will be complete.

Happy 2009!

I'd like to wish everyone a great 2009!  Here's to more fun, spanking experiences, and sore, red bottoms.

I just came back from a one-week trip out west.  I flew on Westjet.  I love the live television programming that you get on all their flights.  However, I've noticed that over the years, I need more padding on whatever I sit on.  

I know what you are thinking already.  It probably goes something like this:

"Well, Cutiebootie, if you weren't so facetious and naughty, you wouldn't have such a sore backside.  If you were a good girl, you could sit on any chair or padded seat without any discomfort."

Here's the catch.  When I do sit on a padded desk chair or dining chair, and have not been severely spanked recently, my bottom does feel numb and I feel uncomfortable.  I'm like that even when I'm driving for a couple of hours in my car.  I actually have a seat cushion on my car seat, which I love.

When I am on a two-hour flight, my butt gets sore and almost feels numb.  I shift positions and such, which helps a bit.

My trip coming back to Toronto was most uncomfortable.  Yes, it was a two-hour flight.  On top of that, I was spanked the night before.

I must remember to bring a padded cushion next time.  I don't care what others think.  If you do see a woman with a small cushion on a plane, you'll know that it's me. =)