Sunday, December 29, 2013


My guy came to Canada over twenty years ago. He made a brief stop in the United States to get one of what seems to be many graduate degrees in his life before calling Canada his home.

Last week, we had phone sex (well, it was over Skype, so it's more accurate to call it Skype sex, but that sounds weird to me). I somehow made a reference to mistletoe.
"What's mistletoe?" my guy asked me, which abruptly stopped our fun time. I knew that he was serious.
"It's a green plant that is associated with Christmas," I started to explain. "If we were under it, the tradition is to kiss."
"Oh, I see," my guy remarked.
"We technically don't need mistletoe. We kiss all the time."
"True," he said in agreement.
We continued where we left off in our sexy chat. We didn't skip a beat. We both came.

I often seem surprised when I teach him something new. It's neat when I get the opportunity.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Early Christmas gift exchange on a bittersweet date night

I started writing this post weeks ago. It was difficult to finish. It was the last time when my guy and I were together before he went on business. I decided to finally finishing writing it at long last.

My guy is moody. Last Wednesday, we had lunch together. I could tell that he was not having a great day.

He had a seminar in which the folks had constant problems with our software application. Many were not listening to what he had suggested to do. As a result, they had multiple problems. He was clearly stressed.

On top of that, my guy had to plan for his trip to Turkey. He wanted an aisle seat, but he could not select that online like he normally does. Ah, the fun of booking a code-sharing flight. My guy insists on having the aisle seat. He has long legs and it makes stretching easier.

My guy apologized for not being his normal self. I did manage to make him smile, which he appreciated.

We didn't talk for a couple of days. I had sent him an e-mail, asking how he was doing. He is the type of person who likes to work himself out of such low periods. I gave him some space.

On Friday, he called me. He was talking funny. He advised that he had a filling done and that his mouth was frozen. He wanted to see me. I told him that I'd love to, but that it was my time of the month. He said that it was okay if I skipped our meeting. I told him that it would be the last time that I'd see him for a while. I wanted to see him.

It's funny, but sometimes, we tend to say stuff that we don't mean to say. He thought that perhaps I wasn't feeling great about seeing him because my period has started. I told him later that I would be longing to be with him, so I truly needed to see him.

We met at our usual spot just after 16:00. He looked good. He was carrying my Christmas present in his hands. We needed to exchange gifts early, for he was off to Turkey for three weeks and we weren't going to spend the holidays together.

My guy remembered when I looked at a world globe in Stockholm and said that I have always wanted one. He bought me one that spits out interesting facts about any country, including its national anthem and climate. It was an awesome gift, complete with a purple bow on top.

We got into the backseat of my car. I handed him the gifts that I gave him. He loved them all. He loves how my gifts are thoughtful and practical.

I took off my jacket. He looked at the fitted fuchsia v-neck sweater that I had on. He told me that he loved how it hugged my breasts. I told him that I bought it at his favourite store, Costco. I haven't bought any clothes there for years, but this sweater was a winner.

We kissed and hugged. We kissed some more. He played with my breasts. I caressed the back of his head.

I eventually made it down to his crotch, stroking his hard cock. It drove him wild. He had to have me play with it. He pulled down his pants and briefs, and I got to play with his erect member. I jerked him off, playing with his balls, and making my guy feel good by his ejaculating all over my hand. Afterwards, my guy apologized for making a mess in the backseat. I told him that my seats were protected from stains, which made us both laugh.

I continued to lovingly caress the back of his head. He told me that my hands were like a furnace. He enjoyed how my hands warmed his privates. He loved my touch.

We talked for a while. I had my arm around his, with my head resting against his left bicep. He pointed out that it was so intimate. I just love cuddling up to him.

My guy and I were getting hungry. We drove over to our favourite Chinese restaurant for dinner. I had the lemon chicken with noodles. He teased me about the noodles. I teased him back about his being predictable with his food dishes, too.

It was a great date night. It was bittersweet, as we weren't going to see each other for weeks. We had one final long kiss before we made our separate ways. I wished him a safe flight. He reassured me that we'd talk often over Skype.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa and the good girl

My guy and I have been talking frequently as of late. It has been wonderful.

We missed a day or two here and there within a three-week period. For instance, we didn't chat on Friday, December 13. It wasn't that we were superstitious. It was a hectic day for me. I had to head into the office to get a new laptop and migrate a number of files. I also had an interview to conduct. I found out that a writer decided to leave the company. I also was flying out that evening and knew that I wouldn't have a chance to talk to my guy.

On my last full day in London, I visited Harrods. It is quite an impressive store.

You know when you are in a huge department store when cashiers ask you whether you need directions and hand you a mini booklet that outlines where everything is.

Is it strange that I got horny in Harrods over Santa Claus? It sounds a bit peculiar, so I will try and explain the context.

I walked by a Lego version of Santa Claus. It was amazing.

I thought about my guy in a Santa outfit. He wouldn't be the best Santa as far as his physique goes, as my guy is thin. However, with a fake belly, white beard, and white wig, he could pass.

I was fantasizing about my guy being Santa and my being a little girl waiting to tell him what I wanted for Christmas. I liked the thought of sitting on his lap. I could feel how hard his erect penis was under his red suit. If I were bad and Santa sensed it, he could put me over his lap and spank me across my short skirt. If I were particularly bad, he could hike up my skirt, pull down my panties, and spank me with his bare hand.

That evening, my guy and I chatted on Skype. I told him about my fantasy. He liked it. We had phone sex and changed it up a bit. Instead of being spanking in public, it happened in a more secluded place. He said that since I was good, that I could suck Santa after my hard spanking. My backside was as red as Santa's suit. I was also a ditzy good girl, which we both enjoyed.

Needless to say, we both came. We both felt dopey afterwards. We both missed each other.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello, everyone! I have been away from blogging these days, mainly because I just took a week of vacation. I went to London for the first time and had a fabulous time.

I'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas (or a happy Christmas, as I learned while in London). Thanks for your constant support and encouragement. It means a lot!

My guy and I have been chatting practically daily since he went away on business. We both arrived home last Saturday, but at different times. Awaiting us was an ice storm!

Stay safe and healthy! I have some blogging to do. Hopefully, I can squeeze that in before the holidays are over.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Insight on why my guy likes spanking me

My guy and I have been chatting on Skype almost daily these days. It's nice. We chat about everything. We feel closer to each other, although we are continents apart for the new few weeks.

I told my guy that I absolutely loved the last few spankings that he has given me. They have all been hard and across my bare bottom. I told him that the last spanking was the hardest one that he has ever given me.
"I like spanking you hard," he admitted.
"I have always enjoyed being spanked when you use your bare hand. It's more intimate and personal."
"Sometimes, it hurts my hand when I spank you," he stated. "So, I know that you must be pretty sore afterwards."
"We can change it up with a paddle, if you'd like. We can't have you with a sore hand."
"Nah, I don't feel any pain. I like the sound that my hand makes against your bare butt. I also can see and feel how wet you are. I also get to play with you as I spank you. The view is nice, you know."
It's great how he has grown to love spanking me. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Sweet somethings on Skype

My guy (MG) is expressing himself these days, to the point where he is just plain mushy. It's a nice side of him to see.

We have a seven-hour time difference for the next three weeks. He sent me a message on Skype at midnight his time.
MG: Hey there, sweetness.
Me: Hey, you! Shouldn't you be in bed by now?
MG: Yes, I should be in bed now... with you.
Me: =) I miss you.
I found an empty boardroom at work and closed the door. We chatted for about 1.5 hours.

I asked how his day went and whether he had a chance to do some sightseeing. He went out with a couple of folks from his seminar.
"I thought about you all night," he insisted. "I wanted to get back to the hotel as soon as I could to talk to you."
"You're being so sweet and mushy," I said.
"That's because you are sweet and sexy."
We spent some time getting off. I won't go into too much detail here. I have many future posts to write!

I did manage to buy a silicone paddle a while back during the Black Friday sales here. I told my guy about it. I am excited to have it used on me. Although I like when he spanks me hard with his bare hand, a bit of relief now and again with a spanking implement is a refreshing change. He is equally eager to try it out on me.