Thursday, June 30, 2016

Preparing for vacation, memories, and a sore bottom

The week has been hectic and full of drama at work. Away from work, all is well. I am packing for my vacation that starts on Friday.

I am returning to a city that I used to call home. I haven't been back for nearly five years. I injured my back when I last visited. I saw my ex-husband for the last time then, too.

I miss the city. Even though I had some bad experiences being married to the ex-husband, I still have friends who are there, and places that I want to revisit and explore.

I will be flying into an airport that has been completely revamped. Perhaps it's a sign that I am embracing various changes in my life. I still have that excitement to see new places and things.

So, if I do have a chance to write, I will while I am on vacation. I deserve some time away from work, but we'll see how busy I get as a tourist.

My guy returns home late in the morning on Thursday. It'll be nice to hug and kiss him, have a lunch date with him, and end up with a sore backside afterwards.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I work with a few idiots, but I love a sweet guy who wants to spank me

There are some folks at work who are difficult to work with. I have mentioned this issue in a recent post, but there are two colleagues that are annoying these days:

  • A project manager who comes to her own conclusions about me, despite the fact that I have met every tight deadline. She hints that I am jeopardizing teams in which I belong. Yet, she holds a grudge against me for some reason and can't absorb the facts out there.
  • A software developer who insists that I was given a design document to read at the same time as the rest of the team. He also insists that I should continue to ask all developers whether there is work for me to do, rather than the reverse of having developers tell me what they are working on.
It's frustrating. However, it made me realize just how immature they are. I don't want to be like that. Corrupt. Evil. Count me out.

My manager has been a good champion. He fully believes me and my struggle to do my job. After all, why would I lie about that?

I told my guy about it on Skype. He told me to just do what I do. He reinforced that I am an excellent writer and that they are jerks.

He knows how to make me feel better.

Of course, I nagged him about driving his car.
"I should have driven your car after I had taken your keys," I admitted.
"If you had done that, I would spank you hard for doing that," he told me.
"But, I am your good girl," I pleaded.
"You need a lot of punishment, which I am happy to dish out when I see you in a couple of days," he stated firmly.
"That's not good. I'll be sitting on a plane the following day with a sore butt," I reasoned.
"Good," he replied.
"You are such a Mr Meanie!" I exclaimed.
"That's my job," he said, probably grinning.
He's sweet.

Monday, June 27, 2016

A spanking to come

My guy is still in Dubai. He told me on Friday that his back hurt. He is slowly on the mend, but hasn't been doing much.
"I hope that you feel better when I see you," I said.
"I hope so, too. I need to punish you," he remarked.
"We can't have you spank me when your back hurts. After all, I am a good girl," I stated firmly.
"No, you have been bad for a long time. I need to do something about it," he insisted.
"My butt hasn't been sore for months," I noted.
"That's because I haven't been there. You should be worried about your backside hurting than my backpain," he said.
I like when he threatens to spank me. We'll see what happens. He returns home on Thursday.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Work frustrations, but Friday ended on a positive note

The last 2.5 days at work have been crazy. It ended nicely on Friday, though.

Late Wednesday morning, I got an instant message from a co-op student, who happens to be a software developer. He asked me whether I have time to do some documentation updates. He isn't good at explaining himself.

It turns out that this particular team of developers has been working on a major software enhancement and failed to let me look at the design document, let alone tell me in advance that I would have to write something about it. I was livid.

I asked him to demo the enhancements. He told me to come see him. I told him that I work from home on Wednesdays and that an online session was needed. After much reluctance, he agreed. It also took some nudging to get the design document from him.

I flat out said after I had completed two parts of this enhancement (there are ten in total) that there was no way that I would be done by Friday, which is the deadline. That raised a lot of eyebrows. Good.

For several months, I tend to scramble to get my work done for this particular team, because they cannot communicate that I have work to do. They don't bother telling me what they are working on. I can only ask so much as to whether their work impacts mine.

I have raised this issue a number of times to both my manager and the project manager responsible for this team.

Technically, I work at a decent clip and understand things fairly quickly that I could make the Friday deadline. I wanted to make my point that I should not be killing myself because folks are horrible at communicating.

Sure enough, one of the developers raised the issue to the project management office. The project manager that I work for asked my manager if another writer could help me out.

My manager is understanding. We had a talk. I told him that this team had three weeks to work on this feature. I get 2.5 days to work on my part? Ridiculous.

My manager decided to cancel our weekly team meeting so I could work on this feature. He ended up doing the following:

  • Raised this issue with his manager about this particular team and how it operates
  • Indicated to the project management office that we do not have enough resources to have another writer pitch in, especially when one just quit this week
  • Pointed out that this team does not follow process properly and that the project manager needs to watch this team like a hawk
  • Defended me when I was accused by another project manager that I was "jeopardizing both teams" that I work for
I don't understand that last point. She is a jerk, so I don't really take her comments seriously. According to my manager, she accused me of failing to make this team complete everything on time for this work period. My manager told her that I am not to blame. It's a team issue for not completing everything on time. Specifically, it is everyone on the team but me who failed to help me out.

I am fortunate to have an understanding manager. He knows how I tick.

Sure enough, pulling extra hours to finish this work allowed me to finish by late Thursday. I sent out my reviews that evening and early Friday morning. I got some feedback and incorporated everything.

Yes, I completed my work under the circumstances. I have yet to not meet a stupid deadline like this one.

I wrote an e-mail to my manager, the two project managers (the one that I work for and the jerk), and the manager of all those software developers, indicating that my work was done. I also firmly, but diplomatically, indicated my position. It helped.

I got to talk to the software developer manager, who first thanked me for putting in extra work to complete this work. He also knew that our writing team is stretched thin these days. 

He is shaking up things on this team, which includes moving them out of a room that they have been occupying for over a year and moving them to where the rest of us sit. He also wants to make sure that I am involved in all stages of development. Finally, my request to have a retrospective meeting came true. I can finally voice my concerns to everyone.

The project manager then spoke to me. He also thanked me for my contributions and apologized for not being as supportive as he should have been.

Friday turned out nicely with these conversations. I also managed to take a 1.5-hour lunch break with the two co-op writing students. They asked me to join them for lunch. I drove them over to the restaurant and we had a good chat over decent food.

It has been nice to relax so far this weekend. More on that later.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Being a helpful support person and wanting to be a good girl

My guy is like a sweet little boy sometimes. I just want to cuddle and kiss him, but he is still away on business.

He called me at nearly 05:00 his time. I asked whether he had come back from clubbing. He laughed.

He told me that his back is aching. We both have a history of it. He told me that he was going to take it easy.

I asked him whether he still travelled with his electric heating pad. He looked in his suitcase and it was there. I told him to plug it in and rest his back on it.

Then, he had problems connecting to the hotel wifi with his new tablet. I told him to open a browser and go to a Web page other than Google. Sure enough, the hotel page appeared, asking him to enter his special access code.

Finally, he let me know that he has changed banks and needs to update his bank account information to get paid. I told him that he can change all that information on our company's intranet site.
"What would you do without me?" I asked him.
"I don't know. I would be lost, for sure," he admitted.
"I should charge you for this support call," I joked.
"I can pay you in kisses," he hinted.
"I'd like that. It also shows that you are still my Cheap Bastard."
We then had another chat moments later.
"See, I am a good girl for helping you out," I pointed out.
"You're a useful girl, but never a good girl," he reasoned.
"You'll always be my Mr. Meanie," I told him.
"Yes, I like being your Mr. Meanie," he admitted.
Here's hoping that his back feels better soon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Snatching his car keys while he's dopey

The other day, after my guy had ejaculated hard in the treehouse, he sat there all dopey. He's sweet that way.

I playfully managed to reach over and take his car keys out of his right pocket of his jeans. I now know how I can drive his manual car. All I need to do is make him reach orgasm and then make my move.
"Hey, give me back my keys!" he said in a sleepy tone.
"I get to drive your car. Yay!" I teased.
"You are taking advantage of me when I can't do anything," he admitted.
"I like it," I said, smiling.
It really is fun teasing him. The next challenge was to get him to the airport and have him stand up on his own.

I did manage to drive him over there. He slowly started sobering up.
"Give me back my keys," he said to him once I was parked on the departures level.
"Okay," I said, holding out the keys, but then taking them away when he went to grab them.
I did give them back.
"See, I am a good girl," I stated proudly.
"You are never a good girl. I will spank you hard when I return," he promised.
We got his luggage out of my car's trunk. He embraced and kissed.

My guy is in Dubai for nearly two weeks. He's halfway done, so it's not as bad as it sounds.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bank manager spanks employees in public for poor performance

I saw this post on Facebook. It's sad that a bank manager decided to publicly punish eight employees for not "exceeding expectations."

They aren't going to perform better if you beat them hard with a stick in front of their peers.

I enjoy being spanked by my guy with a wooden ruler or paddle. This scenario is completely different. I consent to being spanking by a good-looking, loving guy. I also want it.

These employees just stood on stage and got spanked. How horrible! They were probably too frightened to do anything because they would probably lose their jobs if they protested.

That manager should be fired. Then again, it is China, where things work differently under a Communist regime.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Treehouse time before taking off (the plane, I mean)

After lunch, my guy wanted some quality time before we headed off to the airport. The downside is that my guy ends up being incredibly dopey when boarding his plane, which was the case a few months ago.

He didn't care. He was horny.

I drove us over to our usual place, which is a vacant parking lot. I parked my car and we got into the treehouse.

My guy held both hands around my right hand. He was loving and horny.

We kissed. It felt like ages since we passionately kissed. He caressed my breast and leg. I got to touch is face, which was smooth. I also got to caress his chest.

He unbuttoned my jean capri pants and pulled down my black panties with coloured polka dots. He fingered me until I came.

It felt wonderful reaching orgasm. We cuddled for a bit.

I then touched his lap. I ended up touching both his wallet and his erect cock in his pants.

I stroked his erect penis. He loved it so much, looking down at his jeans with my hand on it.

He couldn't take it anymore. He undid his belt, and pulled down his jeans and briefs. I got to give him a handjob.
"I like your hand around my cock. You have pretty hands," he remarked.
"It would be nice if my hand were to guide your hard member in my wet pussy," I replied.
It didn't take much. That comment alone made him cum all over my hand.

Yes, he was happy and lethargic. The next challenge was getting him to the airport and having him find his gate!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Red nail polish, hoverboards, and horniness

My guy and I were chatting at our usual restaurant for lunch on Friday. He looked at my hands.
"I love your nail polish colour," he said.
"Thanks. It's red, just for you."
My guy loves red nail polish. He loves my nails to begin with. He especially like when I break out the red polish. It turns him on.

I told him that he looked good. He was wearing a new shirt. It was grey and blue. He told me that I looked good, too.

We were then talking about hoverboards.
"The hovercraft toy that this place has may not be safe," I said, looking at an e-mail.
"How come?" he asked curiously.
"Some have been known to catch fire," I explained.
"That's not good," he remarked.
"No, we can't have crispy me after riding one," I reasoned.
"You are already yummy the way that you are," he said in his sweet way.
I could tell that he missed me and that he was getting horny. More about that in another post.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lunch and teasing

My guy is not the most punctual person on this planet. It's who he is.

He originally wanted to meet for lunch at 13:00 on Friday. I asked that we try 12:30, to compensate for any unexpected delays.

He ended up being twenty minutes late. My boss was talking to me about topics that I didn't exactly want to discuss. My phone finally rang. I excused myself and said that I had to take it.

My guy was in the underground parking lot, closest to the entrance. I told him that I would drive my car over and fetch him.

He had his luggage ready. I saw him standing there. He looked good, as expected.

He remembered to bring me some training guides. We had talked about them the other week. He had extras and needed to get rid of them. I need them for the co-op students. It all works out.

My guy loaded his luggage into my car.
"You can hand me your car keys. I would be happy to car-sit your manual car while you are away," I teased him, extending my arm out to receive his car keys.
"Keep dreaming, sweetie," he told me.
"I would be a good car-sitter. I'd sit in your car and drive it."
Well, I am still making progress. He has said that I can drive it "one day" and "under supervision." He is caving in. He no longer says no to me. It's fun teasing him.

We held hands as I drove us to the restaurant for lunch. I parked and we got out of the car.
"Did you get your hair cut?" I asked him.
"I did," he acknowledged, smiling at me.
"It looks good. It shows how uniform your head is. Can I caress it?" I asked him.
"Yes, you can," he replied.
"Which one?" I asked.
"Both," he said.
It is always great being with him.

Friday, June 17, 2016

I can't wait till incompetent writer leaves... the countdown continues!

Thursday made me realize that it is truly good news that the incompetent writer is leaving the company. Yesterday was her farewell lunch.

I am a nice person. Perhaps I am too nice. Even though she initiated uninviting me to lunch get-togethers, I'm not the type to reciprocate out of spite. I organized her farewell lunch.

You would think that to add insult to injury that she decided to ride in my car along with my manager. I had a doctor's appointment after this lunch, so my giving folks a ride to and from the restaurant was fine.

She didn't realize that I had bought a new car. She just assumed that I still had a neatly kept Prius.

It wasn't a surprise to my boss. He has been a passenger in my car a number of times. She was surprised.

Well, that's what you get when you don't want to hang out with me at lunchtime or even talk to me. You don't have any insight on my life, let alone anything because you live in your own twisted bubble. You just assume that things remain the same with me.

In reality, things are the same with her. That cliche about not being able to teach a dog new tricks? She can get the old tricks down pat, let alone new ones.

To start, our team had a day-long work session yesterday. She literally had to look up the location of our room before going there. I had remembered it from reading the e-mail the day before, meaning that I didn't have to waste ten minutes finding the information.

Our team had the task of updating document numbers for specific user guides. I delegated all tasks, including giving myself work.

The co-ops always ask questions when they are unsure about anything. They know that I am happy to answer. We have a male writer who also was fine asking questions.

Incompetent writer? It took her forever to ask me a question. It wasn't until I asked if everyone was done so that we could run a documentation build that she approached me. Clearly, she had no idea what to do. She renamed the file. Renaming it does not update the document number. Considering that she used to do this task fairly regularly in the past, she couldn't do it now.

The co-op students, who have been with the company for over a month now, can do this task effortlessly. Incompetent writer cannot.

The same goes with expensing her meal. I had to expense it. She nearly paid for it herself after our manager told her to let me pay for it. What part of guest of honour does she not understand?

I am simply relieved that I do not have to work with her for much longer. Every time she has to complete a task, there is something wrong that happens. I am weary of it, but know that relief is in sight.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Borrowing a degree

My guy and I can practically talk about anything. I don't think that we have stumbled across a topic in which we have steered clear of discussing.

We are educated folks. Between the two of us, we have a ridiculous number of degrees. My guy was and still is an overachiever. I fit in the same realm, except that I do not have a doctorate.

We talked about whether we'd like to teach at a university. We both like that idea, but would ease into it by teaching a course a semester. The problem is finding a course to teach. The demand to teach a sessional course is high.

We then had this conversation:
"Can I borrow your PhD?" I asked him.
"Sure, if you want to change your name to mine," he said.
"I can do that. I'd also have to take testosterone pills to get my voice down a couple of octaves and tell horrible jokes," I joked.
"Oh, man," he said, laughing.
"Well, I think I have mastered telling horrible jokes, so I just have to worry about more cosmetic things," I said, smiling.
It's far more fun to borrow a degree than it is to slave over research for five years and be broke!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Appointments, work, an incompetent co-worker, and my guy

This week is one of those weeks. Three different medical appointments take place within four days.

Well, on Monday, I went to the lab to do bloodwork. On Wednesday, I am back at the dentist's office to fix a filling. On Thursday, I am leaving work early to go see my family doctor about my bloodwork results. So much fun!

I had hoped to book an appointment to see the doctor on Friday. That way, I would have been able to have lunch with my guy, take him to the airport, and then drive to my doctor's appointment. I would basically start my weekend early. Instead, I will do all that with my guy and return to the office.

Hey, it could be worse. I am thrilled to see my guy and to spend some time with him.

For now, things at work are good. The interns are coming along nicely with their work. I decided to arrange a farewell lunch for the incompetent writer. Unfortunately, I have had to ask her where she would like to go for lunch. She is incredibly indecisive, but I finally got an answer from her.

As for incompetent writer's workload, it is thankfully not going to me after she leaves the company. Instead, a writer who transferred from another country will take over. I have full confidence that this writer will do a decent job. She is a quick learner and tries her best. You don't see any of that with the incompetent writer.

I had a talk with a friend today about this writer who is about to leave. I feel that any writer can fill her shoes and probably do a much better job than she has. Most of the time, I feel sad when a writer leaves. I don't with her. She is replaceable, which I don't say often about anyone I have worked with.

I truly feel bad for her new employer. Her new manager and colleagues will inherit the issues that this writer has shown while at my workplace. She isn't there for a career. She's there to collect a paycheque and leave promptly when it's quitting time. To me, this attitude that she possesses is sad.

Her attitude is toxic. Being around her is toxic. I wish that next Tuesday were here, which will be her last day with the company.

I trained her roughly 2.5 years ago and had high expectations. They fell short. All I can do is wish her the best. However, I don't want to ever cross paths with her again professionally or otherwise.

I don't normally have these feelings towards co-workers. This experience is a first. It will be nice to be less frustrated seeing her struggle to understand what she is doing.

In the meantime, i am looking forward to Friday and seeing my guy.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Being late, sleeping in, and meeting for lunch

My guy is safely back home. He arrived on Saturday night.

On Friday evening, my guy and I chatted over Skype. I was so tired the night before that I didn't hear my alarm go off. I told my guy the story.
"I finally heard my alarm clock nine minutes later. I was late going to work by nine minutes," I confirmed.
"You were late by nine minutes? That's it?" he asked me, almost disapprovingly.
"Yes, that's late for me. I rarely oversleep," I replied.
"That's nothing," he replied.
"Well, yes, compared to your track record. Your alarm goes off and you let it continue for ten minutes before it shuts off. If you are energetic, you will hit the snooze button several times before you finally feel like getting out of bed," I noted.
"You know me too well," he admitted.
May he sleep in for most of this week, except for Friday. He has a flight to catch in the afternoon that day. We are meeting for lunch and then I get to take him to the airport.
"You know that I can take a taxi to the airport and the company will pay for it, right?" he mentioned.
"I know. I want to spend more time with you before you go," I reasoned.
"That's would be nice," he said. "I don't want you to go out of your way."
"It's on my way to my medical appointment, sweetie," I noted.
It's nice to look forward to Friday already.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Venting is needed over an incompetent co-worker

There is never a dull moment at work. Never.

Last Wednesday, I was working from home, as I tend to do on Wednesdays. My manager sent me an instant message just after 09:30. He rarely comes in that early, let alone pings me on that application so early in the day.

He told me that a writer has resigned. I had a ton of thoughts flood my mind.

This writer has been with the company for over three years. As much as I am thrilled that she has found employment elsewhere and can only wish her well in her new position, I can't say that I will miss her as a writer on the team.

It sounds harsh. However, for the time that she has spent with the company, she has never successfully installed our product software. Frankly, she doesn't understand how our software applications work. It is a problem, as she needs to clearly write about them.

She has a difficult time expressing herself. Again, it has always been problematic and it shows in her work. She makes mistakes. She gets the information from software developers and basically places it in her documentation without fully understanding what it means.

She isn't a writer. She is more a data entry person who just wants to call it a day when 17:00 hits. The last intern who was here knew more about the product software than this writer did!

It has been clear for over a year that she does not like what she does. Frankly, she should have left the company a lot sooner.

I asked her on Friday whether she has a job lined up. She told me that she does. She also told me that "we'll see" how she does in the new job.

I found her reaction to be odd. If I were about to embark on a new job, I would be excited. I didn't see, hear, or feel any of that enthusiasm from her.

She wasn't a good fit on our team. My manager hired her. I knew within the first week of training her that she is dependent on others to tell her what to do. She isn't an independent thinker. Moreover, she is not a technical person, which is difficult when you are expected to write about technical topics.

This next statement may seem uncharacteristic for me to say. I do not want to pick up her workload. I have been doing that already with the writer who left last November. I clearly cannot do that again with another writer. I am overloaded.

A few weeks ago, I got annoyed at my manager for stating that I do more because I "earn more than the other writers." I do not think that I need to do even more than I do, which is the equivalent of two writers, simply because I make more money that the other writers. I make more money than they do because I have a graduate degree (they don't) and I have more writing experience than they do. In short, I am at my current salary because I have earned it through hard work and experience. 

Anyway, my guy and I have talked about this issue. We have both decided to focus on what I enjoy doing, which is training and working with co-op students, and writing. Someone else on the team needs to pick up the slack, as I have been doing it all the time. I back up writers who go on vacation. When I go on vacation, I do not have a backup.

Life is unfair, which isn't a newsflash. However, I should not be the one who always suffers because we are short-staffed and there is a hiring freeze taking place.

I actually feel a bit of relief that this writer is leaving. She is the one who decided to shun me from having lunch with the rest of the team in the past. I haven't enjoyed talking to her about anything since she treated me that way.

She tried to patch things up when I came back from my last vacation to Seattle. I was actually talking to another writer. She decided to hang out with us and join our conversation. Why now? I didn't even want to share what I did on my vacation with her. She didn't even want me to have lunch with her. I am thankful that I don't. I can't be around that negativity that she possesses.

Anyway, I am done with venting. Thanks for reading along. I will have a more cheerful post soon!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Funny, clever, and bad -- that's me!

My guy is nearing the end of his business trip. He flies back home from Mexico on Saturday. I get to see him in less that a week's time. He is away for a few days to recuperate, which makes perfect sense after having been on the road for a month.

We have fun conversations.
"I admitted that your being the CBO (Cheap Bastard Officer) of your CB club was both clever and funny," I replied.
"Okay, so you can admit that some things that I say are clever and funny," he said, in an approving tone.
"Yes. I can also admit that I am a good girl," I replied, teasing him.
"Ah, no. You are far from that," he insisted.
"Sure, I am. My nickname is good girl," I replied.
"No, your nickname is bad girl. It will always be bad girl," he stated.
"I'm not a bad girl. My butt isn't sore. I haven't been spanked for a while, so I must be good," I reasoned.
"You're lucky. I have been absent. Otherwise, I would spank you like there were no tomorrow," he insisted.
He's sweet. He knows how to make a girl smile.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

My guy called me a good girl... for a brief moment, but I'll take it!

I got my first fitness tracker, a Fitbit One, three years ago. I loved it.

I recently retired my Fitbit One for a Pebble Time Round smartwatch. I didn't think that I'd wear a watch again, but this one looks stylish and feminine. It is also practical.

As far as workouts go, I tend to exercise in my basement, where I have a glider, free weights, and a mini trampoline.

This evening, my guy texted me on Skype. He is still in Mexico City, so our time difference is only an hour. I told him that I was exercising. He was okay chatting with me while sounding winded.

I had finished working out. He could tell because I was drinking water.
"You're done working out, exercise girl?" he asked me.
"Yep, I finally am," I replied.
"How many steps did you do today?" he asked me.
"10,280," I read off my watch.
"Good girl," he said.
Hey, he called me a good girl! I pointed that out to him.
"You're only a good girl for reaching that step goal. You're bad otherwise," he corrected himself.
"You said that I'm a good girl. Yay!"
It truly is fun teasing him.

My guy remembered my telling him that I bought a mini trampoline a few months ago. You can get quite the cardio workout on it.
"I picture you wearing a short skirt and bouncing on it, letting me see your cute butt in a nice pair of panties," my guy visualized.
"That's sweet and it's so you," I said, smiling.
That's my guy.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Can I take the rest of the year off from work?

It's fun when my guy and I end up babbling because we like to be silly now and again.
"I don't wanna go to work tomorrow," I said to my guy, dreading heading back to work on Monday.
"But, you like socializing with colleagues," he reasoned.
"I don't want to. I'd rather take the rest of the year off," I replied.
"You can't do that. You need a reason why you are off for so long," my guy pointed out.
"Can I say that my butt is sore from your smacking it that I can't go to work?" I asked him.
"Well, you'd need to present a photo of your sore red butt as proof," my guy stated.
"I don't want to do that," I told him.
"I guess that you'll have to go to work, whether you have a sore backside for being a bad girl or not."
He told me that he'd spank me when he returns home. We would both like that. I can then take a sick day to nurse my sore backside... not!

Monday, June 06, 2016

My guy said that I can drive his manual car!

It has been practically a week since I last wrote. All is well. 

I am spending my evenings talking to my guy on Skype. Our timezones differ by an hour, so we chat at night. It tends to cut into my time blogging.

The other night, my guy and I were getting it on during our chat. It was wonderful. We were lethargic afterwards.

My guy is thinking about buying an older Volkswagen Beetle, which would be a manual car.
"Oh, good. I can drive your bug once you get it," I said.
"You can do whatever you want," he said.
It helps that he lusts after me. I can make him agree to anything, including finally driving a manual car. Go, me!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Being missed and getting off

It's nice to be missed. My guy misses me a lot these days.

The second time that we had spoken on the phone on Sunday, he felt bad that we didn't have time to meet. I knew that he had a long travel day, so I didn't bother trying to schedule anything. His day was pretty busy.

Last night, my guy (MG) pinged me on Skype:
MG: Hi
Me: Hey! Still awake?
MG: Awake and hard. Miss you lots
Me: =) Miss you, too
When we did chat, he told me that he wanted to see me badly on Sunday. The first part of our chat was both of us getting off, which we haven't done in what seems to be eons ago. It was nice. He also told me that he loves me. He does that more when we are apart, which is sweet.

We managed to chat about our day after that, as relaxed and sleepy as we were. I like when we do.